NSA Intercepting Computer Shipments to Implant Spyware

Oh, the NSA. What a pack of ghouls they have become. Among their myriad shady dealings, a recently revealed/purported practice should give all of us even further pause. In fact, you might just want to hit the stop button. The NSA is apparently intercepting shipments of computers and electronic devices and implanting surveillance hardware and spying malware before these devices reach their consumer destinations.

I imagine the NSA would claim that the computers and devices they pre-tap are being shipped to people the NSA already believes to be “security threats.” But the reality of their indiscriminate surveillance does not give me comfort in these claims. The NSA has been spying on everyone, inside and outside the United States. And it seems that intercepting electronic devices is just another prong in their Pokémon obsession to “collect it all.”

Furthermore, a recent court ruling has dismissed an ACLU lawsuit against the NSA. The lawsuit claimed that the NSA had infringed on the constitutional rights of citizens by collecting telephone metadata without any probable cause of wrongdoing. The court, represented by the “honorable” Justice William Pauley, struck the case down. One of the major reasons for dismissal was included in a peculiar paragraph, the logic of which would make me laugh if it weren’t so harrowing:

The ACLU would never have learned about the section 215 order authorizing collection of telephony metadata . . . but for the unauthorized disclosures by Edward Snowden. Congress did not intend that targets of section 215 orders would ever learn of them. [I’m sure they didn’t.] And the statutory scheme also makes clear that Congress intended to preclude suits by targets even if they discovered section 215 orders implicating them. It cannot possibly be that lawbreaking conduct by a government contractor that reveals state secrets—including the means and methods of intelligence gathering—could frustrate Congress’s intent. To hold otherwise would spawn mischief: recipients of orders would be subject to section 215’s secrecy protocol confining challenges to the FISC, while targets could sue in any federal district court. A target’s awareness of section 215 orders does not alter the Congressional calculus. The ACLU’s statutory claim must therefore be dsimissed.

In other words, you can’t sue us for unlawful conduct if the only way you found out about our unlawful conduct was through unlawful conduct. Hmmm. While I would agree that espionage by its nature involves secrecy and the bending of certain rules of propriety and straight dealing, usually espionage is directed at one’s enemies. To call every American citizen a “target” is to declare war on your own people. Which is basically what has been done. What Justice Pauley is really saying here is that citizens are expected to uphold their part as law-abiding and obedient serfs even while the civil government treats them like enemy combatants: “You must play by the rules. We will not. You weren’t supposed to find out we were cheating. Just go back to your state-appointed duties.” No. If Congress treats the citizens like enemies, then the rules of war apply both ways. And as we all know, “All’s fair in love and war.” I certainly don’t feel any love for the NSA right now …

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    • CONGRESS can STOP them I,mmediately by DEFUNDING THEM! As they can with all bills or Acts, Depts., etcl The Senate cannot stiop this defunding either. ~Rick Magee, “MOLON LABE”

  1. i DON’T TRUST ANYTHING going on right now with Government. It apprently obvious to me there are forcces out there bigger than OBAMA who we love to bash but the reality is becoming more and more obvious is the REASON for OBAMA is so they can advance an evil agenda because he is a good decoy. basically useless and a puppet.

  2. This is for the purpose to enslave the USA by the fraudulent government. If you want one of these devises go ahead an get before the government has a chance to corrupt them wit these traps against American citizens

  3. There is NO criminal organization in the world today greater and more insidious than the UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT > NONE on earth , thats why Putin is envious .

  4. What do you expect when low-information voters and an endless parade of human debris that thinks the world owes them a living twice elect a Chicago Democrat Machine Street Thug?

  5. If only a hacker would use their spyware against them by altering it so that when the NSA receives information from our computers it also includes a virus that shuts down their system. I have zero programming skills but guessing someone will figure out how to do it before this is over.

    • Why stop at merely shutting them down? Better yet, come up with something that induces smoke and fire in their mainframes!

