Michelle Obama Still Thinks Women Are Stupid

Is it 2016 yet? I don’t like Barack Obama’s policies. But Obama himself does actually seem like, in his honest moments, he might be interesting to talk to. Yes, he’s destroying the country. But he seems like an OK dude otherwise, for what it’s worth. His wife Michelle, on the other hand, really drives me crazy. On a personal level. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a first lady who so consistently insults the intelligence of all women, regularly condescending to them with such patronizing, saccharine sympathies, it makes my stomach turn and my teeth hurt. Well, Michelle Obama is at it again.

Before coming to the White House, I struggled, as a working parent with a traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy, and I didn’t get it right. I thought to myself, if a Princeton and Harvard-educated professional woman doesn’t know how to adequately feed her kids, then what are other parents going through who don’t have access to the information I have?

Aaaaaaaaahhhhh! That is so infuriating. For one, Harvard and Princeton don’t teach hardly anything at all apparently. Certainly not anything practical. They’re places for making “gonnegtions” and little else. I wish I could go the rest of my life without some idiot pretending he’s well-educated just because he went to school for a long time. As Mark Twain said, “Never let your schooling get in the way of your education.” That quote hangs over Ivy League Schools like a black storm cloud over a Gay Pride parade.

Second, dietary wisdom changes every fifteen minutes. Fat’s bad for you. Fat’s good for you. High-carb, no-carb, low-carb. Eat raw. Never eat raw. Soy milk is good for you. Soy milk emasculates boys. GMOs will end world hunger. GMOs will end the world. Who can say for sure what’s right or wrong about healthy food? Aside from Michelle Obama, that is.

Everyone has access to this information, Michelle. Freakin’ everyone. Maybe Princeton and Harvard taught you something about a thing called the internet? Even if they didn’t, Al Gore probably told you how it worked, since he invented it and all.

So everyone has access to all the same conflicting information about how to “feed kids healthy” (whatever that means … must be Ivy League grammar). And to assume that your information is best just because it’s yours is naïve arrogance. I would say that the vast majority of “simple-minded” American housewives are doing just fine figuring out what to feed their kids. In fact, the majority of people who aren’t doing fine are the ones on government assistance—waiting on Michelle Obama to sign off on their next obesity-inducing SNAP benefit and drop another pearl of patronizing sympathy on their “impossible plight.” Except, the majority of American home-makers aren’t stupid. Just because they aren’t “professionals,” doesn’t mean they are morons. Perhaps Michelle Obama should stop projecting her own experience on all other women. Yes, all women.

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        • Let me ask you to see what God thinks about the races, and you will be amazed, I sure was! Genesis 9:20-27 KJV Gods a racist, and he separated those races and he chose one race above all others for Himself, and they are his chosen people! So, what is the problem w.KNOWING the differance in the races! SEE the verse!

    • No surprise there. They’re both are leaches. Taking our tax dollars without really giving back. everything they’ve done was to help themselves.

        • I think you spent so much time analyzing Joe’s writing style/skill that you completely missed the message he was trying to convey.

          • How much time? How much time, seriously? 5 seconds to read and 5 more seconds read it again? I don’t generally give people crap about writing ~ but he’s trash talking within the foul lines of EDUCATION. Something I failed miserably at. Still, “Joe” chooses to ignore all the red lines under his words ~ he’s lazy ~ screw him.

    • Yup, and it was paid for by the so called stupid women of this nation, and you and I.
      If Moochele wants to see stupid, she should look in the mirror some time.
      Just my 2 cents worth.

    • I know but I believe that any fund that helped her should be refunded because she is totally stupid and on top of that she is not even ashamed of putting it out their. Also ask BO how many states there are? They definitely are an educated pair!

    • Very True, in fact her and her gay husband did NOT get the education -they were GIVEN Fake Documents – that’s the largest reason BOTH had to turn in their Law Licenses – OR Face many Criminal Charges! Both had terrorist Professor Bill Ayres as their best buddy! MOST edu-crats are clueless Propagandist, Marxist, Communist (except for how much THEY make)

  1. Hm. An EEOC Princeton and Harvard *STATISTIC*, not graduate. I’m willing to be that all of her scores were “adjusted” in order to make sure that the “two-fer” (black and female) would graduate — making the schools look nice and diverse.

    Small wonder she was too stupid to know how to provide quality food for her chilluns.

  2. For a woman of her supposed intelligence, to make such a stupid remark ‘I have never been proud of my country until now’, and then go on making them. She is the one who is STUPID. Glad I’m a smart housewife.

