Homosexuals Demand that Chick-Fil-A Stop Serving “Gay Chicken”

I must admit I don’t get around much, so I didn’t even know the reliably left-leaning Huff ’n’ Puff Post had a “Gay Voices” section. But yesterday, I read an article from there that covered a recent petition (with a whopping 1,500+ signatures!) that demanded that Chick-Fil-A be consistent with their “anti-homosexual” values and stop serving “homosexual” chicken at their restaurants. As the petition explains, some male chickens will mount other male chickens, so Chick-Fil-A cannot be consistent with their values until they make sure that none of the chicken meat they are serving comes from “homosexual” chickens. Wow. I’ve read some really, really stupid petitions in my life. But that one… Where do you even start?

First, I’m sure this petition was meant as a sort of barbed joke, but it falls squarely into the “Boom! How will you ever recover from the devastation of my cleverness?!!!!” category—a category which regularly falls far short of its intended goal. I feel bad for the people that wrote this actually. Is this really the best they can come up with?

Second, if these people actually think Chick-Fil-A is a hate-filled, anti-homosexual company, wouldn’t it be more consistent for Chick-Fil-A to serve only homosexual chickens? I mean it’s not like Chick-Fil-A sends their chickens on luxury vacations. They kill them. And then we eat them.

Third, why are homosexuals so obsessed with the fact that animals intermittently commit homosexual acts? The fact is that animals really don’t practice homosexuality per se. It’s not like any of them are exclusively attracted to the same sex. They just have no self-control. They will hump pretty much anything around if they get the notion. My dog used to hump male and female dogs, plush toys, the legs of guests, sectional sofas… you know—anything. He was a dog, after all. He ate our underwear and pooped in the hallway too. I fail to see why that matters. Animals variously engage in incest, genocide, cannibalism, pedophilia, and other socially unacceptable behaviors. If homosexuals want to legitimize their behavior by claiming that it is “only natural,” what leg do they have to stand on to condemn anything—including the so-called “intolerance” of Chick-Fil-A?

I’m frankly already very tired of this. Homosexuality is a behavior which means it involves a choice. It isn’t like race or gender. At all. So quit comparing it to the Civil Rights movement or Women’s Rights. Frankly, that degrades and insults those movements. They don’t and they didn’t involve a choice or a behavior. People don’t have to do anything to have a certain skin color. Women don’t have to act like women to be women. They just are. A homosexual is defined by a sexual behavior. If this doesn’t involve a choice then pretty much any person compelled to a certain behavior could claim he didn’t have a choice either. This would basically mean the destruction of any foundation for laws against anything—an entirely arbitrary boundary line of ethics that bobs with public opinion like a ship tossed on a stormy sea. Which kind of sounds like where we are right now.

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    • This article shows just how stupid people really are and some of the posters as well – nothing personal to the posters on here. The chances of male chickens (Roosters) mounting one another is pretty laughable. Roosters are territorial animals and don’t tolerate other roosters on their turf. Just an old farm kid pointing out what happened on the farm.

      • Chickens are very fast growing and sexually mature by the age of 6 months. Most chickens are slaughtered for consumption at between 30 days and 6 months of age. The chickens are usually between 4 and 5 pounds by this age and marketed as a “Fryer” or “Broiler”. This is when the meat is the most tender.

        Exceptions to this are chickens marketed as “Cornish Game Hens” which may be as young as 25 days old, “Roasting” chickens which are slightly over 6 months, and “spent layers” which are usually slaughtered at one or two years of age.
        ————————————– Those are facts from A reliable source. Now I was a farm girl also, my grandparents raised free range chickens. Made it difficult to gather eggs. My folks raised a few chickens as well. But my uncle had chicken houses and raised several hundred thousand a season, which was about 6 to 8 weeks, depending on the weather. Those giant houses had several thousand chickens in each one. They grew for one of the major poultry providers. Down here in the south, we grow lots of your chickens. By that young age, they aren’t mature enough to breed but still just stupid enough to do just abouth anything, including cannibilism. Want to discuss that? As for roosters being territorial, they need to be mature,and it also depends on the breed of chicken. Just like dog breeds, different habits. But they are still way down on the IQ scale. WAY DOWN.
        Chicken growers don’t raise commercial chickens past 6 to 8 weeks and a new bunch comes in in a couple of days, giving them a couple days to clean out the houses. Now who do you think has time to sit and watch those chickens to see if they might possible be gay.

      • Chickens have more brains than homos. They should be eating the homos but not sure they would want to take that risk. I, also was raised on a farm and chickens are the one animal that do not make that mistake. Bulls…yes…but only because they’ve been separated from the cows for many months and will mount anything. That’s what animals do…except for roosters. Never seen a homo rooster in my life. It just goes to show how stupid homos really are…and stupid people are dangerous people.

  1. Very good point, against the “animals do it so it must be okay too” argument! My son has hamsters, and they got into breeding for awhile because we thought we had two males but we had one of each. It took awhile to stop because we had sons impregnating the Mom, brothers impregnating the sisters….not exactly something I would justify among human beings!!!!!

  2. I would have to think most chickens are smart enough to know a female chicken when he sees one. Makes you wonder about humans – Doesn’t it.

    • Well it’s just like with any other animal. Dogs are the same way as with any other animal. These homosexuals have really made themselves look even more ignorant with this mess. I can bet you ONE thing. Pink, Madonna & several other stars that always stand up for them are probably thinking after reading this article; “Oh Noooooooo. These can’t be the dumb-a$$e$ we have always stood up for. Please let us wake up from this horrific nightmare.” lmao


  3. It all ties together, they want to equate man to animals…therefore it’s easier to kill, their children, the unwanted, Christians when the time comes. Warfare always is trying to convey that the enemy are evil animals, not worthy of kindness or empathy. The left is well on its way to another holocaust.

    • For a sidenote,,,All gays and liberals who seem to want to force their lifestyle upon us by force will have to realize one thing.They are the so called piecenicks of the world.Most of them have never even fired a bb gun let alone a real one.As a conservative I know for a fact we have much more fire power than they ever thought of having.Push comes to shove they haven’t got a chance in hell.

      • And if they happen to get gun control thru it will only be the libs who rightfully turn them in. You see my point.

      • You need to remember that the twinkies are just puppets that the political libtards are stoking up to add to the class warfare and separation of the people. They want you to be watching anything and everything except what they are doing to destroy the Republic.

  4. Well, I have just come out of the closet and want everyone to know that I am STRAIGHT. Is that OK? Or, in time will I have to hide it?

    • maybe we should have a straight pride parade and tell homosexuals they are heterophobic! I am straight but that is my business and I am not about to go around and wear it like it was a badge of honor. They seem to think that their sexual choice has to be seen as the right one. Anything else and you are a bigot.

      • You are so right. I don’t care what they do in their bedroom, but don’t tell me that I have to enjoy hearing about it. My bedroom is my business and their bedroom is theirs. Just do what you want if you don’t feel accountable to God. However, I do feel I’m accountable to God so leave me alone and let me think and feel what I want.

      • In my lifetime I have known several homosexuals, and the one thing that does bother me is they introduce themselves by their name and then have to announce they are homosexual. Well, I just want to be a friend and have a conversation, I do not want to go to bed with you. So why do I need to know that you are homosexual? Yes I was propositioned once, and I said no thank you, and they answered, how do you know what its like until you try it. Sometimes I think they believe its a new fad or game and that everyone should try it. I really believe their wires are malfunctioning.

        • The really sad part is they are beginning to teach kids in our district that in order to make an informed decision, they should try it both ways and decide for themselves. I drive a school bus, and an 8th grade student told me this. My one and only grandchild will be home schooled.

          • See what I mean! I said this earlier. This is what they want. The parents ought to be suing the schools over this crap!

        • It’s almost like they want you to know right off so they can feel comfortable around you. Thing is, that’s when I get VERY uncomfortable and skedaddle. My grandson had to room with one in college. When he propositioned my grandson and my grandson said, “Hell no…you fool” he began with the “bigot, homophobe” rant. He also made the comment that he was being very judgemental because he wouldn’t know if he liked it until he tried it. My grandson used to be very understanding to their “plight”….not any more. They are the MOST malfunctioning human beings on the planet…along with those who support them and their malfunction.

        • I agree. A woman professor of our Womens’ Studies class declared about lesbianism: don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. This was 20 years ago at the Univ. of WI. Stupid woman just trying to indoctrinate the huge class- Womens’ Studies was mandated to graduate.
          I don’t have to commit murder to know it’s wrong. Don’t have to rob a bank to know it’s wrong. Idiotic, classless people who want their way & only their way to be the only way. Just how dumb do they think we are?

      • Thank God for small favors. Starbucks is grossly over priced, and tastes gross. It has always tasted burned and like it had been sitting in the pot all day, the few times I have tried it. I think people just buy it because they want to fit n. Like keeping up with the Jones when you don’t have the money! I don’t think anything special about those who waste their time and money on the crap, except that their taste buds have to be dead, and they have more money than common sense!!

    • Haha, I posted that to my Facebook after Anderson Cooper “came out.” I said…”after much soul-searching, I have decided the time has come for me to step out of the closet and reveal who I really am….I’m straight. Phew! I feel so much better now!” LOL

        • Were you born an idiot also ?? No one is born with a predisposition to an attraction to anyone or anything. We are born with sexual urges and we learn from those who influence how to direct those urges. Apparently, you had a bad influence. So sorry about that.

          • I was born with a temper? Does the give me a right to slap, or spit on, or kick, or go in the house and get my gun, when something irritates me? I must control m temper just the same as anybody else has, to control evil temptations. If you don’t control them, THEY WILL CONTROL YOU!!

    • The true intent of the REAL radical left is to create a bisexual society. Those who view themselves as VERY ENLIGHTENED are bisexual, which is part of their movement. Their trying to seize control of the education system so as to ‘teach’ all kids that homosexuality is perfectly normal and you can pick whatever partner you want. To them it’s perfectly rational to have sexual relationships with either sex.

      • Makes sense to me. Both my younger sister & daughter first declared to me that they were bisexual. Then they both rapidly became lesbians…..all the while I saw their intentions….very plainly. I still love them both very much but I know being gay is a downward path in the long run. Not to mention, it is against God’s laws and plans for our lives. Beware of the twisted logic of the gay movement. God is not mocked!

    • Well; I want to thank you for giving me the courage to do the same. I also choose to come out of the closet also. I do admit that I too; am STRAIGHT & LOVIN IT. Is it ok for me to say that I so enjoy when my man puts his arms around me in public & kisses me on the lips just because he wants to & I also want him too??? I’m like you. I feel in time we may have to hide our feelings for one another in public.

      • I too am coming out of the closet. I’m normal and I love being normal and having a relationship with the opposite sex and being able to have normal sex and children and a real family and not have to worry about numerous diseases and mental woes. It’s great!! I’m straight!! I await the homo hate!! LOL

        • I am not going to go into your hate. But as a fellow straight person I would like to point something out to you. You DO need to worry about diseases even though you’re straight. They can be passed on no matter who you sleep with or what gender. So at least be enlightened on basic health matters please….

        • God I’m so glad to have good company–and here I thought I was alone! Just knowing there are others just like me will make the homo hate easier to bear.

  5. I’m sick of all this “gay movement” crap! Enough is enough! All of the publicity just encourages more insanity! They should lead their lives quietly and we should be allowed to lead our lives quietly.
    ‘Nuff said…………

      • Their rage and antisocial behavior prove that homosexuals do not want peace and quiet. If they did they would totally ignore the fact that Christians are against homosexuality. We do not rave around about they choices..We only say what we believe and then shut up, Christians, that is. I can not speak for the non-Christians who are against it.

    • I couldn’t agree with MORE if I tried but what makes it worse there are such nice gays that would neve dream of doing such things (such as my brother) and it makes them look so badly and to me that is the sad thing.

      • My uncle is homosexual. And he says Gay Pride and riots like this are probably the stupidest things they can do, to prove their equality. He runs a successful hotel, never goes on crusades for “Gay Rights”, because he says, there are more important matters. Such as feeding the poor and sheltering the homeless.

        Quite frankly, i feel safer around him than around many so-called “straights”…

        • I have a gay brother and he behaves the same. No boasting, no demanding rights, no in your face nonsense. Was it his upbringing? I don’t know. But he is a wonderful, kind, thoughtful human being. I am openly opposed to gays and their special right demands…….I don’t want to see them behave badly in public and I can’t stand their stupid gay-rights parades. Things were much better when they were less active about who they are. Why don’t they keep a low profile and just live their lives. Then when their “time comes”, they can explain to God about their actions and see what he thinks…………it’s not up to me to decide for them. I have plenty in my own life to be responsible for.

          • They want to run society, that’s why they’re not quiet. They want the power to dictate to the rest of us. It’s hard to be gay. It’s hard to find lovers. They have to look around for them. Contrary to their claims, they are NOT 10 percent of society. They’re less than 2%. But they’re intent on calling the shots across the board, from how our children are educated to healthcare policy. There are two kinds. The ones like your brother and a friend of mine, who live and let live. And then those more radical who are intent on seizing control of society.

          • Lie. Admit it, Gays taking over the world is as likely as women and blacks taking over the world with their civil rights movements. Your logic sadly flawed and rather paranoid.

          • The activists, do…………….there are plenty of others who just want to live and let live. Personally, I can’t stand the activists…………..

          • If you go back to Genesis 19 you will see that in Sodom it was the whole city that came to have sex with the Angels and specifically the men. The problems lies in the fact that what afflicts gay people is a spirit. You’ve probably noticed how many, not all, but many homosexual people the world over take on an effeminate way of talking and acting. It’s something they yield to and it takes them over. This spirit will never be happy until everyone is a sodomite. They are not living according to God’s wonderful plan of a man and woman and so they have to push their program on everyone else. It’s a very obstinate spirit and I’m afraid that as time goes on it will get worse and worse. The only way they can truly rid themselves of this spirit is to humble themselves and ask God’s forgiveness and he will forgive them. There are many who have come back and they can testify that it remains a battle all their lives.

          • “You’ve probably noticed how many, not all, but many homosexual people the world over take on an effeminate way of talking and acting.”
            What I have observed, as there are actually a number of gay couples living openly in my neighborhood and in my city, is that each couple sort of mimics the heterosexual couple; there appears to be one person who takes on more of what society considers to be the “male role” and another person who takes on the “female role”. So I do not think effeminate ways are :”taken on” at various times; I think within the gay community there are permanent differences.
            Would someone actually in the gay community set us right here?

          • My thought is the homosexual wants to be left alone, but the enemy within are using them for their agenda.

          • “Contrary to their claims, they are NOT 10 percent of society. They’re less than 2%”

          • “There are two kinds. The ones like your brother and a friend of mine, who live and let live. And then those more radical who are intent on seizing control of society.”
            This is true of every political movement that seeks change.
            There is also a third “kind”–those in the middle, who seek to influence societal opinion without jamming their views down reluctant throats all at once.

