Pets, Children, and Dead People Sent Voter Registration Cards in Virginia

Election officials in Virginia decided not to further investigate a group that had sent partially completed voter registration cards to dead people, children, and pets. The Romney campaign had called for an investigation, but is apparently satisfied that the group understands its misconduct and will work to avoid it in the future. Sure they will… avoid getting caught, that is.

This recalls a famous (probably apocraphyl) statement by that great friend of democracy, Joseph Stalin: “It’s not the people who vote that count. It’s the people who count the votes.” We assume, because we like to think our political actions are meaningful, that our votes make a difference. But the real opinions of the majority of voters hasn’t meant much for a while. For one, we are so easy to sway. Put a carrot in front of us and a whip behind us, and you can get us to go just about anywhere you want… to believe just about anything you tell us is actually our opinion. And secondly, the very few Americans who are unwilling to be swayed (because they operate according to convicitions) are called “extremists.” And extremists aren’t allowed a voice in the great American debate because… well, they’re extremists! Didn’t you hear?

So there was a good reason election officials in Virginia let this one slide. No one in power wants to make the outcome of any election dependent on voter fraud, no matter which way it swings. Such a scandal would call into question the system more than the particular outcome… and that is unacceptable. This coming election may prove to be one of the closest in American history. If it comes down to a few hundred votes in a swing state, and then a few political “extremists” uncover the fact that Fido and your late grandmother made all the difference, what would that really accomplish? It would serve only to undermine the legitimacy of whoever wins this next election, and to undermine even the office itself. It’s the same reason why the Obama birth certificate issue has been relegated to conspiracy theory. Thoroughly investigating it gives legitimacy to perspectives that undermine the accepted political narrative and the current complexion of power. It really doesn’t matter if a story is true or not. What matters is that people are able to continue believing that they live in a country where they have the right to choose… and where their choices really make a difference. That’s more important than the truth. It’s what Plato called a “Phoenician Tale,” a lie necessary for the public good (whatever that is).

I’m no conspiracy theorist. I frankly don’t know what’s really happened or what’s really happening. And, further, I don’t believe that what’s going on could be summed up in a few evening news soundbytes even if they were inclined to tell us the truth about the universe. And I distrust whistleblowers and ignorant people who actually believe they’re being neutral. They’re worse than people who merely pretend to be neutral! What we need is for the people of America to operate on convictions again. People of unmovable convictions are the only people ultimately immune to the coercion of force and the influence of manipulation because they will do what they will do no matter the circumstances or consequences. People call them naïve, extreme, idealistic. So be it. I wish we had more of them.

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  1. Hey it worked for Bush in Florida!! No I don’t think it’s fair or right but it can’t be right for one and not the other.

    • Hey idiot, hanging Chad’s are different than pets and dead people registering to vote or vote. Each and every illegally cast vote disenfranchises each and every legal vote.

      • Forget it, you’ll never make the pinko sickos on the left understand what really happened in Florida because simply put, they are not mentally wired to accept truth when it doeasn’t fit with what they desire. Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of voter law and the electoral college knows and unserstands that the Florioda decision was exactly correct, but they the left lost and will continue to whine about it for the next 50 years.

    • You’re funny! I love how you just can’t let Bush go. You must secretly love Bush, I mean how you keep talking about him. Hey – you got a crush on him, don’t you, big guy? Yeah you do, you big silly!

  2. Somebody ought to be in jail over all of that mess. The jerks that did all that are not going to stop and anybody with the sense God promised a goose knows that!

    • It is what they have always done. LBJ, JFK, Obama, etc. Want to change it? Register and VOTE for Republicans. They are not all conservatives, but they are better than the socialists in the Democrat party.

      • I agree!! Republicans and specially conservatives have the old fashion manners that were taught by responsible parents to their children. Demoncrats are the mob mentality and the entitlement mentality, They now pose a real threat to the survival of America as we know it. I abhor their progressive-regressive values, they think they are owed something by everyone else and they expect it now without having to work or make efforts to get it. This is why it is going to be so difficult to overcome the mob mentality this election, as they are going to be on the assault every single day until they demonize and character assasinate all the Republicans, especially Mitt Romney and his VP.

        • Remember liberal socialists democrats lie. The lied to their mother, grandmother,each other and YOU. obama, pelosi, reed, axlerod frank, wasserman, rinos….their all liars. They are delusional. They have been liars so long, they do not know the difference.. The only way to stop them is for ALL good people to stand up and be counted. If we don’t do our duty, we will have anarchy Freedom and liberty will disappear. Many of us will have to die to get it back.GOD BLESS AMERICA

          • I’m convinced that Obama, Pelosi and Reid would sell out their own mothers in order to get the votes. They have no scruples and are evil. They slander anyone who gets in their way. They are selling out America.

          • My sister-in-law at one time worked for one of the democratic senators in New Mexico, and she said the same thing about him. She said he would do anything to get a vote -steal, lie, cheat, spend someone else’s money, whatever he had to do.

        • Agree Fed up!!! Democrats have the worst bad mouths too. Look at that Chris Mathews on Msnbc and others just like him. You never hear that kind of bad mouth talking about Democrats on Fox. Conservatives and Republicans have a “class” never seen in a Democrat or Liberal!!


          • Planned Parenthood is helping stop the unfit,from procreating. Just like Margret Sanger endorsed and DEMOCRATS back.

      • Red: Your advice is the answer! I gave up long ago worrying about the degree of Conservatism this or that Republican is. It’s not the best tactic, but it’s better than voting/backing what passes for Democrats these days. As a Conservative, there are two missions I think of; first, to elect Republicans, second; work at replacing untrustworthy Republicans with trustworthy Republicans. There’s too much drift to the left where I live, 60 years of Democrat control in my city, Phila.! This serves as a counter-weight against efforts to elect Republicans to state-wide offices. I’m Tea Party and we’re working at breaking down that leftist hold on power and voter fraud. This requires dedication and presence of mind.
        It can’t get done a few weeks before elections.

        • mcbee555, I live in Philadelphia as well. it is a straight up banana republic. if you care to chat more about this liberal area, drop me a line @ Glad to have more conservatives here close to home!

          • Thanks Phil: I sent you an email as suggested. What an area we live in! A Liberty Bell/Independence Hall/our country’s first capital, Betsy Ross’ flag house, birthplace of the USMC, all on display to all visitors, surrounded by a lousy, left-wing town full of union-thugs. A mini-Chicago!
            Congrats to all you patriotic guys who’ve decided to stand with the Tea Party wherever you are. There’s local chapters nearby, check it out! I’m not a recruiter or anything like that. ‘Just another guy who can’t stand seeing my country pulled into a sewer, like the rest of the TP folks.
            Hey, get this…You don’t even need to be a Republican! It’s not your voter reg’n that counts, it’s how you feel about saving our country.

        • mcbee555: I am not a member of the Tea Party but believe there are millions like me who have your back.
          At least the Tea Party people recognize that the Democratic Party has been taken over by the Socialist Democrats and that the RINO’s in Congress aren’t fighting back.
          I have said several times the only way we are going to stop this is for those states with Republican Governors to make voter registration mandatory in their states and a valid ID required. When this happens, the Democrats will likely lose most elections as fraud is their game.
          On the other hand, I find it incredible that the American public can be so stupid not to recognize if they vote for this administration in November 2012, they will have voted for a total collapse of our government and the introduction of Socialism. The entitlement society will then see their benefits will be gone and the country evolves into chaos. Think this is a wild scenario? I assure you this is what we are facing and exactly what The Socialist Democrats had planned all along as they wish to become a part of the New World Order.

          • Thanks for your sentiments, sir. Being a Tea Party Patriot doesn’t entail jumping through hoops, assigning your property, or showing up at meetings far away from home. Why not be one of us, most of us count ourselves as members because we share a common cause, and that’s “our country.” We have a website under “Tea Party Patriots,” easy enough to find. No entrance fees, no arm-twisting for donations, just join up to stand up and be counted. You’ll be among lots of military vets, God-loving people, good citizens. Our numbers encourage the right kind of Americans to run for office, we have to rid ourselves of the pretenders in all parties. Most of our activities are via Internet, sometimes you’d get a piece of mail. Everything is low-pressure, thought-provoking, and honest.
            You already have our backs, and thanks for that. Stand with us….it’s quiet and unobtrusive, it’s just “togetherness” of patriotic Americans to let those who’d undermine our Constitution that we’re watching.
            You’d fit right in! Thanks for reading and thanks again for your supportive message.

      • sorry, the Republicans are as corrupt as the Dems.. look how they control who is selected for office. They disqualify delegates of those who they don’t want. The Republican Establishment illegally controls who is selected rather than your vote.Both of these parties are dirty.This will never change until the people get some intelligence and form new political parties. This corruption has gone on for years and will not stop with your vote or misplaced hopes.

        • yeah yeah, another Ron Paul devotee. We have to walk before we run Pal, and we can’t walk when Obama’s jackboots are on our chests. The only way to get the ball rolling is to get the dems out of office, and that hope is now Romney and those Republicans you so despise. Get some perspective before it’s too late.