    • actually when I look at her shoulders I m not sure she is a woman….she looks more like a man then obama does

      • I would be ashamed to have the whole world know how stupid I was. I guess it is normal for Obama, Clintons, and the democrats.

        • When you are that stupid, you don’t realize that everyone knows how stupid you are. They are oblivious because they have always been told how brilliant they are by the suck ups and their handlers. They don’t have a clue.

      • She also has manly looks every where on her.. Her thighs looks like football players thighs, her hands look like a man’s hand.. and her feet are very large…Her upper arms looks just like a man’s.. So l do have to wonder about it. She is a great liar also.. makes me sick to listen to her talk..

        • DustyFae, just back up a step and dont take her shenanigans quite as seriously. After all, its his/her narcissistic behavior and not yours.
          I wonder more recently, if (s)he and the alias are legally married, since legal proof of status is required in order to obtain a marriage license in many states. On the other hand, the irreverend Wright allegedly married them, which could account for additional anomalies.

  3. Mirror mirror on the wall , Who’s the stupidest one of all?????? Why you are Michelle……………..end of story.

      • She is educated or at least she has a paper that says she is. However, I haven’t had the privilege of going to Harvard but I am bright enough to educate myself in good eating habits for me and my family. I also look for the best in others but I just haven’t figured out what her best is yet.

        • How do you know she has a paper that says she is educated. Maybe her records are sealed like her parasite mate that is the same sex as she pretend to be.

        • She can keep the people who make BIG panties in business, I guess. That’s about all I can say about the best in her. Those with gigantic butts should not throw potatoes.

        • She is a typical democrat, Good for trying to tell everyone how to live, eat and die but will not follow their own guidance. It is all about them and nothing else matters. I said it before and I will say it again. I place democrats in the same boat as I do a snake. The only good snake is a dead snake.

        • Let me tell you: ONLY a fool would be educated out of the FACT that Jesus Christ Is God in the flesh and that He died, was buried and rose again the 3rd day! You have to get educated to get that stupid to deny what I just wrote! To “HELL” w/education if it changes my mind on the “TRUTH” 1 Peter 3:18 KJV!!! NO amount of education can change that!

          • why do you think , hi is paying 4 mill to the Lawyer, to keep it hidden , because hi was not there half the time, and she is a cow, an horrendous looking one on top of it, lets just get at the congress and put fire under there ASSES I have called Boehner and ask him if he has balls, I told him OB will call him a Racist if hi dos or doesn’t, I told him something has to be don , ore in 2 1/2 years there is everything lost

          • I didn’t get what I wrote from The Donald and have no idea what he said on this subject. Though maybe you get your input from HuffPo.

          • Yes I did get to read some of it. Had to go over it a few times to figure out what she was saying. I thought at the time that my daughter wrote better papers when she was in 8th grade.

      • People with knowledge and wisdom have no need to outshine others, and so they do their utmost to tastefully fill in the gaps wherever they may be without being noticed or calling attention. However, “educated” folks like Moochelle have to constantly flaunt their superiority over everyone.

        • I totally agree, except I am sure you meant to refer to their IMAGINARY superiority, similar to her husband’s imaginary ability to run a country.

          • Yes, of course, Henry L; I meant it in a sarcastic way….. as you supposed 🙂 I woke up this morning feeling buried and immediately remembered all that is happening to us, and nobody is doing anything to stop him and them. Revoking the Redskins patent — if THAT can just simply be done bec “o said so,” and not one Congressman says or does anything to stop him, then there is no hope for us as a nation. WOE for my grands; poor babies.

  4. Absolutely not a fan of her or him, but consider some Republicans don’t think that women are smart enough to control their own reproductive choices. Some Republican men delight in all kinds of restrictions/eliminations of choices that only affect women. What is that about?

    • … because apparently some women aren’t selfless enough to not kill their own children.
      Right to LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
      An innocent person’s life comes before another person’s pursuit of their own happiness.
      When one person is made a murder victim to make another person happy, the gov’t must step in. One of the rarest of true purposes of gov’t, to protect against being victimized by another.

      • Bob, you saying “most” without a shred of evidence to back up your statement is the same thing as me saying
        “most” of Moochelle’s supporters have brains. Or maybe “have no brains”? Either way, there’s no proof!

      • It seems like you are the only person on here that believes in the “magic sperm” theory. You practice it every night down at your bathhouse.

    • Apparently, there are many women that believe in the freedom to create until they realize they are just little girls(not women) that don’t deserve the freedom. Each “right” comes with a “responsibility”. If you “assert” your right, then you “assume” the

  5. She thinks women are stupid, all except her of course. All women I know can take care of themselves and their kids. Certainly don’t need to hear from her.