          • Amazing your brother even talks to u, I dare u to show him what u just wrote. I don’t even believe u have a brother!

          • I will gladly answer you, jake………..first off, why is you people always yell and scream and act obnoxious? Of course my brother and I still talk, and share every holiday and family event, etc. He lives in Culver City, me in the desert……….We have always been close. One day I said to him, ” find your own name for marriage……..marriage is between a MAN and a WOMAN as designed by God Almighty……..it is biblical………..it can’t mean anything else. You guys can have your union, no one is stopping you………..just find your own word.” He laughed and so did I. … You guys can’t have what we have, it’s that simple, but you are too pig headed, to ignorant to accept it. Get your civil unions, make a contractual life together, live and let live. When your time comes to meet your maker, and it will, you explain to him why you have chosen to break his laws. And there you have it, jake. P.S. I have forwarded our correspondence to him.

          • how is it that i’m yelling and screaming? While others have been screaming obsenities at me. I’m sorry but I’m simply reacting to what everyone else is saying and I think you just don’t like what i’m saying that’s why you think I’m yelling and screaming — you could not be further from the truth. Your first mistake is thinking that I am gay — so just because I believe that everyone should have equal rights that makes me gay???? Just once again shows how close minded you are. You want to talk about biblical, it has just come to my attention that another abomination is eating shrimp — in the same leviticus that you say is in the bible. check it out godhatesshrimp.com. And you have made my point exactly — what gives you the right to be the moral police — God is the ONLY person who can judge and let him judge. Is that really so hard for you to understand. My aunt asked her catholic priest why her husband doesn’t go to communion or confession — his response — it’s not your responsibility to save his soul. Let me ask, which religion do you think is going to make it into heaven? Is it the jewish faith, the buddhist faith or the chrisian faith? How about the non-believers? The one thing that I know is that God wants us to love one another — love they neighbor — it’s in the 10 commandments — is it in the 10 commandments about gays or gay marriage? You may have a brother but I bet you that you are not as close as you think.

          • Please you are such a liar, just using some excuse to feel like you are in the conversation, you don’t have a gay brother, you are delusional or if you have a brother there is no way that he feels like you love him at all. Ask your imaginary brother if it bothers him how you feel, because there’s no way that he likes it.

          • Every group that is attempting to change the political climate has marches. Every group has extremists. Were all of their parades “stupid” as well in your view, or only the parades calling attention to sexuality?
            Things were “much better” for YOU when they kept a low profile; things were not “much better” for them; once the changes in society take place, things will be quiet again.
            My own position on the current kerfluffle is that the gay rights groups seem to have jumped to the conclusion that being anti gay marriage is the same as being anti gay, and I’m not convinced about that. I think you can be pro gay and pro gay rights and even pro gay marriage rights without calling it marriage, as that seems to create the most opposition, due to religious and cultural beliefs and habits.
            Some groups succeed by seeking change more slowly, thereby incurring less open emnity and opposition. The idea is something like the doctor’s oath: first do no harm. Society’s groups seeking change might better succeed if they keep in mind: first, do not make MORE enemies.
            But what do I know, really? I am only observing this fight—as most fights– from a distance.

          • And, pray tell, just what is so “special” about wanting the same rights that you enjoy? What is special about wanting to be able to see your partner of 25 years when she or he is in the hospital? You take that right for granted when gay folks cannot. What is special about having protection against being fired for just being gay….even when your work is outstanding? What is special about being able to live anywhere you can afford to live or living without fear of being evicted because you are gay? If these are “special” rights for gay people then they must be special for you as well. I would love to just be able to live my life, but when my sisters and brothers are still getting beaten up and killed just because of their sexual orientation, I have a moral obligation as a Christian to stand up against such actions. I suspect you really don’t keep a “low profile” about your sexual orientation, in fact you flaunt it with pictures of your wife and children on your desk and in your wallet, a wedding ring on your left hand, etc. etc. etc. Think about it my friend, the fact that gay folks want the same rights you have doesn’t make those rights special, now does it?

        • And committing homosexual acts is one of the stupidest things your uncle can do. Feeding the poor and sheltering the homeless does not negate that stupidity. It’s still wrong.

          • According to the Bible we born physically alive but spiritually dead in need of a savior and His name is the Lord Jesus Christ. In other words, we are all born with a sin nature.
            Romans 3:23 for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God,

          • “committing homosexual acts is one of the stupidest things your uncle can do”
            I am guessing you are referring to the chances of getting AIDS.
            I would suggest to you an idea I picked up, also at college reunion, watching a play by a homosexual classmate about gayness. What I learned is that the sex drive is so fundamental to human beings, along with the need to love and be loved physically, that it over-rides the need to avoid disease–even life threatening disease.
            This further suggested to me that homosexuality if often not a choice at all–any more than heterosexuality is. The choice is actually to engage in homosexual sex or to avoid sex all together–not a pleasant choice, that latter “choice”.

        • So, he is a productive citizen rather than getting in people’s faces about it. Wish more would be that way. I think it should be live and let live, but when the GLBT movement tries forcing its values on society, then the gloves come off.

          • Heterosexuals are “in our faces” with their heterosexuality every single moment of their lives. Our coworkers constantly talk about their husbands or wives, we are bombarded with images of heterosexual behavior on television, in music, in magazines, and advertising. See, it’s not about being in someone’s face, but about being who you are. Why should a gay or lesbian person have to refrain from talking about their family, spouse, love life, when straight people are not expected to do the same? I’ve never known of a straight person who was fired for suddenly being “outed” as heterosexual, but plenty of gay people fact that reality daily.

          • As a committed heterosexual, Ronnie, I don’t agree. If you don’t want to “hear about it” perhaps you could find a different discussion board–for like- minded, closed-minded people.

          • Jare, most people don’t approve of their children being exposed to a lifestyle that is counter to their norms. I have no gay or lesbian friends not because I hate nor impede on their rights as citizens but I have nothing in-common with them. I don’t like public displays of affection by heterosexuals in front of small children either. But there is plenty of gay and lesbians in the media, television but the businesses, programs and movies attract straight crowds because they’re a mass or majority and , numbers talk. I have never fired anyone that complies to rules and regulations that they have to sign before going to work. I owned several bars, one that catered to attorneys, doctors and professional people, the other a biker bar and a country western bar which both would have been dangerous for gays, commonsense is the point.

          • The Freedom of Association is still alive, in that you can also choose who you wish to associate with, regardless of race, creed color, religion, sexual preference, etc. But there is also the flip side of this Natural Right & that’s to NOT associate with those who you don’t wish to associate with.

            For every Natural Right, there is also a corresponding responsibility…To NOT violate the equal & Natural Rights of anyone else; the whole concept of Due Process of Law is to catch & punish those who cause these violations. These activist groups, regardless of what “cause” they promote, that use violence to promote or to force the “cause” down everyone elses’ throats are the REAL violators.

          • ” ITS because ; you ‘re ; ” QUEER ” ; and God doesn’t like ‘ ;queers ‘.
            Hetrosexuals ; are normal people , and are not pushing their agenda ” ; on you ‘ . ” Now ; go back ‘ ,to your closet ‘.

          • Because heterosexuality is normal and homosexuality is not – it is perversion. I’m sure you know the difference. This must be some line that comes out of the homo activist’s training manual.

          • Wrong! Heterosexuals are not in my face…I see or hear about that very rarely. The media that produces the news is in my face with gay issues daily for sure. You comparison is ridiculous. Heterosexuality is the normal relationship of a man and woman. You know get married, bare children, lead a normal life…the tradition our country was built on? How can one be outed for normal behavior? I know of no one who would fire a gay person in 2012, regardless of personal views. That makes absolutely no sense as the wrath of the Federal government would be on that faster than the words, “you’re fired” could be spoken.

          • Your co-workers are not talking about their husbands/wives or anything else in front of you in order to rub your noses in it because you are gay. They are talking about their families and such because they are important to them. It’s not about you. And if you don’t want to listen, that’s fine. You don’t have to. You don’t have to watch shows that you don’t like. No one is forcing you to. What you are actually doing is looking at everything through a “gay” filter rather than looking at everything as human beings dealing with their lives.

          • @9b3e52e0966340e692ae4c1745a0e1c0:disqus Wake Up…..Heterosexuality is “NATURAL”…..homosexuality/sodomy is “UNNATURAL!”

          • It is more than live and let live; it is also let live and enjoy the same benefits–including visitation to hospital rooms, tax advantages, property ownership, etc. I’m not really “into” this stuff, so I’m sure there are more economic issues–even the issue of zoning in home owner communities.
            That is what takes it out of live and let live and moves it into the poiltical.

          • WHY are all those ‘advantages’ provided!? For those who will live on and continue the blood line!
            How many sexual deviants will continue their bloodlines!? ARE WE CATCHING ON YET??

          • It is a minority of gay’s that act up in society, just as it is a minority that perform criminal acts against society. They are the ones that get the attention just for the fact they do act up. Remember the old adage, the squeaky wheel that gets the grease? If the bad actors were ignored or breaking the law, were prosecuted, it would end in a hurry. Our pansy arsed representatives in Congress are too PC to act like intelligent people & pander to the cut-ups rather than ignore them. They are too stupid to realize that their pandering to the gay cut-ups may get them some votes, but they will also lose far more votes from the general public than they will gain from gay thugs.

        • Well of course if it is YOUR family member it is acceptable. NO, SOD OMY is NOT acceptable & my step brother is “gay”, so is my friend’s dad, that does not make it o.k. Wrong is wrong, perversion is perversion, immorality is immorality.

          • What I do not understand is that sex outside of marriage is now “acceptable” ? But same sex, sex and hetro sex is constantly thrown in our faces and forced on even our children (Glee) Somehow Sex, beautiful, amazing, exciting and precious as it is needs to be brought back to a place of specialness.

          • Sex ; is not ‘ , acceptable ; outside of marriage ‘ . Never was ‘ ; and still , isn ‘t . ‘

          • Was going to say the same thing. If you follow what the Bible(GOD) says you won’t have to worry about having out of wed lock children and you won’t have to worry about disease. His law protects you actually if you follow it.

          • “..The anti-bullying campaign was started by the radical gay activist Kevin Jennings. The entire bullying campaign is a sham created from whole cloth. Jennings is the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN). As MassResistance.org reports, “The
            homosexual movement in the public schools has always been based on lies and deception. But until the mid-1990s, they were still having difficulty getting into the schools. Then they found the key to their huge success — what they call ‘reframing the issue’.” So what does “reframing the issue” mean?….

          • Don’t forget Dan Savage, who is the wonderful anti-gay bullying lecturer who openly mocked the Christian students in one of his presentations and then called them names when they stood up and walked out. He’s so precious. We don’t want to hurt his feelings. It’s a terrible thing to be ignored.

          • Yuck. It’s easier just to cough in someone’s face or sneeze or something. However, I wouldn’t put it past Savage. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

          • NOt sure what you mean, Winghunter. Are you suggesting that bullying of gays does not exist?

          • nornor, you’re right, “….. needs to be brought back to a place of specialness”, and that place in in the privacy of one’s own home, not for public display……….

          • Sex outside of marriage is not acceptable to true Christians. It is also termed fornication or adultery in the Bible.

          • Sex outside of marriage is not acceptable to everyone, including me. Sex outside of marriage is a sin, always has been and always will be no matter who does it.

          • God knows a person’s heart, knows circumstances. Homosexuality is not healthy, it is not the norm…but I ask would you turn your back on a person with cancer, or some other illness? I would hope not.

            I DO NOT APPROVE of the government schools trying to cram down our young that homosexuality is in the norm, or alright. It is not alright, it is unhappy, unhealthy. As with all “intimacy”, it should be kept behind doors.

          • I attended a college reunion at which a man who had spent his last 30 years in therapy –weekly therapy–trying to become “normal” sexually. Finally, he gave up, he told us. For the last 10 years he has lived happily, at last, with his lover and partner. His story made me realize as never before that what is unhappy is the lonliness of trying to conform to society’s “norm” when it does not fit one’s reality. I am very happy for this man, and only regret for him that most of his life was lived unhappily–and that I –that none of us–could really say we benefitted in any way from his sacrifice. We were busy having great heterosexual sex lives while he was busy spending time with misguided psychologists and religious men, many of whom, as we now know, may be lying to themselves as well.

          • That is so great now his chances of aids or some other malady are increased.. What a wonderful thing he has done. your reality is twisted.

          • Doesn’t your religion teach that we are all born in sin? How do you reconcile that concept with your statement?

          • Bubba, nobody is saying that it is ok. Yes of course it is a sin & an “abomination” to use the Bible’s word. They are not advocating the act, but ppl r ppl & they r not perfect. Neither r u, everybody sins n some way or another. But, homosexuality, unlike murder, is a sin that doesn’t anyone. It is not our place to judge them for what they do, it is God’s & for us to do so is a sin.God loves the person & hates the sin & tells us to do the same… thus, how r u any better than them, by judging & hating them for it? As Washington22 said, their time will come & they will have to. explain it to God, same as u, same as me. If he decides that even though they were gay, but had a good heart & believed in Christ & thus forgives them & places them n Heaven, that’s His prerogative… lol I’m not dumb enough to speak for God & assume what He will do. Thank God that through the blood of Jesus Christ, we can ALL be forgiven

          • Yes they DO HARM others. They lead lonely, impressionable youth into their Aids-lifestyle.

          • Well, heterosexuals could work harder to lead lonely impressionable youth into THEIR lifestyle. Get busy.

          • How incredibly STUPID! 99% of kids get there ALL BY THEMSELVES if left alone which IS healthy and normal.

          • Aids is not a gay only disease, its spread by straights as well &anyone intentionally infecting another, deserves to be punished, straight or gay

          • ” Wrong ” ; It hurts ‘ ;” GOD ” . Have you been this , ignorant ‘ ; your whole lifetime ?

          • AMEN!!! Finally, someone that understands forgiveness. The blood of Jesus covers ALL sin. We are all guilty of sin. You are all trying to explain the sin of homosexuality when the result of any and all sin is the same, seperation from God. God does not measure sin as we do. He has forgiven the liar just as He has forgiven the murderer. That being said, we must love and pray for a homosexual the same as anyone else or be prepared to explain why we “hated” some and loved others.

          • Philip, “Bubba, nobody is saying that it is ok” –Well, Philip,

            I am saying just that. It is OK.

            So, there. Has your world ended?

          • There is no sin that does not hurt or effect someone else. Don’t you realize we are a body, if you stub your toe or cut a finger does it not affect more than just that part. Read Corithians

          • Having a good heart and believing in Christ will not get you placed in Heaven as you say. Satan believes in God, he just doesn’t live for Him and tries to lead other away from Him.The only thing that will get you to Heaven is what I said earlier. You must accept Jesus as your Saviour, ask forgiveness then repent of your sin, Repent means stop the continual sin, what ever it might be. Stealing, lying. committing adultery, killing among other sins.

