MSNBC Sticks Foot in Mouth (Again) About Biracial Cheerio’s Ad

In 2013, Cheerio’s ran an ad for their cereal featuring a biracial family. When the commercial was posted to YouTube, it got flamed almost immediately by an assortment of gollums and trolls—who apparently have nothing at all to do but post inflammatory comments on websites. We have a few of those on this site actually.

Anyway, a few thousand stupid comments later, Cheerio’s closed the comment section entirely. They received a generally favorable response to the ad from people who actually eat Cheerio’s. This is further proof that trolls, though they produce 99.99999% of internet commentary, make up approximately 0.000000000001% of humanity. At least I hope this is the case. Or we are all ineluctably doomed.

So, following the general success of the 2013 ad, Cheerio’s is airing a similar biracial ad this year. In fact, the original biracial ad probably did very well for them because it was made famous and relevant by racists. If Cheerio’s has any marketing acumen, they should hire some racists to make comments on this ad as well. But all of that is beside the point. Enter MSNBC.

Some genius over at MSNBC decided to tweet the following:

Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.

Nice try MSNBC. Wasn’t it just a few minutes ago that one of your own hosts was apologizing for mocking Romney’s adopted black grandson? Yeah. That’s an actual mixed race family, in case you didn’t realize.

And nice try lumping in all right wingers with the small sub-category of racists that sometimes self-label as “right wing.” Let me give you a logic lesson. Even if all A belong to the category B, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all B are A. Example: All lions are felines. Does that mean all felines are lions? Of course not. What you committed is a version of the fallacy of the undistributed middle. In your case it looks like this:

  1. All racists are right wing.
  2. Right wingers must all be racist.
  3. All racists hated the first biracial Cheerio’s commercial.
  4. Therefore, right wingers will all hate the upcoming biracial Cheerio’s commercial.

Logic. You should try it some time.

So… Anyway, MSNBC deleted the tweet very soon after and posted a few different apologies:

Earlier, this account tweeted an offensive line about the new Cheerios ad. We deeply regret it, It does not reflect the position of msnbc.

And then:

We are deleting the earlier offensive tweet. It does not reflect msnbc’s position and we apologize.

If your official twitter account is not expressing your official opinion, what exactly can we rely on to get that official opinion? We shouldn’t even rely on the subsequent tweets apparently. Maybe they don’t reflect the official opinion either.

MSNBC is a joke. Pretty much all “news” agencies are a joke. They are not actually engaging in meaningful dialogue or presenting reasonable positions. This is click-bait and confirmation bias fodder. And speaking of fodder, MSNBC really likes the taste of its foot.

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  1. I agree with you Michael that MSNBC is a extreme left liberal bias news outlet. They do try and do get away with awful things that if a right wing tried they’d be crucified. However, it is slightly possible that some MSNBC employees believe all right wings are racist, but not the majority or all of the MSNMBC employees may fell that way. I do not trust them, but we can not say, “their apologize is not genuine or somehow ill willed.” Otherwise we become as bad as the left wing nut jobs.

    I think 30 plus years ago when orphanages completed an adoption they would not let interracial adoption happen. I do not think it was for racist reason they would not allow interracial adoption, but they felt the child would fell they belong to one family more than another…. Right or wrong on this policy, it was not implemented for bad/racist reason, but to do what they thought best for the child. Since most orphanages are run by religious groups, and most religious groups are viewed as right winged. Well, maybe someone just assumed the wrong thing…. Just a thought.

    • I cannot agree with you, this started shortly after Obama was President when MSNBC edited video of a man with a gun at an open carry rally in the same city that Obama was in. MSNBC went out of the way to make sure we knew this was a “White” man in the video even though all you ever saw was the rifle and the guys shirt. Not one time did you see his neck, his face, his arms or hands. They then went on to make the claim that this “White” man was somehow racist

      However, the unedited video clip surfaced. Turns out that this “White, Racist” Man was actually a Black Conservative Gun Owner. The incident I wrote about was the first in many incidents where MSNBC has tried to paint the right as racist. This Tweet was only the most recent.

      Had this been an isolated incident I may be able to agree with you but there is a consistent pattern to this race baiting and it will not stop, Of this I am fairly certain. It is time to stand up to these organizations as they will only serve to further divide the country (this is their plan) and I hold no room for overlooking this sort of thing from those that wish to destroy this country and are willing to lie, cheat and steal to accomplish that feat.

