My Favorite Kind of TSA Agent…

… is a non-existent one. But this sleeping one is pretty good too. I wonder, do TSA agents dream of electric sheeple? Speaking of sheeple, do you know what the Fourth Amendment says? Most people don’t. The few that know anything say it has to do with “unreasonable search” and “probable cause” and all that. But most everyone gets the probable cause bit wrong. It absolutely does not say that civil government officials can search or seize your property if they have probable cause. No, it says they cannot get a warrant to search or seize you or your property without an explanation of probable cause supported by an oath and a particular and limited designation of the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. That’s a big difference. Check it out:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

The TSA is a flagrant and absolutely preposterous affront to this amendment. They have and need no probable cause to search your bag and seize your… you know. And even if they had probable cause they have skipped the part about getting warrants because that’s too time-consuming and people are already waiting long enough to get to their planes, blah blah blah. It’s just so inconvenient to do the right thing sometimes, you know? And it’s not just the illegal search and seizure that bothers me. It’s that these searches and seizures are incredibly unreasonable. On my trip back from Denver to Atlanta a week or so ago (with my wife and four kids), they confiscated a juicebox from my diaper bag after swabbing it for explosives. Wow. That seems reasonable.

To really narrow down the potential threats to American safety, they’ve started mounting mirrors in front of their faces… wait, no that’s not it… I mean they’ve recently started a behavioral profiling program at Boston Logan to try to determine possible terrorists by facial expressions and attitudes. In other words, they will question you if you look grumpy. That’s pretty stupid. Everyone at the airport looks grumpy. Because of how annoying airport security is. Since they’ve implemented this brilliant program, only a fraction of the 725,000 travelers have been referred for further screening, and not a single one has been arrested for any wrong-doing. They’ve all just had their time wasted, their privacy violated, and their rights discarded.

There are few people standing up to this garbage. Most of us just want to be left alone, so we just go along to get along. But how far does this have to go before we say, “NO!” I hear occasionally of brave people with time on their hands that stand up for their Constitutional rights and tell airport security nothing about where they came from or where they’re going or refuse to be in the TSA’s latest “x-ray”ted photo shoot. You don’t technically have to tell them anything. But I usually do whatever they ask. Because I have nothing to hide, and because I have already capitulated to the fact that we live under a tyranny. What’s the point of pressing your rights? Have you ever refused to let a police officer search your car? It’s your constitutional right, you know. Yeah. Hope you like handcuffs and impound lots.

You’re guilty until proven dead.

How do you deal with this? Hit them where it hurts: their wallets. Government bureaucracies don’t care about another thing in the world. You can talk about the inhumanity and the Constitution this and that ’til you’re purple in the belly button… they really don’t care. We need to set up a National No-Fly Day. Get every business and every person sick of TSA to commit to absolutely no flying on that day. Tell the airlines that if they want our business, they need to use their lobbyists to force TSA out of airports… and out of existence for that matter. We have police officers already, and they are plenty intrusive enough. If we could actually get everyone in the US to commit to this, I think we might have a chance of sending an effective message all the way to Washington. Might be a pipe dream, but it would be pretty awesome.

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  1. Can Democrats really be this stupid?

    Police in Radnor, PA, interrogated a suspect by placing a metal colander on his head and connecting it with wires to a photocopy machine. The message “He’s lying” was placed in the copier, and police pressed the copy button each time they thought the suspect wasn’t telling the truth. Believing the “lie detector” was working, the suspect confessed.

    • Atta Boy, Raymond! Good laugh. But the question should be, can Americans be this stupid once they’ve been dumbed-down by a Democrat-controlled government indoctrination system (otherwise known as ‘public schrools’)?

      • Divide and conquer. That has been the ploy of the power elite for centuries.The Republicans blame the Democrats and the Democrats blame the Republicans while the real culprits go undetected. Look past the corporate controlled media and discover what is really going on in the world. It is not what most of us believe.

        For those who want to know: Reliable information on
        health, energy, media, war, elections, 9/11, more www dot wanttoknow dot com

    • @disqus_2YMn2BTEfN:disqus–They should put that on debbie (the angry perm) wuzzermen’s head.She would be squealing like a little ‘piggy’.

