Obama to Business Owners: You Can’t Take Credit for Your Success

As if business owners in the United States weren’t discouraged enough already with high taxes, red tape, and an uncertain market, President Obama had some choice words for them in a speech he delivered Friday to supporters in Roanoke, Virginia:

If you’ve got a business — you didn’t build that.  Somebody else made that happen.

Apparently, hard work, self-discipline, sacrifice, vision, and tenacity just don’t matter. A lazy parasite could just as easily start a successful business if only the right person gave him a leg up. So if business owners aren’t responsible for their success, who is? Well maybe another line in his speech provides a clue:

The Internet didn’t get invented on its own.  Government research created the Internet so that all the companies could make money off the Internet.

Well, that clears things up a bit. I thought Al Gore invented the internet. Turns out even he couldn’t pull it off on his own. The government invented the internet. So other people could make money. Right. And the implication is that the answer to our current financial predicament is the same: government.

Marxists have been redefining economic terms to suit their totalitarian ends for some time. Consider that you are not rich or poor. You are “privileged” or “under-privileged.” Because it’s not about how hard you work or how smart you are or how much you can produce at what cost (as Obama makes clear elsewhere). It’s about whether or not fate dealt you a good hand. And since we can’t rely on fate to give the right people the right amount of money, it’s a good thing the government’s there to help everyone share their toys.

This theory is obviously unjust to those people who have taken extraordinary risks and invested considerable effort and resources into making this country worth living in. But, ironically, Marxist rhetoric is also destructive to the very class of people it pretends to champion: the poor. If it really doesn’t matter what you do; if you inherit your poverty or your riches and there isn’t anything you can do to change that; if a successful business could be created by just anyone with the right opportunity; then why try? If you are poor, it’s not because you aren’t working hard. It’s because the circumstances you inherited make poverty inevitable for you. Forget the fact that history says otherwise. If you buy Obama’s Marxist lies, your drive to better yourself will completely evaporate in a wave of resignation. The hard truth is that government largesse hurts in the long run any who receive its short-term benefits… and believe its short-term philosophy of living.

But don’t get me wrong. Obama is all about individual accomplishment. Well, as long as you’re talking about his individual accomplishments. He killed Osama, remember? Did you know he wrote himself into the official White House biographies of every president since Calvin Coolidge? Maybe Obama should take his own advice. It is true that he has done little to build the position he fills and the status he enjoys among the nations. Men before him have made the United States great. He operates on borrowed capital. You’ve got a presidency? You didn’t build that. Someone else made that happen. In fact, they made it happen so well, that even your bungling mismanagement hasn’t been able to destroy the presidency completely. Yet. But don’t worry. There’s still time to add one more line item to your already prodigious list of achievements.

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  1. This is not bungling mismanagement, this is purposeful wanton destruction. Obama should be drug out of the White House on his heels for what he has been allowed to do to our country! Those weak kneed sissies we call congressmen better do their job. They took an OATH, they better start remembering that! See you all in November, God willing we make it that long.

  2. O-lame-o is sooooo full of it! I hope he doesn’t fracture his wrist giving himself generous pats on the back everyday!

    • He is no idiot! He knows exactly what he is doing and is halfway or more there. The total destruction of the flagship of Capitalism, which his father taught him to hate. If only the bumpkins in the house of fools both congress and senate would wake up and realise, when he has finished boxing up the people he will be looking constrain Seante and House. That is the way they do things when the marxists take over.

  3. WELL WELL:: If Government created the Internet then I created the moon,stars,earth,the sun.etc. All The Government has created is waste and Taxation to Pay for their waste. And OBAMA THE STUPID MUSLIM IS THE KING OF WASTE AND TAXATION.!!

  4. Snap your feet together, raise your arm straight out with hand pointing straight and say “Ya-vol Commandant”. Once a Dictator always a dick tater. Right comrades?

  5. If GW said this, the Impeachment proceedings would have begun the same day. It was illustrative of how a Progressive Socialist/Marxist thinks and believes in. He should never have been put in this office. All he has done is apologize for America for nearly 4 years and screw with our system of free enterprise. As a small business owner, I owe nothing to the government for my success. All they do is make it harder with all their bureaucratic red tape and tax burden. I will hire no more due to Obamacare if it is not repealed.

