How to Celebrate Diversity without Causing Division

In what is now called “The Pound Cake speech,” Bill Cosby made a lot of enemies for himself in the black community by criticizing, even mocking, what he saw as destructive, ignorant, asinine aspects of “black culture.”

Critics of the speech claimed that Cosby was criticizing poor people in black communities more than black culture in general. They saw his rant as the condescending diatribe of a priviledged elite against his lower-class neighbors. Many people called him an Uncle Tom or a house Negro, or implied as much.

This has been something that has frustrated me for years. Bill Cosby speaks proper English. He is dignified in his dress and demeanor. He has a college education. He is hard-working, successful, and responsible. And apparently many black Americans consider all of this “white.”

One of the main obstacles to racial healing is the assumption that culture follows biologically racial lines. The main problem with demonizing white culture is that a lot of white culture and heritage is actually good, and would be of benefit to the black community as well. Many, in fact most, elements of culture transcend skin color and ethnicity. Culture does not intrinsically have anything to do with human biology.

Hard work and thrift are not white. Education is not white. Grammar and technical precision are not white. Good manners are not white. Having two parents is not white. Christianity is not white.

And on the other hand: Laziness is not black. Poverty is not black. Ignorance is not black. Slang is not black. Fatherlessness is not black. Being a thug is not black. Islam is not black. ((I think it is interesting that many black Americans consider Islam their natural or traditional religion. The Muslim Moors conquered North Africa by force, subjugated their people, and sold many of them into slavery. I fail to see why that’s a heritage to believe in. Especially for a group of people who are dozens of generations from setting foot in Africa.))

Demonizing white culture or black culture in general is stupid. For one, there is no such thing as some monolithic white culture. White culture is extremely broad. It encompasses all sorts of traditions from all over the globe. And it is not homogenous in the least. It regularly adopts customs, words, tropes, styles, and philosophies when those things seem to have value or interest, no matter who originated them.

The only reason why black culture seems to follow racial lines  is because it developed incidentally that way after years of slavery and then racial segregation. And it is more homogenous than white culture because many black Americans have self-limited their understanding of what black culture can include. But black culture should and can be as broad and inclusive as is useful to its members. Any element to black culture that can help fix the obvious problems in black America (e.g., government dependence, fatherlessness, poverty, sub-par education, etc.) should be adopted with alacrity. If that cultural element happens to coincide with so-called white culture, I fail to see why that is necessarily a bad thing.

Celebrating diversity has to be about a community heritage more than a skin color. And each of us, black or white, is American. Thomas Jefferson, for good or bad, is as much a forefather of black Americans as he is of mine.  And Martin Luther King, Jr., for good or bad, is also just as much a forefather of mine as he is of black America. Both of these men had a profound impact on the America we live in. They also both said and did both good and bad things. The color of their skin doesn’t matter much. White and black Americans share the same history, the same language, the same land, and the same future. In that sense, we are the same race. We need to start acting like it, and kill the antagonism.

We differ in culture, for sure. But the fix for that is not a widening of the divide. I’m for merging the cultures, and I think that has already begun. This means that what is good in what has typically been called “white” culture should be equally enjoyed as an inheritance of the black community. And vice versa.

This is already happening at least on one side of the divide. Is it not overwhelmingly the case that white youths are willing to adopt the music, culture, language, and dress of “black” culture? But this exchange is not really mutual, and I am afraid this is only to the detriment of black Americans. And this cultural “trade deficit” is perpetuated by race-baiters and government stooges that are determined to keep the black community firmly under the control of the governing elite.

The way we have celebrated diversity in the past has just been divisive. We don’t need to make up for the fact that black-skinned people have been under-represented in the past by over-representing them now. Justice is justice. As soon as you rig the scale to compensate for past inequities, you aren’t pursuing justice.

I want to see the end to racial inequalities, racism, and racial prejudices. I love diversity and individuality. I don’t think individuality and diversity rests in anything so superficial as skin color, though. And until we all recognize that, we, both black and white, will continue to perpetuate the self-fulfilling prophecy of mutually destructive racial division.

