Neo-Nazis: Haters We Love to Hate

It’s hard to say why anyone pays attention to Neo-Nazi rallies. Or Neo-Nazis. Recently, a group of Neo-Nazis got together in Kansas City to protest immigration reform or something. And the groups of protesters that showed up to protest the protest outnumbered the Neo-Nazis. Honestly, if the news didn’t report on them, I don’t know that Neo-Nazis would even register on the cultural radar.

It makes me wonder a good bit about the nature and usefulness of modern news. Every day, I’m tasked with the job of finding stories that may be of interest to our readers. And every day I ask myself, “Does this really matter?”  People love controversy. We love hating things. The Neo-Nazis are an easy target. As are the fading remnants of the KKK and other so-called “hate groups.” I am not saying these people aren’t filled with hate, or that what they’re doing should be applauded. But at least they are honest about basing their identity on a hatred for what they’re not.

The Neo-Nazis, with their peculiar brand of historical and social ignorance, band together out of a desire to belong to something. We all long to belong to something. But the labels we once relied on for self-identification are breaking down or have already become hollow. The common political, religious, and social labels are becoming as anachronistic and superficial as “Neo-Nazi.” The American cultural scene has splintered into a thousand or more pieces, and every piece defines itself with an empty branding of superficial uniqueness. Diversity and divisiveness are seldom far apart nowadays. And the diversity we champion must include every form of stupid. Emanuel Cleaver, Missouri’s fifth district Congressman, admitted as much: “As repulsive as [the Neo-Nazis] are, they have a right to be stupid—even in Kansas City”

We have a right to be stupid too. And most of us exercise that right on a daily basis. Were the people who protested the protest any less stupid than the Neo-Nazis? Or any less filled with hate? Sure, it was a different kind of stupid and a different kind of hate. We all love to hate as well, but we pretend our philosophies of hate are more legitimate because the objects of our hate are somehow more deserving of condemnation. Whether it’s Neo-Nazis, racists, leftists, Anti-Semites or other species of ignorami, we spend a whole lot of our energies hating on things that may not be worthy of our attention. Instead of focusing on building something of value, we choose to spend our time tearing down houses of cards. Most of us base a good deal of our self-perception on what we’re not. But few of us know who we really are.

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  1. If you cannot tell the difference between the hate Neo nazi’s & the KKK have & the people that hate them then you cannot tell the difference between good & evil. BTW, was Rand Paul marching with the Nazi’s?

    • No different than the black pansies, al “notsosharpton” jessie “Ilikesdemho’s” jackson, and yes your right liburturds, dimmiecraps,moosluts,commies & homers, they’re all haters just like the neo-hitleryclinton-nazis,skinheads,kkk, all cut from the same cloth, just different crap spewed from their stinkin suckholes, if I have offended anyone……your welcome and have nice day!

    • Actually, their goals pretty much align with those of the people posting here. Too bad the neocohens have convinced them otherwise.

  2. Speaking of “hate”, whatever happened to “hate sin, love the sinner”? Even God hates the acts of sinners, not the sinners themselves, but that doesn’t mean that He won’t judge them if they haven’t repented and given themselves to Christ. It’s sad how we comport ourselves like this–and, I confess, some of my comments on various sites may verge on the questionable as I vent about what’s happening to America by these socialists that the more foolish among us swept into power. That’s why God commanded us (I fail at this, too) to pray for our leaders. Who knows, maybe BHO will have a revelation or epiphany or something and lurch away from his current path; we say in our hearts, “Not bloody likely!” but who knows?

    • I don’t know, I just sense something evil about our current leaders. Lie after lie, cover up after cover up, spying, lying about Benghazi, lying about the IRS, Lying about the NSA, Lying about Fast and Furious, SCOTUS saying Obamacare is a tax and therefore Constitutional! Stopping the Pipeline, piling on debt upon debt! And 56 Senators are allowed to perpetuate this travesty. And the Press, who are supposed to be our watch dogs continue to look the other way time after time!
      God has always Blessed us in the past, but with so many having turned away from him, I only hope there are enough of us left for him to continue, and help us back on the right path!

    • Neo-Nazis are very much like Christians in the sense they claim the Nazi’s of the 30’s & 40’s (that committed all the crimes against humanity) weren’t “real Nazi’s” which is EXACTLY how Christians explain all the crimes Christians have committed against humanity for the last 1,700 years

  3. There’s little difference between the Obot’s hatred & the Nazi’s, except the Obots hate Whites And Jews… even those whites amongst them.

    Obamaism is following the Nazi’s lead, word for word, out of ‘Mein Kampf’. Now, just like Hitler, Obama’s hoing after our guns… we All remember what happened next, after Adolf disarmed his opponents…

  4. Hitler was right. He revolted against the reality of perpetual WWI reparations demanded by the British Jews and fought for Germany’s economic freedom.

  5. Why worry about a small group of neo-Nazis, when we have a whole bunch of them in Washington,D.C. who are trying to rule like Adolph’s Nazi’s. starting with the white house.

  6. The best way to deal with radical groups is to expose the members in them. This is how the KKK went away. A reporter started naming names under those nasty white hoods and it stopped. If journalists were doing their job, we wouldn’t have to keep putting up with the trash in our White House, for instance. Make conversation with these Nazi types and ask some intelligent questions. You will find that they can’t answer them.

  7. Minkoff – let guess, Russian or Polish Jew. Nothing like using your podium to spread your own self serving views. All you have done is demonstrate your own ignorance and prejudice. Luckily the truth is out there; suggest you look it up. Hitler didn’t just wake up one morning and say, ‘gee, I hate the Jews’ – Germany was being raped by WWI reparations, mostly a never ending demand from the British Jews. After WWI Germany was a wreck, and under the NAZI party within 20 years was challenging the economic hegemonies of the US and Great Britain. Hitler did not spring from personal hate, but rather the hate of the Jews that were trying to ruin the country thru economic warfare.

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