New Poll: George W. Bush Still to Blame

George W. Bush hasn’t been in office for nearly half a decade. But people are still blaming him for our current political mess. According to a recent poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News, 50 percent of people surveyed think Bush is more to blame for our current economic mess than Obama (only 38% think it’s Obama’s fault).

This is in spite of the fact that 79 percent of those surveyed believe the country is still in a recession. Which means people apparently believe that Bush’s economic policies were so disastrous that Obama couldn’t fix them in a whole term as president. In fact, if the economy never recovers, that will only further solidify Bush’s legacy. Then it will be obvious that even the anointed Messiah couldn’t fix the problems Bush left behind. That’s how bad Bush was!

I have no idea how people come up with an opinion on this matter. How does anyone know who is to blame for current economic problems? This same poll indicated very strong support for Bill Clinton’s presidency. I guess by their own logic, people should have credited the former Bush—or maybe even Reagan—for Clinton’s successes. None of this makes any sense. It is classically irrational attribution of effects to causes you refuse to surrender. If I wanted to believe Santa Claus was to blame for the current economic crisis, I don’t think my rationale would be any less arbitrary.

What could Obama do to cause people to finally realize he is objectively the worst president in our history? I was no fan of George W. Bush, but seriously, that guy gets an awful rap. Obama, on the other hand, has gotten and probably will get a free pass until later generations re-examine things with cooler heads. Even Vladimir Putin envies Obama’s ability to get away with things. Obamacare, NSA spying, drone mania, expanded foreign wars, stagnating economic recovery … the list could go on and on. But let’s just blame Bush. That’s easy and convenient.

But, to put this into a little more perspective, pretty much everyone in the civil government has a low approval rating right now. The people are getting more and more fed up. Another interesting part of the poll asked people whether they self-identify as Republican, Democrat, or Independent. 40 percent of surveyors self-identified as Independent. That is more than the 30 percent Democrat or the 24 percent Republican. The numbers of independents have stayed about the same since 2012, but they are now at an all-time high. Perhaps people are ready for a real change. But somehow I doubt it. The only thing this survey really shows us is that most people are stupid. Really, really stupid.

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  1. The catastrophe failure of Dubya left this country in the worst recession since the great depression. So of course he’s at fault. This nation owes Obama a great deal of thanks for turning the economy around!

  2. The catastrophic failures of Dubya collapsed Our Banks, Mortgage Industry, Housing Market, Stock Market, Credit Market, Construction Market and Auto Industry leading the nation into the worst recession since the great depression so of course he’s to blame!

    • Malibu Barbie Blame Bush sighting # 4,998,989 and counting………. keep up the good work Barbie, your almost to 5 million bogus ridiculous posts.

    • Malibu, you apparently either don’t know history…or the real facts that caused the recession. I hate to burst your bubble, but intelligent people that kept current with the things that were happening fully understand that for the first six years of PRESIDENT Bush’s time in office, this country’s economy was breezing along at a good increase. What happened after that? The idiots in the Socialist Democrat Party took control of both houses of Congress. Barney Frank (Housing Chair) and Chris Dodd (Banking Chair) began lying about their “Dodd/Frank” fiasco. They (the foolish Democrats) kept covering their lies which led to the collapse of the housing market…that had a domino effect on the banking industry. Once the banking industry (again, thanks to Chris Dodd…DEMOCRAT) began trying to collect bad loans that the idiotic Democrats pushed through caused money to tighten and construction dropped off. The auto industry was affected because once the Socialist Democrats damaged the rest of the economy, no one could afford to buy cars made in this country by overpaid union thugs. The “WORST RECESSION SINCE THE GREAT DEPRESSION” was created by Socialist Democrats…and Barry has only made it several times worse in the last 5 years. I realize you (as a liberal / socialist / communist / progressive Democrat) will NEVER face the truth and facts (both concepts are foreign to such individuals), however…when you and your family are hurt more and more by your idiotic policies… maybe you will remember this! Wake up!!!

      • OF COURSE!!!! Dubya was ONLY president for 8 years 6 with a 3 way majority in congress so he cannot be blamed for not seeing a financial tsunami coming, doing ANYTHING to stop it let alone causing it! Had Dubya regulated financial derivatives the recession would not have been NEAR as bad but what could possible go wrong with trillions of dollars in unregulated trades??? BTW, when you’re president you get the credit & you take the blame & no matter how hard you idiots try to rewrite history you just can’t get passed it happen on Dubya’s watch.

        • Wrong again Malibu. The 6 years that you are referring to, he did have a very slim lead in the House (233 to 198). The Senate was different…it was split 50 / 50. Your hero Barry was the one with the “Super majority”, and pushed his socialist policies down our throats with the help of the wicked witch of the west (Pelosi), and the corrupt Harry Reid. As you say…no matter how hard you idiots try to rewrite history, you just can’t get past that it was caused by Socialists.

        • Buy the way, Bush himself told Congress 14 times (on record) that the legislature that the Democrats was pushing through was a disaster…they would not listen and pushed it anyway.

        • Hey Bob, Remember Bernanke? Everything was fine. He totally missed it. Government is good at that. This tsunami began with Carter, who thought everyone should own a home.
          Government policy encouraged banks to lend to people with a pule and no money. Then, Freddie and Fanny bought the loans (most of them), the banks got their money back to make more bad loans. People lived over their means as real estate “always goes up”. I disagreed with Bush’s bailouts, no government should be in that business. But government should also not be in the business of interfering in markets.
          The banks that had those bad loans should have gone under. Would it have been painful? You bet. But it would have been long gone and over by now. Instead, we had to elect a Marxist who, along with terrible monetary policy, has oppressive regulations (EPA, energy policy of no energy were it not for some resourceful states, and Obamacare, to name a few). Bush goofed with his reaction to the crash, with advice from Treasury Idiot Hank Paulson (straight form Goldman Sachs). Obama did his actions on purpose, with an agenda to socialize everything, a little at a time so we wouldn’t notice. Bush didn’t react correctly, I agree. But Obama is a total disaster, and we get what we voted for. If Obama’s policies had worked, we would be out of this thing. Instead, he has laid the groundwork for something even worse, and he knows it.

        • Jan 3, 2007 Democrats took over both Houses of Congress,, Barney Frank took over the House Fin Services. Chris Dodd took over the Banking Committee.. Bush sent regulators to the committees 17 times, warning them to stop the subprime “Liar Loans.” I saw one on TV, where both Frank and Waters called the regulators racists for suggesting real credit qualifications. I saw Waters say “We want to socialize the auto industry too.” The Democrats crashed the economy in 15 months.

    • The credit crash and the housing bubble came about because of policies developed and carried out during Clinton’s term in office. Obummer himself had a part in this when he assisted in suing Citibank on the behalf of 180 something families that were denied home mortgages. The 180+ families prevailed and that court decision rippled through the bank and home loan industry and as a result, millions of loans were floated that should never be have been issued. Bush twice sent representatives before congressional committees chaired by Barney the “F”rank, They warned that the housing market and mortgage industry were in trouble. Both the Treasury secretary John Snow and Alan Greenspan were castigated by certain congressional members on the committee. Look it up in Youtube. Middle finger to you too, Bob.

  3. Lets START then with Obamacare, he owns that one right? How about Bengazi, Bush didn’t have ANYTHING to do with that one, and How about the AP scandal, No Bush involvement, and the IRS targeting Conservative groups, NO BUSH there, Then there is Fast and Furious, while it started as a pilot program under Bush, we could just say that Bush had no direct knowledge of it, I mean heck that excuse has worked for Obama for EVERY scandal thats come down the pike at us. NO the people of the United States will get and DESERVE all the pain they can handle, until they put the blame squarely where it should rest, on president Obama’s shoulders.

    • Considering our economy was in a downward free fall when President Obama took office and that the bleeding was stopped in the first year of his presidency, I would agree with the 50% in this survey.

      • Daves, You don’t know economics. When we were losing 500 thousand jobs a month, that couldn’t go on very long, even if the government did nothing So, lowering job loss had nothing to do with Obama. Our economy had problems, but we still had an economy, so the drop in jobs lost is a farce of an argument. We had a depression in 1918 and the Hayes/Coolidge duo cut government spending and sat down and waited. We had a sharp downturn and a quick recovery (i.e. Roaring Twenties). Then, overspeculation occurred and we got the 1929 crash. This time, Hoover spent money, big mistake. Then FDR got in and he ramped it up. Bigger mistake. We were still in a depression when WWII hit, which helped get us going again. Monetary policy can hurt an economy, it can even smooth over some “bumps” in the road. But it only makes bad recessions worse by making them so long and dismal (like now). We have spent trillions for what? Jobs are scarce and I never got any of that bailout money, did you? If you can only create one job at a cost of $500,000, maybe you better do something differently. Loose money devalues our currency, will eventually cause inflation (100% of the time), and, in the interim, may actually cause a deflationary period (i.e. Japan). If you like Obama, be my guest but he has been a total disaster, both from the trashing of our Constitution to his free wheeling spending to his oppressive policies. I didn’t like Bush’s spending, but Obama makes that issue no contest, along with his marxist policies that make everything worse. Mom and Pop used to retire on CDs (interest). Artificially low rates from the FED make that impossible now and Mom and Pop are forced to try for yield in a rigged market, juiced by funny money. It won’t last. If you agree with the 50%, you are a part of the problem. Wise up.

          • OK Bob, Inflation has a 100% chance of happening, it isn’t at 100%. But it is happening. The official rate is bogus as you eat and use energy daily and those costs have obviously gone up. We don’t have a lot of inflation, yet (remember Japan or did you read that far in my last post to you?), and we may hit a deflationary period eventually, but the FED isn’t helping us with all this loose money, and in the end, we all will take the hit. Don’t believe it? Look around. This is the worst “recovery” ever. Why? Government spending and regulation is in the way of everyone. And, since you apparently like government, you are in the way too.

        • 1/3 of the $700 billion stimulus was spent on middle class tax cuts so yes, I did get some money from that.

          The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office released a report in August 2010 that said the stimulus bill has “lowered the unemployment rate by between 0.7 percentage points and 1.8 percentage points” and “increased the number of people employed by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million.”

          Simply put, more people would be unemployed if not for the stimulus bill. The exact number of jobs created and saved is difficult to estimate, but nonpartisan economists say there’s no doubt that the number is positive.

          • daves, Let’s try this again. You can’t spend millions just to create one job. You can’t print money out of thin air forever and you can’t monetize your debt by buying your own debt and expect to have a currency and no inflation. If you got a tax break, great. How much? And how much (and more) was consumed by rising food and energy costs? This is al a shell game and you should know it if you don’t. It is basic economics. Ignore it all you want, but reality will come knocking soon enough. This “recovery” is the worst ever because of the government interference. As to your unemployment figures, many jobs were cut at the beginning. Too many really. So, some people just got rehired. On top of that, you have a normal growth in population, i.e. consumers, that adds somewhat to GDP and consumer demand. However, due to the weakness of our economy, job growth is not keeping up with population growth. So, unemployment is not falling.. What is falling the employment participation rate, which is now the worst in over 40 years. By the way, I would love a list of your “nonpartisan economists you refer to that say jobs saved/created is a positive number (how the hell do you measure jobs “saved” anyway? You sound like Obama – he said that a lot). I bet those same economists never saw how bad things were in the first place before the crash. Face it, our government, via its spending and the FED policies, are going to trash our dollar if we don’t rein them in.

      • What has Obama done then to reverse this “downward free fall”? He’s had 5 years to do something, right?! Where is his plan? It seems to me that his plan is to just blame Bush while expanding the welfare state. That seems to help the democrats. Make people so reliant on government and keep paying them in one form or another and you’ll always own their vote. He has grown the deficit by $7T. I guess that too is Bush’s fault. Remember when Bush wanted to raise the debt ceiling? Then Senator Obama said raising the debt ceiling was “unpatriotic”. Seems like he has no problem doing it now. It’ll more than double during his two terms in office. Again, I guess it’s just Bush’s fault. Remember, when you’re in a hole the best thing is to STOP digging. Obama and the low information voters just don’t understand that.

          • The unemployment rate has gone down?! When?! Right before the last election when they manipulated the numbers? The only way that’s happened is because people have fallen off the roles as they can’t find work. However, back to my question. Under Obama the deficit has grown 70%…and counting… yet he eviscerated Bush when he tried raising the debt ceiling. What happened there?! Still Bush’s fault? Mr. Bob, we’re heading in the wrong direction yet you continue to give Obama a free pass. Please tell me when he takes ownership of ANYTHING! In another blog I asked you about this scenario. A company is deep in debt. They get a new CEO promising “hope and change”. After 5 years they find their debt has grown 70%. The new CEO says it’s not his fault, it’s still the fault of his predecessor. Do you really think the board of directors buys that?! He’d be out on his rear end. Harry Truman once said “The buck stops here”. Obama blames everyone else and that’s okay with you. Figures.