  6. The only reason Michelle even had a job in Chicago is because Valerie Jarrett helped her get it! Thank God both she and Obama lost their law licenses. We have enough crooked lawyers on the government payroll in the Congress!

    • Did not slow them down, now did it. Clinton lost his license and Hillary could only get one in Arkansas. So much for Ivy
      League Law.

  7. The “Progressive” Elite truly think that they are the only intelligent people and everyone else are nothing but dumb animals who need to be led around and cared for by Government from cradle to grave.


        • It sounds like I hit a nerve witht he emotional poorly constructed all in CAPS reply that you made. Let me correct a few things for you about your post: (there should be their), no should be (know), the should be (They), the ( , )goes after all not (At), And you call me an idiot ! Thanks for one big laugh from your post !

          • o I`m so glad I made your day, why don’t you teach me how to rite in English , I teach you how to rite German , Du Dummer Esel

  8. “Feed Kids Healthy”?????? If this is the best Harvard and Princeton can do with a blank slate, my grandson is going to Cambridge, UK.

  9. The reason Michelle Obama thinks that women are stupid is because 1) she is a very stupid woman; and 2) most conservative women can think far more clearly than her – unless she is trying to talk to a ten year old, and even then, she’d have her hands full! Plus, on a final note, considering that she seldom, if ever, gets roped into a conversation with a conservative, she might have a point, because those she does talk to are mostly in agreement with her, and, of course, that is stupid.

  10. Does anyone know why Obama and Michelle were disbarred from the practice of law in Illinois?

    Of course, Obama had all of the records sealed.

    • They both surrendered their licences. She was under investigation for extortion in the Daly administration in Chicago and he was challenged for fraud on his application

      • Thank you for the information. I am guessing, that he did not list the other names he had used nor the different social security numbers.

        We elected him president? Why didn’t the media report on these items. This would have been important information

        • John:
          I was able to view the Illinois State Bar records before they disappeared. He had identification issues which I presume were due to names, birth, etc.

        • The presstitutes were, and still are, completely invested in perpetuating these frauds. They threw themselves under Bathhouse Barry’s bus during the 2008 campaign and have not backed off one iota.

  11. As a Woman, I think I can speak for a large majority of American Woman….we think Michelle stinks as a First Lady! She’s hates America…she said so herself. Women are very smart and we don’t forget what other Women say, and we think she’s the Stupid One! She makes people hate her! If she would act like a Lady, as all the other First Ladies did…instead of embarrass all of us, she might get some respect. But, as of now..she deserves “O” respect from all we Women in the US!

        • You are how you act and having experienced working in a job that catered to many people, including women of color who live in what is erroneously referred to as “The Ghetto”, Michele Obama is no better and just as self-centered, obnoxious, and pretentious as these women. In other words, she either is or purposefully acts like “ghetto trash.”

          • You just want to put her down. The reason is in your heart not mine. She does not deserve your charge of Ghetto trash at all. I believe there is more going on when you use this insult but I am sure you would not admit it !!!

          • “The Bell Curve” was an interesting book. You should have someone read it to you sometime.

          • She’s arrogant and officious and, worst of all, Michele Obama is a racist. Her irresponsible remark after her spouse was elected is proof of that last. She does not represent her entire country, as all other of her predecessors, including HRC have done, but only a small part of it. Her actions reflect this as well. Whether it is done intentionally or not is the question.

  12. She’s right. How could any country elect these stooges? How bright can any of us be? They shouldn’t have been considered for garbage collectors.

  13. I think they both failed because they are not as smart as they try to put on. They just couldn’t make it in the Law World! Maybe they were caught smoking pot on campus?

  14. What wonderful credentials-Harvard AND Yale!…no mention of Princeton?……the professor who had to read her Thesis from Princeton said ‘it was a tome, made no sense and had so many grammatical and spelling errors it could be the work of a 5th grader. (It was on the internet but removed shortly after the 2008 campaign). She also claimed white girls made her uncomfortable and her college years were not that great; also that she was going to
    dedicated her life to blacks.

      • Her IQ is one digit larger than her shoe size. She & O both lost their law licenses while still in Chicago.
        Most blacks want ‘immediate gratification’ – no menial jobs for them – and welfare is their pie in the sky.

    • I wonder if anyone has a copy of her Thesis on the internet? Usually when something is “pulled” it has been copied all over the place. It should be re-posted.

