The Majority of Congress Members are Millionaires

Well, you can add another moniker to the list for everyone’s least favorite Congress of all time. We already have “Do-Nothing Congress.” Now, there’s “Congress of Millionaires.” That’s right. In a time when unemployment is worse than ever (having dipped unexpectedly in December) and economic times are tough for the majority of Americans, the majority of the people we elected to represent us are millionaires. According to TIME magazine:

The Center for Responsive Politics analyzed the personal financial disclosure data from 2012 of the 534 current members of Congress and found that, for the first time, more than half had an average net worth of $1 million or more: 268 to be exact, up from 257 the year earlier. The median for congressional Democrats was $1.04 million and, for Republicans, $1 million even.

Hmmm. Well, isn’t that just dandy? Are they rich because they’re in Congress? Or are they in Congress because they’re rich? Who knows. Probably works synergistically. And I have no problem with them being rich, as such. I have a problem with corporate welfare, selective subsidies, pork barrel kickbacks, unholy alliances between policy makers and financiers, lobbyist shadow legislators for big pharm, big ag, etc. I have a problem with crony capitalism and the parasitic corruption and abuse that this spendthrift Congress, and so many before it, have perpetuated. This country is broke and broken. We are struggling.

And this Do-Nothing group of ticker tapeworms just keeps on milking the productive people of this country for useless ends. This is not a conservative problem. It’s not a liberal problem. It’s a big government problem. They all talk about how they need your money for the good of the poor, healthcare for the masses, public construction projects, infrastructure, to defend your freedom from terrorists, education, blah blah blah. They pretend to do good. They may even believe they are doing good. But how patently absurd is it to take huge sums of money from average Americans on the pretense that you care about the little guy, when you are making many times the national average every year and receiving who knows what kind of other benefits along the way? And I wonder how much members of Congress give to charity? I doubt it nears five percent. ((I looked for figures, but could not find any. Help me out if you know the numbers.))

One of the major hurdles to overcome election-wise is the extraordinary amount of money it takes to run successfully for political positions. It makes sense that only the very rich can win terms in office. They are the only people who can afford the costs of advertisement, direct mail, cold call, public relations, etc. I don’t know how that could be changed. But I think it would benefit the country greatly if some of the more practical-minded, salt-of-the-earth, work-with-your-hands kinds of Americans (you know, what used to be your average Americans) were involved in the policy-making process. Keep dreaming, I guess. This was a representative government once.

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  1. That piece of garbage Mitch McConnell is the perfect example. Back in 2005, McConnell’s net worth was somewhere between $1,645,032 and $4,278,999, ranking him the 38th richest Senator.After four years when the stock market has flatlined, McConnell now has a net worth between $7,102,036 and $32,756,000, and he’s now the 12th wealthiest Senator.Pretty good, for a guy who has evidently NEVER had a private sector job.

      • louluna,
        Yes , they ere NOT above the law when it comes to insider trading and I’m damned sure the vast majority of Congress, the Senate, Obama and his czars are guilty as HELL and need to be prosecuted and sent to a Federal Peison!!

        • I thought they made some kind of law some time ago that makes something that is illegal for us, legal for them. Is that it? It has something to do with the stock market from what i remember,,,, But I could be wrong……

          • Doesn’t he remind you of a mad scientist in the old black and white movies??? Especially when he smirks!
            I think someone told him he looked and sounded like a 6th grader, especially with his stupid smirks, so he wanted to look grown-up. However, all it does is make him look like a kid trying to look like a grown-up. Sort of like some said about putting lipstick on a pig…it was still a pig. Well, beard or not, it is still a lying Jay Carney, smirking his way through another press conference. And he DOES resemble Dr. Evil, the mad scientist!

      • this is true, hell I dont believe he even did what he said he did in collage if he was ever there. Why can’t the public see his records from school or his real Birth Certificate ? remember when someone goes out of there way to hide something only means one thing…
        THEY have something to HIDE. a 10 yr old can figure that out.