          • The problem with this is who gets to decide what acts are moral or immoral? Using a particular religion’s sacred texts is inapplicable to people who do not subscribe to that belief system. I’m very glad that I abandoned the Judeo-Christian religions so long ago. Blessed be.

          • How about using some common sense as a guide. Sodomy is not normal behavior for common sense reasons. Infections, disease, physical damage & in some cases, emotional damage. It is a deviation from normal sexual behavior.

          • I suggest we all consider where those Christian values come from, and whether they are relevant today. Jesus was a Jewish man; The Last Supper was a seder. Many “Christian values” are derived from Jewish values, and the teaching against homosexuality is found in the old testament. But so are other teachings we no longer follow: an eye for an eye, for example, and animal sacrifice.
            If we changed our behavior regarding how we worship God and how we punish transgressions, perhaps we could change our behavior regarding how we treat our fellow man.

          • You need to read the whole verse where Jesus says, You have heard it said and eye for an eye. No one ever quoted the rest of what Jesus said.

          • “wrong is wrong”. your source is the bible. the bible, though, many believe, was written by men. during biblical times, you do realize, population was a huge problem–but the opposite of today’s problem; children died very young; and children were needed to help the family group survive. homosexuality practiced then reduced population. Naturally the writers of the bible would teach against it.
            Today we are overpopulated.
            You may have noticed that as society has changed, so have biblical practices. An eye for an eye is pretty much gone from Western society, at least, as is animal sacrifice.
            Perhaps you could show a little more understanding towards people who have suffered greatly at the hands of a very unChristian, uncharitable view towards this minority. Perhaps you should be thankful that you were born into a sexuality that is acceptable by the majority. That should not compel you to consign others to what to them is an unnatural sexual life. For life.

          • The Bible was written by men. God inspired the men to write what He wanted written. I have no problem with that, because I believe it whole heartedly.

          • Are these people trying to sodomize you or enlist your in their lifestyle? No I didn’t think so, then leave them alone. I’m sure if YOU were able to have an intelligent conversation, you would find that they knew that they were different at a very young age (be4 puberty) they just didn’t understand what the difference was or meant until later.

            It’s about free speech, not about rights or riots for that matter. Why bring attention to yourself in such a negative way when there are so much good that needs doing? Actions speak louder than words. If these people, uncles, nephews, brother, sisters & cousin are gay and doing good deeds, standing up for the homeless, feeding the hungry, advocating for animals, do you really think they will go to hell? My God is a loving God and he forgives all sinners, even you.

          • They are wanting schools to teach children as young as kindergarteners that it is alright, that it is an alternative lifestyle. How can that not hurt our children. This could confuse children and make them think they are gay because the teacher drums it into their heads.

        • The ‘activists’ REPRESENTING gays are exploiting them for THEIR OWN GAIN. In the same way Jackson and Sharpton exploit THEIR OWN PEOPLE to give them more power and prestige. People aligning themselves with WHAT EVER cause and giving all their voice to the people ADVOCATING these CAUSES need to step carefully because they aren’t being represented according to THE INDIVIDUAL voice but the ACTIVIST voice….and they can do serious damage to a cause that has grounds for needing to be heard. The Humane Society just revealed THEY AREN’T IN THE BUSINESS OF SUPPORTING ANIMAL SHELTERS…and it’s been uncovered that only 1% of all the donations go to the care of animals…the rest goes to CEOs who have made millions in investments. This is what happens when you blindly give…whether it’s money, time, or your attention to people who have no desire to do what YOU THINK IS RIGHT. Gays with a desire to just live their lives in harmony with the world…to be able to make choices based on their own hearts’ desires like everyone else.are being perverted by activists who really just want THEIR demands given superiority over everyone else in the world…in other words EQUALITY IS THE LAST THING ON THE ACTIVISTS’ MINDS! The are out for revenge and want to destroy…not build.

        • I would have to agree with your uncle about Gay Pride and other silly things that bring negative attention to gays, but engaging in homosexual sex is still a sin in the eyes of GOD.
          As a Christian, I believe in loving the sinner & hating the sin.
          On an urelated note, I wonder why “Gay” was chosen to mean homosexual. The gays I know/interact with in the course of life are anything but gay.

          • “The gays I know/interact with in the course of life are anything but gay.”
            Who could be gay around someone who thinks they are sinners? . . .around someone who condemns their sexual activity while “loving” them?
            Would YOU be “gay” under such circumstances?
            By the way, the gays I know are very happy, productive, and successful men and women; and they are great neighbors–very considerate and helpful. Perhaps that’s because I do not presume to judge them as you do.

        • Since when was the TOPIC “your safety?” Frankly you best open your eyes and look around because in light of the New Black Panthers bearing skull cracking batons, is your gay uncle going to protect you when either he or you or both of you are obstructed from casting you ballot? And by the way what is a “so-called straight?” And you are a parent?

          • I don’t see the Black Panther’s as a problem. If they attack me with their batons, they will become another Trayvon Martin, as I will protect myself & my wife if she is with me. I am my own bodyguard & don’t need anyone else to protect me. A straight person is a non-homosexual, easy answer.

        • I have homosexual members in my family. They are wonderful people, cause no problems. They know I don’t approve of their lifestyle, but they also know I love them. I wish no harm on homosexual people. I will/would protect my family with my life.

          Homosexuals are who they are because of dysfunction in family, and/or trauma in the mother’s first trimester of pregnancy, possibly molestation by stranger.

        • I think if gays want respect, those silly “gay pride” parades are the wrong way to go about it. Those folks look like fools.

        • your right when I was 12 a gay guy offered me food and shelter.
          I ran out of his frigin house screaming for my dad. It shook me up so bad I grew up hating all of em. Sorry but its true.

      • There are also very nice pedophiles and murderers. I heard Ted Bundy was very cordial. Don’t sugar coat the behavior just because your brother engages in it. It’s still wrong.

        • No, there are no nice pedophiles of murderers. I can explain this to you easily if you were not a Christian.

          You see, only a Christian like yourself would think that raping a kid or murdering someone is something a nice person could do

          • No…only a Christian like myself understands that one sin is as bad as another. Only a Christian like myself would not try to justify any sin. Rape, murder and homosexuality are ALL sins and some “Christians” try to rate some sins as less sinful…they are not and that I understand whether you do or not.

          • Not at all…I understand there are “nice” people in all walks of life who try to keep their private life private but that doesn’t make their bad behavior any better. You obviously missed my point. Being nice still doesn’t negate bad behavior….and that goes for the bad behavior of family members and being homo is BAD BEHAVIOR regardless of who you are.

          • PT, you’re a wack job. Hysterical people can’t have a conversation, they go all liberal/nuts. Shut it down, go smoke something and give your pea brain a rest.

        • He says he doesn’t approve of it. Is it worth losing a brother over it? Not to my way of thinking it isn’t.

      • You are exactly right Carol. I have a few close friends that feel the need they have to apologize to me for what was going on. I just hold them near & let them know that not only myself; but my family know what kind of people they are. And they are very kind & giving people. They love to laugh & have a great time just as anyone else. But they DON’T flaunt their lifestyle in public. They choose to save their affection for one another in front of their other friends or in their own homes. They are some of my closest friends.

        • We should never try to justify a sin just because our family or friends are the ones committing that sin. Just because a person is kind and giving doesn’t mean they will be saved if they don’t repent from the sin that their family members try to ignore. I couldn’t have a homo friend…for the simple fact I would constantly being trying to get them to stop committing such a vile sin and they would constantly be mad at me. They shouldn’t be concerned about me. God should be their concern. If you truly loved your family member or friend who was homo, you would not accept their choice and do your best to free them from that lifestyle. Those who support and accept sin will also be lost. I don’t want to be in that group.

          • I think we are missing the point here. We are ALL born sinners and cannot, by our human nature, be sin free. God loves us ALL even Gays……it is the unnatural sexual act that God abhores. He alone will judge. Until that time, we should all try to live in harmony.

          • Yeah ‘ ; as long as ; ” queers ” ; stay in the closet ; exactly , where they should be kept .

          • Unfortunately the problem seems to be you rather than them. You are not doing what God told you to do. Forgive them their sins & let them atone for them when that time comes. You have already told them your feelings & it has to be their decision to change, not you changing them. If you really believe in God, you should also believe in his propensity to change a person’s heart, but it has to be that person that changes it, not you. If you can’t bring yourself to be their friend, it is your loss, probably more so than theirs. By being a friend & mentor, you could change their behavior, but that has to be in a non threatening way or non-aggressive. Kindness can change all hearts & behaviors.

      • You’re so right, Carol. I have gay and lesbian friends who would never dream of making a public spectacle of themselves, even if it was to argue their point. They are hard working, decent people who want only to live their lives in a quiet manner.

    • If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Leviticus 20:13

      Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves: Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen. For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet. Romans 1: 24, 25, 26, 27.

      The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so are abomination unto the LORD thy God. Deuteronomy 22:5.

      Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner,giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire. Jude 7

      Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, noridolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind. 1 Corinthians 6: 9.

      Knowing this, that the law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient, for the ungodly and forsinners, for unholy and profane, for murderers of fathers and murderers of mothers, for manslayers, For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind, for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine. 1 Timothy 1:9,10.

      And if a man lie with a beast, he shall surely be put to death: and ye shall slay the beast. And if a woman approach unto any beast,and lie down thereto, thou shalt kill the woman, and the beast: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. Lev 20: 15, 16.

      Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Neither shalt thou lie with any beast to defile thyself therewith: neither shall any woman stand before a beast to lie down thereto: it is confusion. Leviticus 18: 22, 23.

      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Isaiah 5:20,21

      Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. Galations 6:7

        • No one wants to kill you. You are doing that to yourself. We only want you to open the Bible and read what God tells you. You don’t even have to believe. It will be your loss.

        • Who wants to kill homosexuals? Most Christians would like to convert homosexuals, so that they will have a chance for GOD’S grace and a chance to live with HIM forevermore instead a most undesirable place.

          You will notice it is not us who are filled with hate, we teach peace and love. Liberals resort to hate of everybody that is against their evil behavior.

          We as Christians are told in Romans 12:2 Be not conformed to this world: but be you transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of GOD

      • Ray, there are lots of hysterics on this site, right about now. People comment on something you never even said. It’s a hot button issue and it brings out the kooks.

    • Which is a strange definition of living quietly as you have a Baptist minister turned Presidential candidate ask you morons to stand in line at a chicken place just so that you can insist that gays should be killed

      • No one ever said you and yours “should be killed.” Just because the majority of the people do not believe in same gender “marriages” it is neither hate nor intolerance. The lbgt groupies deliberately twisted what the CEO of Chick Fil A stated in order to have yet another opportunity to be disruptive and call unnecessary attention to themselves. Why don’t you pay attention to what is said and quit using selective listening to make your point.

      • That is the ministers right to advise people to support their beliefs. What is violent about asking people to stand in line to promote your belief. He did not suggest any pushing and shoving,or kissing or hugging or anything that could possibly be offensive., “Nut case”

      • On the other hand we have a President who is in way over his head, refuses to prove who he is, slashes our founding documents with his every whim, refuses to enforce the laws he swore to uphold as President and is tearing the fiber of this country to shreds. Now who’s a moron?

    • I’ve said for a long time that if they’re queer and I know it, they’re pushing their luck. What they do behind closed doors is their business, but that isn’t good enough for Big Queer. They want to shove it down everyone’s throat, flaunt it, make it a public spectacle.

    • Yes, live your sick perversion behind closed doors, like the pedophiles & those that practice beastiality & other forms of se xual perversions.
      The first step is letting EVERYONEknow that homosexuality is NOT normal or o.k., it is depraved & SODO MY should still be outlawed. Homosexuality is a VERY HIGH RISK LIFESTYLE, collapsed & torn rec tums, V D, Hepatitis C, AIDS, HIGH domestic viol ence & se xual molestation of children. DIG for the REAL, PROVEN statistics & see for yourselves. This is NOT an acceptable lifestyle any more than pedophilia is acceptable.

      • thismustend, homosexuality is abnomal behavior. The meaning of the word “abnormal” says it all. To be abnormal one must be or do something which most human beings are not and do not do, and most people are not homosexual! If people would just use logic, it is easy to see that homosexuality is against nature; therefore, ungodly. Think about it, if both sexes preferred ONLY people who are their individual sex, in about a hundred years or so, there would be no people. Get it! The human race would no longer exist!

    • They are like leeches who are so fkn proud they shove down out throats and just dont get it. Many of the population could care less if you FUKS are gay or not, Just stop stop stop trying to make us VISUALLY ACCEPT SUCH SICKNESS two men make me want to puke, so do two women, sorry men your still sick fks wanting to always gett off on watching two women go at it, til you really get it then not such a turn on especially if your married. TAKE YOUR GAYNESS KEEP IT WHERE IT was and stop making SOCIETY TRY TO ACCEPT THE DEVIL whose won his take on Gods ” man and woman” I could care less if you ( anybody is gay) JUST STOP trying to make it visually acceptable IT WONT BE IT NEVER WILL BE……….. take your gay fkn chicken that is actually sprayed with cancer causing agents and yes even gays EAT IT, Gays eat the same food you and I do, .. So now our gd chicken is gay. YOU FKS really are showing just how twisted in the head you really are.

    • Semper Fi Patriot! All this gay SH** they put on the news ia getting WAY out of control. They need to just STOP ALL news on this crap! End of story!

          • AND you’re upset they’re ‘A**holes’ you can’t cornhole. How simply terrible for you – GFYS!

          • Freedom, at whose expense? When the GLBT community insist that I kowtow to their beliefs even as they condemn mine, it’s not freedom, it’s bullying. And Adam Smith’s cute little video proved it.

            Freedom means being free of government interference and intimindation from other groups. Back in the day, it was called “Minding your own business.”

          • Okay, Dave, I have the Random House Dictionary handy and I just don’t feel like walking down the hall to pull out the 1932 Webster’s Unabridged, so bear with me here.

            bul•ly – n. a person who habitually intimidates smaller or weaker people.
            pg. 114, column 2, last entry, copyright 1980.

            Now, here’s what the person who saw the incident reported.

            “But at some point I noticed that a crowd had surrounded the homeless man
            and was taunting him. I turned on my camera, and what you saw in the
            original video was unedited save for a few seconds at the end panning
            the crowd, including one person in the crowd high-fiving another as the
            confrontation ended…”

            I rest my case.

          • There is nothing wong with his spelling. You just can’t stand someone else not agreeing with you.

