Intolerant Christians Mildly Respond to Another Jesus Parody

The Huffington Post wanted to make a huge deal out of it. So badly. CrossFit (the popular self-torture exercise program) posted a video to their Facebook page that has apparently caused some controversy. Because that’s the point of Facebook posts right? Anyway, the video was originally meant to make fun of CrossFit—because of how religiously zealous some of its proponents are—by promoting a “Cross” Fit program by Jesus. The official CrossFit organization heard about the video, thought it was funny, and shared it on their page. And that’s where Christians were supposed to come raging in to boycott things and scream and yell.

But they really didn’t. Huffington Post’s headline was very misleading: “CrossFit Posts Jesus Parody On Facebook Page And The Comments Explode”. No. Not really. The comments were actually really polite for the most part. Aside from snarky one-liners from smug atheists so pleased with their lack of “ignorant metaphysical crutches.”

Many of the Christian commenters pointed out that CrossFit would never have made light of Islam. Which they wouldn’t have, of course. Because they don’t want to die. I imagine their are few religious groups any business would feel comfortable mocking. But the one religious group everyone is currently most careful not to offend: the church of the homosexual.

If you really want to see some crazy comments (and some even more mind-numbingly hyper-sexualized advertisements), check out any pro-homosexual site. Or just read any of the comments here from our resident trolls. I read a pro-homosexual comment about Christians once that said: “Now I understand why we used to feed you all to the lions. I tried being understanding, but [blah blah blah].” That’s actually a fairly mild one.

The sad fact is that the majority of active Christians have been treated very badly for a pretty long time. We’ve been mocked regularly in the mainstream media, and for the most part, I think we’ve handled it pretty well. What I find most ironic, and pathetic, in this whole conversation, is the fact that the most vicious attackers of Christianity are also the most sensitive when it comes to their own hobby horses.

Unbelievers in this country seem to do very little but go around obsessing about a God they claim doesn’t exist. I dare say most of them spend more time thinking about God than I do. Perhaps they should find hobbies or something.

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  1. In order to sustain the delusions of their faith Christians have to adopt the
    politics of victimhood. People are deserving of respect but their beliefs are not necessarily so deserving. People who honestly believe that a snake ever spoke deserve ridicule for holding that belief.

    • God is the Author of His word(2Timothy 3:16; 2Peter 1:20,21) inspiring some 40 men as ink pens over a span of 1500yrs. on five continents and if you think God can lie(Titus 1:2), you have exceptional delusions.
      The heavens declare the glory of God(Psalm 19:1), but the FOOL has said in his heart there is no God(Psalm 14;1).

      • The other characters in the fable that give testimony for the existence of the holy carpenter is like proving the existence of Batman by quoting the words of Robin the Boy Wonder

        • Atheists just make statements and offer nothing to back them up with.
          1/3 of the Bible is prophecy and every one thus far has come to pass to a…T.

          PROPHECY validates the Bible. There are at LEAST sixty-one major
          prophecies in the Old Testament concerning the expected Messiah that
          were fulfilled by Jesus Christ. A skeptic might argue, Perhaps Jesus,
          acquainted with these Old Testament prophecies, purposefully tried to
          fulfill these predictions in order to appear to be the Messiah.

          Some of the prophecies about Messiah such as the words He would speak on
          the cross could be explained that way. But there are other Old
          testament prophecies about the Messiah made hundreds of years before the
          fact over which Jesus had NO CONTROL: the place of His birth(Micah
          5:2), the time of His birth(Daniel 9:25), the manner of His birth(Isaiah
          7:14), His betrayal for thirty pieces of silver(Zechariah 11:12), the
          manner of His death(Psalm 22:16), the people’s reaction to His
          death(Psalm 22:7,8), and His burial in a rich man’s tomb(Isaiah 53:9).

          According to one mathematician, the chances of one man in history
          fulfilling JUST EIGHT of those specific prophecies is…1 in 10 with 17
          zeros at the end. The improbability such a figure represents, imagine
          taking 10 with 17 zeros of silver coins and spreading them over the
          entire stat of Texas. The coins would cover the entire state two feet
          deep. Then, take one of those coins and mark it with a black X and throw
          it back into the pile. Mix up the coins and blindflold aman and allow
          him to walk all over the state and then randomly pick up one of those
          silver coins. What are the chances that the coin he selects is the one
          with the black X on it? The same chance that Jesus Christ could have
          randomly fulfilled just EIGHT of the sixty-one O.T. prophecies about His

          • Give me a copy of the OT & I can invent a NT with a fictional character that fulfills the prophecies in the OT in about 5 minutes. BTW, these prophecies are so vague, they can be attributed to different events. It’s also a fact that the Bible was written many years after these presumed prophecies and their “fulfillment” took place. It’s like shooting an arrow into the side of a barn & then drawing a bulls eye around the arrow! 2,000 years ago jesus said he would return “in this generation”. That never happened.