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  1. Michael, good essay. But your missing a major component to understanding the current divide. From Wiki… “Violent crime was not responsible for the quadrupling of the incarcerated population in the United States from 1980 to 2003. Violent crime rates had been relatively constant or declining over those decades. The prison population was increased primarily by public policy changes causing more prison sentences and lengthening time served, e.g. through mandatory minimum sentencing, “three strikes” laws, and reductions in the availability of parole or early release. These policies were championed as protecting the public from serious and violent offenders, but instead yielded high rates of confinement for nonviolent offenders. Nearly three quarters of new admissions to state prison were convicted of nonviolent crimes. 49 percent of sentenced state inmates were held for violent offenses. Perhaps the single greatest force behind the growth of the prison population has been the national “war on drugs.” The number of incarcerated drug offenders has increased twelvefold since 1980. In 2000, 22 percent of those in federal and state prisons were convicted on drug charges. [26][27]”. I’m from NY, so of course black people and black youth feel policy policies are racist. In fact, it was found that NYPD was corrupt…forcing youth to empty their pockets- violating their civil rights- during a stop-and-frisk stop, giving officers a reason to charge youth with crime. This stupid war on drugs perpetuates deep wounds in the black community. I will say Blacks celebrate their “heros” in HIP HOP because they have made it BIG, real BIG, doing it their way. So for the same of their self-esteem…blacks will benefit as these people grow up, mature and expose the virtues u speak of. This is a culture in transition.

    • Inspiri My only problem with your rebuttal, is calling the war on drugs stupid… No we aren’t going to catch everyone, but that doesn’t mean we can’t stop trying. And how else do you prevent drug crimes? Prevention isn’t catching them in the act or after the crime is committed. If “profiling” and making suspicious people empty their pockets, and catch them with drugs stops drug crimes, so be it.

      • I will explain this like I do my child…this country has criminalized possession of marijuana. All it takes is a 17yr on his way to a friends house and carrying a small amount to get stopped, booked and end uo with a “criminal” record. The next time he is drinking a beer on the corner of his neighborhood before his 21st birthday, he’s got a record and so he is treated hostile, booked, and adds to his criminal record. The third time he confronts the police he may be at his worst and makes an err in judgment and is picked up for misdameanor theft (stealing a magazine) and now goes to prison. That is the story of the three quarters of new

        • …new admissions to prison system, all NON-VIOLENT. I wasn’t talking about the other crimes. No matter how clearly point to the part of glass that contains, you have the compulsion to point the part of the glass that’s empty…not relevant to discussion

        • Inspiri So, you just taught your children, marijuana is ok. Um, hello, its illegal.
          Not only that,, as you call yourself a Christian, here is some Bible info to show you that drugs are wrong as well.
          Now the deeds of the flesh are evident, which are: immorality, impurity, sensuality, idolatry, sorcery, enmities, strife, jealousy, outbursts of anger, disputes, dissensions, factions, envying, drunkenness, carousing, and things like these, of which I forewarn you, just as I have forewarned you, that those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God. (
          So, where are the drugs mentioned in this verse? Actually, the word translated “sorcery” is the Greek word pharmakeia, from which we get the English word “pharmacy.” The primary meaning is “the use or the administering of drugs” (usually associated with sorcery or idolatry). Since this verse comes from a list of things that, if practiced, would preclude one from, this should be a reasonably strong suggestion that the Christian should not practice drug use. In addition, the book of Revelation lists drug use as one of the things for which the unrepentant will suffer the wrath of God.

        • Inspiri It doesn’t matter how you try to spin it. Small amount of marijuana, assault, burglary, killing someone, living here illegally. It’s all illegal, and people are prosecuted. It doesn’t matter what you “think and feel” is wrong because its too extreme, or you think its too harsh or cruel. The law is the law. If people aren’t punished, they never learn. In my opinion, punishments aren’t harsh enough. 
          Just like how a mother is demonized for spanking their child, well guess what, the child learns their lesson alot better with fear of that punishment again. But noooooo, its detrimental! It scars them for life!! Spare me and your nanny state policies….

        • I am a constitutionalist. If you havent noticed by now, I don’t make a habit of advocating the legislation of all my religious beliefs. This is the United States of America; not the United Theocracy of America. My kids will make the right choices when faced with said behaviors. I’m more concerned of my son encountering your son at a party. I heard anti-anxiety and pain killers drug agents are the most dangerous of narcotics. So please out your prescriptions under lock and key. Thank you

        • Listen Stix…I have to remind myself that some of you are operating at a 4th grade reading level. So my frustration is not without cause. But I will do my best to explain to you what I said in its proper context so that your knowledge base might expand. I did not submit a “rebuttal”. Please look up definition and it will make clear my suggestion to author to consider a component – I so elequently argued- to his thesis on race and healing. My reference to The War on Drugs as “stupid” was simply to express my distaste for all of its unintended consequences. And although I did not offer the multitude of studies that investigated its affects, I shared with you one example that is typical of what’s happening all throughout major American cities. At no time do I express my feelings about the law. I make no mention of the law other than institutional corruption of the law at the NYPD. As for your reference to the nanny state. I think you need to do more homework before you start throwing around that trope.