          • Does that mean I can screw your wife or a duck or anything I feel like boinking?
            Some things go against someone else’s freedom & if you don’t want total unlawfulness, have rules society has set up to follow. If fifty people say no & one says yes, guess what? It is no. You don’t like the rule set by the other fifty either get them to change it by polite interaction, or leave. Try to do it forcefully or by intimidation & get your ars kicked.

          • I can argue that cannibalism is only natural….sweet (meats) Now I can answer that burning question that has plagued me ever since I studied the donner party.

          • No you do not believe in freedom. Freedom comes from and is defined by God. Choosing that which God says is wrong, sin, evil is not freedom; it is living is a slavery to sin. What you are really saying is “you believe in license to do anything YOU choose to do” even if it is evil. That, my friend, is never freedom, only slavery. And “to just let them be” without sharing the truth (God’s truth) with them is not the way Christ has taught us.

          • Freedom of what? Your speech but not mine! Get a grip!! Anything that the liberals want to legislate has 2 sides, like a coin, are you with me? Legislate one side and you are a breath away from legislating the other. Still there? That means allowing on demand abortion or DEMANDING that you have one whether you want it or not. Free birth control you want it fine. What are you going to do when they demand that whether you want it or not you MUST take it!

            I know your eyes just glazed over. Just sayin’.

          • Turn your bck on the issues and you lose everything. I bet you have never stood firm on anything! Ever been in the military? Probably not…Just part of the me generation!

          • I think theyve already had freedom and they are not happy. They are happy only if the government makes a law that says the masses have to agree with them and hand over all our kids. Then they will be happy.

          • This whole thing is ridiculous!!!! Chick-Fil-A not once said anything nasty about homos! They simply stated their beliefs oF ONE MAN ONE WOMAN MARRAIGE!! The only ones taking everything out of context once again are the homos!!! And if these people who choose to bed down with the same sex are so secure in what they are doing why would they care that the Christian owners of Chick-Fil-A have a different belief than they do!!! Don’t talk about freedom when you clearly don’t understand what you are talking about!!

          • Right……..And the pope is not catholic either. If you believe in freedom as you claim, then why is it so freaking hard for you to understand that not everyone is going to accept that lie that this is natural or genetic? Why is it so difficult for you to let people believe what they want without you and people like you calling them homophobic or racist or whatever such catch word you come up with just because they dont believe what you want them to? Isnt it astounding that the homosexuals and their buddies preach “tolerance and acceptance” when it deals with what THEY want or believe, yet let one person challenge them on it and now they go off into a name calling tirade. So much for the “acceptance and tolerance” that these homosexuals say they believe in.

          • Dan Gray when they start teaching in public schools that it’s an ok life style that’s taking it to far with ” Their ” alternitive life style message mabe they can preach it in senior hi school or college they can disern what’s bs and what’s not but keep it out of elementry &middle school and behind closed doors

          • Medical science has revealed there is no difference in the brains of normal people and queers. Genetically it is not to be found. Medically and hormonal it is not different. Therefore…no medical evidence states a choice (Deviate) has been made.

          • So you support Chick-fil-a owner Dan Cathey for exercising his first amendment rights? Or you support forcing crap down the American peoples’ throats? If you are for freedom, you’d be for the former, as opposed to the latter.

          • Once they became public, it is no longer freedom. They are influencing our children. They are making it seem that it is ok to be queer.

          • Chik-fil-a never said they hate homosexuals.They don’t support gay marriage,which does say under Gods law,marriage is between a man and a woman.Not woman and woman or man and man. it’s goes against Christian beliefs.Chik-Fil-A has freedom of speechas well as the gay community.

          • No one said that Chick-Fil-A does not suuport gay marriage. That was the personal belief of the CEO of the company. Chick-Fil-A has made no statements at all. That is how things get started – someone states something that is not true and it gets blown all out of proportion.

          • I would say that this CEO has the majority of his workers’ agreeing with his view and his managers likewise as well-homosexually needs to be blown out of proportion-it is an abomination to God Almighty-this is why all the grandstanding and hoopla

          • you know what is also an abomination — eating shrimp — seriously from leviticus — check it out godhatesshrimp.com, if you dare.

          • Wrong. Have yuou ever heard of context? Those dietary laws were given to the jews at that time, not to us.

          • Have you? It’s comes from the same passage about abomination towards homosexuality. Do you get to just pick and choose which one you want to consider an abomination and which is not?

          • Since he is the owner and CEO of the Company…HE IS THE COMPANY and what he says IS what the company does. So if he says he does not support Gay Marriage, then so does Chic-Fil-A.

            Failed business 101 in high school didnt ya?

          • @ Dan Gray: Mr. Cathy said he supported the biblical definition of traditional marriage between one man and one woman. There was NO: anti-gay, or, gay marriage, etc. in his interview answers. Support Freedom of speech and Christian American Values.

          • Mine do also, so it is not just about you. Evidently the moderator censors what he or she doesn’t like. It’s part of life, get over it, as it isn’t important enough to get upset about. If you or a family is in danger, then you have something to be upset about.

            “At the core of liberalism is the spoiled child – miserable, as all
            spoiled children are, unsatisfied, demanding, ill disciplined, despotic, and
            useless. Liberalism is the philosophy of sniveling brats.” – P.J. O’Rourke

          • I respond in the exact same manner they behave. If you don’t see civility, then you know why.

          • This whole thing is about freedom of speech! NOT GLBT rights. If the Pres of Chick-Fil-A wants to close on Wed because he believes the world is flat that is his right of free speech and thought, (not yet regulated). It is also your right to disagree, but know what the issue is, don’t make one up!

          • all liberals and deviants think it’s all about them…..just look at the occupier in chief in our white house.

          • hmm, seems enough of them get on to have others respond to them–most of which are unflattering to you, you narrow minded, my way or go to hell moron.
            as for the problem the gays aseem to having, 90% of it is of their own devine, because they insist everyone see their way–OR ELSE!
            Sorry, I have had many a gay friend, male and female, and I got along fine, because, despite my knowing they were gay, it otherwise had nothing else to do with me, one way or another.
            What bothers the like of me and my are those who not only want to be accepted, want to be embraces and given special privilage over it.
            You are who you are I am who I am. Live with it, and stay outta my face over it.

          • Is that not the same thing you are all asking — to see it your way or the highway? No one is asking for anything special — just equal rights, that’s all this is all about but you got religion involved with it and it becomes this whole big to do. There is only one person who can judge and that is GOD.

          • Nope, they just know someone without any sense should not post here. But since we are responding to your posts, you have told yet another lie as your posts ARE being allowed here else how can we respond to them?

          • Nope it is where queer guys try to do to other queer guys what straight guys normally do to gals, but in the rear.

          • Homo’s are horses ass and a bunch of chicken crap. They got their right so leave others alone and tend to your business!!! Not the way you all have done over the wk.end.That shows how dumb and stupid you are and gives lots of folks a big laugh Guess you all never will be satisfied in this world!!!!!

          • Well, you’re rude aren’t you? And, for no good reason – you just have to be rude and insulting when you don’t even have a valid point don’t you? I am neither dumb nor stupid but it seems you are both. Pleasse don’t put me in the same category as yourself.

          • I felt your comment was uselessly rude and I don’t care whether you liked my statement or not. You stick to your business as I have the same right to comment as you have.

          • Why is that? Because I don’t care for rudeness when there is no reason for it? Nothing I said indicates that I am a nutcase.

          • Excuse me for using the right I have to respond in this forum – just as you so rudely do.

          • I have a right to respond to any comment in here just as you have. I do not support a non christian act but, obviously, you do. Go see your pastor and have him explain to you again what a true Christian is because evidently you don’t know.

          • You are the pervert. You don’t know me and I don’t know you. Are you just naturally rude or do you have some glitch in your brain that makes
            you say hteful things to people in a situation you know nothing about. Apparently, your mother did not teach you any manners or you were just too thick headed to understand. Go home little boy.

          • Don’t worry “lovinspoonful” I will not put in iin that group.

            You have actions that even animals (other than some humans) do not do. Therefore I think you need you own classification in the binomial nomenclature: homo upendus!

          • How dare you talk to me that way. You are a foul-mouthed idiotic fool. You know nothing about me and you are not fit to even talk to me.

          • Then get the f*** off this site then, you bloody stupid pr***! You’re not welcome here! And you’re not fit to speak with any of us! Leave, loser.

          • I’m not fit to speak to any of you? ROFLMAO! No, the truth is that I am not a foul-mouthed idiot such as you. It is obvious this is a forum for fools and ignorant idiots. Who are you to tell me to get off this site. It does not belong to you although, obviously, you are so ignorant you think it does. You are not fit to speak to me.

          • You are sick. I have no such actions and how dare you say such things about me. You are mentally ill but I doubt if any mental hospital would take you. They do have standards and I doubt that you would meet their standards – they don’t take wild animals. Hand it out and you get it back. How do you lilke it?

      • I too am sick of them with their in your face gay crap. Even Hollywood is inour face. Most movies and T.V. have gays and they are such nice people and all loving and it is out there to influence your kids into the gay life style.They brain washed this last few generations to think they have to be tolerant of every thing and every body. Well we don’t have to accept it as ok. Go back in your closet and do what you want not many care what you do in private but we are sick of your in our face.

        • NAMBLA is the next movement from the ceptic tank to the main stream. [North American Men and Boys Love Association.]

          • Apparently so – catching up with news is hard when I work to pay for everyone else plus have to raise my son alone. It was a nice surprise by the ACLU as well – shocking actually.

          • Jim Walton wasn’t gay enough for CNN, so he resigned… Anderson Cooper is too gay to go to the Middle East again…

            The chicken hawks at CNN would have us believe that selling chicken sandwiches has something to do with sodomy, maybe they could give us an exclusive interview with the Muppets and Jerry Sandusky about the halal chili dog they have between their buns?

            In the game of political correctness, what are the trump cards?

            What does happen when perversity and diversity clash?

            Do the liberals ‘spread the other cheek’ for their new Islamic masters?

          • Why is it that 90% of Hollywood and news reporters are gay and they say these people were born gay? They were NOT born gay as Ann Heche proved by leaving the queer crowd.

          • Holly wood is already grooming us for such…the affair portrayed between an older woman and barely legal teen gardener on Desperate Housewives, for example. It will slowly leech it’s way into our homes and thinking just as so many sins have done before this one

          • For you infromation there is a book on the market called “Epidemology of Aids” Writen by medical profesionals and they leave nothing to the imagination. It is health style disaster.

          • It is LUST. That’s what THE WORD OF GOD call’s IT!
            Romans:1:21.Because that, when they knew GOD, they glorified HIM not as GOD, neither were thankful; but became VAIN in their IMAGINATIONS, and their FOOLISH heart was DARKENED.

            Romans 1:22.
            Professing themselves to be wise, they BECAME FOOLS,

            Romans 1:23.

            Romans 1:24.
            Wherefore GOD also gave them up to UNCLEANNESS through the LUSTS of their own hearts, to DISHONOUR their own BODIES between themselves:

            Romans 1:25.
            They changed the TRUTH OF GOD into a LIE, and WORSHIPPED and SERVED the CREATURE more than the CREATOR, who is blessed for ever. A-men.

            Romans 1:26.
            For this cause GOD gave them up unto VILE AFFECTIONS: for even their women did CHANGE the “NATURAL use into that which is AGAINST NATURE:

            Romans 1:27.
            And likewise also the men, LEAVING the NATURAL USE of the woman, BURNED in their LUST one toward another; MEN with MEN working that which is UNSEEMLY, and RECEIVING IN THEMSELVES THAT RECOMPENCE OF THEIR ERROR which was meet.

            Romans 1:28.
            And even as they did not like to RETAIN GOD in their knowledge, GOD gave them over to a REPROBATE MIND, to do those things which are NOT CONVENIENT;

            Romans 1:29.
            Being FILLED with ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS……………………..

          • I don’t think I want to know the ugly details about their “love” making. I have a sick feeling in my gut it’s pretty disgusting! But if it would turn stomachs of those straights who support the “gay” demons, then it should be reported in all it’s gory detail

          • agree. My friends kid is gay.sickening. He tells what goes on. He had the sweetest Grandma and she was letting him live in a room when he was down and he would find pictures of women with their you know whats showing and write disgusting things on the page about women and their private parts and leave them on top of her washer so when she did laundry she would see them. She was to kind and sweet to throw him out. He would have been out of my house before a minuet passed and his picture with him and then his belongings.And they don’t make love, it is just sex to them

        • You do Understand they are being in our face because they have a spokesperson in Obama.He is Homosexual admittedly SO Until we dispose of him it will get worse.
          My Question to all Gays ,IF YOUR LIFE STYLE IS SO WONDER FULL and you can Justify what good you are to the world, We will buy into your way of living IF YOU CAN PRODUCE A CHILD WITH THE MAN YOU ARE( I am not speaking of Adoption) WITH THEN YOU HAVE A POINT WHY YOU THINK YOUR WORTH MENTIONING.
          Another Thing I find hard to believe WHY THE MARRIAGE BIT?
          You can Just give each other Power of Attorney.I didn’t have to marry any one to do that.and what ever is in my will will be carried out by the person I made Power Of Attorney.

      • When i was growing up “gay” was being happy, joyous. How did the homosexual community hijacked this word to identify them selves. It is really a oxymoron.

    • No….politicians EXPLOIT THEM…and the LBGT community at large doesn’t get it. There is no way a mayor is going to RUN A BUSINESS OUT OF HIS CITY unless it’s going to be off set with votes to keep him in office…and even then it shows a PROLIFIC lack of leadership on his part, but unbiased logic is never in the equation when it comes to exploitation of any group.

          • I think the homsexuals are pushing for more and more attention, If I had anything to do with it, I would not be fillming them and showing their mugs on tv. Their life style is not consistant with God’s word. The are living in sin, don’t get mad at me,it is in God’s word. He said it. The good thing about this is, they can change their lifestyle, they were not born that way. It is a choice they make.

          • No one would choose to be this much hated. Divorce, living together, sex before marriage, contraception, not going to church are also sins, I just bet you are such a model christian that you do none of those things. Look at the mirror before you start judging others. oh and godhatesshrimp.com — also an abomination IN THE BIBLE!

      • BS!
        The ‘Gaystapo’ bit(dot)ly/qopw6d

        “Homosexual groups have been bullying companies, movie studios, schools, and Christian groups for decades. A recent act of bullying came from GLAAD when the pro-homosexual group demanded that Universal Pictures remove anti-“gay” language from the Ron Howard film, The Dilemma. I’m not the only one making the claim of homosexual Gestapo tactics. A number of liberals have been critical of GLAAD, arguing that it “has turned into one of the biggest bullies in Hollywood.” Consider this report:…”

      • Actually, it was a show of force. Emanuel should have known enough about the Federal anti-discrimination act, the Civil Rights Act or the zoning regulations to know that he was way over the line. And the Alderman that announce he personally would block the company from opening in “his” district? Well, the Chicago Republican Party graciously said, “Our people will talk to your people and we’ll see you in court.”

