People on Food Stamps Outnumber Women Working Full-Time Jobs

Thanks to the evaporation of American employment options,  the devaluation of the American dollar, and the expansion of government largesse, American citizens are even more dependent on the civil government than ever. In fact, statistics from 2011 and 2012 indicate that there are more people on food stamps than there are women working full-time jobs.

This is the first instance on record where this has been the case in back-to-back years. But I find even the framing of the statistic troubling. Notice what it does not say. It doesn’t say that women receiving food stamps now outnumber women working full-time jobs. It says that people receiving food stamps now outnumber women with full-time employment.

Why would that even be a meaningful statistic?  The only thing I can think is that a considerable amount of people on food stamps are actually single mothers. Or, at least, that single mothers are more likely to be on food stamps. Consider that, in 2012—the last reported year on record—45% of all single mothers received food stamps (formally called SNAP benefits). That’s a huge percentage of single mothers.

The entire system is really at fault here. For one, where are the fathers? Why are there millions of mothers out there raising children on their own? Because of the absenteeism and profligacy of the American man, women are in a position where they feel they must go to the State for help. And the State offers two kinds of help in most cases: abortions and welfare.

Think about how integrated the socialist system is. The whole debate over abortion, welfare, dependency, national budgets, etc. could be resolved if the majority of men would do one simple thing: stay with their kids and the mothers of their kids and work to provide for them.

It’s amazing how simple the solution is. We say we want the civil government to decrease. It can’t until American fathers increase.

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  1. When a man cannot get a job he feels like less then a man and since he cannot support a family he either does not get married or simply walks away…..the lack of jobs for the citizens in this country are destroying our families and our country

    • B.S. No MAN walks away from his family. Walking away is what Boys and slack jawed sissies do. A MAN assumes responsibility, has unwavering character and is honorable. One of the biggest problems we face as a nation today is the absence of MEN !! Oh I’m not talking about the army macho boys, I’m talking about red-blooded American MEN who face whatever comes their way and then deals with it head on!! Running away is what cowards, and little boys do. Turn and face the dragons !!

  2. Divorce rates are at an all time high. They are created by government. Why would any male marry when, at the point of a government gun, he runs the risk of losing everything, including his salary, all of his assets and pensions, his children, and ultimately, his own life if becomes too despondent over the divorce and loss of children that he takes his life. Over 15,000 males commit suicide each and every year because of divorce, divorce-related support issues, or divorce-related custody issues.

  3. You cannot legislate morality.

    Society has allowed fathers to disappear at will;
    men feel no responsibility – legal or moral – to raise their own children.
    The book “Adam and Eve after the Pill” explains the results of the sexual revolution.
    If government didn’t provide such a comfortable alternative, more mothers and fathers would stay together.

    Unfortunately, Uncle Sam allows men to avoid their responsibility by practically raising their children for them… Good grief!

    • No legal or moral responsibility? That has been taught (covertly) in schools and by uncle sugar for decades. This won’t improve until the country’s morals improve. Remember, one of the goals of communism is to destroy the family unit, duh!, that will never happen… huh? Have a nice evening comrades.

      • I didn’t say you can’t TEACH morality.
        I said you can’t legislate morality.
        If people don’t have values, you can’t govern them to have values.
        It’s an intrinsic part of a person’s character.

        Today’s liberals see morality as a God-given attribute –
        And they want nothing to do with it.

        • Mine was just a comment and was not meant to be a negative on yours. I mostly agree with you. Sorry it came across wrong. I think the answer to many of todays problems is personal responsibility and I agree, you cannot legislate that. Teach by example.

  4. The people on food stamps today…should have to prove to the “States” that they are truly eligible. A large percentage of these citizens have been handed these food stamps from the Obama Administration…just to win votes in the next election. A lot of them are not legal citizens. It’s a total scam…as is this Administration!

    • A drug test should be mandatory to receive ANY type of assistance, Federal, State & Local.
      Most people who work and pay the taxes must take drug tests. Why not the indigents who receive those hand-outs???? Including the President, the Senate & the House of Representatives AND all of their staffs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • They tried that in Florida,
        Drug users were negligible.
        Do you ever go ANYWHERE buy right wing media?

        Y’all know of course RICK SCOTT’S WIFE owns the drug testing labs?
        Just like Rick Perry’s sister owns women health clinics NOT affiliated with Planned Parenthood.


          • Do you dispute ANYTHING I posted?
            Of course not.
            Why I bet y’all support that common tax cheat Cliven Bundy

          • That’s even been debunked on RIGHT WING SITES.
            There IS something seriously wrong with you people!