          • Unemployment is NOT down. Those fuzzy numbers the Obama administration keep pumping out are not even close to the real number of unemployed workers in America.

            QUICK! Grab a mop! Your brains have leaked out all over the floor!

        • The deficit went up about $700 billion under President Bush. So far it has gone down about $500 billion under President Obama. You are talking about debt and yes, when President Obama took office the budget (signed by President Bush) was at $1.2 trillion so of course the debt went up.

          • Dave S – The federal deficit was $10T when Bush left office. It now stands at $17T and growing. The deficit has not gone down under Obama. By the time he’s done in office he’ll have doubled the debt from $10T to over $20T. This is not Bush’s fault. At some point Obama owns SOME of this, right?! Or are you going to give him an 8 year pass? I’ve said it before, if this was a company and the old CEO ran up a $10B debt and was replaced by a new CEO who then ran the debt to $17B, would the shareholders really allow him to blame his predecessor from 5 years ago?! He’d be a laughingstock for even suggesting that. This is on Obama’s watch and he owns it.

          • “Debt” is the total amount of money the U.S. owes. The deficit is the amount of money the government spends less the amount of money the government takes in. The 2009 budget deficit that President Obama took over when he took office was about $1.4 trillion. The budget deficit for 2014 is expected to be about $650 billion. It has gone down by about $700 billion since President Obama took office.

            Daves – This is what I’m talking about. The U.S. National debt stands at over $17T and was at $10T when Obama took office. It goes up by $2.69B per day. We have a spending problem in this country. You can spin it any way you like but we’re going to double the National debt from the time Obama was sworn in to the day he leaves office. We continue to pay people to do nothing and almost half of all Americans have “no skin in the game”. That’s why politicians who promise people the most “free” stuff keep getting elected on both sides of the aisle. Until we get some sanity in Washington this is not going to end well for our once great nation.

          • What you say is true but President Obama has drastically cut spending while President Bush drastically increased it.

          • Where exactly has he cut spending? The sequester called for a 2% reduction in spending and then the democrats did their best to make that small cut hurt as much as possible so they could get back to the higher spending levels. The fact that the national debt has increased 70% over the last 5 years suggests we’re not cutting spending at all. The recent budget deal increases spending now while promising cuts in the future. We all know those cuts won’t come. You are correct about Bush though. He certainly ignored conservative principles by increasing the national debt like he did. However, Obama makes him look like a penny pincher when it comes to spending. A $20T national debt when he leaves office is a worrisome proposition for our nation.

          • As part of the 2011 Budget Control Act, Obama agreed to spending reductions of about $1.5 trillion over the next ten years.

          • Daves- Yes, but will it actually happen? I’m thinking Lucy, Charlie Brown and the football. Some crisis, real or imagined, will come up and he’ll go back on this promise. He manipulates every situation and will gladly promise something down the road to get what he wants know. Talk to me when the cuts actually happen. Merry Christmas!

      • Because of the housing crisis – and who is responsible for that? – look no further than the democratic congress. Ol Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, and all the other democrats who thought it was just fine to lend money to people who had no way to pay it back. Ergo – then it collapsed, in spite of GWB’s efforts to curtail this process. Face it – GWB’s only fault was going into Iraq – he is still paying for it, and we are all paying for it, with an anti American president and senate. Not all republicans are perfect. If any liberal wants to preserve our way of life, he/she better wake up to the fact that the current administration is running this country into the ground.

        • When you’re president you take the credit & you get the blame. No matter how you teabaggers try to rewrite history you simply cannot change the fact that the economic collapse happened on Dubya’s watch.

          • You are such an asswipe! Typical libtard response instead of backing up your points. By the way libtard, we are NOT teabaggers, we leave stuff like that to you libtards. You seem to enjoy it! We are TEA Party members, not Commies like yourself hell bent on destroying this country!

          • You morons lack the intellect to comprehend financial derivatives but had Dubya regulated them the financial crash would not have been near as bad.

          • Bush had nothing to do with the housing and mortgage crisis. That was 100% democrat created and perpetuated. Bush actively tried
            to curtail the runaway credit debacle long before it all collapsed but the democrats had control and did as they pleased……

            Bush accepted responsibility for HIS own actions and blamed no one else.

            Barry accepts No Responsibility for Anything that HE himself has Ever done. He continues to blame his plethora of Failures on Anybody and Everybody else and is over his head in scandals and cover-ups…
            Barry is nothing But a LIE himself.
            His entire Life is Lies and Covered up history…. He is a disgrace to humanity and should be tried for treason & murder among other things. His fraudulent election will go down in history as the biggest hoax in world history…

          • Yeah, and it was caused by two Democrats, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd. Bush just lacked the guts to stand up to them.

          • 48 this goes way back before bush ever took office it goes back to Bill Clinton who forced Fanny and Freddie to make loans to people that could not pay back the loans,he is a democrat or have you forgotten,john McCain and bush warned the Democrats and Congress about these loans,and no one it turns out did anything to stem the tide,till it was to late,what would you have had him do.can you answer that,as he would have had to have the co-operation of a hostile Congress to do anything about it.—Jim Hunt

          • Bush could have gone public about it as President and brought pressure to bear on the Democrats in congress, something he never did, irregardless of the issue at hand. That was the problem with both of the Bushes – with few exceptions, they were mostly noted for what they failed to do rather than for what they did. Yes, Clinton was the prime mover initially, but that is irrelevant to my point as he was obviously out of office by that time. Frank and Dodd were the enforcers and main proponents of that policy by then and the administration should have put more pressure on them by speaking about it publicly and about the dangerous course they were on.

          • Imagine Bush telling blacks and Hispanics they couldn’t buy houses?
            BUT it is on record that he warned of Fannie and freddie crashing the economy

          • You cannot make loans to people who haven’t the means to repay them. That’s common sense, and the American people would have understood what the risks were if Bush had spoken directly to them about the suicidal course we were on by doing so. And blacks and Hispanics could buy homes just like anyone else, provided they meet the same criteria as anyone else. Again, plain talk and common sense put to the public forthrightly from the President’s bully pulpit could very well have averted the crisis. With such a serious matter, you cannot simply “put it on record” and expect to get the kind of public support needed to derail the Democrat’s crazed, ideologically driven agenda. A President’s job is to fight for his policies, and not simply to roll over in the face of strong opposition, and enlisting the support of the public should have been his highest priority when congress was under control of the Democrats.

          • I found one of your school photo’s out of your old yearbook “The Malibu Maggots”. Does it bring back old memories?

          • Poor lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, mrBlobbie. His life revolves around his SICK addiction to trolling a conservative blog.
            What do you think arouses mrBlob the most? The banana, his god obamao or the WOOKIE?

          • bob will never have the intelligence to understand that bad economic policies set by a president don’t always have an direct impact right away, sometimes the results are not fully felt until another president happens to be in office, so morons like bob just assume it must be completely the current presidents fault.
            In bob’s world, if bob is the president and he gets policies in place that are like a ticking time bomb, then as long as the bomb doesn’t go off while he is in office, he has no accountability for building the bomb and starting the countdown, it’s the fault of the president currently in power when the bomb finally explodes.
            Many economic mistakes were made by several presidents both republican and democrat. the bomb was being built even before Nixon took us off the gold standard in the 70’s. but STOOPID people like bob don’t care to do any of their own research, so they just sit back, drink their liberal laced Kool aid and let the liberal news media complete the brainwashing process. I’m not implying Obama isn’t to blame for anything currently happening, he surely is, more than other president in history, but Obama had a lot of help. The big difference is now the bomb’s timer is very close to zero with no way to disarm it. Get ready America.

        • So who is to blame? There’s plenty of blame to go around, and it doesn’t fasten only on one party or even mainly on what Washington did or didn’t do. As The Economist magazine noted recently, the problem is one of “layered irresponsibility … with hard-working homeowners and billionaire villains each playing a role.” Here’s a partial list of those alleged to be at fault:

          The Federal Reserve, which slashed interest rates after the dot-com bubble burst, making credit cheap.

          Home buyers, who took advantage of easy credit to bid up the prices of homes excessively.

          Congress, which continues to support a mortgage tax deduction that gives consumers a tax incentive to buy more expensive houses.

          Real estate agents, most of whom work for the sellers rather than the buyers and who earned higher commissions from selling more expensive homes.

          The Clinton administration, which pushed for less stringent credit and downpayment requirements for working- and middle-class families.

          Mortgage brokers, who offered less-credit-worthy home buyers subprime, adjustable rate loans with low initial payments, but exploding interest rates.

          Former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan, who in 2004, near the peak of the housing bubble, encouraged Americans to take out adjustable rate mortgages.

          Wall Street firms, who paid too little attention to the quality of the risky loans that they bundled into Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS), and issued bonds using those securities as collateral.

          The Bush administration, which failed to provide needed government oversight of the increasingly dicey mortgage-backed securities market.

          An obscure accounting rule called mark-to-market, which can have the paradoxical result of making assets be worth less on paper than they are in reality during times of panic.

          Collective delusion, or a belief on the part of all parties that home prices would keep rising forever, no matter how high or how fast they had already gone up.

          The U.S. economy is enormously complicated. Screwing it up takes a great deal of cooperation. Claiming that a single piece of legislation was responsible for (or could have averted) the crisis is just political grandstanding.

        • That’s nonsense. There are plenty of reasons to dislike President Obama but republicans keep making up phoney reasons that distract from the real problems.

      • You are joking right? I am a business owner. The last 3 years have been the worst that my business has EVER had to deal with in 20+ years.

        Our whole area thrived during the Republican administrations until Barney Frank & the Democrat Socialist Party destroyed the Housing Market with their bad loan debacle, which in turn took our economy down.

        In the past 3 years I only know of 1 new business that opened in our entire area & that is a fast food restaurant. Quite a number of businesses have close in the past 3 years….QUITE A FEW!

        I have never seen so many houses on the market for sale at discounted prcies, 30 to 50% lower than they were valued 5 years ago.

        I know so many people out of work.

        Gas prices STILL over $3/gal. A lot of that money is being pumped into the Middle East, not the American economy. Obama should have passed the Keystone Pipeline, which would have provided jobs & lessened our dependency on Middle East oil.

        You need to lay that crack pipe down, walk outside & take a look around at our failing economy.

        I have NEVER seen America in this bad a shape, even under the 2nd worst prez, Carter. At least his reign of hell ended when President Reagan was elected. President Reagan completely turned our country around beginning immediately after his inauguration, returning it to a proud & prosperous country again. Even the Democrats voted for President Reagan TWICE!

        You morons would rather watch our country collapse than admit Obama is a 100% failure. If he had done what he was supposed to do & turned this economy around, I would have probably voted for him. But 4 failed years later you morons STILL voted for him.

        WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Do you just enjoy inflicting pain, misery & suffering on your fellow Americans? Do you rejoice in the Liberal mantra of “Spreading poverty equally”? WHAT’S YOUR DEAL? STUPIDITY? PROPAGANDA? WHAT?

        • You describe a lot of symptoms but you seem pretty confused about the causes. The United States has become a net exporter of oil products since President Obama took office. There was a huge tax cut included with the stimulus that allowed people to spend money and create demand for jobs.

          Please tell me what Barney Frank did since 2006 to crash the housing market.

      • You must be brain dead. People were buying homes they couldn’t afford. When the Fed raised rates then people who bought homes with a variable mortgage saw there monthly mortgages go up as much as 80%. The U.S. Economy is 70 % consumer driven. When consumers didn’t have enough money to keep up this house of cards then everything collapsed. Did Bush put a gun to their head and force them to buy one or more houses they couldn’t afford because the artificial bubble built up by artificial demand collapsed?. The only reason the Stock Market is up now is because the Fed has been printing 85 Billion a month or over a trillion dollars a year to keep rates and an artificial zero. When QE by the Fed stops and the people aren’t able to replace this trillion dollars a year then 2008 will look like a picnic.Not being able to replace a trillion dollars in an economy that is 70 % driven by consumers should give you a clue.There will also be less money going into the economy because a lot of it will be going into Obama Care.due to increased premiums and a new $5000 deductible.The next Government bailout will be the Insurance companies. In fact this is a mandatory clause written into Obama Care if the people can’t pay the Insurance companies. A 60 year old man doesn’t need pre-natal care or many of the other mandates under it. What happens when Employers would rather pay the penalty which is mush cheaper than providing Insurance to their employees. Then the employees get to buy it on the open market or pay a fine since it is mandatory. All of these things are basic economic sense. One would have to be brain dead to vote for it and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    • There were 17 attacks on American Embassies during the Bush terms (not including Iraq, but the only one that made national attention was the 1 during Obama’s terms. The IRS “scandal” was a joke. A self described Republican manager decided to choose words to flag for PACS on the RIGHT AND THE LEFT. Not one of them lost their tax exempt status….not a single one.
      When Bush was President you were called unpatriotic or siding with terrorists if you dared to criticize him. Now it is a national pasttime to go after President Obama. If the media was liberal today we would have known more about the embassy attacks during the Bush years and FAKE scandals would be exposed for what they are.

