Obama Loves Australia’s Gun Confiscation Program

In our steady trek toward a progressive socialist country, there is really only one further step in gun control that America can take—outright gun confiscation. Some states have already begun gun registration and all states have gun owner licensing, gun-free zones, and other forms of gun control. But that still isn’t anywhere near as much gun control as leftists would like to see. Here’s what Obama had to say about Australia’s gun control program:

Couple of decades ago, Australia had a mass shooting, similar to Columbine or Newtown. And Australia just said, well, that’s it, we’re not doing, we’re not seeing that again, and basically imposed very severe, tough gun laws, and they haven’t had a mass shooting since.


Our levels of gun violence are off the charts. There’s no advanced, developed country that would put up with this.

First off, Australia has had a “mass shooting” since it enacted its strict gun control laws in 1996—the Monash University shooting. But even if it hadn’t had a “mass shooting” it’s post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy to say that it’s because of the laws that there haven’t been any shootings. It might just be a dry spell with psychos because of the moon cycles or whatever. And, though mass shootings may have decreased, normal everyday violence hasn’t. As you would expect. Criminals have been empowered to break in to homes with no fear.

But the real problem here is the fact that our gun violence is not off the charts. It’s been dropping steadily for twenty years. And it’s the worst in states and cities with the strictest gun control. So it doesn’t make a lot of sense to say that more gun control would lead to less gun violence in the US.

And what if it did? At what cost? What are we willing to give up in order to be come a safer, more secure society? Are we willing to give up all our freedoms and traditions? Are we willing to become mindless, smiling, automotons? No. Don’t answer that. That look on your face is freaking me out.

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  1. Offer $$$$ for guns – no questions asked. Voluntary drop-offs have happened in the past and they’ve been successful.

    • They had one of those here in AZ. Gave grocery store gift cards in exchange for guns. Trust me, crime isn’t any less relevant, and open carry is still permitted here.

      • Wounded Socket is NUTS. Buy-backs only encourages crooks to STEAL firearms and get cash…That has been observed in every one of those schemes…stolen weapons, junk weapons, antique weapons…doesn’t matter. Why? Because they’re Criminals! By their job description they are LAZY! Otherwise they would BUY what they wished!

        • *LOL* Hi Virgil, I couldn’t help laughing. Of course they’re going to turn in weapons. That’s the idea. If an owner of firearms can’t protect his weapons properly, then he deserves to have them stolen. Isn’t that what personal responsibility is all about?

          • If responsibility was a n eight foot oar, and someone smacked you in the ass with it you still wouldn’t know what it was. Go ask your mom if it’s time for your medication.

          • Oh its Pigmy, time for your meds yet? Mutha F’r needs help, should be evaluated by his Mutha / or Fatha, select one for immediate aSS-Sistance.
            So just exactly what is a Woon Sucket any way? Is this a new Venereal disease? Or perhaps…..Oh No…..A case of small Cox….

          • Most of the weapons turned in are unusable as firearms. Why would anyone turn in a gun that he can sell for ten times the amount. The one who does is a few bricks shy of a full load. If a thief comes to steal something the average gun safe will not prevent it. the safe that will costs start at one thousand dollars. I caught a thief coming out of my garage and gave him a load of rock salt in the balls. you could heard him scream for miles. No one came near our house after that for the word went around that I shoot.


    • Must feel pretty crappy to be so full of shit. Look at the “buy back” scheme in Connecticut. A fraction of legally owned weapons were turned in.

    • Personally, I like to stand outside such “buy-backs” and if i see something I like I make a better offer. No sense good guns going to the smelter.

    • Ahhhhh you are a commie, just as posted. All I could hope for is that you would assume room temperature as soon as it is convenient. Drugs arrived yet? The 15th is a few days away so try and hold on till then, and please tell me that you have not fornicated and produced another scum like yourself.

  2. The Dems will use any underhanded tactic to disarm America..especially White America..whom they hate the most. Do you really believe black gun owning thugs will turn in their guns? There is a great difference between Thug and responsible gun owner. And are we Patriots so naive to believe obama and Mohammed Holder would prosecute black gun thugs?

    • NICE screen name! And…a venerable firearm! One has to ask…if getting rid of firearms is the solution…why not just disarm the Police? They have FAR more weapons that the average citizen. Just ask yourself…haven’t you read of hundreds of mass shootings wherein EVERY perp was a Police Officer? AND…on a personal peeve…they are NOT GUNS! A machine gun is a ‘gun’…a Pack Howitzer is a ‘gun’. The turrets on the USS Missouri (BB-62) are ‘guns’. AN MG 42 is a ‘gun’. Otherwise, it’s a pistol, a rifle , a revolver, a blunderbuss!