          • I totally agree. The amazing part is that you would think Rahm Emanuel would know that or at least have the merest glimmer of a suspicion of it. I guess the Alderman slept through his Civics 101 class.

            Well, anyway, the residents of Chicago will pay for it.

    • Totally agree! Its the rabble rousers who are causing all the trouble. They think it’s ok to force their opinion on us but we are supposed to shut up or we are bigots.

      • Alternatively, they object to an organization that actively restricts the rights of homosexuals and even contributes to organizations that have promoted violence against them, albeit in foreign nations. …but feel free to think of it as a difference of opinions. It’s much more fun that way.

        • I’m willing to bet that you cannot name one single organization to whom the Chick-fil-a CEO has donated that has ever promoted violence against anyone much less homosexuals. Besides “rights” are given by God not identified by men and God has never condoned any homosexual act. Rather he has totally condemned homosexual acts. Therefore there ARE NO right whatsoever attributable to persons based upon their sodomitic practices. To suggest otherwise is inane.

          • he donated to an organization that supported the killing of gays in Uganda. Have you met God, has he told you personally that he hates homosexuals? It’s in the bible? shrimp is also an abomination as well — godhatesshrimp.com. And who are you to judge? Are you God? This is your issue to tackle?

          • Did I say God hates homosexuals? No, I did not. Has God said he hates homosexuals? No, he has not. But God has declared that certain acts are sin and these acts, including sodomitic acts are condemned by God as sin, as evil. No human person is born to sin including sodomitic sin. Like murder, or stealing, a sodomitic sin is something a person himself chooses to do. This has never changed. Other lessor acts such as what we eat where only precluded by God for a time during which He chose for the temporary benefit of leading/teaching his people to trust and rely on him. Since New Testament times such prohibitions ceased to exist. Some Scripture that you might want to consider (if you are open to truth and do not deny God totally wanting to use parts of His Word improperly in a vain attempt to promote evil) are these: Colossians 2: 16; 1 Corinthians ch. 8; Romans 14: 17; Romans 14: 20-23. Indeed, in all of the New Testament with many, many references to food, there is no prohibition to any eating of any type of food, even that offered by others to idols unless doing so would weaken the faith of a Christian not having a full understanding of the matter. On the contrary, homosexual acts are condemned in the New Testament as well as the Old Testament. Who am I to judge? Well all Christians are called to judge acts that God has called sin to be acts that are sin. St. Paul did this frequently. What we are not to judge and I do not judge is the heart of the person who sins and whether or not will the sin he commits ultimately send him to Hell. That is God’s judgement. I can say that a person who engages in sodomitic sins will go to Hell unless he repents to and confesses to God. Again, that is God’s judgement not mine and He besides being a God of Love and Mercy is also a God of Justice and none who remain “clothed in sin” at their death ail find a presence with Him in Heaven; for they have freely chosen to separate themselves from God for all eternity, and that condition is Hell.

          • That’s what I have been saying it’s not for you to judge and how does this all affect you? As long as you don’t do the acts that you consider evil than you are in the clear, let others do what they wish but let me tell you this if you think that NO one is without sin, you are sadly mistaken and it’s not for us to judge what gays do with their lives and certainly not for us to make laws against them. You think if gay marriage is passed, that we will not go on believing as we do? It changes nothing for us.

          • I beg your pardon BUT IT IS FOR ME TO JUDGE that all sodomitic actions are intrinsically (at all places and at all times) EVIL!! You are wrong too. Others doing these acts hurt those not involved. Just look at all the lives hurt by the Penn state homosexual!!! Every sin hurts others. I never said nor does any Christian that no one without sin; but there is a huge difference in that Christians repent and confess their sins and are forgiven. You on the other hand have no recognition of te vileness of your behavior and hold on to your sin which ultimately without repentance and confession is guaranteed to take you to Hell. AND that is for me to JUDGE and I so DO. We do NOT make laws against homosexuals when we refuse to redefine marriage as God has as an union solely between one man and on woman. IT IS also proper to legislate agains immoral behavior whether murder or sodomy. And we have and we should. It the UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) sodomy includes penetration of any amount into a cavity not intended for normal sexual intercourse (or words to that effect.) Society has the right and duty to ban immoral practices. IT MOST CERTAINLY IS PROPER FOR CHRISTIANS TO TELL ANYONE WHEN THERE ACTIONS ARE IMMORAL AND THEY SHOULD CEASE AND REPENT. Christians ARE most assuredly to condemn evil acts, just as Christ did when he through the money changers out of the temple and when he said, “Go and sin no more.” You say it changes nothing for us? Have you been absent from earth for the last 60 years? Have you not seen the breakup of marriages, of family over the years since? If you think we are not affected you are totally blind. AND BY THE WAY you still have not named a single so-called “hate” group to whom the CEO has given a donation. You can’t, can you?

          • WOW, I cannot believe you are associating pedophilia with homosexuality — so what all homosexuals are pedophiles as well? You do realize that Penn state coach was married right? or how about this since most rapists are heterosexuals — I guess am I to suspect that all heterosexuals are rapists too — under your same logic? YOU are really evil to think that — but I guess you are gonna come up with some study.

            So here is the hate group PROOF that you are talking about — he supporting the killing of gays in Uganda http://thenewcivilrightsmovement.com/chick-fil-a-profits-are-supporting-ugandas-kill-the-gays-bill/politics/2012/08/01/45430
            But I guess that’s okay with you. I do not condone pedophilia or rape which are to very different things — you do realize that there are gay people who are smart and contribute greatly to life and the things that you do — even this computer was invented by Alan Turing — who was gay — I guess this is an instrument of evil or the wright brothers who invented a thing called the airplane — I guess those are pedophiles as well. Anyways, no need to respond, I don’t need to hear your hate and you on your high horse. Here’s a list of others who were gay:
            I urge you to talk to your pastor or priest about this and I assure you that he will not have the amount of hate or judgement that you have.

            Think of living in a world in which the following gay folk had not lived: Socrates, Plato, Beethoven, Michaelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Jean-Jacques-Régis de Cambacérès (author of the Napoleonic Code, i.e. the law of France and many other places, basis of much other law, incl. modern German law), Immanuel Kant, Schopenhauer, the Wright Brothers (aviators, inventor of the airplane), Felix Hoffmann (discoverer of Aspirin and heroin, also diamorphine, prescribed to kill extreme pain), Cecil John Rhodes (after whom two countries were named, for a while the granary of Africa: Northern and Southern Rhodesia, now Zambia and Zimbabwe).
            Francis Bacon, philosopher, statesman, scientist, lawyer, jurist, author, conceived the Scientific Method. Without this modern science would be unthinkable.
            Copernicus, one of the greatest polymaths, proved the world revolved around the sun.
            Robert Boyle, chemist, physicist, inventor.
            Sir Isaac Newton, physicist, mathematician, astronomer, one of the most influential men in history, described universal gravitation and the three laws of motion which dominate the scientific view of the universe, built first practical reflecting telescope and developed the modern theory of colour, shares credit with Leibniz development of the differential and integral calculus, demonstrated generalised binomial theorem.
            Robert Hooke, architect, polymath, important in the scientific revolution, especially in mechanics, invented several scientific instruments still in use, discovered the law of elasticity. Result: balance spring enabling for the first time an accurate portable timepiece leading to the chronometer, making accurate navigation possible.
            Adam Smith: “The Wealth of Nations” was the foundation of the science of Economics.
            David Hume; his ideas form the basis of modern economics and Western philosophy.
            John Locke; his ideas form the basis of modern democracy. One of the first to argue for religious tolerance. His ideas are directly reflected in the American Declaration of Independence. They include the law of supply and demand and of a balance of trade.
            William Pitt the Younger, collaborated with his close friend, William Wilberforce, on the Abolition of the slave trade.
            Thomas Paine, philosopher of the American War of Independence, greatly influenced the French Revolution, wrote The Rights of Man & The Age of Reason.
            Alexander von Humboldt, explorer, cartographer, meteorologist, laid the foundation of physical geography and meteorology.
            Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, forerunner of the Protestant reformation.
            Christiaan Huygens, mathematician, astronomer, physicist, horologist, argued that light consists of waves. His work included investigations and inventions related to time-keeping and the pendulum clock, worked on probability theory, optics, explained Saturn’s rings and centrifugal force; regarded as the first theoretical physicist.
            The Wright Brothers, aviators and inventors of the modern airplane.
            Lewis and Clark, explorers who opened up North America.
            Alfred Nobel, invented dynamite, without which modern mining would be impossible, sponsor of the Nobel Prizes.
            Florence Nightingale founder and first organiser of the nursing profession. Without her, most of us would be dead.
            John Maynard Keynes. Keynesian economics dominated the economies of the world after World War II.
            Alan Turing, mathematician, broke the German Enigma codes, shortening World War II by possibly a year, invented the modern computer.
            The list of great gay artists, composers, writers etc. is almost endless.
            Leave aside great military leaders like Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Richard Lionheart, Frederick the Great, Charles XII of Sweden, Babur the Great, founder of the Moghul Empire, Chaka Zulu (founder of the Zulu nation), Friedrich Wilhelm, Baron von Steuben, General in the American war of independence, taught the US Army the essentials of military drill and discipline, helping to guide it to victory – (No gay = no USA).

          • Am I equating pedophilia with homosexuality? Only in part in that the pedophilia such as was at Penn state was in fact the committing of sodomitic acts of one male upon another. The age and the consent or lack of consent is immaterial to the grevously immoral act at all times and in all places. It makes not difference that the man also practices heterosexual acts. It is the homosexual act whenever, wherever it take place that is contemptible. I did NOT say all homosexuals are pedophiles did I? Stop trying to put words in my mouth. Furthermore, the article you cited to support your false claim only asked the question. It failed to answer it so as to affirm your claim. The article was also false that the Family Research Council is a ‘certified anti-gay group.’ That is most assuredly false. They are not anti-gay, they are anti-sodomitic sin. They are Pro-Biblically Christian. There is a world of difference which you seem to lack the intelligence to comprehend. And as a result that neither they nor I hate the homosexual person, your following lengthy rant on names is totally irrelevant.

          • You did just equate homosexuality to pedophilia by saying that’s how it affects us. Take a look at your posts and tell me again that you do not hate homosexuals — at least be honest to yourself. Oh and you mentioned about marriage over the past 60 years — is that the fault of homosexuals as well? I find it strange that the same people who are for traditional marriage, have no problem with living together or divorce. My list by the way was meant to show you the good that gays have done — you would not have a mining industry, you would not have a computer and you would not have planes — but I guess they are all pedophiles to you. Good day and I pray that you find peace someday in your anger, but I don’t hold any hope. Again, no need to go back and forth on this. Agree to disagree.

          • You have no understanding. Hating homosexuality is NOT AT ALL the same as hating homosexuals. How did you ever come to that ridiculous conclusion? Homosexual act themselves should be hated because God calls them sin. Period. End of discussion. Are those who commit this sin wrong, sinning against Holy God. Yes to all. Does God hate them? No. Do I? No. Why not? because I like God wants God’s truth brought to them that they might choose to repent and confess with an ardent desire to no longer commit this sin and that they be fully reconciled to God rather than be estranged from Him and His presence. This is LOVE, Not ever you live and let live idea that would willingly let them be condemned by God to hell.

          • Ok, i’ve asked you nicely, but please stop talking to me. You are nothing more than someone who deeply hates homosexuality, you are no better than some bully or some murderer who justifies that its somehow God’s will to commit heinous acts– there is nothing LOVING in your repeated LONG rants. I’ve said all I needed to say, again do whatever you feel you need to do, if somehow choosing to be the morality police is your calling rather than helping those in need, be the Christian militant and God will judge you as he will judge all of us. May the peace of God be with you and I hope you find happiness in all your endeavors.

          • and by the way, you are also under the impression that I am gay! Just because I support equal rights for everyone, you assume that I am gay? How much more close minded can you be? I go to church every week, something a lot of christians don’t do anymore. It is the will of God to be kind to people to love they neighbor and there is only one judge and that is GOD. I may not like some of the things that my family does (not gay related) but my priest has said that it is not my soul to save.

          • Right come only from God, not from men. Faithful Christians understand from the revealed Word of God that He has always condemned sodomitic sins which are the sins practiced by homosexuals. Therefore homosexuals demand, not their “rights” but their license to do anything even if displeases God. You yourself in not condemning such acts, such lifestyle, are denying God. You are failing to act in love to seek to free them of their sinful ways by expressing to them in love the full truth of God. If you say you are Christian, perhaps you should begin to start acting and speaking as one. It is not being kind to turn your back on one who is leading a life that will send him to Hell if he fails to repent and confess.

          • It’s not my duty to be the moral police, nor is it yours. Being a christian is leading a good and faithful life and helping others. People have other faiths, i’m not gonna condemn people who are jewish or those that believe differently than me. You make christianity into some sort of cult where you have to turn everyone towards christianity. Guess what, you are no better than anyone else and neither am I. Only God can judge.

          • Wrong. Christian have always been and always will be called to evangelize, to lead all others to Christ and to his Christian Church. It is our duty to teach always and everywhere God’s moral truth. Leading a good Christian life fully include leading others to God’s truth ever bit as much now as it was with the apostles. Who condemns Jewish people? Not I. We who are Christian have been grafted onto/into God’s people. We do NOT condemn an person of any faith and if you think working to lead them in love to God’s fullness on truth is to condemn them, then you have no comprehension of the Christian faith. I am not judging anyone but I shall, because God calls us to do so, shall condemn all acts that God calls sin. And when a religion is totally born in and of sinful ways as was true of Islam I will condemn it BUT NOT those who practice that faith. Again Christians are and have always been called to lead others to the Christian faith. Christ sent the apostles and us to do exactly that. In the word ‘misseo’ which means “to send” comes the word Mass. And at the end of every Mass are the words, Go in peace to love and serve the Lord. And now I quote a bishop, “Each of these commands to go in peace is not intended to maintain the peace of Christ in our own hearts for our personal benefit. Rather, having participated in the whole Mass, we are to take what we have received in word and sacrament and bring it to the world so that the peace of Christ may abound.” And the peace of God never abounds in your condoning the sins of homosexuality, and never will.

          • You know the prayer of st francis: well here it is: Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.Where there is hatred, let me sow love.Where there is injury, pardon.Where there is doubt, faith.Where there is despair, hope.Where there is darkness, light.Where there is sadness, joy.
            O Divine Master,grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;to be understood, as to understand;to be loved, as to love.For it is in giving that we receive.It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

          • May you find out how to love as God loves and as St Francis of Assisi understands love. Go in peace to LOVE and SERVE the Lord, loving as God does in leading others to confession and repentance regardless of the sin one has committed.

