Jesus Healed a Pedophile’s Lover?

A friend, Justus Stout, wrote this article. I thought it was of interest, so I am posting it here with his permission:

The LGBT community has just produced undeniable biblical evidence that Jesus condoned gay marriage. With scribe-like insight, Jay Michaelson brings to light a passage that clearly shows Jesus condoning the gay lifestyle of a Roman centurion by healing his same-sex lover.

Well… not quite.

Jay Michaelson, a writer for Huffington Post’s “Gay Voices,” recently wrote an article titled “When Jesus Healed a Same-Sex Partner.” The entire article can be viewed here.  Although he refers to some excellent passages, his conclusions are misguided at best. At worst? Unashamed fabrication.

Here is how Michaelson recounts the story:

The story of the faithful centurion, told in Matthew 8:5-13 and Luke 7:1-10, is about a Roman centurion who comes to Jesus and begs that Jesus heal his pais, a word sometimes translated as “servant.” Jesus agrees and says he will come to the centurion’s home, but the centurion says that he does not deserve to have Jesus under his roof, and he has faith that if Jesus even utters a word of healing, the healing will be accomplished. Jesus praises the faith of the centurion, and the pais is healed. This tale illustrates the power and importance of faith, and how anyone can possess it. The centurion is not a Jew, yet he has faith in Jesus and is rewarded.

So what’s the big deal? Michaelson excitedly presents an interesting textual fact that has somehow evaded the eye of church scribes and intellectuals for almost 2,000 years: the person that Jesus healed was gay! This is how he makes his argument:

 But pais does not mean “servant.” It means “lover.” In Thucydides, in Plutarch, in countless Greek sources, and according to leading Greek scholar Kenneth Dover, pais refers to the junior partner in a same-sex relationship.

See, by healing the centurion’s same-sex lover, Jesus condones a kind of sexual intimacy other than heterosexuality! (Of course, this already raises an interesting question: does healing prove endorsement? Did Jesus condone every action of every person he healed? Seems like a stretch.)

First of all, the examples Michaelson gives (Thucydides and Plutarch) are pulled from Classical Greek, which is a separate study from the Koine Greek in which the New Testament was written. Even his “leading Greek scholar” (Kenneth Dover) is distinguished for his studies in Classical Greek. To “cross-pollinate” these two studies is a serious academic oversight. The use of a term in Classical Greek can greatly vary from the same term’s usage in Koine Greek, evident in something as seemingly trivial as the word the. The word pais is an example of this.

As with any term that has more than one possible meaning, we can best decipher an author’s intended meaning by seeing how he uses the same term elsewhere. In order to find out what Matthew and Luke mean by their use of pais, it would behoove us to look at their own use of this word in other contexts. Fortunately for our study, both authors use the word in several other places. Let’s take a look:

Matthew’s first use of pais is in Herod’s decree to kill all the male pais in the land (2:16). Was this a mass killing of young lover boys? Obviously not. Herod was trying to kill any and all boys around Jesus’ age in order to kill Jesus.

The next use (Matthew 12:18) is a quote from Isaiah, when God demands us to “Behold, my pais whom I have chosen.” Do we even want to suggest that God’s relationship with Jesus is a homosexual/pedophiliac one? That’ll be a difficult argument to make, to say the least.

Up next is when Herod hears about the miracles of Jesus and tells his servants (pais) that he thinks it is a returned-from-the-dead John the Baptist (14:2). It would make more sense for Herod to be discussing this issue with his civil servants instead of gossiping the news with his harem of young male lovers. The rest of Matthew’s uses of pais are similar: they refer to young boys or servants, with no evidence as to their sexual dealings with older men.

In the gospel of Luke, the word is used in reference to God’s pais Israel (make sense of that one), and God’s pais, David (again… are we to say David was the boy-lover of God?). Then we have the story of Jesus, when he remained in Jerusalem instead of returning home with his family (Luke 2:43). Unless you want to make the argument that Jesus (in his young days as a theological prodigy) was being molested by his teachers, pais in this context simply means boy.

