Romney Admits 2012 Nomination Was Stolen

The new documentary Mitt, a Netflix original, is reigniting the almost smothered controversy over the 2012 Republican presidential nomination. There were an extraordinary number of GOP insiders and caucus members who smelled a rat. The trail of electioneering evidences from state to state is staggering. Many people believed that the nomination had been stolen from its deserving recipient—Ron Paul.

Now, an offhand remark in Mitt seems to confirm that suspicion. According to Romney, someone from GOP headquarters said to him:

In some ways, we kind of had to steal the Republican nomination. Our party is Southern, evangelical, and populist. And you’re Northern, and you’re Mormon, and you’re rich. And these do not match well with our party.

Say what you will, this little hint is a staggering admission in light of the available evidence. Ron Paul was a great favorite. His funding and his support were almost entirely home-grown and grass roots. Most of the candidates said regularly that they envied Ron Paul’s supporters. Everywhere he showed up, hundreds and thousands of supporters showed up too. Romney paid for supporters, as did Obama, yet they could never boast the kind of well-informed  and voluntary popular support that Ron Paul enjoyed. Calling them “Paul-bots” just emphasizes the fact that they were almost cultishly zealous about their candidate. Could Romney boast that kind of unflaggingly enthusiastic support? No. So who are the real lemming automatons at the end of the day? The people who voted their conscience passionately … or the sheeple who compromised their values to vote for someone they only hated less than the alternative?

Republicans didn’t like Romney and Democrats hated him. On the other hand, Democrats respected Ron Paul (though they feared him) and young Republicans loved Ron Paul (though the old guard Republicans feared Paul as well). What does it say when both parties fear you? You’re not a party-player, that’s what. And that is exactly what made Ron Paul such a popular favorite.

Ironically, the oldest candidate on either side of the aisle was the biggest favorite with the next generation. But the old guard couldn’t and wouldn’t let Ron Paul win. They wouldn’t even name his name at the nomination convention. Why? Ron Paul was bad for business-as-usual. He was an upstanding, honest, hard-working, Constitution-loving, unbribable, unshakable, no-nonsense representative of the average productive American. He was also Southern, evangelical, and populist (by the way).

There is no doubt in my mind that the nomination was stolen from Ron Paul. There is also no doubt that the Republicans lost in 2012 because of it. Ron Paul had a much better chance of winning than Romney. Think about it. If all the Republican resources that tried to sell us a polished turd had supported the popular choice instead, Republicans could have carried the presidency.

But then Republicans wouldn’t have had a puppet in the Oval Office. The game would have ended for a time. And GOP mainstreamers would rather have the game-playing Obama in office than lose control of “their” party. That’s the bottom line. GOP mainstreamers sold this country out in order to keep from losing control. If it isn’t patently obvious by now that both parties need the boot, what could I possibly say to convince you?

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  1. Interesting…. The democrats did the same thing in 2008. Yes, Hillary won more of the votes. Obama did not even make it on two of the states ballets. However, the party gave the nod to Obama not Hillary. Now to hear the republicans may have done the same thing. Just confirming to me that the two parties are become more and more like the same party.

    • One politician is like another–the difference is where their money comes from. I’m sure there are exceptions (Ron Paul?) as in everything.

      • Politicians rarely, if ever, change their views based on where the money comes from. The reality is that the money goes to the candidates who are pre-disposed to support the views of the donor. The problem with most folks on this forum and others, in my view, is that they aren’t willing to put their own money where there mouth is and financially support the guy they want to elect. Polls say 34% support the Tea Party. That would be about 50 million people. If the average Tea Party supporter only donated $100, that would give the Tea Party a $5 billion campaign fund … more than 4 times what Obama raised. But nah, they’d rather spend their money on chips and dips and beer, then bitch ’cause they couldn’t get something for nothing out of politics.

        • Then why didn’t they give Boehner the boot when they had the votes. Boehner is absolutely a progressive democrat not republican. He has done more to help Obama bankrupt our country morally and financially than anyone else. But, the tea party people we sent to Washington didn’t vote Boehner out.

      • One should keep in mind, that politicians when they go through college, regardless of party, take the same courses, have the same professors, and all belong to the same fraternities. Why should any of this be a surprise to anyone?

    • Right after Hillary called it quits, a story came out that Obama’s goons had threatened Chelsea’s life if Hillary didn’t bow out….Chicago thug style politics at its “finest”?

        • Remember the Vatican slush fund scandal in 2012? Roberts had one of the biggest slush funds, funded by the US Treasury. We have the best Supreme Court money can buy….LOL

          • Lawyers making decisions on the law is one of the worst things that we can have happen to the Constitution. We’ve got the same “slush fund” type corruptocricy going on here in Minnesota. A lawyer who worked “pro bono” was quietly paid $77K and then nominated to be a judge. Of course you can expect this sort of thing when democrats are involved.

      • You must consider that the Monday Hillary bowed out of the race, it was preceded directly after the weekend of the Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly, VA. It was already decided for her.

    • An apt and interesting quote here.

      “When the government’s boot is on your throat, whether it is a left boot or a right boot is of no consequence.” – Gary Lloyd

      The plain fact is that we have allowed and fostered a ruling class, a royalty. Our representatives gain wealth and prestige from our labors. Our entire government, whether “D” or “R” or even “I” is set on the single focus of oppressing at least some if not all of the citizens of this nation. They only argue about who to oppress and sometimes on how to do it. Too often the offenses of one administration are considered “ok” by supporters of the next. Obviously, it’s ok to have a power hungry oppressive government as long as it’s oppressing someone else. Look how offensive and vile the war’s in the middle east and gitmo were to liberals when Bush was at the helm. The second a democrat took office, war and torture were just fine by the left.

      Hypocrisy is the rule of our leaders now, not us. And it’s why we will fall……..

        • When you consider there is less than 1% of our citizens who are willing to put on the uniform of our country, I’m not sure where there will be enough patriots to participate in a “bloodbath”.

          • He’s also forgetting (old trolls have that habit) that a lot of the eligible intentionally won’t put on the uniform because they don’t like the unconstitutional wars.

          • As well as those who intend to honor their oath to support and defend the Constitution against ALL enemies…

          • A girl scout troop would be enough patriots to end the insurrection of you treasonous tea-bagging dimwits that are ALL bark & NO bite!

          • Bob the troll is out of his cave again.
            Ignore him or he will ruin this comentary blog like all of the others…..

          • Mrmalibubob, it’s because of fools like you that there is now a subversive faking his authority to be President. Also, I will be one of the veterans marching on Washington in May, and I will bring ropes with me in the event we get to hang that SOB.

          • IIf you are representative of the typical so-called “Liberal,” then liberalism is truly a mental illness.

          • …GLAD to hear some liberals came along for the ride… teabaggin’ is something those on your side of the political line engage in…

          • …I’M THINKIN’ that isn’t a fair example, GOM… to begin with, the military has a manpower limit, so even if more than 1% wanted to join, they would be turned away…

          • and many who are due to re up wont because they get rotten treatment from the government and could starve todeath

          • …THERE IS an exodus of senior enlisted underway… in a few more years, 0 will have an “army” totally devoted to him… a scary thought, eh?

        • it’s so far gone the corruption in politics and the fact that we’ve (THE PEOPLE) been sold out some 100 yr back under Wilson 1913 Creation of the Federal Reserve…there have been R adm. time and time again who’ve done no better than the D administrations. Now in our beloved America we have the chinese buying landmarks and becoming our masters in the near future. The JP Morgan bldg (in effect the bank) was just purchased for the sum of $750 BILLION by China…both parties have sold a down the river. Is there a chance to turn this around? I’m not betting on it. The people have no clue what’s coming at them and soon. The IMF announced in OCT 2013 that the forecast looked dismal and in the next couple months that an announcement would be forthcoming. 3 days ago in Naiorbi Christime Lagarde spokesperson mangr for the IMF said that there would be an announcment and that the forcast looks good going forward. Now what has changed? NOTHING! but, waht could the World Bank and the IMF and the Federal Reserve etc be up to? how about a reset on the currencies of the world – mainly U.S. dollar…it’s coming why else would suddendly snippets from both criminal parties in D.C. make reamarks about the debt ceiling not being an issue and now in irrelavant and we’re working on the debt ceiling and it’s a non issue we’re in talks on a bi partisan manner. Oh Yea! the money that’s printing is nothing but Debt once America understand that those who hold it 2/3rds by the Fed Reserve (first Americans have to understand that it’s a private banking consortium comprised of 76% being foreign owned-this happened in 1913 under Wilson folks) and the rest china holds. all the world over is nothing but debt. now what does this mean… kiss your way of life bye byee this temp. fix may last for 10 yrs but, the only way to fix anything is to tighten up so hard the squeeze will kill millions in this country alone….so that’ll not happen yet. but, next time around the PTB (the banksters of the world and military mights) will be very ready and the grinding and mashing of teeth of the common man will not even be heard by them….

          • We’ve recently lost Budweiser, Smithfield, and Jim Beam among others to foreign ownership while the business stupid Obama administration does nothing

          • It is by design…the re-distribution of wealth. surely you heard him campaign on this slogan. well it’s more than a slogan. the vast economies of the western world will be shifted east and it’ has begun…America had it’s time in history and we’ve allowed it to be taken away….the founders warned of what would come if the people were not of good moral character and did not participate in the political process. all of the greastes societies the world over throughout history have all fallen around the 200th year into the 300th year of their establishment…the only way for the United States to have avoided the same calamity was for us to live by the rule of law – our Constitution and to have been a moral people, that is not to say a religious people, but, definelty a moral people. Besides Washington, Adams spoke extensively on the subj. and was joined in papers etc along with Franklin (who was actually an atheist) and Jeffereson of course who struggled with what or how the people could remain a moral people… that ship has sailed I’m afraid, but, perhaps divine intervention will see us thru in the future. I do belive that in not too far into the future we will barely remember liberty and the principles this country was founded upon. what will America look like in 2040? I won’t be here to see it. I pray for those I luv who may.

          • Actually, Franklin was not an atheist. He was raised by parents who were Puritans and attended a liberal Puritan church, Old South Church in Boston. They were hopeful Ben would find a life in divinity, but while they managed to send him to school for two years, he left at the age of 10 and took it upon himself to continue his education through self motivation. He had a certain amount of indoctrination in Presbyterianism, some say Calvinism, but, being the age of enlightenment, he found himself drawn to Deism and became a self-avowed Deist, though not radically so. He believed in all religions that taught morality, virtue, and serving God through good works and service to others…..beliefs he tried live his life by. Though he had no personal use for organized religion, it was not due to a disbelief in a Creator, but rather because he felt man had corrupted all religions to a certain degree.

            “… Sunday being my studying day, I never was without some religious
            principles. I never doubted, for instance, the existence of the Deity;
            that He made the world, and governed it by His providence; that the most
            acceptable service of God was the doing good to man; that our souls are
            immortal; and that all crime will be punished, and virtue rewarded,
            either here or hereafter.”

            From the autobiography of Benjamin Franklin.

            In his later life he came to believe that without religion or a firm belief in God, man would find it difficult to live a virtuous and moral life, and his religious views swung more towards traditional Christianity, although he rarely attended church services. Shortly before his death, on March 9, 1790, he wrote in a letter to Ezya Stiles, the President of Yale University:

            “You desire to know something of my religion. It is the first time I have been questioned upon it. But I cannot take your curiosity amiss, and shall endeavor in a few words to gratify it. Here is my creed. I believe in one God, the creator of the universe. That he governs it by his Providence.
            That he ought to be worshipped. That the most acceptable service we render to him is doing good to his other children. That the soul of man is immortal, and will be treated with justice in another life respecting its conduct in this. These I take to be the fundamental points in all sound religion, and I regard them as you do in whatever sect I meet with them.”

            He even proposed during the Constitutional Convention, they start the day with a daily common prayer. He felt God and religious beliefs were important to man, but did not necessarily care what religion they stemmed from. He felt the teachings of Jesus regarding morality and our fellow man were “the best the world had seen”.

          • still the three of them together don’t comprise JP Morgan bank….augh but, the Chinese owning it only means the shift of wealth out of the western world into the east. the scary part will be with the wealth gone east so will the power of the military.

          • …AFTER the Restoration, and we reset economic rules, business will once again blossom in our country…

          • we all have choices and to often those choices see money talk
            and they have a right to sellto whome they want
            no law afainst that

          • Great. Maybe we can sell Obama’s worthless czars, the EPA. etc. to other Countries although I don’t know who would be dumb enough to buy them.

          • We call ourselves a Christian nation, yet we allow the Supreme Court to take God, the Bible and prayer out of our public schools. And we also have politicians who only care about their reelections and spent most of their time on their campaigns. We need to somehow establish Christianity as our national religion so that our government officials will indeed be servants of the people rather than servants of themselves. We need people who have values rather than our votes. But we’re a corrupt society with a corrupt government. I guess we’ll just have to wait for the Second Coming.

          • the founders – did not establish a religion and set by example what they hoped for the people. some were atheist. But, what they warned of was that for our rule of law to work it could only do so for a moral people. We’ve drifted far away from that concept. Respect is key – along with being a moral people. But, the dark side of man is consumed by greed. Everything is driven by greed. We do need Divine Intervention I believe to survive what is coming. Our duty to the Creator is to protect that which was designed for man to live in peace with liberty to worship and praise his glory. That is if we so choose. The gift of free will has left us the decision to make for our souls. But, if one chooses not to worry about their soul hereafter, that is their right under our constitution. It is not their right to tell others that which we may or may not do in our beliefs. Therefore, how does it happen that 22% of the pop. (the non believers) dictate policy for the remaining populace and get away with it? What is the work the Lord wants to see done here? Living by example is a good start, but, even those who say they believe in the Father only give lip service. Do they not know ? perhaps not for how does one say that they believe in God and live by breaking his laws daily?

          • …YOU CAN say that as often as you like, but it won’t make it true… reread the Declaration of Independence… it’s obvious, even to someone like you…

          • Oh, I fuily agree that religions are all full of (as you so eloquently put it) “bullcrap”. A theocracy has absolutely NO place in our American form of government.

          • …I AGREE… and I don’t think anyone here has been advocating a theocracy…

            …RELIGION shouldn’t be banned from the “public square,” either…

          • …WHILE we’re waiting for the Second Coming, we should be praying for insight, guidance, a steady hand and a sure aim… or are you also waiting to be fed to the lions?

          • I say a prayer every night for this country. But there isn’t much more I can do. Revelation 1:1 says, “The revelation of Jesus Christ which God gave to him, to show his servants things which MUST shortly come to pass.” Also, it says in Daniel 4:17, “that the Most High rules in the kingdom of men, and gives it to whomever he will, and sets up over it the basest of men.” I prayed that Romney would be our next president. But it would seem God is giving us lousy leaders like B.O. instead.

            What part of the South are you from?

          • …SC… was originally from CA, but upon retiring from the military I discovered the “golden state” had turned crap brown… so I moved… had some relatives in SC, and I called and asked if anyone had a spare bed… that was 24 years ago, and I haven’t looked back…

          • That’s right! We need to become a theocracy like Iran! Bring back death for heresy! Behead the infidels! If you don’t believe in the peace of Jesus, then you ought to be killed! Right?

          • …NO ONE is advocating that we become a theocracy… what is it about Useful Idiots that they ALWAYS take an argument to the extreme when they’re losing?

          • If an argument is not valid in the extreme, then it is not valid at all. But those without principles would not know about things like that, would they?