          • Jesus said, Judge not that you should not be judged

            Christians have no duty, we’re called to be witnesses.
            And second, there are 13 different Greek words in the New Testament that are translated into our single English word judge; to which do you refer?“Therefore thou art inexcusable, O man, whosoever thou art that judgest: for wherein thou judgest another, thou condemnest thyself; for thou that judgest doest the same things” Romans 2:1.“And thinkest thou this, O man, that judgest them which do such things, and doest the same, that thou shalt escape the judgment of God?” Romans 2:3.“But why dost thou judge thy brother? or why dost thou set at naught thy brother? for we shall all stand before the judgment seat of Christ” Romans 14:10.“Let us not therefore judge one another any more: but judge this rather, that no man put a stumblingblock or an occasion to fall in his brother’s way” Romans 14:13.“Speak not evil one of another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge. There is one lawgiver, who is able to save and to destroy: who art thou that judgest another? ” James 4:11-12.Edit: “The Apostle” has missed it and is reading into God’s word something that is not there as evidenced by his reference to “righteous judgement” as defined by Jesus himself in John 7. “Righteous judgment” is judging according to a single standard. Jesus, in John 7, is rebuking the Jews for using a double-standard.

          • You have not been well raised in Christianity . We are indeed called to judge against sin just as the Apostle Paul does in speaking to the Corinthians. Yes we are NOT to judge whether of not at the end of life any person will go to Hell. Because we cannot know any mans heart in those final instants of conversation between the man and God; so we cannot know of a last minute confession of the man to God. We cannot here truly know Judas present state. But we can know and can rightully condemn Judas sin. And we can rightly know and just as rightly condemn homosexual sin in all times and in all places. Too many Christians have lost track of this. It is just as correct to condemn homosexual (sodomitic) sinful acts as it is to condemn murder, or stealing, or adultery, or any other act God calls sin. Christians are to judge all sin to be sin to be wrong, to be evil. And there is no hate in doing so but there is love in doing so.

          • When I go to church, there is no hate or discrimination, there is no discussion about well we need to judge others etc. But you are too filled with hate that you are so blinded by it — I don’t wish to hear your rants anymore. Good luck with your life and you will know in the end if you were right or if you were wrong. I just wish you would spend more time doing more positive things rather than all the negativity. But do what you will. Peace!

          • Matthew 7:1,2Stop judging that YOU may not be judged; for with what judgment YOU are judging, YOU will be judged; and with the measure that YOU are measuring out, they will measure out to YOU.Judging is for our King Jesus and his father is the ultimate Judge.

            No, in fact we are told to not judge others. Matthew 7: 1.

          • Already answered. The only thing we are told not to judge is a person’s final place after death, whether Heaven or Hell. We are properly to judge against sins during our life on earth and we are to emulate Christ in this also as he said to the woman who had been caught it adultery, “Go and sin no more.” Mathew in the verse you cite would never contradict Christ. Why do you wish to do so?

          • Seriously ask your priest if its okay to have that much hate and anger within you and if it’s your duty to be the moral police. Otherwise, go live with your life and do what you want, just don’t hurt anyone in the process in the name of religion. Bye!

          • Seriously, learn what hate is. Learn that we are to hate sin, not love sin. You seem as if you love the sin of sodomy since you so adamantly refuse to acknowledge that what God calls evil is actually evil. Bye. Oh, my the way, I have 3 priests near and dear to me and they do not disagree with me. They are all orthodox (small ‘o’) translated which means “straight doctrine” as ortho-denture means ‘straight teeth. For that note on orthodoxy I greatly thank my dear former So. Baptist pastor. Buy again.

          • Seriously, can you not take a hint — stop talking to me — you an evil, hateful person — are you not a racist to, but you don’t like black people? Somehow I don’t think you tell your priests how you go out and harass others and point your self-righteous finger at others. All I said was everyone has equal rights under the law and we should not judge others and suddenly I’m the lover of sodomy??? I’m not gay, so what do you even care, actually even if I was gay, WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT I THINK? That’s a rhetorical question. Just because I don’t agree with your sick mind? God will not agree with your actions because you are as evil as Hitler — who used religion as a reason to cleanse society because it was somehow his duty too. You hate the sin of sodomy, then stop using your computer which was invented by a homosexual. Stop going on planes as well. I don’t understand again — well keep it to yourself and understand this — I DON’T CARE TO UNDERSTAND HOW YOU HAVE BECOME SO TWISTED — DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT I DON’T WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU EVER AGAIN?! DO YOU GET THAT? Again, may God be with you! GOOD BYE GOOD BYE GOOD BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Going to church is not what saves a person. It is accepting Jesus as your Savior and repenting of your sin. That is the only way anyone can get to Heaven. Being kind people and loving your neighbor will not save you either.

          • sorry but NOT going to church is a mortal sin and Honestly, you have NO idea what will save you and what won’t save you. So I guess under your policy, I can be mean and cruel to people. Alright, well nice talking to you. Bye!

          • I have asked more than one person who posted that accusation, who the money was given to. No one has answered me yet.

          • No one is without sin. Maybe you meant to say that there is someone without sin. All are sinners, lost sinners or sinners saved by God’s Grace.

          • You are absolutely correct, we are all sinners. But some people on this board feel they have the right to judge others.

          • But those who practice pedophilia with the same sex as they are homosexuals as they perform sodomitic acts upon their prey. A difference is age does not change the evil nature of the sodomitic act itself..

          • You are referring to two different issues pedophilia is a crime and not all homosexuals are pedophiles — GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD — what about the pedophiles that prey on girls — are they homosexuals as well?

          • Are you unable to read? Are you unable to use logic? Apparently so. I never said all pedophiles are homosexuals, did I? No. The group of males who sodomizes other males form a group that are homosexuals. Call that group A. Then there is a group of males that sodomize young boys and they are a larger group called pedophiles. This part/potion of the larger group of pedophiles are a subset of both the homosexual group because that is what they do and of the pedophile group because that is what they do. That there are pedophiles of one sex who have have relations with the other does not change the facts that grown men who have sex with young boys are also properly called homosexual because of the sodomitic mortal sin they commit. Perhaps you failed simple logic in you math courses.

          • No because your logic makes zero sense. Pedophilia and rape are acts of violence, nothing to do with sexuality at all. You keep saying that you are not equating homosexuality with pedophilia, but you keep putting in the same paragraph. You fail to grasp that there are men who also sexually abuse girls — where is your argument for that? What do you have to say about the rape against women? Anyways, that is a different thing that gays who are successful and contribute to society. But you’ve got it all figured out, and you have to live with yourself and your family has to put up with you. So live your life and may God be with you!

          • Gays who successfully contribute to society through secular endeavors in no way lessen their sin in God’s eyes. Pedophiles too are able to successfully contribute to society in secular ways of employment as well. Neither will find rest in God’s arms without repentance and confession. Both are guilty of mortal sin. I have not left the men who abuse girls off the hook at all. As I just said these men too have committed mortal sin. The same also is true of women pedophiles who abuse boys and women pedophiles who abuse girls and this second group of women pedophiles are also homosexuals. And these women groups too God loves and desires that they repent and confess their sins. By the way it is easy to live in God’s love when one is consistent in following God’s word and not setting some of it aside in order to get along with the unholiness of homosexuality.

          • There you go again mixing homosexuality with pedophilia — There is a difference between consenting adults and violence — they are not one in the same — oh but there are these categories that you got lined up, i’m sorry.

          • I do not believe that he donated to an organization that supports the killing of gays in Uganda or anywhere else. I would have to see proof of that then I would think it was something someone made up. And another thing, God has never hated anyone and never will. He is not capable of hate.

          • True christians would now have donated money at all to groups that discriminate, what do you think this whole issue is about — it’s not about his beliefs — it’s his donations. So enjoy your chicken sandwich.

          • Why don’t you support the christian chain IN AND OUT BURGER instead– they are a true christian company, even have bible readings on their cups.

    • I agree with you, Patriot, but it’s time to stop using PC terminology like the word “gay” or “straight” when we should be using the correct terms. People who are Homosexuals are not gay, they are homosexuals. So-called “straight” people are heterosexuals not straight people. Now, ’nuff said.

      • I take issue with the terminology “Gay” It was a beautiful word, meaning .”Happy”, “Carefree” Fun Loving, and these people took it and trashed it forever.

        • Thanks for your reply, Richard, because that is my point.  When you watch TMC movies of the 1930s, 1940s, or even1950s, the word “gay” did mean happy and carefree.  We’ve allowed abnormal people to redefine our words, and I for one, will not do so any longer.  A homosexual is a homosexual, plain and simple!

    • These people are really showing their true colors-totally messed up! All this is doing is making things worse and proving a lot of people correct in their assesment of the gay culture.

    • They are a small minority. Only the screwed-up media gives these alternative issues much of a platform. I don’t care what gays do.

    • To patriot. The well adjusted homosexuals live their lives quietly as you say. The ill adjusted ones make all the noise. They are unhappy people, and even if they get everything they want, they will not be happy. They are forever straining to be offended.

    • The way I see it is if there weren’t male & female chickens, we’d have no more chickens. DUH……something we already knew, huh?!
      Why did the female chicken cross the road…..to find her a rooster!!

    • You’re so right, Patriot. Who gives a poop what we, straight and gay, do in the privacy of our own homes? Unfortunately for the gay community, they seem to think they have to flaunt their sexual orientation in our faces and that they have the right to demand suppression of our First Amendment rights. They’re only defeating their purpose – whatever that may be.

    • Not enough said. Your post ignores all the economic –let alone social–disadvantages that attend to not “being married”.

    • Patriot – I agree with you 100%. Enough is enough. I grew up in the late 40’s and early 50’s and back then the first I ever heard of homo’s they were called queers. What I don’t understand is why they want to make such a big deal out of it. If a guy likes hairy legs or a women prefers boobs, why don’t they just keep it quiet. If that is what they want, I don’t need to know about it. Heck, I would be too ashamed to let anyone know. Since the Good Lord put men and women on earth for each other and for marrage, the sicko’s that are homo’s will have to answer to the Good Lord on Judgement day. And that is not my words but those of the Good Lord. And further there won’t be anything the homo’s can say or do, they will have to answer. I don’t understand all their ranting and raving. I guess they all like the attaention evnthough it is not good. Infact the left thinking of them like to spew hate and violence which I really don’t understand. A person has to be sick to want those things. That is my feelings and I’am just an old veteran that wants peace and quiet.

    • Awesome! This can actually happen. When organizations like Chick-Fil-A stop hurting homosexuals, then there will be no need for protests and all of can all live our lives quietly. That is awesome!

    • It’s their own actions that cause people to ignore them. If they want to be recognized, then act like adults and like they have common sense. The fact that their “kiss-in” was a BIG FLOP should tell them something.

    • Unless they tell you they are gay you usually don’t know, and frankly most don’t care. Most people respect others for who they are, not who they sleep with.

      If I hire someone it is because of the quality of employee I’m getting. If I befriend someone it is because they are a trustworthy friend. The rest just doesn’t matter.

      Many gay people are so in your face these days it becomes repulsive behavior. I just don’t want ANYONE pushing their agenda on me.

    • They have no SELF CONTROL,they are the MOST SELFISH PEOPLE? ON EARTH.That is why they act LIKE ANIMALS.
      just rambling

    • The latest studies of sexual behavior shows that only 2.8 % of the population is described as homosexual. It is ironic that the tail is wagging the dog.

  6. Haha, this article sums up most of America and how we all feel. I do not care what people do in privacy. For anyone to make public displays of affection or to draw attention to their personal proclivities is disgusting, selfish, and rude. I see nothing wrong with private individuals engaging in private contractual arrangements, same sex or otherwise. This is legal now and does not require any alteration of our culture. However, I see everything wrong with private individuals forcing the rest of us to alter our traditions to publicly accommodate private behavior, that most of us find repugnant.

  7. Tired of it pretty much sums up most peoples’ opinion of the gay mafia’s grip on this contrived issue. They did not get the memo it does
    not matter that they matter.

  8. Now, you see, that is the crux of this whole thing about the disgust with gays. If the one that drew up this petition is an example,….their mind has to be warped and apparently doesn’t have the ability to get beyond twisted thinking. Only they would even begin to think ithe gutter-like thoughts that they laughingly posted in this petition. Don’t they have a life? Is there anything normal in their life? If this wasn’t so sick, it would be laughable….

  9. Hell I wouldn’t serve Gay chickens either! Don’t want any of my customers getting AID’s from tainted chickens.

      • Number one if God had intended man to reproduce by being with another man, he wouldn’t have needed to create woman.
        Second He wouldn’t of said in the bible that that type of behavior was an abomination to him.
        And thirdly He wouldn’t have said that man shall not lie with man as he would lie with a woman.
        And fourth He would of not given man and woman the command to go forth and multiply, and cover the earth
        When He said that man should love his fellow man .He did not mean sexually.
        God see’s this as an unacceptable behavior. So do I.

  10. There are a lot of homosexual people I know – they have their rights just as we all do – their lifestyles are their own business – if they have a life relationship with someone they should be afforded the same legal protections as everyone else – not marriage though. Having been molested by a pervert as a child, I say those people are the lowest of the low and need incarceration and severe punishment! Does my support of Chick-fil-A make me a homophobic? No it doesn’t – it makes me a proud American who values free speech and opinions – just as gays want theirs.

  11. So you have a Sooner Dog!! My uncle said some 50 years ago such a dog exists. How lucky are you!! As for the Homo’s its getting out of hand. They want to be excepted yet they continue to poke every body in the eye every chance they get. Well its deviant behavior, while we should not cut there throats or hang them, it should not be encouraged or celebrated. It is deviancy after all.

  12. Really? This is what they really think. Just lost respect for al of them. I would say they can all go f#7’k themselves but I guess that’s how this all got started in thbe firstplace. Just showing just how stuiped and classless these jerks are.

  13. Same sex animals ofter mount each other. Has nothing to do with sexuality but with displaying dominance the pecking order.

  14. They can train the chicken from humping male birds but can a gay man be trained from humping a gay man. No you can not re-train these birdies.

  15. There is a hidden irony here….. In the male homosexual (AKA “gay”) world, there is a slang word used to identify willing underage males……

    Yup. It’s “chicken”. And that does not even begin to the term “choke the chicken”.

    I tire of these people. It’s all about leftist power and politics anyway. They can go to h3ll in their own handbasket if they like, but don’t ask me to bless them as they do.

  16. Are Caribu homo’s because they lock horns? Are dogs homo’s because they bite each other, at times in the muzzle? Cocks (Roosters) mount and peck other rooster on the neck to display dominence, authority. On chicken’s, a rooster will mount and pluck out feathers around the neck area as a display of courtship. Homo’s on the other hand, are like Waiter’s at a restaurant, just waiting to push in your stool.

