Police Dispatcher to 80-Year-Old: Put Your Gun Down During Home Invasion

A police dispatcher in Florida told an 80-year-old woman to put down her gun during a home invasion.

One night, N. J. Logan, an 80-year-old woman who had just undergone hip replacement, was at her house alone. Her husband was out playing bridge when Logan heard a commotion on the first floor of her house. Burglars had broken a window with a rock, cut the screen of the window, and were inside Logan’s house.

When she realized what was going on, she grabbed her gun, called 911, and went down the stairs calling out warnings to the burglars. Probably fearing for their lives because of Logan’s gun, the burglars retreated from the house. But during the 911 call, the police dispatcher kept telling Logan to put the gun down. Which is just crazy.

Logan had the presence of mind and coolness under pressure to tell the dispatcher: “I’ll put my gun down when the police show up.” Exactly.

This story just emphasizes what should already be a self-evident truth. Criminals target the vulnerable and the weak, and guns can even the scales. Why do you think these burglars were targeting a retirement community? They knew they would be attacking older people. They probably assumed their victims would be less likely to be able to resist.

In this particular case, the burglars were wrong. Why? Guns. Not the police. They wouldn’t have been able to help a great deal by the time they got there.

And that’s the real problem with what the dispatcher told Logan. What if she had followed the dispatchers advice? She would have been vulnerable. What will it take for gun control advocates to get it? Putting a gun in the hands of the otherwise defenseless innocents of this country is the best possible way to make this country a better, safer place for everyone. No brainer.

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