Finally, in Luke 8:54 we have a similar story to that of the centurion. A ruler’s daughter dies. Jesus goes to the ruler’s house and, in the presence of the father and mother (and a few disciples), says the resurrecting words: “Pais, arise.” Now, unless Jesus is to be accused not only of pedophilia but also necrophilia, we would have to conclude that pais simply means “child.”

Just as the English word mistress doesn’t have to refer to a woman in an extramarital relationship, the Koine Greek word pais doesn’t always refer to a young boy who has sexual relations with older men. In fact, in the New Testament, it never does.

It seems Mr. Michaelson wanted something from Scripture that wasn’t really there: a proof-text for homosexuality being okayed by Jesus. Michaelson really doesn’t care what the Bible says about morality, though. He shows his cards when he says (concerning his take on the “pais” relationship): “This is not a relationship that any LGBT activist would want to promote today.” So wait, even if you are right about this word and about Jesus condoning this relationship, you would immediately refuse to promote such a relationship? Hold on… do you even care what Jesus thinks?

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  1. A couple points worth noting:

    1. Even for classical Greek, Michaelson mischaracterizes the evidence. The standard lexicon of classical Greek (Liddell, Scott, and Jones, or LSJ) lists “child” as the primary meaning of παῖς. This is enough to defeat his claim that because παῖς can mean “homosexual lover” in some passages, it must therefore have that meaning in all passages where it appears (an error which Justus already pointed out).

    2. The boundary between classical and Koine isn’t always clear-cut. The classical usage of a word may or may not have overlap with the Koine usage. Whether it does or not has to be determined for each individual word (comparing LSJ with BDAG, the standard lexicon of New Testament Greek, would be a good start).

    3. Finally, while Thucydides isn’t a Koine writer, Plutarch was actually born in A.D. 46 and is squarely within the Koine period.

    It looks like Michaelson’s error stems from a hasty reading of a quotation from Dover’s book. He links to, which quotes Dover as saying in “Greek Homosexuality” “The pais in a homosexual relationship was often a youth who
    had attained full height.” The rest of the article repeats the error mentioned above: it assumes that because παῖς refers to a homosexual partner _sometimes_, it does so _always_. This is preposterous, and I don’t think I need to go track down Dover’s book to know that he wasn’t making such a claim.

  2. What’s sick is these people, so called, keep trying to justify their actions and behaviors in a moral context and that, within the Bible. Talk about a sick perverted crowd. In the last days they will call evil good and good evil. These people are clearly evil in the proper context and meaning.

    • They have to in order to justify themselves,however, before God which they will stand one day, they will have not be able to justify their homosexuality. People who willfully continue to sin and justify their sin, will always stay with whom will give them what their itching ears wish to hear (to justify their sin).

      Not just bashing homosexuality; it also goes for those who do any sexual sin (or sin in general). If you continue in your behavior and knowingly continue to sin, you are against God’s will.

    • I wonder how Christians will react to the movie that will be released this year about the Virgin Mary being raped by a Roman Soldier and having us believe that Jesus is the offspring of the Roman Soldier. Many of these extremists will still give these lower than reptiles a pass. I won’t.

      • The idea that Jesus was Mary’s bastard son from a Roman soldier is not new. It was in the Talmud for centuries until around the time of the Reformation, when Protestant scholars began to learn to read Hebrew and read the Talmud. In later editions of the Talmud it was expunged. Blessed be Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made of the seed of David according to the flesh; And declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead.

        • I know that. This has been a Jewish rumor for many years but this will be the first time they produced a movie about this disgusting vile lie.

  3. I love it when those that don’t know God try to tell us what God meant in his word. It takes more than a translator to divine the truth in God’s word. God will not go contrary to his word. God can not lie; and does not have too. Jesus Christ, God, loves sinners. And did save the young man’s life. But not because he was GAY. He was healed because Christ saw the Faith of the Centurion.

    • That Centurion demonstrated (according to Jesus Himself) a level of faith not seen anywhere in Israel. That Scripture never says, nor even hints at anyone’s sexual orientation. It says “servant,” and that’s all. The whole emphasis and impact of the story eludes to the fact that the Centurion was concerned for his servant. He also knew something else–his own sin and the nature of it;; and the authority of Christ. He knew who Jesus was. The Centurion was not a stupid man; and he was asking someone greater than he to help.