  2. Can Democrats really be this stupid?

    A mother calls 911 very worried asking the dispatcher if she needs to take her kid to the emergency room, the kid was eating ants. The dispatcher tells her to give the kid some Benadryl and should be fine, the mother says, I just gave him some ant killer….. Dispatcher: Rush him in to emergency.

  3. support a national no fly day, give the tsa and the airlines something to actually look at. the airlines can spend some of their “fee money” having their lobbyists jack up politicians

    • Let’s have a no airport security day once a every year in celebration of the 4th Amendment. April 1st would be a good day. Only a fool would fly on that day.

      I fly a lot with my job. I have zero issues with TSA. I remember what it was like before TSA took over.

      As I understand it, airport security won’t if it went private. What will you gain? Zilch!

      Stop your complaining and stop holding up lines by not taking your liquids and laptops out your bags. It’s you, the passengers, I have issues with. I’m missing my flight because of you.

  4. Perhaps TSA should require that a judge (several judges) be on site at all times to write search warrants. I wonder how long that would go on before the judges started complaining, because they would have to write a warrant for every person describing what they expect to seize and where they expect to find it because the only thing they should be looking for is weapons or explosives. Then you get into that probably cause part. How many people can they honestly say have probably cause.

    • Why search for weapons, when it is people we need to search for. Profiling works. Just ask the security forces in the airport in Tel Aviv.

      • Absolutely. I wish El-Al flew more of OUR domestic routes. They are the greatest airline in the world. And they hire PROFESSIONAL profilers, well-versed in micro- expressions, body language, you know all the things we should be having done by intelligent people instead of gubmint monkeys! Israel’s taxes are at 49% but they get alot for their money! I love’em!

  5. Current event: TSA in Pensacola probed my checked suitcase
    on Thurs. p.m. I had a 3″ Gerber pocket knife stowed in the
    suitcase side pocket. When I opened the bag, here was their
    calling card with my knife on top,standing-out like dogs balls !
    They totally ruined two zipper “pulls”…and they say GOTCHA
    over a legit pocket knife ! I am applying for TSA “insurance”
    to pay for repairs. You MUST SEE their claim forms !
    It’s all so discouraging to file but I’m going for it. TSA WILL become
    part of the Yo Mama shock trrops and cannon fodder when
    the Red Revolution comes ! Oh’s here, already !

    • Couldn’t agree more. Every time my spouse and I have traveled, we have something stolen by the TSA checkers. Every damn time. I have reported it and nothing is done. I’ve even written typed notes to the agents who go through checked luggage saying that I will note the flight, time and personal posessions stolen and report them to Federal Police.

      They do not care about posessions of the passengers. They STEAL.
      I, for one, am getting sick and tired if having my things rifled through, lids left off toiletries that MUST be checked, replacing what has been stolen after I arrive at my destination and having my good clothing kiped.

      It’s becoming very plain to me that the TSA is nothing more than an organization of dim-witted thugs who are most-likely former jailbirds who can’t work for anyone but the government. And thay’s because decent employers WON’T hire them!

      Being a TSA agent gives one simply a license to steal.

      And I’m sick of it.

      P.S. Just made a decent donation to Romney-Ryan in 2012. We may have to eat a little light for the next two weeks, but I’m praying that my donation (and many prayers a day) will help get that sick monkey out of the WH and things can return to normal, atleast a little.

      • Thank you donation to Romney for President, i also have donated and will have to go on a strict diet until my SS check comes in next month.

      • The problem is that he is probably just another puppet to the same group of power elite that has been running the world for decades. The FED is at the root of the problems we face. I say at the root but not the total problem. However; since 1988 we taxpayers have paid them over eight
        trillion dollars in interest on something they created out of thin air. The
        national debt has increased 5000 times since the inception of the Federal
        Reserve act in 1913. There are 10 banks that own this corporation. They are: Rothschild
        Bank of London, Warburg Bank of Hamburg, Rothschild Bank of Berlin, Lehman
        Brothers of New York, Lazard Brothers of Paris, Kuhn Loeb Bank of New York,
        Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy, Goldman Sachs of New York, Warburg Bank of
        Amsterdam, Chase Manhattan Bank of New York.