      • The media IS liberal, and has been for most of my lifetime. The fact that you don’t thin it is tells me that you really aren’t oaying attention. They have covered for Obama and failed to vett him before either election.

      • So you require a special pump to get oxygen into your bubble?

        Obama thought the IRS scandal was terrible, until he figured out that people knew it was his fault. Please make one liberal organization that the IRS targeted. There was one that changed its name to make it look left wing and got approved in the weeks. They waited over a year with old name.

        The embassy in Libya was not attacked. Ambassador Stephens and three other Americans died at the consulate while Obama ordered the armed forces to stand down. A year and a half later, the only person in prison is their scapegoat that committed the crime of making an obscure YouTube video that no one had seen until Obama messed someone to blame for his failure to protect the people that he sent to Libya.

      • Hahaha – I love public displays of stupidity and delusion. It is why I have complete disdain and contempt for democrats.

      • What is easy to understand to a conservative, but impossible to understand to a brain numbed liberal is that Benghazi, the one attack that got the most attention got it for one reason. NOBODY CAME TO ASSIST! Plenty of help was available, trained troops were within range to assist in time before the embassy was overtaken. The reason it never got there was because even though they were watching the attack in real time at the White House, Obie (admittedly) was playing cards in another room, while Hilbilly Clinton was probably making eyes at some female news reporter somewhere. The WH and its staff with held assistance!

        After that, they tried to cover up the reason for the attack saying it was due to a video someone made that was disparaging to the muzzies. Then the feds threw the fellow in prison who made the video even though he is an American protected by the constitution. If that were not enough, to this date the WH and Hillbilly do not admit their huge failure. Yet Dumbocraps like you cannot seem to understand the gravity of the situation or the error in their “dear leader” and mizzus Clinton. Instead, you will point to some other failure rather than address your own miserable failures.

        That is why I NEVER trust any Dumbocrap, their opinions, their actions, their motives, or their words.

      • Lynne, I invite you to go to an overseas embassy and be attacked while Obama is President and Hillary is Secretary of Stare. You will then be a part of the second time we leave our wounded/dead behind and offer no help. The only thing that attacks show is that our world is dangerous. How we respond is more telling. Our policy in Benghazi let those people die. If I were one of the parents of those dead, or a family member, I would be more than a little pissed at our “leaders”.
        To make it worse, Obama and Hillary, with help from our illustrious press, tried to blame the attack on a video. That is more than disgusting and makes me embarrassed that I live in a country where this crap can be elected to dog catcher, much less high office. As to the iRS, the big beef was that the applicants couldn’t get approved because they were unfairly flagged. That kept them from participating in the election process in the manner in which they were trying to do, legally, because they had no approval. You think the media isn’t biased toward liberal/Marxist? You’re watching too much msnbc and thinking for yourself too little

        • Eric,
          What amazes me is that you actually believe we had troops nearby and let Americans die. You need to read the ACTUAL transcripts of the hearings and NOT Fox and talk radio.
          Where is the outrage for the 4 thousand Americans dead from the Iraq War? A total lie. We were manipulated by the media and Bush start an illegal war.
          Benghazi was a very tragic event, but NO ONE stood by and let them die. Please read the actual transcripts of the hearings and stop believing the propaganda.

          • As someone so rightly pointed out once, arguing with a liberal is like trying to pick up a turd by the clean end! Guess who the turd is?

          • Typical ignorant, nasty rightwing response…. One day you will see how the talk radio and Fox people have totally manipulated you to support the mega-industries and hurt yourself. It really is sad.

          • Lynne, We had help nearby but didn’t even try and they were told not to help. Remember, we can go a long way in little time these days, or are you still driving a Pinto? But, maybe it isn’t important because, as Hillary said, “what difference does it make?” If I were a parent of one of the dead, she wouldn’t have left that room after that comment. As to Iraq? I agree, I don’t want to be the world’s policeman. My foreign policy would be much more direct – piss me off and our Congress authorizes action, and I send our troops over to do what they do best, blow everything up. We win. Then we leave and you have to clean up your own mess. Don’t care if you like me, just make sure you don’t cross me You will know exactly where I stand. Fairly simple and effective. That policy would reinstate “peace through strength”. By the way, Congress authorized that action in Iraq based on the same info Bush had, that the British had, the Russians, the Israelis, everyone. So don’t go around saying Bush mislead anyone. Even Hillary voted to act. In Benghazi, they did stand around and they did let them die.
            That’s why they tried the pathetic “blame the video” game to deflect any blame, something the Marxists are good at because they practice it, daily. Oh yeah, and I believe we still lose lives under Obama over in that godforsaken part of the world, so where’s your outrage there?

          • And which transcripts are you talking about? The ones that Obama and Hillary doctored up? As for Bush’ illegal war….Clintons own FBI director said there were WMD’s in Iraq. All of the Democrats were on board with GW’s “illegal war” until election time and then turned on him, being the communist traitors that they are (much like you, Lynne).

          • Lynne, please look at this clip.

            It’s Congressman Trey Gowdy talking to the media about their role in Benghazi and the fact they never pushed for answers. He addresses your comment about no troops being close by. There was no way anyone knew how long the attack was going to last so saying it wouldn’t do any good to send troops is a false argument. Gowdy also challenges the media to explain why Obama and Clinton were never asked if they called any of our allies to see if they could assist. Maybe they had troops who could have helped. There are other questions you might wish to (or maybe not) to hear about this. Gowdy makes some very strong points such as why Susan Rice was sent out to the Sunday talk show circuit to take the brunt of the questions. Where was Hillary? She’s never been shy about getting publicity or voicing her opinion. There were requests for more security leading up to this attack but those requests were denied. Why and by whom? Then Hillary acts dismissive in front of a congressional panel when asked about her role. Quite frankly, I’d have much more respect for her is she just said it was an overall failure of their intelligence gathering and they misread the situation. Remember, it’s usually not the initial problem that takes people down but rather the cover-up. Hillary has her sights set on 2016 and any acknowledgement of failure as the Secretary of State could cause her problems in both the democratic primary or the final election. I don’t expect you to have any of these answers since Obama, Hillary and Jay Carney have refused to answer them. They played the waiting game and now say too much time has passed and won’t answer anything about this. If Ambassador Stevens was my father, brother or son I would want to know what happened and why. It was the anniversary of 9/11 so a heightened security should have been granted. I’d be interested in hearing your response to what Congressman Gowdy says. There are many unanswered questions and if Hillary thinks this is behind her, she should think again.

      • Obama is NO president. He just wishes he was! Totally clueless, leaves the country to go on vacation whenever there’s a crisis, LIES, LIES and tells more LIES. Has the biggest debt EVER, the highest unemployment EVER, the highest number of foreclosures EVER! The list goes on. Carter must be thanking his god that there’s a worse president than he was!

      • Lynn bush was called everything but a white man by Liberals and you know it, weather he deserved it or not,have you heard about reaping what you sow,well now you know,and I see you people are now inventing your own information,and you are saying that the news media favored Bush,that never happened,the Media did everything they could to undermine Bush.—-Jim Hunt

    • Yes Thomas, and that day is coming much faster than Obama realizes, he lives in a bubble surrounded by other idiots just as stupid as he is, who constantly feed Obama’s ego that he is the smartest guy in the universe and no one has the right to question his supreme “godlike” wisdom.
      But just outside that fantasyland bubble called the Whitehouse is the real world, where Obama’s chances of completing his 2nd term without being impeached are slowly growing smaller with each passing day.

    • Fast & Furious under President Bush was completely different, even had a different name. The criminals would buy a gun or guns & when they left the shop they were followed to their ring leader & the guns were confiscated & the criminals were arrested.

      Holder just let the guns be passed out like M&Ms with no reprecussions, no arrests & actually “LOST” 2,000 guns…. WTH? I mean really, how can you “lose” 2,000 guns? Did they just open up Gun Stands like Lemonade Stands on the streets with “Free Guns” signs on the stands? For the life of me, I cannot figure out he could lose 2,000 guns unless he was deliberately giving them away to criminals……

      That was NOT how it worked under President Bush, but then again, Obama selected Holder….. who should be in jail awaiting trial. Obama probably grants him bonuses.

  4. it is definitely true,there is that group that has a problem with actual happenings and rely on some others to guide them.they are called Liberals

  5. Stupidity in this country is not about to change anyway soon. So I guess we will be seeing
    a lot more elected Democrats in coming years. Those on the public doles are not about
    to kill the golden goose. Just glad I won’t be around much longer to see this great country
    go to the crapper.

    • We already are in the crapper. Just keep putting demon-craps in the oval office and we will definitely sink. Refuse to manufacture and we will fail.

  6. You want irrational just try to understand how Obama was elected to any position of public trust much less the Presidency. He will be remembered by the educated and informed as the most incompetent and corrupt President in our nations history.


    • “OBAMA IS THE ONE THAT HAS PUT THIS COUNTRY IN THE RED IN DIRE STRATES, AND HE INTENDS TO DESTROY AMERICA”??? WAKE UP MORON!!!! The stock market & corporate have soared to ALL TIME HIGHS since Obama took office! Unemployment & the deficit are going DOWN! The real estate market is UP over 30%!!!!

      • for the average joe things have gotten worse and no president was ever reelected with an unemployment rate above 7% and any jobs that were created were low paying ones and came at a cost of over 200 thousand per job

        • That’s why Odumbo’s myrmidons fake the real unemployment numbers. The American unemployment number (the ratio of those who are able to work but are jobless to the total workforce) is, in actuality, closer to 30% (depression era numbers). But then these “jobless” receive so many “entitlements” they have no incentive to work.

      • “The stock market & corporate have soared to ALL TIME HIGHS since Obama took office! Unemployment & the deficit are going DOWN!”
        Thanks to Paul Ryan and the few Republicans that are fighting Obama and his disastrous policies. It sure ain’t Obama that has reduced the deficit. He has us now at record deficits that our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren will be paying. His “legacy” will be the biggest boondoggle in history; Obamacare.

        • Don’t worry about your great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandchildren. This country will not survive past September, 2015. There is only One that can save us now and we have removed Him from this country… He then left!

          • That’s an interesting month and year, to put a date on the end of America as we know it now. You must know about the coming harbinger.

      • Yes, the stock market is soaring because the Fed is giving investment banks which merged with commercial banks loans at 0.25% interest…per year. And is agreeing to keep the spigot open on this cheap money to members of the Fed for a long period of time. Does it occur to you that $85 Billion per month is roughly equal to the new issuance of Treasury bonds? So the investment banks borrow at 0.25% and lend to the Treasury at 1%+….nice arbitrage if you can get it. As a consequence the rich are getting richer and the middle class cannot borrow to start a new business, and cannot afford to save where inflation outpaces interest on their savings.
        If you think that’s good news, you’re short on understanding economics.
        This isn’t just an Obama problem, though he hasn’t the strength to fight the banks or Fed who have financed his elections and whose low interest rates have financed his deficits. The other leaders of Congress have also received large “campaign contributions” from the banking industry (the largest campaign contributors in ever federal election in the last 8 years).
        The real estate market is soaring because of cheap mortgages, made available by Fannie and Freddie with cheap money from the Fed, and guarantees from the taxpayer. Those soaring prices are making it impossible for first time home buyers. The smaller banks “make” these loans only in accordance with Fannie and Freddie’s requirements so they can immediately sell them to Fannie and Freddie. This has made smaller banks pure mortgage brokers….no longer real banks.
        We’re living in a subsidized credit market fantasy which is destroying the capital base of the economy. We’re eating our seed corn.

      • Perhaps you did not read the last statement in the article. It says that the people are really, really STUPID. That would be YOU, Malibu

      • Why do you liberals come to our sites to try and convince us to worship YOUR KING OBAMA ? SLITHER BACK TO YOUR HOLE AND CRAWL AROUND WITH YOUR OTHER SLIMMY LIBERAL IDIOTS ! I think liberals are in some kind of fairytale in their minds when it comes to seeing the real KING OBAMA ! I think if we divided our country where only liberals had to live with each other and had only liberals to depend on for money and other things they need to live and they had KING OBAMA AS THEIR PRESIDENT I THINK THEY’D ALL KILL EACH OTHER WITHIN A YEAR ! Since most liberal are pansies I think a year is giving them to much credit I’d say 6 months !

        • When it comes to Economics, their isn’t a Democrat among them that can add 2+2 and get 4. Absolute morons!

          Who in their right minds would re-elect the worst prez in the history of the United States of America or anyone else in the Democrat Socialist Party? Oh wait! MORONS!

        • actually it’s good lib/progs go to sites that aren ‘t cozen to their views just as conservatives and libertarians should go to theirs; an echo chamber is just that and no ideas get an airing before critics which might see things supporters don’t.

