Leftists Outraged that Brain-Dead Texas Mother’s Unborn Baby May Live

Marlize Munoz has been declared brain-dead in Texas. In her living will, she asked not to be kept alive with machines. Her husband and family want to pull the plug. But there’s one catch—Marlize Munoz was fourteen weeks pregnant when she lost consciousness, so Texas law prohibits the family from pulling the plug, as the baby could still live.

Leftists immediately jumped on the interzweb to tell everyone how heartless, barbaric, theocratic, backwards, primitive, misogynist, anti-choice, and ignorant Texas is because of its legislative resistance to the wanton destruction of life.

Their highly emotional pleas ran like this: Texas is keeping the woman from getting her expressed wish. Texas is forcing the family to prolong their pain. Texas is keeping a child alive that will probably be special needs if it even survives. Texas is forcing higher medical bills on the family which Texas will not, of course, be willing to pay. Et cetera, et cetera.

What no one mentions is that the baby may well survive. And, against all odds, the baby might even be healthy. I find it hard to understand why the family, who purportedly loved the mother, would not want to take hold of any chance to save the baby.

The pro-choice argument that a woman should be allowed to do anything with her own body makes little sense in cases like this. It is precisely cases like this that pinpoint that a baby possesses a separate life and should be guaranteed his own rights. I’m tired of arguing about it frankly. I think Texas is doing the right thing here. I wish the family had a more hopeful perspective on the situation. It is certain that the baby, if he survives, will be a constant reminder of his mother. I fail to see why that would be a bad thing.

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  1. Face it, liberals have no capacity to reasonably consider the rights and welfare of this child. God Bless her and her Family.

  2. The reprobate minds do not see there is no difference in a woman having her unborn killed than the N. Korean dictator having his uncle killed.

  3. This is typical of the leftists. The way they’re going, in a few years, there won’t be any humans left on earth.

    • …if only the leftisits continue to kill themselves off and limit their reproduction, and the conservatives continue to reproduce, there will not be any of them left. only us, and the world will be right again. lol

  4. Liberalism is a death cult! They could not care less about this woman’s rights…they just want to kill infants…Evil Nazi Scum…

      • They are a COWARDLY death cult…..same as all those good Muslims who designate and send out the suicide bombers. If it so glorious and rewarding (72 virgins, etc.), how can they possibly relegate the supreme reward to some little girl or young man who doesn’t even know what a virgin is??.

      • Well, obviously you are not aware that liberals think they are better than you or me so why kill themselves? Narcissists the same as the prez and just as smart (NOT).

      • They are. What chance do they have to elect more Obama’s if all the babies they could have loved are killed. Then the God fearing will be the majority again and educate the young. Hopefully this country will be part of a God fearing world when God’s Son returns. If it isn’t then the prophecies for the US are too horrible, just what Obama is sending us toward now.

  5. Wonder what the left would say about pulling the plug on the 13 year old girl in New York who has been declared brain dead 3 times? So far, not a word.

  6. They must not think much of her if they are so willing to let the son or daughter growing inside her go too. If that were my child I think I would desperately want to give that last link a chance.

  7. As long as Leftists/Liberals/democRATs insist on aborting each other then eventually they will ease to be a political danger to the Nation!

    • Again, that’s a good thought, but the plug needing to be pulled is the one called entitlement. Entitlement to anything they want, whether it’s birth control, school lunches, and confiscation of other folks’ money and security.

  8. Damn the liberals!!! Damn them!!!! They claimt hat if the child lives he will be disabled… That makes it seem like the disabled are pond scum!!! Damn the liberals!!!!!! Take my word, the disabled are NOT scum. But thats what the anti liberity liberals think. The disabled are smarter than liberals. I am smarter than obama. If i was presedent i would nationaly make abortion illegal and ban queer marrage and suport the common american. I would use logic and make sure there was justice in the courts. The stupid obamadians think autistic folks are not worth being alive. WHAATTTT?????!!!!!!! This is insane. It makes me mad that the gov’nt think that the disabled should be dead. I fon’t like the term “mentaly ill ” it makes me feel like i am sick. I am not sick. I am smart. Evry time a tragety happens the liberals label the person who caused it a disabled person. At least obamacare does not control your medicine.

    • Oh, but Obamacare WILL control our medicines, including who is “expendable”. Phony Christians all of them. Jim Wallis is one of the worst, followed by Jeremiah Wright and Jesse Jackson. I wish Al Sharpton would lose all his teeth but one, and in that one he should have a toothache.