          • ha ha ha I’ve heard the same nonsense for years. FACT? You don’t have a clue what a fact is. Like you think evolution, an adult fairy tale, is a fact.lolol
            You can’t disprove anything and you can’t defend your atheism but the evidence of God is all over the place including CHANGED hopeless lives.

          • I don’t have a clue what a fact is & you think evolution is an adult fairytale. That’s PERFECT!

          • Lol. That is something you are not capable of.
            Secondly, the Old Testament scriptures were NOT “written many years after their fulfillment took place.” There was no New Testament until after the church came into existence AFTER Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection. There was ONLY the O.T.
            Christ was born well AFTER the O.T. had been completed.
            FACT: Jesus quoted from Genesis AND spoke about the book of Daniel. Both were written well before He was born.

            You don’t know scripture, you don’t know exegesis, you don’t know history, you don’t know hermeneutics. Please stop. Your ignorance is overwhelming.

      • You are casting pearls before swine when you quote Bible passages to a Christian hating bigot such as the one you responded to. It is useless, actually less than useless, to attempt to inform a creature with no brains, no logical thought ability, no reasoning ability. A creature resorting to obscene verbiage, a creature who wants all of mankind to be just like the animal kingdom.

        • You’re right bro. If it were just me and him I would kick the dust off my feet. I use their empty hateful statements as an opportunity for God’s word to cast them down(2Cor. 10:5). Peace.

    • You dimwits cannot tell the difference between a human & a zygote so it comes as no surprise that you can’t tell the difference between a human & a reptile.

      • At around 21 days, the heart is beating. Around 45 days or so, brain waves are measured. These little ones are human beings. You and the murderous ilk that condone the wholesale slaughter of children are the ones who are incapable of telling the difference between a human child and a reptile.

  2. I suppose you could worship a warmongering pedophile, but how many idiots are willing to do that?

  3. Lil-Boob<, so you are a reptile? That figures. Actually makes sense, you do seem to speak with a "forked tongue". That could also be the reason you are kept in mommy's basement, she does not want to scare the kiddies.

    • I hate to be the one to break the news to you but reptiles don’t talk. Either do donkeys or plants.

  4. “If the world hates you, remember it hated Me first. If you belonged to the world, it would love you as its own.”………..”if I had not come and spoken to them, they would not be guilty of sin. Now, however, THEY HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR THEIR SIN.” John 15:18, 19 and 22.

    This is why the Godless attack the Sons and Daughters of God Almighty. They hate Him, they hate the fact that they are told they are sinners and only Jesus can take away their sin. They wish to do what they want, when they want, and where they want—with no repercussions. But that is not possible. That angers them.

    • You nailed it, The world hates JESUS and they hate us because, they know that as the SON OF GOD, HE was and is perfect. HE never sinned, not once and at the very end of HIS life, at a very young age, about 34 years, HE gave HIS life in the most cruel type of murder, that was known, because they hated HIM so much. HE did not have to die, HE could have just spoke the word and they would all have be slain, but HE loved them even though and while, they were murdering HIM. Millions still hate HIM and many of HIS people have been murdered only because they proclaimed their love for HIM, and if possible they would murder HIM again.. How many of us would be willing to die for HIM as HE died for us.? I have wondered many times.

      We who love HIM try to obey Mark 16:15-16
      15. And HE said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature. (This means HIS people, today, also)!
      16.He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned. HE also teaches, Love thy neighbor as thyself, and maybe we seem intolerant, in our efforts to bring others to HIM, because we do not want to see anyone lost, as we surely will be if we do not believe.

      • Gave his life???? The sacrifice of Jesus was no sacrifice at all, for a number of reasons. First, according to the New Testament, Jesus Christ was God Himself. What possible inconvenience could death represent for an immortal god? None whatsoever. God would have an infinite capacity for enduring physical pain. He would also have the foreknowledge that he would soon be back in heaven, his original country. Therefore, his sacrifice is no sacrifice at all. It’s all a sham.

