Prize-Winning Obamacare Video: Forget About the Price Tag

Recently, Team Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services had a YouTube contest (they’re so hip and media-savvy) to promote Obamacare to young people. They recently crowned a winner: a video entitled Forget About the Price Tag.

There is no tongue in cheek here. This video, which you can watch here if you have the stomach for it, sells the fact that users of Obamacare don’t need a lot of money to get health insurance. Since it’s not about the… “Uh. Cha-ching cha-ching” or the… “Yeh. Ba-bling ba-bling” you can get a “more fair” deal without having to worry about the price tag of your health insurance. You can forget about the price tag because your healthcare will be taken care of by Uncle Sammy Warbucks.

That’s what the song was intending to say, I guess. But it has another political interpretation: “Stop fussing over the rising cost of Obamacare, you pesky Republicans.” One line of the song particularly implies this interpretation: “We got to invest to be the healthiest. You can’t put a price on life. Why is everyone [“everyone” means you, Mr. Conservative] so oblivious? Living without health care is serious [nice rhyme]. Can we all slow down?”

Putting aside the secondary issue that this ”song” should not have won any prize—it displays an extraordinary lack of lyrical prowess: breaking the metrical contract at nearly every turn, displaying an appalling ignorance of basic scansion techniques and an unforgivable arbitrariness of rhyme scheme—I can’t think of a more inappropriate way to sell Obamacare to young people. It is in fact they who should be most worried about Obamacare’s price tag. They should forget about the price tag of Obamacare? That will become increasingly difficult when the current bill-payers retire. On whose shoulders will all this debt fall? On the young, genius.

And the young are perhaps the only ones ignorant enough to fall for this propaganda. Having lived in a largely affluent society, they know very well how to forget about the price tag. I would imagine most young people don’t even know what a gallon of milk costs these days, much less a stay at the hospital. But what happens in ten or twenty years when Dad and Mom start drawing Social Security and the up-to-now oblivious only child has to start paying the bills? I doubt the young will be able to forget about the price tag then. Too little too late, I’m afraid.

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  1. That’s supposed to convince young people to say “I don’t care what it costs, I’m gonna get Obamacare”? If they seriously believe that will convince them, we are in deeper trouble than we think….

    • Loki’s Bride – These people you alluded to are not as bright as you may think. Remember they voted for the Communist president twice. I have no expectation that a light bulb will go off teling them this is another nail towards the destruction of America. Oh, by the way, we already know that when it comes to doing the right thing and getting a check, the check always wins.

      • Unfortunately, I don’t believe the reason most young people won’t sign-up is because they know it’s a lousy deal, destuctive to their future, or unconstitutional. No, more likely, is that the majority are just plain lazy and/or have no interest in the subject.

      • Yes but the BUCK $$$$ stops here
        Sure they are low information voters but the fact is when it starts costing them they will question

  2. Fortunately, many young adults are smarter than many give them credit. They are not signing up, they are looking more to our Tea Party candidates, and they do not want socialism/communism/islam. They want what our Constitution states. Thank God! We also don’t want them volunteering for the military while Obama disses them, sends them to be killed by countries that have not attacked us (yet, but who knows with Obama’s tactlessness and ignorance along with that of his administration), raises their insurance rates, won’t increase their paltry wages, and won’t let them be Christians if they so choose. These young adults need encouragement and we need to seek out more of them and encourage them to think for themselves and not fall under the spell of this evil man and his puppeteers who don’t give a damn about them in the long run. They just want to use them and nothing more.

    • God I hope you’re right. It’s too bad, the likes of the SEIU is pushing these kids to do the wrong thing by lying to them about what Obama wants for our great country..

    • Those are the ones who voted for Ron Paul not Obama. Only Ron Paul had anything to offer them by staying out of wars & saving their retirement $$ instead of social security….nobody else had their best interest at heart

  3. So reid now exempts himself and many on his staff from obamacare. Why,obama and reid and pelosi said how great it is. They should want to be the first ones on it because its Great..America,its time to abolish the democrat party and impeach obama now.

  4. Obviously Obama takes the attitude of “don’t worry about the price tag” regarding everything. I recall once citing (in jest) Rockefeller to my mother (“If you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it”) at which she became rightly indignant. It doesn’t matter how much money one has, you SHOULD ask about the price tag. Courage ! only 3 more years to go.

  5. Obamacare will add trillions to the already 17 trillion national debt. Where will the money come from? Answer that question Mr Obama.