          • It just recently came out dude. It makes perfect sense/ Why would the BOLM come in such force? Because Reid wants his solar farm. Just wait. If this goes down bad (and I pray it doesn’t) it’ll just be another nail in the coffin for your 2014 election chances.

          • Hon, even Glenn Beck disputes that wind farm claim
            Tell his Blazebots NOT to embrace the Bundy tax cheat.

          • He basically stole $1,00,000 from the government whose land it is.

            Would you let him do it in our national parks like Yellowstone?
            Federal land use is not supposed to be free. He made a lot of money and
            payed the government nothing for it even though it wasn’t his in the first place…

          • It doesn’t mean he doesn’t owe it does it?
            Because of the refunding of these agencies it happens more and more…

          • No it didn’t take them 20 years.
            He’s been in and out of court with the government for years.
            And ALWAYS loses.
            Why do you even bother posting?

          • The Government doesn’t own land. They steal it from Americans. They don’t have money either. They steal that from Americans too…..Or do you think that the “Government” pays for things???

          • Without the govnment you wouldn’t have highways and bridge and national parks. Without government there would be anarchy. Money can unbalance people. Government can get better when better people are in it. Corporations are not people…. Of the people, by the people and for the people….

          • With the states consent and co-operation in the federal government forum, THEY collectively share and use the highways, bridges, and national parks. But with an overly strong centralized government comes oligarchy (which D.C. is flirting with). Constitutionally, the federal government serves the states, not the reverse.

          • Outside of the District of Columbia, the federal government has no Constitutional claim to a land grant. And since the federal government is limited to explicitly what the Constitution empower and authorizes…..well you figure it out.

          • The way non-private land is aquired determines the legitimacy of the STEWARDSHIP (lease?). Stewardship when used is not to be confused with OWNERSHIP. There is a significant differance. Further, automatic federalization of non-private land is incorrect. That is because The Union is composed of fifty soveriegn states with defined borders (once achieving statehood), not fifty federal provences with arbitrarily changible borders (as much as the social progressives would like borders to be meaningless).

          • Ditto. Hopefully the GOP will expose this corrupt LIBERAL but without the support of the media I’m afraid it’s just going to be another lost cause.

          • I dispute YOU period and yes I along with millions support Mr. Bundy against a Federal Government under the control of the Obama administration and other assorted Libturds. Why I bet you support that criminal Harry Reid.

          • I bet you support those common tax cheats, Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel , huh, Chuckie? What about all of that cocaine that Rev. Al sold and never paid taxes on his profits? It’s OK when it’s one of your own, isn’t it, Chuckie?

          • Thank you for this link, it was most informative. I wonder of Charles Almon took the time and effort to read and UNDERSTAND what was presented there. Thank you again.

          • Of course. He should not be paying to graze his cows on his own property. They only want that land for a deal with China and solar panels. Do YOU read anything but Liberal mainstream media? Doubtful.

          • Are you insane? Are you CERTIFIABLY INSANE?
            It’s NOT HIS property.
            Do you have a language or comprehension problem?

          • Bundy is not a tax cheat. He is making a point that the law needs to be changed. Just like Homosexuals and abortion lovers did to make all that legal. Just like Illegal immigrants are demonstrating out in the open and want to become legal. Where is the government when it comes to enforcing those laws. Charles you have been drinking to much Kool Aid. And you bet your ass I support Cliven Bundy. He is trying to correct a wrong.

        • You my tax dodging friend are as usual on every site with the same obama message and liberal cry. Our friends in SF got your form and said they would be contacting you real soon about you tax status also. So when you live in a glass house do not throw rocks. Glass breaks and all you glass is all over the web and way too many people have seen it and helped you out/ Congratulations, you are going to get real lucky real soon, enjoy it.

          • A stupid man
            with a stupid post
            You know absolutely nothing about me or my financial status.
            Like ALL right wing loons and media
            YOU just make something up and then pontificate
            on what YOU JUST MADE UP. That’s insanity.

          • You posted the fact that you made $500 plus a day and were a big deal, you are the one who put you face and mouth and life on the internet for all to see. You want to walk the walk and talk the talk you got to pay your dues.Remember what ever you put on any social site is available for any and all to research and see, as now the rest of your life going to be made public, like the fun picture with you friend making the tongue out faces looking over the fence rail. Fools names and fools faces always appear in public places. Anyone who spends all his time on all the public sites making smart comments and calling people names and insulting them and not just respecting peoples rights to have an opinion and freely express themselves with out fear or worry of abuse truly deserves all that he/she receives. And as for a job, how can you have time to have a job unless obama and his crew pay you to post on the net, you live online, how could it not be your job if you have one. Relax an try to enjoy life. God gave you life to prosper and enjoy, try it you might just like it instead of being so full of spite and hate. Have a nice day.