      • I found this:

        Thesis – Part 1 (pdf) – Politics, Political News – POLITICO.comwww.politico.com/pdf/080222_MOPrincetonThesis_1-251.pdf

      • I don’t know if a student’s thesis would be available for public viewing – it was very early in the campaign when they pulled it – and it certainly wasn’t the entire thing – methinks some clever Republican (there were some in 2008) chanced upon it and thought he would have some fun with it.
        Every now and then I’ve searched but have yet to to find it. The thesis was from Princeton!!! Yet she mentions Harvard/Yale as her Alma Maters – I need to check
        out this twit.

  15. How in the hell can a person see what Ocrapa is doing to the country and then say he’s an okay guy..He is a piece of shit period..

    • Jerimiah, it’s because liberals are ignorant and don’t care, even (D) Senator Schumer said that the three branches of government are the House, Senate, and the Presidency which really are: the Judicial, Legislative , and the executive.

  16. I think what Michelle meant by this was, if you women don’t have the elitist education I have, how in the world could you possibly know how to adequately feed you children? Her elitist
    education taught her how to manipulate and use others peoples money to take
    numerous extravagant vacations. I guess we are missing out on that as well.

  17. If I was the First Lady and I was surrounded by the likes of Killary, Pelosi, Feinstein, Jarrett, Lerner, Killary, Wasserman-Schulz, Boxer, Stabenow, and Warren, I’d be thinkin’ the same thing –

    WOMEN Sure Are Stupid!!!

    Of course, we MUST include all the brain-dead vaginas out there that voted for her husband too – T W I C E!!

  18. She might have been looking in the mirror and had an honest moment and saw stupid staring back. The fact that she flaps those crushing mandibles in public to punish us with her pearls of wisdom proves these ivory tower nitwits have no idea of the public perception of their monumental failures. November….oooh, that’s gonna leave a mark.

    • I really think she is female. Liberal women, however, tend to be the stronger or more masculine in their home environment. Thus they tend to take on the aspect of males rather than females.

  19. Michelle Obama is a snob. She hates White’s and America. She is embarrassed the way Black people are built and is driving us crazy with her diet’s in an attempt to reduce the size of the Black booty. Most races differ in make up, she is so obvious, a Black Angry Woman. Sad. We gave her so much and she resents it.

  20. Michelle is a moron. Any parent knows you have to balance healthy food and good taste. Many kids are refusing to eat the garbage she insists the school feed them. That leads to waste and hungry kids.

  21. very true johnstephano,..she probably wouldn t even have been accepted at those schools without affirmative action. By the way what where her grades and how come they are kept from the public like obama s?

      • YOU are a racist, ignorant (talking out your ass without FACTS) and most likely a CRIMINAL. Background checks ARE already done on all LEGAL transactions. YOU buy “off the street: like a Criminal. LOOK for Barry’s background, from his Own Book (that he did not write) about, his almost dad//mentor “Frank” Marshal Davis (a Marxist/Communist real “winner” and convicted child molester). Who knows when the obamination started doing men, but according to his OWN WORDS “Frank had me writing dirty limericks (songs)” at a time “Frank” was doing horrible things to CHILDREN!
        Yep YOU and other racists want Guns removed from HONEST, lawful Citizens, Like Chicago, Detroit, Queens, and those other DEMON-rats heaven on earth MAXIMUM Gun control laws = MORE MURDERS, RAPES, VIOLENCE. You think like a CRIMINAL, to wit; “make it easy for me to victimize unarmed citizens . . . after all the Law isn’t for me . . .”.

        FROM your own ignorant posting: “””woonsocket • 3 hours ago
        The only Americans who should worry about background checks are the criminals. It’s obvious that the gun makers don’t care if murderers, child molesters, illegal immigrants or terrorists get their hands on guns.
        The gun makers and the executives of the NRA are only interested in sales – not your lives.”””

        Yep YOU do not Think, past your own nose. Like the Sheriff told MLK; “no I won’t give you a concealed weapons permit – to “protect you”. The Sheriff was a fool, and from your lack of knowledge of FACTS, TRUTH, and LOGICAL THINKING is sad. Go post on MSN and the other anti-USA and Constitutional Republic (if you know what that is).