        • As difficult as it may be to understand, Jesus was both fully God and fully man. He suffered great physical pain when He was beaten and hung on that cross. He suffered great mental pain when His Father turned His back on Him.

          • If Jesus was in fact God, and if he came into this
            world to suffer for us as Christians tell us he did, then the only real suffering he could have endured would have been to live. His existence on earth was a state of exile or banishment from Heaven, the most perfect place, and the only way back to the paradise that was his home was to die. Everything in this
            strange system of Christianity is the reverse of what it pretends to be.

          • Malibu Bob does not want to meet God. He has ample opportunity to do so just a few miles from his home. He is determined to remain an atheist and reject all else.

    • To further define your point, what these Christian hating atheist and others are trying to do with American society is further defined deviance down and eliminate any trace of moral and highly principled behavior. The goal of these deviant Christian hating creatures is to reduce us all to the lowest possible common immoral denominator, to reduce us to the level of animals. There is nothing too immoral and despicable which the Christian hating crowd won’t embrace.

      • How can people that get their moral compass from a book that condones slavery have the audacity to claim the moral “high ground”?

        • Pathetic answer! But we expect no better from a Christian hating bigot, such as you, who has no understanding of where people derive a so-called moral compass. We know for fact you have no moral compass, so you expect everybody in the world to be just like you! What makes me laugh at you is how hard you work at trying to debunk something you claim not to believe in! If you don’t believe the Bible just say so once and move on. Nobody cares that you are such an intolerant Christian hater and bigot! You don’t need to keep proving it over and over and over again ad nauseam!

          I also find it very interesting that we never see you attack the truly despicable cult of islam! Oh wait, that’s right, Christians are much easier targets for your intolerant hatred and anger as Christians don’t go around beheading people who speak evil of their religion the way your islamofascist pals do to anybody who speaks negatively of their cult!

          • If you don’t get your moral compass from a book that condones slavery (the bible) just where do you get it? Islam is the ONE religion WORSE then Christianity! Muslims make up less then 2% of America so they don’t represent near the problem in this country as Christians do. BTW, Christians as slaughtering Muslims by the thousands in the Central African Republic. I have a moral compass. I just reject religious dogma, supernaturalism, pseudoscience & superstition as the basis of morality

          • Really? Killing EVERY man, woman or child in a town EXCEPT for “virgins” that you get to “keep as your own”. It’s funny to watch Christians play tennis without a net as they try to convince themselves that the bible doesn’t really mean what it says.

          • What Christian has proposed “Killing EVERY man, woman or child in a town EXCEPT for “virgins” that you get to “keep as your own”.”?

          • Well that’s something-If you don’t buy into pseudoscience then at least you aren’t a global warming wacko .

          • Condones slavery? The mosaic law required the freeing of slaves every jubilee.

            The Christian religious dogma is NOT to slaughter. If Christians are slaughtering anybody, they are going against this religious dogma.

            Why can’t you think straight? Are you fresh out of public school?

      • You are correct. The things people will do or say, the lengths they will go to for money or sex or fame or power are nauseating. “As in the days of Noah” for sure!
        We are not long for this filthy evil world, brother. “You can almost hear the footsteps of the Messiah.”!!

    • To be patriotic, hate all nations but your own; to be religious, all sects but
      your own; to be moral, all pretenses but your own.

  5. Lil-Boob. Monkeys can Sign, many are quite good, which places them further up the ladder than you.
    They are pleasant to be around, the same cannot be said for you. Yep the monkey is a better person.

  6. The problem with being “tolerant” and “good natured” is that to most people – especially Marxist ideologues, is that this signals “I’m weak. I don’t believe in my alleged most cherished beliefs – so come and mock me/abuse me/kill me”. If Christians were willing to die and kill for our faith – we’d be resipected and feared. Which would be positives.

    Right now – we’re rightly perceived as faithless chumps

    • This audacious nonsense is destroyed utterly by two separate realities
      1. People suffer and die all the time for erroneous causes. Did the 9/11 terrorists go straight to the Islamic paradise? Pagans died at the hands of Christians. Did this prove the existence of Isis and Dionysus?
      2. There is NO evidence at all for the existence of the Apostles and NO evidence for widespread suffering by Christians either until, that is, the Christian Empire turned its ferocity upon the heretics

        • The Bible is given the special privilege of confirming its own truth. It’s true because it says it’s true in the bible. There is NO evidence at all for the existence of the Apostles

          • Again you lie. The Bible is evidence. You do not believe it, however, despite what you wrongly claim it is evidence.