      • don’t forget just one payoff from Tony Rezco. Oh yeah, Michelle’s big pay After she Lost her law license. On and on it goes.

    • I found some information about that piece of garbage Harry Reid for you to chew on:

      “According to, Reid’s net worth is somewhere between three and 10 million dollars. How he made this money is uncertain, as he has refused to release his tax returns — despite harassing Romney for releasing his own tax returns. Reid spokesman Adam Jentleson affirmed earlier this month that Reid will not be releasing his returns because ‘he’s not running for president.’

      “Underscoring such hypocrisy, the Las Vegas Review-Journal revived a 1974 statement in which Reid stated, ‘Any man or woman who will not be completely candid about his or her finances does not deserve to be in public office.’ Responding to the charge, Reid averred, ‘In 1974, I wasn’t in Congress.'”

      And there’s much more here:

      • Reid is another one who has never had a real job, and certainly didn’t have inherited money! I heard once that, when asked how he got so rich, claimed he had made some “lucky” investments. Uh-huh!

      • Bob is the poster boy for Lib/Progs. The pay isn’t bad but his attitude and politics are terrible. He will NEVER post a negative about Obongo.

    • What’s wrong Boob. You’re the guy who trusts “Big Government” to solve all of our problems. Throw Pelosi, Reid, Feinstein and the rest of your scum sucking, thieving, dishonest filthy rich Democrats under the bus as well and maybe you will have a shred of credibility on this topic. The Dems as a whole are far richer than the Republicans. Looks like your man Obama needs to start with the political class including himself on this income inequality thing. Fools like you support this crap.

    • you need to look at Dingy Harry bob. btw you work a private sector job? Hey I don’t think any of those who are supposedly serving the people should get more than 2 terms. i think congress should have a 4 yr term also. The president can run for a second term and if he’s actually done anything in the Best Interest of the People (as a whole – not certain groups) well re-elect. However, what does anyone who has no where else to go but out the door have to loose except to do political paybacks. BTW have u not seen what the stock mrt has done under this adm.??? come on now the 1-2%er’s luv what bo has done. rightfullyt so I mean Wall St. in 08 backed him over john boy by nearly 2 to 1 $ and in 2012 they did even better! ha ha the transparent dude who was going to help the average Joe. yeahhhh that’s happening get over yourself bob greed in ingrained in more than the 1%ers of America, just look at yourself.

  2. If they came from private business and have not been in Congress as long as the founding of the country I don’t have a problem. It’s those that line their pockets while “serving” a lifetime that I have a problem with.

    • Absolutely!
      I have nothing against rich politicos…but if they gained their wealth through manipulation of the system during their ‘public service’, I say it’s time to start boiling tar and plucking chickens.

    • then you must love Harry Reid, AL Gore’s dad and Lyndon B. Johnson for starters. Pelosi’s family has been in politics for a couple of generations. we need to see who and how these ‘politicians’ have obtained their funds. more to this story than we are being told.

      • Diane Feinsteins husband handles most of the realestate transactions for the feds pertaining to when a post office gets bought or sold.

        • Lady Bird’s family had money, Lyndon and Mr. Sam just added more. they received the approval for the radio station and the TV stations in Austin. Land and the NASA deal in Houston helped the coffers. it is good to be the senior representative and then senator from Texas

          • Thanks for reminding me about Lady Bird’s money. She secured a loan for LBJ’s first congressional campaign (1937) with her inheritance and bought a radio station in 1942 with her inheritance (all or just part I don’t know). She made that station profitable and used it to form a very successful communications group.

    • A lifetime sentence would appropriate for some of those now “serving.” There’s a nice facility in Marion, IL.