      • This is a lesson in the compassion of Jesus. Even though Jesus condemns the Centurion for his evil ways, he still healed him because of his faith.

    • Satan is the father of all lies…GOD is th light! believe in Jesus and all shall be forgiven. Pray so all people can and will understand. And man ate from the tree of knowledge…and GOD removed them (they had knowledge of good and evil!)

  4. ALL evil looks to condone what they do…. homosexuality is a sickness of mind and body….they are not born, but are persuaded by Satan to led this life style. They are to be pitted and prayed for……..

    • I find it interesting that what was formly called sin is now called a sickness. Alcoholism and drug abuse comes to mind. Another is the “spoiled brat syndrome” I can’t remember the scientific name.

        • I knew a girl once who was examined by a doctor who said she had an excess of male hormones. He, and her parents wanted her to take female hormones to try and correct it. By the time they realized she was gay she was in her teens and refused the treatment. She made the lives of her family a living hell. And expensive supporting her. She lied to her parents ,once saying she had cancer so her father would allow her to lay around the house and pay her bills. WHen she was proven not to have cancer she claimed she was cured. He went to his grave thinking his prayers did it.

          • A very poignant story. I have deep sympathy for her father and family. She will have to answer for her transgressions one day.

    • You could say that some homosexuals are sick, but I don’t buy that all homosexuality is a sickness. All sexual deviance is a vile, abnormal sin.

  5. It you are going to make such Ignorant Assertions, make sure you get ALL of what you are talking about Correct. “Pais” is NOT the ONLY word referring to the person that was used in the Original Text. “Pais” “Entamos” and “Dulos” from the ANCIENT Greek were used to describe the person. But, in your Limited BIGOTED mind, You Refuse to put ALL of the Information in your article, which Would Disagree with your Attitude.
    But, what can one Expect from a Hate-Filled person. Not Very Jesus Like

  6. What’s your point? Homosexuality has been here since the beginning of people. Why condemn them? Maybe it’s because you have a very active imagination and want to “imagine” what they do sexually? Personally, I don’t want to visualize what my heterosexual friends do sexually… What my husband and I do is strictly ourbusiness. Just get over it and quit making it an issue. I have too many really really good friends whom are homosexual. I wouldn’t trade any of them for a died in the wool liberal would you?

    • Justjammin: the SIN, the ACT is being condemned. However, the individuals who propagate such filthy twisting of the Scriptures will be castigated as needed.

      And homosexuality has been here since the beginning because mankind has sinned and rebelled since the beginning. Yours is no argument.

  7. Mike and Stephen both make excellent points,the knowledge of the wisdom of God through Jesus on earth(as Christ was both human and divine)has been ‘bandied’ about for centuries. Usually the easiest understanding of the Bible,for simple folk(not simpletons) is also the best way to determine what the Bible is conveying to all true followers of the Messiah.. Take a rest body and brain and let the Spirit take control. God is Spirit as Paul said and that is how He is to be worshiped.!, in the spirit. The one doing the writing knows in his heart whether he is following spirit or flesh,at least if they don’t rationalize their ideas.

  8. “Do you even care what Jesus thinks?” Obviously homosexuals and those who support them don’t because if they did they wouldn’t take the words of Christ and use them to support their perverted lifestyle.

    • Its the Hollywood crowd that is responsible for much of this. Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are producing all of Obama’s negative ads. A journalist recently said that Spielberg is the master of twisting the truth, just look at his movies. Spielberg said the way to beat Romney is to twist his positives into negatives. What a piece of crap Spielberg is.

      • Can’t remember exactly who said it but it’s something to the effect of if you tell a lie often enough no matter how big it is eventually people will believe it. From what I can tell practically everyone in Hellywood is a master at it.

  9. Very simple and nothing to explain. HATE THE SIN, LOVE THE SINNER. There is nothing unusual about him healing anyone no matter what the sin, It is the person’s faith in him that gets the healing. That does not mean he condones being Gay, if, indeed, the man was gay which I doubt. I have heard of rewriting history, but rewriting the bible takes the cake.

