Iran Appointed to UN Women’s Rights Commission?

You read that right. Iran. The country that is downright famous for its institutionalized abuse of women. Iran. A country that forces its women to cover up from head to toe in black cloth in the desert climate of the Middle East. Iran. A country that puts women to death for being raped. Iran. A country that does not give equal weight to the eye witness of a woman in court. Iran. A country where women are basically sold against their will into marriages within which they have no rights or recourse. Iran. A country where women are encouraged not to leave the house without a male escort. Yes. Iran. That country has been named to the UN Status of Women Commission.

I don’t even understand that. Even for the UN, that boggles my mind. But that’s not all. The UN also named Iran to a few other commissions: the Commissions on Population and Development, Science and Technology for Development, and the Committee for Programme Coordination and Non-Governmental Organizations. I guess I don’t object to the Commission on Population. Muslims certainly know how to breed.

But Development? Science and Technology? Are these jokes? It is almost as if the UN determined these appointments entirely on the basis of which countries were least qualified. But seriously, all these other commissions pale in comparison to the absolute brutal irony of the Women’s Rights Commission.

And what is most astonishing is the fact that the UN itself has been the first to criticize Iran for its violations of human rights—specifically women’s rights. A UN report released March 11 of this year had this to say about Iran’s treatment of women:

Laws that permit gender discrimination and promote violence against women continue to be introduced in Iran. The revised Islamic Penal Code, which came into force in June 2013, retains provisions that are discriminatory towards women. For instance, it values women’s testimony in a court of law as half that of a man’s, and a woman’s life half that of a man’s. The Civil Code of the Islamic Republic of Iran provides for the marriage of girls at age 13. However, with the permission of a competent court, girls can be married at the age of nine.  The 2013 Family Protection Law reportedly allows for full or temporary marriage and legalizes polygamy.  The Unsupervised or Ill-Supervised Children and Youth Protection Bill, which was adopted by Parliament in September 2013 and came into force on 23 October 2013, allows a marriage between a child and legal guardian,  when a child has reached maturity, and marriage with the guardian is in his/her best interest. This would mean that a girl as young as nine can be married to her guardian, which is a threat to her physical and mental integrity and runs counter to fundamental human rights guarantees stipulated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Iran is a State party.

Keep in mind, the UN brought these things up after a period of significant reform in Iran. Think about that. The UN is basically telling Iran with this report, “You’ve made some good changes, and we give you an A for effort, but maybe you shouldn’t allow women to be married to their legal guardians against their will as early as the age of nine. We’re just saying.”


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  1. their ain’t that much difference between the American Taliban (aka tea party) & Iran in terms of it’s war on woman.

    • What hyperbole! “The American Taliban, aka tea party”…

      As a woman I can state, the “war on women” in America has been won by women. It’s over!

      For you to compare the triumphs of educated, hardworking American women in the tea party to the demoralized, victimized women of Iran…
      well, it’s pretty characteristic of a chauvinist male grasping at straws when he recognizes he lost the battle.

      • Jessica, I wasn’t comparing the living conditions with the woman in Iran with the woman in America. What I’m saying is their ain’t that much difference between how the Iranian government treats woman & how the American Taliban (tea party) would treat woman if they had a chance. These triumphs you speak of (woman’s right to vote, right to choose, etc) came about in spite of conservative opposition AND the fight for womans rights is FAR from over as the GOP/Tea party is hell bent on taking away many of the triumphs woman fought so hard for to gain.

        • I am a woman and in the tea party and I treat myself very well, unlike how I was just treated by you who spew your hatred toward freedom loving Americans.

          • I wonder how well you think you’d been treated if you got raped & had to go before a “gop inquisition” to explain the details so they could determine if in fact it was a “legitimate rape” & administer a vagina probe?

        • The only right i can think of is the right for women to kill kids. Thats the only right i can think of that us tea party people could endanger.

          • You’re the only person on here that doesn’t like women. You can tell that by the way you talk to and treat them on here. But then, we all know you prefer guys. And you accuse us of being against women, hypocrite.

          • Right to bear arms, in other ords own guns. People like labobe don’t want women or anyone owning firearms. Because of stupid court laws i am not qualified to own a firearm. Acoording to state lwas none who are physicaly or mntaly disabled can own firearms.

          • Gotcha… thanks for the reply.

            I agree with you on the importance of individuals to be able to own guns – sorry you can’t.

          • I own a number of guns & believe in the right to bear arms. That said I can see why the court would rule that a person as mentally deranged as you should not be allowed to own a gun

        • Bob, just admit it. Women’s rights have improved drastically. We no longer need womens rights unions, I think a major womens right is for them to be armed. Don’t you agree that a important right for women is for them to be armed.

        • Heck LABobE, you got me here; Quote, “What I’m saying is their ain’t that much difference between how the Iranian government treats woman & how the American Taliban (tea party) would treat woman if they had a chance.” Close quote.

          That’s where you lost me.

        • I have yet to see a Tea Party woman in a berka.
          I have not seen a Tea Party proposing women not be allowed to vote.
          In other words…. you lie.

    • Ok, everybody here is an exercise for you to see how much of a flamer malibu bobbie is. Next to his graphic icon click on his name, which will bring up a history of his vomments. on an article labeled something like “hillary sorry about benghazi” he states most women he knows would rather be called dumb rather than have a fat ass. i might have a problem because the women i have encountered in the tea party do not have either condition. i feel certain that most women in the tea party would rather accept a physcial deformity than low IQ. However it is clear malibu bobbie seems to have a woman problem. i actually consider women to be significant leaders in the tea party so i fail to see how they would allow this discrimination. instead of diffusing comments about this article, avoid reacting to comments from a person whose goal seems to be to harass.

      • Here’s a exercise for you. google tea party woman protesting & then click images. The pic’s you see will horrify you!!! Butt ugly fat ass woman carrying signs that are misspelled at tea party rallies!!!

    • As usual, you do not comment on the actual article, you simply use the article to spew your usual BS. You know you are lying but you do it anyway. You are so disgusting that you can’t even mount any outrage over this ludicrous appointment. Crawl back in your hole MrMalibuBarbieLABobE.

  2. To have any muslim on a womans rights commitee is a joke. Muslim are the biggest abusers of women rights in the world. Women are treated like animals or the personal property of men.

  3. Maybe the underlying reality is that Islam will eventually assume control of the UN. If Iran meets no resistance from the other nations, we have to consider the possibility of this being true. And we know that Obama has no problem with this appointment. Just as he (Obama) is transforming America; Iran will place women’s rights on the chopping block as well. God has demonstrated His love for us by sending His Son to die for us, and the power of His resurrection will be effective to all who have faith in Him. Not so for those who have placed their faith in Obama. In the not too far distance they will find out how much he loves them.

  4. Good article. One more reason I’d like to add for not having an Iranian to head the Women Right Commission…genital mutilation!

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