        • Again and again you prove my point. You are no man of God by any means. A Christian shows his religion and belief with pride. You are to live your life by what the Bible says. Not pick and choose to what suits you best. This may not be a religion run country, but you are supposed to let the Bible and Jesus’s teachings dictate how to live your life.

        • Ok ok. I don’t use illegal drugs. I had sex before marriage. But i married a woman (I’m a man) in church. And I agree with government conclusion that terrorists alone (in airplanes) brought down twin towers. I think that coved my life according to Christ.

        • How about not approving of abortion at all. Or not approving of gay marriage, at all. Or stating that true Muslims are killers. Not the type that live next door and don’t hurt anyone. I call them cafeteria style Muslims. Just like I could call you a luke warm Christian

        • You were given the wrong impression of what it is to be a good christian and a good American citizen. I told you how I lead my life; it is not my duty to impose my theological creed on others, especially on others that live by another religious or no-religious code

        • So, even tho the Bible says to save as many as we can, that doesn’t matter to you. Impose and try to save from eternal hell are two different things. You can keep throwing the rope to keep someone from drowning, even if they won’t take it. That’s the point. But you would rather have the government tell you what’s right and not rather than the creator you believe in.

        • Inspiri Personally, I think the best thing to do is legalize pot and make everything else into civil offenses, if they’re to be offenses at all. Do something stupid on the stuff? Public intoxication laws apply- end of disucssion.
          We spend too much time telling people what they may do with their bodies and not enough going after truly dangerous criminals.

        • Sounds justified…when they have been warned and refuse to conform to their responsibilites as an American citizen…STAY OUT OF TROUBLE!

        • CharlieFromMass Inspiri Like the lawmakers in Washington? Like the ones that steer us around like cattle? They do make criminals out of people, but we have God-given free agency and alot of people stray off the path of righteousness.

    • Hopefully.  Many of the Blacks are doing a revolving door when it comes to prison.  They get out on parole and can’t seem to stick to the rules, or to keep away from the associations which just keep them on the same road.  A lot has to do with the fact many have no idea who their Father is, and a Mother that has used them for a welfare paycheck, and no real family environment.  White people have done much more to help Blacks than they have to help poor Whites.  Same is true for Hispanics, especially in the Tucson area.  We even spend a day a month picking up the trash they leave in our desert on their illegal trip to U.S. benefits, and provide them counsel if they want to stay here.  I am really tired of Whites being the whipping boy/girl of Blacks and HIspanics…it is no longer a credible blame game.

      • GVJaneAz When everyone takes their blinders off it’ll level out, but until then we white folks in my home are sick & tired of supporting people that hate us!!! Makes it hard love my fellowman as I am commanded to do!

  2. Mike, do you think news media is represented? I don’t see any black people on Fox News beyond their token black guy. I don’t see any black people on CNN beyond the token black guy. I don’t see black people represented beyond their token black beautiful women. So we are not even close to over representation…they feel terrible under represented. Besides his hiring of ivy league graduates, Obama has done more to diversify government than any other leader in America and I hope history will record this footnote.

    • Inspiri Apparently, having half of his staff as women doesn’t mean equality either right? Since there is still this interpretation that women are sooooo oppressed…
      And I guess Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson doesn’t count for representation either huh? Or Susan Rice, or Clarence Thomas, or Ben Carson…
      There are more outlets out there for black representation than the media, good and bad. Like the Obama phone video clip…hilarious…

    • Inspiri  
      Time for an eye exam.  When that’s done check his record on diversity – reality is different than what you’re seeing.

    • Inspiri  You know, you actually have to turn the TV on first, right?
      Unfortunately, Obama is leaving his boot print all over the US Constitution.

    • Inspiri Obama is hiring like-minded marxists, hopefully for him if they’re black! The quantity of blacks seems more important to you & most blacks, than the quality of their message! Do you really think that most of Americans can stomach racial ranting about slavery day after day on their news channels? I’ll bet even liberals would get sick & tired after a little while! Get off the plantation and join the American dream….the real dream, of doing for yourself & family & stop expecting whites to pay your way! Reparations my a$$!!!