  10. Sin is sin. We all are sinners: The importance of not continuing in a life of sin is what is important in God’s eyes. The definition of sodomy has not changed, the same as the defintion of murder, incest, lying, cheating, bearing false witness, lust, adultery and so forth. God in His word condones none of these. You may say you are born a sodomite, sorry, a gay person, but it is not backed up by scripture. Christians don’t condemn you, they love you, We just believe God desires to change your life style of sin just as He would any other life style of sin. John 3:16 say’s it all.

    • We are all sinners David sodomized his sons, raped his daughter , was an adulterer but God still forgave him. I can’t imagine why, but scripture says he did.

        • Google this. Its on YouTube and several other places. I actually saw it on TV. The host was a Jewish historian. You can also check out Helen Greene, a Jewish historian, and Dr. David Irving, a British Historian.

        • You want Scripture. I’ll give you some.

          If you are truly a Christian as you say, you know we were taught this in Catechism classes. Pilot washed his hands three times of the guilt ordered by the murdering Jewish High priests.
          Caiaphas(lived first century), Jewish high priest who presided at the trial of Jesus Christ. According to Christian sources, in a general council summoned to take action on the preaching’s of Jesus, Caiaphas condemned Jesus to death by crucifixion, because he considered him, a fraud, a false prophet and blasphemous (John 11:47-53). The Romans crucified Jesus at the behest of the Jewish council. The Encarta® Desk Encyclopedia Copyright © & ? 1998 Microsoft Corporation

    • Don’t know all of the ins and outs about the article being discussed. However, in the sermon on the same subject which we accidentally stumbled into while visiting a mainline church while we were on vacation a few years back, the theory being promoted by the pastor was that the “servant” was actually a “young boy” who had been purchased so that the Centurion could indulge in a carnal relationship with the boy. Therefore, at least according to the pastor who was preaching on this subject several years ago, the boy involved was a slave. A “young boy” would, in those days, have been equivalent to an an under-age teenager in our vernacular today. At least in American society, an older person who engages in carnal relationships with under-aged children is considered to be a pedophile. In a word, the pastor was arguing that the Centurion was an individual like Penn State’s Sandusky, and the “servant boy” would have been like Sandusky’s victims – and Jesus was ENDORSING the carnal homosexual relationship between the Centurion and the young slave boy by agreeing to heal the boy. However, since we know that ONLY Jesus was perfect and everyone else is a sinner, we know that EVERYONE whom Jesus healed was a sinner. Just because Jesus healed them does NOT indicate that Jesus in any way approved of the sinful life which they had indulged in BEFORE they met Jesus and were healed. For example, Romans 3:23 says — For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God — Romans 3:23. See also. Romans 3:19-31. See also Romans 6:22-23 — But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, you have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life. For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. On a number of occasions, Jesus advised people to give up their sinful lives. For example, when after Jesus had defended the woman taken in adultery, and her accusers had all gone, Jesus told the woman that, while He was not condemning her, she SHOULD end her sinful lifestyle — And Jesus said unto her, Neither do I condemn you. Go, and sin no more. — John 8:11. Earlier, after Jesus had healed a man who had been paralyzed for 38 years, jesus found the man later in the temple and warned him about the dangers of engaging in a sinful lifestyle. “Afterward Jesus found him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, you are made whole. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto you.” — John 5:14 Plus, of course, the entire argument being promoted by these “theologians” who are promoting the notion that the Centurion was engaged in a carnal relationship with the servant whom Jesus healed are hanging their entire argument on the theory that the word “pais” always means the same thing – a young servant boy who is engaged in a carnal relationship with an older man – simply because, at one point, that particular word was used in that particular sense. However, even in English we have examples of a great many words which mean entirely different things, depending upon the context of the discussion. Not the least of which is the word “gay!” Just because “gay” has recently been high-jacked by the homosexual political activists to identify themselves does NOT mean that someone who used the word “gay” 15 or 20 or 100 years ago had the same meaning in mind when they used the word. When I was growing up, “gay” meant colorful, bright, happy and carefree! Looks to me like “pais” is just another word which the homosexual political activists are determined to high-jack for their OWN purposes! English words which are spelled the same but have different meanings are known as homonyms. Bot example, if you were to ask someone else to assist you to “bear” a burden – you would, perhaps, be hoping that they would help you carry some suitcases up the stairs. However, if you went camping and you were concerned about meeting up with a “bear” – you would be thinking about a big furry animal with sharp teeth and claws who might be attempting to make off with your picnic basket! If you were discussing a “fluke,” you could be discussing a fish, a flatworm, the end parts of an anchor, the fins on a whale’s tail, or a stroke of luck. When you go camping, you might decide to pitch your tent on a rider “bank.” However, before heading out for your camping trip, you might stop by your local savings “bank” in order to make sure that you had enough money in case you needed to make some unexpected purchases while on your camping trip. A river “bank” and a savings “bank”, although spelled the same way – mean something entirely different in the context of the discussion in which those words are used. Also consider the many different meanings associated with the word “bow.” A bow could be a long wooden stick with horse hair which is used to play a stringed instrument, such as a violin. “Bow” can also mean to lean forward at the waist in a gesture of respect (such as to “bow” down,) The front of a ship is also identified as a “bow.” A weapon which is used to shoot arrows is also known as a “bow.” However, when a young lady ties a “bow” in her hair, she is usually using a pretty ribbon. With slightly different spelling – but still sounding like many of the other “bows,” there is the “bough” which is the branch of a tree. In years gone by, when young ladies spoke about having a “beau,” they were usually talking about a young gentleman who planned to come calling. Although “beau” has a different spelling, it has the same sound as a number of other “bows,” but a meaning entirely different from all of the others. It is time for those pastors who are preaching “gay liberation theology” to wake up and smell the coffee. It was Jesus Himself who said — Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin. — John 8:34. We can only continue to pray that those pastors who have deliberately chosen to subvert their ministries in order to promote “gay liberation theology” from their pulpits will, one day, wake up enough to realize what John was saying when he told fellow believers — If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar, and His word is not in us. — I John 1:8-10.