          I generally go to prog sites for the helluva it. Why just go to sites where everyone agrees to one degree or another? We need to know what the other side(s) are thinking

      • You are absolutely LYING about the real estate market. I have been in it for 20+ years. Prices of house are lower than they’ve been in 15 years & a lot of them still aren’t being sold. Most of the houses being sold are commanding prices of 30% to 50% lower than their value of 5 years ago, thanks to Barney Frank & his Dem (dimwit friends). Investors are the only ones making out on this perpetual economic mess.

      • IF the deficit is going down, it is only because the House Republicans curtailed Obama & the Democrat Socialist Partie’s out of control spending practices.

      • All market corrections, learn a little about business & economics.
        Obama is the worst, anti-american bafoon ever! He’s a pathalogical liar & traitor to the USA!

      • You need to get a lesson in reality. None of what you have said is true except the Stock Market is up, and it is on an unnatural high and will have a correction very soon. Straight down. The rest of Your RANT is pure nonsense, and shows how ignorant you are. By the way are you an American?

      • Stock market continues to do well, because of the stimulus packages (numerous)….read free money, that continue to be introduced. Take any economics or finance classes, Malibu ?? Deficit going down??? Are you for real ?

        • Wait….doesn’t the poor pitiful little scumbag homo TROLL, mrBlob “claim” to be NYU alumni? This he earned of course after 8 years and $250K for a certificate of completion for his art history major and minor in gay history (homonomics). (they gave him some happy 😉 faces and gold stars on some of his papers too.)

    • I don’t believe in abortion, but Obama makes a good case for it. Just think how better off our country would be with NOBAMA.

      • Almost all commenters in this thread who excoriate Obama are dismally unaware that he is simply a puppet/tool/stooge for the people who really run this bizarre fiasco we call a “government”.
        Politicians, that includes Congress and the presidency, are bought and paid for by a consortium of industrialists, bankers, military brass,
        and secret societies…Illuminati, Masons, Bilderberg group, and others. You’re wasting your energy railing against a paid stooge instead of going after the real culprits.

    • I don’t know when or where Nancy went to school, but whenever or wherever it was she failed to learn simple composition, spelling, syntax, coherence, and civilized discourse.

  8. People are STUPID. Gas prices were $1.91/gallon when George Bush left office. It is now $3/gallon under Barack HUSSEIN Obama. Obama/DemocratCare is stifling job growth as companies don’t now the impact other than out will be VERY bad. Unemployment when Bush left office was 6.7%. We now know Barack HUSSEIN Obama orchestrated a massive fraud in altering unemployment numbers to show lower numbers as the 2012 election neared. The fact is that during the Barack HUSSEIN Obama presidency, we have NEVER created more than 200,000 jobs in a month, and have done this only once. However, we have had no less than 1.25 million newly unemployed every month. So, we have had more than 1 million more new unemployed than jobs created every single month of the Barack HUSSEIN Obama presidency. Simple arithmetic says unemployment should rise every single month. What’s more, the employment participation rate (i.e., the percent and numb of eligible adults in the workforce) is at the lowed level in more than 50 years. THAT is a problem. Not a single problem with our economy is the fault of George Bush, as Barack HUSSEIN Obama has done EVERYTHING possible to injure this country. Rather than try to pull people up, his working to force successful people down. Does anyone see how twisted his thinking is on the economy?

    • “Not a single problem with our economy is the fault of George Bush”????? Of COURSE NOT!!!! He ONLY left office with the WORST economic record since Hoover & our economy in the worst recession since the great depression!

      • And just like FDR made the Great Depression worse, by the time Obama’s second term is up we’ll be in a depression that’ll make the Great Depression look like a minor fluctuation.
        So it’s not that Bush isn’t partly to blame, he is; it’s just that Obama is actively making things worse under the pretense of improving them. And just like FDR, he’s getting away with it.

        • Actually, Barney Frank & the Democrat Socialist Party caused the Housing Market collapse with their bad loans debacle.

          Almost everything is tied to the Housing Market, so it took the economy down with it.

          Too bad Liberals aren’t bright enough to understand economics and that people who make $350 per week probably can’t afford to buy a $2,000 per month house.

          Thanks Barney, Dems & Obama for destroying our economy & spreading poverty equally.

          • Oh & just wait until Obamacare takes full effect! The Middle Class (the working people who pay the taxes) are going to get clobbered!

            Obama’s ruse of making the Middle Class buy health insurance for those less fortunate, like drunks, drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes, etc. will come home to roost. Wait until they start picking up the bill for this SOCIALIST program!

            And you KNOW the premiums are going to continue to escalate from here!

      • Well Malibu Bob your from California,so no one expects anything other than the BS you are spouting out,your love for oblowhole is showing,he has done nothing that amounted to a hill of beans for this country,but has done much damage to our Nation,he has only increased spending year after year raised tax ever change he could,and he had lots of help from the Democratic party and some of the republican as well,you need to wake up son and pull your head out of your backside,because when it come down to bottom line you are in the same fix everyone else is and don’t know it yet,do I think this will change your mind,not at all you are to far gone to hear anything anyone else would say.—-Jim Hunt

        • I take it you’re not invested in this country because if you were you’d realize the stock market is at all time highs, as are corporate profits. I doubt you own real estate but if you did the real estate market is up over 30%. unemployment & the deficit are going DOWN! Good news may not make it to whatever trailer park in whatever southern swamp you live in as fast as it does to the rest of us but that doesn’t change the facts.

          • CNN money on Nov. 6, 2008: “Stocks slumped for a second straight session Thursday, bringing the Dow’s losses to 929 points since Election Day.

            The Dow Jones industrial average (INDU)
            lost around 443 points, or 4.9%. The two-session decline of 929 points,
            or 9.7%, marked the biggest two-session point loss ever and the biggest
            two-session percentage decline in 21 years, according to Dow Jones.”

            This is how the market responded to the Election of Obama!

          • yes Wonder land is just great. this is the place were employment is up and the deficet is down. Here on this island gas is $120 a litter, not a gallon, how ever the cloud dancers are far and few between, So life is great as a tree farming, fishing fleet owner..

          • Someday bob will lose most everything he owns if it’s not completely paid for, home, car etc. when the coming major economic collapse that we are heading for arrives. but I’m sure that bob will still be drinking his Kool aid, heavily spiked with that Nancy Pelosi style fantasyland liberal thinking mindset, and bob will drink that Kool aid to wash the cottonmouth from his mouth after smoking his medicinal pot. bob will never admit that Obama has done anything wrong, it will be Bush’s fault forever.

          • The real estate market is up 30% my azz…. The value of homes decreased 30 to 50% and some even more over the past 5 years. You are a liar!

      • LOL, you are an idiot.
        I hope to God you don’t think that retard in the White House has done any justice? If so, then ROTFLMFAO! D.A.!

      • Yes, and what party was in charge of both houses of Congress? The jackasses were in charge there for the Bush Administration.

      • Nice graphic moron. Unemployment was 6.7% when Bush left office. Barack HUSSEIN Obama has what he claims is 7%, but now we know he manipulated the numbers leading up to the 2012 election. During the Barack HUSSEIN Obama regime, we have had no less than 1.2 million newly unemployed each month vs. less than 200,000 new jobs each month, reaching 220,000 only three times. Excuse me, but 1.2 million newly unemployed every month vs. 200,000 or less new jobs created every month and there is NO Way unemployment does not skyrocket. Actual estimates place unemployment at more than 16%. Also, since Barack HUSSEIN Obama has been in the White Mosque, the employment participation rate has fallen to 50 year lows.

      • And he had a DEM congress during his last two years. The DEMS controlled the money during that time. Also, the dems had FULL control during the first two years of Obama. That means four years of FULL DEM CONTROL. Now you were saying about Bush’s fault??

    • More important, people are not remembering that the House and Senate were in the control of the Democrats for the last two years of the Bush presidency. If you look at graphs of when run-away spending began you will see that it was when Democrats had the power of the purse. Bush had to deal with the aftermath of 9-11; and in the case of Iraq acted on intelligence that was given to him, AND he had a majority vote of the Senate and House behind him (including some who have turned into some of the worst critics of that war). I freely criticized Bush when he was president, most often that he didn’t veto bills that he should have vetoed. What these people who think Bush should be blamed for present economy forget is how much the Democrats under Obama have spent compared to all past spending.
      With all of the above in mind, how in the world these people can continue to blame our present economy on Bush is beyond me, other than that they are brain-washed by the liberal media.

      • People continue to blame Bush b/c they are COMPLETE IDIOTS.
        They don’t WANT to remember that the dems controlled the congress during the last two years of Bush.

      • They wouldn’t its a liberal POLL done by ultra liberal’s ABC and the Washington Post which are liberal and OF COURSE THE LIBERAL MEDIA WILL REPORT IT AS HOW THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FEEL when the truth is these liberal poll takers ask a bunch of liberals in New York or Chicago questions and ask maybe three Republicans a few questions and that’s how they did their so called poll. That’s how liberals do polls, they ask more liberals questions then Republicans then say its how American feel, which is a bunch of crap but liberal cheat at everything including polls !

      • jim, And they have short memories. All this we are living through is proof positive why our Founders did not want political parties. People then vote the party line regardless of the effect on the country. The public has become less and less informed over time about our Constitution and the balance of powers among the feds, the states and the people. As a result, they accept more and more interference in their lives by a huge and corrupt government – and they somehow think it is good for them. Reality will come knocking soon enough. I just hope the “low information voter” will be awake by then.

    • TRUE! The facts are the only states the GOP carried are the poorest most uneducated states in the south along with a few rural states

        • Facts hurt don’t they! Let me guess, you’re one on the uneducated voters living in the south that think people living in rich states that have an education are the idiots.

          • He calls himself Malibu Bob. I doubt he could even find it on a map! By the way Bob, the idiots who live in Kalifornia prove that daily and vote for morons in office at every election, Pelousy, Box of Rocks Boxer, Fiendstein, Moonbeam Brown et al. Now who are the idiots?

          • Mr. Bob! You changed your name but kept the same classless avatar. Nice going. Please don’t equate education with common sense. I’ve lived my whole life in Cambridge, MA which is extremely liberal. Most of these pseudo intellectuals voted overwhelmingly for Obama but don’t possess the common sense to come in out of the rain. They voted for Deval Patrick for governor who campaigned on the promise of cutting real estate taxes. Deval is from Chicago and an Obama friend. You can tell by the fact he lied and there never was any cut in taxes. Taxes have increased under Patrick and he was trying to push through a $2B tax hike right after the 2012 elections. The 95% democrat legislature did as I predicted to my senator and representative. They raised taxes by $500M and then told the “highly educated MA voters” they “saved” them $1.5B! These liberals in MA want to prove they’re really not racists like, you know, the “uneducated voters living in the south” so they voted for Deval and Obama because they’re black. Neither one had the resume or experience to warrant getting the position but I guess these voters are so much smarter than anyone in the south. You also claim the GOP carried the “poorest states”. How can that be when the GOP is the party of the rich? Isn’t that what we hear all the time? Wasn’t the battle cry against Bush “Billionaires for Bush”? Seems to me like that’s just another lie. You must agree based on your comment. Obama vacations with the uber rich and they financially support him and vote for him. Look up Brattle Street in Cambridge. Multi-million dollar mansions and not a single republican voter on the street. They’re all for wealth redistribution in the form of income tax increases. Just leave their trust funds alone!

          • You must be the most uneducated person in Cambridge & there’s no way in hell you went to ANY college there.

          • Nice response Mr. Bob. Straight out of the Saul Alinsky playbook. When you can’t argue the facts, attack the messenger. I have an MBA in business from Bentley University. What education do you have? BTW- NPR isn’t a university.

      • You, sir, are an idiot and a snob. Check your facts, please, and stop drinking the kool-aid. The states that the obamanation carried are liberal pot holes and have huge populations of “gimmes”. We have those, too, but, so far, the tax payers have been able to out vote them.

      • They were all educated as social workers at those so called prestigous ivy league schools – a study at Harvard, of all places, revealed that tea party individuals are smarter, as a group, than left wingers. It stands to reason – most left wingers are in a daze most of the time, whereas right wingers tend to be responsible and hard working. As such, they are well versed in the sciences which require logical thought, as opposed to the study of subjects that require memorization. That’s why a logical liberal is an oxymoron.

        • Now THAT’S funny!!!! Here’s a hint… when you actually believe that morons like Palin & Bachmann are intelligent enough to be president of this nation & leader of the free world, you ain’t that bright!

          • So , Boob, you ever run a state government? Ever had a top security clearance like Palin? Ever been a congressman? The sad thing is you elected a moron for president .Disbarred in Illinois for using aliases , supposedly super intelligent , prove it , oh thats right his records are sealed so you cant , so all we, have to go on is word of mouth. Head of Harvard law review , without a single published article,

    • Mitt Romney was correct when he said the 47% who pay no federal taxes were lost to the democrats. The democrats love keeping people reliant on government so they can control them. The Obama administration is thrilled that more people than ever are collecting payments from the government. Remember Nancy Pelosi saying that extending unemployment benefits was good for the economy?! Ludicrous, but what else are you going to say when you have no idaes about job creation. That’s what is really good for the ecomony. JOBS!