          • Obviously you don’t understand the meaning of the word evidence. The core belief of the whole malevolent edifice of Christianity the resurrected savior rests on scarcely 500 words written in an ancient, disjointed and thoroughly discredited book

          • You don’t understand the meaning of Testament.


            noun ˈtes-tə-mənt
            : proof or evidence that something exists or is true”

          • Does that mean The Testament of Rakkis is true too?? What about the testament of sherlock holmes?

          • No the Testament of Rakkis has no historical accuracy and the testament of Sherlock holms is universally accepted as fiction.
            Neither claim to be factual.

          • When the author claims it is fiction and they made it up it is a good indication it is not true.
            LABoobfromNY is the only one who thinks it is not.

          • Well, since the only thing we know about the authors of the NT is they aren’t the people that claim to have written them (making them forgeries) we can assume it’s fiction too.

          • We do not know “the authors of the NT is they aren’t the people that claim to have written them (making them forgeries)”.
            In ancient times the use of scribes was common as was using stenographers 70 years ago and using ghost writers today. General Robert E Lee dictated his orders to an orderly. Do we know the name of the orderly who wrote it? No. Were they Lee’s orders or a forgery? Ted Kennedy published his memoirs “True Compass”. Did he really write it? No. Ron Powers wrote what Ted told him. By your view that makes that book and those orders a forgery and fiction because the “author” is not the one who put it to paper.
            The reason the Gospels were accepted as Gospel is because they could be traced to an eyewitness of Jesus.

          • Don’t confuse your beliefs with knowledge unless you have
            knowledge of your beliefs.the Gospels are all anonymous written well after the fact in a language Jesus & his followers didn’t speak.

          • Have someone come down to your mommy’s basement and read my statement above and Jesus and Caesar! The go to a LIBRARY and let your MOMMY check out a HISTORY BOOK of Roman history in the FIRST century and the History of Julius in GAUL around 65B.C.

          • Ancient—YES—which proves its Greatness and the Wisdom which is evidenced by the greatest cultures and art and music and literature in the history of man.

            “Disjointed”—no, not at all–but the Koran is–and contradicts itself all the time, as Karl Marx and the sodomites who think Vice is Virtue, Slavery is Freedom and Truth and Reality doesn’t matter.

            Discredited?????? LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL That is the history of Western Civilzation, isn’t it….the irrational Marxists who believe that everything came from NOTHING—and “think” that “utopia” can exist on Mother Earth. LOL. and their Darwinian MYTH which is pseudo-Science, at best (Dr. Berlinski), always trying to “Prove” the Bible “false” and NEVER succeeding.

            For the last 200 years the Leftists have been trying to discredit the Bible—but they end up proving its True—like with the Walls of Jericho, or the existence of the ruins of Sodom, or the proof of Pontus Pilate as governor, during Jesus’s Life. LOLOL There is SO much PROOF of the Life of Christ and the Truth of the places in the Bible and the captivity of the Jews in Egypt—it is too much of a “coincidence”.

            There are no such thing as “coincidences” and there is Objective Truth.

          • You should never argue with a fool, it only makes them feel important, proud of themselves to be able to get an answer out of us.

          • I feel very sorry for you boob may I call you boob. You are actually in the Bible yourself. Really you are!!!! “The fool says in his heart THERE IS NO GOD” HAPPY NOW??

          • I feel sorry for you dickwad. may I call you dickwad? Aren’t you to old to believe in fairytales?

          • Really?
            Facts missing? Luke who wrote Luke and Acts cites 37 places in his writings. Every one has been accurately confirmed by archeologists.
            Those facts ARE there.

          • Are you a moron? I could write a gospel & say I seen an invisible pink unicorn in Los Angeles & in 1,000 years archeologists find my gospel & uncover a city called Los Angeles. Does that mean I seen an invisible pink unicorn?

          • LABoobfromNYC you must be the moron. You think that people would believe your fictional story about a pink unicorn instead of the truth of God’s mercy.

          • Because the culture of Christians created Reason and Faith–other than all the pagan/occult/sodomite mythical unicorn cultures which were totally irrational and believed in sodomizing little boys and in slavery.