      • We must from the same era — have not heard ‘mainframe’ since when — I am not counting that far back funny how those can start smoking. At work one time I walked by a CRT and it was smoking. Plugged the plug and call the service center. The director made record time getting that out of service LOL

        • The IBM 360 had banks of vacuum-tube flip-flops (IC chips of modern technology often contain THOUSANDS of flip-flops on one tiny chip!), a punched-card reader, and a multiple-disk drive with disks about 15 inches (maybe more) in diameter. That disk drive alone must have weighed about 60 pounds, and people of the period used to call it a “juke box”. The “juke box” probably didn’t have any more capacity than the disk drive of a modern laptop computer; the latter disk drive only weighs a few ounces, and now even it is on the verge of obsolescence, thanks to non-volatile solid-state memory. As a 67-year-old electronics engineer, I have seen it all. BTW, Google up some of my patents. I always post with my real name. In full, that’s Richard William Faith. I’m looking for WORK now, thanks to our idiot “leader”.

  6. This judge like so many of our overlords has no concept of who the real sovereigns are – the People. We delegate very limited authority to those we hire and pay to represent us and fulfill a few specified duties, and that is it…or, I should say, that WAS it. That was it when the Constitution still governed the governors. It no longer does, and until our “representatives” comprehend that (the GOP absolutely does not, while the Left cares not), we will continue to be ruled by those who should be our servants only.

  7. Before it’s over with Hitler may have nothing on this bunch of Nazis! Lesson: never buy a preloaded system. Buy system parts and software off the shelf and assemble/install parts and software yourself. Always disable all chip tracking serial numbers in BIOS.

  8. If it becomes known that the federal government is violating the Constitutional rights of its citizens enmass without cause, it matters not how the unconstitutional act is discovered it is still illegal. This judge needs to be removed from the bench.

  9. Americans (that leaves-out the fraud-impostor-socialist-marxist-FAG-muslime-saboteur destructor of OUR Country [it is NOT obummers]-liar-in-cheef occupying OUR White House): Hey. cong-gress has NO clue of the real, stealth-nsa activities ! you betcha ! cong-gress obviously does NOT have the “need-to-know”, BUT, how much do you want to bet the “impostor-liar-in-cheef” DOES know significant details to benefit the liar-obummer-propogandist-in-cheef political agenda ? hmmm. Suggested: have a volcanic eruption at the nsa exit on the bal-more-wishton pkwy to preclude ingress-egress from nsa hq to spy on OUR Citizens like they are “foreigner enemies”. Go figure ! Go Foxtrot-Uniform-Charlie-Kilo obummer and his thugs regime !!

  10. There aren’t enough oak trees to hang all the totally worthless S.O.B’s from..Judge Roy Bean would have to line them all up and decide which go first. The buzzards and coyotes would have a meal for a life time. Trouble is they are all so rotten it would kill the buzzards and coyotes. They are all cesspool parasites!!!!!

    • “They who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”
      ~ Benjamin Franklin, Pennsylvania Assembly in its Reply to the Governor (11 Nov. 1755)

  11. OB’s continues attack on our Civil Rights and the U.S.Constitution are all illegal, and don’t let some man/woman in a black robe fool you by saying it is legal… I hold a JD in Law and have studied Constitutional Law, and they are dead wrong…NDAA, the Fed ID Card’s
    what the NSA is doing to the American People, and on and on, it’s all a clear violation of OUR CIVIL RIGHTS and the framers of the U.S
    Constitution made this very clear..!!! What they are doing is criminal and according to the U.S. Constitution they have committed both High Crimes and Misdemeanors along with Treason against the American People, and the U.S. Constitution provides a clear remedy for that…REMOVE THEM ALL by any means possible, including but not limited too, Civil War…!!! I know that “We the People” are waking up, but if we wait much longer to take our Nation back “We the People” will either not have anything left to wake-up too, or “We the People” will be enslaved by the Liberal/Left/Commie/Muslim/NWO…!!! So America it’s time…FREEDOM or SLAVERY, the time is now, MAKE your CHOICE…!!!!

  12. With little black Hitler as president it doesn’t surprise me in the least., if a Republican President had done this they would have him impeached at the drop of a hat. Why are the idiots in the Congress not after this slug, at least Hitler had a job before he got into politics. OBOZO has always been nothing but an empty suit, no job, no business, no career, no brain and no problem.