      • Great teabagger myth! Of course the truth is Obama carried 8 of the 10 wealthiest counties & the ONLY states Romney carried were the poorest most uneducated states in our country.

        • Again with the insults Mr. Bob. That’s all you have when facts fail you. I thought it was the republicans who were the party of the rich. Didn’t you used to say “billionaires for Bush”? Wasn’t that the liberal screed?

  9. My guess is that the same 50% that think Bush is the problem are the 47% that don’t pay taxes and 3% of the newly unemployed that heard Bush created Obamacare.

    • Do you mean the Romney voters? Mittens ONLY carried the poorest most uneducated states in the south + a couple of rural states that nobody lives in.

  10. It’s this piece of $hi+ white trash president obamas fault for sure. The said part is this is what he wants and the media can’t figure that out. Wake the “f” up America!

  11. This means that 50% of respondents positively reverse Bush as the most intelligent, and most powerful man that has ever walked the Earth. And condemn Obama as absolutely impotent.

  12. One of the Commandments is “Thou shall not bear false witness ….” Americans need to put the blame were it belongs
    and not rely on disinformation from those who are truly to blame. Example the Katrina situation was caused by the then Mayor
    of New Orleans and the Governor of that state, who the citizens kept in office after disinformation put the blame on President Bush! The corrupted Democrats had to blame someone other than themselves. Some Republicans are also just as bad as Democrats!

    • John, You are correct. Remember all those school buses in New Orleans just sitting around doing nothing? If the idiot mayor had commandeered them, people could have been moved to safety. Instead, the mayor just hid and then begged for federal money when he resurfaces after the hurricane. That disaster in New Orleans could have been greatly reduced by people who thought for themselves and took action. What a difference a few generations of dependence on others to make your decisions for you makes. We have become a nation of whiners who think everything is free and nothing is their own fault. We have much to re-learn.

      • George Will on President Obama

        America has had some great presidents, many mediocre ones
        and a few bad ones. But we’ve never had one like Barack Obama. He’s the first
        who thinks the job is beneath him. He’s the first who turns political
        give-and-take into a crisis by refusing to negotiate with Congress. He’s the
        first who thinks the way to more power is to inflict pain on ordinary people.
        The move to barricade the World War II memorial reveals the mentality of a
        tin-pot dictator. The limited government shutdown did not need to affect the
        memorial because it is open 24 hours, without gates and often without guards.
        But to turn public opinion in his favor, Obama’s goons trucked in barricades to
        keep out World War II vets and other visitors. By one estimate, the barricades
        and workers cost $100,000. The same punish-the-people attitude led to shutdowns
        of other parks and historic sites that get no federal funding. “We’ve been told
        to make life as difficult for people as we can. It’s disgusting,” a Park Service
        ranger told The Washington Times. The ranger cited the order to close the
        parking lot at George Washington’s home in Mount Vernon so visitors couldn’t use
        it. The cheap trick captured the contrast between a revered president and the
        current one. I’ve been saying for a while that there is no bottom to Obama. He’s
        not just ruthless. He’s without scruples and honor. Now the shutdown has ended,
        it will bring only a temporary respite from the crisis atmosphere in Washington.
        When it comes to his countrymen, Obama always chooses conflict over cooperation.
        Meanwhile, Jimmy Carter can rest easy. We have a new worst president.By George

  13. The last three years of President Bush’s second term was controlled by a democratic house and senate. Their words were “now we are in control and we will show america how to run the government”. It is on record and dems have been playing the country since 2005. But, this site will continue to lie and obfuscate the truth to suit its own agenda

    • It was his last two years in office and he vetoed everything which would have help prevent the collapse of the economy. At least be truthful with your hate speech.

      • That was supposed to say “hate” speech but auto corrected. Also, the veto action did NOT prevent the dems from override and promising Bush more fiscally responsible actions only to bury the economy in bailouts that were irresponsble. 7 times Bush asked and 7 times congress blew him off.

  14. To a large degree, economic downturns are based on public perceptions. If you constantly hear from national media sources that the economy is in the ditch, you will be more cautious in your spending habits, and investments. Even while we had a robust and growing economy during the G W Bush Presidency, what we constantly heard from the media was how horrible the economy was while they tried to tear down his presidency. That was partly to blame for the downturn, then the mishandling of it by Obie and his boys resulted in a crisis of huge proportions that never would have occurred without the media influence and Obie incompetence.

  15. I wander how many of these 83 examples can still be blamed on BUSH when in fact they happened while Obama IS PRESIDENT

    America in Serious Trouble: 83
    Examples from 2013 That Prove It – Freedom

    America in Serious Trouble: 83 Examples from
    2013 That Prove It – Freedom Outpost


  16. The stupidification of America is complete. What can u say about people who would elect a total ZERO like Barack Odumbo as Prez 2x.

  17. Amazing! Bush never lied to the people in the blatant manner Obama has! Bush supported our troops and did what he could to protect them in hostile environments like Iraq and Afghanistan while Obama wants an international tribunal to judge military members. Bush didn’t put known members and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood into his administration yo subvert the nation! Bush never hid his personal documents as has Obama! Bush’s administration was much more open than Obama’s despite Obama’s promise to have openness! Bush supported Israel, while Obama is turning away from our traditional ally in the Middle East. I say again, America is finished!

    • Bush never lied to the people????? Is that a joke????? He took us to war on a lie!!!! He lied about the cost of war! $60 billion we were told & it’s $3 TRILLION & counting!

      • There you go again Boob, congress, declares war and all your buddies voted for the war until it turned to crap , then they cried foul and did what any child does and point a finger at Bush and said he made us do it.
        Remember the surge? All your buddies thought it would fail, and were counting on the political fallout until it worked then tried to claim credit .

      • I believe Bush went to the UN and there was a coalition that went to war in Iraq! Congress also gave its approval! Three thousand people died in the Twin Towers, if you remember! There was also a consensus that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. Guess what they found recently in Syria! The national debt has risen under Obama to three trillion, not under Bush! Get your facts straight before you shoot off your liberal mouth, Bob! You’ve done this before! You’ll never learn!

  18. Obama is a muslim Liar. Period. He is a very well versed manipulator, and demagogue. He and Hitler, no less, have much in common. He is a bully, coward and a master of the half truth. A compulsive liar and not the bright light intellect we are to believe. Wait until obamabortion care leave millions without medical care. Time will tell and my prediction is that history will be much kinder to Bush than to the bummer, who, after he is out of office, will be “outed” as a complete fraud, and a narcissistic pathological liar. By the way, who is his real father? I wasn’t some Kenyan.

  19. I never thought I’d become so dismissive, but here goes: most Americans clearly have become stupid and certainly brainwashed by the Leftist mainstream media. We have an imposter in our White House. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. Grow up, Americans!

  20. George Bush has gone up in the poles steadly since people realized just how bad President Obama The Inept One has lead the country. The Inept One is the worst President the United States has ever had.

  21. Such bs.

    Was the media out polling in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, asking if they blamed Bill Clinton for the collapse (March 2000) of the bubble for the recession and the immediate return to huge deficits?

    Were they out in 2006 – 2007 asking if they blamed Clinton for the housing bubble (he and Cuomo, et many others birthed it in the late 1990’s – even Paul Krugman is on record saying that Bush had next to nothing to do with the housing bubble – and it was the housing bubble which fueled the subprime mess)?

    The proper course here is for the polling folks to stop asking the stupid politically motivated question,

  22. My parents always told me you can’t fix stupid, so don’t argue with them because it’s a waste of breath and if you think about it, it takes you to their level.

  23. Well of course it’s Bush’s fault… any idiot knows that??? Oh, I’m sorry… I mis-spoke… ONLY IDIOTS WOULD BELIEVE BULL CRAP LIKE THAT!

  24. Middle finger to those who still blame Bush! Cant you find a better argument ? One based on facts… like for example: OBAMA? HIS LIES, HIS SCANDALS?

  25. This article provides living proof of just how idiotic and stupid the majority Americans have become! Blame GW Bush when the actual problem has occupied the oval office since 2009? To make matters worse he was elected not once but twice by the very same people! Good God! There truly is no intelligent life in America today,

  26. I read the questions of the poll. It is actually there are two reasons for the results. First the poll is slanted and presented in a way that most voters would not even understand what they are being asked. Second the people polled are in fact ignorant to the problems facing the Country.

    • Very true. Oh, wait…they are good for destroying America, it’s economy and everything it ever has stood for. Other than that….

  27. Amazing, yeas things got bad at the end of Bush’s 2nd term but the average unemployment numbers for the 8 years he was in office was close to that of Clintons. Things didn’t go south until the congress was taken by the Dems but that isn’t even considered by those who judge him. Besides the press demonized him. All in all he had a decent presidency but you will never get many to realize it.

  28. What is the demographics of the survey? I will be it was a bunch of liberals in a room when the question was asked! This kind of jaundices reporting is just there to keep people in chaos! That is exactly what the President and his communist friend want to do!

  29. Can not argue the point with you that most people are stupid just look at our last election how they voted for goodies only give me has become the driving factor any more forget about the nation as a whole. After Obama has been in office for over a complete term how do they continue to blame bush? He only left a small deficit seems like it was around 9 trillion if I remember correctly. It is now over 17 trillion almost double and I remember his promise to cut it in half if not do away with it. Wonder what happened he must have got caught up in bushes problems huh? At least Bush did not strip our defense force as our present Commander-in Chief has. Need I say more lets not.

    • ……And Why Did Rome Fall…………Cause The “People” Figured Out They Could “Vote” For The Goodies……Thus, The Fall Of The Most Powerful nation On earth At That Time…!!!

  30. “The only thing this survey really shows us is that most people are stupid. Really, really stupid.”

    In the words of Forrest, Forrest Gump: “Stupid is as Stupid does.”
    Obama was elected not once, but TWICE!!! Does it get any more stupid than that?

  31. This is entirely due to the major media and the reticence white people have to criticize a black man. The pollsters have alienated themselves with poor poll designs. What they should do is ask people what other people think, then they would get honest answers.

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  32. OBONZO – the anointed & magnificnet one – is the one who is out to wreck the coutnry. OBONOZ seems to think the CONSTITUTION DOESN’T EXIST OR DOESN’T THINK IT PERTAINS TOHIM – SORRY OLE BEAN BUT IT SURE DOES.

  33. Hee’s baaak after the BOOT again. Time to rate the lonely little scumbag liberal homo TROLL, mrBlobbie again. Amazing how someone could be so stupid to actually believe everything his god and master obamao says. (click on image to enlarge)

  34. The reason 50% of the people think Bush is at fault is because 50% of the people are now Democrat brain-dead welfare recipients. They call them “Obama’s Willing Victims” because they will believe whatever they are told as long as the freebies keep coming.

  35. Dragon none of them understand that the financial reports
    and jobless rate information put
    together by a group of people who are required to lie to you for it is a way of
    a left .

    Before the last election there was job reports that could have had a big effect on the election none of you questioned it that was shocking to me.
    They have manipulated massive fraud on the people. Just
    last month they put out report that brought the unemployment rate down to
    magical numbers! The magic is making you believe what they have told you never
    willing to digging deep enough yourself to find the truth!

    . This last one they gave you brought the unemployment down
    to years but surely you have noticed that by now. At least I hope you have
    rocks on his way know why were there already Appear out there in the world you
    know it’s a joke waterfall set to be released it is too early to burn the
    cities across America!
    Unless it becomes necessary otherwise it will stick to the plan and get them ongoing to stop the next cycle of elections.
    This is written under the assistance of Dragon I apologize
    for any errors

  36. At first I was saddened and shocked that so many of my fellow Americans could be so ignorant and uninformed as to actually believe that Bush, after five years, is still to blame for the sad state that our country is in today. I will agree that Bush did leave the country in a mess, but it is blatantly obvious that Obama has made it worse…much worse. He has had five years…five years…to halt the wild spending that Bush started, but instead, he has increased spending to the point that it makes Bush look like a miser.
    Yes, I was saddened until I realized that this was a poll of Washington Post readers and people who watch ABC. Considering this, it’s surprising that it is merely fifty percent who blame Bush.

    • George W. Bush did not “…leave the country in a mess.” To state that indicates you have swallowed the propaganda. By any and every measure you care to employ, the country was in a position to recover from the recession and other fiscal, financial and social problems evident at the time. It has been the unremitting application of leftwing, Marxist policies by Ubama and his ilk that continue to propel the nation in its downward trajectory. Everything Clownbama has done has been a disaster, and if not deliberate, then he is not only the worst, but the least mentally capable president in our history.