      • So your argument against a sound purposeful diversity policy is that it will bring on endless ‘rants’ about slavery. That is ridiculous! In no way is that what black leaders in my company are saying. Your just being silly, insensitive and terrible friend to your neighbor

        • Inspiri  
          There is no such thing as a “sound purposeful diversity policy.”  That’s a progressive/subversive policy.

          Equal treatment under the law however, is a sound policy.  That’s and American law.

        • I know you expect people to agree with whatever you say, but I think you are ignorantly glossing over 50 yrs of recent history. Civilians fought hard to pass legislature that brought equality to a reality…equal pay for woman, right to vote, ended segregation, established EEOC and other racist policies. Got it soldier?

        • Inspiri  
          No! – you’re wrong.  I don’t expect people to agree with whatever I say.
          And, I’m not glossing over 50 years of history.  However, you are misrepresenting that history – and the very meaning of the word “equality.”
          Equality of opportunity is what our Declaration and Constitution established (on the basis of God’s Word).  The equality you speak of is sourced in marxism which is echoed by the progressive democrats from Woodrow Wilson up to Dear Leader.  It is the false equality of socialism/liberalism = equality of outcome.
          That equality is un-American and subversive to individual rights .

        • Inspiri  
          I needed to add a P.S.
          I have the utmost respect for soldiers, and all those who served their country.  However, Marines are not soldiers.  
          I guess that lack of knowledge is indicative of your lack of knowledge and support for those in uniform.   Got it lefty?

        • Who speaks like you? You are just talking nonsense now. Listen, you stick to defending our country abroad…and we here Civilians got the front lines of our republican domestically. Just consider this little stroll along the edge of diversity and corporate America a learning lesson. You may go back to your fanciful rhetoric now. Youre dismissed

        • Inspiri  
          “Nonsense” that you can’t refute.  
          You haven’t taught me anything – I’ve seen marxists like you for decades.  Even your debate “tactics” are according to the script.
          You can go back to your political officer for more mentoring from the politburo’s hotline.   Can’t say “dismissed” you were never in the game.

    • Inspiri Totally different case and has nothing to do with the Zimmerman case. If the weapon had been in the same room she probably would not have been charged. The mistake she made was going to the garage, getting the weapon and returning. I can see why she was found guilty, but the sentence was ridiculous.  You’ve been listening to bobe to much.

  3. One of the main obstacles to racial healing is black people who don’t want racial healing.  They want someone to blame for their lack of ambition, their lack of motivation.   Their generational anger won’t allow them to break free and learn to think for themselves, become successful, be somebody, make a better life for their children!!!   Many black people have broken free and become successful but have maintained the black anger.  There are others who want to leave that behind.  There are white people who are stuck in the same ignorant, unmotivated life with the same generational anger!!  This should not be a skin color issue – it should be a human issue.  Get over the anger for what the ancestors had to deal with, that also isn’t black or white.

  4. An excellent, well-written article that should be read in every school everywhere and discussed thoroughly.

  5. This article is certainly a much better approach than the one of everybody choose a side and identify with your race and defend it.
    Too bad our fearless leader chooses to inject race into the matter over and over again.

  6. I credit the movie “Roots” (1977) as creating the idea that there is some sort of noble need to preserve one’s native culture regardless of where you are. It served to encourage re-adoption of native culture to the exclusion of the culture around them. Then, in a tribal way, those in the native culture put pressure on those outside to join or be shunned. It created a race division inside the black race.
    Until we went through the civil rights movement in the 1960s, most people do not realize that until that time most blacks were Republican. It was the Republicans who supported and pushed this movement. 
    But, when the civil rights movement triumphed, the Democrats reacted by instituting 23 entitlement programs in the next year, all aimed at subverting and literally buying the now, off-the-plantation, black population—blacks went Democrat in droves, putting themselves back on the plantation and they’ve been there ever since, calling any blacks who go out and make a career for themselves in the outside world traitors, Uncle Toms and Oreos

    • CharlesHigley  you have only to look at the names, the “pseudo-African” names that some in the Black community have taken ! So very Un-Necessary, SAD,  and indeed, Comical !  Much like getting a Bachelors or Masters degree in African Studies and being able to do WHAT with it ?