  6. Great. So according to our treasonous politicians within the District of Criminals, the American Dream is just a card game, just like their lust for war and profit is nothing but a game of poison Chess where the ends justifies the means for the purpose of creating their most coveted one world global government (New World Order) I believe that their heads have grown much too large for their bodies, as they have obviously been educated far beyond their intelligence.


    • But how do you impeach an imposter President? Sounds more like a situation where he could be arrested for impersonating a President! Plus, he would not be eligible for a lifetime pension. At least he would not be eating the finest cuisine in prison. Ahhhh…. What a shame!

      • Yep! It makes me want to puke thinking about this Marxist A$$hole getting a pension paid for by our capitalist system. Hopefully the Reps will get control of congress and start the investigations of BHO and his administration immediately.

  8. “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean”-Humpty Dumpty

    He’s at it again. Making it up as he goes along. Of course Marxist theory is the life blood of progressive liberal doctrine, so what do expect?

    Just keep flapping your lips Mr O. You can take great pride in knowing that at least you stimulated the bumper sticker industry.

  9. An over educated typical socialist LEACH that has never in his life produced anything worthwile. A result of the 60’s idea that everyone must have a college degree not a profession.

  10. Lord protect USA from the Left wing loons like Obama who are approaching the 50% of population tipping point. When that happens and there is no long enough sensible hard working type in the voting register.. They will take over and the america he is currently showing us, will be the America of the future. Until it collapses under its own lethargy. I hope there is enough of the good guys left to get through this time, then maybe they can introduce legislation like, No workee, no votee!!! We can but hope!

  11. True, the gov. created a very rudimentary internet, but it was the private sector who took the idea & ran with it, making it what it has become.

  12. The cat is out of the bag. Obama’s true “hope and change” is he hopes to change America into a Marxist society. In the United States of America, businessmen and individualists created the states; the states created the federal government. Not the other way around. Obama’s comments tend to kill the American Spirit of those who want to take the risk of starting their own business. Free enterprise and personal freedom to start a business is the American Dream for many. Shame on you Barach Obama to try and change America in the wrong direction. Hope we change who is President in November. OMG-Obama Must Go.

    • Yes it did. How did you get to work? Public roads. How do you bill your clients? USPS I bet. How do you ship your goods. Public Roads. How is your business safe from looters? Public police. What protects your business from a fire? Public fire fighters. (Also I think it’s burst not blow your bubble…)

      • er..excuse me. The successful business person PAID his employees. PAID to have his building built. PAID his taxes( for infrastructure etc). PAID for his vehicles.Had to adhere to ever increasing obligations/restrictions put on by the government to be ALLOWED to go forward. that person invested his TIME, MONEY and INTELLIGENCE to become successful. If you are underpaying, or producing lousy product, you are NOT successful. If you got where you are by not paying your labor or paying your taxes, you are or SHOULD be in jail–as many in the current admin. are guilty of. The government only stood in the way of success earlier in their efforts as accommodating all the never ending restrictions slow things down.

      • Where did all these government functions come from? They are available because of businesses from which were demanded taxes so that the government could come into being. The government owes its existence and success, if you want to call it that, to business and the free-enterprise system. Hey, which came first—the chicken? or the egg?

      • Before there was government there was of a necessity, people. People create government to ensure their safety and to deal with governments created by other groups of people. Government is supposed to be representative not oppressive. Our central government was created by representatives chosen from each of the individually sovereign independent former colonies of Great Britain in America. A document called the United States Constitution was written by those representatives creating this central government and enumerating the responsibilities and limits of power the States allowed it to exercise. What then became known as the Federal Government was to be operated according to the Constitution. All powers not given this Federal Government were reserved to the States or the People who created it. The Federal Government owes its very existence to the People. The Federal Government was created to operate as a Republic, not a Democracy. Those elected to fill the Branches of this government were to be responsible to the People who make up the States from which they the elected were chosen. The positions were to be ones of servitude to the People they were elected to represent in the Federal Government. Today that Federal Government has usurped the authority of the States and thus the People by granting unto itself powers beyond those specified to it by the Constitution. Powers foreign to the framework established by our Founding Fathers have taken control and have made the Federal Government the master of those who created it. Know the true history of your nation and understand that those who operate the central government today have altered the role created for them. They have through the years made themselves as if they were the creator of the States. The created has become master of the creator. This MUST be reversed. The Republic must be restored and the Federal Government returned to its Constitutional role as servant.