    • Another reason to support 38 year old Jim Bridenstine, new Oklahoma House Rep. He seems to be a real Maverick…

      -backed by the Tea Party & beat out a 5 term (lifer) Republican (2012)
      -then beat the Democrat in the General Election (2012)
      -no Lobbyists lining his pockets
      -stood up in Congress & said Obama & Biden weren’t fit to lead this country (2013)
      -introduced a bill to eliminate the IRS (2013)
      -does not support Immigration Reform
      -does support marriage between a man & a woman
      -military background – flew missions in Iraq & Afghanistan
      -still serves in the Naval Reserves with the rank of Lt. Commander
      (a real Commander, not like the phony in the WH)

      I think Mr. Bridenstine would bring back dignity, honor & respect to our military. I bet he would never have allowed the first barricade to be erected around the WWII War memorials…exact of opposite of Obama.

      He is an absolute dedicated American Conservative.

      Reminds me a little of President Reagan…. a LOT of common sense, doesn’t play the DC “games” and he is NOT an attorney.

      • Reagan was the governor of the largest state in the union. Bridenstine is a house member from some back water district in OK.

        • I don’t live in Oklahoma but I will be sure to pass on your trashy description of Tulsa.

          Is the real reason you don’t like Mr. Bridenstine because:

          – he’s 100 times more intelligent than Obama
          – he has a degree in & actually understands Economics
          – he doesn’t need a teleprompter
          – he was “made in America” by 2 American Citizens
          – he’s a true American Patriot
          – he honorably served our country
          – he was backed by the Tea Party
          – he opposes same sex marriage
          – he’s 1,000 times more intelligent than you
          – because he stood up in Congress and said Obama & Biden weren’t fit to lead our country


          • Sorry but most every one I know is more intelligent than OB! Five year olds can be quite eloquent without a teleprompter!

    • My congressman is wealthy but he started out as a roofer and built his business up. My senator is wealthy, too, but he made his money as a plastics manufacturer and financed most of his own campaign.

    • My feelings exactly. Except I am for term limits – absolute power insures that corruption will occur. I wonder what the breakdown is between parties. Obama keeps ranting and raving about the rich – how many are Democrats?

  3. Could it be possible that being millionaires puts these “representatives” of the people out of touch with the people and results in the unrepresentative government we now have?

    Perhaps our “representatives” should be paid minimum wage, which would actually be generous, since most of them don’t earn even that.

    • far and few between go to represent the people. the majority go to D.C. with one intention to serve themselves. Of course there are a few here and there that want to go and make change that would serve the best interest of the people. You know what happens to them. Eaten alive even by their own party. NWO calling all shots top down – doubt that, tell me how a black pres who claims to go and make change and do some re-distribution of wealth manages to have a booming stock market benefiting the top 1-2% of the country while middle America get squeezed tighter and tighter. Who’ll be picking up property for pennies on the $ over the next 4-8 years due to what is going on now? Certainly not the folks on welfare nor the average working middle or upper middle class folk. Like the stock mrk crash the housing crash will come, folks are being crushed by high cost of living, i.e.fuel, food taxes. I live in a relatively nice area, the states highest med. income and I see homes still selling lower each year. I’ve been watching the values go down. I see the folks who bought these homes struggle to keep their American dream. People not taking vacations bkz they have to meet the tax bill on their real estate. People not buying a new car bkz they’re trying to save a few bucks for edu. for their kids and or home fix up projects etc…. I’m talking about 2 working adults with incomes around the $90,000.00 and 2 kids. These folks 5 – 7 yr ago were on top of their game. Were happy and now they’re concerned about what will happen next. You know I feel bad for them even the ones who voted for BO. They make statements like he was given a mess and yea he was. But, on the other hand what has he done to make the econ stable I say? they just haven’t a clue of what to say except oh it takes time to fix these types of problems, Reagan, who I did vote for once, had a mess – maybe worse than what BO got, maybe a bit less, but, he did show results in 3 yr time and was re-elected with 1/3 of dem voting for him. There was the pbm got a second term and did pay backs, increased the size of the fed. gvt. and put D.C. into more power. augh Big Gvt = Big Pbm doesn’t matter how it grows or who grows the monster. It’s too big to handle efficently and we get to pay for this mess with our childrens future.

