Researchers Developing a Vaccine for PTSD?

I don’t remember hearing a whole lot about PTSD until more recent conflicts. Now, it’s about all you hear when veterans are talked about in public forums. Every soldier that returns from active combat is pretty much assumed to have PTSD. It’s the explanation for rising suicide rates in the military and for the severe epidemic of low morale and depression that sweeps through every branch of the armed forces.

No one thinks for a moment that maybe the fix for PTSD is a different foreign policy. I doubt there would be anywhere near as much PTSD if we just withdrew our military from unnecessary military conflicts. No. No. Let’s not do that. Instead, let’s just develop a drug that soldiers can take so that they can fight and kill potential terrorists (read: foreign—soon to be domestic!—citizens trying to protect their homeland) without any chance of stress, fear, or depression.

That’s just what researchers at MIT are working on at this very moment. They believe that a hormone your stomach produces (called ghrelin), which exists in higher quantities during times of high stress or potential danger, might be the cause of PTSD. They think blocking ghrelin receptors would allow people to have clear memories of traumatic events without feeling any of the stress or fear involved. In other words, they are researching a way to create inhuman killers without guilt, fear, or remorse. This is, after all, so much easier than pursuing a peaceful, non-interventionist, diplomatic foreign policy.

This is like an obese person becoming a serial liposuction patient rather than changing his diet. The problem is not the weight itself. The problem that needs to be dealt with is the over-eating and lack of exercise. Similarly, dealing with PTSD as the problem in itself will not have good results. Who knows what kind of drugs they will come up with, and what those drugs will do to America once they (inevitably) hit the streets. I shudder to think.

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  1. Drugs for PTSD reminds me of a recent article I read on lobotomies given to soldiers. This will be nothing but another ruse in controlling these citizens who have served our country. Returning soldiers are already deemed terrorists, not fit for retaining their guns, and fallen through the cracks at the Veterans Administration which can’t even keep up with claims. They deserve better than this for their service. The gov’t just committed $100M for mental health care. PTSD sufferers should be recipients.

  2. There is no Honor in serving this present communistic country. Our children give all they have, blood, sweat and tears and when there is nothing more to give they trash and bash you and say go home call the doctor and take a pill. Tomorrow you will be all better, well tomorrow is here and its worse, let them take there own pill, for tomorrow it will be better for Americans. The Pen is mightier than the sword! 2014 /2016…do it!

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      So, I guess when they take the drug they will all salute Heil Furher and in perfect obedient order hand over their guns and any other weapons and data that might incriminate the administration and/or their internationalist but buddies.

  3. Let me get this straight. We have scientists that believe its a great idea to make money chemically turning human beings into evil entities, to serve the interests of an out of control government. A govt. that was created to serve the citizenry not chemically alter certain citizens to exist without a conscience to advance the agenda of a govt. instead of serving the people from which the govt . derives its power. That’s what we’re talking about here folks. These turds want to get rich chemically blocking any individuals conscience so the individual becomes a tool of mass destruction with no ability let alone regard as whether the acts they are bout to carry out are acceptable within the confines of a somewhat moral society. I can see it now, chemically castrate an individuals conscience then you can hypnotize the poor sap to carry out any disgusting act a bureaucrat can think up. The conscience is the only barrier that allows most people to resist hypnotic suggestions. If you think we have mental health issues now. Just wait until these sorry victims are turned loose into society again once they are no longer useful.

  4. I am a combat veteran of Viet Nam and have first hand experience with the attitude of our government concerning all things concerning the VA. Our government has NO HONOR whatsoever. Everything is about MONEY. Denial of service is paramount. One has to force them to obey the law. One must hire an outside agent to pester them endlessly. PTSD is not addressed as something to cure. It is purely POLITICAL using six grade level propaganda to pretend they are doing something. It is much easier to hand out pills than do anything to help . It does cover the symptoms which is of some help.

    People are given bonuses for not helping those in need. A FACT! This goes for all areas of the VA. One can have over a 100% disability rating and be judged by some bureaucrat any less number due primarily to political pressure.

  5. There is hope for people suffering from PTSD. The most help comes from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ combined with Christ centered counseling. Pray for our service men.

  6. Reality. Violence is worse in peace time than in combat and our combat veterans don’t have PTSD, but in fact came self aware and the rest of the world is asleep still. This may be the reason our own government fears the veteran, because he/she no longer lives in a dream state as most citizens. A person that is truly awake will act differently in a society where the majority are still sleeping. 80% of society is on some type of mind altering drug (legal and illegal). Who is the real threat? Those who snap and possibly harm themselves or someone else, possibly couldn’t handle being awake. This is just my theory. I am one of those that is a wake, although I haven’t be in “combat”, I have been in violent situations that were life and death.

  7. I think it’s called marijuana.

    Suicides rose in the Army when the government decided that Soldiers should go on fifteen month deployments and the be on “home station” for twelve months between. I don’t want to tell anyone how to add 2+2, but I don’t know many people that want to spend more time in a war zone than not.

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