            Truth and Reason goes together and it is the center of Christianity—which created the most brilliant music, literature, art, architecture, political systems in the history of man. The most Free and Diverse and Creative cultures in the history of man which eliminated Slavery and Pederasty and Homosexuality and Child-Sacrifice as “Good” which were common Satanic practices……you can KNOW by their FRUITS—can’t you?????

      • The first century Church actually existed you can read Josephus a first century historian that was a secular Jew and he knew they existed and he even called Jesus the Messiah. There are over 25,000 documents telling of Jesus in the first centuyr and only scraps of 18 that speak of Julius Caesar I guess he did not exist either!

        • This logic is appalling. as if a lie repeated a hundred times bested a single truth. The really significant point is how few Christian manuscripts or even scraps of manuscripts exist from before the cult became endorsed as the state religion of the Roman Empire. In a single paragraph (the so-called Testimonium Flavianum) Josephus confirms every salient aspect of the Christ-myth. The problem of course is the Josephus paragraph about Jesus does not appear until the beginning of the fourth century, at the time of Constantine. Not a single writer before the 4th century – not Justin, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Cyprian, Arnobius, etc. – in all their defences against pagan hostility, makes a single reference to Josephus’ wondrous words.

          • There are more manuscripts confirming the Bible than there are for any other book of antiquity. They have been found from Egypt to Gaul and all tell the same history.

            It is no wonder that not a single writer before the 4th century – not Justin, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, Tertullian, Cyprian, Arnobius, etc. – in all their defenses against pagan hostility, makes a single reference to Josephus’ wondrous words. Why should they quote Josephus when the Bible is more reliable? Today do we quote the reviewers of Shakespeare or do we quote Shakespeare?

          • Here’s the problem… NONE of the oldest manuscripts are alike! We have NO WAY of knowing what the original gospels eve said since we don’t have an original copy. EVEN Christian scholars admit that the few words in Josephus writings that mention Christ were a much later insertion.

          • The NY times puts out many different editions every day.
            They are not exactly alike. Does that likewise mean that there is no way of knowing what they are reporting?

          • The NY times isn’t the “word of god”. If god preformed the miracle of putting his words in a book don’t you wonder why he didn’t preform another miracle & preserve the book?

          • The dead sea scrolls gave us an example of how well the Bible was transmitted over 1100 years.

            The Great Isaiah scroll was found in the Dead Sea Caves in 1947 and is known as the Great Isaiah Scroll. It is dated at about 100 BCE and is the oldest copy of Isaiah known to exist. Previously, the Codex Leningrad, dated at 1000 AD, was the oldest known copy of the Hebrew Bible (including the book of Isaiah) in existence. The Great Isaiah scroll is 1100 years older than the Codex Leningrad and provides us with the opportunity to compare the Biblical text over the centuries.

            Of the 166 words in Isaiah 53, there are only 17 letters in question. Ten of these letters are simply a matter of spelling, which does not affect the sense. Four more letters are minor stylistic changes, such as conjunctions. The three remaining letters comprise the word LIGHT, which is added in verse 11 and which does not affect the meaning greatly. Furthermore, this word is supported by the Septuagint (LXX). Thus, in one chapter of 166 words, there is only one word (three letters) in question after a thousand years of transmission – and this word does not significantly change the meaning of the passage.

          • You have bought into Ehrmans’ smoke and mirrors.

            Yes, there are variations. How significant are they? Watch a scholar break down the variations and the real significance.

          • Doris Kearns Godwin was not alive when Lincoln was but she has researched sources and written a good biography of him.

      • Such a vile liar, you are. YOU KNOW EVERYTHING—don’t you…since you make yourself into god and dictate what is true and not true. You know better than the geniuses of Western Civilization who worshipped the true God.

        You don’t read Socrates, do you? You don’t even realize how stupid and ignorant and evil your worldview is…do you?

        • This Bob guy would have trouble proving anything. After all, could he prove Barack Obama exists for example? I mean, all we’ve ever seen is pixels on a screen. And I’ve SEEN wrong pixels.

    • Meekness power under control! I agree I have been looking for a Church that actually preaches and teaches the Bible for a long time. It seems everyone is more concerned about butts in seats than salvation. They do not want to hurt feelings. P.C. out of control. The Bible says when He returns will He find faith? Probably not as much as He would want!! All the Churches seem lukewarm to me. I find Churches on TV that pull no punches but the Minister is usually in hot water as a homophobe!!!! Which seems strange to me homo means mankind and phobic means fear! Fear of mankind??? I have study the Bible quite a bit and seems Christ took no prisoners!