  11. Romans 1:24-27

    24 Therefore God gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen. 26 Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.

  12. Obviously they do not care. Read 1 Cor 6:9 And if you do not believe this all of those in the Bible are hypocrites.

  13. It is not just America and Christians being attacked…It is also and foremost Jesus and the Bible being attacked… Thank God for those exposing satan’s lies…

  14. They know what they do and believe in is not morally right and so they must use any means to justify that. The liberals and gays are the most astonishingly accomplished people at making up facts out of whole cloth.

    • The liberals and gays are all pathological liars that twist everything to their advantage. If they tell me its raining I assume we’re in a drought. This entire movement is destroying our nation. Time to put an end to it in November.

  15. They tell people to ignore the teachings of the Bible, then they try to say that the same Bible ok’s their lifestyle. It doesn’t work that way.

  16. It just showes that Jusus would have approved Obama care for all and especially the poor. lI don’t think he would have approved the Mega Church goers who pray for wealthe and money for themselves.

  17. Let’s consider Justus Stout’s premise a moment for the sake of discussion. Assuming that there was a homosexual relationship between the centurian and his “pais”, the healing would have ended at least the sexual aspect of the relationship. The two could have remained friends (philleo). Like the woman caught in adultry and would have been stoned to death, the healing dynamic would have ended the destructive behavior. Otherwise healing would not have taken place. (miracles have consequenses) Therefore, if this premise has any validity, homosexuals are then obliged to overcome thier sexual obsession, not continue in it. Furthermore, God can and will help if sought. There are 8 principles and 12 steps & traditions as a program of recovery. I believe the real point is “hate the sin, but love (agape) the sinner enough to aid in recovery.”.

    • I have disagreed with the prase, “Hate the sin, but love the sinner” as it all too often leads to tolerance to the sin and then acceptance. But, I do like and agree with how you put it, “love the sinner enough…” This is what I strive for. To love them enough to teach them that what they are doing, any sin not just homosexualitly, is wrong and encourage them to seek what is right. To seek the Truth and to teach them about Jesus Christ.