          • This is a two party system. Just ask the Libertarians. In fifty years you can count their elected officials on one hand. New parties will wash. The only hope is a hostile takeover of the Republican Party. Hostile, because the establishment will not rollover and play dead. They must be outnumbered and overruled. It can be done. Their last bastion of real control is the Presidential nominee. Senatorial and Congressional races are up for grabs. Texas just ousted a very strong establishment candidate for Senator. Grassroots must focus on that faction of the Republican Party wielding the power to nominate the Pres. We’re having great success with other offices. It’s a process that does not run in a four year cycle. Have to put down the remote control and get involved in what is going on around you…

          • The GOP is moving to the right, and that’s good. It is a process. In the meantime we have no time to argue among ourselves simply because we don’t have time. Conservatives, Libertarians and yes even RINOs have to come together this election to get the Chicago gangsters out of the government. We then can argue the finer issues when we have the country back.

          • There you go, people. Sage words from a Texan. They have a very strong attribute in Texas. They never give Up, God bless them!
            They’re always talking hope!
            They have the right answer; first things first!

          • No one said ObaMAO & his buddies were not WORSE so what are you going off about? Was there mention of Ron Paul, NO, anything said about NOT voting for Romney the RINO, NO! We understand what must be done but LONG RANGE GOALS would be to CHANGE this CORRUPT system.

          • System needs changing but it can’t be changed by voting in the same ideological Democrats or Republicans. They are simply two sides of the same coin.

          • Nonne, be careful what you ask for.
            Check out the number of Maine counties who strongly voted for Paul in the Republican primary… that were never included in the final totals.

          • Maine is a whole another thing. It’s a place where Republicans are RINOS and Democrats are Socialists. Just look at the voting records of the two Maine Senators, I think one is retiring. Her seat will go to an Independent who’ll vote with the leftists.

        • Why all the negatives? This is the TRUTH. Boehner, McCain, McConnell, Cantor, Graham, ect. HA TE the Tea Party Republicans because they FEAR the change they want to bring. Believe it or not establishment Republicans are CORRUPT, not as much as the Democrats, & they LIKE the “system” that gets them unbelievable wealth & power. WE, LEGAL, U.S. TAXPAYERS, lost control of our government a LONG time ago & BOTH parties have been USING & abusing us for years.
          YES, DEMOCRATS are BY FAR WORSE, MORE CORRUPT, AMORAL & FULL of HATE but that does NOT excuse the RINOS.

          • All the more reason to hook-up with the Tea Party! They have the “old boys” scared! If those “old boys” want to last, they need to abide by the Tea Party Patriots. The people you’ve mentioned are elected at state level, but I’ll bet they won’t be around much longer. Like Texayn said, “It’s a process.” Stick with that process.

        • Hey Robert: Do you think most of us don’t know this? Your complaint could have been made by a Roman citizen way back when! We can make things better, we can change the environment. Like you’ve said, it been going on for a long time. We have two choices; Stop breathing or go about changing it. Staying negative is “stop breathing.”
          On the other hand, you’ve given up, it’s all “misplaced hopes” to you. Boy, that sure makes you sound like a “thinking man.”
          I’ll go with knocking out that word “misplaced,’ Hopes are a damned good start! Without them, one has stopped breathing

      • Look at the facts Red, the republicans have had their chances at leading same as the Democrats and we are still in a state of decline. Both parties basically have the same goals, they just have different motives and methods. The ONLY way we will ever have change is to vote third party, the group of “extremist” referred to in the article. Personally, I always vote Libertarian, they are the ONLY ones that will be true to the constitution and to American citizens. You get what you vote for so make your choice, more of the same? vote Democrat or republican.

        • that maybe the answer to have another party but right now it is imperative that we get obama out and if you vote Libertarian this time it is a vote of obama. Please use your good sense and this time vote Republican so we can get rid of OMG

          • Exactly! We have a moral imperative to actually save of country! This is not B.S., we are being undermined from within. To believe that merely by looking at a map of No. America, seeing our country, and believing it’ll always be here just like it has been, is now a pipe-dream. If we don’t “step-up” and be counted, we are what’s called “theorists.” That’s very nice to be informed, but we also need to do the right thing about it.

        • While I agree with your sentiments, a vote for a third party always puts the democrats in office. Becasue I live in California, I usuallly vote Libertarian because the dems always win anyway. Those of you who live in swing states, DON’T THROW AWAY YOUR VOTE ON A 3RD PARTY. Although, I see little difference between Romney and Obama, the decline of American values, rule of law, and utter disregard of the constitution (what little is left of it) under Obama MUST BE STOPPED.

          • Good advice: Mind Laura’s words! She has been witness to a great, most beautiful state, once the world’s #5 economy, slip into impending bankruptcy. The turning point was creating more “takers” than “makers.” C’mon people, be “makers!”
            How anyone can measure Obama and Romney in the same breath is absolutely comical. No matter how you buy into Axelrod’s lies(He’s Obama’s main liar), there is no doubt that Romney is infinitely more able to conduct the presidency.
            And, here’s the bonus: No more “Czars,” no more “executive orders,” no more crook for A.G.!,and actually a president who’ll work with Congress, instead around it.
            And, the bill for using A.F.#1 will drop like a lead weight, plus Romney isn’t concerned with golf!

          • PS to all you libertarians out there. In California you can only vote for your own party in the primary. If there is a clear viable choice in the Republican primary, I switch my registration from Libertarian to Republican for the primary, and switch back to Libertarian for the actual election.

        • The Socialists hijacked the Democrat Party and they have it now. There’s a “name recognition” element there that helps their organization.
          As a Republican, I make no pretense about getting rid of that “good ol’ boy network” and voting in more Tea Party Patriots. You can vote Libertarian and not change a thing but reassure yourself of your own personal political choices. Well, here’s the news; it’s not about you! Do you have any idea how long it would take a 3rd Party to be a force? With 4 more years of Obama looking at us, we can’t afford that 3rd Party wait! It’s “pie in the sky.”
          If Ron Paul had really meant business, he should have opened a 3rd Party, he stayed Republican. He had the best chance to start a 3rd Party, he didn’t. I wasted time with Ross Perot and he was a major, major disappointment! In the end, he helped the leftists more than anybody. Lots of “regular guy” Republicans are very close to Tea Party involvement. Believe me, the “old boy network” has taken notice, they now know they can’t get it done without Tea Party Patriots. All those House seats in 2010 told the real story.
          You’re right, you get what you vote for…if you vote for nothing you get “0.”

    • like bush he didn’t win huh? republicans kill me it’s okay for you but no one else and I already said it’s not right!!!

      • Always remember – TWO wrongs make a RIGHT. BTW, Bush damaged the country almost as much as your guy. Lets see, wrong + wrong = right. Okay. Got it.

        • It was clinton (dem) that started the finacial crisis in the first place by pushing for lenders to lower their lending requirements to those who couldn’t afford a house in the first place. Bush did tried to rein it in but polosi , reid and the dems stopped him from trying to control spending. Then the dems (barry) included) had a morjority in BOTH houses of congress in 2006 that lead to the final straw with their spending. You can’t count 06 & 07 again Bush, but just like all libs, I sure facts don’t mean anything to you.

      • Get the heck off this “Bush thing” – you’ve beaten it to death – its just like this “racist thing” – we’re all tired of hearing it.

        • No kidding LOL… it is what it is … hey where is the yearly budget our president is supposed to present to congress EVERY YEAR…. guess he left it on the golf course, or some other vacation, maybe he gave it to hillary and she left it in Kenya? Where the birth certificate is, along with Obama’s twin LOL

          • If memory serves me King O DID present a Budget to Congress every year – but BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE shot it down -FLAT!

      • nevaeh13, I can’t make out your message very well but it seems as through you are saying Bush won the election illegally. I can’t do much about the last administration. Whatever Bush did has little to do with the absolute evil that occupies the White House at this time.

        • BUSH WON IN SPITE OF MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD BY DEMOCRATS. He had the AUDACITY to STAND UP & FIGHT & was CRUCIFIED by the LYING LEFTIST MEDIA & the CORRUPT DEMOCRATS but TRUTH prevailed for a change! It is AMAZING that ALL those “FOUND” ballots are ALWAYS in FAVOR of the DEMOCRAT, just like in WA. State & Minnesota.

      • nan nan nan, bush bush bush, the guy’s been out of office for 4 yrs. and still, like kneejerkoff reaction, bush bush bush. bO is an absolute fraud, all politicians are biased some how, but bO, he’s a Marxist, commie, traitor, etc….

      • Three recounts, law suit by ex VP Al, Supreme Court! What else did you need, or is it you refuse to believe all the due process that issue could receive?
        If nothing will convince you, then you’re dead set upon believing if there’s a real close election, and Democrats can get away with enough vote fraud, they should never lose a close one.
        Now, under a Republican Governor in PA.,we have a voter ID law. It won’t be perfect, it won’t stop all the fraud, but it is time that the right to vote was treated with sober respect, and proper identification. Plus, eliminating vote duplication is positive progress for “the one (live) citizen, one vote reality.”

        • Ever hear of Plyler V. Doe, 1982? According to Chief Justice Brennan, anyone who stands in a state has all the rights of a citizen. That would include voting. Gotta love that 14th amendment….

          • Well that is NOT what the 14th AMENDMENT SAYS, it is what a LEFTIST, legislating from the bench CORRUPT justice says. READ the 14th amendment YOURSELF.

          • Aren’t you assuming that Jeff Scism can actually read intelligently?