          No. That would be the useful idiot voters utilized by the social progressives of the Democrat party. Three of five not surprisingly are women.
          (45% single women are on public assistance + 3 of 5 Obama supporters were women = Hmmmmmmm……..)

      • Could you imagine the alcohol level John Boehner has most of the time? Those baggers in Congress would drive anyone to drink.

        • But Speaker Bonehead would in his dreams not be driven to drink. But instead would move to a town within walking distance of a cigarette factory, a tanning salon, and a distillery.

  5. Years and years ago, you couldn’t get food stamps if you had a car. They figured you could ride public transportation to work. IF you had a job at all, you couldn’t get food stamps. And, ONLY people with children were allowed to have food stamps.
    I HAVE SEEN PEOPLE IN BRAND NEW CARS putting groceries they purchased with food stamps in their NEW cars.

    On my block of 15 homes, 4 of the homes are owned by Illegals. They ALL own BRAND TWO NEW SUV type cars. Their children do NOT wear clothes from the Salvation Army either. They have the American Dream and not even paying taxes.
    I have shopped at the same store for 20 yrs. I was in the check -out line when I mentioned the people who just left were my neighbors. I was disgusted when they paid for food stamps.
    Shirley (the store employee I have known for years) said, “Wait until you hear this! The illegal grab two baskets when they come in. They fill the top and bottom with food. They then take it to their NEW car to unload, then come back into the store.

    This time, they fill up both baskets “top and bottom” with cases of beer and wine.
    I ran into Social Worker I knew years ago that worked with Social Services in Texas. She had recently quit. She caught two illegal families in fraud. She explained: One family would “borrow” two children from a friend or family member and head out to Social Services to sign up for food stamps. The NEXT day, the children in that family would be borrowed for another family or friend to pretend the extra children are theirs.

    A family of 4 receives food stamps for a family of 6!!!

    She quit because she objected after they gave her a hard time about “those poor little illegals.”

  6. If they take away my gun rights then my family will be forced to apply for food stamps. We eat largely what I kill during hunting season to make it until the next season.

  7. The goals and dreams of Obummer’s Marxist State are coming to fruition. Thomas Jefferson gave America only 400 years to survive as a free Representative Republic. Sadly we couldn’t even make it close to that timeframe.

  8. OMG who do those children, babies, disabled, veterans and old people think there are!!!!
    Where do they dig up these “writers”?

      • Facts that mean absolutely nothing,
        The “writer” is trying to create the impression all these food stamps users
        are 100% lazy surfer dudes. Not mostly made of groups I defined.

        • We have lots of roadsides that need cleaned, public bathrooms that need cleaned, roads that need sweeping. Anyone receiving welfare should be WORKING for it 8 hours a day. I bet you the number on it would drop significantly….

          • I agree! We keep hearing about our infrastructure needing work – we’ve got a huge labor force that’s already being paid via welfare and unemployment. Put them to work for their pay.

    • Those babies, children, disabled veterans and old people who need help should seek out the non profit shelters, churches and other giving organizations. Helping people in need is NOT the job of the Government. The only job they should do is build roads and secure the border. They are failing at both.

  9. Obama has imported millions of illegal aliens and they are on food stamps. I see the food stamp swipe cards paying for illegal aliens’ groceries and EBT cards pay for their gas. We pay for the welfare state and illegal aliens. We pay to educate illegal aliens in US schools. We pay for illegal aliens in the emergency rooms. We pay.

      • How about those offshore tax havens where they park all their profits to stiff the USA and avoid taxation, or their yachts and Leer jets that come in handy for a tax write-off (hey, it’s where a lot of business deals are worked out while globe trotting), and all those tax deferred annuities, capital gains, and stock options that remain tax free until they mature or are cashed in? Gotta love this system.

        • You will notice the righties never kvetch about the BILLIONS Halliburton got
          for rebuilding Iraq. AND NEVER COMPLETED A GD THING.
          But some granny in Harlem who’s MAYBE getting food stamps she’s isn’t entitles too
          and all hell breaks loose.

      • Yes but you must be ok with that. Why not? Why shouldn’t they have what everyone else has? Well, maybe because they didn’t WORK for it.