  17. I have been around chickens much of my life… never once saw a homosexual chicken. Man, those homosexuals are desperate, they need immediate professional mental help for their mental disorder.

  18. … Chick fil A sells gay chicken that’s very open and accepting of them … now go back to our usual routines … besides the other fast food places are going broke …..
    I got the next investment idea, I’ll subscribe to all the over the top gay media MSNBC, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, HoffingtoPost basically everybody but FOX NEWS, so, you watch for the next boycott and you buy their stock and then at the hieght of the Media fenzy sell

  19. Ignore them, you are doing just what they want notiroiity, Publistity. Trouble Makers with nothing to do.
    Just don’t let them get their way.

  20. Damn straight, Minkoff!! Now too bad the sodomites are intellectually unable to grasp these simple concepts as outlined in your article.

  21. I served in the U.S.Navy from 1972-1975, and I do not hate Gays. However, I don’t believe that they need to flaunt their sexual lifestyle openly; as I see no need to flaunt my straight sexual lifestyle openly. When I am out with my Wife; I will hold her hand while walking … but I will not be shoving my tongue down her throat, or grabbing her boobs or crotch while in public view. I travel a lot on business and see many gay couples being a bit too “eager” while around other people. Both Gay & Straight couples should show some common respect and decency while out in public; especially if young children & the elderly are nearby.

    My “Personal” belief is that Homosexuality (male & female) is unnatural and abnormal. Why? Well, if it were natural and normal; then, none of us would be posting commentary in this forum right now; nor would any debates be going on currently or throughout human history concerning this subject; as it would be moot! Personally, I will never ACCEPT the Gay lifestyle as normal or natural; nor will I allow the un-natural practice to be forced upon me via the open Gay sexual gyrations and intimacy in public view … If you want to pervert human sexual activity; then keep thoses activites behind closed doors!

    Notwithstanding, I look at this issue via another point of consideration.

    Let’s go back through human history to about 50,000 BC for example … just bear with me on this. Using the law of averaging, and if Homosexual behavior was normal and natural; then there could be only three types of couples: Male/Male, Female/Female, & Male/Female.

    This would mean that only 1/3 of the humans during the last 52,000 years would be producing children. Being that infant mortality rates were extremely high until the advent of modern medicine (about the last 80+ years); that meant the females in the Male/Female couple had to give birth to many children just to insure that there were enough to survive to adulthood.

    Now with that in mind; you must consider the Birth to Death ratio of the human race during that past 52,000 years … IF … only 1/3 of human couples produced children. It would seem to me that all of the Deaths of humans caused by: war, disease, famine, accidents, crime (murder/killing), natural predators, and natural catastrophes (volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, fire, floods, typhoons, tornadoes, etc.), would be far higher than those being born.

    Also, artifical insemination was not viable until the 1950’s; therefore, for the past 51,140 years, the Male/Male and Female/Female couples would not have been able to produce and nurse children unless the wide-spread use of “Surrogates” was in place. Now, if such a structure and practice was in place for the past 51,140 years; then the “family” structure, as we know it, would not exisit. How many children born during all those 1000’s of years would have known the identities of their Mothers or Fathers. Today, due to medical reasons (DNA, genealogy, blood type, etc.); it is very important to be able to trace bloodlines.

    So, basically, I believe that the world’s population would have been a lot lower than it is today; as there would have been much fewer humans producing children during our history. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with religions of any kind.

    This is not supported by any study or evidence (as far as I’m aware); it is just my view point based upon supposition.

  22. Homos want to be called “gay”which means happy, why ruin a good word? They were called “queers” (which means different) when i was growing up and that still applies as far as i am concerned. I do not change because the morals in our country are gone or because someone does not agree with me, I agree with Dan Cathy. it is queer for 2 of the same gender to have sex “the parts do not fit” in many ways. I respect everyones right, but do not force them on me. the above is a good article

  23. a sick person will say enything,i was raised on a farm ,i never saw a roster mount a roster
    without a fight how low can they go

    • I beat you to the punch on that one,Nanci !! Really !! A gay chicken ??? I’ve been around chickens all my life and just ain’t heard or seen this !!

  24. Wake up America, Fags and Faggettes have the right to boink each other anytime they want in the privacy of their own homes, but they do NOT have any Constitutional right to any special protections or treatment under the law. And just to remind one and all, marriage is NOT a Constitutional right. States do NOT perform marriages, they can only legalize civil unions. ONLY religious institutions can perform a marriage, which makes the union between a man and a woman “legal” in the eyes of Almighty God.

  25. I saw one that asked if being gay is a choice, when did you decide to be straight? OK, I’ll accept the premise that being gay may be something you are born being. However, being born blind, deaf,or some other malady also happens. Of course with that they will now want benefits given under the people with disabilities act.

    • I always have an answer for that stupid question. Yes, I chose to be straight because I grew up in a “straight” home with a mother and father and their influence helped me make that choice. Lots of kids these days choose to be homo for several reasons…molestation which either makes them angry and want to be with a person of the same sex (assuming they were molested by a person of the opposite sex) or the offender will then convince them they are homo because they didn’t try to stop them. This actually happened to a young male I know. Or….they are afraid to become a “bigot/homophobe” so they go with the flow….or they do it mostly to get back at Mom and/or Dad for some contrived offense. No one is born a homo or hetero, for that matter. We are influenced one way or the other.

  26. I just want the Homos to shut the cluck up, the Atheists to go to hell AND take the Muslims with them and all the assorted Liberal Nuts to quickly fade away…..I just want a SANE America back!

  27. OK, say I’m a smoker. There are MANY places where my ‘habit’ is banned. If I stand on the corner and scream obscenities and throw trash at people, will it matter? If I strip down and put cigarettes in every orifice, will it matter? Will I change the minds of those who believe it is a bad habit? I don’t think so. It is a health hazard, well so is homosexuality. Seems the gays problem is with God, not with those who believe God. Try screaming and throwing things at HIM, he will answer, properly.

  28. This is from a group of folks who say they are intelligent. I think they need to be in an institution that takes care of poor people who have insane notions. They may be a danger to themselves or others.

  29. May God Send Gays To Hell For Crimes Of Sodomy Of The Sex. Is An Abomination Of Mortal Sin That Would The Destruction Of Gays Souls Into Damnation Of Hell

  30. I agree with the writer’s point of view on homosexuality. Even the gays, deep down, have to know that they are doing wrong. Take the moral part out and it is still wrong by nature. However, straight people are not beating gays in the head with constant media about their selfish demands such as gay marriage. If don’t answer to God for our sins, then who do we answer to? Answering to man only is idolatry and surely leads to failure. Somehow, the left looks at God’s views as wrong and God can never be wrong. He created everything. Even evolution could not happen without God.

  31. I have read that the Homosexuals are only about 1 to 2% of the population. So where the heck do they get off pushing their insignificent weight around. I don’t care if someone is Gay,
    all I ask is don’t try to shove it down my throat or my kids. They want it in schools so they will have a bigger field to play in a few years. The government seems to want the Islamination of this country. Do these Gay’s know what Muslims do to homosexuals?? I think not.

  32. perhaps like the moosims in Israel the gays should find a life besides maken a show and whinning like babies since they do not get their way?


  34. Just goes to Verify/Confirm how Sick their Minds are, of Course GOD has Given them over to a Reprobate Mind. They are Sick, Sick Twisted Minds.

  35. The homosexual agenda is getting more and more absurd every day.
    The only people who seem to have the right to our 1st Amendment of freedom of speech (and thought!) are the far left loony fringe (at 2% of the population) and all the rest of us just should go away quietly and sit down.
    That is just total B.S.! I have as much right to express my opinion as anyone else and am NOT afraid to do so.

  36. It’s preoccupation with sex, and the perverse need to inject the subject into any and every conversation and subject, stop traffic (as in gay parades) over sex, sex, sex. They will never be happy until the whole world is engaged in flaming orgies everywhere you go, but then nothing would get done, commerce would grind to a halt and then (even) the gays would stop being served; and then they would whine and call that bigotry too.

  37. We seem to have forgotten that another word for Gay is Happy. When did that get lost in the game of things. Chick-fil-a is serving us a chicken and to have a job today they are happy. You are srarting to get your way so shut up and let it take its course. The lounder and meaner you are the longer it will take and the more people will dislike you.

  38. Educational Testing Service may have an opportunity to develop a screening instrument to be used to select which member of the Tinkerbelle Troop is qualified to determine the sexual preference of the chicken species used as entrees in Chick-Fil-A restaurants. I’m certain there will be pertinent questions pertaining to phylogenetic predispositions to homosexuality, as well as the incidence of homosexuality in the applicant’s ancestral tree. Also, there should be careful analysis of DNA characteristics to guarantee this is not one of those who “chose” to be gay, rather than the true genetically developed member of the “homo”-sapiens species. (Please, to the mentally challenged reader, there is a significant amount of sarcastic comment here. See if you can find it.)

  39. Gays need to stop being such Ayholes about their personal choices and realize that if they would just be patient, society would “evolve”. Just look around. Every other form of aberrant behavior has found itself into the mainstream to the point of becoming a circus.

  40. Everybody including the gays have to remember that chickens are the dumbist of all animals and they will mount anything that is around to long and they don’t care if they are female or male but nobody seems willing to say that do they.

  41. The GAy agenda is really there to make you stop listening to your inner Guildence.
    they are being used by unseen powers that find it nessasary to keep the masses asleep.
    life is about learning to hear your inner soul talking to you if they can mess up the easiest Voice you have to hear .. Being your sex drive they can make you doubt everything else.
    When That happens your easy to controll.
    thats all its about .
    So having said that I trust my inner Guildence and its says men having sex with men is repulsive . Sorry not going to apolgise for what emenates from my very being.
    I will remaine true to my inner Guildence no matter how many experts tell me
    I’m Homophobic.
    Now I’ll really going to Piss allot of people off here the Church does the same thing they make sex out of wed lock a dirty thing .. thats how they desenseitize you also.
    because dispite what they tell you boy meets girl they fall in love have sex is a beautiful thing. May every Power that be that tells you whats OK and whats not . be seen for what they are Controll freaks

  42. I got just about everything in this article (and wholeheartedly subscribe to it), apart from the notion of “homosexual chickens.” Chickens cannot be “homo-” anything, since they are not human beings (homo sapiens). If anything, they’d be called either “chanticleersexuals” or “pulletssexuals” (not that I’m familiar with the notion of female chickens having sexual relations with one another).

    Apart from that, this post appears to be pretty much spot-on. A “gay” fanatic would have an impossible time disputing it.

  43. Could not have said it better. The ones you want to
    “get it”, won’t, cannot or unable to look in the mirror.
    With their extremest in-your-face agenda, they will use
    any tidbit to quash decency of any sort. Exeptions
    abound. Do you build a house on exeptions, a weak foundation, or should a
    formerly strong country be tolerant to
    the level of zen: anything goes: the death of a republic!

  44. I had a male cat that would try to rape my dog. He also would mount anything that stood still long enough. So what did that make my cat? He also bred every female cat in the neighborhood. He was just an animal that didn’t have enough sense to make a choice. If it stood still, mount it! He would also breed his offspring if you let them be around him. Did this make him a “pedophile”? No, he was just an animal that didn’t know how to make proper choices. That requires a human brain. So don’t be so stupid as to say that some chickens are “gay”. They are just dumb animals. They don’t know any different. So does this mean that some people are as dumb as chickens? Better be careful, there isn’t much that is dumber than a chicken. Not even a worm.

  45. Wow! This is becoming absolutely absurd. The minorities in this Country finally trying to force the majority to bow to their wants? Not on my shift! Quite frankly…you gays do whatever you want to do but don’t you dare indicate that I have to accept your foolish ways! Live your life anyway you wish to live it. I do not have a problem with this at all. But…keep this behavior away from the “Children” and “Stop” trying to justify your means though sometimes animal behavior or really stupid Beaurocrats (there are many) to advance your own selfish agenda. Period! Yahoo published a news photo this morning of a “Kiss In” at an Ohio based Chic-Fil-A. This photo featured two males embracing and kissing on the lips. It was disgusting! It’s no wonder why this country is going down-hill so very fast. And, even some of our poliitical figures support things that the vast majority does not. Go back to your “Closet’s” and stop trying to force your acceptance down my throat!!!!! It ain’t gonna happen with, at least, me. And stop pretending to be the majority!

  46. What “GAY CHICKENS” how absurd – the only gay chickens are the 2 legged ones who go around getting peckers shoved up their azzes

  47. I am an old farm kid (69) and through life I have never obsurved any animal species being Queers. Only the human species. And God gave us control of this planet????????????

  48. This sounds like a practical joke on the news paper or something and it must have back fired, because if it WERE real we could have evidence to lock up homosexuals in the nut house(which is where they belong..) … Hence the REASON, to call the Left looney!

  49. It’s a sickness. Obomacare has a treatment for it but you will have to get sick before you can find out what they will do.

  50. For those of you who are tired of the Gay movement take some comfort in this scripture:
    1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV): “Do you not know that the
    wicked will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not be deceived: Neither the
    sexually immoral nor idolaters, nor adulterers nor male prostitutes nor
    homosexual offenders nor thieves nor the greedy nor drunkards nor slanderers
    nor swindlers will inherit the kingdom of God.”

  51. These morons know next to nothing about chickens. One rooster can service scads of hens, and many times has no other male chicken around, even if it was interested.

  52. Nothing stimulates “PRIDE” more than simulating homosexual sex acts atop a float in a public parade and in front of children. I suspect many of them are mentally unstable.

  53. As someone in a very fulfilling, committed same-sex
    relationship who is very excited – as are my proud parents and my four wonderful kids – that I am now
    able to legally marry my partner, most of the comments in this thread are downright offensive (though of course I am used to it…) or at minimum seem quaintly uninformed. But I have to admit that I like mutty62’s
    comment below that “it went from the ‘love that dares not speak its name’ to
    the ‘love that won’t shut up”… It would be great if we could all keep
    some sense of humor in this process as we all learn how to live together
    in peace and with mutual respect.

    • We can live together with homos in peace. As far as respecting you…don’t go there. It’s either God or you and I choose God.

      • I respect your religious beliefs. I do not share them. In a free country, there is no reason why my life should be governed by a set of religious beliefs to which I do not subscribe. Your profile indicates that you are a parent. Your kids are probably straight. But if one of them turns out not to be (and my parents didn’t learn of my orientation until I was 44 years old with four kids, so it is never too late for them to surprise you), I do worry about the obstacles that kid is going to face in gaining your acceptance.

