Obama’s EPA Rules Will Sidestep Congress

There was a good bit of conservative outrage when Obama promised during his State of the Union address that he would get things done without Congress if he needed to:

But what I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class, and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class.  Some require Congressional action, and I’m eager to work with all of you.  But America does not stand still—and neither will I.  So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more American families, that’s what I’m going to do.

Well, he’s making good on that promise. It appears that his most recent plans concerning “climate change” won’t involve Congress at all. Obama is just going to regulate emissions directly through the EPA. And he’ll get away with it more than likely because of the political structure of American bureaucracy:

On Monday, June 2, President Obama will announce his most sweeping policy yet to address global warming—a new rule to cut carbon-dioxide emissions from coal- and gas-fired power plants across the United States.


The EPA has a fair bit of leeway in designing this rule, and the precise details will matter a lot. A strict rule that cuts power-plant pollution sharply could help the Obama administration achieve its goal of cutting overall US greenhouse-gas emissions 17 percent below 2005 levels by 2020. . . .


But there are risks, too. A rule that’s too stringent or badly designed could impose high costs on power plants and hike consumers’ electric bills. That, in turn, could trigger a backlash from Congress—which has the power to take away the EPA’s authority. What’s more, the EPA is entering uncertain legal territory with this rule, and there’s always a chance that the courts decide the agency has exceeded its legal mandate and strike down the regulation.

There is no legal mandate on bureaucracy. That’s why they are the real governing arm of our shadow government. Agencies with absolutely no elected officials whatsoever determine more of the federal government’s intrusions into our lives than any elected official ever has. Does no one realize how tyrannical that is?

That means that men and women you don’t have the capacity to fire are the most influential policy makers in Washingotn. They don’t answer to you. You don’t hire them or elect them. The NSA, CIA, FBI, CPS, EPA, etc. are not really bound by any laws but their own. And since most of them are in Obama’s pocket, that means that the effective civil government of the US is under the power and direction of only a handful of men.

When are we going to wake up?

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    • You apparently do not believe in the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights. Perhaps you would feel more comfortable in one of those countries!

      • Ron, what agency has been in the news for years? It’s the one that is believed to have violated our constitutional rights. The NSA.

        Mr. Minkoff said that we don’t hire or elect people in the NSA – yes and no. We do, indirectly through our taxes. Who manages our taxes? Congress. Congress can take away funding for any dept.

        • You apparently feel that it is permissible to tell a citizen of this country to leave the country because they hold an opinion different from yours?

          Sounds rather anti-American to me!

      • And you apparently do not believe in democracy. If the majority imposes strict rules to ensure a clean environment, so it must be. The constitution/bill of rights is not a free pass to destroy the environment and certainly does not give any individual the right to poison other people.

          • You
            once again are sniveling, whining, and all but admitting that you can’t support
            your assertions. Is it frustrating being called out on your own words and
            contradictions and not being able to respond?

          • Ron, you make no sense whatsoever. I suspect brain damage from GMO breakfast cereals.

          • Get off the GMO cereals, abinico! Is that all you dream of?

            I hear Kashi makes a great organic bran you might love…
            no GMOs,

          • abinico, I’m sorry… forgive me… what did I do?… can’t we kiss and make-up??… I love kitty cats 🙂

  1. Its bad enough when lawmakers make over reaching new rules. But this will be challenged in court. It a prime example of crazy non elected Socialist. Trying to kill the free US farmer or small business who can not afford a pay to play DC Government.

    • GOP politicians aren’t allowed to meet with The President. Their orders come from outside Washington and they’re on a short leash. There are Republicans in Congress who are fed up the with the extreme right but they’re afraid of losing their seats.

      The whole party is in paralysis. When they go out before the cameras & they repeat talking points. Their lips are moving and they’re saying nothing. It’s like kissing a dumb blonde.

      • If you’re going to make such a bold and specific claim, you ought to have the courage and wherewithal to back it up. So do it.

        • You’d be better off talking to Republicans about this. John Boehner recently made fun of his caucus and it confirmed what the “talking head” have claimed since the tea party controlled The House. They don’t want bills on the floor that might get them into trouble at home. Boehner spoke to his constituents and he made whining sounds. He said that he was mimicking his caucus because they don’t want to vote on bills.

          Republicans don’t want a voting record that the tea party could use against them. It leaves them vulnerable to primaries.

          • You’re the one who made the comment! Are you afraid to accept responsibility for your comment?

        • Some conservatives are afraid of the tea party and losing donations from rich donors. They’re afraid of talking about immigration because they’re divided in the GOP caucus in D.C.
          It goes like this; A Rep. in Congress is from a district where a lot of Hispanics live. If you vote for The Dream Act, you’re toast. You’re replaced by candidate the tea party approves of. If the bill isn’t on the floor of The House, you don’t have to vote. You’re made of Teflon. You get your campaign money and no one can accuse you of being against Hispanics.

          I swear to you, Ron. This is what’s going on. That’s why Congress is so unproductive.

          All bets are off if the GOP wins The Senate. If it happens it will be interesting to see if they start voting and passing bills.

          • Why shouldn’t a Republican controlled Congress thwart every move by obammi, hes a traitor and seeks to rule like a dictator! He needs to be removed, even by force, if need be!

        • Hi Ron, I found the recording of Boehner making fun of his caucus and not wanting vote on The Dream Act.