      • Virgil…if you were in the Army..remember the old saying…This is my weapon..this is my gun…this is for shooting and this is for fun. I stand corrected…the correct term to use is firearm.

        • Never ‘active’ anything…buy I do know the poem….including the proper hand placement when reciting it. 🙂 As a general rule…I don’t use the term ‘gun’ unless it’s that that ‘charming’ training couplet used to correct recruits…or else the topic is an actual ‘gun’…i.e. cannon, machine gun…etc.

        • It is “This is my rifle, this is my Gun, this one’s for fighting this one’s for fun.” No Big just a small correction.

          I am prior military, and offer no excuse for it. The Commie Ba$tard in the White house never served day one in the military which is why he is the total disgrace that he is. Great Blog Handel Remington 870.

          • Thanks Frank. I took my basic at Ft. Campbell in 1968 and rarely use this ‘saying’. Still remember cleaning my M-14, (not M16) in the rain and the drill Sergeant saying..”it never rains in the Army.” Got my M16 later. Sure loved that M-14.

          • Fort Ord For me December 1970, then I went to Fort Puke Louisiana…. Oh Sorry Fort Polk, the arm pit of our country. And yes I remember cleaning my M-14. The M-14 by far a superior weapon than the M-16, but I did eventually get my M-16. The 14 was heavier but better. My drill was a stone faced red headed kid fresh from Viet Nam that took pleasure in the torture of his troops when he could get away with it. I remember the escape and evasion drill which was toward the last part of training where he got away with his torture. I was very tired but very lucky that i did not get caught.

        • Those who own guns are responsible for keeping them out of the wrong hands. If your guns are stolen you call the police.

      • Or a Veteran or belong to the wrong party or church or a host of reasons they can make up and add by Executive Order.

        • That would be discrimination. The last person who would discriminate is a moderate or a liberal. Discrimination is a trait of conservatives. It looks like you have nothing to worry about.

      • That’s it Woon Suck is the guy that hangs around play grounds and molests children, and commits Felonies.
        That’s why he is Anti Gun, because he can’t play with his. Woon Suck is hung like a cockroach that’s the problem, male inferiority. Ahhhhh now we know.

  3. WHO will be the first to look this up? “post hoc ergo propter hoc”. Yes, it’s LATIN. How about YOU, moon-socket?

      • Well done Walt! Loosely, it is…’After the Fact, therefore because of the fact.’ It’s a logical fallacy. Like THIS: “Ninety percent of all criminals incarcerated today have eaten mashed potatoes; THEREFORE…mashed potatoes cause CRIME! Or…”why, our college is so tough that 80% of the freshman class flunks out.” Therefore…a truly EXCELLENT school would have to be one from which NO ONE ever GRADUATED!

    • Woon Suck, is what I call him. He is the unfortunate troll that enjoys irritating the majority of us. Picture a walking Hemorrhoid, walking around with what resembles a head….That’s Woon Suck.

      • That’s hilarious! In light of your Screen Name…I would also offer that it also be called “Weasels Ripped My Flesh” !

  4. “To ban guns because criminals use them is to tell the
    innocent and

    law-abiding that their rights and liberties depend not on their own

    conduct, but on the conduct of the guilty and the lawless, and that the

    law will permit them to have only such rights and liberties as the

    lawless will allow… For society does not control crime, ever, by

    forcing the law-abiding to accommodate themselves to the expected

    behavior of criminals. Society controls crime by forcing the criminals

    to accommodate themselves to the expected behavior of the law-abiding.”

    ———- Jeff Snyder

  5. Millions and millions of gun owners didn’t kill one person today! How about that! If guns were able to jump up and start firing all by themselves then we have a different story! But they just remain motionless, harmless, and non threatening to anyone if they are left alone! Ain’t that wild? If were not for guns of all sizes and shapes; we wouldn’t have what freedom we have left. Now our fearless leader thinks he can outsmart us into believing that our guns are a threat! A threat to whom? I don’t see a bunch of gun owners running around each day of the week threatening anyone or parading up and down our streets firing off their rounds in the air or marauding late at night waking up the citizens from sleep! If that were the case they’d all be arrested and in jail for disturbing the peace! No, he wants to confiscate our weapons so that. we the people, will have no way to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government! He could care less about criminal activity because he knows criminals DO NOT OBEY GUN LAWS! But his concern lies in total governmental control of a weaponless citizens to control their lives when they have no way to protect themselves from treachery. It’s very “transparent” isn’t it!