      • You are full of s#@t! Who the hell do you think they get the money from to build that crap! Our Businesses! They bleed us dry. There about to bleed us to the point where we’ll just get on the government tit like the rest of you asshole liberals!

  13. Actually, the US government (darpa) DID invent the internet, it’s a fact. And what are you WHINING about, your mere hurt feelings of all eyes NOT being on yourself for a change?
    Strutting, promenading and chest-beating don’t get the same worship they once did? Grow the hell up. Business owners (often) do have royalist complexes, they should give some credit to the workers who helped them succeed, and share (some of) that wealth like prior generations of industrialists, not simply raid retirement plans and move where foreign governments give them ready access to slave labor populations; see? so yeah, government ain’t all bad. and where are all the jobs those Bush tax cuts were supposed to create? (Alligator tears.)

    • Are you serious? Obama mentioned government being responsible for successful small business, not the independent or their choices in employees to help them achieve their goals. You can hire the right people or the wrong, it is still up to you as the business owner to choose appropriately and the government has nothing to do with that success.

    • The US military invented the internet. A branch that Obama wants to get rid of or defund. Lost pension under Clinton Adminstration when he wanted to punish rich Ceo’s for having a nice retirement package. Who got hurt? The Janitor. The Ceo’s got their buy outs and did not care about the health of the company after they left because their pensions were desolved. They were taxed too high. The Dems wanted to hurt the rich that never happened. The middle class got screwed. As the boating industry was destroyed because the dems hate the rich. so who got screwed middle class boat desighners and builders. The rich went to europe to buy their boats. Bush tax cut kept my neighborhood thriving. Then Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac under the Dems care destroyed my middle class neighborhood. Thanks Government You do a great job destroying the people you claim to protect.

  14. How many times does that dangerous half black half white idiot have to slap you in the face before you get it? He has done everything he can to rip this country and its values apart and some people just stand there in awe and say “Oh, please Mr. Home Coming Prom King, slap us again in the face.” We’re with you all the way. Can you imagine what caliber of people are there with him? That alone is scary. Hopefully, when voting time comes around :”we the people” (not hyphenated Americans) will cast their vote so it is meaningful. Hank Williams Jr. laid it out for us. Ears opened, people. Pay attention not what you can get in the way of freebees, but what opportunities lie in the way of self sufficiency. So many people still bitch and moan about slavery. OMG! These same people are probably the ones that are slaves to the boy in the office of the president, and they don’t even know it.

    • Why don’t the other two branches of government force him to SHUT THE HELL UP!!!?? Guess most of them are just there for the rewards!!

  15. The inexperienced speaks out of the side of his mouth, again. Book reading and actual work are two different things. The words from Omaba’s mouth about businesses is totally unacceptable. I can’t believe that a group of people fell for his blabbing when he knows nothing at all about how businesses are operated. I think he wears clothing that was made by a business. His wife buys all sorts of clothing, shoes, underwear that was made by businesses. And, who does he think builds the bridges and roadways? Businesses!!

  16. “you can’t take credit for your success” This is all Barry Soetoro knows. It’s how he got where he is. Without the total support and guidance of anti-Americans, he would still be smoking pot and doing blow. (according to his books)

    His transparency is the Government seeing YOU. You are not allowed to see the GOV. and what it is doing behind your back. He will continue to sign EO’s (over 900 so far) in secret and then release them without Congress oversight nor any other kind of oversight. His hope is that you don’t have the smarts to look them up WEEKLY and find out what his administration is IMPOSING by illegal fiat. Total Usurper!

  17. Of course the community organizer thinks government does all these good things. His campaign motto is “Forward – To Socialism!”.