        • You know, I know, we all know those who take advantage of the system, and it makes me sick, too. But even if the number of mal-contents that turn their nose up at a freebee because it wasn’t the right color, or didn’t have the latest bells and whistles, reached 7 million, their drain on the USA would not mount up to the staggering amount of corporate welfare that by some accounts is in the realm of $350 BILLION (with at B), yet you undoubtedly turn a blind eye to that…

          • No, I don’t turn a blind eye to that. But the numbers don’t support what you are saying. I keep hearing about all of the deductions that corporations get blah blah blah but the truth is that even with all of the deductions it still is not as reasonable, cheap, worth it, however you want to say it for them to stay in the US vs going offshore. If the deductions were enough they would stay here. And corporations ARE PEOPLE. I have a business. It is a corporation and I am the CEO. I am the employee. I am a person. Corporations are not evil nameless entities…they are people. And this stupidity of trying to make them this evil thing to be used in class envy is ridiculous.

          • Wing, you are likely a small business owner that employs USA workers and carries, along with the vast middle class, the brunt of the load of keeping America the Beautiful afloat. If you are a CEO of a multinational corporation that benefits from all of the incentives that exist in the tax code to offshore jobs, you are either being disingenuous, because you would know that the itemized deductions, exemptions, credits, write-offs, subsidies, and other loopholes written in the tax code were put there by our legislatures to protect profits and garner ever higher returns on the stock market. How else for our congressional representatives to get the financial backing, and voice in the media to get elected?

          • Why not take advantage of the sweatshops offshore, AND take advantage of the corporate tax code? BRILLIANT!!! The only way to eradicate the offshoring trend would be for the West to team up and tariff products made in sweatshops offshore. Free Trade with Europe? Yes! Free Trade with Canada? Yes! But Free Trade with China, Absolutely NOT!

          • Well I will say that regarding what you say about cheap offshore labor-I worked at at company in Ga-had a warehouse-union of course-kept striking for this and that-they made $40 an hour plus benefits and with exp to be fair but this was 20 years ago-company bought a plant in Mexico-their warehouse was spotless-I visited three times-ours was dusty and nasty. They provided lockers and showers and two hot meals to Mexican workers and $5 an hour-they thought they had died and gone to heaven-they stood while they worked and worked fast-ga workers sat on stools-you get the idea-stupid union workers went in strike again so ga plant closed-those people have no real skill and were making a LOT of money were too stupid to understand. There were not other plants nearby-not within 50 miles-small town. So in many cases idiotic union workers have forced companies out. I have seen that.

      • Have you ever checked out of a grocery store behind people paying with their EBT cards? They’re paying hundreds of dollars buying better cuts of meat than most of us can afford. Cases of soda, junk food, ribeyes, etc… All while having expensive jewelry and well-manicured nails that were obviously done in a salon. No store brands in those carts – only the best will do. The cashiers that have known us for years just get a disgusted look and say “This is what we pay for!” They also say that you can always tell when the person is paying from personal funds vs. EBT as we’ll buy less expensive brands on some/most things.

        I’ve been behind people who’ve rung up $400+ bills – and I could have gotten a ton more food with that amount than they did! Why? Because I have to stretch my money as I don’t earn a ton.

        Yes, there are people who need the assistance. But there’s so much fraud and waste going on it’s ridiculous.

      • OMG and somebody buying lobster, steaks and champagne is a real joke to someone like you – It’s not your money so who cares?!$&

        Buy whatever you want with someone else’s money!
        You lefties are so good at spending money you haven’t earned.

        • Hi Jess,
          And you righties are sooo good at serving as the cheering section for “multinationals,” channeling of ALL OF THE MONEY into the deep pockets of the SPECIAL INTERESTS that fleece the USA commoner for all they’re worth, as they move jobs offshore, exploit a 30 cents/hr. work force, then park their $$$TENS OF BILLIONS in offshore tax havens to stiff America the Beautiful. Disgusting!

          • Hey Mat, I’m a Christian and I truly do care for the health and welfare of those in need. But remember…
            You can give a man a fish to eat.
            Or you can teach a man to fish.

            Right here right now I am speaking microeconomics.
            If you want to debate at a macro level, let your money and your ballot do the talking.

          • The whole abundance and scarcity dynamic of economics that drives demand and supply (I ordered these entities correctly; demand spurs supply- we’ve had it backwards for 30 years with “trickle down”) is a concept that thrives only if there is enough disposable income to create the scarcity. Abundance is the anathema of the capitalist.