    • Oh I love that idea. Pay them minimum wage. Put them in gov’t housing in DC, send their kids to public schools and use the local emergency rooms for medical issues….. BRILLIANT

      • Consider THIS – –
        Salary of retired US Presidents …………..$180,000/yr FOR LIFE – (Hmmm?)
        Salary of retired House/Senate …………..$174,000/yr FOR LIFE – (This is stupid!)
        Salary of retired Speaker of the House … $223,500/yr FOR LIFE – (REALLY stupid!)

        Salary of retired Majority/Minority Leaders … $193,400/yr FOR LIFE – (Dumb!)

  4. That’s why they go to Washington. To get rich off insider trading. This is how the globalist corporatists control Congress. Lobbyists recommend legislation beneficial to them which in turn is beneficial to the Congressional weasels who invest appropriately. Loyalty garners more insider trading information from the multinational corporations as well. It’s a greatly reduced risk from blatant bribes. This is how our nation was sold out, and how we lost our Capitalist Constitutional Republic.

    • we lost the free enterprise system. don’t get the 2 confused. Capitalist hate FREE enterprise. why u wonder – they don’t like competition. they like big monopolies. Our government likes big monopolies. they tell us differently, but, they’re actions speak volumes. little guy is crushed beneath the weight of the excessive regulations imposed on them while Big Corp. get breaks on reg. and have the $ to fund the Campaign War Chest of the crimminals in D.C. little guys must be wiped out, they create the small buss. adm. as a front, much like the 2 party system in America. the GOP establishment hates Conservatives as much as any Dem socialist lefty. They all like Big Gvt as it equals Big Power and lots of $$ they have all the connections and all extended family reap the benefits. It’s not just the ones serving in D.C. making big $ off inside info it’s much more ingrained than that…and the beat goes on!

  5. The worst thing that the majority of Democrats never pay taxes. That’s why the first thing they do when they gain powers is raise the taxes on everybody else.

    These people are trying to make decisions that affect everyday citizens many who are living from paycheck to paycheck. They are totally clueless as to what it takes just to survive.

    Three important changes should be made; the first and most important is term limits everybody in in federally elected positions should have one term in one term only consisting of eight years. Once you do eight years as a senator or representative or even present you can never be elected to run for public office again. Next any laws passed by Congress must be imposed on Congress as well as everyone else. They live by the same standards and laws that they expect the rest of the country to do. And number three retroactively no lifetime salaries. Just because you serve in Congress or the White House you do not get your salary for life. Nobody you get the benefits for life. When you’re done with public service you get Social Security and Medicare if you qualify.

    And as a side thought every member of Congress must pass a background investigation and qualify for a minimum of a secret clearance before they can sit in on congressional meetings. And if you cannot pass the clearance your terminated. And as to the office of President that individual must pass a minimum of a top-secret clearance and a complete and total background investigation that is put before the public without any editing.

    • nice dream, wish it where true, but thats not ever going to happen, most of all because they are the ones making the laws, they live by a different set than we do, I know thats what you were talking about but who’s going to do it?

          • And who can forget – I don’t know… it in the newspaper just like the rest of you. If there is ONE person in the country who believes that clap trap I’d like to meet them. He gets abbreviated breifings every morning on everything. But on most of his I-don’t-knows he knew all along…

    • I agree 100%. add to that each and every hopeful should be required to produce a LEGAL birth certificate to a panel of judges not appointed by any politician.

        • If you are referring to the one posted on the White House website, it is a forgery. There are two ways I know this to be a fact.
          1) Father’s Race is listed as African. There is no such race as “African”; that would be as absurd as saying someone’s race was “American”! In 1961, there is only one way a black person’s race would have been listed: Negro. This was obviously not written by someone in 1961, rather by a 21st century politically correct person who would only characterize a black man as “African-American”. But, since Obama’s father was not American, they simply put down “African”.
          2) My co-worker, who is an Adobe expert, downloaded the birth certificate from the White House website and showed me how it was composed of layers, and as he removed each layer, parts of the document would disappear. I was watching him the whole time and he did not manipulate the document in any way!