  18. P Quinn take a nap. When this great country began, there was small businesses. They traveled by road, trail,and what ever way they could to get from town to town to sell their trade or product. They went across this country in wagons not on roads this gov. builded.
    They set up more store and businesses. That just goes to show you it would have happen no matter what. Tax payer paid for the roads and bridges
    Everthing this gov. has done has been paid for by the American Taxpayer. Its the American
    people who made the country great and were willing to die for it. So Patrick, get a new
    life learn what this gov has not done for you in the past four years

  19. This article hits the nail on the head! It also shows that Obama has never started or even run a business, or he would know the truth what a business owner must do to make and keep his business successful, and that is not for the government to help him, but actually the government makes it harder to create and run a successful business, through taxation and regulation, too much of both, which is what Obama and the Democrats are truthfully about. Obama and the Democrats, and their policies and agendas, have done more to run successful businesses out of the country, and those without the means to do so are simply destroyed through bankruptcy, than any other President and his party, in the history of the USA. Obama and the Democrats should be asked two questions, which came first, the chicken or the egg, and which came first, the road or the business whose taxes paid to have the road built? Roads do not create businesses, but a method to get businesses’ products to the consumer, cheaper, and only that, because businesses have been getting their products to the consumer long before paved roads or before our Interstate System was built, but the afore mentioned does make those products, needed by the consumer, cheaper to aquire. All these lies by Obama and the Democrats just to cover up his mismanagement of our economy, the reason why so many Americans are still without jobs, and if Obama and the Democrats are not replaced from positions of power in our government, the economic situation will become enormously worse and probably become another ‘Great Depression’, instead of the longest recession in our history, that Obama and the Democrats have kept us in, and their policies and agendas keep causing it to be extended.

    • Jobs will continue to decline because the middle class has been downwardly mobile for the past 30 years. Able to afford less, Americans incurred more and more debt, had less and less savings, and now the shit has hit the fan. Companies can’t hire if there is no one to buy their products. You “business people” should know this. It isn’t ax toy rocket science. And it isn’t the Dems responsible for it. Trickle Down economics simply never worked. Small businesses struggle while the huge corporations outsource and concentrate on paying shareholders at the expense of American jobs. Wall Street bankers gambled with our retirement money, which used to be illegal, but left to you right wingers who think deregulation is the answer to everything, they were left to police themselves, and now you see where THAT got us. Oh, and let’s remember that it was GW who signed the bailout for Wall Street banks, effectively socializing them. I guess Socialism is ok when Bush pushes it and the banks are there with their hands out. So quit with the Obama is a Socalist crap. I can’t believe how short an attention span you people have. Small business owners, you rock, but you will fail as middle class Americans fall further and further behind and can’t afford your goods and services. Obama us trying to clean up the mess Bush handed him, and without him, our auto industry would be gone. The greatest danger to our nation now are stupid people who have opinions based on lies they read on sites like this and don’t have the intelligence to do some research to learn what is really driving us down.

      • You have described yourself perfectly as far as “the greatest danger to our nation” and “not the intelligence to do research to learn what is really driving us down”, for everyone has agreed that what caused this recession in the first place was Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac being involved in the ‘credit bubble’ of buying up packaged bad loans to low income people who couldn’t afford those loans, but because ACORN lobbied Congress to pass a law that required all banks and mortgage companies must make at least 10% of their loans to low income people. After the passage of this law ACORN demonstrated in front of banks and mortgage companies until they complied and informed ACORN that they had loaned their required limit of 10% to low income people, who later was shown could not afford them. Then ACORN went to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and demanded they buy up these low income loans from the banks and mortgage companies in packages, in order to release those banks and mortgage companies to make even more such loans, which later was proven to have started a cycle, but at first Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac refused, but ACORN hired a young attorney, Barrack Hussien Obama, to sue them in federal court to get them involved in this law of requiring at least 10% of their loans to be to low income people, who couldn’t afford them, as was later discovered. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac capitulated to this law suit brought by Obama for ACORN, and caused the recession that got him elected as President, quite an ironic situation for someone you claim is trying to clean up the mess you claim Bush handed him. Bush inherited a 6 month recession from Clinton and turned it around in just 6 months later, and his economy boomed for 6 1/2 years, or until 11 months after the Democrats won majority control in both houses of Congress in Bush’s last midterm elections, and control of all law making abilities and control of our yearly budgets and the national debt, which was just 8 trillion dollars at the time, but since those last 2 years of the Bush administration, when the Democrats had complete control over it, it went up 2 trillion dollars until Obama then took over, where it has gone up another 6 trillion dollars until today, still 6 months before Obama’s term ends, it stands at 16 trillion dollars, double what it was in just 6 years, that our previous 230 years took to reach. Do some research to find out these facts I just gave you are the truth, instead of listening to the Democratic propaganda and drinking their kool-aid. Also the trickle down economics that you claim is a failure, instituted by Ronald Reagan to reverse Carter’s recession, the worst since the Great Depression until Obama has made this one worse by his proven Keynesian failed policies and agendas, gave us 25 years of economic expansion, the longest in our history, so get your history straight, for all economists agrees on that fact also. I am not a Republican, but have been an Independent voter for all 48 years of my voting eligibility life, which I have voted in every election since I was 18 years old, and I know and lived through all this, and have always stayed well informed of the truth, refusing both sides propaganda and investigated the facts for myself.