          • Where we differ (I think?) is in the belief of what a person has the right to do with “disposable” income.

            As far as I’m concerned a person living in poverty has, or should have, no disposable income. By accepting welfare – merely a means to survival – a person forfeits their right to certain “luxuries”… i.e. lobster, champagne… Not everyone has the right to obtain whatever they want… unless they have earned that right. And accepting welfare IS NOT earning that right.

            To me, it seems liberals live a life of jealousy… “you have something I don’t have, but I want it.” We have a responsibility to live within our means and teach our children to live within their income limit.

          • You won’t get an argument from me on your thrust, Jess. You’re right on! Except, it’s not jealousy that galls me. I have kids that I love and want to hand them the USA I lived. My contention is that the plight of the displaced (high wage) USA worker is the result of broader constructs that our displaced workers had no control over. But our politicians did…

  10. st via @po_stPeople on Food Stamps Outnumber Women Working Full-Time Jobs via @po_st How many more screw ups from this administration before America is beyond coming back?

  11. Third World inputs yield Third World outputs.

    A century of fractional reserve banking and two decades of free trade with nations too poor to buy our goods are other culprits.

  12. Let’s do it the FDR way. . .enslave the people. . .make them so dependent on the government that they have no other choice but to vote (even if illegally) to keep the demonrats in office. So it’s been true along. . .the demonrats do have a war on women and they are too stupid to realize it.

  13. Well, we’ve been calling him the “food stamp president” for over 4 years now so I guess this pretty well defines his presidency.

      • They are the game makers that are manipulating the strings.

        To imagine that Sheldon Adeson is working for the good of

        the people instead of the hyper-wealthy is utterly laughable.
        An international casino magnate, a man that represents the
        basest elements of society, gambling, drunkenness and prostitution.
        The right-wing leadership drools in his presence.
        What would Jesus think of this partnership?

          • As a Jew and usually a supporter of other Jews I am taken aback by his lack of character.
            He is also a threat to Israel in that he wants to “nuke” the Arabs.
            He is also in a business that is frowned upon by the religious…

            He is a “shonda for the goyim”…

            Yiddish word meaning “a fool” or “a shame”.

            A “shonda for the goyim” means to do something shameful, publicly
            witnessed by non-Jews, thus bringing shame upon Jews in general
            (because, the theory goes, we are all held accountable for the worst
            deeds of the worst of us.)

            “Eric Cantor is a shonda”.

  14. The structuring of Social Security, Welfare, etc Makes it more profitably and easier to obtain maximum benefits if one is NOT married. So it becomes “In the Children’s and Elderly’s BEST INTEREST” to be single or single again as required by the regulations governing each respective program.

      • If you consider the plight of those workers who make more than $15,000.00 but less than $25,000.00 per year and therefore Aren’t eligible for most Govt. assistance programs then compare it with those who Choose NOT to work and thereby qualify for Maximum Assistance which equates to about $40,000.00+ including Medical, Dental, etc., it may not be profitable to be poor but the value “provided” for effort “exerted” makes the case for poor being profitable.

        I’m not so foolish as to equate those who CANNOT work with those who WILL NOT work but when I see Returning Soldiers missing limbs out there providing Value to society while others, more fortunate, hide behind one excuse or another as they leech upon the taxpayers it makes my blood boil.

        Improper regulation promotes immorality and sloth (Laziness) by rewarding those who choose such avenues. When a “Hand-Up” becomes a “Hand-Out” society becomes guilty of signing its own fiscal death warrant. When the Economy implodes as it has always done in such societies those who deserve a “Hand-Up” will continue to be denied by a Government which has wasted the needed resources on those who don’t deserve it, the ones who live FOR the “Hand-Out” ! When that happens the immoral and slothful too will be denied and Anarchy ensues. Society then has to RESET its guidelines but not before millions die including those who actually provide “Value” to said society. In this way, Society, by its own foolhardiness only serves to perpetuate the cycle when it fails to banish or eradicate those who choose to be valueless to society.

        • That “Hand -Up” happens when we in the middle class are paying our fair share of taxes while the rich pay less. The wealthiest Americans are hoarding trillions of dollars but it will never be enough for them. They purchase politicians who vote to give them more UNEARNED subsidies and tax breaks.

          • Since you have it all figured out maybe you can explain, WITHOUT the liberal urge to use Excuses as arguments, why you haven’t put forth the hours and effort required to become a Corporate Giant and take advantage of all those loopholes you complain about others getting rich off of.