          • Good point! I didn’t think about that, but I doubt it to ever be the real thing. I heard (rumor) he’s paid those in power a million dollars to bury his information.

          • Not probably, definitely. Even the guy the administration brought in to authenticate it said it was forged.

          • You know, would somebody, anybody, tell me how he gets away with this time after time? If someone in charge said it was forged, why isn’t something done about it? Plus, all the other things which really upset me into despair as far as justice is concerned. You know what they are, but Benghazi is near the top for me…and I heard Boehner wasn’t going to say anything either. And, Mitch of KY is going sideways. Back to the subject…do you think it might be possible to have no funds appropriated for the elections, and just the govt. pay for time on TV for debates? And, especially no Hollywood people in any commercials for one side only.

          • The peole in charge said the guy authenticated the document. NSA spying is how this is glossed over. REporters are being spied upon as well as our govt officials. Who is going to stand up to the tyranny? I do not know. Brietbart is dead. Who will take his place and risk their own life?

        • No he did not, he submitted his birth record to Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid two of the most worthless POS in the Congress.
          Better check your facts TEX.

        • Sambo produced a F O R G E R Y – that’s why Loretta Fuddy was the ONLY death in the plane crash – She was about to expose the FACTS to the Congressional investigation …….
          You are SUCH a l o s e r …………….

        • He presented a forged “Certificate of Live Birth” as he has still not been charged with the crime. Why don’t you research it like everyone else has.

      • ALL federal candidates should be required to produce documentation proving they are eligle to run for office per the CONSTITUTION of the USA. ALL. if for prez, all docs proving the candidate is a NATURAL BORN citizen. there are supreme court cases that set out the correct documentation. Barry is really only half way there, whether he was born in Kenya or Hawaii. the FEC did not do their jobs and we are now suffering the ramifications of their ineptitude or worse.

        • Couldn’t agree more! We’ve spent 5 years in hell because they allowed a foreigner in our WH. I keep wondering if that’s why he wants to pass Immigration Reform, to give himself some form of legitimacy. Even if that worked & he BECAME an American Citizen, it still wouldn’t remove the stench of Socialism that engulfs him.

    • Pay into a retirement fund like most people. Government is the only Employee that makes more money and better kudos then we, their Employer. We should be able to vote and fire Presidents like Obama.

    • she helps him by doing things with the laws,,,,,how does she stay in office to begin with anyway? CA, really must be full of dumb A$$ people

    • The polls still say there are more Dem’s than Repub.s,, I dont have much hope that things will get better after Nov, they keep buying votes from the poor, Black’s, Mx, gay’s, any group that they can promise to help but really never do. hell they can kill the Repb’s Just by saying vote for me and I will give you more freedom’s when it comes to the 2nd Amendment,, All the gun people will say wow ok I will vote for you,, than they will get it in the A$$, But I don;t think they are that stupid…….

  6. OK, to share the wealth, every student that graduates from high school should have a hitch in the military to learn honesty and other conservative values. Then, educate them some more, and when they graduate from colleges and universities, require them to spend not more than four years in government service in order to get the money to pay back student loans. When they hit 35 years old, they are allowed to run ONCE for any office in government, receive no lifetime pension because of that, and hopefully, we would have a better class of politicians. Beyond that, they need a job and a retirement/unemployment package that has to be paid into before it becomes effective.

  7. Just goes to show ya, corruption pays . . . and who does THEIR taxes! Could it be the other corrupt branch, the IRS!

  8. “The worst thing that the majority of Democrats never pay taxes. That’s why the first thing they do when they gain powers is raise the taxes on everybody else.”

    Natch’ — somebody has to pay for all those freebies they give to those people who will vote for them again and again and again.

  9. Obama talks a lot about sharing the wealth and fairness.
    How come that the politicians appear to be getting more than their fir share of the wealth?
    Can it be because they are thiefs/

  10. It’s more important to know which of these millionaires made their money before or after they joined Congress. Those that became millionaires in the private sector and then joined Congress is one thing but those that got rich on the tax payers dime is another. Reid is definitely corrupt and Obama although not in Congress is the most corrupt of all.