      • Try to find a good Fellowship or start your own. Mathew 18:20 “Wherever two or more gather in my name, there also, shall I be!”

        God Bless!

    • We’re only perceived that way by the unbelievers and God asks us to pray for their salvation as well as ours. We all are His children and His word tells us to “Love thy neighbor as yourself”.

      • Of course it will not happen. In the final battle between good and evil, the homosexuals will be thrown into hell to burn for eternity. But that does not mean that until then there will be no Christian casualties.

  7. “Unbelievers in this country seem to do very little but go around obsessing about a God they claim doesn’t exist. I dare say most of them spend more time thinking about God than I do.” You hit the nail on the head with that. Their greatest fear isn’t that God may be real, but that they know in their hearts He IS real.

    Psalm 14:1 The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. They are corrupt, they have done abominable works, there is none that doeth good.

    Romans 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse:

    But God loves them anyway, we’re ALL His children. No one’s perfect, God made us that way, it’s not an “accident”, He knew what He was doing. He paid the price for our imperfections on the Cross. By that sacrifice He was saying, “I know you can’t be perfect, but I don’t care, I love you just as you are. You don’t have to do anything but love Me in return, I’ll take it from there.”

    John 3:17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

  8. Christians have been mocked and demeaned in media and public schools (unconstitutional) since Archie Bunker. The Sodomites in Hollywood–like Geffen and his boytoys) want to make their “lifestyle” of dehumanizing behavior “Natural”—they want to make the basis of Natural Law Theory (American Jurisprudence) into Unnatural Law Theory.

    Why? To destroy Christianity and the Natural Family–the two pillars of Western Civilization which created the Age of Reason, the University system, Hospitals, the Constitution of the USA—-got to remove morality and Reason to get useful idiots who will bend over to be “happy” slaves for the state. They want all males to be like that shaved butboy, Bergdahl—for the sodomite muslims who have harems of little boys and hate women. They need immature narcissists who can’t “think” for their NWO.
    So, they are conditioning our little boys into little harem boys like in Afghanistan—normalizing sodomy by destroying normal sexual identity formation —-sexualization of children destroys their moral development….study what Lukacs did to the children of Hungary with “Sex Ed”.

    • Susan, you’re obsessed with sodomy! Were you one of Christian school girls that ONLY did anal & oral (to remain a virgin) & became fond of it? What happened? Did your dad prefer to sodomize your brother instead of you?

      • Truth will set you Free!!! God is Great!!!! Your mind is so vile and Satanic that it wallows in excrement 24/7, doesn’t it, LA (Sewer) Bob. You should really KNOW Jesus Christ—it is much more fun and exciting than anal cavities. Your perversions and icky, vile mind is “showing” itself to the world again LOL.

        • Susan, you’ve had soooo much of your family’s “seed” pumped up your anal cavity you seem to have lost your mind.

          • Your Satanic anal rantings may have an effect on Satanic people–may even excite them and get them all aroused especially with their photos of little boys–but with God—your evil, vile, sick mind is seen for what it is—vile,
            Godlessness and desperation.

            At least, Satan is laughing at you!!! LOL Enjoy hell.

          • Can you spell? Your puerile mind is not worth responding too, even if I can understand your misspelled words. LOL

  9. “Unbelievers in this country seem to do very little but go around obsessing about a God they claim doesn’t exist. I dare say most of them spend more time thinking about God than I do. Perhaps they should find hobbies or something.”

    How about a hole to stick their head in? Oh that’s right, they’re already doing that!!

  10. I dont remember lately any Christan country or state or community or even church beheading or dragging anyone beheading a jeep or cutting off hands or stoning to death any human because they were not muslim or were guilty of a perceived insult to islam cult? Reactions to the crap published on Christianity are not even noticeable below all the trash on the media today. We see again the demonetization of the Christan and we ignore the abortion of islam cult. People used to freedom even the lesser freedom we have enjoyed will resist the implication of islam in our government laws.

    • Grampa, just because you low information voters don’t know something is happening doesn’t mean it’s not happening. Christians are slaughtering muslins in the Central African Republic by the thousands.

      • You continue to make statements and fail to complete them. Of which central African republic do you speak? No one can follow every conflict from every nation. I do notice you capitalise the word Christans but not only not the word Muslim but misspell it as well. Freudian slip? In your haist to respond you ignore accuracy. Also state your source so I can look at it. What use is your response if you cannot provide actual instruction.