  6. It has not escaped Obama’s notice that if take away the citizens’ guns, then you can be “President” for life.

    • When was the last time someone from the govt. stole your weapons???? There’s enough in life to get stressed about. Please cross this one off of your list.

      • I’ve read your comments before. I know you’re an Obama troll; you know you’re an Obama troll. You could stop wasting everyone’s time by posting your leftist nonsense here. Go join our ilk on Media Matters.

        • This is a public site. You should be flattered that a liberal has hung around here & ready to debate. Because so many of you have told me to get lost, I decided to stay and find out why you hate me so much.
          You see, you don’t understand liberals. We are not all the same. We do not get all of our information from one source like MSNBC. An open mind is a better-informed mind.

          • I’ve found that those who self-identify as “liberals” are anything but liberal.; As a rule, they are sanctimonious intolerant I’ve found that those who self-identify as “liberals” are anything but liberal.; As a rule, they are sanctimonious intolerant totalitarian leftists, who delight in polluting these sites with the most ridiculous drivel.

          • I don’t use MS-LSD for my information source. Liberals are by definition mentally ill. You for instance are a fine example of mental illness. I am sure there is a rubber room with your name on it.
            We don’t hate you because you are sick and in need of mental help, we instead pity you.

      • It’s happening in several northeastern states as we speak (type). You guy are going to have a front row seat to the start of the 2nd Civil War. But I’m guessing you wouldn’t take any responsibility for it with your anti gun politics.

        • You’re itching for a fight for what? For nothing. Gun maker propaganda is just that – propaganda. They want you to be afraid so you’ll buy more gun$$$$$.

          • So Woon Suck whatever happened to you staying on task and sticking to answering the question? You represent the best at changing the topic when beaten with Logic. This is NOT about people going out to buy more guns but preserving and reserving the right to do so. So Woon Suck how old are you anyway 12 going on 16? For someone who is a Libturd you sure don’t seem too bright.

        • If that were true, why do you all still have your weapons? They would have been taken away from you decades ago.

          • First you assume that i own a weapon secondly we have not had a problem of this magnitude where people are killing people on almost a daily basis. The issue still goes back to a time when there was sanity, a Nation that allowed people to carry their rifles on a rack in their pickup truck without incident. NEVER was there ever a problem like this in the past so what happened??? You tell me, as I already know. Your message is one of Bull$h!t. We had a nation that was of one accord NOT divided is a partial answer.

      • Oh I see that you are a commie troll, and that there are others that are verifying that you are a “Libturd,” is there any truth to this? I mean do you really suck?

      • Why don’t you try Catrina in about 08 / 09 when the hurricane hit Louisiana the Piggy’s went door to door stealing hunting rifles from legal gun owners, I am sure that you can find “You Tube.”

  7. A Fable: The other day, when I came home, I found that my Garand had released itself from its carrying case, had crawled across the floor, managed to cock its own bolt, and, with a complete absence of thumbs, had inserted a clip, released the bolt, pulled the trigger and blew my left ear off!

      • “Most” is a mighty big word for someone from such a small state, where people DO agree with Obama. If he wants to swim it, agree to go with him.

          • Really another prediction that you pulled out of your A$$ no doubt. You have no way to prove this so as usual you are full of more crap than a Christmas Goose.

      • I work with about 500 other people and only about 2 or 3 think Zero is worth a cra*. (Oh yea, we are all union members) Most poor and ignorant people (on the doll) like him.

        • 90% of Americans. I’m really proud of The President. He’s the first one to take on the NRA and the gun makers. He has the support.
          Check “number of americans who want background checks” on Google.
          Hey, Ron, are you afraid of a background check?

          • I have no problems with a background check. Been there, done that. The point is that criminals do not get checked. Also just because the president wants something doesn’t mean he gets it. Remember that little thing called the “Rule of law”.

          • 90%…Really 90%….Final answer? Woon Suck let me help you out here. First of all there are 300 PLUS million Americans, and out of the 300 Million there are AT LEAST 100 Million that own Guns, Unless You went to school for the Funny New Math that is roughly 33 1/3% of the population that approve, so what does this do to your numbers? It means YOU have a problem with Math and that you also have a problem with Gun owners in general.

            While YOU may be proud of Obunga 70 to 80% if not more of America Hates him. I for one know for a fact that he is of his father the Devil / Satan. For one minute do you believe that the criminals are going to go through a Background Check?

            I happen to know that there are people who have NEVER purchased a weapon, go out and buy one because they had the correct assumption that Obunga was going to confiscate them.