    • CharlesHigley No problem enjoying your basic culture, but a definite need to join the American culture!  That’s what we were and should be again about.  I have lived in other cultures and I enjoy much of what they have and foods as well, but I will not desert my home culture in America because that is what made America great and appreciated throughout the world.  First time to China America was considered the “strong country” and now they laugh at us because of Obama and what we are allowing to happen to America and ourselves.  We are the only ones who change this idiocy.

  7. You have to want it, and it appears that most Blacks can’t lay down the hoe and realize they are slaves to evil diatribe, vitriol speech from their own so-called leaders.  They are being used, and should kick these people to the curb who just want to eliminate the last 60 years.  You are totally correct, Charles.  “Creating race division inside the black race”.  And, sadest is the POTUS stoking the fire.

  8. Would that there were “READERS” in the Black Communities who could read articles of this calibre and quality, ALOUD to the Illiterates and school drop-outs living there !

  9. Immediately following the civil war and up into the 30’s there were two schools of thought in the black community’s. One, headed up by Booker T. Washinton, favored inclusion and full assimilation into society. The other headed by Dubois favor exclusion and reparations. The later one out and is now known as the NAACP. In areas where washingtons influence was greater blacks and whites lived together in harmony. In other areas they did not. The vision if Dubois and the NAACP was or has become one of victims that need to be cared for cradle to grave, whereas Washington was one of self responsibility and full integration!

  10. A lot of the low lifes that captured and sold Africans into slavery were Arab muslims or the black people’s own tribal leaders or other black Africans that were only looking to make money no matter what it takes.

  11. I grew up with blacks, Mexicans, Poles, Irish, Germany, Jews, Romanians, Indians, blacks, and who know who or what else,  and we all got along, visiting or picnicking together or drinking beer at the local beer joint, no fighting, neighbors helping neighbors.  Thanks to Demos and liberals and above all Obama we are now dividing ourselves and for what?  We are all human beings,; we are all Americans (except for the illegals all of whom should leave like yesterday!) and we all have culture we can share, foods we can enjoy, and on and one.  People, especially blacks at this stage, should wake up and smell the coffee.  If we want our America back, we have to band together and get rid of the real racist in the White House and encourage blacks and Indians (now Native Americans) and latinos  to come forward, grow up, get educated and move on up.

    • Roeech Beautifully said. I’m reminded of a man I know in lodge who grew up in Fitchburg, Ma. in the 1920s and described his first grade class to me.
      “In the first row was a bunch of us Finns from Elm St., in the next row was a bunch of Greeks from Greektown, in the third row was a bunch of Italians from The Patch. The fourth row was a bunch of French (actually French-Canadian) from Cleghorn. And the fifth row had a bunch of kids who could speak English and were told to teach us!” For the record, he’s one of the Finns.
      You didn’t need to force “diversity,” it always existed, and people were expected to get along because they had to. They didn’t necessarily have to LIKE each other, but they were expected to be civil and courteous. That no longer exists today on most any front- ethnically, socially, culturally, religously, politically, whatever. We seem to have reduced ourselves to first graders- and very badly behaved ones at that!

  12. Why is Obama purposely stirring up racial conflict?  It’s a diversion.   What is he trying to hide or accomplish?   Is he trying to sneak through some executive order, action or appointment?  His ineffectiveness in the Snowden situation?  The IRS situation?  Russia? Syria?  Michelle and daughters on another lavish trip?  What’s really going on?

  13. Have you ever tried to mix black paint with any other color?  ALL you get IS a SH*TTY Black or a lighter shade of BLACK!!!

    • gcalhoun2013  I’ve noticed that. You know what? When you mix white with other colors, you get a brighter hue! I never thought about that.

  14. “Demonizing white culture or black culture in general is stupid.”  I contend that “celebrating diversity” is just as stupid.  Not sure who came up with the liberal, feel-good nonsense known as, “celebrating diversity”, but it is just as divisive as demonizing any culture.  Celebrating a difference is as culturally damaging as attacking any specific culture.  Forget that “diversity” nonsense and celebrate individual freedom and individual liberty while stressing individual responsibility and the American society will be much healthier.

  15. The article message is a good one if you could only get away from the misuse of the word ‘diversity’.  It in no way means a division.  Rather, diversity is used in terms of adding new things to something already there.  It can be most easily defined as adding more stock to an already good portfolio.  We are always going to live with people who are simply prone to not wanting to learn, cooperate, get along, compromise, be rational, or who are not willing to help themselves.    And regretfully, the charity of Americans in general regardless of color or origin, has been highly instrumental in cultivating the problems we face with racial divides.  But don’t ever label that diversity because it is not!  Rather these divides come from laziness, lack of education (our govt. being of no help that there at all), from inbred hatred, religious divisions, financial status, etc.