        • You spew the same excuses as my brother, a banker, who loves nothing more than to shift the blame for this economic disaster away from themselves. You talk of all economists agreeing of the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac blame game. You’re simply wrong. “all” economists NEVER agree on ANYTHING. Don’t try to oversimplify. Alan Greenspan publicly admitted that it was his policies in governing the Fed and not allowing regulation of Wall Street banking that was responsible for our economic situation. And banks abdicated the fiduciary responsibility to lend intelligently to those who could afford the loans. I remember well being encouraged by mortgage brokers to buy all the house I could qualify for, and not to worry about what follows. Seriously. I was fortunate to have had the good sense to ignore them. But not everyone was. They got greedy, but why is greed wrong for the little guy and ok for Wall Street bankers? Two different sets if standards is wrong, and it’s that greed that has us on the brink. Complain about Acorn all you like. What they did was wrong, but a drop in the bucket compared to what complex derivatives and the collapse they created have wrought. Your “research” into our economic situation has fallen far short, so look deeper, and stop listening to people who say that “all” economists agree. Spend a little time talking to bankers involved in derivatives and they will tell you that this is what has caused our collapse, and we are further than ever from fixing the problem.

          • Even the liberal biased mainstream media (NBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, and CNN) believes and reported that is was Fannie Mae’s and Freddy Mac’s ‘housing bubble’ that caused the decline and collapse of our finacial intitutions, which the derivatives only added too at a later time. Believe what you want, your mind is made up, for you seem to have an axe to grind with your brother in the banking business, but I’ve read plenty on this crisis and my mind is now made up also, so I guess we’ll disagree for different reasons, but at least mine are not personal.

          • And as far as recessions are concerned, Presidents don’t create them overnight. Long term policies are responsible, and Reagan started it with his deregulation efforts, continued through subsequent administrations of both parties. No one wanted to touch Wall Street while money was being made, mainly because they didn’t understand how complex derivatives work. Very few people do. Know that there is a huge difference between a depression/recession and. Federal spending deficit. You are talking as if they are the same. They are not. This recession/depression has been 30+ years in the making. But the deficit was created and left by GW Bush, who began an unfounded war with Iraq, who did not attack us, but refused to set up some way to pay for his endeavor. That is his legacy, about which he now remains strangely silent. He left Chaney freedom to line the pockets of his war machine friends with our money, leaving us with a crushing deficit. This is vastly different from the hands off Wall Street policies that have allowed for the stripping of money systematically from the middle class in the form of decimated 401k Investments, escalated and out if control bank fees that, at one time, and by any measure, would have amounted to usury and was punished with prison sentences when practiced by mob bosses, the shipping of middle class jobs overseas, and the fact that middle class incomes, when adjusted for inflation, have stagnated for so long that middle class Americans no longer have savings to speak of, and incurred great debt instead in order to keep the pockets lined of the wealthiest who sit on the boards of companies and are concerned only with their share prices, money that is then shifted out if the country to avoid paying taxes, legal yes, but ethical? I don’t believe so. Certainly not in the best note rests of the country as a whole. But go ahead. Remain fixated on the smaller things that are pointed out by those who wish to divert attention away from themselves. No single President is ever responsible for recession, which is a long term response to economic stimuli. I am appalled with those who try to blame the poor for bringing this country to its economic knees. The poor have no power to do any such thing. But wealth is power, and the wealthy own our government. They own responsibility for this recession, and they love nothing more than reading that you and others like you are still blaming poor people who got loans for this disaster. Please. Really?