    • Reid’s not a millionaire and Obamas net worth went down as President. Biggest millionaire is Darryl Issa. Finding out who came in rich as opposed to after rich is a good project for all geezers. Start now.

      • I guess my math isn’t as advanced as liberals. To me, if Obama had a net worth of 2.6 million in 2008 and in 2013 he had a net worth of 12.2 million, that’s an increase. However texan claims that it is a decrease!

      • So, where did Obama get his millions? He was a community planner and then a senator……..he wrote a book. And why did he and Mrs. Obama give up their law license?

      • Tex boy, I beg to differ it has been calculated that Dingy Harry has a net worth of between $2.5 million to $6.1 million, thus Reid is a millionaire. Yes Obama’s net worth went down in 2013 because people aren’t buying his lying BS books but his net worth climbed from 2008 to 2012, he’s also a millionaire. Issa became a millionaire outside of government. Reid and Obama made their money in government. Obama has never held a job in the private sector, he’s always sucked at the government teat. As a geezer I will try to enlighten you but I can see it’s going to be a huge task as some people just never get it.

  11. They were on the inside track of how company dealing with congress to be able to throw money into companies that they help make laws.
    I forgot the name of that law just pass several months ago, but if they know something about a company that is growing in price or dividends, they could go to jail if they benefit from it before the citizens know it.. They were one up on the citizens. They make laws and then profit from it. Time to cut their pay.

  12. Although this is not necessarily uncommon throughout our history, I believe it misrepresents middle America and creates a skewed perception of the constitutional function of government. It is rare that an everyday American citizen seeks political office in our federal government. Most Americans are consumed with just trying to survive economically and couldn’t even consider the time it takes to campaign, much less the cost involved. Unfortunately, that leaves those with usually a much higher average in income to seek office. Our Forefathers never intended the offices of congressman and senator to be a full time job. The intrusion of government on every aspect of American life has created a beast that has lost touch with its citizens and far exceeds its intended purpose. The only way to resolve this issue is to drastically reduce the size and scope of government agencies and place these responsibilities back in the hands of private enterprise. The idea of American government was to protect the people not employ them!

  13. Key provisions of The Stock Act were gutted last year by Congress and the reversal was signed into law by Obama. Nothing’s changed.

  14. No air conditioning of any type. No residences beyond a rented room. You pay $1000/day to rent our office space after 45 working days per year.

  15. Now this is a worthwhile project for some research group. The Dems continually paint Republicans as rich and unfeeling. Find out how many made their money the honest way, or made their money by being Congressman/woman for 10. 15, 20 or more years

  16. I don’t care if they’re millionaires — I want to get the best and brightest we keep paying them for. They can’t even read the Constitution!

  17. This is a perfect example of why we need to force term limits on all positions in government along with eliminating the lifetime benefit ” realistically after four years they become their own special interest group there for removing their concern for the well being of US! Our nation needs to return to the requirement of Citizen Legislators do your term and go back to work !

  18. The real unemployment figure is much closer to 25%. If you look at the December numbers, 347,000 people dropped out of the workforce & if you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the numbers are seriously juggled to come up with “acceptable” figures. Look up “Shadowstats” for a more realistic look at unemployment.

  19. Ok hows about Filling all those Chairs needed replaced?With Real Birth Certificate Taxpaying Voteing Legal Americans First. Replace all responsible for the Obama conman BOOBOO WOW NOW.thats ALL Security Feds Secret Service F.B.I. Senators get all that made this Nightmare possible NOW.Then get all Senators that knew Kenya Obama used to kid him never be PRESIDENT most knew. America lets Rebuild America its all Real Americans Country as America>>>>>>>>>>

  20. I have no problem with millionaires becoming members of Congress, but I have a big problem with members of Congress becoming millionaires. The latter almost guarantees they are becoming wealthy through special benefits that are not available to ordinary American citizens.