    • AnnetteAkerman  
      I attribute the policy of “diversity” to one thing only = it is a tenent of the left and progressivism.  As it is taught in our universities and administered through leftist politics, it’s focus is on division.  
      In that division, the leftists infuse diverse “values” according to race, with the white race being the goat.  Whites are not only scapegoated for keeping the colored races “down” via imperialism and capitalism, they are portrayed as the “original racists and responsible for slavery.  
      That leftist agenda expands that to slander the founders, the Declaration and the Constitution in order to discredit our foundation, and by extension, the country that was built on that foundation.
      It is marxism brought into 21st century courtesy of progressive democrats.

  16. Diversity is real, people. Corporate america has been leading effort to diversify leadership ranks. Women still seeking the same. It is nothing that any of you have said. I recommend some additional reading on subject. When there is no diversity then you have Issa’s all white men congressional panel on women’s health issue. Few can stomach a sight let alone women.

    • Inspiri  
      Well, once again, we have a response on the basis of emotionalism devoid of facts.
      Corporate America hasn’t been leading the effort to diversify – they’re responding to federal laws and regulations.  The entire policy is based on quotas, etc. – it has nothing to do with equal treatment and people free to compete as free individuals on the basis of skills,  knowledge, ability and experience.
      Liberalism preaches “equal treatment under the law” but then (as always) practices something completely different – and it’s always un-American.

      • I’m sure you have encountered two distant facts, perhaps within the same hemisphere of context, but that doesn’t give you the authority to link them…let alone link them casually. I celebrate your ability to think but I have to be the first to say…no, you are way off base. I speak first hand account of corporate initiative to diversify leadership ranks. You see, diversity is not N issue among grunts. Because it represents the demographics in our communities. For example, sales force may have 50% women, 25% blacks, etc but as you step up ranks, it is hard to find a woman in power, let alone a person of color. So they do it to avoid a class action lawsuit for discriminatory Mgmt policies. (ie, EEOC)

        • Inspiri  
          Well, I don’t have “authority” but I have knowledge and experience.  One job I held was to review offices throughout my state for EEOC compliance.  
          Now, you give us two opposing propositions and can’t see how they are connected. (inability of leftists to connect dots).
          You want to put “diversity” on the shoulders of private enterprise, but then turn around and claim that they do this to avoid a lawsuit which would be based on federal regulations. 
          And to say that diversity represents the demographics of our communities is a statement divorced from truth and reality.  
          Again, you got it wrong with my service so your attempt to be disrespectful has missed the mark.  (incapability of leftists to refrain from attempts to be derogatory)

        • Disrespectful to your service? No. Am I frustrated with you matter of speech? Yes. And I have no ambition to distinguish a Marine from a soldier. That is for our military leaders to sort out. As for my response to your statements in this context, I was simply pointing out that errs in your statements. Just because you don’t want to be wrong, doesn’t mean your right. Corporate America is “leading” if they are the first among their private enterprise peers to address it. Second, “the entire policy is” NOT about quotas. It is about removing implicit bias in hiring policies…which are well studied (not the kind that uses bias to support conclusions, but the kind that stand up to scrutiny by peers). Read Case 2A & 2B.
          I enjoy the guys from Freakonomics podcasts and they played with name bias. They found bias in names.
          But lastly,

        • But lastly, diversity policies are not about establishing competition on merits; they are about providing minority groups equal access to them. Please leave me out of debate on when two people have same qualifications, who should get job. I’m referring to policy that promotes mgmt seeking black candidates for a mgmt position in Detroit MI. Nothing is corrosive when a company from TX, opens up an office in Detroit and hires a white, Christian, man to run the office. That is not the problem; the problem is they didn’t have any candidates that were black or representative of location.

        • Diversity for the sake of diversity is ridiculous. It just segregates us more. And why does Detroit NEED a black person to help run the show? If they are great at economics and don’t follow any democratic or Obama type methods then sure, they are qualified. If a Hispanic, Asian, or white man or woman is qualified, then go ahead. Has nothing to do with if they re black or not. Me being a white male, I have the least chance of getting a job these days the way political correctness, affirmative action, and diversity for the sake of diversity have this country going.