    • It is a Commentary TV network championed with hate filled rhetoric and jargon unbefitting of what they call news…Yes…Rachael Maddow is a “Cheerleader” for the Democratic party in support of Obama and his WH CommieCRats!

  2. “We are deleting the earlier offensive tweet. It does not reflect msnbc’s position and we apologize.”
    This is MSNBC’s Twitter account, right? Well then who’s opinion does it represent? Do they let random people come post anything they want any time they want? Can I post something on their Twitter account some time? Do they not have some editorial board that goes over what they decide to post? If this post was so egregious, did anybody get fired over it? Are they brainless over at MSNBC? Wait a minute. I’m sorry. That was an incredibly stupid question.

    • Next it will be “somebody hacked into our tweeter account and posted a tweet that does not reflect our position so we have removed it”. It just COULDN’T be THEIR fault!!!!

    • Exactly…And CNN is the mouth peice for the left wing establishment in Washington DC…Yes…It too backs the Democratic party!

  3. MSKBG is loaded with Racists..Why would any company advertise of MSKBG..If I see them advertising I would boycott their products

    • No kidding!! A representative (R) from Kansas apparently held his own during an interview with Rachael Maddow. She tried demonizing him, diverting, changing the subject, the usual Liberal manipulative tactics. He keep her on topic and she became a little flustered.

        • My apologies. Poor wording on my part. I did watch it, I just could not remember his name. I believe the last name is Tuelskamp, (R) KS. I wanted my husband to watch it, only to find the link is now unavailable! The left thought she brilliant, the right thought he held his own. Personally I can’t stand MSNBC and am surprised I lasted through the interview clip.
          Try this link:

  4. I would bet many of those “right winger” were actually lefties who wanted to blame it on so-call right-wingers. they do that all the time, lies and hypocrisy are their mantra. they live for it.

  5. Maybe they should have claimed that their Twitter account was “hacked” like their Dem dude Weiner did after he made a dick of himself on Twitter.

  6. For the people who actually “watch” this BS,- get a life- however, why does this get repeated thru these different sites??? OVER & OVER- the only way to “stop” this nonsensical babble of — correct or incorrect words ( as determined by ????) strung together only makes me want to STOP ALL email subscriptions. This is dreck!

      • Which is a problem. If you only get your information from people who think the way you do, you tend to live inside an information bubble. We all need to see things from multiple points of view or our divided nation will be even more so.

        • Actually, I had my television service disconnected over a year ago, so I only get news I pull up on Yahoo finance, ABC and Fox news and various blogs. I really appreciate you analysis of what I should be watching, though.

  7. What you committed is a version of the fallacy of the undistributed middle.
    What you committed is a version of the fallacy of the undistributed middle
    What you committed is a version of the fallacy of the undistributed middle

  8. Not only than MSNBC, but I believe you are profiling. I thought MSNBC was against profiling. MSNBC News, garbage in, garbage out!

  9. I am wondering just who will see this on the air.. Do they actually still have viewers ?? MSNBC is just a total waste of time… Better to read a good book !

  10. We either stand for what we believe or we go along with the crowd. Sometimes it is hard to stand against the majority and it is obvious that most news stations do not have that kind of guts, or is it that the money that it will cost, is more important to them than what is right and standing up and being counted. Most people do know right from wrong and get the chance to choose which way they will go. The weak usually just give in. I choose to take the right way, as I see it, if I have to go alone.

  11. NEWS outlets are supposed to be objective and the News isn’t supposed to be filtered by democrat Hate Filled garbage THEN put out. It’s supposed to be the other way around. News FIRST then you comments, if you’re gonna make any. You are Humans and so there is no way to be “unbiased” , but at least try to be objective first of all. As journalists you should have learned tat in school. Call a thing what it IS, then say what YOU believe is SHOULD be. .

  12. Of course your analogy is equally flawed, as we have seen in recent decades: NOT all racists are right-wing. There are thousands of examples of left-wing and other racists. Jesse Jackson and his offspring. Rangel. Obama. Michelle Obama. Ayres…. need I go on?!

  13. This is MSNBC`s Perp-Rap Sheet. Say something cute or derogatory then apologize quickly. The apology means nothing because they are currently setting themselves up for the next excusable event. It`s child`s play but, necessary for them because they are not very relevant in the World News Theater. Only the mentally ill and the Lemmings oh yes, lets not forget the Lemmings, follow them blindly.