  37. that is why we call them morons and chickens because they live in Washington and pick up the Washington Post the whole is State is nothing but butt wipers to Obama they clean his butt each time he goes to the toilet guess it makes him feel good to know they hold the toilet paper while he wipes his butt

  38. Wow! A poll by the left-wing Washington Post and left-wing ABC News gets a left-wing response. What a surprise!

    Did they poll any conservatives? Of course they did. The Washington Post, seeking honest statistical balance, polled those staunch conservatives of Washington, D.C., the establishment Republicans.

  39. All of you need to realize what this is, it’s a contrived push poll by 2 very liberal entities that oversample pinkos. It’s all a lie and a distraction. If these results were representative of how that many Amnericans feel, Obama’s poll numbers wouldn’t be sub-toilet, like they currently are. You simply can’t have numbers tell one story in one place and the total opposite in another.

  40. The economy under GWB was quite good until Nancy Pelosi got in to office and started locking Republican lawmakers out of chambers during votes. Everything in the economy went down hill from the point and only got worse under Obama. The blame for the bad economy goes to speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi. The blame for not fixing the damage she did goes to BHO. Do a graph of unemployment, home ownership and lay it over a time line including GWB’s terms and BHO’s. The economy goes down hill two years before Bush left office when Nancy Pelosi started her first 100 days.

  41. go to you tube and paste these

    Timeline shows Bush, McCain
    warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown

    The Democrats Caused The Financial Crisis: Starring Bill Clinton’s HUD Secretary
    Frank Created the Housing Bubble

    truth about what caused the housing crisis

    Levin: Barney Frank and Chris Dodd should get 50 years in prison
    – The Crash of the U.S. Housing Market?

    origins of the 2008 financial crisis

  42. it just proves how really stupid the pollees are where the hell did they do the poll harlem or dc? obama without a doubt is the absolute WORST president the country ever endured any white presiident would have been impeached long ago

  43. We could survive Obama, even two terms of Obama, but it is unlikely that America as we have known her can survive the kind of people who reelected Obama to a second term.

  44. Only those IGNORTANT enough to buy Obammy’s LIES think it is still Bush’s fault for anything in DC. All the blame belongs to Obammy and his flunkies in Congress. That means all who have voted for things Obammy wants no matter what party they claim. Obammy and his flunkies are totally responsible for the mess America is in NOW.

  45. Geez, the low information crowd is in worse shape than I thought. They’ve been drinking the Obama koolaid for so long they are hooked, and there likely is no reversing the damage, poor lost souls. They will continue to wander in the liberal desert of search of a non-existent socialist Utopia, where all their needs are met by Big Daddy Government, and at no cost to them.

  46. Who Really Caused the Country’s Financial Mess?

    We often here from democrats that say President George
    Bush caused the financial mess the country is experiencing today. Anyone who
    looked into the facts on this subject knows the real truth.

    Facts to point out:

    1. The Bush debt was 1.5 trillion dollars and that debt took 8 years to accumulate
    during his time in office (Including the wars). The wars were approved by the
    democrats and the republicans.

    2. President Bill Clinton in 2000 repealed the Class-Steagall act by signing the
    Gramm-Leach-Bliley act. If Class-Steagall act was still in force, then the Financial
    institutions bad behaviors would have been illegal (Financial institutions using
    depositor’s money in risky market investments).

    3. President Bill Clinton in 2000 signed the Commodity Futures Modernization act. This act
    exempted credit-default swaps from regulation.

    4. President Bill Clinton in 1995 by rewriting the Community Reinvestment act forced the
    loosening of Housing rules. The new rules put pressure on the banks to lend in very
    risky low income neighborhoods. This increased the bad loan portfolios of
    lending institutions.

    5. All of the above acts allowed most financial institutions to package high risk mortgages
    with low risk ones – bundled them together as securities. Financial
    institutions were floating home titles and made them very hard to trace back to
    the owner.

    6. President Bill Clinton, just before he left office, pardoned over 150 people. One
    criminal he pardoned was Marc Rich, who gave Hillary Clinton about 2 million
    dollars in exchange for the pardon. Clinton’s own justice department had spent
    a fortune in this tax fraud case trying to extradite him from Europe. Marc Rich
    is an international commodities trader and entrepreneur. He was indicted in the
    United States on federal charges of tax evasion and illegally making oil deals
    with Iran during the Iran hostage crisis. He was in Switzerland at the time of
    the indictment and has never returned to the U.S. He received a presidential
    pardon from U.S. President Bill Clinton on 20 January 2001, Clinton’s last day
    in office.

    7. In 1992, billionaire businessman H. Ross Perot drew 19 percent of the vote as an
    independent candidate, helping Democrat Bill Clinton defeat Republican
    President George H.W. Bush with just a plurality, 43 percent, of the vote. So
    in a runoff election Bill Clinton would have lost.

    8. Other crimes: a) FBI File Gate, b) Travel office Gate, c) White Water Gate, d) Vince
    Foster Gate, and e) Ignoring all Congressional and court subpoenas on the White
    Water case (You and I would go to jail for ignoring subpoenas). Even Dick Nixon
    answered his subpoenas.

    9. After President George Bush took office he warned many times about the lacking regulation
    in home mortgages, but every time he brought up the subject, the democrats
    pounced at him for not letting everyone have the ability to own a home. Because
    of the democrats, now many of these poor people are out of their homes and the
    tax payers had to bail out the banks and financial institutions

  47. Actually the WaPo and ABC polls, arent scientifically accurate , the are skewed by overwhelming prejudice because only regressives respond and no oversight as to the number of times you can vote .
    Besides I dont know a conservative who patronizes either they are both regressive spin machines.

  48. President Bush was one of the best Presidents we have had in a long time in this country, at least he didn’t run to England and protest the war like Clinton the whore monger and this moron Osama bin dic-head in cheap. He and the Mooch have ripped this country off for billions of dollars with the Solyndra deal and then losing 10 Billion dollars on Government Motors deal again and then paying over $ 634 million dollars on a worthless website run by a bunch of criminals who are there to grab your info for identity theft and the government has no problem with that……and he took an oath to protect the people.
    Yeah, to protect the Islamic and muslim people all over the world.


  50. The 50% who still believe it’s President Bush’s fault are a bunch of brain-dead Liberals who will never face the truth that Barney Frank & the Democrat Socialist Party who lowered the mortgage loan standards to the level of unemployed slug and/or drug addict caused the Housing Market collapse, which caused our economy to collapse.

    Republicans, even the Fed Chairman, continuously warned the Dems about their moronic lending practices, Freddie Mac & Fannie Mae, but NO! Dems wouldn’t hear of it. They continued on their mission to destroy the Housing Market. Republicans were powerless to stop them because they controlled the House & Senate.

    Barney Frank should be in a jail cell, along with the rest of the DemonRats that supported him & his disastrous House Finance Committee failures.

    • In ’07 & ’08 (and even before) 100% home loans, including closing costs & sometimes extra money thrown in for repairs/updates, etc. were being passed out like lollipops. These slimey loan practices were 100% contrived & implemented by DEMOCRATS!

      Republicans tried to set up a special committee to oversee these dangerous practices, but again the Democrat controlled House & Senate wouldn’t hear of it. Period.

      If a DemonRat (Obama) hadn’t been elected, Barney Fife Frank would probably be spending his retirement in a Federal penitentiary where he belongs.

      DemonRats were smart. They plastered the Liberal propaganda & lies, blaming President Bush, all over the Internet & drenched the lying Main Stream Media with “it’s Bush’s fault” from morning to night.

      Funny how the lying Liberals can blame President Bush for our economic collapse, but Obama gets a pass on all his criminal activites and for keeping this economy in the toilet for 5 freakin’ years!

      What is the average IQ of a Democrat Socialist Party member? 35? Is that too high? 30, maybe?

  51. It took this poll to convince you that at least 50% of Americans are really, really stupid? I think this would have pushed you at least to the really, really, really, really, really stupid conclusion.

  52. I don’t believe the reporting on the so called polls as well as most things I read made by our upstanding politicans also!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Yes, it is weird they keep blaming Bush. It seems to me that Bush (and I`m not his fan) and GOP tried to tell the Dumocratics that the Freddy and Fanny had problems and they should be fixed but, the two head Liberals Franks and the other numb skull (Cox or something) said things were A-OK. Then when Bush developed the NSA to fight terrorism OBumbo took the agency to new levels of Communism and created Spying, Harassment and other means of escalating destruction of the Constitution.

  54. face it folks the blacks the fags and the deadbeats love this guy who’s going let them get married, free health and welfare to the deadbeats plus with no ID required for the voting booth this commie bastard might try for a 3rd term

  55. This just goes to show you how many low information (as Rush would like to say) uninformed & uneducated people live in the USA. Even Bush 43 after being dealt with the Dot Com Bubble Burst & 911 he was able to recover our economy with in 4 years or less. He & several in his administration warned the then Democratically controlled House & Senate that the housing & financial sectors were out of control & Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac were on an unsustainable course of lending to deadbeats but Barney Frank & Chris Dodd said no your wrong & what occurred the beginning of the financial melt down!!! Of course I do blame Bush & his then Sect. of Treasury (Henry Paulson) for developing the banking & financial sector bailouts & first stimulus program. They should have let the system collapse, ban the Federal Reserve, which contributed to the collapse by heavily monetizing the US debt, printing millions & then trillions of US dollars thereby helping to increase our debt by nearly $4T. Obama’s lack of leadership due to his inexperience of running anything or actually holding non-public job!!! The rest of his administration also had NO leadership experience or real economic or job creation job experiences!!! However, both parties know how to spend other peoples money & more than those people presently provide!!! Now you know the real reason for our economic mess!!!!!

  56. The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with
    the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama
    presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a
    depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem
    is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of
    what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to
    the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can
    survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to
    survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.

  57. The liberals obviously have a better staff of PR people broadcasting their propaganda than the conservatives do AND a slavishly dedicated media willing to distribute such swill unedited. The unwashed masses at the receiving end of it all, couldn’t be bothered to actually think about how illogical it all is.

  58. I would not trust ABC News, (they are not a news organization but political correct bunch of morons) or the Washington Post no matter what they print or say. They have proven over and over they are the mouthpiece for the liberal democrats.

  59. This poll just shows how dire the state of education is in this country. I could be just a wide spread amuerotic family idiocy which we can see is afflicting the Democrat Party.

  60. George Bush foremost was a real American and had the best interest for America. I do fault him for not standing up more against the democrats in the last two years of his presidency when those democrats took power in both the house and senate. Unknown if President Bush could have prevailed against those liberals, but perhaps he could have slowed them down in their pursuit of socialism.

  61. What can a person with a brain do, when he is challenged by a wave of “Brain-Dead” Obama acolytes?
    Just “…KEEP ON KEEPIN’N ON…”!
    Forty years of communist/socialist propaganda to our kids in every school, at every level, has produced a landslide of ignorant, well programed “DUD’S”!
    Some have sensed the reality of the boldest “LIAR” since Bill Clinton, our current president Barrak Obama, and have tasted the bile of his mendacity first hand!
    We will probably never have the values that I was raised to appreciate, again in this country, but frankly, I’m exhausted watching adults(?) eyes glass over if you speak of anything, but the local football teams quarterback or “Closer”!
    Thank GOD we grow old and die because I don’t really want to see just what all this disorder will bring in the next twenty years!

  62. Is this Correct?
    Whereas Geo. Bush put 10’s of regulations this M.T. Suit, has put in 100’s to his one! But it’s still George’s fault? After 4 years of this man as President, with the PLD’s holding all congress in the majority for the last 7 years, REALLY?
    This proves we are a nation of stupid idiots, easily fooled to put the M.T. Suit back into office that he totally screwed up in his first term, and we re-elect him again???
    We are gluttons for punishments!
    Tell him to get his Jackboot regulations off from the windpipe of the economy!
    50% of us on FOOD STAMPS is total disgrace!

  63. This survey proves that 50% of America . . . does not have a CLUE ! ! !

    I would say the future is grim . . . more of the same . . . these folks just like a great speech and free stuff . . . long term outlook for the USA in doubt!

  64. No wonder America is in such a mess when we have 50% of the people that are absolutely and totally stupid and uninformed. One thing is for sure the lame stream media has brainwashed these ignorant people very well. The Obama media has lied, spun the truth and covered up for the dismal failure that is Obama. Of course Obama hasn’t failed in his own mind, he’s getting exactly what he wants, a socialist country where we’re all equally miserable, except of course the political elite.

  65. I was watching the “Living Dead” the other day, then it occurred to me….all those Zombies are democrats! Yep, they cleaned out the government and now their eating humans and the only way to get rid of them is to shoot them in the head.

  66. Many American people will give Obama a pass no matter what evidence is placed before them. Logic is out the window so the behavior of this man border on “criminal” and he will be given a pass. The new philosophy today is RIGHT is WRONG and WRONG is RIGHT. May God forgive us for allowing the dumbing of America.