        • There is only one central African republic. If you google it you can learn of the conflict My spell check is responsible for punctuation

          • This country is only a republic in name only based on the French law system It continues on referendum rule only. As with many countries who have no real government religious law continues to rule. The amount of deaths on all sides continues because of the Muslim sharia law that says all infidels must convert to islam even by the sword. I see no such Christan rule. If you need to make example look to the muslim who slay their own for belonging to a different sect. Turn instead to fixing your own country who slays three hundred thousand unborn every year.

          • Christians will always blame the Muslims & visa-versa. However, Christian militia are slaughtering Muslims in the Central African Republic by the thousands that has triggered an exodus of historic proportions. Hopefully, one day people will quit slaughtering each other over who’s invisible magic man is real.

          • You still fail to listen sweep your own door step before you look at your neighbors. if each man lives a moral life then he does not look to judge others. When you are not present and rely on media for your information you exhibit shallow thought process. I Trust no Media they have one goal to produce a story that will sell papers. I will contact a personal friend I had in the Navy who lives in south Africa and will get a closer view as to what is happening and why.

          • Christians & Muslims have been slaughtering each other for over 1,500 years. BOTH armed with a “holy book” in which god commands them to kill “non believers”.

          • You have focused both your brain cells on this issue. No further conversation will be constructive.

          • God does not teach believers to kill anyone, as a matter of fact HE teaches that “Thou shall NOT kill”. Exodus 20:13(KJV)

          • Perhaps you should read the bible. God commands killing for many different reasons. Including (but not limited too) non believers, Witches, gays, Fortunetellers, non virgin brides, sassy kids, Adultery, Fornication, Followers of Other Religions, False Prophets, People Working on the Sabbath, etc

          • I’m confused…don’t you believe god & jesus are the same thing rolled into one (along with the holy ghost)?

          • The majority religion in the CAP is Christian, the Muslims have been trying to wipe them out for years. Finally the Christians have started fighting back. When it was Muslims invading that Christian country, torturing, enslaving and killing the Christians, not a peep from the Libs, but… OH, BOY!… when the Christians finally stood up and started fighting back, suddenly it’s “Those murdering Christians!” Talk about hypocrisy.

          • ran out of cheeks to turn. Now they have bent over and told them to kiss these cheeks.

          • Muslims are just as guilty as Christians. BOTH have been slaughtering each other for the past 1,500 years over who’s invisible magic man is real.

          • That’s egalitarian of you. The primary symbols of the Christian religion are the Cross and the Dove of Peace, the primary symbol of Islam is two crossed swords.

            CAP was a CHRISTIAN nation until the Muslims decided to take it over and wipe out all the Christians.

          • You can’t help but see the irony that a carpenter was nailed to a piece of wood. BTW, had jesus been electrocuted you people would be wearing electric chairs around your necks.

          • You claim to be deeply versed in the Bible, so I’m sure you know that, while Jesus was nailed to that Cross, tortured and dying, He begged God, “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

          • That always seemed a bit odd to me & not because the story is different depending on which gospel you read but c’mon… does this make sense to you?? the unending, all-powerful force of creation that hand-made the universe funneled himself into the body of a human fetus and then teleported the fetus into the uterus of a married virgin. He then spent 30 years on earth walking around doing basically nothing and then one day rearranged reality to set in motion events that would lead to his own death…effectively committing suicide. He does this because his death will, for some or other reason, clear humanity’s sin tally (which he, himself is keeping up in heaven). And then after his plans to get himself killed fall into place, he looks around and asks himself why he has abandoned himself?

          • What part of you tells your hand what to do? We’re three-in-one, spirit-mind-body. The spirit moves the mind to think a certain way, the mind decides to command the body to act, the body carries out the commands of the mind led by the spirit. Does your hand know what it’s going to do before your mind commands it?

            You seem not to have read the New Testament, if you think Jesus did nothing while He was on Earth. Mary and Joseph were betrothed but hadn’t yet lived together when she conceived Jesus, that’s why Joseph almost broke it off. Read the first part of Matthew 1.

            Oh, missed the sins part. Jesus isn’t keeping a tally. If you’re His, your sins are gone, erased, paid-in-full, forgotten by God forever.

          • I’ve been down this road before. There’s NOTHING I can say that you would agree that you’re wrong & there’s nothing you can say that I would agree you’re right so why bother?