      • This too is a known truth. While the “dislikes” votes usually come from TROLLS, it seems possible that one of our own true-“blue” conservatives might have downvoted your post, out of ignorance of the fact that NWO operatives have been largely in control over BOTH of our major political parties for many years already. The sooner we all get on the same page vis-à-vis RECOGNIZING the fact that these miscreants (NWO stooges) are manipulating virtually EVERYTHING, the better a chance we have of eventually OPTING OUT of the NWO, or at least HARASSING them to such an extent as to CAUSE them to HATE LIFE.

  13. All government employees must be fired, executed, or expatriated to foreign countries. The enemy of the people of the US is it’s government employees.

    • Just a little over wrought by the idea of government employees now, aren’t you? “All government employees” includes millions of people at all levels of government, from your local police (granted, sometimes totally useless to thugs with badges) and fire fighters, to FAA air traffic controllers. And you want to fire them all, and either kill them or deport them; extreme much?
      There are a lot of unnecessary agencies and waste in government, but to paint all government employees with such a broad brush shows that you operate at a low tolerance level. Maybe, kchamb, you should get away from your computer, sell it in fact, and become a hermit.

  14. I always assumed they did just that after learning how we infected Iraq with printers.

    If you want to find out how much they think about you, order one on-line that they can easily track, then pick it up and take it apart. You can easily tell things that were added later, especially on a SMT board because it does not have the wash/flux coat over the replaced parts.

    Same goes for looking under and over your car, especially after a major repair where they will try to bury a GPS into the pillar post of your car, as an example.

    They will intercept at your router, but, if you want a clean computer I suggest going and paying cash at a big box store and then install a UNIX based OS on a clean HD bought separately. While using your ordered one just for the stuff you want them to know. Though the Chinese have been known to bury their own back doors on HDs.

    Assume automatic updates to “fix” the system will be compromised by them and only install the newest packaged system which is harder for them to infect.

    Which is my $0.02 to anyone that likes to fancy themselves a journalist or patriot.

    Myself, I do not worry too much about myself because I know the NWO for Satan comes in soon and I am sure this is how they get to not being able to buy or sell without the mark of the ObamaCare … I mean “beast”. I am sure the NSA/TSA is the enabler in their plans.

    • WELL STATED! And, “thanks” for the info on the “how to”s and instruction for having a “safe” computer! I’m agreeing with you regarding the NWO and “mark of the beast” – I’m “safe in the arms of Yeshua/Jesus” and I’ll gladly die before taking ANY marks or submitting to any other authority other than Yahweh/God! Bless you!!!

      • There is a reason why the Fed owns almost all the house and student loans, What no one mentions is how Russia and China will react when we stiff them when our economy collapses. Satan is going to come in with a lot of promises and wishes in the middle of the chaos, that he and his children help create, and he will end up breaking every promise, just like child Obama did. Then when the real Jesus returns, his followers and Obama supporters will be asking the rocks to fall upon them and kill them.

        We can submit to their “laws” and their rule, Luke 22:36, as long as we do not take the mark of the beast to buy or sell. Let us hope it is in soft paper script and can be used for the toilet paper that we can not buy.

        • Appreciate you and your comment – “thank-you”. May the Blessings of Yahweh/God be with you and yours throughout the coming New Year.

  15. I think I understand. Let’s see. I live next to a beautiful woman. One night I look over and see her getting undressed and standing nude in front of her window. A guy breaks into her house and, while I’m watching, kills her. I tell the police. But the judge says my testimony is not admissible because I was committing an illegal act as a peeping tom. So the murderer walks. Sure makes sense doesn’t it? Makes you wonder how some people pass the bar . . . let alone become judges.

    • Back in the 1970’s Americans failed to realize that Congress and Senate made laws – knowing they were unconstitutional. Nothing stops such laws form being made – only victims with deep pockets who can defend all the way to the supreme court can illegal unconstitutional law thrown out.
      How is it that for 40 years now Americans have had to increasingly defend themselves for illegal laws?

      Thats what happened to the land of the free – it died and the occupants still don’t get it.

  16. I don’t believe this. The amount of money it would take to do it would be a huge red flag to every budget-watching organization in the country. And there where would be whistle blowers from UPS, FedEx, etc., all over the country. If it’s happening at all, I think this has to be blown way out of proportion. (And before the attacks start, I’m absolutely not supporter of President Obama or anyone else in his administration.)

