Iran, Nukes, and Waning American Hegemony

If you are a student of history, you know that the most stable times in international and domestic politics are those times when an effective hierarchy of rule is stable. Transitional periods are the worst. Even a harsh and cruel government, if it were stable, can produce tolerable results domestically and internationally.

Hegemony is national dominance, and there is no doubt that America has been in a position of international hegemony for quite some time—at least since WWII. Our financial success, military scope and power, and hard-nosed diplomacy made us an uncontestable international force. And the world has been largely stable in that hierarchy for decades. Until recently.

We are experiencing a transition of power. There is a movement away from American hegemony. The American dollar is unstable, the American military is overstretched, and American diplomacy has no leverage.

A perfect example is the Iran nuclear “enrichment” program. Iran is basically getting its way, and what’s worse, it knows it’s getting its way. Iranian pride protestors hold up signs of Obama and our diplomats being punched and kicked in the face by Iranian hands and feet next to these words (translated into bad English of course): “This is THE NATION DEMANDS government!”

Meaning that Iran is making demands, and America will bend over backwards—because we don’t have the power to do otherwise. Our hegemony is in its twilight. I don’t know who will gain hegemony in our place. It may be that there are many poles of power in the new international order. But there is no doubt that the next fifteen or twenty years is going to be quite bumpy.

The United States had the opportunity to support and encourage a much longer period of international peace and order. But we squandered our opportunity. We have become a corrupt and decadent empire like so many empires that have fallen before us.

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  1. How to get it back? Stop caring about the feelings of other countries and do what we believe is the right thing. If we think that is to invade Iran and destroy the Nuclear technology, then do and talk to other nations after you cleaned house. Yep, it not pretty, but it will gain back some respect in the countries that do not play nicely with other countries….

  2. Well. since we’re ONLY spending more $$$ on the military then the rest of the world combined maybe we’re just not spending enough on the military!

    • Asking for an isolationist state is not a good idea. If we are to continue to be a huge factor in this worlds economic view, being a large military power over the globe is alsogood.

      • Teddy Roosevelt… once said, ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’

        Been true fact for thousand of years. That is the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and whom ever was the “world power” in their point in history, all carried a big stick. Though they may not have spoken so softly. It’s the price you have to pay in order to hold that position in the world’s eye or have the backing of another country that can be that power. However, who would back the USA since we back so many places right now.

        To add Bob, that $$$ spent on military is nothing compared to the amount we spend on wealth-fare to families that are on their third or fourth generation of collecting checks without working. I’m for helping people out, but only ones who are trying to help themselves (do not have to be successful at it – there maybe genuine issues that stops a person from completely helping themselves (mental disabilities, physical disabilities, single parent that can only hold minimum wage jobs, and such)). However, I’m not for helping ones making a career out of receiving aid. If we cleaned up that area, we’d probably be out of debt in just a few years… yep, no free phones.

          • Your welfare money is way off… At the federal level in 2009 it was $533 billion. Does not count what is added at state level. Obama has pushed these programs to new levels since then… Like the free phone and such. And what do we get from most of the welfare funds… Nothing. What do we get from military funds, security and safety. I did not try to look up military funds nor dig to deep into the welfare funds. As I’m sure most of the numbers we can find on the web will be incomplete or altered. Its not something the Government likes to share. However, I can say there are a lot more people on welfare then there are employed in the military. Employees are always your biggest expense (welfare are employees of the state – since the state pays them – we just get nothing from the welfare people. Well most of them, I’m sure we can find an example of a couple that can provide they are doing something for the money they receive).

          • They will never lower the amount spent on Welfare, Never, and will a liberal controlled Government it will do nothing but go up… So your number are way off. If I’m wrong give us the link to your numbers…

  3. This Iran mess was created because of Obama’s behind the backs of Americans. Who knows what he may have promised.

  4. The problem is that the US government is infested with Jew shills like that retard McCain and the witch Pelosi. People like McCain and Pelosi need to be arrested for treason and crimes against the American public.

  5. Obama is behind the instability of the world right now. It started in Libya with the Arab Spring, which is really the Muslim caliphate. Obama is going to go against Israel very soon but it will backfire. The coming 4 blood moons mark a war in Israel. They always do when they show up. Kerry has said that we will intervene if Israel doesn’t divide her land. This is a big no-no as far as prophecies go. Arial Sharon went into a coma withing 6 months of giving away the Gaza Strip. War is coming. Get prepared. Stock up on food and ammo. Don’t keep all your money in the bank.

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