Rick Perry: ‘Running for President is Not an IQ Test’

For once, I would like to hear an interview with a potential presidential candidate and not cringe. I wish I were talking about leftists alone. I’m not. It seems like the Republican candidates for the last few years have been similarly idiotic.

Sure, some of them have some good talking points, but more and more it is obvious that those talking points didn’t originate with them, and that there is little other than cobwebs and dust bunnies in their heads.

The most recent instantiation of this is an interview with Rick Perry, where the cheeky interviewer actually comes right out and asks him, “Are you smart enough to be President?” Perry’s response is painfully stupid:

“I think the standpoint of life’s experiences. Running for President is not an IQ test.”

Yes, that is actually what he said. And yes, that first sentence doesn’t make any sense. But, in a show of the self-same resolve he would go on to praise himself for, he just kept right on rolling. The second sentence is at least sensical, though it also evidences perhaps a few too many nights of hard drinking.

Perhaps Perry meant that there is no prerequisite IQ necessary to run for president. That’s really a pity. Because I hate to break it to you Rick Perry, but running for president actually does test your intelligence. In fact, you were just tested. And the results are already in: You might be a few tacos short of a fiesta. That apparently won’t stop you from running for President, though. More of that resolve. Good for you.

Maybe you and Biden will be running against each other and we can be sure, one way or the other, that the next President will be too stupid to do any real damage to the country. Sure, you will both propose disastrously incompetent measures and push for the most ludicrously boneheaded regulations of all time. But, on the bright side, you’ll both be far too stupid to actually get any of your own plans accomplished. Hallelujah.

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