    • Hey, now there’s an opportunity to mess with the TSA kleptocrats’ minds (and other parts). You know those exploding dye canisters that banks put into bundles of currency to mark bank robbers? Do something similar with other theft targets. Watch the thieves “sicking out” or coming to “work” colored purple or Day-Glo orange…

  6. I would rather walk than to give these SOB’s the satisfaction of feeling me up.
    I use to take my mother-in-law to our local airport, when she would fly back home, (she is almost 90 and walks with cane). This is a small town airport, however, the bored TSA agents think they are looking to capture John Dillinger and go overboard in doing their jobs, from searching every article of clothing in her luggage to having her to remove her shoes, then they “wand” her while she is standing next to a metal pole (the wand goes between her and the metal pole) and it goes off, (go figure). These people have to work for the government because they are too stupid to work in the private sector.
    God, I wish we could roll the calender back about 50 years and do things like we use to.
    All of this PC crap and new laws & regulations are just about TOO MUCH to handle.

  7. Your tax dollars hard at work, folks. TSA was the brainchild of a Republican RINO POTUS with a penchant for government largesse, and now the current detestable, far-leftist administration with Janet Napolitano at the helm (including a few of her lesbo cronies at DHS) are running amok of our Constitutional liberties with impunity. The left will pay dearly in electoral dividends favoring righteous conservatives come November!

    • I hope there will be a change but I doubt it. I think the new guy will be just another puppet of the power elite. If he isn’t he won’t be elected. Go to You Tube and search for the HBO Emmy nominated video entitled “HACKER” and learn who controls the vote.

  8. The fourth amendment was written at a time when Americans had the guts and the desire to be free men. Sometimes I worry that maybe America and Americans have lost the fire in their belly and are totally lacking in courage. I also wonder if the American people are so stupid that they are willing to give up their freedoms without a fight do they really deserve the freedoms of all? The TSA is one of the worst offenders of individuals rights not to mention that they are sexual predators and some cases pedophiles. Then you got the ones who want to check grandmas diaper these are sick people. When is the last time you saw an 80-year-old terrorist in a wheelchair blowing something up or committing acts of terror

    • I am afraid your fears are justified. The majority of Americans have become apathetic about freedom and are totally lacking in integrity and sacred honor. Our education system has been dumbed down to the lowest common denominator and they still fail. A college degree not is not worth the paper it’s printed on. More than 50% of our society believes it is their right to be taken care of and should not have to work. However, there is going to be an awakening very soon when this downward spiral hits bottom. What’s ironic is this 50% will be voting for Obama, the very one that will assure our downfall.

    • Have tickets for tomarrow and had to move heaven and earth to get them! What pain in the arse. The Libtards are doing everything they can to keep location, even listing time for shows secret. What a dirty bunch of scrungy scoundrels!

  9. Whoa there, slick! You don’t have to fly. I’m not defending TSA by any means, but when you fly you are consenting to the search. That asinine, wasteful search is why I don’t fly if there is a viable alternative.

  10. Notice they shut down the X-Ray when the lines get too long. How about we all opt out of the X-Ray and force them to do the pat-down. Even if only a few of us did that, the lines would grind to a halt, and airlines would raise hell with TSA

  11. There is no reason why IF TSA wants to check you out, it can’t be done when you purchase your tickets. All the information they need is available once you identify yourself. The Gubment has Super Computers that can tell if you drink too much Tequila or over use shampoo. Your past is an open book if you use credit or debit cards. If you pay cash for tickets I’d like them to talk to you not strip you. Personally, I won’t fly ’til this stops.