      • Just because You are a racist, doesn’t mean it’s not TRUE. Barry’s also a gay sodomizer. Go read you Bible about Sodom (male deviants) and Gomorra (female deviants). Be a human and LOOK for TRUTH, before it bites you in the A$$. Nether one of those two are worth a piece of excrement, which does at least, have a good purpose. YES both turned in their Law Licenses, why? To avoid criminal prosecution AND formal dis-barrment = FACT
        PS MLK’s first name was Michel not Martin = FACT
        The “I have a dream” speech was on TV at the REPUPLICAN National Convention, 10 years BEFORE he gave it = FACT
        You need look for FACTS, not be a typical demon-rat, the party that Wanted Slavery, started the KKK, Poll Taxes, Jim Crow laws, ETC.. the same party that believes “minorities” are too stupid to earn anything on their own = FACT

  22. Maybe it’s true, but maybe we are all stupid for putting up with the American haters in he White House, throwing it up in our faces each day that they are King and Queen of the universe. NO WAY DID OBAMA GET IN TO THE WHITE HOUSE, FAIR AND SQUARE. After America gets to the point where it is apparent to EVERYONE, and I mean everyone, that the Obama’s are not working for the United States, then maybe the used to be Democrats(who’s party is unrecognizable) will wake up and say the conservative were right all along, but we listened to the master of deception, and my friends, I am sad to say it will be too late!

  23. Just look at number of women who voted for Obama. I would say women were not thinking with their brain. Just like when they voted for Clinton. Many women like losers and we sure have one don’t we.

    • You’re making up your hate because a writer on this site is telling you to do so. Think for yourself for a change.

  24. The only way she think she smart, she compare her self to her dumb ass husband. An he as stupid as it gets.

  25. Michelle could have been a Great First Lady, if she was honest, if she hadn’t married a Champion of Corruption and deceit, didn’t try to tell families what they can eat and can’t eat, wasn’t phoney and learned to accept our Great Way of Life here in the US, would learn to quit mocking us, would quit using tax dollars for lavish trips and parties, and just quit whining! No other First Lady has acted as outrageous as Michelle. Neither she nor Obama act their position. They are a embarrassment to all of us!

  26. No, WOMEN are not all stupid but there is one that is definitely stupid and that’s the one who lumped every woman in a Stupid Category and yes, that’s you Michelle!!!! Harvard did nothing for you!!!

  27. What a non-story by someone who is picking at nonsense. Why not try to write something informative instead of this smean writing. A waste of time !

  28. Enough of the American public voted to elect and reelect Michelle’s husband to prove her case that our citizens really are stupid, at least a significant percentage.

  29. Well, What can you expect, when they say it was women that voted to put Obama in Office the first time and then did it again for the second four years. How stupid can you really get ?????

  30. Struggled my butt. She worked in a hospital making $130,000.00 a year with a car and all the bennies then when Barack became Sen. her pay jumped to over $300,000.00 a year.

  31. She is another production in China from the doormat. Women, of Conservatives Parents were brought to believe we can take care of ourselves, just like the frontier women did. Tell Chubaka to go and convinced some backwards tribe in her place of origin and to move there if she is so true to her ancestry. She will be in heaven.

  32. What a moron. The Country is in the midst of the worst Presidential leadership in 100 yrs, wracked with lies, corruption, loss of privacy/liberty, foreign policy commensurate with a high school kid, borders overrun and out of control, and u think BO is an ok dude and his wife is the one that bothers you. You’re worse than she is.

  33. The only stupid women in this conversation are made up of those who support her and the FL, herself. Our next president. May we rot in hell if we elect her.

  34. From The Article:
    “Before coming to the White House, I struggled, as a working parent with a
    traveling, busy husband, to figure out how to feed my kids healthy, and
    I didn’t get it right. I thought to myself, if a Princeton and
    Harvard-educated professional woman doesn’t know how to adequately feed
    her kids, then what are other parents going through who don’t have
    access to the information I have?”
    Project much Moose-chelle? Notice also the excellent syntax. “….how to feed mu kids healthy.” Healthi WHAT? ‘Healthy’ is an adjective, answering the question ‘which, how many, what kind of.’ as in the example. “I’d like to give Moose-shell a healthy slap in the face.” The correct word would be ‘healthfully’…an adverb, answering the question ‘ How, when or where’.
    How’s that Ivy-league education going for you?

  35. Maybe Michelle gets her intellegence from her associations. They all sit around telling themsleves how smart they are. After all they are the Libs and they are theonly ones whose thoughts make sesne to them.

  36. Anyone recall the photos of her BEFORE she and Barak were exalted and ascended to the throne? BEFORE she acquired makeup artists, fashion consultants, hair changers, exercise workout service, and on and on? She was not a Miss America candidate. She is not respectful of the office and her “role” in it, and she is now being touted as an example for all that is perfect for women. I barf.

  37. Sorry but I don’t see Obama as an “o k dude”. Anyone who has done so much destruction to my country is a pile of whale dung. Nice guy my a$$. He’s a two faced narcissist.

  38. The body with the black skin thinks she is an expert. I will agree she is an expert at making an ass out of herself.. It take one to know one. Her brain is also black or in darkness, that she can not see the light like a normal person can. If it was not for affirmative action she would starve to death. Even her vagina will not allow her to get by. No man would want to get that close to it.