            God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
            Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
            Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

      • dirty is dirty, its not a party affiliation, its a moral uprightness, and there is none left in our government, even our “weeping” bayner has turned his back on “We the People” THEY ARE ALL SELFISH over paid men that give lip service to keep eating their 87. hamburgers so that can have lewd parties and flip the finger at the Nations noble President Reagan! They are abominable! disgusting men and women

      • nevaeh13 you people kill me,you pad the voting lists,refuse to admit wrong doing then blame someone else.a truer example of communism does not exist.if you don’t like the America the rest of us were given by patriots who laid down their lives for the United States why don’t you go live in north korea or vietnam & leave the rest of us alone.idiot.

      • Bush what? He WON that election in SPITE of the PATHETIC attempts by CORRUPT DEMOCRATS to STEAL it from him! Hanging chads, magnifying glasses & VOTER FRAUD by DEMOCRATS, NOT Republicans. The LEFTIST MEDIA & the Democrats were ENRAGED that Bush actually FOUGHT against the DEMOCRAT VOTER FRAUD & WON. So your ridiculous accusations fall apart under those magnifying glasses.
        Crawl back to your basement, Soros troll, you lost again!

    • guy like stalin said,it’s the people that count the votes & the democrats apparently count the votes.we already know they are responsible for padding the lists.

    • Evil flourishes when good people do nothing! We can complain all we want but ACTION is the only thing that will change things. Unfortunately, no guts, no glory. I cant even write what I want to say, for fear of big brothers new IBM computer that records EVERYTHING you and I say, and do! It records 10 quadrillion data per SECOND! For the 7 billion of us … that 10 million data entries PER PERSON PER SECOND.

    • Because the left cheats, lies, and steals, and the right does not! Without a “fraud-free” election our country, freedoms, and future is lost. We MUST insist on an honest 1 person (live and person) per vote. This is the same principal that ou heroes in arms have fought and died for elsewhere. Are we to give in to tyrany and – in the end – a self-appointed dictator because of a fraudulent election?? This CANNOT happed! If this is the left’s dirty dealing, then we need to get tougher with our congressmen. If the will not root out fraud and support a secure and “identifiable” electorate, then they are OUT OF OFFICE!! Did you hear that Dirty Harry?? Did you hear that Pandora Pelosi?? Did you hear the Hiel Hussein Barrak Obama?? NO MORE LIES, CHEATING, or STEALING!! Or Impeach the traitors and imprison them all for their action!! HOWEVER —- There CANNOT be anarchy among the populous. There CANNOT be open rebellio and ‘revolution.’ This is what THEY are hoping for! Obama has ALREADY by executive order given HIMSELF permission to ARREST and IMPRISON WITHOUT A TRIAL ANY OR ALL WHO OPPOSE HIM!! His MARTIAL LAW is WITHOUT PRECEDENT!! His 800 FEMA camps around this great land are ARMED, MANNED, and READY with the latest technology to DETAIN AND IMPRISON Y O U !! There are even PLAYGROUNDS within these high-tech mega-fenced COMPOUNDS!! And millions of black pastic caskets!!!! FOR WHO?? Certainly NOT his supporters!!! Be INFORMED!! Stock up on FOOD, WATER PURIFICATION, and your BIBLE….This is NOT the end! Revelation and Daniel speak of the grinding to powder of the final “One World Government” which is what he and his minions have planned. Why do you think the cozying up to our enemies? The peace and love abroad and hatred and division at home? God is our ONLY hope!
      2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land. This is GOD’s message to US in these final days before His judgement..the signs and prophesies are there…Yet the recipe for healing and hope are also there! The only HOPE and CHANGE we need is placing our TRUST in God and his son Jesus Christ, and changing the direction of our lives and allegiance. God wants to be your HOPE and HE will provide the CHANGE!!
      2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
      This is GOD’s message to US in these final days before His judgement..the signs and prophesies are there…Yet the recipe for healing and hope are also there! The only HOPE and CHANGE we need is placing our TRUST in God and his son Jesus Christ, and changing the direction of our lives and allegiance. God wants to be your HOPE and HE will provide the CHANGE!!


    • guy, From what I’m hearing, Romney should win be astronomical proportions but I am fearful of the Dems & what they have up their sleeve. When O was talking to the Russian elite, when on a hot mic, he seemed awfully confident when he said that he’d have more flexibility after his re-election. I’m hoping & praying that our vote WILL make a difference but Chicago style politics comes into question. Pray hard for our country………………… :>(

      • Mitch Sagraves,
        As a long time political activists and candidate, at one time Democrat, now Republican, I can say that you have the RIGHT advice for the American people, PRAY HARD FOR OUR COUNTRY!

        God bless, yours in Their Hearts,
        Kenneth M. Fisher, Founding Director
        Concerned Roman Catholics of America, Inc.

        • Kenneth Fisher, Thanks for your reply & agreeing w/me about praying hard for our country. The one good thing O has done is to make us aware of freedoms & liberty, that we have obviously taken for granted, slowly slipping away. The thing about a sleeping giant being awakened holds true in these times….I hope that we haven’t slept too long! God bless the USA & again I’ll say “pray hard for our country, pray very hard.” God hears our every prayer but also gives us enough rope to hang ourself if we choose to do so. So many in this nation have chose to hang themselves w/the lying, cheating, & the moral decay but Kenneth, you & I both know who will win in the end! Have a blessed day!

      • I don’t mean to be disrespectful of your beliefs, but if prayer could fix anything, there would be no problems on earth. They would all be prayed away. What we need is escape from the two party system. Why do you think we have a two party system? Research and history reveals the two party system was adopted because it allowed the people to vote their choice, and no matter which party won, the same powers would remain in control. That is why they WILL NOT allow a third party to be part of the system.

        • A good example of a multi-party system of late is Russia. Contrived by Putin, there were (I believe) 5 parties. All Putin needed to win, which he did, was more than 25% of the votes,even if all the Parties had decent showings, and even if there was no vote fraud.
          France has at least 4 parties, so the Socialists were able to win that one. The Brits have more than 2 parties, so the Brit “somewhat Conservatives” had to join with a minority Party for a coalition government to win against the Socialists (Labour Party).
          One look at the state of affairs in any of those countries will make you feel great about our chances as Americans! Anyone “sitting this one out” is surrendering his/her vote to Obama.

    • They’ve been getting away with this for years because the GOP has been to stupid to go after them for it, and the democraps say, ” Well they do it too”. Thats a real good answer when you get caught. The election officials are stuffing the ballot boxes with ballots fot their own candidates after the polls close. That seems to be a regular policy with the democraps.

    • The Democrats get away with cheating and stealing elections because the Republicans let them. They do this in the name of “just getting along” as John McCain likes to say. RINOs will not question anything Democrats do.

    • They get away with it because our gutless Repubs are too chicken to stand up and fight. Then we have those who are leaning too far to the left. Money talks, bullshit walks.

      • That’s right! When you go up against the Democrats, you’re going to a street fight! Marques of Queensbury rules are out! We learned that with mcCain, who tried to be Dudley Dooright. No more of that! Romney has to smack down Democrat lies and if he chooses a scrappy VP, that’ll be a great help.
        Cheney, say what you will about him, wasn’t a guy to mess with. He was always quick with acidy retorts to Democrats. He was fearless.
        Keep your eye of Reince Priebus, RNC chairman, a plain-spoken, homey, kind of young guy. He called Harry Reid a “dirty liar” on NBC a few days ago. This guy gives me hope with the RNC, and it’s about time. We’re gonna be OK!

    • Guy, I agree with you that the dems can’t win without their stealing the election. They tried it in Florida for Gore till the supreme court stepped in & said enough is enough. The dems thought they had it bought there & so many have still not got over it! I’m afraid they have learned from that & will try harder & with more tricks this time. It really scares me the thought that Obama may get re elected, (by hook or by crook) but I’ve had another thought & that is IF for some reason he doesn’t get back in, what damage will he do to the country in his last days in office till Jan when the new one takes over, by simple revenge?

    • You need to educate yourself,it’s the republicans that cheats,and steals elections. And without a doubt,after the George Bush disaster, There is NO way another republican is getting to the White House.

    • Holder and Obama will not prosecute those that brought them to office. Executive privilege will hide their involvement, like ACORN, FAST AND FURIOUS, etc..

    • The same way republicans get away with cheating and stealing – by consent of the governed. Voter fraud was found by republican lawyers investigating to be around 330 cases in 10 years and fewer than that were proven and most involved simple errors.
      Poll taxes have been reinstated in over 10 states in the last two years. Making people pay to vote is voter intimidation. No, photo ID’s are NOT free. They take documents that cost money and particularly target urban voters who do not have driver’s licenses (the most common form of voter ID) which also cost money to obtain or renew. Older people who have given up their licenses for safety reasons may also be denied their right to vote. As for those who “collect a check”, those funds are mandated to be direct deposited -fully phased in by the end of this year, so they do not necessarily have government issued photo ID either.
      In voter registration drives you have had infiltrations by either side with names like Mickey Mouse etc. These are nearly always caught early on and 300 cases of suspected voter fraud in 10 years is hardly justification for all the laws passed for photo ID’s. As many republicans have admitted these laws were meant to disenfranchise people- thousands of people. A whole lot more than 300 for sure.

  3. Commiecrats cannot win an election without cheating, and to say that cheating cannot win a close election is foolish. A few dead people’s votes won the election for John Kennedy in 1960. Illinois was the big swing state, as I remember, and many dead people voted in that election, mostly in Chicago. Does that surprise anyone? It was the mob that ultimately swung the election for him, and it was the mob that ultimately took him out, with a lot of help. ( Go to that web site and prowl around for a couple qf hours. It is illuminating.