            Please don’t claim Moral High Ground because ‘blaming’ others for your failure is as immoral as the actions of those who you profess to ‘Despise’, which also happens to be immoral.

          • Doski, that you equate “failure” with not ascending into the Fortune 500 list, is telling.

            Most people I grew up with took a job in the factory, construction trades, or service trades, etc., to start their lives and families and worked their way up, based on the sweat of their brow, the skill in their hands, or the sharpness of their minds, and the people skills that was part of their temperament. And they had that work ethic.

            If “blame” is to be found, IMHO, economic forces that have been the direct result of national policies that favor business and finance over national interest have, through unregulated malfeasance, in many cases, pulled the rug out from under these workers, and have limited their opportunities to access jobs, and they have seen their wages stagnate, while compensation for the top has become obscene, as inflation rises steadily on and on.

          • Why is it ANY OF YOUR BUSINESS how much the rich pay in taxes? Why do they have MORE responsibility in paying for roads YOU drive on, schools YOUR children attend, sidewalks YOU walk on, on and on…

            Bet the Fair Tax would drive you crazy! (But then it’s “fair” – no free lunch for you!!)

  15. The man is not there because if there is a man in the house, the woman does not get welfare. It is not because the American man does not want the responsibility. It is because if they are reported to be in the home, the welfare gets cut out. There is a man in the home, it is just not reported to the welfare system. Welfare is a incentive NOT to work. They see all those freebies and they go for it. Just what the democrats want. Control over them and for them to rely on the government so they will continue to get the welfare vote. ”

    “The whole debate over abortion, welfare, dependency, national budgets, etc. could be resolved if the majority of men would do one simple thing: stay with their kids and the mothers of their kids and work to provide for them.” Who the heck wrote this article. They are out of touch with reality. The men are with the mothers and kids. The woman just does not report it to the Welfare system. If someone from welfare shows up, the man goes out the back door. They know how to take advantage of the system. They know all the ins and outs. The man (some of them) works and brings money into the home and the woman continues to rip off welfare. They get their bills paid and the mans money pays for movies, dope, liquor, cigarettes, fast food, etc, etc. People need to look around them and see what is going on. Look to see how that woman is paying for her cart full of groceries. With an INDEPENDENCE card as it is known here in Maryland. Welfare is getting ripped off big time and some of the employees know it and just turn their heads and a deaf ear to it all. Because they ok their own people for welfare. You know, ” Can you helps a sister”? They do their best not turn them down so they will not look bad to the black community. They need to keep an eye on those that work in the welfare system fraud. Almost all blacks have welfare and almost all of them have a handi-cap card on their mirror. Where are all of those cards coming from? A doctor in the area making extra cash from them? And they abuse those handi-cap cards too. The cards are for the person, not the vehicle. The person has to be in the vehicle AND getting out. If not they cannot park in the handi-cap space. And they wonder why people talk about them the way they do.

  16. Thank you Ronald Reagan for your amnesty of the illegals and it’s chain migration, “guest” workers and free trade. The next time you are standing in line at the food pantry, thank the Gipper.

    • Don’t you worry; this time around, they’ll make the White House promise to enforce the borders before acceding to another amnesty.

  17. 9 million manufacturing jobs offshored since the 1970s that once employed a hard working USA citizen and supplied a wage upon which a USA family could pay their bills, clear retail shelves (increase production), afford a vacation at the beach, or a summer beach house at the bay, and still put their kids through college, not to mention; pay into local, state and federal treasuries right off of their paychecks in the form of an “income tax.”
    Now, all that capital flows uphill into the deep pockets of a Plutocratic class of elitists in the “multinational,” or “transnational” corporate realm of business and finance where they have managed to monopolize world commerce. These are the same entities that demonize welfare recipients for accepting a pittance of what those jobs once supplied. But larger profit margins beckoned offshore where 3rd world sweatshops work for 30 cents/hr. God Bless America…

    • Those companies are being pilfered of their income by ridiculous corporate tax rates….it simply no longer makes fiscal sense to have warehouses or factories in America. This is why we need a smaller more conservative government.

      • Those who are benefitting from, or in collusion with the corporatists will point to the USA corporate marginal effective tax rate set at 35-39%, among the world’s highest. But without exception will avoid mention that because of the myriad of deductions, credits, write-offs, subsidies and other loopholes in our corporate tax code, the after tax effective rate is between 8-12%. Some corporations that earn $$$multi-BILLION per quarter (mostly garnered from the USA consumer market), pay zero in taxes and some get a $3 BILLION rebate check from the USA tax payer (Google 26 Major corporations pay no tax, or GE files 57,000 pages of tax exemptions…, or Large companies find ways to pay zero tax…). Then park their $$$10s of Billions in clear profit in offshore tax havens, while America the Beautiful, the most sophisticated, expensive nation on earth, goes broke trying to accommodate them.