  39. Every time she opens her mouth every women cringes. Please First Lady just do your gardening and shut your mouth.

  40. No surprise that Princton and Harvard were no help.. The product they turn out these days are less intelligent than when they went in. It explains the moronic michelle. Real women were home figuring how to cook healthy when she was wasting her time at Princton and Harvard. To end up giving up her law license and becoming a non- practicing lawyer. Living off the taxpayers.

  41. This, from a woman who thinks our founding fathers were immigrants. Makes me wonder about ANYONE who graduated from an ivy League school.

  42. She is a product of affirmative action….. black with no substance….met the “strict” requirements. Multiplied by thousands of other affirmative action receipients. While others who had smarts and grades to match were denied admission because they were the wrong color.

  43. Education has become about business and therefore money! As long as you pay tuition, you can buy a piece of paper to appear “educated.” People actually flunked out of my University when I was a student, but that was before education became a business!

  44. Stupid is as stupid does. Who in the ### does she think she is…Every time Michelle and Joe Biden open their mouths, they insert foot…we don’t need their advice.
    We all got along fine, in fact much better, before she and Obama and Joe and Hillary and Nancy P. , don’t forget Harry Reid…tried taking over our world !!.

    • Well she is great at multi tasking, she can peel grapes with her toes while swinging through the vine eating a banana and picking fleas off obama.

      • Both of the two people NOW in the White House are an embarrassed to the citizens of the United States. She is the first lady and he is the President of the United States. Evidently they
        are not honored with these titles, evidently they both believe they
        can do whatever they want to do, spend tax payer’s money, she –
        tell parents how to feed their families – what a worthwhile endeavor!! What does she do with 20 assistants, compliments of
        we the taxpayers…Eleanor Roosevelt had NO assistants. She was probably the most revered first lady ever, even over Jackie Kennedy. She was a brilliant LADY and did many good works.
        She would have been absolutely “horrified” at the things that
        Michelle Obama and President Obama do and say.


  46. I find all DEMONCRAT women to be stupid and moochelle obama leads the pack followed by nancy pelosi and killery clinton.

  47. Mooshell may be too stupid to figure out how to feed her 2 children while odumbo travelled, but that is her problem. There are countless women who didn’t go to Yale or Princeton or Harvard who know how to feed their kids a healthy meal on a very low income. But, it doesn’t take a college degree to figure out how to do that.

    • It doesn’t take a college degree but it takes information. Everyone isn’t knowledgeable about nutrition. You don’t have to go to college in order to understand nutrition and health. After I graduated from college I read books on nutrition and obesity. Have you?

      • I started studying nutrition when I was 9 years old and continued until I graduated from college. I also studied physiology, which gave me more understanding of how the body uses nutrients. Some of the continuing ed workshops I attended involved nutrition.
        I also learned how to plant and harvest a garden, plan ahead, and when necessary alter ingredients in a recipe. I have continued to study nutrition.
        I was blessed with parents who taught me how to not only survive, but thrive, including what to feed my family.

      • They should but they won’t because they may offend her. We need to keep the things she says alive and spoken every chance we get in any communication possible. I am keeping a file to help remember.

  48. Eating properly is a lot more complicated than most people think, and there is a lot of bad information out there.

    A lot of people are fat because they eat poor food. GMO foods are generally bad for you and the environment (we’re losing the monarch butterfly), and modern grains and our constitutions don’t mix, but those who live on subsistence wages have little realistic chance to do it right.

    • And how does Moochel’s pontificating help with that, pray tell? Maybe she an share some of her toxic garden produce with the poor? That ignoramus has nothing to teach anyone, unless they want to learn the secret of living off taxpayers for their entire adult lives.

      • You should be ashamed of yourself. Do you really think that Republican households don’t mind having their kids develop diabetes, high blood pressure & heart disease?

        You hate Michelle because she’s black and she’s a Democrat. If Barbra Bush started awareness of childhood obesity you’d give her a medal.

  49. Mr. Minkoff, The President is not destroying the country. Did you not get the memo that the person who unseated Eric Cantor is a college professor & he’s running against a Democratic professor from the same college. Can we expect you to write a trash piece about a the party member who’s a professor?

    If Harvard and Princeton teach nothing, have you ever taken on-the-spot exams at either school? By your description, anyone can graduate from either school. Do you know how many conservatives went to Harvard or Princeton? You like writing articles. Would you easily qualify to be editor of The Harvard Law Review?

    Barbra Bush encouraged Americans to read more books. Is that too imperious for you? Michelle Obama encourages children to eat a healthy diet and avoid obesity. She also wants to encourage obese children to lose weight. Is that a bad thing too?

