New Law Gives Executive Drone Policy Effective Immunity

The Senate has removed a provision from its most recent intelligence bill on drone policy that would have required Obama to publicly disclose injuries and deaths from drone strikes. So Obama now has free reign to kill as many people as he wants with drone strikes, and there is almost no way to keep him accountable.

If we don’t have drone information from our own government, where can we go to get it? The Obama administration knows it can discount reports from other countries as “exaggerated.” And if it can hide its own internal reports from public scrutiny, then the Obama administration has achieved de facto drone immunity.

And there has still been no explicit guarantee from the Department of Justice that domestic drone strikes are illegal. Which means that, under the current law, American citizens charged with “domestic terrorism” could be killed by drone strikes, and the President presumably would not have to disclose it. All for the sake of national security, I’m sure. Given the fact that Harry Reid blanketly called Cliven Bundy and his militia men “domestic terrorists,” this is troubling news indeed.

Currently, drone strikes are carried out by the CIA, which is just one reason why they are not discussed in great detail. Apparently the CIA, presumably not a law enforcement agency, likes to keep all of its operations cloaked in secrecy. The problem with this, obviously, is that it puts the CIA and the Obama administration in a place where they can kill people without a trial or formal charges and no one even knows enough to hold them accountable.

In other words, the situation is really bad. As Steven Hawkins, the executive director of Amnesty International USA, said:

Congress is charged with oversight of the administration and this is a matter of life and death. A basic report on the number of people killed shouldn’t be too much to ask.

No doubt. Congress has really dropped the ball on this one.

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  1. “American citizens charged w/ domestic terrorism could be killed by drone strikes.”
    Hummmmm…. Something has to go…

    Maybe if we get Jack Bauer and a spare drone, we can solve this problem now.

  2. He’s already stated that he will not hesitate to use a drone strike against American citizens who he feels percents a danger to him, Dirty Diaper Head Obama, he was very specific about his perceived danger he only added that he met the United States.

    All Congress is doing is rubberstamping anything that this demonic individual wants to do. The progressive liberals, and rabid Democrats (not to be confused with real and sensible Democrats) see it as one more opportunity for them to maintain control of America. The Old Saying about Absolute Power corrupts absolutely is being proven true the likes of this repugnant President and people like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

    If you’ve ever said anything or done anything that goes counter to King Obama and his Merry court of mercenaries, you’d better remember to keep your eyes on the sky.

    • I have stated repeatedly in this forum and elsewhere that the use of these drones against foreign citizens [and now apparently against US Citizens that are in foreign countries] will inevitably lead to drones being used on Americans by those whose interests are against the USA.
      It now appears that one of those players is the US government itself.
      The farther this mad course of action progresses the more likely the scenario that public officials will end up “forted up” in facilities that are proof against small drones as they can not risk public appearance for the danger of being drone striked.
      Hypothesis: in the not to distant future some terrorist group will gain access to sufficiently advanced drone technology [the majority of which is available at your local R/C car or airplane enthusiasts favorite hobby shop] and launch a strike against a major public official appearing in a well publicized public venue. It won’t have to cause very much in the way of damage to prove to those charged with security for public officials that the risk from public appearances is too great to permit them to occur in the future in any fashion other than secured buildings. This will mean no more golf outings or shooting hoops outdoors for a certain well publicized individual, and wifey will become persona-non-grata at the high end spas and resorts she favors as it becomes apparent that there is a real threat of major property damage and collateral damage from the presence of these individuals and their entourages. I’m sure that with a little contemplation you can see where this scenario leads with respect to the lifestyle of certain high profile individuals.
      The only way to prevent this near future likely scenario is for the US Congress to assert very public oversight and accountability and strict control for the use of these ~terror weapons~ with the threat of budget cuts and other harsher punishments for those individuals and agencies that don’t wish to co-operate.

      • The whole problem stems the government itself. Anytime a government is so pressing that they live in fear of this people with they govern they’re doing something wrong. In any time of people have to fear their government their suffering the same problem.

