Leftist Karl Pierson Knew How to Win the Gun Debate

About eight miles from Columbine, a bright, well-spoken, young debate student walked into his school openly displaying a shotgun and asked for his debate instructor by name. When the instructor got word of the student’s obviously hostile intentions, he exited the school. The boy then shot at some students, wounding two before he took his own life—the only casualty in the shooting.

The student, identified as Karl Pierson, was apparently reeling from the fact that he had not qualified for the debate Nationals, and he wanted to unleash his disappointment on his debate instructor. At least, that is the narrative gaining currency right now. But there are a few puzzling elements to this story.

First, according to the Denver Post, Karl Pierson was well-known in his school and neighborhood as “a dedicated, bright student from a religious family that attends Bible study meetings.” This is misleading of course. The headline for the article cites that the gunman “held strong political beliefs.” Juxtaposed with the remarks about his “religious” upbringing, one would automatically assume he was a gun-toting, far-right conservative extremist. He wasn’t.

Karl Pierson was an extremist, but it turns out he was a far-left extremist. He vehemently ridiculed conservatives at every turn, criticized free market economics, labelled himself as “Keynesian,” and even criticized Republicans for their stance on “gun violence.”

So why would a would-be debater who leaned far left in politics and by all accounts supported strict gun control measures bring a Biden-approved shotgun to his school near the anniversary of the Sandy Hook shooting?

Read that last sentence again and put the pieces together for yourself. Is it really that opaque? It’s pretty clear to me that Karl Pierson took the route most liberals take in their war on the Second Amendment. They can’t win through debate—statistics, history, and logic are not on their side. So, failing to qualify through argumentation, they resort to manipulation, informal fallacy, emotional appeals, and blunt force.

I think he brought a shotgun to school right when everyone’s mind was focused on gun violence in order to further emphasize his beliefs on gun control: “Do you see what happens when guns, even shotguns, are not strictly regulated? More school shootings, that’s what!” He knew he would lose his life in the process, but perhaps he felt like that was worth it.

The mainstream media is trying very hard to slant this one. They can’t let any crisis go to waste. When it becomes even more abundantly clear that Karl Pierson’s “strong political beliefs” were leftist, the media will go silent on it more than likely. But we should not. It is likely that leftists are staging these shootings to gain political leverage. Highly likely.

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  1. Here is how to handle the gun debate. Publish a list of all the anti-gun people and their addresses. This will enable the criminals to safely identify houses to rob and then those of us with guns will not have to shoot any burglars breaking in. Everybody wins! They get to be victims, criminals don’t get injured, we don’t shoot anybody.

      • Maybe we could stake out the anti-gunners’ homes and after the burglars have raped and pillaged, we can shoot them on their way out! That way, the Lefties become gun-lovers, the state saves the money they would have spent on prosecution, and we get good target practice while saving on range fees!

    • I love it when someone’s logic is as clear as a bell. You covered every point perfectly. As a matter of fact I do believe there is a list of the BHL’s who oppose the use of guns. Just think we might be able to kill two birds with one stone and we gun toting troglodytes won’t even have to use any type of fire arm to do so—just a box of rocks.

    • Guns are a favorite target of burglars. If they know you’re not home, and they think the gun is in there, that’s where they’re going.

  2. The SandyHook shooter was a registered democrat as was his mother. The Colorado theatre shooter was a progressive activist and a leader in the Occupy movement. The shooter of Gabi Giffords was one of her supporters (yes, progressive). The Columbine killers were too young to vote, but both families were progressives. The list goes on. This is weirdness, but again, best I can tell, it’s all about fighting against the 2nd amendment knowing that these inconvenient facts will be obscured by the press.

    • Other than labeling the creatures who inhabit the extreme radical fascist gun grabbing left-wing party of death as “progressives,” your comment is correct! Every tyrant in the history of mankind has tried to disarm those of their subjects they feared. The modern day extreme radical fascist gun grabbing left-wing party of death democrats are no different. Those extreme radical left-wing gun grabbing party of death members are the most regressive and illiberal lifeforms to ever walk the face of the earth. There is absolutely nothing that is actually progressive about the extreme left radical party of death. Their use of the term progressive is just another way they twist definitions of words to fit their own evil, vile, perverted, hateful and angry political/social agenda.

      • In fact, when discussing this very issue with gun-grabbers and lefties I always agree with them, that yes, they should be banned from owning guns and that only responsible, trustworthy conservatives should. This agreement just drives them batty because they are usually immediately on their heels to try to defend THEIR ability to own firearms.

    • I thought that there was another consistency in all the shooters besides being raised by progressive parents: prescription meds for behavioral issues. All were in or recently in the care of psychologists. So we can conclude that liberalism IS in fact a mental disorder.