    Mr. Minkoff, did you know that 45% of food stamp recipients are children? Others include seniors and Americans with disabilities. This is your target of “takers” in America.

    Why don’t you back off Michelle? Why don’t you back off the recipients of food stamps and look at your own brand of hatred and loathing?

      • How did you do with your Harvard & Princeton final exams? How much do you know about obesity and healthy diets? Do you think that parents encourage their kids to be obese? Why do you hate education and food stamp recipients? Why are you on this site if you hate reading?

        Why don’t you do some homework? Oh, I forgot. Conservatives don’t need to do homework because they know everything. BTW, there is a prominent Republican who would never trash the first lady’s attempts to help kids from becoming obese – Mike Huckabee.

  50. Does anyone knows what a “Jessie Girl” in Chicago is?
    Was asked but, I’m not familiar with the term.
    Semper Fidelis

  51. Some women are stupid. I remember one white college student saying that it would be “cool” to have hilary as president. Beam me up Scotty. BTW whats it the white folks who started this inequality ??? hahaha Hang em high

    • Michelle NEVER said that women are stupid. The writer of this article did. He put words in her mouth like conservatives usually do.

      I’ve done a lot of research on nutrition, obesity & health. It was all done after I graduated from college. I am ALWAYS interested in anyone who has information on diet & health. I’m proud of Michelle’s attempts to save the lives of obese children. Obese children are in conservative households as well.

  52. It’s amazing that mankind survived all these thousands of years. Without Michelle, mankind should gone extinct already. Inside the White House, I’ll bet Sissyboy Barry and Mechelle are in constant competition against each other….who can be the most arrogant and self-indulgent….and who can stay on top the longest. Totally disgusting!

  53. and she ,so why did the take her Law license, she was in a insurance deal involved, not very smart, his was also taken , smart people , and hi was just a lecturer not a Professor

  54. I really doesnt know what to say bout our Michael – Oh! I means Moochelle.. I also went to a university they say “healthy, healthier healthiest” Poor Michael aka Moochelle we all makes mistooks in grammar and we are not a bunch of ignorant twits.

  55. You know….she does look like a man. Take off the makeup and look at the shoulders, biceps, butt and mid section. Could she really be Michael??

    • Why would you want to punish the only ones who truly love this country? You obviously don’t. AZZ HAT.

  56. AWAH….she ought to know if anyone does, as she is as stupid as a post. What an evil person she is and ugly to boot! Maybe that is why she can’t get a grasp of her gender? I have never heard a thing that has come out of her mouth that was not steeped in vinegar and fire. Moochie parks her broom out back the Whitehouse….hey she can keep the ‘broomport’ warm for old Hillary!……good grief!….Lord help us!!! I hope that the two girls have some honest brains and do not take after either of there parents (?)…I always wonder if they are truly from those two at all……where are the baby pictures? We have to make sure Hillary, nor anyone else that is of the left and insane gets in that chair…if so we are toast!

  57. Yes and I too have a paper document on my wall from my Psychiatrist that says I’m “OK”,from time to time I present this piece of worthless paper to all those who doubt its authenticity and often doubted it myself….Mark Twain was so right and so was Will Rogers.

  58. Amen. Well said. Wonder what mankind did for all these years without her? She is just as arrogant as her jackass husband.

  59. The voters that voter for BO were stupid, not once but twice,………men included! She has a big mouth about all the wrong things. She turns my stomach. She only thinks of herself. Someone tell me why her mother lives in the WH?

      • Because anything they can get for FREE follows their past culture. I would love to know how much money they put out for personal vacations before going to the WH.

  60. How many women can cook a meal for a family from scratch? How many meals from scratch do women know how to cook? How many recipe’s do women have at home that use ingredients and require cooking from scratch?

    Don’t forget the salad that goes with dinner. I’m not talking lettuce or cabbage, I’m talking about a real salad. One with other vegetables and essentials that add flavor.

  61. She’s right. Women (and I am a woman), as a voting block, ARE stupid. They voted en masse for her idiot husband.

  62. they are only when she looks in the mirror.. then she must get disgusted at what she sees… Just like her not liking America, she doesn’t like herself..
    just wait until she meets Lucifer himself…

  63. Sure she thinks women are stupid. Google Michelle Obama is a man on utube and watch the videos. Someone telling you doesnt have the same impact. It is said a picture is worth a thousand words well this one gets full count.

  64. “M.O. still thinks women are stupid” Well, given over 50% of women voted for Barry, I’d have to say Moochelle is at least half right! (Or would that be half left?)

