How Obama is Taking the “Illegal” Out of Illegal Immigrants

I’ve been writing for this site for long enough to know that the phrase “illegal immigrants” really annoys some of you. “Illegal aliens,” you’ll say. “There’s no such thing as an illegal immigrant.” Well, there actually is. An immigrant is someone who changes residency from one country to another. So far so good. An illegal immigrant is someone who changes residency from one country to another illegally.

Well, Obama aims to change that. But just like he said earlier this year, he doesn’t plan on just using Congress to get things done. He won’t let a little thing like rule of law stand in his way, and he doesn’t think he should hold illegal immigrants to a higher standard than he holds himself.

Obama has written executive orders that provide de facto amnesty to illegal immigrants unless they are directly involved in crimes. According to a report by Sen. Jeff Sessions, nearly 98% of all deportations in 2013 were of criminals, people who were picked up in the process of crossing the border, or people who had already been deported before (many of whom were criminals).

This means that, in reality, it doesn’t matter what our law says, there isn’t such a thing as illegal immigrants anymore. Unless what you are doing is illegal for other reasons, Obama has made sure through executive action you won’t get deported.

This shouldn’t just be overlooked. All the talk of immigration reform at the legislative level means absolutely nothing if the President autonomously enforces whatever law he feels is right. Many Congressmen feel the same way. Breitbart interviewed John Culberson (R-TX) in response to the Sessions’ report:

We can add immigration enforcement to the long list of areas where President Obama is selectively enforcing the law. This is part of a repeated pattern of overreach on the part of the Administration and shows their unwillingness to follow the law as it is written—not the law as they want it to be. It’s impossible for Congress to have an open and honest debate on border security when we can’t trust the President to do his job.

Yeah. We all knew this was coming, though. He told us. The question now: What do you do about it?

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    • Are there any running for office this year? Republicans in Congress won’t do anything for or against illegal immigrants. The problem is that conservatives will still vote for the same GOP candidates.

  1. Well I’m still in favor of widening and making the Rio Grande River the full length of the boarder. Then over populating it with Hippos, alligators, and poisons water snakes. Once they cross the river – if they cross the river- they will be with a 20 foot high fence cover in rust barbwire. The USA side would be smooth on for the fence part, but sharp jagged stones and glass at the bottom, more poisons snakes. If someone makes it across this, then they can come in and be a full citizen. If they fail, well people can say they died trying…. Or they simple can go fill in the paper work and do it legally.

  2. What is needed is a simple electric fence with enough voltage to electrocute on touch, from Brownsville to San Diego. Then mass deportation, which is not as difficult as people say.

    • Why aren’t Republicans in Congress doing it? Why do they talk about it on the campaign trail but forget what they promised as soon as they win?

      • Because Dumbacrats stop them…. They do not forget. That is the liberal trait. Like remember one of Obama’s biggest campaign promises: “I will have ALL the soldiers home within 30 of me taking office” Well been a few years and nothing happened there. Matter of fact I’m pretty sure there are more soldiers there now.

          • Why do you not try that and see how well it works. I do not live in Ohio, so calling John not going to do much good.

            You asked a question I gave an answer… if you are going to say we are bellyaching over it, then don’t ask the question.

          • You pay John’s salary through your taxes. You have a right to contact his office in Congress if you want to. He’s The Speaker. You don’t have to live in Ohio. Go to a town hall in your area and ask questions. I call political offices and I give them my opinions.

  3. It is an act of TREASON by Obama and Congress to legalize
    the dumping of 11-18 million illegal aliens and their naturalized children into
    this economy and let the unemployed American citizens pick up the tab for their
    crimes, healthcare and children’s education.

  4. I’m sick and tired of this term “overreach”. Damn it all, WE KNOW it’s overreach! Why doesn’t Culbertson, and all the rest, demand that something be done about it. All they do is talk and repeat the same thing over and over. “Talkn’ ain’t doin’.” Let’s see some “doin'” done!!!!

  5. If conservatives want to do something about illegal immigration, what’s to stop John Boehner? Are Republicans and their rich donors afraid to speak up about the topic? Why have Presidents in the past given Mexican amnesty? I have an idea why but I’d rather read what any of you think.

    • Because, democrats have richer donors, and many more of them. Against common belief, republican are NOT the rich party…. there are wealthy in both parties, but the democrats have the “ubber rich” people.

  6. Use the tenth amendment. States can nullify any federal laws; unconstitutional or otherwise. Look at what Idaho and Georgia did to federal gun laws: they are no longer valid in those states. The border states can do exactly the same thing.

  7. To my way of thinking, the fact these people come to our country without permission makes them criminals. Those who are found here without papers should be shuffled back to Mexico “fast and furiously”!!!!

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