  4. Isn’t voter fraud illegal ..what the hell is going on? If an illegal action is done in the name of Democrats it is ok not to prosecute? When is our friggin congress going to wake up. Term limits, no special treatment, reduced retirement and no health care for life for these free loaders (talking about congress!)

    • So are “undocumented Democrats” crossing the southern border. What’s being done about that? Oh, that’s right, the Kenyan Marxist is simply (i) ignoring the invasion, and(ii) declaring the invaders to be legal.

    • Bush spent 8 years and tons of money to get voter fraud. Out of 300M votes they found about 100 possible fraud. Now y reps claimmy can’t catch the frauds but y know it is rampant. Yea.

      • 100 fraudulent votes did not get Obozo elected. There were a lot more than that. Goofy Al Franken was voted in as senator of Minnesota with more than 100 votes and Harry Reid kept his seat by more than 100 cheating votes. Just because you are a liberal demorat, which you probably don’t know what that means these days, doesn’t erase the fact that your communist demorat party cheats as much as they can. Communists have never had fair elections and never will. If you are voting demorat these days, you are voting for communism, pure and simple.

      • I agree with you, Terry. From one Terry to another, I’m ready for The Lord to come. But first the anti-Christ comes and he may already be here. I’m not saying Obama is THE Anti-Christ but I do know he is Anti- Christ. He’s clearly a Muslim no matter what he and his demonic minions say.

    • JBruman, The dems really don’t understand the word illegal, especially when it comes to the freeloaders that enter our country!! That’s their up & coming voter base! :>(

  5. What’s really happening is that our government is being overthrown by radical socialists and we are showing very little opposition. Since around 40 perecet of the population is now receiving some form of government assistance, I suppose that is to be expected. Welfare has taken the place of work. We are losing freedoms by the day and ObamaTax will crush our economy when fully implemented.

  6. Why is it necessary to have to investigate and declare fraudulent attempts to change votes? Regardless of the outcome of the investigation, the election committee should immediately be terminated and returned to their Stalin-like communist cells.

  7. It’s not “apocraphyl”; it’s “apocryphal” …

    Voter fraud is depriving people of the right to vote by fraudulent means. When I was growing up in La. during desegregation, Blacks were refused voter registration if they couldn’t state their age… in years, months, weeks, days, minutes, and seconds. Many Whites couldn’t do it either, so they had to find another shuck. The real voter fraud is practiced by the people in power. Read this:

    • Many whites? My goodness. I have a ‘real birth certificate’ and still couldn’t give you the seconds. It says I was born at 6:26 A.M. on March 4th, 1946, but I’ve never seen a BC that gave the seconds. Where did such a thing exist?

  8. Dead people, animals and children voting in Virginia’s corrupt voting schemes.
    This needs to be cleaned up but our so called leaders will just ignor it as it’s easier that way. they’re worthless. Look out we the people are about to take over.

  9. Forget about photo-ID to vote … you ought to have to show YOU PAID TAXES to be authorized to vote. How’s that for a “conservative Utopia?”

    • I am a stay at home mom whose husband pays taxes, so according to your belief I should not be able to vote because I don’t pay taxes? Excuse me, but I contribute to taxes everytime I shop for my family and I also do not cause the taxpayer any money either by living off the system! My right to vote is the same God given right as yours.

      • Shelby: Don’t even dignify such comments. As a “stayathome Mom,” the job you do is valuable to raising children with decent orientation. Plus, the taxes paid via your husband’s earnings are probably based on a joint tax return, like most other married family folks. It’s too bad that there aren’t enough “stayathome Moms” these days. Families suffer many ways due to the broken economy. It seems you folks are holding your own without federal handouts some take advantage of. Good for you.

      • You’re right. It was the Constitution that gave you that right to vote. But please; DON”T use it unwisely. Personally, if I discover a candidate has failed to uphold our Constitution, he/she will NEVER get my vote. That includes failing to uphold the oath they swear to to defend our Constitution from ALL enemies; foreign and domestic. Right now, we are loaded with domestic enemies and need to weed them out starting with the lead enemy; Barrack Hussein Obama!

      • Women shouldn’t be able to vote… period. That change is what sunk us.

        If the “Right” to vote were taken away from women, we would make such a hard right turn toward conservatism in this country overnight, most people would get whiplash.

        Wouldn’t you like THOSE results?

      • Shelby, no offense intended toward stay at home Moms. I am sure your contribution to your family’s household is no less than your husband’s. I suspect you and your husband file a joint return which makes you a tax payer as well. And technically, your right to vote was granted in the 19th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1920. Can you imagine – one of the excuses given by opponents to that Amendment was that women were “too emotional” to be allowed to vote. How ridiculous, right?
        And may God bless you and your family.

    • I agree 100% on the taxes, but even then, photo ID AND a birth certificate should absolutely be required to register, and photo ID required to actually vote. In fact, I think a pictured voter card would be an excellent idea. After that, it should be PAPER BALLOTS only, HAND COUNTED at every individual precinct, then the final TABULATIONS carried out at locations well supervised by watchers and participants from both parties.

      • Hey Weary, not than I am opposed to photo-ID … just got back to work from voting where I had to show my DL to vote. Told the gal I had been trying to show them my ID for years – this is the 1st time they insisted (state of KS).
        Agreed on the hand-counted paper ballots! Good call!

  10. I am a conspiracy theorist and from the fraudulent election to the last Senate race in Minnesota to elect a comedian, to ACORN, now under a different series of acronyms, to the Administration’s attempt to stop Voter ID laws, and on and on, there are multiple conspiracies to rig elections. The Democrats, as exhibited continually by Reid, Pelosi, Holder, and Obama do believe in a series of lies for the “common good” as they define it.

  11. They are watching Mitt Romney to see what you do with this bone. Back off as you did, they will push the limits some more. This trial balloon needs to be crushed not dismissed as if they will learn a lesson, daddy.

  12. Registration is one thing; casting a ballot is another.

    So they’re registering pets, the dead, little green men from Mars. As long as none of these attempts to vote, why lose any sleep?

    Could it be that the mailings are based a list rented from a direct mailing company? That’s why some of us receive catalogs from mail order firms from which we’ve never bought anything. BTW, the return on direct mail to those who have never been customers is about 1%. Even from those who’ve been customers, that return is usually less than 5%.

    A firm using direct mail will increase the return by including something for the recipient to do: insert a token into a slot, attach a couple of sticky labels, etc. Offer something as a “free gift” if the recipient replies within a week or 10 days.

    • I think we need unstaffed voting locations. Just use the honor system, so that anyone or anything can vote as often as they like. I wonder if we can farm out the vote counting not only to Spain, but maybe Iran, or North Korea? Hell, let’s let them vote too. I mean, really, let’s have a little basic voting justice here!!

    • since many states allow voting by mail…how do we know who casts a vote? The purple finger is used in foreign elections (one person/one vote)…not “mail in” ballots. I’d like to see the number of mail in ballots decreased to active duty military and the people in like nursing homes. All other’s should have to go to a poll and show a valid ID. Otherwise, we will never stop the fraud.

    • Ahhh, but you miss the point – somehow all these “registered pets, dead and little green men” have been “resurected” and their votes are counted, Chicago style.
      That is how LBJ defeated Coke Stevenson for his Senate seat way back – LBJ won by 200 votes and many years later it was discovered that the “dead voters” proved to be the difference in the election.
      More recently this tactic was tried in the recall election of the Wisconsin governor but despite the millions of dollars poured in by the DNC and the unions, with busloads of “recallers” coming in from Illinois and other states, the people of Wisconsin saw thru the farce and the Gov. won by 10 points, more than his original win over the same guy when he was originally elected.
      Vizar, you just know how Chicago politics functions and with the election of Obama it has now infested our national election process.
      If one wished to major in corrupt politics all one would have to do is in enroll in the mandatory Chicago course: “How to Cheat in the Political Process and Win” – now you will occasionally get caught like Blago and Rostenkowski but more times than not you can retire (or resign) before they can convict you.

    • A few weeks before the 2008 election, I received an absentee ballot in the mail. At the time, I thought it was pretty weird as I’ve NEVER voted absentee, nor EVER requested an absentee ballot. Having no real clue as to what was behind it, but suspecting the possibility that the intent was to count only those ballots cast for democraps, I saved them the trouble of destroying it by throwing it in the garbage myself, then going to the polls as usual.
      I remember a time when none of this could have happened (at least not here in my state, Mi) because EVERYONE had to register IN PERSON, with proof of WHO they were, AND proof of U.S. CITIZENSHIP. Also, absentee ballots were severly restricted, and given out only after absolute proof that you had legitimate cause for not going to the polls personally. My Grandad worked for the New York Central railroad for many years and was gone from home most weeks Mon thru Fri, stationed in any one of about ten different cities, so he nearly always voted absentee. As he was fond of saying, he expected that any day they’d ask him to put up his house and car as collateral and forfeit his first born to acquire a ballot.

  13. All fools believe that a lie for the public good is somehow OK. Elitists believe this with great enthusiasm. The groundless public ofen agrees or is indefferent.
    Wake up please. Good people of the United States, you matter and what you do and think matters. Please don’t stand by, do what ever you will, it matters.

  14. WHAT are WE ALL going to DO ?
    IT’s HAPPENING —-right in front of US —-every DAY—-things are Changing.
    & the PUBLIC goes on exceping it. As someone said WE are becoming a Welfare Country @ almost 40% —-& when you get the MAJORITY —–You are in a GOVY. CONTROLED COUNTRY.