  65. This statement about stupidity coming from a man taking on all of the physical characteristics of a woman, even an Adam”s apple

  66. Moochelle thinks American women are stupid. She’s party right: how many of them voted for the Marxist the first time? Even stooopider yet, how many voted for the subversive traitor the second time around?

    You can’t get dumber than that – voting for the demise of your own country and the trashing of your own liberty. I hope the Obama phone was worth it to the useful idiots.

  67. I am descended from Georgia sharecroppers. Both my grandmothers and my mother married in their teens because that is what people did back then. All three women were excellent cooks. My paternal grandmother raised ten children to quite healthy adulthood. My mother is close to illiterate but is also a very good cook. My father, who has a sixth grade education, cooked so well that he became a cook’s assistant during his tour of duty in the US Army. He delighted my siblings and me with the dishes he created and, as children, we were finicky eaters. I am an attorney with three degrees. By the time i was twelve, I could prepare five meals and often cooked for my family.As the years went by, the list of items I could prepare lengthened. There is absolutely no corollary between a degree from a blue ribbon university and culinary skills. If there was such, how could one explain the excellent cooks among slave women who prepared meals at southern plantations? Because it was illegal for over a hundred years to teach blacks to read and write and a de facto policy after that, most recipes of slaves were handed down by word of mouth. Michelle Obama cannot have it both ways. One minute she attempts to regal people with her “up from poverty” myth about how she was born and grew up poor but made it to the hollowed halls of ivy. The next minute she is this inexperienced, sheltered child so high born that she has never seen the inside of a kitchen or stood before a hot stove. Neither is true, She was born into a working class Afro-American family where I am sure she learned how to cook nutritious meals. Working class parents attempt to pass as many of their skills on to their children as possible as preparation for life. My working class parents respected education and wanted their children to have one They managed to send their four children to college. But my mother also made sure we could cook and clean for economic reasons and in case we were placed in a position where we would have to use those skills to earn our living. MO is trying to portray herself as some kind of victim. She is a victim of her ignorance and that which she attempts to assign to others.

  68. Women shouldn`t be allowed to vote or hold a elected position in government. Women will conform to anything out of fear.

  69. Belief system requirements to enter The Tea Party Cult Nirvana Mind State:

    “Can’t trust Harvard and Princeton ~ they don’t teach hardly anything at all”
    “Can’t trust dietary wisdom ~ it changes every fifteen minutes”
    “Can’t trust Obama because yes, he’s destroying the country”
    “Can’t trust the lame stream media NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Headline News …. for news”
    “Can’t trust The New York Times & Washington Post ~ just liberal socialists rags”
    “Can’t trust physicists & scientists & engineers on climate change. But trust them on DNA, organ transplants & airplanes”.
    “Can’t trust American homosexuals, immigrants, atheists, muslims, jews or liberals, to be true Americans”
    “Can’t trust the FDA, the EPA, the DOE, the DOL”
    “Can’t trust the federal government but state governments are okay & militias are America’s constitutional law & order salvation”
    “Can’t trust anyone concerned about brainwashing ~ a devious trick to destroy your Nirvana Mind State.

    Trust Those who: Flatter you, Charm you, Praise you, Adulate you, Stroke you, Compliment you, Sweet Talk & Brown Nose you:
    To Stay: ~ Just The Way You Are.

    ‘Cause they’re not selling you anything.

    • I was starting to think that we wouldn’t hear from our resident liberal troll. Thanks, Frank, for reminding us once again that liberalism is a terribly severe mental disorder.

  70. If anybody here is interested in learning how to trade working from home I can suggest a website to you that I recently found and become a member to. The name of the website is Bionic Traders, I believe you can find them on Google. I never traded before in my life and now I love doing it thanks to Bionic Traders, their way of teaching how to trade made it very easy for me to learn.

  71. Too bad she didn’t talk to MY mother, my mom only went to and graduated from Loyola University, but she managed to feed us “healthy” just fine.

  72. She is right women are stupid, they voted for her ugly communist, muslim, homesexual, traitor,usuper freaky husband. But a lot of men are stupid to and come to the defense of all the evil things Obama has done to this country.

  73. She ought to know – she’s a female, isn’t she? Another bureaucratic social parasite. Well, we elected her – so what do you expect?

  74. Certainly, “Michelle” Obama thinks women are stupid, which is standard for one narrow grouping of sexist men. (S)He fits in with many other sexist men. However, few, if any of them, portray themselves as women. Rather, they behave as “macho” men, not as a man in a transvestite performance – – .

  75. When one considers the number of women who voted for her husband, Moochelle may be correct in assuming that stupidity runs rampant within this group.

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