    • Just as a lot of the blinded on this site are trying to give Bush a pass for the debacle he caused. The Right Wing philosophy of “rich get richer; poor get poorer” isn’t something that God will forgive (if the New Testament is to be believed, and I do).

      • God doesn’t care about material things, rich and poor are just denominators, the difference between rich and poor is who is the happiest. there are poor people that are happier than rich people. The thing is in America a poor person can be rich overnight and vice versa, that is prosperity. That is what God wants people to do, prosper, thrive and flourish and it can be done without government intervention. The longer a person is given welfare the drive is gone.

        What debacle are you referring to that you accuse Bush of doing? If you look at the numbers, Bush only raised the deficit by $4 trillion ($500 billion a year); Obama $5 trillion ($1.25 trillion a year) just in his first term. Bush didn’t exactly have a cakewalk as Obama has.

        • 1. Tell Him when the time comes, you don’t have to tell me. Just read his words and be ready to have them read back to you.
          2. The banking and housing collapse that was caused by the Bush deregulation of banks, lowering capital safety requirements while allowing extremely risky derivatives. His obsession with government regulations nearly destroyed the country.

  67. Best we look at the obamacare( that was never read-and understood by a corrupt liberal congress) to see who is to be blamed for America’s problems!

  68. Great article to show the stupidity and gullibility of the Obama moochers. Apparently Bush was such a strong President that he is still influencing daily atcivities whereas Obama is so pathetic and weak he is unable to do anything for the last 5 years.

    • I love this. Bush’s strong disastrous policies that are still affecting the people who lost their homes, jobs, etc. is a good thing. Because he hasn’t been able to fix the Bush debacle, all the problems are Obama’s. WOW.

  69. Yeah and the bunch of knuckle heads who voted that it was Bush’s fault were air heads like the Liberals. I can’t understand their thinking process. They are the “Oh, la la la everything will turn O.K. types. They just don’t live in the real world.

  70. I agree that George W Bush is at the root of this economic recession that has plagued the US and the rest of the world since 2008.
    His policies and the laws established by the US Congress allowed the mega-banks to gamble huge amounts of depositors money on ultra-risky financial derivatives that turned almost worthless because of the collapse of the housing industry in the US. The recovery from this recession has been tediously slow but is finally showing growth in the stock exchanges at new all time high values. This growth could have been accelerated if the Republicans in the US House of Representatives had not been so intent to repeatedly block legislation proposed by President Obama to stimulate the economy. Another drag on the US economy was the needless war in Iraq for entirely personal reasons and token war in in Afghanistan which was under-manned, under-equipped and poorly planned. These wars were started toward the end of President George W. Bush’s first term with no clear exit strategy and no goal other than to kill Saddam Husain.

      • Yep, Bush was bad, but Obama’s worse, he brings with him the socialist curse.

        Obama did indeed inherit a mess, eh? Strange how efficient he’s been at prolonging it, too. Getting in the way of business left and left, being Jobless Barack after a legacy instead of after jobs for Americans, being the worse divisionist president in recent history.

        • Conservatives are prone to accusing Obama of being a terrible president and trying to ruin the American economy. He is even bad at that. The Dow dropped from 12,000 to 8,000 under Bush, but under Obama jumped from 8,000 to 14,000–the largest under any president. When it comes to ruining the economy, Obama is just bad at that too.

          • I was prone to saying Bush was becoming a RINO his last couple of years.

            I am prone to saying the Bush Failures do NOT excuse the OBAMA Failures.

            The DOW is presently at what, a record 16000 plus?????? RIPE for a bubble bursting, according to many economists.

            Sure hope you’re right and I’m wrong.

            Jobless Barack don’t give a shoot.

          • I don’t know what sources you have been listening to. It has been REPUBLICANS that have insisted on cutting food stamps to the jobless. And for that matter they would like to cut as much government assistance as possible. They are the ones who don’t give a hoot about the jobless. For the past half century it has been Democrats who have advocated programs for the jobless. Republicans have opposed ALL of them.
            Needed to set the record straight.

          • So to help the jobless is continue an entitlement that defers the gumption to look for work, as long as the government hands out money people will always have an outstretched hand. Contrary to liberal opinion that it not helping create jobs.

          • You live in a fools world. There are jobless. In Canistota South Dakota (a simple example) population 700 the main industry is agricultural service and the Feterl Manufacturing plant (grain augers). Feterl closed and about 50 families are out of work. It is too far from Sioux Falls to get jobs there and they can’t sell their houses to move. They are stuck. It is unemployment and food stamps that keep them going. It is possible that a Canadian company will buy the company but for the last six years these people have lived on food stamps. They are hard workers when they can get jobs. You would just let them starve because it makes you feel good. You are rotten. God will answer.

          • So that is all South Dakota is good for, manufacturing farm equipment? You are wrong, people can pack up and leave, the problem is no motivation. What will happen after food stamps and unemployment benefits stop? I feel sorry for anyone down on their luck and I have even given a fair share to street beggars, How dare you insinuate that I would make anyone starve; if you want to be generous, it is not against the law to throw in some extra cash when you file your taxes. The government sure knows how to put it to good use, I mean the Obama’s need those $million vacations and elite parties, right?

          • You have to face a cold reality Jack, the government is more corrupt and not in the peoples interest. This government is more a quid pro quo regime. The lies and cover-ups that has been told to the American people by this Administration is unconscionable, but the liberal press went hot and heavy over a president that lied about a break-in? The document on the official white house web site that Obama claims is a birth certificate is a fraud. The media forged a document to try an disgrace Bush but when Obama forges a document they don’t even check it’s validity. The fact that Obama’s first executive action was seal his school records should have raised red flags. The fact that Obama’s executive actions are not directed toward his cabinet and circumvent the Constitution should make American’s very leery.

          • Who doesn’t give a hoot about the jobless?

            Obama comes into office during the worse times for jobs in decades, and IMMEDIATELY begins to pursue his legacy socialist healthcare agenda rather than a jobs agenda. And then, for years, he promotes other policy that gets directly in the way of job creation.

            But, when it comes time to own up, like his recent comments on the ObamaScam launch:

            “I’m in charge. WE screwed it up.”

            Man has trouble with his pronouns as well as his honesty, eh?

          • And the worst jobs times in decades came after the Bush Tax Cuts–bad policy decision. But you blame Obama???

          • I’m an equal opportunity blamer…….

            I blame Bush for his mistakes…….

            And I blame Obama for his.

            I don’t let the Bush mistakes excuse the Obama mistakes.

          • The DOW dropped to 8000 because of 9/11, besides the DOW is not an economic indicator because it only effects less than 50% of taxpayers. The DOW under Obama is high because the federal reserve is printing money 24 hours a day. The value of the dollar is down because of this, if the feds raised the interest rate just 1% the DOW would start to crash; so you want to invest your future in the DOW go right ahead, the government will just hand you some food stamps, that is all Obama has been good for. By the way before Bush left office the DOW was almost back to the pre-9/11 readings. I am not “prone” in accusing Obama to be terrible, the facts speak for themselves. He is a legend in his own mind.

          • You don’t have the faintest idea of what you are saying. I was NOT talking about the 9-11 crash. I was talking about the 2008 crash at the end of the Bush debacle. The Dow crashed in September 2008 because of the banking/housing crash. It dropped to 7500 after 9-11 and then rebounded to 14,000. It then crashed to a new low of 6547 at the end of 2008 because of the banking housing crash. Note also that the Dow in May of 2001 was over 11,000. When Bush left office it was barely over 7,000. You have a very poor source of information. Note also that under Bush, the dollar lost just under 20%. Under Obama so far it has lost just over 8%. Check you facts, not just what you want to believe.

  71. I’m to shocked to comment on such bewildering state of denial. M.Savage definitely knew what he was talking about when he had said: Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  72. Liberal slime can blame a man who hasn’t been in office for five years because they cannot face truth, having no sense or definition of reality. Obama has utterly destroyed any semblance of constitutional government and his Department of Injustice under the totally criminal and inherently incompetent Eric Holder is a travesty which allows hard criminals all manner of special protection and denies rights to victims of violent crime as a matter of this administration’s “notion of Political correctness”. When we make people responsible and accountable for their actions as was once so in this benighted country, we will once again have a country we can be proud of rather than ashamed of for the inequities forced on us all by lawless political parasites who produce NOTHING but more debt, less freedom and diminished quality of life to citizens and expect us to pay for the unearned entitlements to foreign felons and the habitually by choice indigent. When the correction comes. it will be brutal but final for this regime and NOTHING is going to prevent it. Obama supporters are the dumbest people on the planet who cannot see the truth with their eyes, listen to it with their ears or use the brain they were purportedly born with to see a truth all too obvious to the sane who are realists and discriminating, What a terrible travesty of tyranny this country is becoming!

    • You apparently have an aversion to facing the truth. The crash of 2008 happened during BUSH’s presidency, NOT Obamas. You cons just don’t want to face the truth. Bush destroyed America.

      • Think what you will. The right to do so was guaranteed to you by my service and that of generations of others. Those freedoms are under constant attack as is every notion of constitutional compliance, practical procedure and policy, equitable law enforcement and the rule of law by a president and Congress who think themselves superior to us and look upon us as only a golden goose for funding their profligacy and awarding the benefits for which WE all PAID into for a lifetime to illegals and other social scumbags, including themselves and that is the only thing they are for; raw expediting of personal influence and twisted party agendas and THAT is attributable to BOTH parties, as they have both failed the AMERICAN CITIZEN miserably. It is YOU who have an aversion to facing truth and you wouldn’t know it ’til it breaks you: WHICH INEVITABLY, IT WILL! AMERICA AS A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC STILL EXISTED UNDER BUSH, DAMAGED AS IT WAS. OBAMA PROMISED YOU A FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE AND IT IS THE ONLY TRUTH HE EVER SPOKE. NOW HE IS DESTROYING OUR MILITARY, OUR VETERANS AND OUR ELDERLY WHILE PROMOTING ILLEGALS AND SENDING FOREIGN AID TO NATIONS INIMICAL TO OUR VERY EXISTENCE. WAKE UP, WOULD YOU?

        • And your right to be wrong is guaranteed by my service and generations of others. These freedoms are under attack, but not by Obama. America as a Constitutional Republic exists today. Bush damaged it considerably and Obama hasn’t done much to improve it, but it still exists. I am retired Army Reserve, but am aware that our “Defense Department” isn’t defending us from anybody and is an enormous waste of money. The 1st Cavalry Division hasn’t EVER been used defensively, only offensively. The same is true of all other Army divisions since the war of 1812. It can be argued that the navy, supplemented by the Air Force, protects us from invasion, but are still vastly greater than needed for our national security. Conservatives see only the vast amount of money going into what (Republican General) President Eisenhower warned as the “Military-Industrial Complex” to be guarded against. It now owns Congress and the Tea Party.

          • And , if you sincerely believe that it is a good thing to be asking military personnel at all levels if they will fire on American citizens if ordered to, and if you believe that those who ,agree to that are not in violation of THEIR oaths of service asked by those who take the SAME oath but do NOT Honor it, and If you believe that a government known to have purchased nearly 2 billion rounds of .223 ammunition for the standard automatic weapons used by our military at the SAME time they are looking to end your 2nd Amendment rights, and, if you see Nothing wrong with it: YOU SIR , DESERVE WHAT WILL LIKELY HAPPEN TO YOU! I served in and survived the Tet Offensive in ’68 in Vietnam with the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. I was not a career soldier but, have had a total of 11 years of military training in two services ; army and air force. I had a degree in government at the time and finished my post Vietnam remaining active duty at WRAMC in Washington, D.C., where I had many an informative discussion with Senators and other congress cretins . If you think government is your friend, YOU are deluded. It is too big, Too grasping and too self serving to be of much use to American citizens ; the people who they are SUPPOSED to serve, BUT DO NOT! I will agree that we have a mutual right to disagree,: However, with the constitutional attacks by the Holder Injustice Department and this rotten regime, it is questionable how much longer that will be so. That nearly 200 senior military commanders were relieved of command this year IS A FLAG FOR ME; IT should be for ALL AMERICAN CITIZENS.. You can talk all YOU want about the Military-Industrial complex owning the congress and the Teas Party and you would be wrong again,. The question you should be asking is who owns the President! George Soros and Valerie Jarrett AMONG OTHERS COME IMMEDIATELY TO MIND, GOD ALONE ONLY KNOWS HOW MANY OTHERS FAR LOWER AND UNDER THE RADAR ARE PART OF IT.

          • Well, I am one of the owners, since I voted for him. For all his faults (and I will admit that he has not been an effective President) he was much better than the un American alternative. I hope I deserve what I am getting from my government. It is a good government, the best in the world. You can’t show me any better. TRY. Yes, the second amendment needs to be repealed for the safety of Americans.