  12. Is it me or have the educational institutions discontinued the thorough teaching of the U.S. Constitution and amendments and rights and responsibilities of the American citizenry in American history. OH I forgot Obozo Ben Laden and his criminal administration has let the extreme liberal board of education run a muck and destroyed the educational system through their greed based communist UNIONs. Unions are responsible for the demise of the business infrastructure for the past 6 decades. All unions started out with a just representation and then the greed based organized crime elements and member greed sent prices up due to wage increase demands and threats of violence or walkouts to disrupt manufacturing, Unionism spread throughout the country and government like a cancer destroying everything and everyone that got in their way. I blame the Unions for the economics and growth of this countries catastrophic political condition. Unions have created more 1%rs than any other organization or political purchaser (special interest group, etc..)or shadow government member.

  13. While working at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) when TSA was first formed the “leaders” said they were going to be the biggest law enforcement agency in America. I asked why were they needed, we already had security at the airports (airport security and local law enforcement). Answer: They aren’t trained. My response “Train them, we don’t need you!” That’s still true. TSA is another one of the biggest mistakes the know in alls in Washington have come up with.

  14. I love to say “I told you so.” I’ve been saying it for years – boycott the airlines, and they will listen and apply pressure in our behalf. But recently I’ve decided that there’s a way to leverage a boycott and use the ridiculous “security” regulations as tools of liberty, and that is to practice iter interruptus or interrupted travel. Instead of outright refusing to travel, a large number of travelers need to buy their tickets (possibly with a little help from their friends), check their luggage in early, start boarding at the last minute…and then refuse to travel. At that point, their luggage has to be removed from the airliner’s luggage compartment before the flight can proceed. A single traveler can thus delay an airliner at the gate for up to an hour, costing the airline huge airport use fees and making the flight run late. It takes only one traveler per flight to accomplish this. A small number of dedicated flight freedom fighters can, without breaking the law or even raising their voices, cause a huge disruption in airline service.

  15. I don’t really get too upset with the TSA line personnel. Most are young or just in need of a job to support their families. The system is what sucks! Inspect grandma but let a Muslim male walk through untouched. It’s all about the political correctness. My God, if you say “profile” you will die and go to hell! I was a cop for 20 years, when we looked for a rapist, it was always a man. I guess I broke the law, I was profiling. It’s common sense. Our system is simple, make everybody suffer so somebody doesn’t feel like a victim. Everybody is a victim!

  16. NO wonder they didn’t give me a job. I wouldn’t do anything perverted to the passengers and would scrutinize the Muslimes because theya re the problem.

  17. As a soldier, I wonder what exactly am I defending? They say I am defending freedom. By what definition I ask? How long till I am ordered to be an oppressor? How long till I am ordered to round up my fellow countrymen because some politician decides to declare a ‘national emergency’? “I serve the American People” the Soldier’s Creed states. Is that true anymore?

    • I am hoping that you, and your brothers, will not blindly follow orders and come to the revolutions side. Remember, if you are shooting fellow Americans, another soldier will be shooting your Mother and family.

    • You have taken an oath to defend the Constitution and any orders that you are given that are “unConstitutional” should not be followed.
      Go to and join this group of your fellow Patriots and stand up for the Republic and The Constitution and Bill of Rights, not “dear leader” and his Marxist minions.
      God bless our troops and you for your service to our country, time to bring our proud warriors home and defend this country from those traitors and tyrannical usurpers in our own government.

  18. Heaven help you if you have jet-lagged, because then you would be grumpy AND tired! Whoever thought you would get jet-lag on a plane!!!

  19. You know when I’m walking down a street or driving a car or in my house then I certainly would object to the police using illegal tactics. And if at the airport I see them getting too close to children or not searching the Muslim because they want to be politically correct then I would also object. BUT, when it comes to keeping bombs and guns off planes I have no problem being searched or getting X-Ray’ed or questioned and I know that most reasonable people do not because we have seen the planes fly into buildings and we have seen the terrorist light his shoes or underwear. We want to be safe in that aircraft. We don’t want to be victims at 35,000 feet. So we put up with reasonable precautions but YES We do expect TSA to be reasonable. They are a necessary evil but even more reason to hire more intelligent and tactful individuals. The problem is that TSA is hiring Morons in many cases and this has to stop. Offer “Good” wages and train them well. Put them on notice that abuse will get THEM Arrested and we will have a much better flying experience.