            In the final analogy this is about complete Control this is not about “Gun’s” as you suppose. The Sacred Cow known as medicine kills more people than guns EVER killed anyone today. Cars today killed MORE people today than guns killed people today.

        • Your analogy makes no sense. There is no lobby that does away with all traffic lights.
          Ron, humans want to live. They don’t want guns in the wrong hands.

      • Most DO NOT, where did you pull this argument from your A$$? Show me the numbers. FBI polls show crime down proportionate with gun ownership up.

        • You really need to get your head out of the Fox hole. The gun makers control most of the politicians. Take that control away and ALL Americans will have their say on what gun laws that they want.
          Let Americans decide instead of a gun lobby. Are you afraid of Americans who want to be represented???

          • We have PLENTY of gun controls / laws on the books already, the issue is the judicial system enforcing them. Further I am in favor that we have gun makers that “Control” over Politicians as you allege / state.

            This by any other name is called being a lobbyist. SO FAR this has not been declared “Illegal” So Far.

            The other issue is that it is NOT up to some Americans (Minority) to simply change the Constitution as it sits. These “Rights” are from God assuming that you believe in a God. The founders left us with the ability to protect ourselves FROM Government through Tyranny which is what we have now. There have been more guns purchased under this president than at any other time in history, so your argument against guns have ALREADY been made. FBI statistics, “Gun Purchases Up” Crime rates are down per capita. Obungo has been the greatest sales man of all time concerning the “Gun Lobby.” Again there is crime with guns, but this will never stop, as in never. Any gun is simply a tool, and a tool in the wrong hands is a dangerous tool.

            Although Guns are used for hunting, Guns are NOT for hunting they are for protection. In a “Free Society” people make choices many of which that are NOT GOOD, in which they will pay a price fro making these bad decisions.

            In the event that you choose to NOT own a gun that is your business. What is not your business is the abolition of gun ownership for law abiding Americans, and i will add that gun ownership is very strong and will take an invasion from another country to take them away at this point.

      • You are absolutely wrong! However this guy agrees with him—->”This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!”
        Adolf Hitler 1935

      • What…..I mean What, What…?

        Where in the world do you get your information?

        With a dismal approval rating for the President in general, how in the world could you up with “Most Americans agree with The President”.
        LOL, I mean really… please share.

  8. The NRA and the gun makers should be banned from contributing to political campaigns. Guns are designed for killing. The NRA and the gun makers should be limited to selling a product in the market – not control lawmaking.

    • Wrong, firearms are designed to throw a projectile accurately to a target. People choose the targets and law abiding people do not choose trains, planes, automobiles, or people. Firearms are no more evil that Fords, or Lexus’s.

      • In case you’re very young, guns are designed to kill. Americans want to have a say about what kind of gun laws should be passed. For decades the gun makers have ruled the land and the vast majority of Americans want it stopped. Human beings want their turn to live and decide on issues of public safety.

    • So what is the “New Approach” according to you? Woon / Suck to the rescue? I will give you that guns are for killing, so why don’t you suck on the end of the barrel and wait for the flash? That’s the best approach I can think of to help you off the planet.

      • What I’m saying is let the voters decide on what gun laws they want. If California had a proposition on this, most Californians would want the gun makers to butt out.

    • How about the ones promoting abortions? Think they should be banned and the Dr.’s told they can’t abort? Don’t get me wrong–I’m not advocating abortion by any means. It is just that the libs only see one side of the coin and it is evil. The flip side of the same coin is ok with them.

      Keep your hands off our guns and stop with the ever increasing restrictions.

  9. A lot of people on this site are too defensive when it comes to guns. Liberals DO own guns too. They’re not coming for your guns.

    My father had a rifle in the home. I found out about it by accident. He did a pretty good job of hiding it. He learned how to use a rifle when he was very young. Members of my extended family were excellent marksmen and they took their talents on the road a long time ago. I’ve been to gun clubs as a child and no one there was as paranoid about the govt. like all of you are here.

    • Too bad that the better part of your family did not rub off on you. Problem was that likely you never were taught to man up and grow a pair, so you went to the dark side.

  10. What Obummer does NOT say is that there has been a huge increase in violent crime against women and the elderly since the laws went into effect – the same as happened in Britain. Also, criminal gangs in the country have more guns than ever, and they laugh at the laws.
    Another example of political doubletalk.

  11. If Obummer likes Australia so much, then he must like Australia’s new Prime Minister calling “Climate Change” a big scam, and is in the process of rescinding all the Left Wing Labour Party carbon taxes, because it was pushing up living costs.

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