          • …NO, your point is inaccurate… nearly always when taking something to the extreme, a person is pointing to the exception… as in the point you raised… and the intent is not to “win” a debate or argument, but to end it… like when the socialists, liberals and useful idiots pull the race card…

          • I’m done with your name-calling. That is the argument of those who have nothing of value to consider. If, as Skok said, “I was thinking of a declaration or even an amendment that would make Bible reading in our public schools mandatory, that the politicians first pass a test on their knowledge of the Bible if they run for any office, that prayer be brought back to our public schools, that the Ten Commandments cannot be forbidden to be displayed on public property, that the cross cannot be forbidden to be displayed on public property or at our national cemeteries…” is not advocating a theocracy, then nothing the Iranians do in that respect could be any worse. Bible reading in public schools, really! Pass a test on Bible understanding before running for office. Right! What’s next? A re-adoption of the Maryland Colony’s Religious Tolerance Act? That, Sir, was punishable by hanging!

          • You don’t even have the definitions correct! A theocracy is when a church denomination directly runs the government. The people voting to elect people who will run the government according to biblical morals ISN’T a theocracy. It is a representative republic under the Constitution as it was at the beginning.

          • Our Founding Fathers said that our inalienable rights come from our Creator. Abraham Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address said we are a nation under God. We are a republic, not a theocracy.

          • …THERE IS NO doubt in anyone’s mind who is aware of our history, that America was founded as a Christian nation…

          • Aren’t you funny. I was thinking of a declaration or even an amendment that would make Bible reading in our public schools mandatory, that the politicians first pass a test on their knowledge of the Bible if they run for any office, that prayer be brought back to our public schools, that the Ten Commandments cannot be forbidden to be displayed on public property, that the cross cannot be forbidden to be displayed on public property or at our national cemeteries, that children cannot be forbidden to quote from the Bible or mention Jesus, that chaplains cannot be forbidden from mentioning Jesus in their prayers to our troops and servicemen and women, that there be no more gay marriages, that all gay marriages be declared null and void, that sharia law cannot be used in our schools or courts, that the creation theory be taught in our science classes, that the evolution theory cannot be taught as fact. Things like that.

          • So you basically just want to control everyone and make them bend to your religious views. Like I said: a theocracy.

            Nothing “funny” about it.

          • …PASSING a test on their knowledge of the Constitution (federal and state) would be a good idea…

          • Michael, while I am a Christian and really believe that Jesus is the answer to the mess our country is in, establishing Christianity as the national religion would be a HUGE mistake. England had the Church of England as its national church, if you didn’t follow its tenants, you were in deep doo-doo. People came to the Colonies to escape religious persecution of that time. The first amendment to the constitution gives us the constitutional right to choose to have a religion, or to not have a religion. The Bible tells us we have a choice, to choose life or death, blessing or cursing, and it advises us to choose life. Jesus said he is the way, the truth and the life, and still we have that choice. Anyone who does not have the freedom to choose Jesus, who must be forced to be a Christian, is not really a Christian, and forcing someone to be a Christian is no better than what Islam does when it tells you that you must follow Allah or die. So yes, we wait for the second coming, and in the meantime we do what we can to stay informed, to vote, to present a basis for righteousness in our country, and above all, to pray, pray, pray.

          • I don’t think it would be a HUGE mistake if we establish Christianity as the national religion as long as we don’t give our tax money to any one particular church. Religion must be taught so that people will have respect for laws and their fellow man. Our Founding Fathers knew that and even financed Christian missionaries to convert the native American Indians. When public schools were first established, they said that Bible reading was the most important subject of all.

          • I believe that the Bible should not be banned from public schools. I believe that prayer should not be banned from public schools. I agree that morality apart from a basic belief in the Bible is easy to disregard. I understand that the first textbooks available to all children was the Bible. However, Christianity is not a religion. People who make it so are missing that it is first a relationship with the savior, and a CHOICE to follow him. Mandating that *we are now a Christian nation* is what the Catholics did way back when Constantine was in charge, and hundreds of people who had never heard the gospel became Christians overnight. In reality, they were only pagans with a new deity, and they did not know the saving grace of Jesus. To create a national religion detracts from the holiness and sanctity of the beliefs, because it becomes just another set of laws that people have to keep, and belittles the grace of God. So while you have your belief, I have what I consider solid reasons to still think that making Christianity the national religion would be as bad as making Islam (which they actually want to do) the national religion. It would be a *HUGE* mistake.

          • Your are ignorant of what Islam is all about if you say making Christianity the national religion would be as bad as making Islam the national religion. Islam is a hate religion, a war religion. They hate the Jews and the Christians. They think of infidels as less than dogs. Secularism, which the atheists are pushing in our public schools, is just as bad. They claim there is no right or wrong. To come into a classroom with gun and shoot indiscriminately is not wrong, and it may even be fun and cool. Christianity is about love, obedience to law, respect for the family, equality for all. Through Christianity, we’ve gotten women’s rights, negro rights, rights for the unborn. To state that Islam and Christianity is the same is a VERY HUGE mistake.

          • OK, you must be right because, wow, who could argue with that reasoning. I don’t like what is happening in our country. I agree with you about what Christianity is about. What I don’t, can’t agree with you on is making it a religion to begin with, and with forcing people who don’t believe to act as if they did. Can you not see that is what secularists are doing right now forcing those of us who do believe to act as if we don’t? Oddly enough, I do know what Islam is about, and my statement stands. But since you aren’t going to change your mind, and arguing with you is pointless, than I won’t be responding anymore. Have a nice day. Hope you grow in Christ.

        • Most American do not have the guts to fight. They have been brainwashed for years in our school for the apathy that we are experiencing allowing our country to be dismantled a piece at a time. Even the Republicans & Mit Romney are admitting Romney Stole the nomination because the Rockefeller Republican were afraid of Ron Paul.
          When Ross Parot with his “Follow The Money” battle Cry wa taking the country by storm the media went after him and his family with guns blazing. The dragged his whole family through the mud making sure he didn’t get a break. This gave us the first Draft Dodger for a president only by the skin of his teeth.

          • …WE ONLY NEED 10% who are prepared and willing to stand and fight… we have that and more… we just need a “spark,” and I have no doubts that the socialists will provide it…

      • If you want an honest government:
        1) Select Representatives by means of a draft lottery, qualifications for inclusion to the pool of prospective draftees to be determined by each state.
        2) Repeal the 17th Amendment. Give the selection of Senators back to the state legislatures, with the addition of term limits and the right of recall by the state Governor, the state legislature, and plebiscite.
        3) Remove the pay and benefits of federal legislators and staff from the federal domain. The state sending these people to Congress should be paying ’em.
        4) No ‘retirement pay’ or special benefits for federal or state legislators at any level.
        5) All laws apply to legislators and bureaucrats as well as citizens.
        6) All judges serve a fixed term and then have to completely avoid the “legal” profession for ten years.

          • That means the lazy non Democrats voters who sat on their butts last Nov. and helped with the ongoing destruction of the USA would have to get off of them this Nov.

          • …THAT’S TRUE, mbnick… there were enough non voting and 3rd party voting conservatives to have given Romney the popular vote, maybe even the election… it was the same in 2008…

          • …ONCE we’ve regained control, there are a few items that need to be defined once and for all… “natural born citizen” comes immediately to mind… “separation of church and state”… “anchor baby,” too… and the proper use of executive orders needs to be worked out, shortening the leash…

            …THEN there are the Departments, Agencies, and Pet Projects that need to be shut down…

            …AND I’M THINKIN’ the House Un-American Activities Committee needs to be reinstated…

            …THEN we should take a page out of Chile’s*** handbook, and give all socialists 90 days to put their affairs into order, at the end of said time they must be out of the country, never to return, and any property left behind is immediately confiscated… in less than a year their economy was booming!

            *** NOT SURE if it was Chile, but it was one of the countries facing the Pacific… the proposed Republican “retirement plan” under Bush was patterned after Chile’s, too… they have the most retired millionaires per capita than any other country, or did ten or so years ago…

          • Damned good ideas! Especially that one about inviting the socialists to leave. I’d give ’em extra incentive though. At the end of the 90 days declare open season and no bag limit.

          • Well I’ve identified your problem. You shouldn’t be thinking! Leave that to people that have an IQ above plant life

      • The real libertarians are the only ones who if elected will NOT try to oppress anyone, their goal is to take over the world and then leave everyone the hell alone to live their own lives however they desire (as long as one is not violating the equal and unalienable rights of another)! Great presentation here if you’re interested:

    • We would not have been any better of with Hillery at the helm. She has too many dead bodies to her credit . Look up 47 bodies of Hillery on google.

  2. Ron Paul had about as much chance of beating Obama as did ANY of the other WINGNUTS in the GOP primary! Mittens may have been a weak candidate but he stood head & shoulders about the rest of those kooks & he STILL got BURIED!

  3. From 2008 forward the possibility of good Christian Conservatives having their votes counted fairly vanished.

    This Right will never be returned to us.

        • Don’t respond to this h omo inclined libtard troll. He has so many screen names and stupid pictures……..don’t feed the troll.

        • Bobster, you are living proof of being the classic diseased progressive liberal. Your opening comments always begin by calling someone names. A clear illustration of your limited mental capabilities.

      • We “good Christian Conservatives” have had about enough of you Intolerant Libs and are ready to start kicking some ass. The breaking point is very near!

        • …I’M THINKIN’ that soon we’ll be forced to put aside our tolerant and compassionate ways, and unleash our frustration and anger… and as is the way of nature and human kind, the anger and rage will have to run its natural course before tolerance and compassion can once again rise to the front… the Useful Idiots have no idea what is about to befall them, as they laugh and clap in obvious glee at our present discomfort…

          • You betcha, I may be getting old and partly disabled but I can still shoot straight, got the trophies to prove it LOL

          • That’s all that matters. All that basic training is over-rated. Spent a whole year in Nam and never once had to climb a wall or crawl under barbed wire with live fire overhead. But I had to take that M-16 off of full auto to shoot straight.

          • Thanks for your service ! I lost a few school friends over there, wanted to join the Air Force but didn’t quite meet the physical. I’ve picked up gunsmithing skills and lots of range time hope I never need them other than enjoying shooting paper. God bless all our brave veterans and soldiers !

          • That means there are at least two of us. But as for myself, I don’t think I’m going to be around too much longer to join in. Agent Orange is working on my body too damn fast! Bout the only thing I’m still good for is a tree stand and sniping! And someone Is going to have to help me into the damn tree!

          • …I’M SURE there will be plenty who would help… I don’t think it will be too much longer before TSHTF… if we wait much longer, the fundamental transformation will be complete…

        • You seem to have forgot what happened last time you “good Christian Conservatives” thought you’d “had enough” & that you’d start “kicking ass”! The North marched down south & went through you like a hot knife through butter! The next time won’t be so pleasant for you treasonous trash!

          • In the upside down inside out world of a teabagger did the south “kick ass” & win the civil war????

          • Does your misinformed, diahrrea mouth have an off switch? The “south” is where u libtards originated. The dumassocrats started the kkk in defiance to the confederacy. U “tolerant” morons wanted to keep ur slaves. Get a clue moron!

          • maybe you should also tell this idiot that the north had more slaves than the south and the biggest slave market in the county was in N.Y. City, and one of his hero’s “Gen. Grant” did not free the slaves he owned until six months after the Illegal invasion of the south, and it was not a civil war, it was the war for Southern Independence” and if you will read the whole constitution they had every right to get out of the union. and as much as it may disappoint you the states still have that right.

          • Don’t try and confuse Msmalibubarbie with the facts the libturds don’t believe them, sure they believe in global warming though LOL

          • that is partially true, but if the us military used the same tactics that Sherman and Grant did they would answer charges in the world court and be found guilty for war crimes against civilians.

          • Oh good grief…. I’m out of this. This person has shown me what he is, and it’s not a person of intelligence, just a person who wants to spew filth. Poor thing.

          • Yet another low-info liberal that doesn’t understand what ‘teabagging’ is, or that teabaggers support the party that tells them they’re OK, the Democraps. Or a teabagger engaged in psychological projection.

          • As a matter of fact, the union lost more soldiers than the Confederacy did in that war. But who’s counting? So much for a hot knife thru butter.

            In war, God always favors the side with the best guns, and the North had ’em, plus the railroads. You apparently don’t know how close Lincoln came to losing that war.

          • …AS EVERYONE but our liberals leaders know, there are NO rules in war… well, there is one rule: win as quickly as possible…

          • Tom, the rules for war was set by the Geneiva conventions

            the terms of the first three treaties (1864, 1906, 1929), and added a fourth
            treaty. The Geneva Conventions extensively defined the basic, wartime rights of
            prisoners (civil and military); established protections for the wounded; and
            established protections for the civilians in and around a war-zone.

          • Don’t blame yourself. When you’re trying to convince a liberal of facts like you were in your post it’s easy to miss one.

          • actually Sherman and Grant both allowed and encouraged the troops under their command to totally destroy any thing in their path, a lot more has been told about Sherman’s inhuman march to the sea than Grant, and that is partly because Grant went on to become the President of the U.S. after Andrew Johnson, so the media at the time didn’t dare to make him mad or expose the horrendous actions that he allowed his troops to do, check out what Lincoln did to the press when they criticized the way he handled the war and then maybe you will get some idea of why they didn’t dare criticize Grant.

          • You might want to check out Thomas DiLorenzo’s book “The Real Lincoln” if you haven’t already. You’ll find some facts about Abe that the CMSM (Communist Main Stream Media) will never tell you!

          • you may as well have added he and Sherman allow their troops to rob rape and pillage every town or village they came to, even if there were nothing but women and children an men who were too old to fight, i one place the mayor of a small town met Sherman just before the invaded the little town the Mayor tried to explain that there were not any of the CSA troops in the town or anywhere near it, the had passed thru a few days earlier, but that didn’t stop the butcher he turned his troops loose on the town and killed women, children and almost every one in it then they looted the place and burnt it to the ground, a few people managed to get away and that is the only reason that this was know the town was never rebuilt. the records of this are in the Smithsonian so it is not a difficult thing to check out if you are interested.

          • Had Gen. Robert E. Lee embraced tried and true tactics of war at the beginning of the war, the Confederacy would have won easily within a year. However, Lee chose not to massacre what he considered “his brethren”. Lee mistakenly thought the early successful battles would compel the North to honor the terms in the Constitution. (That’s right, read the Constitution). Hence, we had the “war of northern aggression”.
            I believe Sherman marched to the sea with the “scorched earth” policy.

          • I guess you can’t read. I stated “at the beginning of the war”. Gen. Lee still considered the North as “brethren”, not a total enemy.

            Pickett’s Charge is not relevant to my comment.

            Pickett’s Charge was July, 1863 about the middle of the war. The charge at best was a risky proposition. It was a questionable last effort doomed to fail before it commenced. Not a wise choice.

          • And Dummycrats have taken “scorched earth” to a whole new meaning! But they didn’t forget that was what beat Dixie in the end. Anyone else know that “Northern States” were allowed to keep their slaves? Maryland being the last holdout well after the war had ended.

          • Heck, the South was allowed to keep theirs, too. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was a political stunt that didn’t free a single slave, because the Confederacy didn’t consider itself under his jurisdiction, and the Proclamation only applied to the South.

            The slaves weren’t freed until the 13th Amendment was passed, and it was passed without a single Democrat vote.

          • The outcome was NEVER in doubt. To quote the great William Tecumseh Sherman “War is the remedy that our enemies have chosen, and I say let us give them all they want”. Which is PRECISELY what he did & then some!!!

          • Ohhh MF! – It won’t be the North & South, it’ll be East and West Coast Commies vs everyone else. You traitors won’t last a Fn’ week.

          • …IT’LL DEFINITELY be gruesome when TSHTF, but when the dust and smoke settles, and the graves are dug, we’ll come out of it stronger and better off…

          • …AND YOU seem to have forgotten ~ or were never taught ~ that the South was controlled by DEMOCRATS… and in case you didn’t know, the KKK was a Democrat organization…

          • Do you live in a cave? What makes you think that the North wasn’t made of up of “good Christian Conservatives” as well? This was not a religious war.

