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  1. Does anyone feel safer knowing the NSA spies on them every day? I only need to remember how they didn’t stop the Boston bombers. I say those in the NSA in charge of spying on Americans and the secret court members, whoever they be, giving them approval to do so, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as traitors. Agree? And, close the freakin’ borders!

  2. Terrorists are running loose all over the planet and the NSA wastes time and precious tax dollars looking under our beds for a boogeyman? Words fail me at this time to describe this kind of insanity! My kicking foot is really vibrating!

  3. I love the “apple” analysis to explain “oranges.” Next time you get a stopped for speeding tell the officer that you know you were speeding but you need to keep that speed to win a bet. Yeah, go ahead tell him. NSA stop it now.

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