  14. That commercial has been out for at LEAST 8 MONTHS! Look it up on YOUTUBE! WHY are they bringing it up now?
    I am a Reagan Republican,Tea Party,9-12er & have a bi-racial family.That little girl looks just like my daughter-in-law.
    THEY are the racists who are continually dividing with race! They can only get away with this for so long,until the people wake up

  15. who cares about who you marry if it the opposite sex. you love someone for what they are inside and out…not because of race. stupid liberals cant give it up as they depend on being racist.

    • Michelle told the NY Times she had white blood. She claims her great, great grandmother was raped by an evil white plantation owner. No facts or evidence mind you, all hearsay.
      If Michelle’s grandmother was as huge as Michelle, who’s to say her grandmother may have raped the plantation owner.
      She sho don’t look white to me.

  16. I have a very racially mixed family, asian, black, spanish, and white so I am far from being a racist, but I do find it strange that with a demographic of about 17 % black, 13 % spanish a mix of asians, we see so many commericals with blacks, or mixed familys with blacks, but never with spanish or asians. You may say what you will, but only a fool would not see the great surge to put blacks to th forefront in advertising and TV programing although they are a still “minority” in the racial pool. Why not asians? Why not spanish? Could it be because someone figured the the president was about 1/4 black and they are trying to please him and gain his “favor” somehow. Make no judgements on this, just look at the facts and figures. It doesn’t make sense to do it this way unless you have some motive of trying to hard to force the acceptance of something. Our family has fought to hard to prove we all can get along “without” favortism, now we find it daily in the media and politics. Who would have guessed that they would be the very ones to destroy all we have tried to accomplish. Thanks liberals. you are killing all of us with you stupidity.

  17. I am a right winger and I thought the first bi-racial Cheerios commercial was great, especially when he awoke and called his wife to assist in removing all of the Cheerios from his chest. Great ad.

  18. For all you ‘God fearing’, religious fanatics, bi-racial marriage is wrong. That is why God created different races, and intended for them to be kept separate. I personally don’t care what two consenting adults do, but consider the kids. Whites won’t accept them because they are Black, and Blacks won’t accept them because they are part White. I know that I will catch flack over this, but it is what I personally believe… Once upon a time, American Indians would not allow marriage outside of their tribe. Don’t expect me to reply to your disgruntled selves… Thank you very much…

    • You start out your post, “for all you ‘God fearing’, religious fanatics,”…
      Mocking us, huh?
      Who cares what you think after that?

      • Abe Lincoln said the nearly the same thing that Texas Deputy just wrote. Read my post above regarding a quote from Abe Lincoln.

    • Abe Lincoln agrees with you.

      Excerpt from Abe Lincoln’s speech in Charleston,
      Ill, in 1858. “I will say, then, that I am
      not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in anyway
      the social and political equality of the white and black races—that I
      am not, nor ever have been, in favor of making voters or jurors of
      Negroes, nor of qualifying them to hold office, nor to intermarry
      with white people; and I will say in addition to this, that there
      is a physical difference between the white and black races which
      I believe will forever forbid the two races living together on
      terms of social and political equality. And in as much as they
      cannot so live, while they do remain together there must be the
      position of superior and inferior, and I, as much as any other
      man, am in favor of having the superior position assigned to the
      white race.”

  19. I think the writer was singling out our resident scumbag liberal homo TROLL, Blobbie?

    Listening to MSNBC for news and politics is like listening to FARTS to learn about COOKING!!

    Of course our lonely little homo TROLL, Blobbie is an NBC SARK!
    Do you know what that is?
    Someone who farts in the tub and BITES THE BUBBLES!!!

  20. If people have nothing better to do than critique and criticize a commercial for cereal, I have seriously lost any hope for humanity. The world is swirling it’s way down a toilet and it’s almost at the bottom. I didn’t even realize it had a biracial family. Why? Because my priorities are focused on my family. Not a TV commercial that in no way affects myself or my wife and son. Nor should it affect yours.

  21. I said it before,I’ll say it has been proven that white women who lay with Negros are trash.Kardashians for example.Guess I’m a racist, and have many, many reasons to be.

    • Name even one reason why you are so racist. And what do you mean “It has been proven”? When and by whom? BTW — This uber-conservative woman finds the Cheerios commercial absolutely adorable. One more thing: I have NEVER seen, even once, any racist activity in the Tea Party. That lie is a figment of the lying liberal left wing imagination (or wishful thinking on their part). Like the old saying: “tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it”. The Obama-mania-media has spent the last 6 years proving the adage.