  18. The LGBT activists continue to delude themselves that their perverse sexual practices are acceptable with God. They ignore that OT and NT not only calls it sin, but an abomination. Jesus referenced from Genesis in Matthew 19:4-6 in declaring that God created male and female and that the two become one in marriage and clearly did not endorse same sex relationships. Jesus also healed many who led very sinful lives. However, he told them to go and sin no more. He didn’t mean sinless perfection, but rather genuine repentance (change of heart and mind) concerning their sinful practices that were destructive and harmful to them, those around them and their relationship with God. The Bible rightly declares that homosexual sin is leaving the natural use of the body as designed by our Creator God. The continued effort to argue against the natural design of the body and the God who created that body is to ignore nature and common sense. In the end, the argument is with God and twisting scripture or rewriting it to suit your own purposes only leads to bondage to the sin and an ultimate rejection by God. There is nothing new under the sun. Creating a God that suits your sinful imaginations has been done ever since sin entered creation. Jesus offers freedom from the penalty and the power of sin and is not willing that any would perish, but in the end, it will be our will or God’s that will be done.

  19. I want to be there when they stand before God and he opens their Book of Life. Oh, can you imagine then what they will be saying? Or should I say pleading to spare them from eternal damnation. Too late then folks!!

  20. The gay cabal make me lose my religion (forget myself and go off on them).
    This is just sick. They will do anything, distort anything, lie lie and lie some more in a pathetic attempt to validate a sick lifestyle choice. Sexual perversion of ANY kind–including fornication, adultery, bestiality, homosexuality, will NEVER be condoned by Almighty God. Lord Jesus, come quickly. The pervs can have this sick world. I just want to go Home with You.

  21. Healing equals condoning? Ludicrous.

    Every time Jesus performed healing He had a purpose. Above incident was to emphasis the power of faith. When He saved the whore, it was cast the first stone those without sin and go and sin no more. Did He condone promiscuity? When He rebuked Legion was He condoning being possessed by multiple demons?

    Again, ludicrous.

  22. These folks are justifying their actions.. They are twisting the Word of GOD to their own destruction .. JESUS saves us from our sins, not in them. They don’t like to retain GOD in their knowledge and have turned the Truth of GOD into a lie…

  23. Satan really has these homos really blind & proud of being gay. Sorry about your condition. I suggest you take a closer look at the Bible more closely if you want Salvation or damnation. I think you have already made your choice and it is bad so you will pay consequences. But there is still time as you breath to turn to Jesus, He will forgive you because He loves you but He hates sin (Remember). For the wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus our Lord. Romans 6:23

  24. Let’s just simplify this whole “gay” issue, ok? Nature’s law (natural law) reflects God’s law. Animals found in nature are not gay, therefore to be gay is UNNATURAL. The 1963 Communist Goals can further elaborate on this issue. A couple of the goals deal with making Americans believe that what is abnormal and unnatural is really natural and normal…mission accomplished. In fact, most of the 45 goals listed have been accomplished. Removing God from the public sector and, especially removing prayer from the schools was another goal…mission accomplished. The guy at Huffpo can join Nazi Pelosi with her blasphemous accounts of Scripture…Shakespeare once said, even the devil can quote Scripture for his own purpose. I rest my case.

  25. Luke in the King James version explains it as a servant that was DEAR to the Centurion. In the issue of the daughter he saved again it was a child that was DEAR to her father. The story of Lazarus again was a friend that was DEAR to Jesus. The disciple John claims that he was the FAVORITE of Jesus as a means of claiming validity to his report of the life and meaning of the teachings of Jesus. Being able to retain all these incidences and comparing their usages should reveal the TRUE meaning of their INTENT as used by Jesus rather than looking for a specific word or phrase to prove ones’ point. Reading is an ART just as the writing of the original author using PARAGRAPHS rather than sentences to convey his thoughts were and still are. Recognizing the authors STYLE will reveal all the changes that were made to the original manuscript / printing to change the meaning of the gospels to suit a specific purpose.A perfect example is Matt; 16 v. 17 where he supposedly appoints Peter to be the head of his church and immediately calls him Satan and chastises him for worshiping the things of men over the things of God. It should be clear that the wording had been changed from ” blessed art thou Simon Bar Lonah, for thou hast spoken the TRUTH and upon this ROCK (the rock of truth ) will I build my church,and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