  17. This is called “thievery” and they need to be caught and put away! So where is the office that takes care of thugs like NSA! Federal bureau of crime investigations would be a good place to start. Whatever it is called these days.

  18. Many of We The People are waiting for the “war” … I’m just wondering how much more we are willing to subject ourselves to BEFORE that first shot is fired?!!

      • Never doubt it for even a New York FEMTOSECOND! bilL gateS absolutely IS a one-worlder, and the tyranny you speak of is a major part of the NWO’s strategy for ROPING US IN. You might want to check and see if he’s a member of the Bilderberg Group, or is at least in some way associated with it!

    • And apparently you are proud that you suffer from:

      A. Stockholm Syndrome

      B. Cognitive Dissonance

      or C. Willful Ignorance

      • Looks like you have just flushed out another buttcrack sniffer that has his head buried so far up buttcrack’s back side that he can’t see daylight! According to this idiot, I guess the IRS never did anything wrong, the NSA has never done anything wrong, Bengazhi was a video and Fast and Furious never happened! What a complete dumb a$$!!!!!!! I think it goes far beyond willful ignorance.

        • The problem is – people like this are afraid. These cowards are deeply afraid of the jackboot thugs in gov’t and don’t have the guts to admit it to themselves much less anyone else. They keep telling themselves that gov’t is their friend, and that the sociopaths in gov’t have nothing but their best interests at heart. In this way they calm their fears with a form of mental masturbation, rather than having the courage to face reality.

          tsmiths needs to take the red pill.

    • Ever hear of the Constitution? The 4th Amendment to the Bill of Rights? Go back to school idiot before you give up willingly, all of your rights!

    • how can anyone look at any of these revelations and not be paranoid, unless you are still drunk on the hope and change koolaid

  19. Isn’t it wonderful to have such learned federal judges administering the legalisms of our legal system under the guise of administrating justice. There’s a reason they don’t teach lawyers anything about justice or the US Constitution in Law School. Justice is a judgement call which requires a bit of common sense which is a real drawback in a legal career.

  20. I believe the ONLY way this will stop is for punishment to be applied to these criminals… including hanging by the next in public, along Pennsylvania avenue, and left there to rot off the ropes into their waiting coffins. People need to understand that there is punishment for this type of egregious criminal behavior, not reward. They have all marked themselves… so it is just a matter of time before the sentence is executed!!!

    • When you have a ** TYRANT – FRAUDULENT president ** who doesn’t believe the CONSTITUTION relates to him and his administration – this is what will happen.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      CONGRESS – that BUNCH of ** WIMPS ** needs to step in here IMPEACHING OVIMIT – – – NOW – – –

  21. The ** GUM SHOE ** NSA LISTENERS have some real problems to face. They the GUM SHOES think they can step on any body they want – – it don’t work that way.
    JOHN Q. PUBLIC has had enough of these SPY GROUPS.

  22. THIS IS COMMUNISM 21st Century Style., That is an ILLEGAL SEARCH without a warrant. I cxan see the Techs making mucho money debugging PC’s.

    • If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. This case for instance with a judge who is definitely a part of the problem.

  23. People have to come from another planet now if they don’t realize the government has declared us ( WE THE PEOPLE ) as the enemy.
    But I have to be honest here, I consider the government (democommies) ruining this nation as the enemy within and my enemy.
    They started all of this mess. The funny thing ( not haha funny, but strange ) is the government lies and tells everyone ” We don’t profile people, that’s a ” hate crime “. I guess calling individuals that serve this nation in the military with honors, and calling them ” Possible home grown terrorists ” when they return, isn’t profiling or a hate crime.
    Now, back to the NSA installing spy ware in computers. I NEVER order a computer to be shipped to me. If the computer isn’t on the showroom floor at the store or in their back store room, I don’t buy it. This also makes one wonder how secure the ” previously owned ” or ” refurbished computers ” are that they sell. You never know you may get someone’s spy ware along with the computer.
    Now days you can’t trust the government with anything. And they want to control your ” healthcare “. We all know how great the government is about running anything, don’t we.
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • What makes you think the government can’t make deals with the manufacturers to install spyware before they are sent to the stores?