          • So, we can be three-in-one but God can’t? Remember, Jesus proclaimed on the Cross, “Tetelestai!” translated as “It is finished!” Tetelestai was a legal phrase of that time written across a paper of debt, declaring that debt “Paid in full!”

  11. “Intolerant Christians”… yeah, right!!!

    I love Mr. Minkoff’s observation about atheists…
    “most of them spend more time thinking about God than I do”… So true!

    Thinking of ways to fight a god they don’t believe in… geez!

    • The reason is simple. People are finally waking up to see the real danger in religion. It’s threat to science, education and human rights is just the tip of the iceberg. This 1,500 year old feud between Christianity & Islam (over who’s invisible magic man is real) will destroy the planet in a world of WMD’s in an ironic self-fulfilling prophecy

      • Do you see a danger in religion? Do you see its threat to science, education, and human rights? Please be honest.
        (Btw I’m asking what you think now… not what you were taught)

        • A close friend of mine was vaporized in the south tower on 9/11. It was at that moment I realized just how dangerous religion was. Prior to that I didn’t give it much thought & really didn’t believe that intelligent people thought the bible was the “literal truth” even if they claimed to be Christians. Sure, I knew some “country bumpkins” in the bible belt of the south took it seriously but just thought of them as uneducated morons who’s opinion was irrelevant. Dubya (who I actually voted for the 1st time) horrified me! Here was an educated man (that was POTUS) that believed in talking snakes! I can remember when Dubya claimed (on more than one occasion) to be in “dialogue with God”. Now, If he said that he was talking to God through his hairdryer, this would triggered a national emergency & yet how does the addition of a hairdryer makes the claim more ridiculous or offensive?
          There is NO question that religion is a threat to science (global warming, evolution, stem cell research, etc) Education (evolution, science, etc or human rights (gay marriage, abortion, etc)

          • Check out the 20th century. Atheism inspired whole systems of murder. But of course, in atheism nothing is wrong, so the worldview is quite compatible with murder.

          • There’s no way to explain what happened on 9/11, except to say pure evil enveloped those killers… lack of faith?

            Faith in God is pure, good, gentle, kind, generous, loving…
            There was absolutely no faith involved with the murders of 9/11. God was in absentia (the killers’ choice, not God’s).

            I don’t want to talk faith with you (that post was written before my moratorium), but I find it fascinating that you EVER believed in GWB the way you talk. Are you being honest?

            You lost a friend? I’m sorry.

    • Jessica, something to think about….


      All the heavens were in an uproar. Bonsche the Silent, the most righteous man, had died. Bonsche, who never complained and always accepted his fate with graceful silence, was coming to heaven what a day! The angels exuberantly recounted the tales of humility of this silent saintly man how he never asked for anything, was always simple,accepting, and sublimely silent! The angels rolled out the reddest celestial carpet they could conjure; the other celestial hosts were eager to honor their celebrity; and even God was getting involved. On his arrival to heaven, Bonsche was granted a meeting with God. This was more than unusual it was never done;
      but for holy Bonsche an exception was made. He came before the throne of God who had Satan & all the angels at his side and heard the divine voice say,”Ask for anything. Anything you want is yours.” Never had the celestial
      hosts heard anything like it. Every ear strained to hear what would Bonsche
      say? Bonsche was a little overwhelmed by all the attention. After all, he viewed himself as a simple man. He responded to God, “It would be wonderful if I could have a roll and butter every day.” Satan broke out in laughter as ALL the angels wept.

      • Ok… I give up… what am I missing here?
        I’ve been thinking about this for awhile and still wondering what
        you’re getting at…
        I see the beauty in this story, but NO WAY is this something
        you’d get.
        So tell me… what’s your angle
        “Satan broke out in laughter”… That has to be your point.
        Tell me…
        Btw… where’s this from? An atheist magazine? It would help me understand…

          • I loved that story… I thought it was beautiful!
            Sorry, but I was having trouble believing you weren’t setting me up for something. It didn’t seem like a story you’d appreciate (or pass on).
            We believe Satan is a fallen angel, that he was close to God, but because of his pride (he wanted to be equal or better than God, not subservient), he fell in grace. It was his choice.
            You know, Catholics don’t “like to suffer”… I dislike it as much as you do… but there is redemptive suffering that makes it easier to bear…
            But why am I trying to explain this to a hedonist? You are motivated by the exact opposite feelings. And I forgot… no more discussing faith!!!

          • So when somebody told Jesus he had a demon, they were complementing him? Sorry, not buying it.

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