          • Actually, the South would have won had one idiot confederate general at Gettysburg not disobeyed orders. He was told to wait until General Lee and reinforcements could arrive for the battle. Unfortunately he tried to be a hero and got his rear handed to him on a platter.

          • “Treasonous trash” you talking about your lying leader? I’m a true blooded northerner from flyover country that’s ready to take our country back from you Godless bastards!

          • Damn Yankee trash! Lincoln was a traitor to the U.S. Constitution also. Only OBozo, Clown in Chief has done more to destroy the Constitution than Lincoln. And that was about tax revenue, not about slavery.

      • So are all those “caring” liberals who spend 5 bucks at Starbucks for coffee and avert, while passing in their fake fur boots in summertime no less, the gaze of the starving peasants on the street nearby who ask only for a donation to help them through the night. I know. I’ve seen it San Rafael, Santa Barbara, and every other major city in California. Those liberals who love Jerry the Brown shirt, wouldn’t give a penny to a pauper.

        • Heck, even I sometimes wonder if those panhandlers holding up signs at intersections in Denver are bring in more money after taxes than I do, and whether any money I might give them is going to buy drugs or booze. Step 13, founded by the recently deceased Bob Kotay, has handed out free coupons for a meal and lodging to give to panhandlers for a couple of decades. Last I heard, not one of them has ever been redeemed.

          But you’re right. Liberals are only generous with other peoples money, for the most part.

        • Jim, I have difficulty donating to beggars on the streets. I want to help people who honestly need help. But how can I know the difference between those who are begging to pay for their addictions, or begging because they find it easier to stand on a street corner than work for a living? As a result I tend to donate time and money to charities who give a hand up/out to people who are truly in need, and let my tax dollars go to those who are addicted or don’t want to work. Tax dollars should be given with the strings attached that they take a drug test, like many people who apply for a job have to do or they do “community service” work in order to get tax dollars. There are a lot of jobs that those who are asking for taxpayer money could do that would help cut the amount of money taken from taxpayers.
          Lest you think I am heard-hearted, I have known people first hand who don’t want to work and don’t work because it is easier to get money (that incidentally is tax free to them) from “the government” than to work for it. That has shaped my thoughts and my giving, so I give to those I know who are in trouble through no fault of their own..

      • … and you know this because you personally are acquainted with all the Christian conservatives????? Pretty judgmental and intolerant!

        • Mrmalibubob -You see, good Christian conservatives are an easy target, because they are mature in their Christian faith and they will turn the other cheek. Unfortunately (for me) I haven’t reached that level of Christian maturity yet, and I feel the need to defend those who are the kind of people we should all strive to be..

          • Oh stop! You know very well that there are very good Christian people, and there are people who claim to be Christians but they stand for nothing of Christianity.

      • See the spectacle of “Bob” . . . the world’s only fecal stain living on the internet . . . because he is afraid to leave his putrid fly and bed bug ridden bedroom. Rumor has it he still takes money out of his 68 year old mother’s purse.

    • It’s not that they don’t want Christians. Is that they don’t want a libertarian in there preaching lower taxes and smaller government and really meaning it. If we actually shrink government as much as Paul (and I) want to, more than half of the Eastern Establishment Republicans would be out of a job.

      • It’s not the “lower taxes and smaller gov’t” that turned people off. It’s the pretense of being a conservative when he’s only conservative in a few areas, and very, very liberal in other areas!

        • I’ll cut Romney the same slack I’ll cut Christie: When you govern a blue state with a blue legislature, you can’t be a true conservative and get anything done. Both guys would govern more conservatively from the White House if they didn’t have heavily Democrat majorities in both houses of Congress.

          That said, when the polls showed the public strongly against Obamacare, nominating the namesake of Romneycare was a really dumb idea.

          • Agree! Romneycare was considered as much an abomination as Obamacare. Republicans just keep kicking themselves in the butt. We need a third party!

          • You may be right, but now is not the time to do it while our country is going down for the third time. We have to fight for true Republican principles and once we get back on the right track maybe we can think about either purifying the Republican Party, or starting a new Party (which will take years before you can get it established in all states, therefore will not have a chance to take the white house back, and ultimately our country back.

          • Right now is exactly the best time for a third party, one that is already organized in all 50 states: the Libertarian Party.

          • …ACTUALLY it’s TOO LATE for a third party… do you really think we have so many more elections remaining, that we can afford to let the socialists remain in power until a 3rd party finally gains enough momentum that it can not only win a presidential election, but also take control of the House and Senate?

            …PRINCIPLES BE DAMNED, the primary focus at this late date should be to get the Dems out of office…

          • What I think is that if one supports the “lesser of two evils,” then one is still supporting evil—and no good can ever come of it. Regarding your “principles be damned,” Thomas Paine once said “A long habit of not thinking [something] is wrong, gives it the superficial appearance of being right. But expedience and right are two different things.” Without reference to basic principles, how can one even know what the right thing is, let alone whether one is supporting it or, unwittingly, supporting an even greater evil?

          • …I AGREE with Thomas Paine, but his quote doesn’t apply to the situation we’ve found ourselves in, now does it?

            …AND I’M THINKIN’ that you, like most everyone, bend your principles everyday ~ at work, at play, with friends, and at home ~ just to get along.., so WHY, with so much at stake, are you willing to HELP our avowed enemy ~ who spits on your principles ~ and vote 3rd party or not vote at all?

            …IF YOU won’t bend your personal principles, even to save your country, then I sincerely hope you are preparing for what’s comin’ our way…

          • “Expedience” is acting without principles. If one cannot adhere to one’s stated principles in the extreme, then one does not even hold such principles. Or standards. A principle which is compromised or “bent”, is a principle which has been abandoned. Politically, my standard of value, my main principle, is that of individual rights and individual liberty. To what should I “compromise” (or sacrifice) those values? How shall I compromise my desire to live with a murderer’s desire to kill me? There is no compromise. There can be no compromise. When Republicans wake up and start acting like they care about the Constitution, about capitalism and about individual rights and liberty—then and only then will I grant them my vote.

            Now tell me, what facts of reality do you base your conjecture that I “bend [my] principles everyday ~ at work, at play, with friends, and at home ~ just to get along..”? Or is that just a bald assertion, with nothing to back it up? And further, what makes you think I even wish to “get along” with those whom I despise and disagree on such fundamental levels?

          • …I BASED my “bald assertion” on a lifetime of watching people… you may be the exception, but there was a lot of rationalization in your post, so I’ll stick with what I wrote… AND I’m sure you’ll have a very good rationalization for turning your back on your country in its time of need…

          • Tommy, you don’t have “a lifetime of watching” me, so you have no call to cast that type of aspersion my way. Now, if you are speaking for yourself, and about yourself, well, then I guess you should know—since yourself is the only person you have spent a lifetime watching.

            Now, tell me again: what are my putative “rationalizations”? You are the one who mentioned them, but you have not named them. Show me. Quote me as I have quoted you.

            Rationalization: “: to think about or describe something (such as bad behavior) in a way that explains it and makes it seem proper, more attractive, etc.

          • …MARTY BOY, of course I’m speaking from “experience,” mine ~ that goes without saying ~ and of witnessing the actions and words of people in general for a lifetime… if you’re over 40 then you know exactly what I’m talking about… if you’re still a kid, then you have no basis for questioning my ability to observe and judge… yes, judge… for we make judgments about people and things many times every day… I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying, “it’s important to make a good first impression,” which is just a gentle way of saying you’ve been judged…

            …I WATCHED a movie a couple of decades ago, wherein one person says to another, “rationalization is more important than sex,” and the other responds, “no way,” to which he’s asked, “have you ever gone a week without a good rationalization?” Everyone will come up with their own rationalization(s) for whatever/wherever it is needed to get them through the day… I seriously doubt that you’re any different…

            …THE over used phrase/defense: “you don’t know me,” was never valid, and is often used by someone who has been “caught”… I don’t have to know you to understand where you’re “coming from”… in this case, “I won’t vote for the lesser of two evils” is an age old rationalization… and, personally, I usually feel the same way, but now, with the last couple of elections, and especially the one coming up, voting 3rd party or not voting at all is a selfish cop-out, when nothing less than the fate of our country is at risk… if the Dems maintain control of the Senate the “game” is over, the Beacon on the Hill will be extinguished before the 2016 election rolls around… now you can rationalize letting the D’s win in 2014 any way you want, but it won’t change reality…

            …OK… now it’s your turn… tell me I’m an idiot or whatever will make you feel better…

          • Sorry, Tom-Tom, I won’t take your bait. I won’t stoop to your level of argumentation. And sorry you have to get your intellectual ammunition from one-liners in a decades-old movie. And being, as you say, “selfish”, I see nothing wrong with being concerned with one’s own self-interest. It beats self-immolation every time. Rather than that “judge not” BS in the Bible, I adopt this: Judge, and be prepared to BE judged; and more, be prepared to be judge for your judgments.

            FYI, ol’ buddy, I’ll be 67 this year—and I am sick to death of the politics-as-usual of both older parties. Tell ya what, would you be happier if I cast my vote, not for a third party, but for the Democratic candidate in 2016? After all, THAT would not be a “wasted vote” in your (unprincipled) view.

          • If it isn’t a subject addressed in the U.S. Constitution, then it doesn’t belong in the platform of ANY political party. Naturally no Democrat will agree with that statement since they thing the Constitution is the enemy. What’s the difference between a Communist and a Democrat today? Absolutely NOTHING! And the Republican Party is getting drawn right into the swiftly moving current headed for the rapids and waterfall.

          • you sound like another defeatist, “now is not the time” didn’t the Jew’s say something like that to Hitler, and look what it got them, millions executed for no reason other than being of Jewish heritage, so the question i would ask is when do you think is the “right time,” after we have all lost our freedoms and those of us who are willing to fight and maybe die are all put in those “concentration camps” called FEMA camps,

          • It was thinking like that ,that helped back stab Ron Paul,and prevented people from voting their true conscience.

          • I hope so, but I think it was more about hearing Ron Paul in the debates that convinced people not to vote for him. I never would’ve voted for Ron Paul, because I think it’s dishonest to bill yourself as a conservative, and then when the truth is known we discover that he’s only conservative in a few things. It’s dishonest to run as a Republican (because you can’t get elected as a libertarian, and let Republicans spend their time, energy and money on an agenda they don’t believe in (but don’t realize that’s what he believes)! He’s still a libertarian at heart, and does not stand for much of the Republican Platform. It’s called deceitful, dishonest… and the way that is spelled, is: RINO!

          • So,you’re a party person and not a “We The People” person.Sandy,the truth is,neither PARTY is any good.The entire republican party has been RINO’s for a while now.Now that is true deceit.And by the way,Ron Paul never hid where he stood on the issues.Now that is honesty.

          • You mean vote for more John Bohener’s who will vote with the Democrats as often or more often than they will vote for Republican principles? Not a chance with this voter!

          • GrumpyOleMan – No, I’m talking about the new strain of younger Republicans who actually stand for Republican Principles,a and adhere to the Republican Platform. Like Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Alan West, Dr, Ben Carson, Trey Gowdy. Then you have people like Thomas Sowell, Ken Blackwell, and Allen Keyes, Michelle Bachman, who are part of the old guard who actually stood for Republican Principles.

          • Organized, but not accepted by the majority. That’s why so many libertarians have dishonestly weaseled their way into the Republican Party, because they can’t get elected as libertarians (when they are honest about what they stand for). I agree with them on a few issues, but disagree on most issues.

          • Then it looks like you are stuck with creating your new, perfect party and waiting a generation or two to get the nation back on course…

          • … and you’re stuck with dividing the conservative vote so that we end up going down the same road of distruction with another Democrat agenda.

          • Your assumption that my vote would go to a conservative candidate if there was no Libertarian in a particular race is unwarranted. My vote is my own and does not belong to any conservative or liberal candidate. If I cannot stomach either of the “older party’s” candidates, then I abstain from voting in that contest. I was a founding member of a Los Angeles County Libertarian Party region in 1974, held various offices within that region, including chair, ran for elective partisan office 8 or 9 times as a Libertarian and personally registered over 6,000 persons as Libertarian during our (successful) ballot access drive in late 1979/early 1980. In my retirement, I am currently a state central committee member in New Mexico and am organizing my local area to be a county affiliate. And yes, I might even be running for US House here this year.

            So, as I said, my vote is my own and belongs to no liberal or conservative candidate. If I ever voted for either Democrat or Republican, then my particular vote would truly be wasted because it would have been cast, not for the candidate who expresses my political view, but for the candidate which is the least distasteful, the least evil. Instead of voting as a positive, I would have been voting merely “against” the other candidate.

            Besides, so-called conservatives have held both houses of Congress as well as the Presidency on at least two times during my adult life, and what have they actually accomplished? More of the same: more taxes, more controls, more wars, more regulations. Always more of the same. Oh sure, in certain respects, they may have been “less worse” than their liberal counterparts, but a tax increase or a spending increase of “only” 10%, say, instead of 20% is not the same as a 50% tax CUT.

            More of the same, Sandra. The best one can say is “not quite as much” of more of the same.

            As Ayn Rand put it, “In any compromise between good and evil, it is only the evil that can win.”

          • No we don’t, unless it’s something like the Green Party that splits the Democrat vote. Any conservative third party that comes along would only split the Republican vote and assure a Democrat win again. The last 3rd party candidate to win was Lincoln, and that was on the Republicans’ second try. The first guy got his ass kicked.

            The Tea Party has the right idea. To change this country for the better, we need to change the GOP from withing, exactly the way we’re doing it, taking the establishment RINOs out, one by one, in the primaries, putting them on an ice flow, and pushing them out to sea.

          • We won’t until we vet the candidates to make sure they are sincere and not nuts. The woman in SC who is trying to run against Graham can’t string a sentence together. Poor Glen Beck had to ask the questions and answer them. It was painful to watch. I still don’t know what she stands for and how dedicated she is. They need good debating skills and a solid conservative platform. Until we can depend on these qualities we won’t win. For gosh sake, check the ghosts in the closets. The dems and the RINO’s will.

          • You’re absolutely correct. There has to be more than just “Tea Party” to go on. The candidate has to be credible and articulate. We’ve got an interesting race coming up here in Colorado. The long time Sheriff of Weld County, Ken Buck, is running for the nomination for Senate to oppose Mark Udall, and should get the nomination. After our Democrat-controlled legislature ram-rodded some dumb gun control legislation thru, Coloradans recalled two of them and a third resigned under threat of recall so they could appoint another Dem to replace her, otherwise they’d have lost their majority. Buck is a Tea Party guy, and he’s also part of the Sheriff’s Association that’s filed a federal suit against the gun laws the Democrats passed. I think he’s got a good chance to pick up one of the Senate seats the GOP needs to gain. The Democrats really stepped in it when they went after our guns. A whole lot of Democrat gun-owners turned on ’em.

          • Ah, the old “lesser of two evils argument”. Anyone ever point out to you that the lesser evil is still evil? A third party that the independents of both parties would flock to is probably the only solution, short of armed rebellion, that can save our Country.

          • Never happen. 3rd party will never raise enough cash to get elected. All they do is split the Republican votes while Democrats remain unified in their control and mooching plans.

          • If you dimwits EVER took the time to look at the electoral college map you’d see that it doesn’t matter who the GOP nominates. The GOP cannot get to 270 votes EVEN if they were to somehow win EVERY battleground state (OH, FL, NC & VA) AND carry EVERY state Mittens carried they STILL only get 266 votes! The Dems have 272 EC votes (2 more then enough) in states that aren’t even in play! The have a “lock” on the EC.

          • Forget the party labels. If those who name the name of Christ would vote their Christian conscious instead of D or R or I, this mess would start to turn around after one election cycle.

            The worst most anti-American president certainly in my lifetime. Christians, those not voting their conscious and even worse still, those not voting are the ones most responsible.