  20. This writer better check his numbers on how many have been searched, it is closer to 725,00 A DAY! it has been I would guess easy over a BILLION passengers screened

  21. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (,
    a total of 631,939,829 passengers boarded domestic flights in the
    United States in the year 2010. This averages to 1.73 million
    passengers flying per day.

    This statistic counts individuals
    every single time that they board a plane as a different passenger. I
    have not found out how to obtain this information at a level for number
    of distinct people that travel in the United States per year.

  22. I WAS going to say this fool looks like a future welfare case but I think he’s already there. Gotta love that Obama change thingy.

  23. I agree completely with the premise of this article. The TSA is yet another unconstitutional organization that feels empowered to dispense with the rule of law, and attempt to exert authority over the rest of us. They believe it is within their purview to extend their totalitarianism beyond the airport, onto the nation’s highways. The most disturbing facet (at least to me) is that this confiscation of our liberty is not limited to the obama-left, but seems to have support from many republicans. For example: how did NDAA pass? … how many of our rights were sacrificed for the ‘patriot act’? …. Those, of any party, who seek to put our freedoms under the auspices of the federal government, need to be removed and replaced with prejudice! ….

    If it weren’t for his cluelessness in regard to islam, i would say that Ron Paul would be our best chance to reestablish what our founding fathers had in mind! ….. Until the time that everybody wakes up, we need to support ANYONE who is NOT OBAMA – even if that means dealing with the lesser of two evils (romney)

  24. Maybe I’m lucky, but I’ve flown out of 7 airports the last few years and never have been mistreated by a TSA agent.

  25. …Have you ever noticed when TSA finds something valuble and portable in the check in
    …luggage,it does not make it to your final destination…since you can not put a lock on it …
    …….Anymore…Just saying…ATL…etc…….OK it does not happen every time,but when it
    …….Happens to YOU…then you can relate better…….etc…

  26. You, a diaper bag? Really? You lose points on your man-card for that one. (Before you overly sensitive PC types get your panties in a wad, that was an example of humor).

    Seriously, I am with you on that no fly day. I haven’t flown since 1999 (haven’t needed to), so my participation won’t mean much, but it’s the thought that counts, right? I have little tolerance for the overbearing, self-important, proto-dictators with delusions of godhood that are in the TSA Gestapo, so I probably would have reacted like the “don’t touch my junk” guy. I’ve gotten in a bit of trouble in the past standing up to idiots in authority (nothing serious though). I don’t suffer fools gladly.

    Even though I voted for Bush (twice), I cringed when he did this and Homeland Security (and a few other things). We DID NOT need either. They are just more bloated bureaucracies that are money pits and will do anything to justify their existence.

    If I do need to fly, I think I’ll drive to Canada and fly from there, unless they’ve implemented the same thing.

  27. Okay for those of you overly simple minded individuals out there; the TSA doesn’t need a warrent to search your bag (s) because you give them that right the very second you walk into the security ckeckpoint at the airport! That’s right you simpletons; when you walk into that checkpoint; that very action on your part, you surrneder your rights under the U S Constitution against unreasonable search and seizure. So the TSA dorsn’t need a warrent to search your bag. The way they see it; either you submitt to screaning with everything that entails or you don’t go flying, and they don’t care in either case. You do not have a constitutional right to travel by air; you either put up with the security however mindless it seems, or you can walk. Instead of acting like a bunch of crybabies and/or woosies; grow a pair, and just deal with it.

  28. Really..? This is where you start to lose me. These Agents are simply people who have a very serious job to perform. They are under paid, and it is a thankless job. It’s amazing to read the comments below. These Agents do not want to touch you and feel you up. It is the administration you should be finding fault with, not the Agents.

  29. No fly day, huh? How would that work? If you got 100% participation in-principle, the
    TSA gropers would have an easy day. But that’d never happen, because airlines would respond by cutting fares such that “principled” people would follow their wallets and fly that day.

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