Lesbian Feminist Camille Paglia Defends Masculine Virtues?

This is a rather bizarre turn of events. We live in a country where basically no one is on the side of the classical Western male. Most leftist “historians” claim that dead Anglo-Saxon men are the ultimate source of the world’s most persistent problems, and therefore living men are a continual threat. Honestly, I feel like an endangered species, but since most powerful people view me as a strain of smallpox, it is unlikely they will withold the vaccine to protect my existence. Except for this one lady: Camille Paglia. Strangely enough, Paglia possesses the qualities most likely to make her my enemy: she’s a liberal intellectual in the establishment, a feminist, and a lesbian. So, you can imagine my surprise when I read about her beliefs in a Wall Street Journal article.

Perhaps one line from her first book will help you see what I mean: “If civilization had been left in female hands, we would still be living in grass huts.”

Huh? It doesn’t end there. Paglia has recently been exasperating her apparent compatriots with a slew of rhetoric that strikes at the foundations of feminism, lesbianism, and the leftist agenda. Paglia defended Phil Robertson. She criticized politicians for avoiding military service. She attacked the school system for turning boys into “neuters.” She says that she loves sports radio, even going so far as to claim that when she hears the passion of callers, she realizes she is listening to the voices of the men who could save our country.

I hardly know what to say. On one hand, I am flabbergasted that she believes these things. Camille Paglia is the last person I would ever think to consider my ally. Yet, here she is, on a soapbox created for her by people who hate me, defending me to their faces.

And though I am pleased that she defies conventions, I can’t help but think there is a certain irrationality to her views. Why, if she really believes what she is saying, would she continue labelling herself a feminist? Why would she continue in lesbianism if heterosexual masculinity is the answer to civilization’s current problems?

I don’t know. But, for now, I am just pleased to see someone who is such a thorn in the side of the establishment. I hope she continues frustrating their expectations for many years to come.

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  1. Doesn’t she realize that under Islam that she would be dead meat? That is she opened her mouth the way she does she would be stoned to death. About the only good thing to come out of Islam is the lack of tolerance for perverts in psychopaths. Under Islam you with tolerance for perverts is in Mohammed’s case and some other high-ranking religious figures with the practice of everything from pedophilia the homosexuality is permitted.

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  2. If she doesn’t call heself a feminist, the “feminazis” would silence her. As for her “…continuing in lesbianism…” she could simply be more attracted, herself, by females than males. This is a sexual preference, not a political-social preference or recognition of the need for masculinity to make/save/create advances in civilization.

  3. Bravo! Common sense prevails! It’s taken almost fifty years to get back, even to the utterance of common truths that have been known for thousands of years. We’re making real “progress”.

  4. Where the heck have you been with regard to Paglia? She’s been far more libertarian than “Liberal” for as long as she’d been active in public life, far more adamant in her defense of individual human rights and responsibilities than most alleged conservatives in the Republican ranks.

    If you’re an advocate of government limited by the rule of law with regard to your own freedom and the liberties of your neighbors, then Camille Paglia has been your “ally” for decades.

  5. Bravo for Camille! Sadly she is correct. Women, at least ardent feminists have been emasculating men for several decades. Gloria Steinham started it. She should be ashamed of herself. IF WE DO AWAY WITH MEN; WHICH SEEMS TO BE THE RALLYING CRY FOR MOST “FEMINISTS?” Do they not understand it takes A MAN & A WOMAN. STOP TRYING TO CHANGE THE WORLD AND ACCEPT IT FOR WHAT IT IS.

    Doesn’t anybody realize that all our country’s problems particularly the weather is due to our disobedience to God’s Law? We are not in control, will never be in control and anyone who thinks differently is a FOOL.

  6. Camille Paglia is not a classical feminist. She is a neo-feminist who is not well liked by the classical feminists or academia. She does not believe that men and women are equal in all aspects, but they are inherently different. It is these differences that that provide a better society. Instead of all women demanding inclusion in all male roles, she argues that certain women who wish to do these jobs must compete on the same playing field as men. The best person wins, not because of gender, but on perceived competence. If it is a physically demanding job, say a fireman, the female recruits must do everything physical that the men do. Most women (and men) could not do that job because the physical demands. This is what destroys the classical feminist argument. The classical model says that all women are capable of all things men are. Ms. Paglia’s model simply states that not all women are capable, nor do they want the chance to prove it, what some men can do.

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