          • So, how do you explain why the blacks, nearly all Christians, voted 93% for Obama, and the Hispanics, nearly all Catholics, voted 73% for Obama? If you think most Christians are the conservatives who would “turn this mess around,” you need a reality check.

            And if you think your kind of Christian collectivism is going to solve any problems, you’re part of the problem.

          • I’ll answer that in the same way Thomas Jefferson did in his letter to Benjamin Rush; “I am a Christian in the only sense I believe He would have wanted me to be, dedicated to the precepts of His teachings, and believing Him to have had the most perfect of human qualities, while not professing any other.”

            Your religion is based a lot more on what Paul wrote, and he never knew Jesus personally. The NT contains probably 100 times as much about Paul’s opinions than it does about what Jesus said. Jefferson called Paul the “great corrupter” of the Christian religion.

          • Good for you! Be sure to tell him that i think he was a heck of a man for me. I don’t expect to be running in to him any time soon.

            There was a time when I tried to make that work, but my God-given ability to Reason wouldn’t let me. It told me that men wrote that stuff. God has never written a word.

          • I reckon it doesn’t please him much if you don’t use the brain he gave you, either. It’s the one thing that made us superior to other animals.

          • Faith takes you infinitely further than just the limited reasoning of your intellect. A person limited to intellect is no more than an animal.
            God made man as a reflection of Himself. We are made in His image and likeness. God is a Spirit. Your brain can’t take you there, faith can and will.

          • Imagination can take you anywhere, do anything. You can imagine Miley Cyrus thinks your cute and wants to take you with her to Alpha Centurion in another galaxy. Reality isn’t near as much fun, or as comforting as believing things that can’t be true.

            Oscar Wilde wrote: “If God created man in his own image, I think he over-estimated his abilities.”

          • ….He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. (John 8: 44)

          • Why bother quoting scripture to me? You already know that i believe the bible was written by fallible men, and that God didn’t write a word of it.

            Besides, whether or not one believes in God, and believing he had anything to with the bible, are two entirely different issues.

          • Humorous indeed that any person would say that they believe in God and not believe in the attributes that we attend to Him as God.
            If he is indeed all knowing, all powerful, and everywhere present which He is, would He then not have the ability to author a book using fallible men and maintain the infallibility and accuracy that He intends.
            For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?
            God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar;…(Romans 3: 3-4)

          • You got that right that they are attributes that “we attend to Him,” and not that He attends to Himself. If there is a God, we really know nothing about Him beyond what men have imagined.

            Even the picture we have of Jesus probably bears little resemblance to the Middle-Eastern man that he was, if he was. It’s odd to me that there’s no mention of him in the Dead Sea Scrolls, which were hidden away from the Romans around 68 A.D. and had plenty of scripture from the Old Testament, but no mention of Jesus or any of the apostles. No mention of him anywhere from any source outside the church, except for Nero’s mention of the rumors and stories.

            We have no original scriptures written in the original Aramaic. Only copies of copies, and copies of copies of copies, each copy having multiple errors in translation from the previous, according to the scholars that study this stuff. Even the originals, we’re told, weren’t even begun to be put into writing until at least 30 years after the crucifixion. Until then, the stories were passed by word of mouth. How much do you remember ver batim of what you heard 30 years ago?

            Frankly, I have no idea if there is a God or not. I do doubt it. He seems to be the default explanation for questions the ancients had no answer for, and a lot of questions remain unanswered by science … the hows and whys of our existence. I’m perfectly comfortable with saying, “I don’t know, but I’m workin’ on it.”

            The questions that always bothered me were,

            “If God exists, where did He come from? Who created God?”

            “If God created the heavens and the earth, what was there before that, and what the heck was he doing with His time until he had this brainstorm?”

            “Was this His first project, or were there others elsewhere in the universe that came before and/or after?”

            Neither you nor I know the answers. The difference is, I don’t pretend to.

            The bible is a great story with lots of good codes of conduct to live by, along with quite a bit of nonsense. I just don’t think God had anything to do with it. It’s a compilation of the handiwork of a lot of different very imaginative men who were trying to dictate rules for people to live by, some good, and some not so good.

            Honor he who seeks the truth, but beware of he who claims to have found it.

          • You say that you are seeking the truth,
            but how can you find the truth among those whose sole purpose is to disprove the truth that you’re seeking. I have a strong suspicion that you rarely read the Bible yourself, but you have more often read commentaries from people trying to disprove the Bible.

            You seem a very intelligent and learned individual, but as I mentioned to you before, you will never find God trying to find Him with your intellect. I am sure that you are aware that scientists have determined that the smartest among us only use about ten percent of their mental matter. The Bible says that to be carnally minded is death, but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. The carnal mind is enmity against God.

            But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned. (I Corinthians 2: 14) That is where faith comes in.

            And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. (Jeremiah 29: 13)

            My suggestion to you, and please don’t get offended, and please don’t tell me that you are not offended, seek the
            truth without the agenda to disprove it. I dare to even say that if you dare God to prove himself to you, you personally, He will. But it has to be a heart felt dare. The reason your intellectual arguments don’t work for someone like me is because God lives inside of me in the person of the Holy Spirit. I talk to God daily, and believe it or not He talks to me. He is the one that can answer the questions you posed. And He can answer them in a way that you will know of a certainty that He is responding to you personally. That is the way that God wants to communicate with each individual personally. I don’t have to get my answers to questions from other people , I get them from God Himself. I don’t purport to have all the answers, but what I know, I know. No man can take that
            from me.
            Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth
            to err from the words of knowledge. (Proverbs 19: 27)

          • The difference between you and me as the I’ve read the bible critically, and you have read it with the pre-conceived notion that it is the infallible Word of God because that’s what you’ve been taught by men. You dismiss or ignore the parts that don’t make any sense at all.

            I’ve layed out the doubts I’ve had, and the facts that I’ve been able to research, initially hoping to prove that the bible was something I could believe, but eventually concluding that it wasn’t.

            How is it more “honest” to accept it without doubt, and to dismiss all critics without considering their criticisms? That may score some points among true believers, but it doesn’t say much for the integrity of your own mind, which in the end, is the only thing that’s sacred.

          • You choose your eternal destiny by what you choose to believe in this life.
            I am confident in the choices that I’ve made. In the end we each will live and die by what we choose to believe. Not even God will violate your right to choose what you choose. My only prayer for you is that you will continue to consider what we have discussed. It would be a shame to base your eternal future on the philosophers that you are so quick to quote.

          • Well, the advantage you have over me is that if I’m right and you’re wrong, when you die you won’t know you’re wrong.

          • Seems to me that it was “blind faith” in the Hope and Change guy that got us where we are.

            Christianity promises eternal life after death and forgiveness of sins (if one utters the appropriate abracadabra). As for the latter, I think forgiveness ought to be earned. The eternal life thing is, I think, a false promise.

            But i won’t lie to you. i can’t offer you a better solution for your fear of death.

          • I was a registered Libertarian for more than twenty years, and while polls suggested that at least 20% of the American people lean libertarian, we never seemed to get over the 2% of the vote threshhold. Why is that? Because most of us understand that to win elections, you have to do some compromising and coalition-building. There are far more libertarians in the GOP than there are in the LP, and that’s probably true about the Democrat Party, too. Sooner or later, fervent members of small factions like the Religious Right need to come to grips with the reality that you are a relatively small faction in a big coalition and you are never going to get everything you want. Pick the coalition that best fits your views, and go with it. Even Ron Paul realized that.

          • Libertarian Party has a penchant of nominating people who are unelectable and have jumped party’s so they can say they “ran for president”. And if that’s not the reason then it’s because of the numb skulls who preach “the lessor of two evils”. And if THAT isn’t reason enough then it’s the lunk heads like Levin, and Limbaugh, who preach “You have to vote either Republican or Democrat or your vote doesn’t count!” nonsense.
            Gary Johnson was the best candidate on the ballot in 2012. But once again, that didn’t matter, not because he wasn’t the best on the ticket but because “he can’t win” because he’s not a Republican. Although he was until the big money party bosses froze him out of the national debates. The only one he ever appeared in was the one in which Neil Cavuto embarrassed his network into allowing him to participate. The Fox debate. And his arguments beat all the others!

          • Romney had the ammo to hit Obama where it hurt but he wanted to look presidential. He was weak like Boehner and that’s why he lost. He gave nothing to the base to vote for him. We are tired of liberal and weak.

          • Christie is anything BUT a conservative! He may not have banned salt from the table, or purchasing 32oz sodas with your meal, but he’s more than likely considered it! After all, he has embraced OBozo on more than one occasion. I know. I threw up each time I saw it!

          • That’s not the point. The point is that he’s a Republican who has shown he can pull minority votes and win in NE states where the big electoral votes are, and where true conservatives can’t win. That’s the reality.

            If history repeats, we’re gonna see 20-some debates during which the Tea Party candidates will take each other out in a circular firing squad, leaving Christie the last man standing. So what the hell are you going to do if that happens? You have three choices: (1) Vote for Hillary, (2) Vote for nobody, which is as good as half a vote for Hillary, or (3) vote for a Republican you don’t like? Any choice but #3 is a vote to maintain the status quo.

          • The biggest problem with Christie is that he is so wrong on immigration IMO….of course if he wins the nomination I would have no choice but to vote for him. But I don’t believe he didn’t know about the bridge closing…. I think he has a vindictive streak-I think he embraced Obama so enthusiastically because he was not chosen for the ticket….I’ve heard the argument that he wouldn’t have accepted because he wanted to run in 2016 but I don’t buy it-he is young and would have benefitted from the exposure as VP for two terms and then been able to run after that….

        • Paul isn’t a liberal about anything. It’s just that conservatism became identified with a level of military interventionism and internationalism that historic Republicanism (think Coolidge) would have rejected. Indeed, Paul was the closest thing to Coolidge since Coolidge.

          • Interesting observation, Ken. I might also point out that Barry Goldwater was probably as libertarian as Ron Paul, yet the Democrats managed to convince people he’d start WWIII.

          • I thought about Goldwater (the first campaign in which I knew anything about the issues), and you may be right. But it’s between Paul and Goldwater for the honors.

          • Give me a Paul quote that trumps this one by Goldwater:

            “Let me remind you that extremism in defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

          • Nothing trumps it; but his message has constantly been that. BTW, though Goldwater delivered those words, they were written by Karl Hess, who became a libertarian far more radical than either Goldwater or Paul.

        • The dilemma the GOP faces is that it’s difficult to field a candidate with the ability carry the NE swing states like Ohio and Pennsylvania who also appeals to the rest of the country. New York is a lost cause, but if Christie can carry NJ, maybe there’s hope there. But it’s doubtful that Christie would have much appeal out here in flyover country where Tea Party candidates get 60-70% of the vote.

          • Good grief, Christie is just another Rino and I’m very tired of him and his ilk. Quite frankly, I can’t tolerate Paul Ryan either, or Marco Rubio. However, today I would give my vote to a man like Dr. Ben Carson who hasn’t been corrupted by the Washington Cesspool!! I think this man could be the real thing! A conservative who could attract the Latinos and the Blacks. I really like this man.

          • I like Carson myself, but remember, Herman Cain had the support of 40% of blacks, which, if nominated, would have destroyed Obama’s chances, and the lengths the liberals went to to destroy him. Carson’s running would be an uphill battle, rife with dirty tactics.

          • sorry the man destroyed himself but the personal type of life he led, of course it was the media that made all his indiscretions public but the blame is all his. I don’t what kind of dirt the media could throw on Dr. Carson, but if there is any you can be sure that they will shout it out loud and long, but aside from that i do think he would be a good choice.

          • Herman Cain knew he had baggage and the dems and rinos went after him. Ben Carson does not seem to have anything other than wanting us to live and be free as our constitution is written. I would vote for him because he has lived what he believes.

          • There you go. The GOP and Democrats colluded in the last presidential primaries to oust Herman Cain. He was likely the only candidate in the GOP primary who had a chance with the minority vote. Ben Carson would be much the same. If he does decide to run expect them to pull much the same as they did to Cain.

          • Herman Cain had a history of corruption and ties to the FEDS to boot. All he had was a good front to fool the blinded.

          • Still does not dismiss the fact that he was probably the only candidate in the GOP field who had a shot at beating Obama.

          • Yes, I saw that quirk poll. I actually have no doubt that Ron Paul would have given him a run for his money. I actually voted for Ron Paul in the Primary. However, in regards to the minority vote, Herman Cain would have caused some serious erosion to Obama’s support among blacks and hispanics. In like manner Ben Carson would do the same thing. The blacks, by and large, unfortunately, are going to pretty much either vote for skin color or a handout. That is not to say all are that way but when better than 90% voted for the current idiot in the oval office that says all that needs to be said.

          • At this stage of the game, Herman Cain hadn’t been vetted yet. Ben Carson hasn’t been either, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts he doesn’t have the skeletons in his closet that Cain had.

          • I’ll guarantee you “skeletons” will be found so long as the price is right. Too many people would sell their souls these days for a few bucks.

          • …AND HE did it in a manner that couldn’t be refuted, not without making the person look like the evil the good doctor was talking about… it was beautiful… a true breath of fresh air…

          • Wouldn’t a Carson/West GOP ticket be interesting? Two black guys telling black folks to get off their ass and get a job?

          • I don’t think the rino Christie could win a bag of peanuts at a county fair, much less any place except the Yankee coast.

          • Well, that Yankee coast has a lot of electoral votes, doesn’t it? If they nominate Christie, who are you going to vote for, him or Hillary? Or are you just going to sit it out like so many conservatives did last time and let the Dems hold serve?

          • as far as I’m concerned they are two of a kind so it doesn’t really make any difference does it. either way the citizens are screwed. so i will concentrate on the senate and house elections and hope that there may be some more like Cruz running.

    • Interesting. Sean Connery once said (I possibly paraphrase): “I will never again play James Bond.” (Then he starred in a film twelve years later entitled, “Never Say Never Again”. In a way you are most correct, “This Right will never be returned to us,” The left will never return it; what we must do is to take it. Jefferson said we must be forever vigil; as well he said, “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” Whether he meant this literally or metaphorically, it has been necessary for quite some time now. For the first time in my life true conservatives are fighting back. It is very much a revolution as described by James Piereson in his article, “Future tense X, the fourth revolution; and it’s not a liberal one as described by Steve Rosenthal in a WA Post op-ed piece, it is libertarian, as David Harsanyi describes in a recent article in “The Federalist”. Hopefully it will not turn to arms…but it could. Voter fraud, illegal campaign activity, attempting to abuse with the free press and other despicable activities are being used against the people. God willing we will persevere. “Let them take arms.” (Thomas Jefferson)

      • Here in Colorado, a state of 5.7 million people, more than 400,000 people bought guns in 2013, surpassing the record set in 2012. I believe they hope it won’t turn to arms, but they want to be prepared in case it does.

        We know our history. This is not a new story. The socialist/collectivist movement always begins with taking income “nicely” thru taxation. But eventually it gets ugly when they come for the assets. In Russia, North Korea, Cuba, and China, people who resisted died, by the millions. But they were all disarmed first. We won’t be. It won’t happen here because of that. The Left will not win this time.

  4. I’ve liked and admired Ron Paul for decades, even though I disagree with him on foreign policy, especially with regard to the Islamic Jihad, which they declared on us long before 911. I just wonder how effective he could be as President when he is so uncompromising with everyone in Congress. We don’t elect kings. At least, we’re not supposed to.

    • Hell, no, the best thing about Ron Paul, was that he wasn’t owned by AIPAC like the rest of the Republican candidates. We need to remove the Xtards, Firsters and neocons from our party. We are NOT a colony of Israel.

      • So, you must think Rick Perry, Marco Rubio, Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Rand Paul (who isn’t in lock step with his dad) and all other Tea Party supported candidates are all owned by AIPAC? We’ve got a lot of good people in the hunt. Don’t paint ’em with the same brush as McCain and other RINOs. Ron Paul isn’t running.