  26. Several years ago, while on vacation, we stopped off at a church which appeared to us to be just an average, ordinary evangelical mainstream church. We were appalled when the pastor in the pulpit began to promote this exact same theory! Needless to say, when the service was over, we high-tailed it out of that church so fast it would make your head spin. We definitely did NOT want to shake the pastor’s hand OR to stick around the “fellowship” hour following the service! It is too bad that churches do not feel compelled to practice “truth in advertising.” It seems to me that churches which are preaching ONLY “gay liberation theology” would be doing everyone a favor if they would put a sign up out front which would clearly state that the church preaches ONLY “gay liberation theology!”

    Besides, of course, even if this fellows theory were correct, the bottom line is that Jesus healed MANY people who were sinners – but that did not mean that he was endorsing the sinful lives which they had been living. Even when Jesus defended the woman taken in adultery in John 8, he did NOT say to her that he was endorsing her sinful conduct. Rather, Jesus told her that he was not condemning her. Jesus also added: “go, and sin no more.” John 8:11. So even IF the Centurion was engaged in some sort of sinful conduct, the fact that Jesus healed the Centurion’s servant does not mean that Jesus was endorsing the Centurion’s sinful conduct! Later in the same chapter, Jesus says: “Jesus answered them, Verily, verily, I say unto you, Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.” John 8:34. In John 5, when Jesus healed a man who had been paralyzed for 38 years, Jesus later told the man: “Afterward Jesus findeth him in the temple, and said unto him, Behold, thou art made whole. Sin no more, lest a worse thing come unto thee.” John 5:14. Gay liberation theologians never seem to be willing to accept the fact that Jesus frequently advised those whom He had healed to give up their sinful conduct!

  27. Nice try, they just keep looking for that acceptance of their perversness. If they ever find such a thing then the Bible is useless.

  28. OK….someone has problems with understanding pur love! It is not sexual and I know in my heart Jesus loves all of us as God does since he gave his only son for our sins. Why judge someone who will judge you some day> NOT SMART!

  29. These people are desperate to find validation for their iniquity within scriptural based Christianity. Of course, it is not there. They think because they can sway a few ecclesiastical organizations via political maneuvering and emotional arm twisting, they can “alter” the truth, but they fail again!

  30. Even if the person in question were a homosexual, I believe that Jesus would still have performed that miracle, because of the faith shown by the centurion.

  31. I agree that the word pais is being (purposely) misinterpreted, but let’s go with it and re-examine the conclusion. Suppose Jesus did knowingly heal the lover of a gay centurion. What lesson should we take from this? I would say that God loves us all and wants us all to be with Him. Healing the pais / lover gives him more opportunity to renounce his lifestyle and ask forgiveness for his sin.
    This is also why Catholics / Christians oppose the death penalty. It removes the opportunity for repentance.

      • Not for everyone, no. But who, more than God, has the right to make that decision to end a life?
        Also, the individual who murdered was wrong – at the risk of sounding trite, two wrongs don’t make a right. Killing that individual also does not accomplish anything. I know from first hand experience (my father was killed, the individual responsible was also, later) that the remaining loved ones don’t miss the murdered one less.

  32. In the early part of this ‘piece’ all I could think was… “What a bunch of Krap! (That English for the word, Crap!). Michaelson’s arguments are non-sequetor (that’s Latin for “It does not follow”). Homosexuality is never condoned by God, let alone even suggesting that Jesus Himself was involved in it in any way, shape, or form. That’s an insult! It would take a totally twisted mind to come up with this one. I want to research the word (pais) farther, for my studying of Koine Greek, I know that the Greeks were sticklers for accuracy in language. (Pais) is a word I’ve not run into before, so I’m unfamiliar with it. I have my own work cut out–that’s okay.
    Don’t ever try to tell me that Jesus condoned homosexuality, pedophilia, or any other Krap (again another use of the English word Crap) like that again! Thems fightin’ words!!
    So if anybody wants to challenge me; I’m older than you, so it will be a fair fight!!!!
    If you think I’m kidding…take your best shot!