  15. If this election is a fraudulent one, as it seems most certain to be, Obama will prevail. If this is the case, we can kiss our freedoms and liberty good bye.

    • Well, better pucker up. He’s going to win, even if every single voter in the country votes for Romney – Obama will win. It’s really for the greater good, right? How can we move “Forward(tm)” if we don’t reelect Obama? How will all those poor victims get their Obama-bucks if Obama doesn’t win? Hmm? I truly fear for our future.

  16. They go lower look at the House and Senate co-signers of the So called loan they took from Social Security and never paid back. A co-signer is to make the payments, so the Members of the House and Senate should start digging in their pockets. Remember that was your Money put into Social Security and I didn’t APPROVE hte loan!

  17. I’m a firm believer in registering in person at the county clerks office. All these other ways of registering are abetting voter fraud. Also I’m against all these absentee ballots, you only get one if you have a valid reason for not voting in person, and you do that in person at the clerks office , with exceptions of case by case by the clerk. We should not make it easier to vote we should make it worth while to vote. Then and just then we might get knowledgeable voters, not the airheads we have today.

  18. Just reading that Romney backed down on forcing an investigation scares the hell out of me. You MUST remember, these thugs are led by the greatest con artist of our time who will say anything to satisfy the ignorant masses; knowing darned well he will do the opposite if it furthers his agenda. Afterall, what’s wrong with a few dead people voting. Remember, one provided him with a Social Security number. Romney is a wuss and I really hate to think that he is the only choice MY Republican leaders can give me. He’ll still get my vote because I don’t want that Communist currently occupying the White House to get another four years. As a 70 year old senior and former army officer; my advice to Romney, grow some balls and stand up to these hoodlums. One of the first things we learned as commanders was to enter with an iron; but fair hand, and let up later. If you allow them to you now, I can assure you they will push you more later because they know they can get away with it. Staring with a “soft” approach will lead to nothing but the inmates running the assylum.

  19. The Democrats are really bad – but – the Republicans have caught up with them – I’ve never seen more spineless, un-American, apathetic, greedy and truly stupid group of Republicans as now exist in Congress – with the except of perhaps, two or three, they should all be run out. They are a disgrace.

  20. Yea, here we go he will win the election and the stupid americans that voted for him will be led to the slaughter of America and they will be scratching their stupid little heads going what happened, I don’t know how all these people have gotten so dumb’ed down and can’t see what he stands for and what his agenda is. Is someone putting something in the water or what, I just don’t understand it.
    The only thing that I can come up with is that these people are those that want something for nothing and want the government hand -outs and do not intend on being productive citizens, plainly stated they are lazy-ass pieces of sh*t and are stupid idiots.
    The sad thing about all this is that piece of sh*t obama is depending on it, he is depending on the lazy, stupid, cool-aid drinking americans to re-elect him. He unfortunately, is smart enough to pull the wool over the eyes of the uneducated dunces that couldn’t find their asses with both hands and a map.
    I have lost all respect for or belief in our educational system, I didn’t even finish high school, but I did achieve a GED and I find that I am far more educated than most of the kids entering college today.
    In short we are in trouble and going down fast.

  21. DUH anyone can send anyone a voter registration. Or they can hand them out. Could have been a bunch of really evil Reps. The states evaluate the registration. They have an obligation to purge dead voters, like Fl just successfully did”. You can demand to know what your state or county office does to keep voter rolls. Valid. On the other hand, I’m the national leader of the get out the dead vote a d my new a d old black panthers and old Acorn guys have voter registration and photo I’d for everyone who died since 2008. Organized, trained a d using illegals to vote for dead and then vote for themselves. Pretty slick. Financed by Soros and Eugene v Debs. Really no reason for the casino guy to waste his money on the Rove hand picked dude. Read this a d weep. Youve bee had, big time.

  22. I still say NO ID – NO VOTE. Seriously, those people who honestly cannot afford an ID will not show up to vote anyway. If they do not have some kind of ID then they shouldn’t be allowed to do much of anything. The comments that you penalize poor blacks is just plain bullshit.

  23. Where is Gov. McDonnell on this???? You would think he would want to avoid any indication of impropriety in his state, wouldn’t you??? I can’t understand Republicans lack of action on this issue….they just sort of look the other way and hope it goes away…but it won’t…it’s part of democrats’ heritage!! All of our legal votes are cancelled by fraudulent votes…people voting many times under names of dead people!!! It is simply outrageous and supported by the dictator in the WH. Have you ever seen him do or say anything about it????

  24. Check the names in Jersey City’s Holy Name Cemetery, those people have been registered and voting Democrats since the day they were buried.

  25. I agree with most of what the writer wrote except his “distrust of whistle blowers”. We really need more whistle blowers as it is the only way for us to be alerted to problems. Problems and corruption are running rampant in all levels of government from cities up to the Fed and through huge number of Agencies. Giant salaries, perks, theft, corruption, and bad management everywhere.

  26. Voter fraud does count; a few votes can determine the outcome of whoever wins. Virginia should be forced to purge its ballot mailouts, even after the fact to ensure these ballots will not be counted at the election time. Why do you think Holder and the Justice Dept are trying to sue to prevent voter ID, etc. they want to stack the deck. Enough is enough.
    On top of that, this admnistration is doing everything it can to prevent the military from voting.
    We talk about other countries — well, we’re just as bad, if not worse.
    In this day when this administration labels freedom loving and constitutional adherence people as terrorists, we need to stop this madness now.
    For those of you that proclaim you are a Democrat, stop and think what the Democratic party represents today. It is not what it use to be. Today it is a marxist, socialist organization intend on enslaving people through the carrots they are handing out — entitlements unearned including food stamps, etc. It adheres to the Salinski platform. The Republican party has its faults also but at least they are attempting to get this country turned around from the socialist status that has been ungoing for the past few years.
    Which is the least of the two running? A socialist nation or a republic really working to help those who want to succeed?
    Increasing employment in the government sector just adds an extra burden on those being taxed; it says its for the middle class. I don’t think so. If the middle class has to pay taxes for those who refuse to work, where does at leave them? Any richer – NO WAY!!!! Think with your heads not with your eyes and ears — the media is there to deceive us, not give us reality.

  27. Under OBAMA and Harry Reidt everything is allowed: Voter intimidation, voter fraud, cheating, lying, being an illegal president etc. All of that is allowable, to talk about it is not political correct. When does hunting season on DEMOCRATS open????

  28. I have 4 dogs and 6 cats that need to be registered. They will be registered as Republicans !! None of the dogs are on the menu so White House, stay away !! I would rather have my dogs dining beside me than a liberal. REALLY !!

  29. I have a question. The media is being kept hushed on this issue. I heard that Occidental College released Obama’s records and it shows that he enrolled as a foreign national. Where does that leave this election. Do the people care that the far east placed Obama in his position? Do we care that he is destroying our great nation? Wy does Obama have so many muslims in his administration? Why is Hilary Clinton’s employee granted immunity as a Muslim? Does this have to do with her duties? Why isn’t Congress doing something about this?
    Re Obama, Does that mean his Executive Orders have no legality?

  30. Yet America sends Jimma Carter to Central America to make sure that theyir votes are on the up and up. Makes you laugh. By the way, the majority of this behavior has a name; democRAT!

  31. I would like to be there to see a dog or a dead person come in with their driver’s license to vote, but if it was sent home for them to vote “mail- in”, I know we have a problem. Some liberals will go to any great fraudenth length to keep their Obamoos in office. If we cant get any of the justice departments to to anything about it, then what can we do. This is outrageous and our hand are repeatedly tied.

  32. I am not sure Romney can win with the fraud and just plain stupid people who refuse to look at the issues that are bringing down our country. 🙁 If he doesn’t win, just once, I would like to hear a candidate tell Americans…..You have chosen a path leading to the destruction of our country. I pray God has mercy on us.

  33. In St. Louis, we demonstrated with photos and voter rolls how Africanus Criminalis voted out of vacant lots and burned-out buildings, but Corporate St. Louis, the POST-DISPATCH, Establishment Republicans, all “Democrats,” all blacks and every liberal raised such a stink that the investigation into voter fraud was delayed 7 months, and gave ’em an opportunity to cover their tracks…


  35. “If you can’t beat them, join them.” That’s what my county republican organization preaches.
    I disagree wholeheartedly. They taught us to use a mail in voter registration form downloadable off our state election website and register to our hearts content, because the liberals do it. We were taught than anyone can register voters because that’s what the liberals do and that’s the law in this state. I say two wrongs do not make a right. Please help volunteer here: Let’s true the vote.

  36. I have a question for everyone. At all Republican official gatherings the first order of business is the Pledge of Allegiance. I wonder if Democrat meetings begin with this or not? My suspicion is that they probably don’t, but don’t know for sure.

  37. When did not having to show I.D. to vote stop? In the past we always had to show I.D. to vote. What happened to change that?