    • Exactly, for many of the attributes that make RP appealing, they also make him more than a little bit of a liability.

      Be careful what you wish for.

    • You miss the entire point of the POWER vested in the VETO. Bush junior did not veto one single bill in his first term. Why? So he could be “loved” by the “middle of the road, amoralists” – who gave him a larger victory than the popular LOSS he sustained in 2000. Bush even went so far as to state that, though he KNEW there were “probably” some unconstitutional things in McCain-Feingold “election reform”, he would let the courts sort that out. It is the JOB of those who swear allegiance to the Constitution to KNOW what is or is not constitutional. Obama knows, and he does not give a rat’s ass. RAND PAUL 2016. Do it this time!

      • Right after his filibuster, I sent Rand an email urging him to throw is hat in the ring and run. He replied, saying he was happy representing the people of Kentucky. That’s what they all say ’til the polls say they have a chance. He’d be my first pick, but there are several others I could live with. Just hope I don’t have to hold my nose and vote for another RINO. Please, please, please don’t nominate another Northern, Eastern, Establishment rich guy who can be associated with Wall Street. That’s not who this party is, and it’s not someone most voters can relate to.

        • lol I love how the libs always resort to name calling when they have nothing to offer. It is the one consitent that shows the depth of the liberal mind!

          • Sorry to disappoint you, i am not a Liberal, how about Conservative Republican ? I have a lot to offer, looks like you do not, reading must not be your favorite subject when you can not read a comment right! LOL !

          • Well, then please inform me. It looks to me like you said that Romney beat Paul in Paul’s district. Maybe it’s the way it’s written? Please don’t call me names. It really does show your ignorance and intolerance and doesn’t help the conversation at all.

          • WHAT ? I never said any such thing or anything written that way, show my ignorance, when someone as much as call you a liar… someone like you at times brings the worse out of someone & you have done that with me… would you please reread the comments I made, nothing like you are accusing me of ! GOOD LUCK !

          • I’m sorry. I was quoting the original post. Let me back up and ask you why you called me a moron. I researched my comment before I posted it. If I’m wrong, I’ll gladly say so, but I really don’t take well to people calling me names without enough information to back it up. I can assure you… I am FAR from a moron!

          • I do believe you should drop your chip on your shoulder & continue on… I am NOT going to deal with someone that questions me on any or every level… consequently I will not continue our conversation… you know, ALL we Americans are very concern , worried what is transpiring in this great Country, our freedom, our Constitution, Our Military, etc, you sir are NOT the Lone Ranger, now if you want someone to take your frustration out on, you are using the WRONG person, END of our CONVERSATIONS !

          • Read it or not, for the record, I wasn’t the one who attacked you. I have nicely asked for an explanation and I got whatever rant this response was. I have no chip on anything, I simply wanted an explanation as to why YOU called ME a moron. If that is “questioning” you, then yes, I did. If you think that is “on every level” then you are wrong. If I am called a name, I deserve to know why. My only frustrations here is not knowing why you called me that and why you feel the need to ignore my request with an answer.
            I apologized and explained. I don’t know what else to do. So, yes, this conversation is over. You’re too immature to respond and have a civil converstation.

    • “A whole lotta speculatin’ going on here”.
      I, personally, am not buying it. One remark or misspeak does not a scandal make.

    • Exactly, so sick of hearing Ron Paul this & Ron Paul that, like he was some kind of God… they fail to tell all the scary beliefs he had & the foreign affairs was very worrie some… nothing was stolen from Paul, he did not get the Peoples Votes, PERIOD !

      • This, as opposed to an unknown douche bag known for Chicago thuggery and was even called out by billary as to his eligitability of citizenship? And yes…opposed to the lapdog media…billary started the whole “birther” craze. Funny how the tea party took the brunt of that one. This sat better with you than Paul? I’m not accusing, just wondered.

        • I know all that, what is your point… Let me set you straight if I get the jest of your comment… I am a Conservative, Republican & I voted for Romney… I do not like Obama, never voted for him, seen through him from day one… No you are wrong Obama did NOT sit better with me, neither did Paul… he had too many WEIRD ISSUES & SCARY TO SAY THE LEAST ! SO YOUR ACCUSATION WAS WRONG, that is how I took it & I stand by my comment , PERIOD ! I take it you were a Paulbot & helped Obama sit in Washington now, didn’t you ? SHAME, SHAME !

  5. Just think , if Romney didn’t love himself more than his country , knowing this , he would have thrown HIS support behind RON PAUL and we may never have had to endure a COMMUNIST in the White House for eight years .

  6. Ron Paul might have drawn enough votes to overcome Obama’s electronic voting fraud. Nobody really liked Romney, and knew he was a liberal in conservative disguise. Just in case the voting fraud failed the powers that be knew Romney would continue the Bush-Obama agenda.

  7. When we hang the Progressives for treason, lets not forget those GOPer’s who sold America out to them so they could keep their criminal enterprise!

  8. Funny, I wrote in Ron Paul, as did a lot of people I talked to, but there was not even a mention of him. There is your free country “Rite to Vote” Feels great to have fought for my country for nothing.

    • FUNNY, you think it’s funny, HA HA or a figure of speech, because to play games at the stake of this great Country, Constitution & the American People should be a crime… I would be ashamed to admit to a serous act such as you & many other Morons admitted to… CAN YOU SLEEP AT NITE, SHAME ON YOU & ALL THE OTHERS THAT BETRAYED THEIR COUNTRY BECAUSE OF THEIR EGO & their Man didn’t win, Sorry A&& Losers !

      • Squeek, I am from Maryland, which is not just a Blue State, but a Black and Blue State. If the vote were a referendum, I surely would have voted for Romney. It is not. With Baltimore and Washington DC in Maryland, a republican candidate for president has as much chance of winning as a snowball in hell has of surviving. Why was Ron Paul not nominated if the majority of republicans wanted him. I think that is the bigger question. Maybe Dr. Carson will have a chance in the next race. He is the republicans best bet right now.

        • Thank You for your explanation… I guess women get upset & say what is on their minds & I did just that, not that i regret it, as I really feel the write ins, not voting, staying home as all those Paulbots said they will do for Johnson & Paul, hurt the Republican party & helped put Obama in office… I find that SHAMEFUL, Going against your Country & Constitution & do not deserve to vote… using your vote to prove a point is an outrage!

          • …SOME FOLKS will fight like hell to save a single tree, even if it means letting the entire forest burn to the ground…

          • I never mind when someone says what is on their mind. Women are not the only ones that get upset, as I am sure you have seen on these posts. It is my opinion that people chronically on the take that have not served their country should not even have a vote, because they do not contribute to society, they only take from it. I do not mean the people that find themselves temporarily out of work, I mean the ones that make a career out of it.

    • Both party primaries are picked by the leadership… both are members of the Progressive NWO crowd & to varying degrees, support UN Agenda 21. This is why a TRUE 2nd party is needed. DNC & GOP leadership have partnered this season to destroy the Tea Party…. Watch local races…

    • Considering the weak and spineless GOP, we are VERY WORRIED!! Will the true believers vote for anything that has an R next to its name??

  9. Indpendents, Libertarians, Tea Partiers & other Freedom Loving Americans should join together under the Independent or Libertarian ticket…. With a platform of The Constitution… ONLY! Candidates can have differences but the party would be for The Constitution. period.

  10. A real American would have fought back. We all know that the election was rigged and therefore stolen. Americans need to learn to fight for their freedom and rights and not walk/run away or ever concede when you are right.

    • When both candidates, Obama & Romney… are members of the NWO Progressive movement… it really doesn’t matter who is elected.

      • Keep thinking like that and Libs will be winning presidency every election. Then we will just seat and complain about how liberals turned our country to socialism. Paul had no chance in hell winning presidency. You can’t seat on both chairs at the same time. Being libertarian and running as a republican. Only thing you will achieve is a victory for other side by splitting the votes.

      • I totally agree with you, Elaine. We are told who we will vote for and the final decision of who is “elected” is left to the Elitist “Controllers”. That’s what I was referring to and we need a Real American.
        The entire process is a scam and all the Idiot Americans cheer. We are past the point of no-return and now the fight will be taken to the streets of America.

  11. Steal the Republican nomination? What about the election itself, Obama stole that! Sounds like another liberal movie to destroy the Republican party and cause in fighting.

  12. Obviously you are a Ron Paul loon, very silly. Not everyone wanted Ron Paul. Not even many young people. He was too old and too whiny. Rand Paul might be something different, but this is not about Rand Paul. Don’t try to put this on Romney because Ron Paul just didn’t have enough support! If anything, Romney’s comment was gracious and flattering. I’m not a Romney supporter, just for the record. I just think this article is way off base, just saying.

  13. Candidly, I don’t think Ron Paul would have had any chance whatsoever to be elected. No, I’m not a liberal or a liberal Republican. I think Rand Paul might have a chance, but probably not much of one. American’s can’t seem to get their mind around the fact that America is the BIGGEST BUSINESS in the world. It obviously can’t be run by a community organizer . . . the President has to at least have someone on his staff that understands a profit and loss statement . . . or can, at least, balance a checkbook.

  14. Even if this were to be true, Paul didn’t and doesn’t have a snowball’s chance of ever being elected in a general election. Nominating him would be throwing away the election to the dems. Stupid!!

  15. Each party wants the other party to be in power when catastrophes occur. Romney was nominated to give Obama four more years, just as the traitor Kerry was nominated by the Democratic Party to give George Bush four more years to wreck the country. According to an expert on government corruption, an agreement was reached in 2000 that neither party would prosecute the felons who had served in the other party’s administrations. Thus, John Ashcroft let all the felons in the Clinton Administration off the hook, while the felons who served under Bush were not prosecuted by Eric Holder. If a Republican wins in 2016, his attorney general will not prosecute any felons stealing the country blind under Obama. What they steal, they keep! They do not have to worry about being sued because they have sovereign immunity, and they are safe from criminal prosecution. They stand head and shoulders above the law. This shows that we really have a one-party system. A different set of voters supports each of the nominal party, wrongly thinking that they will support a set of principles, but no matter who is elected, we get the same sleazy government.

  16. So maybe you should accept that the PEOPLE, as described by you, do NOT control the Republicrap Party and it is time to get over the idea of turning a PROGRESSIVE Party into a Founders Party!!

    • Exactly! I was hoping The Heritage Foundation would pull together A Founders Party… but they haven’t as yet: Tea Partiers are being attacked by both DNC & GOP this year….What more evidence do we need?

    • We have Progressives now. How is that working out? Gun running by the BATFE, spying on American citizens, supporting jihadists in North Africa and the Mideast, the slaughter of 20+ Navy Seals in Afghanistan.

  17. Its unfortunate that at a time when we need our traditional conservative Republican party the most, it has been commandeered by the cowards and rinos. We better get it together by this November or we’ll soon kiss the Amarica we grew up in goodbye.

    • It’s no longer just rino’s…. We have GOP surrender monkeys to the Progressive NWO Agenda 21. Whether they chose to or were blackmailed into it (Boehner)…. both leadership groups are the same.

  18. Romney did not steal the election from Ron Paul…it was stolen from Rick Santorum. If here in Iowa they would have immediately reported the right vote totals that proved Santorum was the winner it would have given him the edge to go all the way.

    • Like I’ve been saying,white minds definitely lies often, but you sheeple are so brainwashed & are so use to the white lie.
      Obama, has been using his white side brain & I’m not surprised that has finally came out.
      Keep it up fools.

  19. Obama stole the Election by having dead people and others vote 2 and 3 times for him, in many States! He’s a fraud just like his Social Security Number -which belonged to a dead man in Hawaii from Connecticut! Even Obama’s white grandmother was a cheat and a fraud, too! Don’t give a shit … White and Black doesn’t mix well, it always turns out bla, bla!!!

    • …THERE’S LITTLE doubt that the election was stolen in Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania… if the votes in all of the precincts where more people voted than there were registered voters, Romney would have taken those states, and would have won the general election…

      • To Bad Southern Tom … that more people like yourself don’t know the truths about the last Presidential Election. Maybe, just maybe there would be more of an outrage against the Lying Cheats!!!!
        The “Crookedest” Administration … EVER in the United States History!!!!!!

  20. This really makes me question the validity of this site. Ron Paul never led, he wasn’t even number 2. He had followers yes, I am of the opinion his followers cost the GOP the election. I don’t know how many Paul followers said if he didn’t get the nomination they wouldn’t vote. I believe they didn’t vote, therefore we have Obama. I did like some of the things he said and even though he would not have been my choice I would have voted for him rather than see Obama win. I have read no where else where Paul could have possible won the nomination. I would have to see proof of this. Santorum was the runner up unless my memory is really bad. Maybe I missed something but I do not see where he said he said he stole the election – it seems he was talking tongue in cheek – in some ways. Having said all that, I do like Rand Paul and believe he will run. He would be one of my top choices, not sure if he is my number one or not.

  21. Romney thought he could “fool” the populace by naming a “Paul” to his campaign. He might as well have named a pallbearer.

  22. Seriously. I think you’re off your nut. Everywhere Ron Paul went hundreds and thousands of his supporters showed up? Technically a true statement since he did draw hundreds to most of his appearances, thousands is probably a stretch although 2,000 may have showed up in a few places, so I guess that qualifies as thousands. Anyway Romney simply had deeper pockets and Paul didn’t have the money to keep going, so that does not qualify as “stealing” just outspending. Romney was ruthless in destroying all of his GOP opposition, and he was probably the worst candidate the Republicans could have run. I don’t think the GOP establishment will ever learn to stop shooting themselves in the foot. Reagan showed them the way to win is by being a real unabashed Conservative, but they failed to learn the lesson. In 2010 the Tea Party taught them the same lesson again and once again it failed to penetrate their thick skulls. Eventually (and I hope soon) the old guard is going to lose their grip on power and the Tea Party is going to assume the leadership role in the Party. Then we will elect some Candidates (and maybe even a President) who will turn things around for the better. However, if you think Ron Paul had a snowballs chance in He!! of beating Obama you are simply delusional. His domestic agenda is almost perfect, and something almost all Republican voters would get behind, but his head-in-the-sand outlook on foreign policy is intolerable to about 60% of the Republican voter base, so he could never come near to winning a Presidential race.

    • It was “thousands” as I was there with over 5,000 others with standing room only. You know not of what you speak. Another clueless fool with a keyboard.

      • If Ron Paul was really as popular as all of you Paulbots believe he is then he would have garnered enough support to win the nomination and the Presidential election. He’s not and He didn’t, so get over it.

  23. Damn this is sad…….they RUINED OUR COUNTRY!! Thanks a lot!! To people that were REALLY paying attention though this is NOT NEWS!

  24. Talk about overstatement and inflated rhetoric! Romney admitting that he didn’t fit the image of the Republican grassroots is not an admission of “stealing” the nomination from Ron Paul (a wealthy MD, who also doesn’t fit the image of grassroots Republicans), but merely the unthinking use of the easily or, more likely, the deliberately misinterpreted verb, “steal.”

    Ron Paul is a most admirable man and politician, known for his honesty, a quality most other politicians lack. And while a lot of his politics are also admirable, Paul is a libertarian, not a conservative. That difference would be of critical importance if he were president.

    While libertarians do share a lot of ideology with conservatives, they also share some with liberals. In other words, Ron Paul’s libertarianism might bring the same unhappy result as Romney’s liberalism.

    As for defeating Obama at the polls, the only difference would be the greater sense of loss with Paul than with Romney.

  25. It is so interesting watching good christian conservatives throw each other under the bus and make comments about each others that non-christian folks would not make. Stop calling yourself christians if you are unwilling to act like one. You are making true christians look bad.