  21. And.. they are becoming richer and fatter off of taxpayers money.
    And they say they ” represent ” WE THE PEOPLE.. I’m about $999,999 short of being in their bracket of society.
    Just my (beer income ) 2 cents worth.

  22. Look at the Kenyan Bath House Boy, he had already stolen a couple of million from his “community organizing” funds and declared like $2.3 million coming into office, but in just over 5 years , he claims over 12 million! Shortly after leaving office, he will become one of the wealthiest “thieves on Earth” as billions of “phony stimulus dollars” begin to come “HOME TO ROOST”!

  23. Since they passed the law that Congressmen could no longer practice “insider trading”… not stocks… but real estate purchases and then changed it back… no wonder! Search: business beyond insider congress earmarks real-estate pelosi tax payer money 2011-11

  24. I bet only a few were millionaires when they first entered Congress. It is said that they become millionaires through their use of insider information on the stock market. Something that you and I would be thrown into jail for doing.

  25. With the huge expense involved in running an election campaign in the USA, how is it possible to even run for Congress, unless one is a millionaire? Not only that, how is it possible to run uncompromised by corporate interests without bags of money? The average Joe can’t afford it. Just wait until you see how much richer these already-wealthy Congressmen become when they leave office.

  26. And pretending they’re not they bash the rich…thinking we’re stupid enough to believe they’re just like us and for the middle class. Guess some buy into that hype and the lies. It’s all about divide and conquer, rich vs poor, male vs female, christians vs muslims, gay vs straight, gay vs marriage between man and woman, black vs white….and the l polarities go on. The country is more divided and fractured than ever. A far cry from the “united’ states of america that the Bama touted in his rhetoric first time around.

  27. It is saddening when a person of little wealth such as Abraham Lincoln…Can no afford to run for political office….Unless approved by a political party…Still you have to spend a lot of money to get their endorsement..The richer you are the better your chances are of getting elected to anything…Saddening indeed…A lot of good minds have gone to waste because of big money politics…Which the average guy can’t afford to become involved!

  28. Well that is not a surprise. One must ask now, the value of the NWO supporters vs. the Constitution supporters……..and the ones teetering on the fence…..



    More than half of the current members of the U.S. Senate are worth at least $1 million — and seven of the 10 richest members of Congress are Democrats.

    Of the 100 senators, 54 are millionaires, topped by Sen. John Kerry, whose worth is estimated at $188.7 million thanks to the ketchup fortune of his wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry.

    Rounding out the 10 richest members of Congress, after Kerry, are:

    2. Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., $160 million. Issa founded Directed Electronics, which makes car alarms.

    3. Rep. Jane Harman, D-Calif., $152.6 million. Her husband, Sidney Harman, owns an audio products company whose brand names include Harman Kardon and JBL; he bought Newsweek magazine in August.

    4. Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., $81.5 million. He is a descendant of oil tycoon John D. Rockefeller.

    5. Rep. Michael McCaul, R-Texas, $73.7 million. His wife owns stakes in companies worth at least $50 million.

    6. Sen. Mark Warner, D-Va., $70.1 million. Warner was a telecom mogul before running for office.

    7. Rep. Jared Polis, D-Colo., $56.4 million. Internet entrepreneur Polis sold two companies for more than $1 billion.

    8. Rep. Vern Buchanan, R-Fla., $55.4 million. His empire includes auto dealerships and real estate.

    9. Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., $49.7 million. He founded the data-processing company ADP.

    10. Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., $46 million. Her husband’s assets include holdings in Carlton Hotel Properties.

    The “poorest” entry on Roll Call’s list of the “50 Richest Members of Congress” is Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who is worth “only” $5.34 million.

    • As you can see, some actually built businesses or invested wisely. However, ones like Kerry, Feinstein, Harman, Pelosi, and McCaul were lucky enough to chase the money train thru marriage or inheritance, and the majority are Democrats and seem to know best how to control your life.