  20. Like hell I didn’t build my businesses. I started with no money, but had a great engineering/geology education. I worked long hours for my employers to gain business and technical know-how. I started my first business in 1955 – a petroleum consultant. I struggled for 3 years with only a secretary/bookkeeper before landing a large consulting job that required me to hire 2 engineers and a geologist. I was married to my business, my family suffered, but I concentrated on growing the business. In 1963 I developed a retreival program for the oil industry. After spending and spending on the project I was down to 1 payroll left for my staff of 9 people – I kept my staff aware of the problems. Then, suddenly my computer system caught on – four yers later I sold it for $2 million – I showed my appreciation for my employees by giving each one a bonus even though they all went with the company that bought me out. With this cash I entered the oil and gas exploration business, and took on several substantial independents as partners. I operated with a small staff of 5 people (2 geologists, 1 landman, 1 secretary/bookkeeper and 1 petroleum engineer consultant on retainer). We were usccessful in our exploration effort and in 1978 I merged my company with a larger company and took a seat on the board. My staff all had shares in my company and profited nicely. My asset value rose to over $6 million within 3 years after the sale.
    Obama’s business knowledge would fit in an eyedropper. His business plan would fit on a post card. However, he did study Karl Marx and other communist/socialist processes, & made friends with the radical elements in his college years. This is not conjecture, he said so PUBLICLY. What a recommendation for a guy to become a Presidential candidate – he shouldn’t even run for garbage collector. He is a DISGRACE!

      • Sorry. Completely wrong! The business of China and India is BUSINESS. The business of America is debt, Wall Street and Banking crooks (of which Romney and others lie him that took over the Rep. Party are a part), and reading what most of you write on this ridiculous blog is lie watching some pay with a cat with a laser beam. Some schmuck makes shit up, writes it here, and you all jump on it as if it were something Obama actually said and chase after each other while the Romneys of this country laugh their asses off watching you while they line their pockets with your jobs. Wake up you simpletons. The right bankrupted this country, and you folks keep supporting them. Too much Wall Street money in Washington, but hey, you all keep running around chasing the laser while the Wall Street Robber Barons rob you blind. No loss. You’re already blind.

  21. The Internet was invented to allow researchers to share information. Yes, it was funded by DARPA – so what! If DARPA hadn’t funded it, it still would have been invented by the communications giants of the day – oh yeah, we broke them up – that worked so well hasn’t it?

  22. Yoo hoo! Anybody there? For 30 years, since Carter, I have warned Marxists were taking our country over. Now one is President. What? You do not think so? OK then, as long as your head is that far up your arse why don’t you inspect your teeth?

  23. Oh, silly me–I should have known that Bill Gates and Paul Allen could not have made Microsoft into such a cash machine without the government helping. Or that the late Steve Jobs and Wozniak could not possibly have created Apple without Obama’s funding the research. Going back a bit, I’d bet that Henry Ford got a government guaranteed loan to set up the assembly line for the Model T Ford, too. We all know that Al Gore invented the Internet, so I don’t understand how the government contributed to that (Oh, you say that DARPA created the Internet? You mean Gore was lying?)–surely you jest.

    • Do any of you know anything of history? He nry Ford did business with Natzi Germany and made most if his fortune as part of the War Machine, and yes, that means he held government contracts. Govt contracts= government money. And guess what? He manufactured here, not overseas (except in Germany too, of course), paid his employees a living wage so that they could afford to drive what they manufactured. Do any if you actually read anything other than the lies told on this website (or watch anything oter than Fox News)? Seriously doubtful. Watch the movie Idiocracy, showing the “dumbing down” of America. Reading this blog shows me that we are there!

  24. I have a public school education from the 1950′ s guess they had it right back at that time.College was understandable, The professors , were idiots with a great lack of common sense. But they are that weay today. Obama will go down like the majority of socialists in short order. People will wake up and crush the stupidity.,

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