  33. Any one here without sin cast the first stone.All have sinned and come up short but when you continually live and stay in and make excesses for your sin is when you can not be forgivin for that sin.No matter what that sin is.And yes it is a sin. Just like alcoholism ,drug use,lies ,cheats,killers ,rape ,leading this country down the wrong path,etc.

  34. This just more vile Hollywood filth denigrating Christians and defaming Jesus. These same producers and directors castigated Mel Gibson for producing The Passion of the Christ. There was nothing anti-Semitic about his movie. What is mind boggling to me is the right wing Christians still support these vile people and give them a pass. I don’t, and anyone that believes Jesus is the son of God shouldn’t either. I’m sure God doesn’t give them a pass.

  35. this is an obomination unto God Almighty, and whoever wrote that sick journalism needs to repent because the person that created this lie will stand before God and give an account for this kind fo blalsphemy.. Shame on whoever wrote that.. garbage.. Jesus is the creator of life and is the only way to heaven. no matter what you think i dont care. you can be muslim or atheist i dont care but here’s some news for you agniostics , and atheists out there. one day you will wake up and be in the presence of the one and only creator of the universe and whether or not you beleive me and again i don’t care, you will give an account for your sins, all of them.. and if you have not accepted Jesus as your Lord and saviour then there is a place that you will go to.. and it is not Heaven so i will leave the other place to your imagination !! the bible is expliicit about homosexuality and just read it. Homosexuality is not of God !!. it’s all in the book of life, called the Holy Bible.. It will change your life..

  36. Misquoting the scriptures is the foundation for the worst forms of heresy.. Common words and phrases have been recycled for centuries.. And Gays have been trying to hide their disgusting acts of perversion behind common words and terms to blend in with societies for thousands of years… Nothing new when you think about it… Imagine how angry the Father would be for these imbeciles trying to portray Him, The LORD as some kind of deviant… I would NOT want to be in their shoes… The Bible does, however, tell the queer folk to abstain from all sexual contact… Yes, so the Bible basically says to the gays, “No sex for you..”

  37. This just more vile Hollywood filth denigrating Christians and defaming Jesus. These same producers and directors castigated Mel Gibson for producing The Passion of the Christ. There was nothing anti-Semitic about his movie. What is mind boggling to me is the right wing Christians still support these vile people and give them a pass. I don’t, and anyone that believes Jesus is the son of God shouldn’t either. I’m sure God doesn’t give them a pass.

  38. Let him who is without sin throw the first stone.

    But never forget that He who is without sin WILL cast the last stone if you don’t follow Him.

    • People who do not choose eternal life by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, will have by default, chosen death eternal. It is their own sin (like a megaton stone) that will cause their plunge into the depths of Hell. Blame that on the person, not Jesus Christ.

  39. “Pais” in the Koine Greek means child, and not exclusively male. The “pais” could be female. Nevertheless in the reference of Matthew 8:7, Jesus refers to the pais as “him”, indicating the child was a male. It is no secret that some slave owners of all eras sexually abused their slaves. For the sake of argument, this could have been the case here. The centurion certainly had extreme guilt from whatever his life style was, that he forbade Jesus from entering his home. The fact is, the child, if being molested by his master, had no say in the abuse. It would appear that, for Jay Michaelson to look upon holy scripture, and not feel the convicting power of the Holy Spirit of his depraved sin, in his blasphemous attempt to find some kind of approval of what God has in no uncertain terms stated is an abomination unto Him, that he may be beyond saving, by the Lord Jesus Christ. It appears that Jay Michaelson, in a word, is reprobate. Even a hardened reprobate. And if God has given him over to this, like them whom are spoken of in Romans 8:18-32, he is eternally damned, though he be yet physically alive.

  40. You’re observation that healing does not equate blessing is valid. However, equating “homosexuality” and “pediophelia” (modern terms) is an example of how we can read our cultural conditioned understandings into an ancient text. The distinction between Koine and Classical Greek is misunderstood. The former simply refers to the everyday speech as opposed to more formal speech. All interpretation is contextual (as you clearly demonstrate). So who was Jesus healing? A slave, servant or just a boy?

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