          Boehner took a lot of heat for that and he walked back on it. He stated a new reason why his caucus didn’t want to do immigration reform;

          • We are talking about Obama using the EPA to raise taxes on coal power plants. Stick to the topic at hand.

          • Your comment said nothing about Boehner! You accused all Republicans!

            Typical of a Democrat refusing to accept responsibility by changing their story and blaming someone else!

          • Boehner is not A CONSERVATIVE, he is colluding with progressive big govt! He should be thrown out!

      • We’re not in paralysis… we’re prepping for a big move this fall.
        Conservatives are SO sick of the crap BHO has pulled and we’re just figuring out how to move ahead. Whatever happens between the GOP and the tea party, rest assured conservatives will not be “reconciling” our values and beliefs to assuage the left.

        • You should be a delegate at one of their conventions. If you go, please take your whip. You may have to crack it if I’m right.

          • I’m not delegate material… don’t like politics… I’m a great follower, but I have better things to do with my whip than force politicians to fall in line.

            Btw, “kissing a dumb blonde”?????… you talk like you’re speaking from experience?

            You know, even dumb blondes are light years ahead of liberal males…

        • Dear leader has put so much in place like this, they expect to remain in power. The Demos will stay in power – they have ways, you know.

      • You lie. There will be no decrease in the amount of carbon released into the air as China will continue to increase the number of coal power plants. This is an attempt by the Left to increase taxes so that Obama can continue to “spread the wealth.”

      • BS, the radical left media pushes the propaganda that the right is radical when in reality the position of the right has actually mediated! What is RADICAL IS PROGRESSIVE AGGRESSION against the American people and economy !

      • WOONSOCKET – are you mentally insane? And you insult blondes which says where your head it at. You are one sided and can’t see the damage being done to this country by both parties but especially OBAMA and the DEMOCRATS. You must be retired or not working. PROVE that the GOP has orders coming form outside Washington – PROVE IT!! Idiot!

    • Yes, he will increase taxes on coal power plants which the owners will respond to by raising their rates. There will be no decrease in the amount of carbon released into the air as China will continue to increase the number of coal power plants. This is an attempt by the Left to increase taxes.

      • He promised to make ELECTRIC RATES SKYROCKET when he spoke here in CO and these stupid fools cheered. Wait until they get their bills – of course most are on the government dole or mom and dad pay the bills so they could care less……..and ALL are DEMOCRATS so what does that tell you?

  2. Puff of sawdust from vacuum sawdust collector = major fines for cabinet makers putting them out of business. Now we get cabinets from China.

  3. When will the men in congress be real men instead of girly men…would you guys grow a pair. Pretty shameful when Sarah Palin has more.

  4. The question should be when is someone in power going to do something about it, not “When are we going to wake up?”

  5. Where are the people in both houses that have backbone. Scientists are retreating from man made global warming in droves. Scientists do not want their nwma on research that is based on conscientious. Who will stand and oppose the tyrannical government by presidential executive order. When has it become law for one man to make decisions that effect the whole country. Last time I looked We dont have a monarchy. Time to get off your JurASSic and vote out the dinosaurs.

  6. And the man/woman looking thing running the EPA will be more than happy to shut down all commerce in the US at BO’s beck and call. Of course the House and Senate sit and spin…….Would be nice if we could completely shut down DC.

  7. maybe these companys should just shut down and it will shut the country down and see what the traitor in chuef does then???

  8. No, Congress CAN STOP THIS if they really want to! obammi should be hung, he is breaking American law!

  9. The only way you can stop the madness in Washington is to elect new people to Congress and insure they follow the Constitution. The Congress (House of Representatives) can put a halt to the madness by not appropriating the dollars that they need to implement their programs and services. That is a safe guard that our Founding Fathers put in the Constitution. This administration, the Senate and partially the House have ignored the Constitution and a number of laws. These Congresspersons (House and Senate) should not be returned to Congress. Americans who vote and cannot see the many problems of our current government will have to live in the future with the many problems caused by Legislators who have forgotten who they work for.. Its your choice – vote wiseley.

  10. Obama says, “But what I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class, and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class.”

    Here’s how he intends to do this:

    1 – Destroy business; this will shut down the production of “global warming” emissions.
    2 – Put more people out of work (this will speed up the growth of the unemployed, which he mentioned only as “growth”).
    3 – Remove the poor class and add to them the lower end of the rich class. This is the new “middle class” of which he speaks. The “ladders of opportunity” will not have rungs on them; they will be much more efficient in getting people down from where they are now.

  11. will it further destroy this nations abilities to compete? Will it drive up prices even more? will it result in further unemployment? then Obama will do it.

  12. Side stepping the worst and least productive congress in history (20%approval rate) is the only way to accomplish anything. When they bring the Insanity of ZOMBY APOCALYPSE and waste their time and the wealth of our nation what else can he do? What would you do?

  13. The EPA wants ALL who use wood to heat their homes as is done in Montana and WYO and certain parts of Colorado to stop doing so. Of course there is NO alternative for those who live in these rural areas – so are they to freeze? The EPA has closed mines which have put many out of work. The government wants ALL dependent on them. VOTE ANYTHING BUT DEMS IN 2014. If the GOP doesn’t straighten out vote them out in 2016 and let’s go for a new common sense party with candidates like Trey Gowdy, Ben Carson, Alan West, Sarah Palin – you know….those who use their brains to think!!

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