      • I don’t think that at all. Matter of a fact with the software companies providing ” back doors ” into their programs and giving the government the ” passwords ” I wouldn’t doubt that for a minute. However, just on cost alone it would be cheaper for the government to just use the ” back doors ” than to install extra hardware with exceptions of those they really want to put a ” bulls eye on “. But for just ” general purpose ” meta data mining and your financial records and such a ” back door ” would be easier for them. It’s like planting a ” bug ” on someone’s telephone line, you don’t want to hear everyone talking at one time so you place the ” bug ” on whom you wish information on. With a ” back door ” into the software they can pick and chose who the want to ” bug “.

  24. They keeping pushing the envelope, don’t they? We will have to stop it and them pronto or full fledged communism will takeover this once great country. Double talking judge owned and paid for by Obama and his administration. This is not clear thinking nor clear judging by any reasonable thinking and the law. Who cares if obtained by an unlawful act. It always served the law’s purpose to get the info through and by any means. This is pure hogwash!

  25. This nation has gone so far down the rabbit hole that judiciary has succumbed. That branch of government was supposed to be the watch dog on the other two to prevent just this sort of travesty, the judicial branch was put in place to be the ultimate protector of our rights, instead, judges have become facilitators for a more tyrannical, invasive government that is usurping individual rights supposedly protected by the constitution. Next we’ll be compelled to sign loyalty oaths and forced to greet each other by “Hail Obama!”

  26. Nobody or organization would declare war on it’s own people (who’s rights and life they are supposed to be protecting), except for an enemy of the United States! (as Victoria Jackson’s song says, pssst! there’s a commie in the Whitehouse!) Let us prepare for war and defend our rights and our country from these lying, coniving commie-pinko’s who have illegally taken over our government!

  27. Nobody or organization would declare war on it’s own people (who’s rights and life they are supposed to be protecting), except for an enemy of the United States! (as Victoria Jackson’s song says, pssst! there’s a commie in the Whitehouse!) Let us prepare for war and defend our rights and our country from these lying, coniving commie-pinko’s who have illegally taken over our government!

  28. To Justice Pauley (and BHO): We never intended that you find out how we found out. Stalemate!! So, all other things being equal (ceteris paribus), the NSA (and BHO) have willingly violated the Constitution as any truth-telling citizen can attest. This is treason and we the people have the right to disband this government and start again. “When in the course of human events, it become necessary for a people to dissolve…”

    I’ve posted this message several times before, and have enjoyed the full agreement of quite a number of fellow participants, and yet you guys don’t seem to GET it:
    When we vote a “like”, our screen name is associated with it (like it or not). Anyone who hovers his mouse cursor over the “likes” gets a list of the screen names of the “likes” voters. On the other hand, the “dislikes” column DOES NOT WORK THE SAME WAY! For THIS REASON, the TROLLS get FAVORABLE TREATMENT, which ENCOURAGES their unwelcome intrusion. Please tell me: WHY don’t the “dislikes” voters get LISTED, LIKE THE REST OF US? IMO, if anyone wants to “dislike”, he should be required to make and sign a rebuttal comment that specifically explains WHAT HE DISAGREES WITH. In other words, he should PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

  30. Hm. This gives me great cause for concern. I just got this brand, spanking new computer in June 2013. We thought it was to be delivered on one date, but it ended up being a day or two later … . Was my computer hijacked? It’s armed to the hilt, but those programs were installed only AFTER we got it. :O “I always feel like somebody’s watching me …” Oi.

  31. What makes you think the government can’t make deals with the
    manufacturers to install spyware before they are sent to the stores?

  32. Who are, how many and where did these people come from that work at these NSA large buildings, like the one in Utah. Does anyone know someone that works there. I think there is one in texas and another state. I think the one in texas is bigger than the NSA building in Utah.

  33. Years ago, I used to tell people I met, that, everything would be better after the revolution, they would laugh; now not so much…..

  34. I seem to remember our nation stood firmly against the SS and the Jack Booted Thugs of the Nazi party during WW2. So what has happened; it appears that our own NSA becomes the SS and the Police and Military are being turned into the Jack Booted Thugs. I wonder what else Obama has in store for his USNAZI party?????

  35. so what that judge is saying if some one conducted something unlawful and turn’d some one else in for doing something unlawful then they cant be brought up on charges for doing it this judge is very stupid and he went to college for this get him out he doesn’t deserve the job

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