        We need a level playing field where everyone puts their shoulder to the wheel. These “multinationals” have been milking this turkey for 30 years, Meanwhile Red China, (whose workforce ($1.36/hr. avg. wage some work for 30 cents/hr.) and scorched earth regulations, pollution, etc. policies) our corporatists are only too eager to exploit, bides its time, giving the US enough rope to hang herself, and waits
        for the GREED of the corporatist and financiers that knows no bounds to destroy them fiscally. Disgusting!

    • So true that wage stagnation and the steady erosion of purchasing power via currency debasement have conspired to force otherwise independent persons onto public assistance.

  18. The system is a joke but checking all food stampers, WIC , would be impossible. I lived on the bad part of town. Women would stop in the local mini market & “cash in” they’d sell their food stamps for $ @ at 25 cents on a dollar the buyer made big $. A few buyers went to the iron bar hotel. Welfare just needs to go, 3 & 4 generations collecting welfare & doing nothing to improve their situation has made them lazy. Why work when the government sends “assistance” freebees

  19. Why work, when Big Brother is willing to take care of you via those have the gumption, drive, character, and pride to take care of themselves. We the People have allowed, YES allowed, the welfare state to exist. LBJ made the country feel guilty and this is what we get for being sold a basket filled with B.S. Very few truly appreciate much of anything unearned. Why work when you can lie down, make a baby and get a raise. We now have 3rd and 4th welfare generations, i.e. junkies! Does Anyone really believe these folks are going to work even if a job were made available? Really? They have no idea what work even is. If you do believe then you are dumber than a box of rocks. The welfare state has made slaves of us all. Some of us produce, while millions stand for their turn at the government teat. Frankly I’m tired of paying for anyone unwilling to earn their keep, and I do mean anyone, especially the gaggle of fools in D.C. who collect 175K/year and allow another fool to destroy the Republic. Given the propensity of humans to do little until it’s far to late I don’t hold out much hope for the fate of our Republic unless this November we send a message so LOUD that is heard in every corner and back ally of this nation and around the world. What message? We’re done with moochers and misfits, we’re done with business as usual, we’re done with politicians who lie, we’re done with a Congress that has no stones. We’re done with taking a back seat to anyone, and we’re done with those who refuse to take care of themselves. If we’re not done with those things then we’re simply all DONE!!

    • A republic includes everyone, jime. If you want to live in a country for the privileged few, move to Saudi Arabia.

  20. 45% of food stamp recipients are children. Conservatives ship jobs overseas, then they blame Americans for being out of work. Conservatives support lower taxes on corporations. Corporations pay workers too little and they can’t afford much food.

    Stop blaming people you kick to the curb. Stop stereotyping the poor and the working poor. Stop blaming single women for getting pregnant and forgetting the men who have babies out of wedlock. Stop blaming poor Americans who want to live and need Medicaid. Stop getting in between Americans and their doctors. Just stop.

    • Hogwash ! Children cannot apply for food stamps. The applicant must be of legal age. Try the truth when making your argument. Minors (Children) are simply pawns used for justification by an applicant. That’s not to say that children aren’t deserving, they’re just not eligible by reason of “age of responsibility / accountability for their actions”. If they were able to apply without being accountable some parents would have them collecting food stamps when the parents are not qualified and both child and parent would therefore circumvent Fraud Regulations.

      Conservatives support lower taxes because they understand business success requires a profit and when the ability to achieve being profitable / successful is jeopardized continually by more and more Taxes, Fees, Levies, etc. the businessman/woman HAS TO seek alternative methods of controlling costs such as fewer Employee Benefits or Lower Waged Workers. Any astute conservative knows that when a worker/employee enjoys a better wage, providing that wage is offset by “VALUE”. The employee is much more likely to buy that businesses product or use its service if he/she receives Value for their efforts on behalf of the business. VALUE is a two sided coin. If one side fails to provide their share both fail as a result. it is the LACK of Comprehension regarding “VALUE” which blinds Liberals to “REASON”. Businessmen/women Compete daily with greater wages, perks, and benefit offers for workers who provide VALUE to their business.