  3. I perfectly understand why the left uses every possible situation to push their gun control agenda. Gun control is the first step to total gun confiscation which is one step away from a dictatorship they are after. I do not understand though, why opponents of gun control always fall in the left propaganda trap by arguing unimportant details and forgetting about the main reason of what the argument is about.

    Three teens murdered a complete stranger because they were bored, and we are busy arguing about the race of the boys, other boy decided that the best way to kill himself would be to shoot somebody else, and we are talking about his political views. Is it really the only thing which matter???
    There is something fundamentally wrong with a society where young generation cannot find a better way to entertain themselves than to kill others and to deal with their disappointments by using better tools than suicide. Gun control offers nothing to solve this issue and has absolutely nothing to do with this shooting. It is time for Americans to stop playing by the rules of the Ministry of Truth from DC. It is definitely time for American parents to start teaching kids a proper use of their brains.

    • And perhaps parents could stop buying violent video games and letting their kids endlessly shoot/knockout/whatever…that seems to also be a common factor in the lives of these teen shooters. WHEN are Hollywood and game makers and television networks going to be held accountable for their ‘if it doesn’t have lots of violence, we won’t show it’ offerings to the public?

      We watch the old movies on TCM and AMC and appreciate how people used to spend money to see a movie that actually left them feeling good about themselves and their country when they left the theater. Today, movie producers continue to hawk their dysfunctional themes and violence – even if they are flops. We no longer go to a theater, but the young do…and they are impressionable and that is NOT good!

      • Violent video games aren’t the problem, at least the vast majority of them aren’t. Aggression gained by playing them only last for about 5 minutes after stopping. That doesn’t mean it can’t be a problem on influencing people’s outlook in the long term though. A lot of these problems are caused by bad gun culture and any number of things can add to that. It goes beyond movies and TV shows at this point as it’s ingrained into some people.

    • That would require their parents to understand the proper use of brains as well, and unfortunately a lot of them don’t grasp that either.

      They grew up libs and it is how this all festered.

      Just like Hitler said, start with the youth. We are reaping from the previous generation, and the problems go back a bit.

    • It now comes out that the most recent shooter also had a machete and a few Molotov cocktails…so much for the anti-gun crowd’s blaming the inanimate object once again.

    • Your post was obviously intended for the conservative audience here. Progressives don’t like your logic and reject it out of hand. We talk about the finer details here because we know the overall problem and don’t need to educate ourselves on it. What is discussed is the fine detail because that is what the media distorts to make its foggy points. Regarding the parents of the perps, they don’t care about their kids or how they grow up. They are too busy looking after their selfish selves.

      • The fundamental difference between your and my opinion on gun control with the opinion of today’s government and all their slaves is that we believe that we have a right to protect our and our children’s lives and they believe we don’t.

        Extreme violence among teens is a reality and if we agree that we understand why it happened we should concentrate on what to do to stop. There is no need to discuss these kids race or political views because it doesn’t help to answer for a question “what should we do about it”.

        As for the media, I grew up in USSR where the only use of Pravda was to substitute toilet paper which was never available in stores. Mainstream media in America today has even less value than Pravda in USSR before Perestroika. Why should we waste time discussing their lies if we know that they incapable to tell a truth?

        • You said “There is no need to discuss these kids race or political views because it doesn’t help to answer for a question “what should we do about it”. I have finally found something I can disagree with you on. Race is a huge issue with what is wrong here. If you take the blacks and illegal hispanics out of the population you could shut down 80% of our prisons. Obama and the Democrats would never have been elected and welfare costs including food stamps and medicaid would shrink to insignificant numbers. You must know this is true or you are in deep denial. I didn’t include legal hispanics here because I think they are good, honest and productive citizens just like anybody else. The illegal ones just come here to drink our blood.

          • No, I don’t try to pretend that demographics don’t matter. I know statistics. I also know that if you’ll separate big cities from the rest of America, democrats will be different, republicans will be different, illegals will not take jobs designated to our kids or to robots designed by our kids, number of single parent families would shrink and amount of single women who need a dictator-king to substitute a strong male in their lives would also shrink.

            But, since NY, LA, Chicago, Detroit and other “blue” places are still part of OUR America, and all these kids – whites, blacks, Hispanic, Asians, and all the mixes – are OUR kids. WE need to find the way to stop them from killing each other and themselves. Obama will not do it, he benefits from hatred and violence. But, if people really want something, they can stand against their own government and they can win.

  4. One more case of a liberal Democrat gone wild. You want gun control OK how about no Democrat can have a gun ( or a car or a knife or a etc) Or a wood house or oil for heat or coal in their stocking. John

  5. Liberals, progressives, democrats, Marxists, etc. are all members of the same cult. They’re not rational, they are religious zealots.

    They don’t respond to facts, reason or reality.

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