    • He will say, good, my tactics are working. Deconstruct this
      country as is his plan. His Science Czar himself voiced that
      mantra, that of the fer left radicals, ” We need to deconstruct this nation.” And they are doing all they can to

      achieve just that.

  6. did she get paid for the Video? if so How much did that cost us tax payers? Oh I know she is one of Reid’s workers exempted from the AHC

  7. Please I wanted to Puke. Who the hell is paying for these commercials? Oh That’s right…. You Are. So the people who are working and didn’t support this piece of crap are now being forced to pay for commercials to entice the slugs to join up. And why wouldn’t they? It’s essentially free (or very low cost) after you apply all the subsidies.

  8. WELL, she doesn’t need to worry about having a singing career. She isn’t good , and by doing this ad, she “Shot herself in the foot”.! All in all the whole thing is funny, he is :”BACK PADDLING”, still making up new rules as his Healthcare FIZZLES. Hey, its un-Constitutional, you idiot and Many of us are not signing up at all . So go Back to hell where you came from.!

    • I thought Pelosi was crazy when she said we had to pass obamacare to see what was in it. What she should have said was we need to pass it so obama could tell us what it means.

  9. We need to remember that while writing comments is good, we need to put actions to our words. In 2014 don’t wait to get involved. Get out and support your candidates. Maybe the guy or gal running is not a perfect conservative but he or she has to be better than the alternative. Not a single democrat voted against obamacare and every single republican voted against it. Maybe Scott Brown in MA is not a ted cruz republican but we have a better chance of working with him than the egghead that replaced him. Please register to vote. Please try to find someplace or somewhere you can help elect conservatives. If not for yourself then do it for your grandkids, your children, your country you fill in the blank but just complaining and watching fox news won’t get it done.

  10. Bless their hearts, they think that the condescending script will convince someone to embrace the disaster of Obamacare. (Today someone from the south explained to me that saying ‘Bless your heart” is a way of telling someone that they are an idiot. It allowed me to be condescending while I dismissed them for being condescending).

  11. What a bunch of morons who dreamt this up, they can sing all they want right out of the 2014 & 2016 elections, Americans are not idiots….. When you take food off the table and people can’t pay their bills or gets doctor when they’re ill, obama and the entire democratic party can go to HELL!!!!!

  12. Another tacky, insulting, cheesy sales jingle from the Arrogant One, who doesn’t understand that not EVERYONE
    is not his fool. Some people have the brains to know that the private sector, within a properly competitive arena, could
    offer much more, for much less. The Federal Government has a revolting history of tossing our money down a black hole,
    of waste, fraud, & abuse. Why would we imagine that ‘this scheme’ will be different?

  13. If they are serious about selling 0-care to the young, they need to bundle it as part of smartphone contracts. I-phone, android, HTC, make ’em all come with 0-care insurance–problem solved.

  14. So if we’re not to fret about it, are we supposed to embrace it, jump with joy, or just quietly accept it? I choose none of the above! This fool is so out of touch he gives me a gag reflex.
    My hope is that the name Obama is as reviled by historians and future generations as are the names Judas, Cassius, Ephialtes, Brutus, and Benedict Arnold. He has certainly earned every bit of it and he isn’t even done yet.

  15. This is sick. Here the person tearing our Country apart has young people singing songs of praise for OBAMA CARE, when the whole Country now realizes just how low down and dirty he has been in lying about this. This smacks of the Clinton tactics and their contact with Wollywood. This has got to be the most preposterous video ever made. I wonder how many taxpayers dollars he gave to get this produced.

  16. Rising costs will affect liberals too, and they will soon be crying over their support of obama and his marxist obamacare.

  17. “Yes We Can, Can Can….Yes We Can, Can, Can….Obama’s Gonna CHANGE it…..”

    Remember that stupid song sang by 5 year olds, in 2008 ?

    • I wasn’t sure if I should give a thumbs up for the video, or a thumbs down for the outrage, this is LIVE example of how children are used and manipulated (looks to be) by teachers. An institution dedicated for teaching?!

  18. Drama obama and another idiot wonder. obama has had too many free multi million dollar Hawaii vacations. He hasn’t a clue on what a pair of socks costs.

  19. We are in deeper trouble than you think. Have you paid any attention to the youth of today with the drugged out brains, pants falling down and absolutely no manners or civility. It is very obvious that we have lost them and they are a step below the hippies of the 60s that turned into the liberals of today.

  20. The Ovomit admin is desperate, so much so that they will say and do anything to force Ovomitcare on all of us. Violating the Constitution appears to be a requirement for every action Ovomit takes. Knowing that, congress must be complicit in his crimes as they know everything he is doing, even more than we will ever know. Time to charge them all with their crimes, including Treason.