      People who fail to understand VALUE do NOT demand it from their representatives (Congressmen/women, Senators, Judges, Presidents) who in return don’t provide it to their constituents. Case in point is school curriculum which excludes VALUE from being taught to those most in need of comprehending it in order to be successful in their pursuit of success as they perceive it (aka Wealth). So, through ignorance, not necessarily of their own choosing, most employees believe that just showing up and accomplishing the minimum required workload justifies periodic wage and benefit increases or promotions (a-la the Unions).

      Having been both an employee and an employer I can and DO see both sides. I’m guilty of experiencing both viewpoints which is why I Stress VALUE in this response. Success of both Employer and Employee requires Cooperation not an Adversarial Relationship. Until the Liberals in these United States figure that out and promote the ending of such ignorance jobs, job security, wages, benefits, and the accumulation of wealth can never be achieved by the masses because Mandated INFLATION of Wages will always be offset by the Inflation of products and services costs, which, as it turns out, is a prime example of the term “Vicious Cycle” !

  21. It will get far worse ? Because the debt we have created was only an illusions to fool people into thinking all is well if the markets rise ? all we have done is dig a much bigger hole and the debt can never be repaid . So some form of default is inevitable? we have not seen anything yet ? I strongly suggest you all prepare for some kind of major malfunction , because it is coming whether you realize it or not. The pieces of the puzzle are all in place and the world stage is set. Nothing has changed and nothing is fixed ? It is only far worse than most can imagine. The illusions have worked ……………………… far ?

  22. Pay Americans a fair wage and they won’t have to rely on food stamps. Corporations pay low wages, make more profits and we have to make up the difference. Republicans exist to make corporations more profitable. Those corporations make a lot of money but it’s never enough. Republican voters support greed and they have the nerve to attack the working poor. If that isn’t bad enough, they (GOP) deny them health care. Maybe it should be called, “manslaughter by proxy.”

    • What garbage… “pay Americans a fair wage…”
      Tell you what… get educated, search for a job with decent income and enjoy the fruits of your labor LIKE EVERY OTHER HARDWORKING AMERICAN!!!

      What crybabies, sheeeesh!!

  23. There are a lot of people on food stamps out of laziness, that is true. Another fact is that there are a lot of people on food stamps now because this administration is intentionally killing jobs and the economy to put people on the government dime. I am 42 years old. I’ve worked my entire adult life and have never taken handouts. I’ve worked two jobs when necessary to avoid taking handouts. I ruptured a disc in my back and am currently out of work on workers comp and am recovering from surgery. My wife lost her high paying job last week. A direct result of Obama’s military cutbacks because she was a contract administrator for a military supplier. We are going to have to apply for food stamps or let our kids starve while she tries to find a job. Be careful not to be too judgmental because circumstances can change for you too.

    • As much as I hate government subsidies, I’m glad that they are available for people in your situation. And my bet is you won’t abuse it.

      But I believe we have a responsibility to distribute welfare fairly,
      I have no problem paying taxes to help out those in need.
      I DO have a problem paying taxes to provide beer, steaks, lobster, abortion, the list goes on of the things welfare recipients take.

      Don’t these people have pride?

      • I agree that there is far too much abuse. It honestly hurts me to the core to have to apply for help. If I were not recovering from a ruptured disc and the surgery to repair it, I would be working as many jobs as needed to not do that. As soon as possible, I will be off the program again.

          • Thank you Jessica. I am thankful for the help and it sickens me when I see people abuse it. I dont have cable or satellite tv. No real internet except my phone which is a 3 year old phone on straight talk no contract plan. We have one car which is a 1997 model. We are far from living in luxury.

  24. Dick and Liz Cheney got rich off the blood of YOUR children.
    And that goes for 2 generations of the Bush family.
    Only deranged people vote Republican.

  25. This is happening because pure capitalism is diluted by the effects of over regulation. Pure capitalism is capable of providing full-employment as long as the government does not interfere. If you believe this then you also probably believe bitcoin is real money.

  26. To be honest, there was a time when I was unemployed, coming from a low paying job, had a really hard/long time finding a new job, and needed and WAS on food stamps. But I NEVER wanted to be DEPENDENT on anything or anyone when it came to EARNING a living. This pResident has done NOTHING but foster and promote this type of DEPENDENCY ( it makes for a loyal voting block ). Maybe this July 4th, there should be a MASSIVE march on Washington DependenCy and hail the new leader of the United States of North Korea with signs that say ” Happy in DEPENDENCE Day!!!”.

  27. This started when the commie in charge directed the DHS to specify “right wing extremist” as terrorist. A right wing extremist is whatever the communist dictator says it is. Welcome to the brave new world.

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