  26. What should his retribution be? Perhaps he should attempt to convince the GOP to give Ron Paul a chance. But we all know that the GOP ain’t what it used to be. The elephant has become more donkey-like and even brays sometimes.

    • WE all slept while RINOs took control of OUR party. Libertarians are NOT Republican nor Conservative while they brag over positions that both have held since their beginning. Look back at the most recent local and national elections and see how many Conservative candidates lost because Libertarians ran a pot smoker. McAuliffe should be your first on the list.

      “Libertarianism is to authentic conservatism what Barack Obama is
      to 19th century liberalism”

    • Actually the elephant has gotten blind and lost it’s mind. The party now is controlled by so many RINO tea party clowns that’s it’s hurting them.. Just look at VA, all 3 tea party clowns lost, including the craziest of them all for Lt Gov.

  27. Very interesting article. I like Ron Paul but I’m not a fan of his isolationist stand. He wanted to leave Iran alone and let them get nuclear capability and that was scary. I don’t think Rand is that out there.

  28. Yet they never learn. They are always nominating Progressive Republicans. They even want another Progressive Chris Christie. We need Rand Paul, Ted Cruz or Dr. Ben Carson.

    • Wow you listed the 3 stooges – a 3 haven’t got a chance, especially Carson. Johnny Carson dead has a better chance

  29. I do think the election might have been stolen, but not from Ron Paul. I think it was stolen from Newt Gingrich, who (other than possibly from a business standpoint) was by far the more knowledgeable candidate, and the candidate who could’ve and would’ve debated Obama under the podium. It didn’t matter that he had baggage from 20 years ago, if the Party had backed him instead of allowing the perpetuation of this garbage, we would’ve had Newt in the White House and none of this horror would’ve gone down.

    • Furthermore, if Ron Paul still believes that “making nice” with Iran is going to stop them from trying to kill us, he’s dreaming.

    • …I’M THINKIN’ Gingrich had the best ideas, and the most experience in manipulating Congress… but he had a lot of political baggage… I voted for him in the primary…

      …I’M ALSO thinkin’ that at the half-way mark in the primaries, when it was obvious that the many candidates were splitting our vote, that all but one should have dropped out so Romney could have been defeated…

    • Newt “I never met an aide I didn’t love” Gingrich? The hypocrite? The man who castigated Bill Clinton for Monica while having an affair with his current mistress-wife Calistra? Than Newt? He never would have come close to defeating Obama. Along with the fact that he couldn’t sell his crazy even to the republicans

      • So, I guess Gingrich should be stoned for things he did 20+ years ago. Except for reasons of faith, what’s the point of turning one’s life around, yet still having people hate your guts for it? Clinton made a career of this kind of thing (and is probably still doing it), yet he’s hailed as the greatest guy ever (by Democrats). Yet, some people want to persecute someone for life, if they’ve done something wrong. Even his daughter came to his defense, so there’s more there than meets the eye. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone”.
        Furthermore, FYI, the only Republicans he couldn’t sell his “crazy” to are those who hated him, because they could never outsmart or come close to his intelligence. Everything he was accused of in congress was disproved. Did you know that even though Bill Clinton took credit for balancing the budget, that it was actually Newt Gingrich’s “contract with America”, and Newt Gingrich at the drawing board which accomplished this (even Clinton finally acknowledged Newt for this at the Democrat Convention). Up until Gingrich came up with this Clinton had to be dragged kicking and screaming to even work with the Republicans. So much for Newt Gingrich’s “crazy”!

  30. We voted for Romeny not because he was the best but because of the DISGUST WE HOLD FOR OHITLERbamy. If ron paul were on the ballet, we would just not have voted, Fact check on ron paul. he said” WE HAD NO BUSINESS IN WWII”. He is an idiot. We need a warrier, combat proven man or woman to be president not a wanna be commander (MUSLIME ) in chief, not a communitry organizer but a person that can put a couple of million troops in battles and let them win, We the people on the ground won the VIET NAM war, it was the governemnt that betrayed the men and women that were valient in their service

    • Your ignorance is only exceeded by your stupidity and hatred. And no you didn’t win Vietnam, you lost. Of course it was a stupid war, one that was predicated on a lie. We supported a dictator that was equally as bad as what the north had, and to top it off, it’s a war we never understood. It was a civil war. It’s a war we couldn’t win.

        • True – but congress wouldn’t have been persuaded to react with the war machine in the first place without the false reports of North Vietnam attacking our destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin on August 4, 1964.

          • Check the timeline! The North invaded less than three weeks after Tonkin. There’s no possible way they could move that many without prior plans to do so which would have clearly persuaded even the most dense idiot to protect our allies.

          • You’re right that that “fight” started way before the Gulf of Tonkin – that was just highly publicized “attack” for the purposes of an openly escalated engagement. I would think it went to at least 10 years before that when we were spending $billions$ to support the occupying French. But there’s no question we were “provoking” responses far before the Gulf of Tonkin “incident”.

          • I have come across no factual resources that prove we did or even needed to provoke a Communist enemy who was already heavily invested to invade and conquer the South as you point out.

  31. And here I thought that Mr. Romney had won the nomination because he garnered more delegates who voted for him at the 2012 Republican convention.

  32. Just one man thought: This Post puts the finishing touch on how many Conservatives see how the Republican party has switch and gone moderate and why they see fit to have a war with Conservative Republicans in both houses. These men and women do not want change in Washington and will fight those who try and take it away from them.

    • Ronald Reagan couldn’t get nominated by today’s hijacked Republican Party. Reagan would be a blessing heart liberal. He raised taxes, tripled the national debt, grew the federal government, and NEGOTIATED with the democrats. The tea party terrorists would crucify him!!!

    • You dipshits would consider Reagan a RINO & run him out of your party!!!!
      1. Reagan was a serial tax raiser.
      2. Reagan tripled the federal budget deficit
      3. Unemployment soared after Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts.
      4. Reagan grew the size of the federal government tremendously.
      5. Reagan did nothing to fight a woman’s right to choose.
      6. Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants
      7. Reagan was a “peacenik” & wanted a world free of nuclear weapons.
      8. Reagan illegally funneled weapons to Iran.
      9. Reagan vetoed a comprehensive anti-Apartheid act
      10. Reagan helped create the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden

      • …TAKEN out of context, that list looks pretty damning… but taking things out of context is the way of the Left…

        • Really…lets just parse on what you call “lies.”
          In 1981 reagan passed the Kemp bill which phased in tax cuts from 70% to 29% bracket. I applauded that, but then he took a 180 degree turn.
          Since then he signed onto 12 tax bills adding up to 132 billion more in taxes.
          Tax equity and fiscal responsibility act……..57.3 billion
          Highway revenue act of 1982……………………4.9 billion
          S.S amendement of 1983………………………..24.6 billion
          R.R retirement act…………………………………….1.2 billion
          deficit reduction act 1982………………………….25.4 billion
          Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act…2.9 billion
          Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1986 ………..2.4 billion
          Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act … .600 Mil
          Continuing Resolution for 1987 ………………………….2.8 billion

          Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 ………….8.6 billion

          Continuing Resolution for 1988 …………………………..2.0 billion

          Very old lies?

      • I would strongly recommend you cut down on smoking those special roll-your-own cigarettes, for the volume of smoke is blocking your vision, and that’s besides their obvious mental effects.

        Your claims vary from pure fabrication to distortion, and even those claims that may appear suggestive of truth achieve that by dishonest simplification of complex circumstances.

        All in all, par for leftist argumentation.

        Oh, I should have included the refined leftist tack of name-calling, which is the most indispensable element of leftist argumentation.

        • You claim “pure fabrication” but instead of coming up with facts you resort to “he must be a leftist.” Weak and Pure Crap!
          Here’s one for you ICorps…when Reagan entered the presidency in 1981 America was a creditor (meaning we owe/due more money for trade with other nations) When he arrived into office we were a creditor nation of $149 billion, when he left office we had become a debtor nation of $532 billion. Now you can call me names but still disprove my figures.

      • That’s because Reagan was a neo-conservative. He hoodwinked me back then until I found out that the trotskyites controlled him like all the other neo-cons. I find it laughable that these conditioned neo-cons believe they are “stanch consevatives.”Real conservatism was what Goldwater and Buchanan preached because they are Paleo’s which is the true conservative ideology.

  33. Keep smoking the dope, drinking the koolaid and taking orders from the mothership no where does Romney state he stole the election from Paul –

  34. The GOP threw that race and the last one before it…..and they will throw 2016 rather than reform our govt.
    They won’t get a dime from me

  35. The “game” of picking candidates is hopefully based upon who can win….The delegate process is about as corrupt as anything on both sides. What matters is what happens post convention. Romney did not have the fire in his belly to run and to go for the jugular. He had Obama on the ropes more than a few times and could have “put him away” but chose not to! McCain did the same thing when Palin wanted to go after Obama on a personal level and he said “NO”. The Republicans have managed to rip defeat from the jaws of victory twice now! With all the lying, half truth, scandals etc in the Obama administration, getting a republican into the WH ought to be a piece of cake

  36. What planet are you on? Uranus? Do you suffer a severe case of CRI – cranial Rectal Insertion? I really had to laugh at this article. Ron Paul winning the repub nomination is laughable at best. Yes he had a core of supporters but your revisionist sense of history is clouded by your myopia. Ron Paul had a ZERO, that’s NADA, chance of winning the nomination. The dem’s didn’t fear him, they works have welcomed him with open arms. He would have been trounced even more than Myth Robme. This article truly belongs on Comedy Central

    • I used to think just like you until I saw my own myopia. You’ve been snookered by the right wing side of the Hegelian Dialectic party system of our country. Follow the money trail beyond the shadow government monopolized media and you’ll understand that you’ve been prepared by the system to react so strongly to such a “crazy” notion.

    • You’re correct about that because he was too honest and had a conscience. He wouldn’t DESTROY OUR COUNTRY all in the name of MONEY AND POWER! That was not going to work for the puppetmasters! Unlike the REST of the usual puppets that we get SHOVED DOWN OUR THROATS EVERY DAMN ELECTION SEASON!

  37. I don’t think Ron Paul would have done as well as Romney. While I liked some if his idea, Paul went off the rails on others. Romney could have won if he put up a better fight during the last two debates and if Dems didn’t cheat, which they did….big time!

  38. How does “someone said something to him” translate to “Romney admits 2012 nomination was stolen”? Nice truth stretch Minkoff.

  39. No kidding. At the 2012 Oregon Delegate Convention there was a big flap when a bunch of Ron Paul delegates showed up to vote for their guy, but the presiding panel allegedly dragged their feet on credentialing them. Then they allegedly suspended their attorney, who was there to enforce the rules before allegedly changing procedures and wasting time until 5:00 p.m. when it was technically too late to count the votes. It left Allen Alley free to choose what delegates he wanted . . . and they definitely weren’t Ron Paul people. Whether these charges were true, I don’t know, but a lot of people were angry at their party for these allegations. Videos of the turmoil were on the internet, including a Ron Paul supporter getting shoved by ORP state official, Greg Leo, for following him with a camera and asking questions.
    I spoke later to some Paul supporters who went to the National Republican Convention. These three guys said they were treated like crap and given something like a closet to set up their computers, while the Romney crowd had acres to work in. They also had nosebleed seats and said media was directed away from even showing they were there.
    The establishment treated the delegates like token participants. When John Boehner judged against an obvious result of a floor vote because his teleprompter told him to, it threw gas on the smoldering resentment the base feels against the establishment. There’s so much of this on internet video I don’t know how anyone at the ORP or the RNC can claim these things did’t happen. They just denied it and moved on.

  40. Romney did not stole elections from Ron Paul. Also, he, personally, did not stole elections from N. Gingrich or R. Perry or H. Cain. Instead GOP establishment stole elections from American people. From the beginning of primaries it was clear that GOP establishment would rather lose election to Obama than let win somebody who can compromise their own comfortable positions. It happened in 2008, it happened in 2012 it will happen in 2016 unless we will stop them in 2014.

    • Yep – that’s pretty much it. They were told by their masters to let Obama win despite his low poll numbers leading up to the election. There’s a reason the Benghazi issue was dropped like a hot potato and why numerous anomalies in the election process went unchallenged.

  41. Ron “the Loon” Paul would have gotten the fringe vote and Repubics still would have lost. I am a staunch conservative and couldn’t stand Ron Paul. This is just wishful thinking.

    • “Staunch conservative” by who’s definition? The Republican Party? Fox News? Ron Paul is more conservative than any of them by the classic definition before it got a makeover by the Republican side of the Hegelian dialectic.

    • You are a stanch neo-conservative not a paleo conservative. Goldwater was a paleo which almost aligns with the libertarian ideals. Unfortunately the trotskyites came into the republican party in the 80’s and used the limbaughs and hannity’s to push an unorthadox ideal to convince that you are a “conservative”. Not even close to the ideals of the founders. Of course you will be in full denial, but do a little research.
      Yes, you are what they call a “reformed trotskyite” and you don’t even know it.

  42. Ron Paul and his “‘Paulistas” sat on their hands in 2012 and helped get BO reelected. I wouldn’t vote for Ron Paul for dog catcher. Neither would I knowingly vote for any candidate in the Tea Party. I am a Republican. Not a Tea Pot and Republican in name only.

  43. I’ll employ what Hillary had to say… “what difference does it make”…..Ron Paul would never have been elected anyway. If he was the only guy on the ballot I would have withheld my vote. The guy wouldn’t be presidential material on his best day!

  44. I fail to see how it was stolen. The Republican establishment may be able to show favoritism but the people in the precincts vote and the votes are counted. I worked the last elections and there was nothing done to change the results. At the conventions, there were factions fighting and Ron Paul had his groups there. But the election itself is conducted fairly and accurately and those of us at the grass roots level will not allow any outside influences on our votes. The numbers spoke for themselves.

  45. If Romney didn’t want to win he shouldn’t have run. If the GOP wanted to win they wouldn’t nominated the one candidate that couldn’t make obamacare a central campaign issue. 2012 should have been an ace in the hole, even with all the voter fraud.

  46. It is really a stretch to draw your headline from that one little blurb. This is not good reportage. Ron Paul can stand on his own strengths. He doesn’t need people to make up false stories to support him.

  47. Complete Horse S. “The people who voted their conscience passionately … or the sheeple who compromised their values to vote for someone they only hated less than the alternative?” I voted for Romney, because I knew he will be a better president than Obama. I didn’t “hate him less than Obama”. Romney is a good man, I would be a good president IMO. Plus there were not many good choices. Bunch of loonatics on a stage, including Ron Paul. If Paul would of won the nomination, I would of sat home. I like some of his ideas (will vote for Rand Paul, if he runs), but I can’t imagine him winning presidency. Democrats would of trash and crush him worse than Romney in the media, and many conservatives would of stayed home. Romney had a good chance to win, but millions didn’t show up. Would of be worse with Ron Paul.

    • The GOP will never change until the “Establishment” no longer controls the Party. They are so good at securing defeat out of victory. Even if by chance they win they lead like they lost. One only has to look at how they did when Bush won and they had the House and the Senate. They acted like they were still in the minority.

      • The establishment Republicans are a “Go along to Get along” crowd. Fence Turtles. (Didn’t get on the fence by themselves and don’t know which side to get off on or HOW to get foo the fence) Fence Turtles. It they were around in 1776 we would still be governed by the UK. God Bless Cruz, Lee and the Tea Party people. They seem to have some stones.

  48. With the amount of voter fraud; no voter IDs; harassment at the polls; polling machines arriving before the polls even open filled with illegal votes; the ballots of GI’s not included; the ballots of dead people, illegal aliens, and comic book characters votes included; and more votes being cast and counted than there are people registered to vote; makes the entire voting process a national disgrace.

  49. Ron Paul wouldn’t have helped shove Benghazi under the rug whereas Romney was willing to as long as his money-laundering drug business was kept on the shelf. Therefore the moneychangers had to make sure Romney got the nod. It’s amazing how much clearer the picture became when I stopped allowing myself to be “informed” by Fox News.