      • Just one?..Good cause I don’t want to be typing all day..Affirmative action.Why , you ask?..I put 31 years in with the Federal Government., as an Aero Engineer.For promotion , we met an evaluation board comprised of other engineers and the dIVISIOPN CHIEF, AND HAD TO ANSWER JOB RELATED QUESTIONS..i SUPPOSE i WAS A GOOD EMPLOYEE, BECAUSE i TRAINED MANY PEOPLE UNDER ME.So, whem my promotion cycle came up, I was surprised to note that one of my trainees was to meet the board also…he was a negro, and guess who got the job>..Yes, he did, and I complained, but the Division Chief told me that he had no choice but to promote a man who could not come close to competing..he couldn’t do the math required.So, Connie, that’s one..United Negro College Fund..we have no White United College Fund..BET =Black Entertainment Television…sdo we have WET?..Nope.Negros comprise 16% of the population, and commit 74 % of the felonious crimes..Ok, enough.Have a great day, and praise your Saviour Obama.

    • Most decent white Christians agree with you. The Honorable Governor George Wallace said, ” If God didn’t want us segregated, he wouldn’t have made them black and us white. “

  22. Let’s face facts folks! By and large, the whole LSM community is afflicted with a chronic case of “Hoof & Mouth” disease and is nothing more than an extension of Jay Carney X 24/7/365. Poor old MSNBC just happens to be the very worst of the lot. The absolute bottom of the barrel. The good news is that viewership is dropping rapidly for all LSM outlets, which means people (other than Low Information Voters) are on to their game! Finally!

  23. You watch a TV show or, even in real life, a smart lawyer will say something inflammatory in the presence of the Jury and the Judge admonishes the Lawyer and asks it be disregarded by the Jury. Of course we all know a lot easier said than done. The Lawyer did his or her job and the Jury heard the words. Sure MSNBC appologised but, the words are out their and that is what they intended in the first place. Just wait this will happen again and again and again etc. etc.

  24. Hey, I am so “right wing” (conservative) that I cut off my left arm so I would never be tempted in the future. Right wing? I wear that proudly and consider it a compliment when I hear it.

  25. Okay, like where do I start? There is a big difference between taking a swipe at an individual who adopted a black child, and correctly pointing out that the rightwingnuts who lost their shit over the first Cheerios ad will not do so again. I mean, surely you’re not suggesting that progressive liberals were the ones tweeting racist comments?

  26. As a member of the “right wing” base I have got to say thumbs up for the commercial. The little girl was precocious and pertinent, maybe she will be president when she grows up.

  27. A very minor glitch in the progress of the solar system… so far humans have not made much difference ….. but they certainly take themselves very seriously 99guspuppet

  28. I could understand why General Mills used pictures of famous sports figures on boxes of Cheerios and advertising the “Breakfast of Champions”
    but I fail to see why a mere picture of a biracial family would cause people to run out and buy Cheerios! Does nothing for me!



  29. Personally, the majority of mixed race couples that I know (or know of) are politically Conservative. I don’t know whether that holds true statistically for the Whole Country or not. Pew just did a study on bi-racial marriage ( ) but it doesn’t delve into the political leanings of those in mixed race marriages very much. It does indicate that Liberals are generally more tolerant of the idea than Conservatives, but it also indicates that bi-racial couple tend to have higher incomes. If the old stereotype of “rich Republicans” is true, then those two statistics don’t line up with each other very well, do they? I’m pretty sick and tired of Liberal talking heads stereotyping all Republicans, Conservatives and devout Christians as being intolerant racist bigots. If these far left “so-called” journalists would take a look at the history of race relations in our Country, they would realize that the left has, far and away, a worse record of racism than the right. (But, that would require intellectual honesty and critical thinking, neither of which is within their capability.) Since the Civil War ended almost 150 years ago, the Democrat Party has been the author of many forms of repression against the Black race. Jim Crow Laws, poll tests and other means of voting rights violations and the KKK were all ideologically driven by Democrats. And even though they like to claim to be the Party of Civil Rights, it was southern Democrats who filibustered the Civil Rights Act in the Senate for 54 days. In fact it never could have passed without a large majority of the Republicans in Congress voting for it. Read more here ( ) It is also notable that LBJ, the iconic Liberal Democrat President who signed it, said to one of his aides in private “We’ll have these N!&&@r$ voting Democrat for the next hundred years.” It makes you wonder about his motivations in pushing the legislation through. Democrats have not changed much for the better since then. They do have many Blacks in Congress with a D in front of their name, and that’s fine with them as long as they toe the Party line and spread the word that the Democrats are the heroes of the Civil Rights movement and all Republicans are racist bigots. They are not quite so tolerant, however when a person of Color shows any signs of Conservatism or, God forbid, gets elected as a Republican. The smear campaigns against Justice Clarence Thomas and more recently against Herman Cain are glaring proof of their hypocrisy. If the Democrats really are the Party of Civil Rights then why does their voting base tolerate this kind of racist garbage from their leadership. Just something to think about.

