Post-Birth Abortions Increasingly Supported By Young Pro-Choicers

A growing trend reported by many campus pro-life groups is the tendency for young pro-choicers to endorse post-birth abortions, sometimes even as late as five years old:

Asked about the incident at Ohio State, at which a woman responded to a pro-life display by defending infanticide, a pro-abortion activism group at the campus stated its views were similar to those of the woman in the clip.

“As for post-birth abortion, I would imagine that my colleagues would think the ‘post-birth’ part was largely irrelevant, as we believe very strongly in abortion on demand, without apology, and it’s plain and simple that we should look to the woman’s morals and not shove our opinions where they, frankly, don’t belong,” Devin Deitsch, leader of VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood at Ohio State University, said in an email to The College Fix.

Maybe Devin and his colleagues don’t understand what the post-birth part of post-birth abortions means? Or have morals declined to such a degree that they just don’t care? Hard to say. You could just call post-birth abortions by their other name, murder, but that really opens up the issue of why any abortions would be okay.

And apparently, this attitude toward post-birth abortions is not isolated to college students. An article in Slate mentions rising support for “after-birth abortions,” and no, they don’t mean the abortion of a placenta. According to the two idiots who came up with the term, any child who could have been aborted before birth should be allowed to be aborted after birth.

But seriously, that is the logical conclusion of abortion logic. The location of a human in a womb means that human shouldn’t be killed? What difference does that really make? And the only reason why killing your babies and toddlers isn’t allowed is basically just because “it’s too late for that now”? Why anyone doesn’t recognize this as absurd is beyond me.

So pro-choicers really have two choices if they want to be consistent. Either they admit post-birth abortion is murder and therefore abortion itself should be rejected. Or they admit post-birth abortion is murder and go on to state that murder is therefore acceptable in certain cases. The latter is what they are already doing really, but it would be nice if they would just be honest about it.

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