  21. We Can FIX Obamacare ONE STEP at aTIME
    “BARRY SORTERO, aka POTUS”,..Reference Your ACA/OBAMACARE, …We The People,…
    “Voice This DEMAND”,:…..”NO, NONE, NIL, ZILCH”,…SPECIAL WAIVERS… for
    Waiver “,… for MUSLIMS, because,… “they think that Obamacare Medical
    Insurance is GAMBLING/SIN”, ….”UNLESS the SAME Waiver”… is provided to
    Christians, because… “We think ABORTION and FREE contraception, at the Expense
    of Wage Earning CHRISTIANS, is a SIN “.

    ALSO… Obama…”Your a TOTAL IDIOT”…I pray the Congress….”HALTS Your Constant USURPING of the “ACA LAW”…in your latest decree…To Give a “WAIVER to All Your Campiagn Donating UNION THUGS”.

    Patriots….”We CAN SAVE AMERICA”, and Our
    Freedoms !

    There is a SLEEPING GIANT, within the SILENT MAJORITY… be we
    of any color, ethnicity, or belief,(to include of SOME of the Muslim faith).
    However,…the end result of the present calm or unrest MAY logically result in
    Make SIGNIFICANT ‘Electoral Changes” in the 2014 Ballot Box …”Will reduce,
    restrain, AND IN SOME INCIDENTS “ERASE”, the Disastrous “Socialist/Marxist”,
    DEMOCRATIC STRANGLEHOLD, on Fair and Balanced Legislation being Highjacked by
    Obama….and “MUTE HIS EFFECT of the MONARCHY he is forcing upon America’s
    Freedoms and “Halt Obama’s Corruption”, of the Morals, Values, and Ethics, woven
    in to the Fabric of the Foundation and Cornerstone of Our CONSTITUTION, and
    YES’, BARRY, …” Built”,… By the Founders of This Great Nation.

    “Obama…(aka… LIAR and FAILURE in CHIEF)”, …..Sarcasm
    falls out of my mouth like……..Disrespect to Our Creator falls from yours,

    Some people just need a High Five in, In the
    Face…With a Chair, PERIOD.

    “Lord, Give Me Patience”, Because if you give me
    STRENGTH, I’m Gonna Need BAIL MONEY to go with it”, PERIOD.

    I’m NOT as INTELLIGENT as a DEMOCRAT, I’m MORE Accountable…Because I’m NOT AFRAID TO “TELL THE TRUTH of What’s Happening
    NOW”. Our LYING, and Failed Leadership of OUR Commander in
    Chief, aka: B. Hussein Obama, “IS”, also a “Muslim Brotherhood
    Commander”, “DISGUISED as the

    *** PLEASE COPY AND SHARE***….”Thank You

  22. Our Money …..Is Not Important To Anyone In Congress,Except to Them! Convince any American that higher cost for any reason is a good thing….In their eyes You Are The Idiot!

  23. The video obviously comes from a stupid, indoctrinated, person who has no money, and before Obamacare, had no insurance. All she knows is that she will get on the dole, while other Americans have to dole it out.

  24. The Federal Reserve System forces fuel, food, housing, medical care and education costs upward, meaning that everyone who is NOT on the government dole is forced to make do with less as the value of money slowly decreases.

  25. lol… Perhaps SOME young adults want to be able to afford to get out of their parents’ basement before they hit 40. lol… Did you see the background in that video? She still lives home with her parents, sleeping in a twin bed, in what looks like a child’s room!

  26. Medical industry kills almost 200,000 yearly – google ‘medical deaths’ – and now obamacare makes it mandatory to be part of this corrupt insanity – good work Obama, you will be remembered as the greatest mass murderer right up there with Hitler and Stalin.

  27. Don’t be concerned bout the cost of Obamacare; if you ever get really sick you won’t live long enough to worry about it !!!

  28. Comments are disabled for this video. Wonder why. Our TAX DOLLARS paid for this stupid, childish POS. When can we get just ONE Congressman or Senator to initiate the 100 year old DC law called Quo Warranto and throw this illegal alien usurper out on his ass and eliminate everything that he’s done?

  29. What price socialism. As Vlad. Lenin said back when he was instituting the Soviet communist state.” Socialized medicine is the

    Keystone to the arch of the socialist state.” Knowing that once
    you control people’s access to health care you control their lives.
    And the Left here in America are well aware of this also.

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