        Our system of government in reality is one of the best in the world we never had a problem until we started seeing Career Politicians. Politicians that put their own personal comfort in power above that of the people. When there were only a few doing this there was no real problem because of its sensible people able to hold her leash and prevent a lot of the stupidity. Now the career politicians and totally taken over and are moving to take over the entire country as a ruling class not elected officials.

        As a public official is so radical that it becomes obvious that that individual is out of control he becomes a target. The answer is simple live up to your oath of office, support the Constitution as the Founders set it down on paper, and defend the people against stupid actions powermad politicians.

        Enough now that the middle class in the fundamental Americans have to fear their government on a daily basis. No one deserves to live in fear especially if that comes from people that they elected to office to serve them and to defend them. Maybe the Secret Service should announce that they going to take a service why vacation for a month. Then we find out which politicians serve the people in which politicians need to be served to the dogs

  3. It’s our government, not The Dims or Repubs and certainly not Obama’s! We as voters can demand accountability and disclosure!

  4. Are you listening America!! They can drone your ass for any trump up reason they want. They don’t have-to tell a soul. If that kind of government power doesn’t push you to take up arms and be prepared to defend yourself you may as well roll over and die right where you are.

    • That’s despotic,demonic power. We may all have a target on our heads. The messiah can’t have anyone saying he’s not perfect as well as being EVIL.

    • Only GOD can keep us safe from this alien maniac, this demon from Satan. The laws of the land have deserted us or have been torn away from us by the wicked ones controlling them and ruling the nation. Keep you guns handy, people.

      • Myrtle, my friend you are wrong. God is not going step in and stop one tryant over another. God gave us the power to reason and free will. It is up to us to slay our own snakes. We have an election coming up in Nov. and we can elect good people who can remove this disaster from our government. STOP saying people we can’t do anything, get up off your lazy dumb ass’s go vote. You deserve the government YOU elect.

  5. Oh yes obumma needs immunity. Can you imagine. The Senate needs to be voted out of office. I have no faith in obumma or his administration. I wouldn’t be surprised that the land disputes might have some casualties (saying it nicely). He won’t even have to mention it (nice to cover your ass isn’t it bo)The potUS and his administration are EVIL. God help us.

  6. Amerika is past the tipping point. Career politicians and crony capitalism have ruined the one great USA…

  7. No doubt, when considering the complicity of both houses of the government with the immoral, criminal and outright unconstitutional stances, acts and associations of the White House (aka the Obamas) and how this and acts and associations even involving other individual members of the US government and its agencies seem to include numerous cases of even outright treason, I believe that the nesting the strikes of drones in the hands of the White House and the CIA hidden by the utmost secrecy is fully by design and not by accident. Consider the sources, allegiances and agendas, arrogance, where these people’s true handlers are from (aka USSR, Syria, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood and sisterhood, the UN, etc…) and you begin to realize the full scope of both their duplicity and the evil that the true citizens of this republic face, and yet, seem unwilling to stand up united and put to a decisive end.

  8. If another country used drones against us would we want to do harm to that country ? Would it not create groups of people to form revenge actions against that country ? Are we really going to let our own government drone us in our country ? Do you fear your government or does it fear you ?

  9. Isn’t it time to call a spade a spade? The ENTIRE federal govt is a criminal enterprise, as well as a good deal of state and local govt. They have no more legitimacy. They do not govern by our consent any longer, except insofar as our failure to revolt constitutes consent. They are daily confiscating our wealth, our land, our goods, and our rights. Now they have arrogated to themselves the right to kill with impunity. Do not deceive yourselves. Republicans and Demoncrats are deliberately complicit in handing this power to Barry the impaler

  10. Fellow Americans, if you know something say something ! Expose the PILOTS ! This will stop. If you know someone who pilots the drones make their names public.

  11. Congress had better wake up to reality. It is not the propaganda polls you should be concerned about, it is US. We are not going to take much more of this crap before rebellion hits the streets. Then what are you going to do ? As a Minister I am deeply concerned, for you sell outs ? NO. For the families that will have to pay for their loved ones caught in a crossfire.

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