    • Ron Paul wouldn’t have had any Americans in Libya in the first place. He’d have just let Al Qaeda have it. Which is pretty much what Obama is doing. Not much difference between the two on foreign policy.

      • al Qaeda wouldn’t even exist if “we” weren’t arming and funding them. I don’t know if RP could’ve stopped the globalist moneychangers from having us fund and arm them, but he could’ve made it much more interesting by shining a light on their deeds.

        • Try again: “…In 1972, I had a breakfast with then-KGB chairman Yury Andropov in Moscow. The Kremlin, he told me, had decided to transform Arab anti-Semitism into an anti-American doctrine for the whole Muslim world. The idea was to portray the United States as a war-mongering, Zionist country financed by Jewish money and run by a rapacious “Council of the Elders of Zion” (the KGB’s derisive epithet for the U.S. Congress) intent on transforming the rest of the world into a Jewish fiefdom.
          Andropov made the point that one billion adversaries could cause far greater damage than could a mere 150 million. Even Muhammad, he said, had not limited his religion to Arab countries…”

          • Do you really think it’s wise to give credence to the words of a former Soviet-bloc official – especially with so many indications that the “cold war” may never really have ended but went underground instead?

            When you get a chance, consider what has to say about thesis x anti-thesis = synthesis.

          • If you had lunch with him…which I doubt, he was blowing smoke up your ass because you were a member of the tribe. I’ve read the script buddy and this had been in the works wayyyy before 1972 and the Soviets did not initiate (but aided) this concept, but are now just casual observers waiting to divide the spoils.

  50. Thank you Chris Christie for dooming the opportunity of NJ getting a Conservative Republican Senator even though you were a shoe-in. You could have appointed him. You could have run on the ticket with him. Not our me-me-me man, he changed the date of the election and fewer people voted with many not realizing we were paying for two election dates. Think there may have been a deal made with Booker and the Dems?

  51. Seriously? Ron Paul has as much chance as the proverbial snowball in hell.
    Agree with him on many issues and then others not so much. Still, he’d be much better than what we have now. Certainly he has a lot more guts alone than most politicians have collectively.

  52. Sorry, but I must disagree. That little quote does not mean that Romney stole the nomination from Ron Paul. It might mean he got it above a more popular and conservative challenger who was from the party’s base (such as Santorum or even Huckabee). Ron Paul, while he had a very vocal base, did not have the numbers to be the nominee.
    The writer contends that if all of the Republican guard supported Ron Paul, he would have been president. While that may be true, it’s also just as true that if all of Ron Paul’s supporters have given their support to Romney, Obama would not be President. While that may not thrill the Ron Paul supporters, it would have ultimately been better for the country than to have another 4 years of Obama.

  53. This isn’t new. Everyone knew that Mitt Romney was going to be selected as the next ” fall guy ” so Obama could stay in office.
    When are people going to wake up to the fact that the Democommies and GOP is playing on the same team. It’s just a show of ” good cop, bad cop ” for sake of the voters. Either way we lose. If in doubt look at the way the HOUSE has been acting since WE THE PEOPLE gave it to them. They’ve sold us out every chance they get and play ” let’s make a deal ” with Obama that gets almost every thing he wants.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

  54. This just may be the biggest pile of crap I’ve read in a long while — and I read about Obama’s crap on a daily basis. Mitt Romney won the nomination in spite of the other “republicans” doing every thing they could to derail his nomination — and the worst offender was Ron Paul, followed closely by Sarah Palin. Between the “republicans” who would not support a Romney nomination and the media who would never support a republican president it is clear in hindsight that the election was lost not because of democrats but those who call themselves “republicans” but are really libertarian in their beliefs and are doing everything they can to tear the party apart.

    • “Mitt Romney and his supporters are spending more than $4 million in the battle for next Tuesday’s must-win Michigan primary, funding a barrage of negative attack TV ads aimed at Republican presidential rival Rick Santorum.

      But the spending spree is nothing new for the Romney campaign, which spent $18.8 million in January, while a pro-Romney super PAC dished out nearly $14 million in Florida, 20 times the amount spent by any other group — mostly for attack ads against Newt Gingrich.

      Overall, the Romney campaign has spent more than $55 million as of early February, with negative advertising accounting for much of that amount. (NONE of it against Obama.)

      You must be remembering some other presidential primary….

  55. No kidding. At the 2012 Oregon Delegate Convention there was a big flap when a bunch of Ron Paul delegates showed up to vote for their guy, but the presiding panel allegedly dragged their feet on credentialing them. Then they allegedly suspended their attorney, who was there to enforce the rules, before allegedly changing procedures and wasting time until 5:00 p.m. when it was technically too late to count the votes. It left Allen Alley free to choose what delegates he wanted . . . and they definitely weren’t Ron Paul people. Whether these charges were true, I don’t know, but a lot of people were angry at their party for these allegations. Videos of the turmoil were on the internet, including a Ron Paul supporter getting shoved by ORP state official, Greg Leo, for following him with a camera and asking questions.
    I spoke later to some Paul supporters who went to the National Republican Convention. These three guys said they were treated like crap and given something like a closet to set up their computers, while the Romney crowd had acres to work in. They also had nosebleed seats and said media was directed away from even showing they were there.
    The establishment treated the delegates like token participants.
    When John Boehner judged against an obvious result of a floor vote because his teleprompter told him to, it threw gas on the smoldering resentment the base feels against the establishment. There’s so much of this on internet video I don’t know how anyone at the ORP or the RNC can claim these things did’t happen. They just denied it and moved on.

      • I completely understand. That’s why I’m a Republican. But apparently the heads of our party aren’t Republican either, or at least they seem to embrace Democrat ideas and tactics. So people were angry that the ORP allegedly suspended the rules at the Republican Delegate Convention to bypass the Ron Paul (psuedo?) Republicans who at least had signed up as precinct committee people according to the by-laws. Is throwing rules out the window justified if they didn’t like the results of the vote?

  56. Anyone who denies that the whole game is rigged, including who wins the general election, is delusional. The puppet masters are playing us all for fools.

  57. Senator Rand Paul’s Performance At Benghazi Hearings Reveals A

    Perverse Grasp Of American Tragedy

    Forbes Magazine

    Using this morning’s Senate Benghazi hearings as an opportunity to
    burnish his Tea Party credentials as he prepares for a 2016 run for the
    presidency, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul informed Secretary of State

    Clinton that he not only would he have fired her over the terrorist attack
    had he been her boss, but that the terrible events that occurred in

    Eastern Libya stand as “the worst tragedy since 9/11.”

    Really? The worst tragedy since 9/11? ( ;”? ) Wasn’t hurricanes Sandy and Katrina a bit worse?)
    ( How about both the wars we were in?)

    What took place in Benghazi was, indeed, a great and terrible tragedy
    as four Americans lost their lives—possibly avoidably—in the service of
    their country.

    What’s more, I have not hesitated, in this column, to criticize the
    Obama administration’s handling of the information flow in the days
    following the attack on our outpost in Benghazi.

    However, Senator Paul’s performance in this morning’s Senate hearings
    reveals that he is far more interested in scoring political points and
    making headlines through the tragedy that is Benghazi than he is in
    learning the lessons of history or showing even the smallest shred of
    maturity when it comes to convincing us that he has what it takes to be
    the President of the United States—which he oh so clearly does not.

    Were Rand Paul capable of forming a coherent thought on what has
    truly been our greatest tragedy following 9-11, he might have been
    considered the following—

  58. If Paul had been the nominee, I would have stayed home on election day! Both the dems and GOP are corrupt, and Paul is just a bit too looney!

  59. That makes interesting reading and interesting conjecture. Likely happened, and likely happens all the time, and likely has happened numerous times in the past throughout our history.

    A word of caution should be that we should have people watching the process, monitoring the process and not just “poll watchers” which are essential, but much more than that.

  60. Good, bad or indifferent though many of us may be, Ron Paul never had the support nationwide to win. While his fans love him, they are a (very) vocal minority.I don’t agree that Republicans dislike Romney — they elected him as their presidential candidate. While conservatives like me would have preserved someone more conservative, you can only vote for the candidates that run. In my experience, someone who is more libertarian, like Ron Paul, does not do well at the national level in the Republican Party — and the libertarian party is not a player — perhaps in the future but not today.

  61. Puhleeze. It is possible the nomination was stolen from Paul. Politicians are always jockeying to grab the lead and tactics get pretty disgusting. But, that statement is entirely misinterpreted and proves nothing.

    • Dole, McCain, Romney and now Christie…… CLEARLY, the RINO way DOES NOT WORK! Conservatives need to go third party and let the GOP die of its own stupidity……..

  62. What nonsense. Romneycare and not being aggressive with our true adversary, Obozo, lost Romeny. Romeny should have never handled the the dangerous Obama with kid gloves; thanks to Rove and Norquist Consulting, we are stuck with a destroyer for the next three years. If squishy RINO cannot have it all, they’d rather burn.
    Lookit, we got a few months…a few before 2014. Screw Romney…prepare NOW for Nov.
    If Romeny really said that quote…he was destined to loose due to being completely out of touch with Republican Base. This is why he lost. Game Over…NEXT!

    No more RINO!

    Defund the GOP
    Pick your own candidate and fund them….no more bloc GOP funding/

    F’ em.

  63. The 2012 primary was the dirtiest, most corrupt I’ve ever seen courtesy of the RNC, Wall Street, K Street, and the so-called conservative media, like Fox and the Wall Street Journal. And that’s before considering the dirty tricks and fistfights, etc at the state level to avoid seating legitimate delegates.

  64. And look what the thieves from both sides of the aisle ended up with: a pot smoking Kenyan who has made it his priority to destroy this country. Shame on all of them. Sometimes you get what you deserve. Can’t wait until the 2014 and 2016 elections. I think a lot of Democrats and Republicans alike are going to be very surprised by the results.

  65. Then the election was a FARCE – -also. OBONOZ – that TYRANT – FRAUD – DICK- TATOR along with those DEMO- RATS took care of that with ** ILLEGAL ** VOTING.

  66. The Republican Party is doing the same thing now. The establishment is going counter to what the grass root Republicans want and they will lose again. They will not win back the senate and may lose the house, but they don’t care as long as they can maintain control of the party and play along with the Democrats to move the progressive agenda. We will probably have to form a new party in order to get representation in Washington. Forming a third party will cause the Republicans to lose but they will lose anyway, so we need to start building a third party for future representation in Washington.

  67. Nothing would be any different. Both sides are owned by the Same group who buys the Delegates votes.Votes are given only to the self appointed governments Candidates.Delegates have not spoke or acted on behalf of the American People since our government (CIA,FBI) and many others murdered John F. Kennedy in 1963 in Dallas Texas.The American people remained asleep for Forty Years. We have allot of undoing to do. We are paying dearly for our past trusting ways. That time has passed.Now that the Giant has woken, those in power have panicked now scrambling to micro manage our every move. They being Bald, Fat old men, they use our families as cannon fodder. for their personal profit. Watch China. They have been given position to start World War Three with America by The America Government, if our own government doesn’t kill all American Citizens first. I recall our government ordering our Military to Nuke Soth Carolina recently. If Brave men and women had not steped in and went against Obamas orders, he “Obama” would have murdered 90% of Americans. I think they call such an order Genocide. At Least Traitor.

    • So you believe that nation building and FORCING THE PETROL DOLLAR on other countries is moral and the right thing to do?! He is looking at the ROOT OF THE PROBLEM BUT YOU’RE TOO DAMN IGNORANT AND BUY INTO THE WHOLE “THEY HATE US BECAUSE WERE SO WONDERFUL SO THEY’RE GOING TO BOMB US THEORY” When are you people going to wake the hell up?! He told the truth, our MEDDLING INTO THESE COUNTRIES AFFAIRS CAUSED BLOWBACK! If some countries’ military came here and put up camp you think we would sit back and watch it happen.? Stop buying into the corporate militarism.

      • Actually the root of the problem you ignorant clown, is that islam’s goal is the control of the entire world and the conversion of every person to islam. As per their religion. Read a book sometime.
        If you and that moron Ron Paul would study some history you would know that the fall of Rome was caused by islam. The reason Columbus searched for alternate route to China is because of islamic pirates. The slave trade was controlled and run by islamic slavers. The first war the United States got into was because of islam. The Marine Corps was created to fight islamic pirates. “The hall of Montezuma, and the shores of Tripoli…” is from their first battles fighting muslims. That is why they attacked the “big satan.” Do yourself a favor and stop being an ignoramus.

        We didn’t “set up camp” anywhere in the middle east prior to 9/11.
        Especially when they tried to blow up the World Trade Center years before during the Clinton administration

        Tell me this; If they attacked us because of “meddling” then why are they attacking all the countries throughout North Africa, Why are they killing Christians and Jews in all muslim countries. Christians and Jews who have lived there from the beginning – even before islam was created. Why did they destroy the world largest and oldest statue of Buddha in Afghanistan 3 years ago. Why are the muslim communities in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, raping non-muslim women, and killing non-muslims men. Why do we have muslim controlled no-go areas in Detroit and Phoenix among other cities in the US.

        Ron Paul is an idiot. And if you believe his nonsense, that makes you one too.

          • And I recall 1400 years of islamic aggression against all other civilizations.
            Who’s the ignoramus now?

            And what does us being in Afghanistan have to do with OBL who was Arab?
            We were helping the Afghanis fight the Soviets, with their request not “meddling”
            Who’s the ignoramus now?

            So it’s all about the petro-dollar? That’s your argument?
            I repeat; who’s the ignoramus now.

            Maybe you should get off the computer now and read some history books.

          • You’ll never get it, I can see that. I know, these countries are supposed to sit back while we go in and “nation build” and overthrow their leaders and put in who we think should lead them right? Like we did wiith the SHAH. We would do the exact same thing. China should come in, overthrow our president and put in some dictator while we just sit back and watch it happen!………IGNORAMUS!

          • You’ll never get it, I can see that. Islam has been attacking the rest of the world since it’s inception.

            Any excuse works, especially against idiots dumb enough to believe them.
            RP, and apparently you.

          • Whatever…………’re a tool and the reason this country is as f’ked up as it is! WE SHOULD JUST KEEP ON BOMBING EVERYONE BECAUSE ITS WORKED OUT SO GREAT SO FAR FOR US! That way WE CAN HAVE ENEMIES ACROSS THE ENTIRE PLANET!!

          • whatever ….. you’re a dumb*ss. Can’t you see that that this country has provided a stability factor for the rest of the world for more than a century? We are not bombing everyone dummy, pay attention.
            We have so many enemies that we have more immigrants who want to come here than the rest of the world combined.

          • By the way, I can see you did not watch the documentary otherwise you wouldn’t have use the Afghan argument with me….

        • Almost forgot to mention…….what about what’s going on in Ukraine right this very minute? ONCE AGAIN IT HAS TO DO WITH THE U.S. MEDDLING IN OTHER COUNTRIES AFFAIRS! The protesters have signs up saying “YANKEES GO HOME!” Ukraines are not muslim so what gives there?

          • No, I just spent months in Ukraine. My wife is Ukrainian. Those Ukrainians are protesting Putin. You are living in a fantasy world.

          • No the picture is not fake. But you say it as if all of Ukraine is protesting the US. And it is not.
            For your information, a large part of Ukraine wants to break out from the shadow of Russia, and a large part do not.
            Before Russia became powerful, Ukraine was the cultural center and the power in that part of the world.
            The majority of Ukrainians want that back.
            I can find a picture of an idiot protesting anything you want.
            I can show you a picture of someone during “occupy wall street” protesting capitalism.
            Does not mean the US is doing that.