        • As for minorities or women in power, have you ever thought they either A. Don’t desire such positions or B. Strong independent business women aren’t exactly common. If they want that job, they’ll get it if they really want it. This isn’t the 60s and 70s anymore

        • Again, you say stupid things. I didn’t say companies need to hire black people. The law requires non-discriminatory hiring/firing practices …and it’s not limited to skin color.
          In the scenario I provided, should a group file suit and find company did not seek a diverse pool of qualified candidates…and this is proven to be the norm/practice/pattern, then the ipso facto conclusion is their hiring policy is discriminatory. Until you get this concept, you will continue to perpetuate the illusion that this everyone has equal opportunity/representation. This country’s economic system is based on merit as long as list of candidates weren’t limiting.

        • “Candidates weren’t limiting.” Ok so, what if there were no qualified minorities? That’s considered unfair? Its not the companies fault. If anything, its the now the companies problem to waste time and money to say, “Ok not enough blacks and Hispanics and Asians here. Go grab some for the interview so we don’t get in trouble by big daddy government. And it doesn’t matter if they can do the job or not, just go get some so we don’t get sued.” Affirmative action makes me sick

        • To answer your question. No, if a company can not find qualified candidates that are diverse, then it is not violating any law. You don’t have to be a lawyer, judge or EEOC compliance officer to reach this conclusion. My concern is that you are unable to reach this same conclusion. But no matter, I’ve been on receiving end of this scenario and company would motivate its mgmt to try harder, seek smarter …and if the policy is well meaning, sound, then corporation is better for it.

        • Does racism, bigotry, discrimination, and misogynistic attitudes exist in this country? Of course they do. But not as rampant as you want people tp believe. You find a few isolated or even in your case, personal incidences, and you’re asking people to grab their pitchforks. Ease up and get off your podium like its an epidemic.

        • Hey hey heeeeey. I wasn’t suggesting it was rampant. Don’t tried to change your argument to suit the evolution of discussion. I am pointing out that diversity is real and necessary…especialky to the ignorant here who willingly or gratuitously seek to disparage the plight of black people in 2013

        • I still don’t see this “plight” people keep talking about. I’m not from rich or even moderately paid parents. They didn’t pay for my schooling, bills, mortgage, phone, nothing. If people, ANY race of people want something bad enough and be proud of themselves, then they can overcome their hardships with hard work.

        • Alas, we can agree on something. Just be careful when applying such notions in specific situations. Your statement smacks of implicit bias I spoke of earlier. The subtext might be that black people are inherently lazy and their plight is because they don’t want to work hard for it. That may be true for some, but that is not exclusive to black people. Make sense?

        • It does, and I wasn’t making any assumptions to black people being lazy, which is why I said any race. But as for not wanting higher power, I haven’t personally seen that type of drive. Only speaking personally. Now my mom on the other hand, she broke the mold. She would be president of she let herself. Has that kind of energy and passion. Never seen it in any other woman before, especially her age.

        • Mine as well…though she would have had me as president. But the larger point is other people do implicitly bias other groups. In fact, we’ve heard from some explicitly speak those prejudices toward blacks as a class. Which brings discussion full circle. As Michael true to offer words to assure healing process, it has brought out the infection that ills society

        • Inspiri  
          Have fun arguing with yourself on a subject you’re ignorant of.  
          Comfort yourself with the errors and leftist propaganda that obviously energize you.

        • Likewise. Thank you for affording me the opportunity to share the reality of today; some definitions for clarity and examples to enrich context. They were always intended as observations for everyone else to reach their own conclusion. (Although, I did disagree with some points that I felt were misleading or without merit). In the end, in my opinion, you offered nothing insightful from your experience as an EEOC compliance officer. Have fun with your cynicism.

  17. Didn’t read the article, but just want to say that if you try to do good to all people you can’t fail. If you want to go around crying about how others are being treated better than you, then you promote misery onto yourself. If you greet others with a smile, good morning, handshake etc., and they turn away from you, it’s their misery. People need to get over this race crap because it only divides & always has!

  18. Senator McCain admitted on network TV that AZ legislature ought to look at stand your ground law in his home state because it was “controversial”. Not so much a race issue.

    • Inspiri  
      McLame is always happy to roll over for Dear Leader.   He has lost all credibility among Americans who cherish the Constitution.  Long ago he moved away from allegiance to the foundation of our country.

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