  38. why is it that they do not arrests these people or group, when they know they are committing voter fraud. if the people who receive them fill them out and send them in are also committing voter fraud. obama has no other way to come in. he has to commit crimes in order to get enough votes. if he comes in in november then the republicans need to recount the votes including mail in and compare them. there will probably be duplicates and triples as the dogs are getting voter registration cards, dead people I heard were used in the last election, and obummer got away with it. they should have declared a mis voter fraud and removed him immediately from office without swearing him in. this is how the devil works. He is such a nice person when he wants to be, but that bad bad side of him makes you want to hurt him. some voters need not vote. I heard they will have voting in different languages. if they do not understand the politicians why must they vote. that is against us americans who know our president and what he is up to and does. this needs to cease and desist immediately. it is voter fraud all the way around. paper votes I am not sure if that system really works.what happens if the reader misses and vote . will they say it is a mistrial. of course not. God forbid the general public should find out. this government is so crooked that everyone that goes to the polls be aware of strangers and people who just keep erasing their choices. this is going to be the election of all elections. please vote in the primaries also, this will count for something.

  39. The “The Romney campaign” is so involved in Election Fraud,and Corruption I am amazed that this reporter had the nerve to put Romney above the Fraud in VA. Wake up America.This reporter may live nest door to you.I pray he dosn`t have a family,especially Chidlren….Please! lock you doors,and load your weapon.

  40. Google “Should be on Billboard everywhere” All of Obama’s records have been sealed. He has spent millions to make sure of that.
    Why?….. If he is so much for “transparency” why are all his records sealed? It is obvious a person who has nothing to hide, doesn’t hide anything. Why can’t people see that he is hiding soooo much!? Boggles my mind!!

  41. “In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one
    useless man is a shame, two is a law firm and three or more
    is a congress.”
    – John AdamsNow is the time – not to be complacent and full of ideals – now is the time for action – No Vote For The Incumbant! This is how we, the voter, exact term limits – and get representation committed to fixing this country. Anything less is fatal.Keep in mind, we must be prepared for some pain. Even if the entire government was dismantled we dont have enough money to pay our bills. Its going to take significant cuts – those we feel we’re entitled to – let it go, you are never going to get what you put in – and increase in taxes – bite the bullet – get rid of the IRS, flat tax everyone 15%. Get rid of the Department of Education – let the private sector educate our children – nothing to lose here. The EPA? Gone – now we have sustainable energy and turn OPEC on their head – can you see $1/gallon gas again – I can. Welfare – gone! The money we pour into welfare programs should be funding infrastucture projects – requires labor – we get better streets/water/communications – and millions get a paycheck. Come on people, we’ve lost our way – it’s not impossible to find our way back – and it starts and ends with your vote!

  42. When Romney is elected and we have the House and Senate, everyone of us need to start yelling for voter security AND the ability of the people to recall a President in case we ever get in a situation like we’re in now: A President ruling by fiat, with a Senate that slavishly adores him. The House alone cannot impeach. Think of the mess we would be in if the Democrats also had the House this time around. Obama, with their help would destroy the Constitution. We must have safeguards against a rogue President and Senate in the future because it will come around again.

  43. This article is about ALINSKY RADICALS AND THEIR TACTICS. So just say it. This election is all about Alinsky vs America! Nothing is more vital than understanding this simple truth. Alinsky and the politics of alinsky that America is sick of. Ask anyone what they are sick of in politics and it boils down to ALINSKY. ALINSKY ALISNKY ALINSKY!
    So just say it!

    • Alinsky didn’t invent the democrap’s tactics….he codified them and wrote them down. The dems have been doing this from even before their other codifier, Marx, wrote them down.

  44. MY question is- by whose convictions? Convictions that say “the end justifies the means” convictions? Or convictions based on a higher or an ultimate authority? If so, then who is that ultimate authority. Is an entity, God, or a party?

  45. The dems will still try to cheat on each and every election that they can get away with… has been their SOP throughout their entire history….all the way back to before the Civil War.

  46. We need not only to vote out Obama, but the rest of these a–holes in congress. Reid, Pelosi, Schummer,Rangle etc. they are ruining our great country.

  47. It appears that, for practical purposes, we discern what and who is dead. This is appropriately discriminating and, to the extent that the dead would want us to preserve the values of the past, we ought not to confuse them with the present.

  48. This is been standard operating procedure for the Democratic Party especially in Chicago since the 60s. If you don’t have enough votes just go to the cemetery and they’ll vote for you. What really makes me angry and brings into question whether or not the people involved are really really that stupid. Dirty Diaper Head Obama, Democratic Party in general, and the new Black Panther/Moslem party are doing everything they can to stop the issue of voter IDs by saying that minorities are so stupid that they do not know how to use an ID card. Now I was one of these minorities I would be so angry at being called ignorant and stupid that I would let them know in no uncertain terms that they are nothing more than cheats and con artists.

  49. It’s a sad state of affairs when voter fraud is rampant. We need strict credentials in order to register to vote and we need to have photo ID when go to polls to vote. If one is not willing to have these tools in place, I find them suspect.

    Doubtful there are very many citizens alive in this country who cannot obtain their birth certificates.
    If anyone can navigate their environment, then they should certainly be able to obtain a photo ID. They are required for Credit Cards and cashing checks and entering many government buildings. Cost about the price of 2-4 packs of cigarettes.

  50. LOL see this is what we can expect from Romney. Just like Boehner. Complain a little, slap the wrist and tell them to continue on screwing us. My my my. my problem with the Republicans at this point is no matter what fresh constitutional blood you send to congress they will be ruled by the rino elite and not allowed to open their mouths. Im tired of democratic rino republicans.

  51. There are a group of people out there with “unmovable convictions” and they will do anything to win at all costs. They are called Democrats. They stop at nothing to advance their agenda and if the Republicans don’t start fighting as hard as them we are in trouble. We the people need to start flooding our elected representatives offices with calls and faxes demanding they do what we want and hold them accountable. We have just let them do what they want while we set back and complain. I challenge all of you to make a call to your local, state and national elected leaders and start making a difference! That’s what the Democrats do and it looks like they are winning. We have to quit backing down to them! Look what we did at Chick Fil-A and how it set the liberals back on their heels. If we can do it for them then why don’t we take the same approach to other issues. It’s time to make a stand!

  52. Historic opportunity to reset America. The criminals have gone too far. Treasonous lies everywhere. The truth will set you free. God Bless Sheriff Joe

  53. There is absolutly nothing wrong with our liberty and constitutional processes being tested. In fact the proper application of them is proof that the system works, a victory for liberty. In fact, every generation since our founding has been tested in terms of our freedoms. This time the test is internal, and we will be tested again once this one is overcome. Safeguards against voter-fraud are in place. I lived in that part of Virginia and know this first hand. Be dilligent and trust the process and it will work. Granted, special interests will throw temper tantrums and make a lot of noise after the fact, but the system still works.

  54. The only other hope will be for all the illegals getting to the polls and Obama will probably use another Executive order to get this talen care of.

  55. Further eroding the ‘trust’ of the voting process is Holder going after states who are trying to purge dead voters off the rolls. And the states who are foolishly trying to make the system less fraudulent by requiring voter ID when you vote. And spout no BS to me about the ‘po folks’ and their ID ‘problems’, you can’t exist in today’s society without ID. You think you can’t pull off voter fraud? Check any youtube, search for voter fraud, there’s a bunch of vids showing that in action in no ID states.
    What worries me is the nice, modern computerized voting system. There is NO paper trail that can trace any monkey business when it comes to voter fraud. The systems can be hacked like any other computer system. And furthermore, the software company that used to count those electronic votes in the USA has been bought out by a Soros owned software company in Spain, which will ‘filter’ and ‘count’ all those votes this time. Call me a crazy right wing conspiricist, but I smell something fishy with this deal even before the election.

  56. How is this for a theory? True story! A black woman who was an officer in the NAACP in Mississippi was just convicted of voter fraud. She used 11 different aliases to vote in different precincts, even using a man’s name and three dead people to vote. We are dumb to think the Democrats will not stoop to fraud to get their people elected. The Republicans should be super vigilant or we will have a lot of Mickey Mouses voting again. They also want to disenfranchise the Military vote since they know how they will vote. The same sorry excuse about not being able to get the ballots out to them. If I were Bob McDonnell, I would be all over this case.

  57. Ever wonder why you need to provide a photo ID almost anywhere you go, except to vote ? Liberals, Socialist and Communists operating under the guise as Democrats are well versed in the area of voter manipulation..

  58. Crazy thing is I listened to a left Radio station on Sirus and they are saying the same stuff about Republicans and Romney cheating the voter system.
    My fear is that Dems they say the other party is doing it, then that gives them free reign to commit fraud without any qualms.

  59. king obama will do anything to get relected if he is not relected there will be races riots because white people are racist and we hate the black man


  61. It’s going to be an eye opener when it takes weeks if one candidate requests recounts and voter authentication country-wide. Voter fraud should be dealt with swiftly and harshly to put a stop to it!

  62. Our system of government is “imperfect”. Obama is president, he (directly or indirectly), controls all of the federal agencies and departments. He “owns” the Justice Dept, therefore he can violate any federal law he choses without any consequences. Eric Holder will not investigate his boss or request an arrest warrant for Obama or any of his Czars. As long as they remain in power, they are “Teflon Don’s”. Both the Senate and the House are scared to death of Obama and his power. He controls the senate so they don’t have enough votes to call for impeachment no matter what Obama does. We are stuck with this disaster unless we vote all democrats out of office. These people are dangerous and capable of doing anything to hold onto their power. If we don’t vote them out this time, we may never get another chance to vote again.