  68. I gave Ron Paul the benefit of the doubt for about ten seconds in the republican debates. That’s all the time it took to see he was not electable. He looked and sounded like bozo the clown among all the business class suits. Now RAND Paul is a different matter.

  69. Irrespective, I’m done voting for an idiot because I am voting against a bigger idiot. I said well before Romney was nominated that if he did get nominated, the GOP would lose. Guess what, if the NJ Whale is nominated, he will lose too. They thought 3 million conservatives sitting out the last election was bad? Wait until 10 to 15 million sit out the next one if Christie is nominated.

  70. The perception of fair and honest elections is null and void as long as there is electronic balloting with internet access. Everyday somebody somewhere hacks a data base and we’re supposed to believe our votes are safe. Bullshmit! Iraq has it right. Walk in, x out your choice and dip your finger in ink so you can’t vote more than once. The only improvement to that is the requirement to prove your eligible to vote and limits, as opposed to expansion, of early voting.

    • Which State has electronic balloting over the internet? And if you can do your banking over the internet, there is no logical reason you can’t vote over the internet. OBozoCare excepted.

  71. I do agree it was stolen and “PeeWee” Preibus, head of the RNC was one of the chief co-conspirators. Unfortunately, just like a Dummycrat, no responsibility and he still has his job.
    Where I disagree is that Ron Paul would have never made it to the end of the GOP convention anyway as the winner anyway. I certainly would have voted for him if he had, and I did not vote for Romney. I went Libertarian.

  72. Amen. I said it All along But got bashed for it. Maybe niw people will see. And act accordingly. It amazed me that Paul had thousands Obama and Romney hundreds yet the media wouldn’t show it. This alone should awaken most

    • Vince most of the voting public doesn’t have a clue. They show up at the ballot box color in their choice and wander away with that warm fuzzy feeling thinking they have done their civic duty. When the results come in they shrug and go “oh well maybe next time”. I have voted for Paul every time he has been on the ballot, and I damned sure didn’t vote for Romney. Maybe if more of use vote our conscience instead of the party line we would be a better country. Then again maybe we would be in the same toilet bowl we are today.

      • DAvid glad to hear ur not one of the sheeple I was in Tampa and what I saw was criminal We the people do not stand a chance unless we get laws holding the media responsible
        They. As u know say anything they want and the sheep take it as the gospel start putting the liers in prison
        For voter fraud a voter manipulation
        Paul should of won hands down but the media including the beloved fox didn’t show the massive crowds And when he got momentum they bashed him as a kook and unelectable
        It’s up to us to educate these morons They are waking ever so slowly it’s because if people like myself talking and educating fir last six years stay the course the truth will always prevail be patient and we will turn this country around

    • It’s amazing to me that when we stand on our principles, we get thumbed down. Here I thought all of these “conservatives” were for that. Apparently I am wrong. luckily for me I am a fiscally conservative LIBERITARIAN.

  73. Wow. THAT was quite a stretch. NOTHING. In that comment draws this conclusion. Sounds like a writer desperate to meet a deadline

    • I guess you are one of those who rarely ever pays any attention to politics? You could actually watch the entire process had you been watching what was going on in Tampa, (that’s Florida BTW) while the GOP Convention was taking place! Keeping your head in the sand doesn’t make any of it untrue.

  74. I just know this. If the republicans don’t fight for what is plainly right for the country and quit checking the political wind to make sure their own political future is secure before they act, we will be in the same mess for a while. If they would take action in the house and refuse to fund all of the things they say they are against then we might start believing they are truly seeing after the folks that put them in office. Would it hurt to do this, would it shut down some government operations, perhaps. But the option is to keep going down the road to economic and moral ruin. Most average citizens see the plain difference between right and wrong. Politicians love living in the gray area. For instance, when was the last time you heard any politician give a direct answer to a direct question. I would guess none. They simply cannot take a stand unless their is a future way to get out of it. They must have wiggle room. And the handful of the new guys in congress who are trying to fight are disdained by the professional old guard who want to keep the party line and protect their future. I hope a few will have the guts to change the way they operate.

    • Republicans not fund something? Stand on principle? Have you forgotten that it’s John Bonehead that’s speaker of the house? The guy who caves every time the Dems bark at him?

  75. Seriously? This is still two party problems. Throw them both out. This was probably written by a dem to break reps thinking they can win afterwards. A vote for either regardless is a vote for more of the same party politics.

  76. The left wing and the right wing of the one GOV party in the US puts on it magic act to provide the show for a ‘democracy’ and there isn’t one. It’s worse than that but no one wants to see or believe it.

  77. Nonsense. The guy who won all the primaries over Mittens was Rick Santorum, not Paul, whose foreign policy prescriptions revealed him to be as crazy as a bedbug.

  78. And this should be a surprise how?? We all know the horse race is rigged. You can put and R behind some ones name and you could change it for a D at almost any point in time. If I hear one more time that we need a “Big tent” repub, I’m going to scream it my tv and yank the cord out of the wall.

  79. Would not have changed the outcome. Paul never would have raised the amount of cash Obama did to buy the election and he would have been too old to run for re-election.

    • You are Right On, ole barry got Unaccounted for MILLIONS and MILLIONS from overseas, probably from his muslim brotherhood, boy did they get paid off for their contributions!!!

  80. paul, Obama paid Georgia enough to build 2 nuclear plants to be on their ballot.
    mbnic, your a troll. Just read the article above. I’d still vote for him, it’s not just the man, it’s his principles. Romney and Obama don’t have any.

  81. Ron Paul would have lost even worse than Romney. … I certainly would not have voted for a Libertarian nut-case. The truth is the GOP has been stolen from CONSERVATIVES and is now just a Democrat look-alike copycat!

  82. Until we throw out the filthy bankers who FUND these parties and elections out of our country (like Iceland did), I don’t care who you put in there for nomination. It won’t matter until you cut the head off the rancid beast. THEN put our candidates up for election.

  83. That is also, was the case with Ross Perot…to many afraid ….. Espeacially our citizens…… Afraid to break the mold….afraid that they may learn the wars they fought were funded on both sides….. Meaningless …. For a buck…. For a bank…. The subsidiary oil companies and the arms manufacturing are hand in hand….. As is our citizens….. The only cohesion expressed is the fear….. A manufactured lie to make you feel good about wasting billions of mortgaged interest…..a manufactured lie so you can feel good about hate…. And kill someone in their back yard…..that our taxes paid the CIA to put guns in their hands so you have something to shoot at….. A boogy man…..1% of the popation holds the majority of the wealth….. This game will continue until they have every rescorce under their control….. Even man……

  84. Ron Paul tells it like it is. Our world would be a lot, lot different now if he had won the election. We would not have to be fighting a new battle every single day. Obama, with a (flick) of his (wrist) and we’ve got a whole list of rules and laws that he made all by himself. Congress is a bunch of cowards for the most part. They have allowed America to be completely stomped on and allowed this behavior without even a whimper.

    • If Ron Paul had won the Presidency we would all be living under the Fourth Reich by now. Look up Ronnies anti semetic and pro Nazi past.

        • I wasn’t referring to our Constitution, I was talking about Ron Paul. Do a search on his past and get back to me. BTW, it was alright when you guys called Romney and Bush all sorts of nasty names but let me state one fact about RP and you get all bent out of shape.

  85. I am in a southern county that is heavily Christian right and evangelical. There were no particular GOP candidates during the primaries that had overwhelming support. When Romney emerged with the nomination, he was given strong support by the people here. The man had great integrity and was more conservative than he was give credit for. His biggest mistakes were to be insufficiently aggressive towards Obama and to have been elected governor in a Northeast state, which required that he adopt some policies that we on the right do not like and caused him to have a record that was more “moderate” than his instincts. Romney would have made a better president than Paul, whom I also like. Paul would have been a superb Secretary of the Treasury.

  86. I have news for the republicans, every race that we have is fixed and the demoncraps will fix anything to go their way so they can continue on with their murderous and communistic ways in this country and robbing the government and the American people blind. The only way they can win an election is to steal what ever they wants and it doesn’t matter who gets hurt or in the way. The entire 2012 election was stolen from the people of this country, to the point that no one believes that it is worth voting anymore, because they demoncrap pig communists are going to win anyway. You can’t tell me that every election we have falls in the demoncrap favor all the time.

  87. It’s getting more and more obvious that the Damrats can only win in 2014 by further splintering the conservatives———-This article and the posts so far is doing JUST THAT,,,, whether true Libertarians or Slugs it’s hard to tell. I would question the author of the article

  88. Why didn’t Romney fight the decision! Even Al Gore did that. It’s never too late to sue! And it should be his Patriotic duty as well.

  89. RINO leadership is composed of closet sluts who sympathize with the left and are going to help keep the big and bigger government in place as a way to hide and prosper away from the eyes of the voters and tax payers……

  90. You did it to yourself, half-a$$ stinkin Rino Romney. Ron Paul was straight up! the Big Establishment was responsible and Obama’s Black Propaganda did it. Stupid ! I witnessed the manipulation in favor of RINOS here in Phoenix, AZ. I saw some of my friends who are PC men. We’re not born yesterday, IDIOT !

  91. Ron Paul has had good ideas about several topics, but I believe he had absolutely NO chance of winning the election for one reason: He is TOO OLD. I believe his age is already affecting him mentally, though just occasionally at this time.
    During the Republican debates before the 2012 elections, sometimes Paul’s answer to a question was so far from the question that I had no idea what he was talking about. The look of confusion could be seen on the other candidates’ faces and on the faces of the audience. Many watching on TV must have also seen this, as noted by Paul’s decrease in popularity and support after each debate.
    I have made this next statement several times before but it bears repeating. There will not be another Republican in the White House until Republicans stop nominating the party’s favorite candidate and instead nominate an ELECTABLE candidate.

  92. Then again, no matter WHO became the GOP Nominee for President of the USA, did Ron Paul’s army of fools cause Obama to win yet again? Oh yeah, they DID! The Point … was to REPLACE OBAMA/ Soetoro/ Bournel or whatever his other alias names are but that failed Michael (You are a fool) Minkoff!! Instead of looking for boogey men under the bed… and picking the lint from your toes… get a clue to how RON PAUL could have become the HEAD OF THE FED and CHANGED THE WORLD! I mean, isn’t it obvious.. you have no clue of importance of displacing Obama and his army of left wing minions? Yep, It is obvious to me…because fact is.. the best candidate to defeat Obama was Herman Cain, and yet … do we know who organize the backstabbing of Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich? Consider how Obama has been protected from More Scandals than what brought down Richard Nixon, and then tell me some more how this article is unbiased? It damn straight is full of holes ….which reminds me… why is Obama’s history and documents Still SEALED?

  93. Don’t know how crazy all of you will get after this one……….Gov Palin should run in 2016. She’s simply the best…..better than all the rest!!!!!!

  94. Just imagine what the US would be like today had Ron Paul been elected. Paul advocated for a smaller, less intrusive central government. Our currency would be moving towards real value instead of the dollar being backed by the government printing more dollars and borrowing ridiculous amounts of money that can and will never be repaid. Our military would be more than adequate to defend the American people & our interests but would only be engaged when it was absolutely necessary – not at and for the pleasure of a president possessed with pursuing a personal vendetta. There is oh so much more to say about Ron Paul but, if Ron Paul said ” if you like your health care, you can keep your health care “; you could for damn sure take it to the bank.

  95. “Think about it. If all the Republicans resources that tried to sell us a polished turd had supported the popular choice instead, Republicans could have carried the presidency.”


    Think about it. If all the Paultards resources that tried to sell us a polished turd had supported the common sense choice instead, Republicans could have carried the presidency.

  96. When it is being said stolen, I would like more explanation, in what way & how ? Romney, in my opinion is a honest Gentleman with religion, morals…NOT what we have in the White House & who could have been { Hillary} ! If true, isn’t that what the Democrats have done for years by FRAUD & paid votes..Turn about is fair play, right ? We need to do MORE OF IT !

  97. SO…. The truth comes out, the people blather on about it, still refuse to unify when they see they are being used and ignored for the “political power” of the two headed party of Washington DeCeit.
    And we wonder why this once Great Nation has devolved to its present third world status?
    And we wonder why there is a monarchy and not a “”governance?
    And we ask where the “Rule of Law” has gone?
    And we wonder why the Elite establisment wont listen to us?
    Just keep up what you are doing(?), it will all come to you; just about the time the boot of tyranny rests snugly upon your throat and you have to beg for your daily loaf of bread, from those who you elected.

  98. Wrong, the GOP lost because they are neither conservatives any more and they dont listen to the people in the party, we (republicans and independents) warned them not to run another liberal RINO like McCain in 2012, and what did they do? went out and found another party insider/RINO to run, we told you we wouldn’t vote for him and we didn’t.

    Get used to hearing “president Hillary” if you try running more liberals like Christie and such… better try to get Trey Gowdy to run for the office.

  99. I believe the establishment GOP are going to have their hands full in 2014 and 2016! We conservatives will not vote for their favorite flavor in either the primaries or the general election. Serve up a moderate (Rino) and you can count on Hitlery being president! I have held my nose for the very last time in 2012 and it will never, never happen again!!!

  100. Ron Paul was the only political person I sent money to. If he could not get in office then it just shows that the big money will always win until there is a disaster crash in the economy with marshal rule. Your article described Ron Paul clearly and good people of this country want a man with integrity. Others want what they can get and vote for the liar that tells them they can have it even if morally wrong. Someone with power needs to hammer home the importance of politicians with integrity, so we might get some in the future. Sadly, you can’t move up the political ladder unless you sell out. Only sociopaths will do that, so we are doomed for now.

  101. It was like when the Rockefeller Republican walked out on Goldwater and threw their support to LBJ. They think so much like the Democrats when it comes to Corporate welfare and protecting the stock values when a person come along that hints of protecting the American tax Paying workers The Republican will join forces with the Democrats. Note how they vote. Deep down they are for big government and big governmental spending. “Follow The Money.” The Tea Party is a number one threat to that crowd.

  102. Would we really want a nominated candidate who thinks Bradley “Chelsea” Manning is a “hero,” and whose foreign policy would differ from Obama’s only insomuch as it would kill fewer terrorists and hand over world leadership to Russia, China, and Iran more quickly? Had Ron Paul gotten the nomination, I would have voted for Obama just to keep him out.

  103. Whether or not it’s a fact, I can say for a certainty that the Republican’s disrespect of Ron Paul elected Obama!

      • It helped but Romney wasn’t the one not allowed to speak. Unless the GOP is willing to at least have a dialog with groups that are not a part of the “established party” they will continue to loose! And if the Libertarians don’t decide to do whatever it takes to support the precepts the country was founded on, even if it means compromise, then liberals will continue to be elected. I will say, if my choice is someone like Chris Christie or McCain I’ll vote 3rd party!!

        • Ron Paul did have a chance to speak, and in his first speech he blamed america for 9/11. Went down hill from there.
          Quite a bit of RP’s message I agree with, but he lost me right there.
          I’m 90% libertarian, but this “my way or the highway” attitude of most libertarians doesn’t work.

        • RP had his chance to speak. What he needed was to learn to control his nonsense. Again, voting third party always gets the left in power. The third party voters put obummer in power.

  104. Oh yeah…..this was as obvious back then as the fact that the sky is blue and the sun will always rise in the east. The main reason that Ron Paul never got the Republican nomination is the fact that he scared the “Powers that Be” because he wanted to abolish all of the organizations that were making the elites all that semi-illegal money off of the backs of the American taxpayers. At all of the Republican debates, the fact that Ron Paul ever got to speak at all was astonishing to me and when he did he was booed for talking about the golden rule, the ending of the FED, & the IRS. After the debates, the MSM news stations would repeat what the other candidates had said in detail, but only would barely mention…..oh yeah, Ron Paul was there. This election scam has been rigged ever since it went “electronic” and maybe before then. As the Russian dictator supposedly said, “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” (Joseph Stalin)

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