PETA in Favor of Killing Humans but Not (Other) Animals

PETA has always been unwittingly plagued by massive inconsistencies in logic. Even its name exposes PETA to the pitfalls of equivocation. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. So, if animals are people too, then what does PETA even mean? Some Animals for the Ethical Treatment of Arbitrarily Chosen Other Animals? Are humans the only people? Or should animals be held to the same ethical standards as humans? Why should some animals be allowed to viciously “murder” and eat other animals, but humans should all be vegetarian? All of these questions are left conveniently unanswered by an organization built on emotional kneejerk reactions over against sound ethical reasoning.

Because if humans are merely animals, then humans should be allowed the same ethical leeway that we allow animals. Or, conversely, if animals are people too, then we should hold them to the same standards of ethics we apply to ourselves. For instance, did PETA condemn orcas for hunting and killing a baby whale in one of the more vicious displays of cunning and violence ever recorded?

In comparison, Walter Palmer’s hunting of Cecil the Lion is downright merciful. But that hasn’t kept PETA from calling for Walter Palmer’s execution. PETA posted this to their twitter account recently:

Because shooting #CecilTheLion in the park would have been illegal, he [Walter Palmer the Dentist Hunter] needs to be extradited, charged, &, preferably, hanged.

Hanged? Are you serious? Let’s talk about Cecil the lion. He hunted and killed animals right? He fought with collared lions and may have even killed some of his competitors. So why didn’t PETA call for his execution? I fail to see why one animal hunter should get a pass when another animal hunter does not. Unless animals are not people. Or people are not animals. Either of which would put PETA in a logical pickle that it, of course, fails to acknowledge.

And here’s the real shame of this whole situation. Leftist media outlets have said almost nothing about Planned Parenthood since shocking videos revealed some top Planned Parenthood people knowingly harvested and auctioned off the body parts of aborted babies. Trafficking human body parts is illegal by the way. And probably worse than shooting a lion someone lured out of a protected animal park. Can you imagine what PETA would say if some companies were bidding for the body parts of unborn lion cubs from protected parks? Yet almost none of the people weeping over Cecil the lion have shed a tear over the millions of dead babies Planned Parenthood has butchered and parceled out to the highest bidder. If PETA is so concerned for the ethical treatment of animals, why not the ethical treatment of humans? Are we not animals in their eyes?

Nope. No such luck. PETA is completely in favor of the death penalty for one animal species: human beings. They are appalled and aghast when a lion is killed, but they don’t even hesitate to call for the execution of the lion’s human hunter. An eye for an eye and a tooth and claw for a tooth and claw, I guess. So when will PETA be setting up court systems in the Serengeti to try vicious animal predators for murder? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

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