  63. Is there any lawyer out their that would like to take a suit? We the AMERICAN PEOPLE would like to have a class action LAWSUIT AGAINST CONGRESS AND SENATORS FOR ALLOWING THE FRAUD – BARRACK HUSSEIN OBAMA TO EVEN BE ALLOWED TO BE IN OUR WHITEHOUSE! A class action lawsuit against the same for gambling our taxes away on other countries that we do not support and a class action lawsuit against THE FRAUD for gambling our money away on all the green crap and one more class action lawsuit because of the changes the EPA, DOJ, TSA, ETC HAS DONE TO AMERICAN CITIZENS WHOM ARE SOVEREIGN CITIZENS. I know there has to be a lawyer that would love to make a name for himself FOR TAKING THE FRAUD DOWN – YOU WILL MAKE MORE MONEY THAN YOU WOULD GETTING PAID OFF BY SOROS OR THE FRAUD – THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WOULD BACK YOU 100%.

  64. This once great country is phoucked. It no longer depends on my conviction as to what is right. Truthfully, depend upon Obama stealing the election because their are evil forces behind it all. Then, there is the Bilderburg group who wishes to destroy “Our” Constitution. Thank God, I am 63 years old and do not have to put up with this nonsense much longer. Both Presidential candidates have become funded equally (by the Bankers) because it is a win…win for them. Look at the Bilderburg group up and finally realize what is going on in this country. Oh, I already know…most of you do not have the time. Well, suffer the consequences of what is going to be! There are a few people out there who actually care. I give a lot of credit to Alex Jones. He has courage and is willing to put his own life on the line to expose the truth of it all. I cannot depend on my “News Media” anymore because they have all been bought and sold to tell you…only what they want you to hear. “They” spin or ignore any story…they choose. Maybe this is why I dropped network TV and their silly opinions almost 7 years ago! I feel relieved with just “Netflix providing my own entertainment over dinner. I never ever needed to be bombarded with Pharmaceutical advertisements with “Viagra” or the “Crap” the networks presented during TV episodes. I am so happy that I dropped it all! If you wish to be the “Victims” than, be the victims. This once great country is in dire straits…is all I know for certain.

  65. This fraud is happening and no one is doing a damn thing about it! We deserve whatever happens. Can’t even beileve our real vote does not count anymore. Welcome to Iran!

  66. Good thing my dogs aren’t registered to vote. Being short-sighted, they’d probably be Democrats, voting with whoever offered them the largest MilkBone, never thinking of the long-term effects. So then I’d have to shoot them.

  67. Who is michael minkoff, and why should I follow/listen to his opinions. He does not seem to care about the elections being fair,truthful , only that they do not create waves, or awaken us from our our world as seen thru “rose colored glasses” can he be real?

  68. It seems America’s Voter Registration Systems are not organised and checked properly, like they are in Australia. Here one has to have PHYSICAL IDENTITY such as a DRIVERS LICENCE, and Social Security Card (detailing age and number etc.) plus a BIRTH Certificate for initial registration. After that, records are scanned for outdated data, death certificates, marriage name changes, overseas residence, etc. — But there are BONUSES for us here, that Australia ALLOWS pre-voting (postal or personal) for people with disabilities, Active Defence Servicemen, or hospitalised / invalid, religious objection to voting on Saturdays etc. etc. It seems your systems don’t allow Soldiers (etc.) to VOTE when overseas? – That is a denial of Citizen’s Rights here, even though / or as a result of, our COMPULSORY VOTING SYSTEM. We may complain, but we can at least say that EVERYONE HAD THEIR SAY in the outcome, and not just an active FEW. – PS; Just because every one votes, does not automatically mean that Labour (low income supporting) Parties win each time… our people put a little more thought into the process!

    • The verification sounds good, the compulsory voting bad. If everyone voted in the US we would be a communist country now. Our country has intentionally bred an underclass to support the liberals. The more babies you have the more money you get from the government. While the liberals were paying poor people to have babies, they were also encouraging educated people to limit family size to save the earth from over-population. This is a bad recipe for a sucessful nation.

  69. I learned about the Dems doing this bak when Ann Richards was governor of Texas! It made me sick hearing some key dems discussing how to win elections! I was ashamed that any American stooped so low.

  70. Have some trees that need to vote and some rocks. Both have names think maybe the trees and rocks would be smarter than anyone voting for the hope and change people. Change Minus 5,000,000,000,000 + dollars in less than a full term in our highest office. Billons of dollars we don’t have going to foreign countries. Billions of dollars going to corporations that go belly up broke. The list is so great are web sites to cover them, such as “US Government Waste” Lke this Billboard/bumper sticker ” If you voted for the current president in2008 to prove that you were not a racist. Please vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you are not an idiot.”

  71. Lets face it, it has been this way for a couple thousand years! And believe me it worked beautifully! — In my life I remember Germany, China, Russia, N.Korea, Cuba, and many countrys in South America, as well as Africa, – now it is new in Venezeuela! They are all under ruthless dictatorships (this is called “change”)! It is definatrely changed from at least “some freedom” to none! Now GB, France,Greece Italy Netherlands and many countrys in that area are in danger of going under to total socialism (and Muslim rule)! Austrailia has banned their guns also – and are in severe danger also! If you idon’t fight for it “tooth and nail” constantly, it disappears….. Now the money & your greed,- and non attentiveness leads to collapse! —- Please everybody wake up and look around! I’m going to die pretty soon, so it won’t affect me a whole lot anyway,- (obama has already put me on the deathlist)! But I do have children and grand children, and great grand children, – and I’d like to see them have freedom in future! Of course the “greats” will be taught in a Government school, and they will be raised never knowing the difference! So it may affect them less! They will of coiurse probably be raised under “Sharia law”, and be in governemnt religion (muslim)!

  72. As some old Democrats have often said” vote early and vote often”. The only votes that should be counted are those cast in person at a certified voting place where they check for any voter irregularity. Voters should have to show a picture ID and proof of residency. Absentee ballots should be allowed, but never mailed to an individual address. Our right to vote is a fundamental freedom and should be protected by making sure that all eligible voters have the right to cast a ballot, but only once each election cycle.

  73. Will it be too much to ask that those people sending in the bogus registration cards be prosecuted and if convicted, incarcerated.?

  74. The “Boot of Marxism” is about to be fully slammed down hard on the neck of American’s freedoms, liberties, Bill of Rights, and Constitution. If America’s “Ignorant Class” doesn’t wake up, America becomes a full blown Marxist State. History repeats itself once again.

  75. Remember in the JFK vs Nixon elections proof was established that the voting in “good old” Chicago (The Daley Family) was fixed for Kennedy..Nixon’s people pleaded with him to go to court and appeal but his response.. ” I don’t want to bring dishonor to the Nation and Democracy “. Here is a example of what took place … I was an election judge at a polling place in Chicago in the 1970s and
    when we opened the 5 absentee ballots they all voted straight democratic
    and they all were filled in in green ink in the same handwriting. Now
    if every precinct had 5 extra votes, or more, that could change an

  76. Michael Minkoff describes two kinds of voters, those of conviction and those of personal greed. What about both classes that are badly informed?

    The. MAN (Fox included), refuse to tell is about our “Money Masters” who own the mighty “Federal Reserve Bank”, the ones who own most of the politicians.

    Many new political web sites are coming on lime these days, the only ones I believe are the ones who include the Fed in. Their articles. It separates the the truth from the lies.

    They’re not Federal, they have no Reserve, they are simply a BANK.


  77. Unmovable conviictions? They don’t really exist. As times change and conditions change, new convictions must be developed. Honesty, integrity and intelligence are what are left, and we almost all feel that we have those.
    Unfortunately, we must let the chips fall where they may. Fatalistic ? Yes, I’m sorry.

  78. Voter fraud is the Democrats claim to fame, and is one of the reasons we keep getting Con men, jack-asses, sellouts, RINOs, and tax cheats in office! get rid of the electoral college, and the caucuses and give us true voter ID to “sniff-out” the fakes( my apologies for my canine sense of humor, but I could not help it)! So, NOW Obama isn’t happy with average adult human votersm, so he turns to preschool, the Morgue, and the Pound!! Somebody please tell me when we can lock Obama in the prison-nuthouse…

  79. This is just the tip of the iceberg. The company in charge of COUNTING the VOTES is based in SPAIN. The OBAMA attack DOGS [ pun intended ] are RABID – hence he didn’t EAT them.

  80. I need to show my drivers license to get a Fishing Licence, Hunting License, Check out a book at the Library and even Rent a tool, in spite of the fact the Tool Shed has my Credit Card. Why the Hell would not a Positive ID be needed to VOTE?

    Not having a Positive Voter ID is sheer Lunacy and Corrupts the Election. Maybe that is what Obama and his Merry Band of Marxist want to do! What a piece of Crap we have in the White House and in Harry Reid Democrats today!

  81. Every polling place should have a list of animal shelters and cemeteries which the DemocRATs might use as addresses. Every cemetery I see looks like a DemocRAT voting precinct.

  82. Well, I have a whole bunch of cats, a couple of dogs and a couple of horses, my Mom and Dad are both dead, plus my Grandmother, Grandfather and Uncle….Suppose I could get them to vote against odumbass?

  83. What these azzhole don’t tell you is that registering is not voting. I imagine like any other event where you send in a form, registration has its share of pranksters and dummies. The people who work for your state go through these and flush out the weird o’s. They have to match addresses and names.
    The fact you never see reports of voting fraud lately and only registration fraud is there is very little voter fraud goes on in this country, But make no mistake it does go on on both sides. So don’t worry about this latest attempt to screw with your head. Make sure you do what is right and forget about the fear mongers. If you are really concerned go down to your local voter registration office and I am sure they will be happy to walk you through their process.