  30. Two comments….First, when the first ad came out I did not even notice it was a biracial family until some liberals made a big deal out of it. I had to explain to my mother what the fuss was all about as she didn’t notice either. Second, I would say to msnbc that your apology is disingenuous and full of crap. You stated that the comment was not your position and I would ask “have you even watched your net work? ever?????” Cause it is exactly what you promote. Next time try something you actually mean like sorry we got caught being a racist bigoted station again, it would be more truthful!!!

  31. Who still watches that network? Must be Obama voters who are still drinking the Kool-Aid. They are just another propaganda wing of the DNC.


    But liberals must keep this dialogue going, or the truth will be revealed…
    Stunningly, no Sharpton, No Jackson weighing in….

    All racists are right wing.
    Right wingers must all be racist.
    All racists hated the first biracial Cheerio’s commercial.

  33. Really? how low will they go? now we have the first family doing commercials? I guess those two will pimp out their own for a few bucks huh? only honest money I know they have earned!!! (sarcasm)

      • And the reasons are simple. White people have been brought up (most of them anyway) to be accepting and non racists, while the black leadership, Jackson Sharpton and the like have made a living convincing their followers that they are victims of the White man. It won’t stop until these guys just rot away or the people who are currently listening to them smarten up.

        • There is no parenting in the black communities. Most of the black parents living in the ghetto blame their misery to their children on whitey.

  34. It can be reasoned that leftist/collectivists (ALL of them) give skin color higher consideration than any other factor. Does that not make them (ALL of them) the very people that they accuse US of being? Projection is their favorite activity.

    • I fail to understand the bitter hatred white commentators on MSNBC have for white Americans. They continue to apologize for being white. I’m white and damn proud of it.



        • If you want to read some racist hate. Read Michelle Obama’s thesis and other comments by her. She still maintains that test scores and SAT’s are discriminatory to blacks.
          That is so ridiculous its funny. How can reading, writing and arithmetic be discriminatory?


        • You’ve got some huge gonads to do that Sarge. God Bless you for that. I wish more people had your intestinal fortitude to tell it like it is.

  36. Liberals logic is always flawed – how’s that for reasoning?? Liberals seem to be the race baiters – every time!!! MSNBC steps in it every time they open their mouth!!

  37. No body watches MSNBC except the Obamas, radical left wing socialists, gays and blacks on their stolen big screen TV.

  38. The irony about this is that this is the SECOND commercial with this family in a Cheerio’s ad. The first one featured the little girl asking her mom about the heart benefits of the cereal. Then you see the dad waking up from a nap on the couch with Cheerio’s all over his chest. MMSNBC needs to pay better attention.

  39. Ant-racism was from its beginning a Jew tactic to cripple White Christendom’s self-preservation instincts and quality control mechanisms. That so many so-called conservatives trumpet the supposed virtues of racial integration and egalitarianism helps to explain why modern conservatism conserves so very little.

    The Negress child in the Cheerios ad is neither cute nor charming; rather, she is the extinction of an entire line that traced back thousands of years without corruption to Adam, whom God created after His own image. To propagate a corrupted race is truly more odious than even homosexual behavior, from which one may repent.

  40. Anyone who believes that this is done accidentally is a dupe. This is how PMSNBC gets its nasty messages out. Everything is a big oops. And then the “issues an apology” makes it all better. Know what? F**k you MSNBC. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to use the “f” word.

  41. Until I read an article about the “controversy” of the first Cheerios commercial (oh horrors – a bi-racial family) I never even noticed the race of the “family”. It wasn’t until I heard all the hoopla that I actually noticed the racial make-up of the family in the ad.

    Projection (the official psychiatric definition) is the common tool of leftists. The Bible is so correct on this – what comes out of the mouth is a reflection of what’s in the heart (paraphrased)

  42. MSNBC executives sit around and wonder why their ratings are lower than Oprah’s imploding cable network. Unbelievable. Perhaps they are upset because Barack HUSSEIN Obama, who is bi-racial and NOT Black, should have been in the commerciall!

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