          • The second Amendment should NEVER be repealed or all citizens are then at the mercy of the government and that is exactly what happened in Soviet Russia after the Czar’s people were disarmed and in Germany of the 30’s, aiding greatly to the rise of Nazism. Had it not been for American lend lease M-I garands and carbines, England could not even defend itself in the case of an invasion. Who would be our salvation were such to happen here if the 2nd amendment were vitiated and our military deliberately weakened as it has been? Yamamoto never considered an invasion because: guns were as numerous as the blades of grass. Governments attack and oppress their populations all the time; do not think it cannot HAPPEN HERE. What we need is EQUITABLE LAW ENFORCEMENT AND A SENSE OF REALITY BASED ON COMMON SENSE; NOT POLITICAL CORRECTNESS. The only thing we will agree on is that this president is not an effective one. There is no point in further discussion. I would agree that THIS IS THE BEST OVERALL GOVERNMENT IN THE WORLD, IN FACT,IN WORLD HISTORY WITH THE PROVISO THAT IT REMAINS AS IT WAS DESIGNED TO BE; A CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRE ESTABLISHED RULE OF LAW AND SEPARATE POWERS FOR EACH OF THE THREE BRANCHES IN WHICH IDEALLY, THEY ACT AS A CHECK AND BALANCE ON EACH OTHER WHICH IS NO LONGER SO AND, THAT IS THE ROOT OF OUR PROBLEMS,

          • The Second Amendment needs to stay for the safety of Americans. You need to elaborate about the “unAmerican alternative,” especially when Obama doesn’t exhibit proAmerican initiatives or ideas. He has elevated the executive branch of government into a pseudo-dictatorship and lies incessantly; that is better???????

          • The alternative we were offered was a man who spent his career sending jobs to China and the profits from those companies sent to the Cayman Islands. That has ruined America and I call it UnAmerican. He then wanted us to believe that his experience exporting jobs and money would somehow be good for getting the jobs and money back, but he NEVER said how.

          • That is not true, Romney never made a career of sending jobs to China. More liberal lies; Romney bought up companies that were struggling and he either saved it or cut it loose. There are a lot of businesses in the United States that have prospered under the tutelage of Romney. Home Depot and Sports Authority are just 2, but the thing is Romney knew how to create jobs, how many jobs has Obama created? What he has done is create situations where many jobs will be gone. You should also note that there are a lot of democratic congresspeople that have sent money to the Cayman’s; it is not illegal according to them. So why are you condemning Romney for doing the same as others? The profits also went to other investors not just Romney was sole proprietor of the company. That is how businesses flourish, create a profit, get investors, and sell stock; not get government handouts and subsidies, which is the only thing Obama does for his cronies.

          • More conservative head in the sand. I’m not condemning him for doing that, it is just that, while legal, it isn’t the kind of thing a person running the country should do.

      • It is You who have an aversion to the truth. the truth is that this president is the most disgraceful human being to ever inhabit the office and has NO REGARD for our constitutional republic. He is purging our military, weakening our security, manipulating the economy to suit his own political agendas and is aided by a criminally complicit Congress which sees itself as superior to those whose best interests it is SUPPOSED to serve when in fact, IT HAS SERVED NOTHING BUT ITS OWN SELF AGGRANDIZEMENT. I am in full agreement with Nancy’s estimation of the anti-American citizen president. Only a fool would fail to realize that all ,legislation passed since his initial election in 2008 has hurt the middle class And those with moral decency a belief in individual liberties and the right to CHOOSE what is best for ourselves and families, OBAMACARE denies all manner of choices and is only the beginning and, it was passed without debate by Pelosi as Speaker of the House in the 111th congress ‘so we can see what’s in it.!” Well, I was one of those who served under arms in defense of the country’s policies in Vietnam. I was vilified for doing so, disparaged by the current Secretary of State who NEVER should have been confirmed in that capacity and like most of that era, are now being further disrespected by the government we served whose minions took the SAME OATH we did; to defend and uphold the constitution against all enemies; foreign and domestic ; NOT TO BECOME ONE OR THE OTHER or, as many of us believe in the case of this president, BOTH! YOU miss the point: The crash you refer to was in 2008, not now. We are less free, have been losing the right to choose what is best for ourselves and families, are being mandated without option to have government determine who will receive healthcare and when, and seen our military weakened, our economy statistically manipulated from within to permit even MORE debt without addressing the profligacy that caused it, OUR COMMAND OFFICERS PURGED, OUR BORDERS OVERFLOWING WITH MORE ILLEGALS AND MORE STREET VIOLENCE THAN EVER FROM INEQUITABLE LAW ENFORCEMENT ON A SELECTIVE BASIS. THERE IS RAMPANT IMMORALITY AND RACISM ON THE RISE AND IF YOU THINK THIS IS A GOOD THING YOU ARE MORE DEMENTED THAN THOSE ALLOWING IT TO OCCUR!
        You are being exploited and aren’t smart enough to know it. This makes you by definition, part of the problem, not the solution. Bush did not destroy America but given a free hand to do so: OBAMA AND COMPANY WILL

          • Oh? I see, it is not alright to be of a different opinion without being disdained by liberal lunatics without morals or the mindset to believe the evidence of their own eyes and ears since they were born brain dead. I can be every bit as abrasive to you as you would love to be to me on an ongoing basis but, I will no longer play the game as it is TOTALLY without merit and unproductive; just like the regime YOU so cherish!

          • You aren’t listening. I don’t cherish this administration. It is just that it is far better than the alternatives offered, and the right wing so terribly exaggerates its problems.

        • You fail to point out that as bad as he is, Obama was the best available. As far as Anti American, his opponent spent his career sending American jobs to China, and the profits made from that are in the Cayman Islands banks. THAT is UnAmerican. And he had the gall to say that his experience sending jobs to China would help us get jobs here!!! If you don’t want another Obama, get a real American candidate in the Reagan/Bush(Sr) ideology, not another Teabagger right wing wacko loser.

  73. I have always believed that there should be a literacy test before allowing people to vote, these people that think that George Bush is at fault for the economic condition of America, are nothing but brain washed, left liberals.

      • I’m surprised you haven’t been ran out of SD, Idiots like you still blaming Bush, at what point and time are you going to hold Obama responsible for the job he holds.. He said if he couldn’t cut the debt in half his first term, he wouldn’t seek re-election, he promised change (that promise he kept) everything is much worse. The economy has tanked, gas prices doubled, unemployment is out of sight (Even with all the counting gimmicks they use), more people on government subsidies than ever, Obama Care turned full time jobs into part time jobs…. Even a blind man can see all his failures. But not all you liberal midget minds.

        • That may all be true, but you cons have an equally difficult time recognizing the disaster that Bush caused with his banking deregulation allowing lower capitalization at the same time he allowed more risky investments while NOT allowing the mortgage fraud to be exposed.

      • It is no surprise that you get all your information from the liberal news because your phrases are just parroted from them. Teabaggers really!!!! Your teachers must be so proud, little Jack has finally listened in class. The literacy test should be given to the voters who don’t have a clue what they are talking about or who they are voting for.
        Literacy??? how about Pelosi,” We have to pass this bill so we can find out what’s in it.” If they required a literacy test we would not have liberals in Congress.

  74. The economy was doing just fine until 2006 when the liberals took over both houses of congress and killed the goose that lays the golden eggs…JOBS! Just check any set of numbers or charts and you will see when the economy turned sour. This entire down turn is under Democratic control.

    • No, it was the housing bust brought about by Bush’s deregulation of banks. His obsession with regulations caused the crash.

      • It was Bill Clinton and his liberal buddies that decided that if everybody who could draw breath owned a home everything would be just jolly, So they passed laws forcing banks to loan to everybody and that caused housing bust. The bankers are not liberal fools, so they bundled up the bad loans and sold them all over the world. Just another fruit of liberalism.

      • The housing crash occurred when congress and Clinton threw tons of money at the government home loan programs; putting people into homes they couldn’t afford and they knew it. The bank bailout (TARP) under Bush was suppose to “insure” small business loans so people could create jobs and taxpayers but the banks had other plans. The only deregulation Bush tried to make was Fannie May and Freddie Mac; but congress stated they were doing an excellent job and even gave raises to the director and others. See the Youtube video where Waters and her ilk lauded Raines et al and snubbed their collective noses at Bush. Having a disaster the likes of Katrina also didn’t help the Republicans or Bush either but I digressed.

        • So all problems can be made the fault of Democrats if you try hard enough, and you have tried HARD. The fact is that Conservatives haven’t done one good thing for the average American. Try to think of something. 40 hour week, unemployment compensation, workers compensation, etc., ALL came over the vehement objections of the conservatives of the time. They wanted to keep the “good old days” of the industrial revolution.

          • Entitlement programs have only made people more dependent on the government. The work related examples you mentioned are because too much government control over businesses and the unions also had a huge part in it also. I believe that the Democrats are at fault for a lot of entitlement problems because it made them look good to their constituents, they did not really care about those people, they just wanted the votes. If you want to see what over promising something looks like, look at states that have a Democratic governments and are facing huge deficits. I should clarify something, the Democrat party of today is not the Democrat party of yesterday as is the Republican party.

            The federal government’s prime roles are provide common defense, regulate flow of commerce, and print money. Conservatives have always believed in these ideals, the $17 trillion, and growing,deficit is primarily the fault of Democrats or Liberals and their entitlement ideas.The mindset of liberals is demand more and forget about consequences, the $15 hour wage for fast food workers for example, instead of finding a better job or get better training, these people would risk forcing a business to hire less people, cut hours, or just close altogether? They focus on the business making $millions on the work they do and demand more, they don’t have the foresight to find another job? Conservatives had done a far better thing for the average American but it has been literally erased by the liberals who has changed it entirely, that is the CONSTITUTION.

          • You failed to mention “promote the general welfare”. The Constitution is created to allow government to help people who can’t provide for themselves. You would let them starve. That was the way it was in the late 1800’s and you unconscionable Teabaggers would let it happen again. You will have to face Him (if you believe in him) someday and it won’t be pretty when He says:

            Matthew 25 (King James Version)

            41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels:

            42 For I was an hungered, and ye gave me no meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me no drink:

            43 I was a stranger, and ye took me not in: naked, and ye clothed me not: sick, and in prison, and ye visited me not.

            44 Then shall they also answer him, saying, Lord, when saw we thee an hungered, or athirst, or a stranger, or naked, or sick, or in prison, and did not minister unto thee?

            45 Then shall he answer them, saying, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye did it not to one of the least of these, ye did it not to me.

            46 And these shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.

            There are no Christians (acting like Christians) in the Tea Party.

  75. I find it very interesting to see the results of the pole results that are published by leberal organizations. The way questions are slanted they would have us believe that George Washington was the founder of the Communist Party. If it were not so serious it would be humerous.

    • I think that there were more stupids that voted to an ignorant person like Bush,who won the presidents may because his father was an intellegent president,and the voters thought they He will be the same or better, but they were deceived by him,and for that the majority left the REP. party and voted to Obama

  76. This shows the success of the progressive movement that Bush is still blamed. G.W. was nothing to write home about (TARP, the tax rebate, too big to fail) but he’s not worthy, as a socialist, to carry Obama’s water bottle. The whole fiscal mess (or at least 85% of it) comes directly from Washington, DC and of that 75% of the 85% comes from the Democrats. The reason no one seems to know this is the success of the progressives in the public education system spreading their fascist ideas as liberty. Thank god for private schools or there’d be no hope that this one day might be stopped. As it is, the hope is small. Still, self reliant people may yet stop the wave of indigent beggars DC is spawning (Julia, Pajama boy) and bring back the America of yesteryear.

    • The TARP was suppose to kick start the economy by giving the banks the money to fund small business loans and personal loans. The banks and the Democrats were the ones who betrayed Bush, and they used the bailout money for other nefarious reasons, which included buying other banks, paying off debt, and paying bonuses to employees. Bush was out of office before the injustice was discovered, actually it uncovered itself. In the first year of Obama, there was a story about a small company that bank of america refused to give a line of credit to; in spite of the fact that the company was able to pay back the loan in the same year after it’s products were sold it just needed time to manufacture them; so many of the employees protested in front of the bank until bank of america gave in. However, other companies and individuals didn’t fare as well. From the results of Obama’s huge campaign coffers, these banks also gave plenty in contributions, this time the Democrats were fully in charge and all the Republicans could do is just watch. Obama has not done a thing to stimulate jobs in the private sector, he used stimulus money and “saved” public service jobs, union jobs, and gave a lot to democratic states. The private sector has not experienced a job growth, you don’t see very many start up businesses and government regulation on nit picky ideas doesn’t help either. I wish Obama was not black and all the low information voters would take off the rose colored glasses and see the charlatan lying to us all.

  77. He is blamed because he should be blamed. Trying to make this a Democrat issue is really twisting. Like Romney saying Obamacare is bad when he invented it.

  78. as I knew from some american friends and other knowers,that Bush was the most crazy president that governed USA, and that President Clinton was the most intellegent president, and this was before president Obama started to deal with the problems left by president Bush

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