  84. you wrote:
    “” would serve only to undermine the legitimacy of whoever wins this next election, and to undermine even the office itself. It’s the same reason why the Obama birth certificate issue has been relegated to conspiracy theory. Thoroughly investigating it gives legitimacy to perspectives that undermine the accepted political narrative and the current complexion of power. It really doesn’t matter if a story is true or not. What matters is that people are able to continue believing that they live in a country where they have the right to choose… and where their choices really make a difference. That’s more important than the truth.””

    Michael, I cannot disagree more vigorously……you are wrong……and frankly need to think this again….Obama’s fraudulent certificate, his lies and cover-ups should be exposed…as should those who knowingly lied on his behalf…he defrauded this nation..and should gp directly to jail.

  85. @ the author of this article: You freely use the term “we” and “us” throughout the article evidently including me in your explanation of the thoughts and actions. of Americans. You speak only for yourself and I do not fit into the label you placed on Americans. Also I am not an extremist or a radical. I think with logic, reason and true facts and let the results be as they are without bias.

  86. The pets, children and dead people would probably make more informed decisions than the typical democrat. But I still strongly oppose them voting.

  87. Why shouldn’t my dog vote? He has more sense than a thousand mao-mama voters. Look what those people got us. Let the dog vote and if he runs for president, I’ll go out and vote for him as many times as I can. FIDO for president!!

  88. If we want to rid our White House of the ubummbo’s we need to vote early and often. The sleeze bags are on the march. Just look for the Union label!!!!!!!!!

  89. This election must bring about the death of the Democrat party once and for all. They should never again hold any high office, local, state, or federal. I pray November will be their death knell.

  90. This is SOP for democrats….they can’t win any other way and they’re proud of it!!! That’s the mentality you’re dealing with… gosh, look at Harry Reid….poster idiot for the democratic party..with their chairperson running a very close second!!!

  91. Dear Director of Virginia Voter Registration; I am sending you this memo to advise you that my German Shorthair, Hund, is in the vet’s hospital and cannot vote. Would you please forward her absentee vote to; Frau Michelle die Hund, 1041 Parting of the Way, Poormond, Virginia 00812. I will see that she votes. PS To save time why don’t you punch the all-dungbeetle (I mean democrat) ticket and save the time and postage. Slalom.

  92. Terrible, I bet they all vote several times. Do you really believe a photo ID would stop the voter registration cards from being mailed? Even with a picture one can look like an animal or look like being dead and I understand an “X” for a signature works.

  93. The president will be whomever the Council on Foreign Relations decides they want in the White House. The government within the government. More people need to visit their site and see their list of members and corporations.

  94. Anyone caught attempting to vote fraudulently should be prosecuted, spent time in jail and have their voting rights permanently rescinded.

  95. Apparently, this is normal for an Obama election, make up stories about the opponent that people will buy into, but never check their facts. So if that the case, voter fraud is nothing to him. We must begin to demand his College records from Columbia, Harvard and the third one I can’t remember, but his College or University addmission records, records, thesis papers and his passport applications and records. He’s has spent 4 million $ to keep them closed. What’s he hiding.

  96. There MUST be at every polling place a sign-up sheet with names, addresses and phone #s of everyone who votes for Ron Paul so that the Democrips and Rebloodlicans cannot steal Ron Paul’s votes. I hope Americans wake up in time and realize that Ron Paul is the GOOD GUY and the others are 2 evils. I hope to see the overthrow of the shadow government’s power-elite who are backing both Romney and Obama. I hope to see a HUGE WRITE-IN VOTE FOR RON PAUL to put the constitution back into effect and get rid of the tyrannts and criminals who are running and destroying America.

  97. The Romney Campaign people may be satisfied with whatever the “group” that was sending those partially completed voter registration cards out BUT, WHY IS THE STATE OF VIRGINIA NOT PURSUING CHARGES AGAINST ALL OF THOSE INVOLVED???? Something is rotten in Richmond! The “group”, which should also have been named (ACORN, New Black Panthers, individual left-wing loonies?) violated election laws and MUST be punished! WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT!!!

  98. When I was a kid in SC back in the 50’s, Chicago was already famous for dead people getting to the polls – and they were all democrats. LBJ won his first senate race by less than 100 votes – just enough were found at one precinct at the last minute. Turns out they all voted in alphabetical order – and a judge saw no evidence of fraud. Of course he was a democrat. Our votes only count if we can outnumber all the dead democrats and live pets in democrat households, and maybe some dead pets. You know, it’s pretty amazing that a republican ever wins an election!

  99. Wake up Bloomberg and Rasmussen have both been caught making fake lIIegaI immigrant favored polls for the white house [both are subject to the money from their advertiser and are bias], and 2008 presidential election had the ballot boxes stuffed in Pennsylvania and Ohio for B0 democrats, or Palin should have won. So since B0 actually lost the last election and is now less popular, how can it be a close race without fake polls and voter fraud? YOU TELL ME!

  100. We sat back and allowed a freak to become a Senator in Minnesota, and similar candidates elsewhere . . elected by tiny, after-the-fact margins that defy statistical and historical facts. To me, knowingly subverting the vote is a serious form of treason and should be dealt with severely, with national corruption even bringing on penalties as bad as government subversion during war time. After all, if we all a pathetic liar like the Minnesota Senator to remain in office, imagine him being multiplied until they were a majority . .

    Holder’s racists, anti-conservative cover-up of voter intimidation and refusal to investigate voter fraud is simply his way of saying he and his boss know they can’t win without lying, cheating and subversion.

    Let’s make sure we drive every legitimate voter who has conservative values to the poles this November and send the racists-Marxists packing. Legally, without all that Liberal fraud!!

  101. The key to
    Democrat victory in 2012 is ballot corruption on a grand scale. ACORN, AARP,SEIU, Union money and union
    goons, the Race card, homosexual activists and a proliferation of criminal political activist organizations. The collusion of these government funded
    organization only scratches the surface of the monumental criminal activity
    that will accompany the election in 2012.

    present leadership, our Department of Justice has and will overlook criminal
    activity whose prosecution might be damaging to the present
    administration. Election fraud on the
    part of Democrats won’t be identified as such or prosecuted when
    discovered. When courts are capricious, or
    selective in prosecution, there is no law.
    The one institution that keeps our system of government viable is a free
    and fair ballot. Violate the ballot and
    we no longer have a Constitutional Republic.

    To save our
    system of government we must demand that our election laws are obeyed and
    violators be arrested and prosecuted. To
    do this it is imperative that our law enforcement agencies are not hobbled by
    the present administration and that our courts are not stifled by the
    Department of Justice. Since most
    federal law enforcements agencies answer to the president, it is essential that
    local sheriffs, police officers and the citizenry report any irregularities in
    our voting process.

    Please take
    this seriously! Please do what you can
    to stop this impending catastrophe. Find
    out who is counting your vote. Contact
    your election boards and anyone responsible for a clean election. Take another look at third world communist
    dictatorships and ask if that is the system of government under which you wish
    to live.

  102. Just because some stupid idiots “register” to vote it does not mean that they can vote!
    A dog can not sign his name, don’cha know!
    “Robme” committed “voter fraud”, a felony, when he voted in Mass. before he was a legal resident.
    Your guy is dangerous to us all.
    Why doesn’t he show us his tax records going back even 5 years?
    Is he trying to hide something.
    Bet’cha he is!

  103. Jesus is not coming to save us from the Obamas’, Pelosies’ or Reids’. That is up to an informed electorate. I’m afraid we will never again have an informed electorate. Political correctness and Miss Manners have all but ended any possible honest discourse on politics. Sorry. Grin and bear it. Republicans aren’t Saints but they aren’t Evil Liberals.

  104. People like Mathew’s and sharpton have a mentalaty of a snail .When you count the number of people that listen to them they may number 100 . my guess is that MSMBC won,t last to much longer as there ratting have been on the down turn for a very long time I don’t know many folks that watch it now.

  105. O, the life of a career politician in the US Congress. Outstanding pay for working 30 hours a week, 25 weeks a year (most of that time spent playing games on your laptop while the pesky government protocols are observed). Lots of staff and interns to do the work. Taxpayer paid vacations (fact-finding trips) all around the world. Best retirement plan in the world, vote in your own pay raises, best health coverage in the world (FREE). Lobbyists to pay for your every nee. Insider trading information to amass a fortune. PLUS a get-out-of-jail-free card. Don’t want to pay income taxes, NO PROBLEM, you are a senator/congressman.
    The only requirement is that you sell your soul to the devil, but who cares! Let the peasants eat cakes!

    • You forgot the worst part, neither they nor their staffs bother to read the bills they are voting for. But why bother when your lobbyists tell you how to vote?

  106. What else is new, when you get to the news part let me know. Will these dead people, cats etc. bring their ID’s to vote? Why are we majoring in minors? We know the reason for this very old trick. It is to go back in time where slaves could not vote. We are making you proud in every area, lately in the Olympics. Why can’t we get along. We cannot believe in the Fatherhood of God and deny the brotherhood of man, unless you still see us as property or 3/5ths, especially since we are still identified by our slave masters names.

  107. Once again, a legitimate reason for picture state id’s with pictures for human adults who want to vote. There is noting discriminatory about it.

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