      • I have to have a certian brand of lamotrigine the brand that the insurance does not cover. If i do not use this one brand of lamortirigine i do not have stable moods

        • That seems to be the problem with all or at least most government controlled health care. Generics do not work for everyone. I suppose if it were up to some people, Haldol would be the only approved drug.

      • He never touched on that that I see. His statement is pure unmitigated and justified anger. Anyone who isn’t angry isn’t human.

    • Not only “disabled” but specifically “mentally ill”. What angers me the most is once you’re diagnosed as mentally ill, your Constitutional rights are severely limited. There isn’t one single enumerated right in the Bill of Rights that isn’t impacted in some way.

    • Every newborn at 2-3 months of age should be examined by an acupuncturist who specializes in Chinese Pediatrics because we can stop autism right then and there up to the age of 3. This medicine has been around for thousands of years and know what can be done without drugs and harm to the baby. I love this medicine because of what it can do and does..

      • If you are correct i hope more people can learn of this. On a different level we know that if the mother can be gotten off crack 2 months before birth of her baby; the baby will be born crack free. Now the law should force the crack mothers to be clean and have a clean beautiful baby. Believe it or not some of these mothers stay clean. Of course the pimps may have to be executed to save both mother and child.

  9. I hate what this country has become. The special interest groups, run by commies, have taken over. They organize and pool their money to push legislation that benefits them. The rest of us are screwed because we don’t have the money they do to fight it. God help us all.

  10. After the left learned that the mother was brain dead I would have thought they’d be pushing to keep her on life support until after the next election. Isn’t that their voter base! Sorry I couldn’t help myself. I know I know! I’m going straight to hell! Or Detroit.

    • Lose their voter base, LOL. Don’t forget their other voter base, the illegal alien morons and natural-born morons that were stupid enough to vote for Obama, including the evangelicals who stayed home rather than vote for a “Mormon”. Are these idiots proud of their “making of a statement”?, The voters blew it…the chance for an economy and jobs that would have come roaring back. AND a man who wouldn’t bow to crazed camel-jockeys.

  11. True, this baby may well survive and in fact could end up being a future President of the United States. Only God knows what the future holds.

    Fortunately, the state of Texas is protecting this baby’s life at this time.
    After dealing with the loss of the mother, hopefully the family will get on board and help raise a healthy baby.

    I don’t understand when it comes to issues of life, which is protected by the COTUS, why we mere mortals think we can choose what life is worth protecting.

  12. Who knowns, if the Baby lives it could maybe have the cure for cancer or heart disease or might even be an honest politician or maybe a truthful lawyer. The odds are but real long, anything is possible. I guess they figure they have murdered 58 Million, what’s one more?

  13. Apparently the husband and family don’t feel the woman would want her child to survive or perhaps they feel that they would, in our president’s words, be punished by the birth of the child.

  14. This is what the liberals and TROLLS would rather see. Don’t forget the endorsement of term & near term abortion by obamao and the demonic party platform.

  15. To people like Adolph Hitler, the pre-born child might turn out to be less-than-perfect … one of those he labeled a ‘useless eater’ … and would need to be ‘gassed’ anyway! Right?
    So why then can’t pro-lifers learn how to be more like the nazis of old … and their fellow feminazis of today … and just not make such a big deal about the value human life???

    C’mon! Let’s do like the modern-day feminazis do … and murder the child … NOW!!!
    All those in favor … say seig heil!!!

  16. I happen to know a pair of twins that were on their way to the table to be aborted before their birth when their 15 year old mother changed her mind and went home. Tell them, that it is wrong to keep this baby alive.

  17. Many babies born of brain dead women have lived and went on to lead good lives. Remember, these same idiots hoped that Barbara Bush would die while in hospital. Yep, they are sure for women, aren’t they? They are sooo sick. When it happens to them, will they follow their advice? Doubt it as they are basically cowards and jealous.

  18. I suspect there is a cash incentive for the family here. If the mother is truly dead, her wishes are moot. I can’t believe that she would want her child killed because her life is over. But the other troubling aspect of this is the desire on the part of certain “experts” to claim that brain dead is a clinical state. The fact is that there are many cases of people making a full recovery when organ harvesters were preparing to cut into living persons to take their vital organs. Our society has strayed from any respect for the lives of individuals, at all stages of life.

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