Private Security Firms on the Rise, Replacing Local Police

In 2012, the township of Sharpstown, Texas fired its police force and hired SEAL, a private security firm, to patrol the town. As you would expect, the town is now a hotbed of crony corruption, the private police are costing citizens an arm and a leg, and the crime rate has shot through the roof. Or not:

Not only has SEAL been more successful at preventing crime in Sharpstown than traditional law enforcement [crime has dropped 61% in Sharpstown], they are cheaper. Sharpstown is saving $200,000 per year over their previous contract with the constable, and they get more patrol officers for less money, reported.

This is a great idea for so many reasons. The main problems with police these days is that they have forgotten for whom they work. The police are not employees of the county, the state, and especially not the feds. The police work for the people. They are supposed to enforce laws for the benefit of the people. They have largely forgotten this. Now, they squeeze as much money out of a community as they can through citations, they allow themselves the exercise of apparently gratifying excessive force, and they are almost completely unaccountable to the people. Because it is safer and easier for them to prey on generally peaceful citizens, most of them don’t even bother doing the “dangerous” jobs, which are the only real reason they exist.

A private firm solves all of these issues. If, in the minds of their employers—the community, they do not do a good job keeping the peace, they are fired. Since they are paid a fee to protect the innocent, they have little incentive (and no authority) to issue citations to otherwise law-abiding citizens. Hiring a private security firm solves almost all of the problems associated with the current system. And it disconnects the police force from the manipulations of federal agendas.

Given all of that, you can be sure private security firms will be made illegal soon. They are too cheap, too effective, and too accountable. If you are going to ensure the state of fear, panic, and distress necessary to convince the masses to do what Big Brother tells them, you need to put an end to private security firms immediately.

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