  30. would like to know how many became millionaires after they went to congress . . . and if they can’t prove it wasn’t gained through insider information, graft, corruption, kick backs, and union donations then they should absolutely be thrown out and not given their gilded pensions and lifetime benefits.

  31. What bothers me is the same people get voted into the congress time after time, no matter what kind of job they are doing. They are voted in because, “Oh, I know him, he is a good man; we must vote for our “brother” if he is black; they don’t bother to check what they are doing, how they vote, how they think, just blindly vote.

  32. Yes and they got it all with OUR tax money. They should have to get this dumb health care like we have to and pay for their own trips and gas and buy their own cars. They live like kings but they don’t earn it! And sure don’t deserve it. What a bunch of criminals! Let’s vote them all out this time!!

  33. I’ve never heard of a politician going into “Public service” as a poor man…….and coming out poor. It’s not the salary that counts, it’s the graft.

  34. Consider THIS – –
    Salary of retired US Presidents …………..$180,000/yr FOR LIFE – (Hmmm?)
    Salary of retired House/Senate …………..$174,000/yr FOR LIFE – (This is stupid!)
    Salary of retired Speaker of the House … $223,500/yr FOR LIFE – (REALLY stupid!)
Salary of retired Majority/Minority Leaders … $193,400/yr FOR LIFE – (Dumb!)

  35. Getting elected is winning the lottery, this is the only example of employees making more money and benefits than their employer WE THE PEOPLE. In order to get reelected they sell their souls for campaign money no matter the harm they do to us and our country. Only by not reelecting them can we stop the destruction of our country and our way of life.

  36. People who EARN a living and better themselves to enjoy the fruits of their labor is commendable! After a politician’s term in office, they are like guests who over-stay their welcome. With guests, after three days, they smell like fish!

  37. How did Rahm Emanuel become a millionaire—offer his ability to sway Congressional votes for a Wall Street firm. Where is Stupek, the OBamacare vote, work now? Did the chief of staff Bill Daley work selling influence? What about inside information on stock trades? What about Obama’s promise to stop the revolvong door between DC and Wall Street.

  38. ONE thing WE know for sure, THEY are, for the most part, CROOKS. I have no FAITH in THEM at all. Let’s get RID of the BAD ones, starting with the Muslim PUNK-ASS, Assbama Insein Obastard. He is EVIL without a doubt. DUMP THE PUNK. NOW, PERIOD.

  39. So, why do they constantly criticize and ridicule wealthy people?? And why do we trust these politicians some of who made their wealth while they were supposed to be representing us????? It’s time to get rid of all of those wealthy, selfish, arrogant, stubborn politicians!!!

  40. Let’s give these guys a break … after all, you have to have lots ‘n lots ‘n lots of money to be a career politician …. I mean, it takes deep pockets doesn’t it to get re-elected in Washington for like 20 terms (PLEASE DENOTE SARCASM)

  41. How can they not get rich? They voted themselves the ability to break the law with insider trading….what would get anyone else thrown into prison!

  42. The only way you do that on $174,000 a year while maintaining two residences is to take money under the table. VOTE THEM OUT!

    Google “Two Minute Conservative,” and When you speak fine ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  43. Both of my “senators” from Oregon are there for the power, don’t give a damn about Oregons workers or unemployed, support amnesty and should have 2 borken arms from slapping themselves on the back for their success robbing the poor ignorant rubes way back home!

  44. This is just plain evil and wrong! I can see why they want our guns! They are in bed with Wall street, bailing out banks, GM, etc. This is all wealth stolen from the middle class. They will get what is coming to them and I pray we see it on earth before we die! God is a just God! He see’s the heart of our leaders! He hears the cries of his people! I will be working aggressively to vote them all out and I will be praying for them as the Bible commands! However, I will be laying my case for our republic as well! May the best man win! (or woman)

  45. The real question is, how many weren’t millionaires when they walked through the doors on their first day in Congress? Pay offs come in big envelopes.

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