        • I don’t care if you respect my beliefs. I certainly don’t respect yours. I’m only concerned about what God thinks of me. My kids are male and female. We don’t define ourselves by our sexual acts. My kids learned what was wrong and right and they learned that certain acts are abusive and harmful to the body and then they made the decision…the right decision. You decided to commit homo acts. It’s not an orientation. I would NEVER EVER accept this behavior and my children know it. If your parents did, they are fools. Only a fool would accept that their child chooses to self destruct.

          • I really would invite you to reflect more deeply on all of this with an open mind. I certainly don’t define myself by sexual acts either. I am a very typical member of the community in many ways, not some sort of outlandish activist. Walking down the street with my kids, you would have no idea I was gay. But I am deeply in love with my partner, who happens to be male. Walking down the street, you would never guess that he is gay either. The kids are very well-adjusted, excel academically, play varsity sports… We are a very happy, successful family, looking rather like a Norman Rockwell scene, except for the fact that there are two dads. What exactly is self-destructive about our relationship?

            My parents are most certainly not fools. They are both brilliant people, actually, and extremely devoted parents. For years, I was indeed concerned that they might have difficulty accepting my orientation, and that was one reason why I was very slow to come out. As it turns out, that concern was unfounded, and those were simply lost years of my life. They are now very glad to see me truly happy for the first time. They love their new son-in-law, and have been extremely supportive of us. Your kids, or your grandkids, will probably never surprise you. If that is because they simply are not biologically predisposed to be gay, that is great. They are happy with who they are, and so are you. Most likely, that is the case. But if, as happens far too often, they are naturally inclined to be gay but are simply too oppressed by the environment in which they were raised to even consider expressing that orientation – then that is truly a sad situation. My two older kids are both straight (the younger ones are still too young to tell). But all of the kids know very well that their dads will love and support them no matter what. I wish that all children could have that same confidence.

  54. My brother is gay and he didn’t choose to be that way. He fought it for many years and finally gave up and accepted himself for who he is. His body is “hard-wired” to be this way and he was born with this “wiring”. It is the same thing for straights. None of us chose to be straight, we just went with the flow of our bodies’ desires. Fortunately for us, society looks favorably on straights or else we’d be in big trouble. Imagine having to hide your attraction for the opposite sex. I often think gays were placed here on earth to test christians’ committment to love everyone. Jesus is proving many just can’t love everyone, after all.

    • God didn’t lie. He didn’t hardwire us to engage in an act he calls sinful and abominable. I chose to be straight. Please don’t speak for us all. You obviously don’t know what you are talking about.

  55. Gay Rights is in the Demonrat Platform. “IF YOU ARE QUEER VOTE DEMONRAT”
    MMMMM Looks like a Bumper Sticker

  56. Good article, sound and rational. AS for the chickens, I just imagine that Chick-fil-a gets their chickens from Tyson or some other big supplier. I can guarantee that when those chicken catchers go in those stinking chicken houses to round up thousands of chickens in a couple of hours, they don’t take the time to interview the chickens as to their sexual preferance, or watch to see if they behave in a homosexual manner. Like the writer said, animals are animals and most of them will hump anything that stands still. Chickens are pretty damn dumb on top of that!! So I don’t imagine Chick-fil-a has a clue as to sexual pref of any of the chicken parts they get!! I agree with Partiot, I’m sick of all this Gay movement as well. I’m sick of it being shoved down our throats, if you pardon the expression! My sex life is mine and my husbands, and it’s private, and yours should be too. I don’t particularly want to see a straight couple swallowing each others tongues out in the mall and I certainly don’t want to see a gay couple doing it either. Take it home or get a room. That’s not why I go to the mall. What goes on behind closed doors should stay there. Period!!
    Now can we move on to the ignorant Nazi atheists who are forcing towns with no backbone to take down crosses??

  57. from the article: “Wow. I’ve read some really, really stupid petitions in my life. But that one… Where do you even start?”

    Is it important, necessary or even wise to respond to this kind of nonsense? I don’t think so.

  58. With almost every claim they make, these gay people sound more ridiculous just like this article points out. They can not defend it so they resort to foolishness by attacking people with hateful name calling, threats and vandalism because of the other person doesn’t believe as them. They do more to harm their own cause than anyone else can who opposes them, with how they act.. I do not hate gay people and I am sure it’s not the case that Christians hate gay people, but I do not support homosexual marriage because it is against what God teaches. After the owner of Chick-fil-A just passively stated his beliefs, if these gay people would have just left it alone, boycotted as they saw fit and not attack the man’s free speech it would have been much better for their cause. I don’t see them capable of that. They are too aggressive about wanting to silence Christians about their beliefs. I wish to see how they will act when a Muslim speaks against them in any way. I bet you could hear a pin drop.

    • And I wish to say that not all gays are like this. I know some who are peaceful and non violent and respect the rights of others. Some of them are good citizens who have for one reason or the other chose to connect with the same sex. I say that because it has not been proved to be genetic. None of us are perfect and never will be. I feel we must not say cruel things about them in public such as the internet but state our beliefs. However, when push comes to shove with these activist, we must fight with everything we have not to have this forced upon us. Marriage is between a man and a woman and our children must be taught that if we are Christians. If somehow they go the gay way, it is not in our hands. We must be free to hold our Christian values dear. Business owners should be free to hold their values and hire who they feel best represents them if they do not feel they want a gay person. I feel that this is actually a communist agenda driving the activist to this. We must not allow same sex marriage.

  59. Well, the roosters get it right most of the time which is why we get more chicken. The gays can’t reproduce either. To bad we let them adopt and screw up the brains of those innocent kids.

  60. Animal behavior- males mounting males- is done to show dominance- animals are NOT gay- the only depraved creatures on this planet are the human beings.

  61. I can’t say what I really want to say, so I’ll just say the sodomites are truly becoming totally wacko. (Fill in the rest of my comment with whatever anti-sodomite words you want. It’s all good, folks.) God save the U.S.A.!!!! Homosexual chickens? ROFLMAO Incredible. Just incredible! Totally insane. Someone stop the world. I want to get off.

  62. I have been celibate for many years now. Should I boycott Chick-Fil-A? Should I expect Federal charges for Lac-a-sexual-preference? Just asking…

  63. I have a few homosexual friends but they wouldn’t even consider getting involved in all this stupid crap. We were talking about this crap going on with Mr. Cathey & his Chick-Fil-A businesses. He was asked his opinion on marriage. And all he said was that his beliefs followed those of our LORD’S. He said marriage (IN HIS OPINION) should be between a man & woman. That’s it. That was all for him & he was out of it. Then Mike Huckaby, along with a FEW other Christian people asked that other Christian people across the country go to their nearest Chick-fil-A this past Wed. & eat & “Quietly” & politely let the person at the register know they support his beliefs. If they did. Which if you are a Christian you definitely do.

    Mr. Cathey never once said homosexuals couldn’t eat there. He never once said ANYTHING bad about them. In fact; he has some that work for him. But as some of these homosexuals can be & love to be; they decided to have a Kiss In or whatever they called it yesterday. But as all of us Christians know; our LORD has a way of making things right when HE needs to. And that’s EXACTLY just what HE did. The homosexuals that love causing a scene over NOTHING at all (SOME OF THEM ARE NOT LIKE THAT. AS MY FRIENDS) were shut down completely. Why??? Because they didn’t take the time to read the news or watch the news to find out EXACTLY what was said & why it was said. They just took it as another opportunity to act out in public. I’m a Christian.

    And I’m sure many Christians feel the same way I do. I HATE no-one. I just pray for them the same as I do for my other friends in hopes one day they will get down on their knees & ask the LORD to help them turn from their wicked ways. Because I’m the kind of person that would love to see EVERYONE in Heaven. But all I can do is pray for them.
    But our LORD made sure the Christian voices & values were heard this time. And also made sure the media covered things the ONLY way they COULD in this story. AND THAT WOULD BE THE TRUTH. And the gay movement are doing nothing but making themselves look “TOTALLY STUPID” with stories like the one above. Even the politicians that say they support them (only reason they do is to get their vote) aren’t even “TOUCHING” this one. One thing’s for sure. When I read this article to my family & sent it to my friends; we had the biggest laugh all of us have had in a very long time. So stupid it was just hilarious. As for this story probably being sort of a barbed joke???


  64. I wish to thank GLBT movement, and Rahm Emanuel and the other politicians who attacked Chick-fil-A. This is finally the straw that broke the camel’s back for my formerly moderate wife. The pronouncements by these political renegades finally awoke her from her “moderate” slumber and she sees the threat they represent to our liberties. Wednesday she called me to say if I wanted to eat dinner to stop at Chick-fil-A and bring something home, which I did. She didn’t mind waiting til late either, which was necessary because the line at our local restaurant ran around the shopping center. Hundreds showed up. We also went back last night to see what kind of turn out there was for the GLBT “kiss in.” Turns out it never materialized. Just a lot more “normal” people filled the place.

  65. enough of this drivel and garbage. The insanity of it all makes me believe that the devil does indeed find work for idle hands. Get back into the closet and close the door behind you. Thankyou

  66. If I was gay I would hate the gay rights crap. It takes all the “fun” out of being gay.
    That you have to sneek around and keep it a secret is part of the fun, isn’t it?
    Wasn’t that part of the fun when you were dating, before you got married and it was OK? Then you got bored, and had to get creative to make it fun again? Try it in the elevator, or the park? Don’t mean to be uncouth but you know what I’m talking about.
    It isn’t about their right’s anyway, it’s about getting even because you feel inferior by your OWN self condemnation – no one else’s opinion compares with their own self loathing.
    Not all gays loath themselves, but the one’s who have to antagonize others over it, are screaming out their loath of self. It works the same with any other behavior.

  67. One might consider a policy of “don’t ask, don’t tell” of the chickens. (Even if I, for one, did ask, I don’t understand “cluck language”.)

  68. I will never accept the moniker of being a “homophobe” since this is a MADE-UP word by all the queers in order to try and mock heterosexuals. I would GLADLY accept a moniker that actually describes how I feel about homosexuals(queers) , which is repulsed,disgusted,reviled, and generally upset that I’m suppose to accept their sin. To accept sin as okay is in itself a sin. If you don’t tell others without judging that they are committing a sin against god that is a sin in itself. I’m sick of politically correct garbage, this is a way for people who don’t believe as you do to tell you to shut your mouth. There are way too many Christians who cower in order to not offend someone by not standing up for their beliefs. It is time for all Christians to stand up and be counted as real Christians soldiers not to tolerate sin for ALL will be accountable for their actions or lack of action.

    • I’m with you!! Backing down is what they expect from Christians. We shouldn’t be lukewarm and most Christians today are. I’m boiling and they won’t shut me up. ; )

  69. I think everyone is missing the big picture here. Mr Minkoff says Homosexuality is a behavior … No, actually it is still a crime. People have learned to look the other way.
    I have a challenge for everyone. Try it. It will be fun.

    Homosexuals chose the word GAY because what they do sounded too icky. Instead of saying Gay or Homosexual, from now on, use the word Sodomizer.
    You will soon see that People will look at you differently when you talk about Sodomizers.
    (People will think differently of you when you defend a Perversion)
    You may even realize, “What was I thinking!” Either that or you’re a Sodomizer and you won’t want to use that word because it’s too icky.

    If you think this is Hate Speech, Then you may want to check out these other Hate Sites:

    MADD – http://www.madd.org
    FBI Most Wanted – http://www.fbi.gov/wanted/topten
    Crime Line – http://www.cfcrimeline.com
    Neighborhood Watch – http://www.usaonwatch.org

    They hate so much they get people locked up.

  70. So the gays are comparing themselves to the animals that come into heat and jump anything that’s moving. Rest assured if an gays eat eggs………don’t thank the Rooster for laying them or the one he tried to screw!

  71. I guess the gay and lesbians get offended by anything with the word gay like Wanda Sykes was offended in a television ad when two guys said the word “gay.” Wanda look yourself in the mirror and smile. The mirror will break.

  72. I, too, am tired of the constant ASSAULT, visually and verbally, against everyone’s moral sensibilities. It is the worse kind of SEXUAL HARASSMENT, and it’s constant! In the News, on the Net, Radio, Newspaper, in your face!!! BIGOTS BIGOTS BIGOTS HATE HATE HATE spewed incessantly by the worse order of fascist homo anarchists who themselves are fomenting the worse kind of mindless hate and bigotry!
    Forcing everyone to be subject to their intolerant immoral point of view is fascist and goes against every precept of Liberty and personal responsibility there is!
    There are laws in place to protect people in the workplace from sexual harassment! Well, THIS IS SEXUAL HARASSMENT and we must bring it to a stop!

  73. So true. So if I am a sexual addict or a pedophile (I’m not either) can I claim I was born this way, I can’t change it and I should just be true to myself and indulge in numerous sex acts with whoever or molest kids? What’s the difference?

  74. Coming soon to a neighborhood near you; legal polygomy, legal pediphilia, legal beastiality, legal incest, legal genocide, legal …whatever the fringe minorities want. Remember what NAMBLA says, “Sex by eight, or it’s too late.”. Under the possibly upcoming Sharia law, nearly all of these acts will bring about a death sentence by stoning or beheading…and the socialist government won’t care because that will just mean one less mouth to feed on borrowed money. Good luck people…and keep your powder dry.

  75. Stupid perverts. I have raised fowl and animals for decades and never seen a fowl being a pervert. However I have seen animals, which do not have any morals, try to perform pervert acts.

  76. Does that mean that Chick-fil-A should add to their Job Applications: Their sexual preferance and whether they are “Gay” or not? Maybe they should change their “Chosen” designation, “Gay” doesn’t guite fit in here. Could it possibly be: Lost, Misunderstood, Sexual Preference Unknown, or something comparable. Chik-fil-A doesn’t ask for that and there’s no signs entering the resturants that require one to show a “Non-Gay” ID Card!! Wow ….. Obama’s pushing the “Gays”(sic) and the Muslims. Guess what, Under Sharia Laws, if Muslims find that you are “Gay”, you are “Dead Meat” and it’s done “On the Spot”. Could this be a form of double-mindnes on Obama’s part, or not?

  77. In the first place, there is no such thing as a “gay” person unless that individual is happy about something, and that includes everyone. These abnormally behaving individuals are either homosexual (male/male), lesbians (female/female), bisexual (plays both ends), and transexual/transgender (dress as though they are of the opposite gender)–but they are NOT gay. If they want an abbreviated term, then homo/lezzie/bi’s/trannies ought to serve them well and everyone would know just what they are. In the second place, many of those who are “coming out” really aren’t one of those homo/lezzie/bi’s/trannies, but are simply saying that because it’s the in-thing to do. As for businesses hawking their “support” for “gay marriages” you had better believe that is not the case, but a well-planned profiteering strategy that will (hopefully) prove quite lucrative at the end of the next business quarter. And finally, there can be NO marriage (by definition) because no same-gender ‘couple’ is capable of pro-creating without the intervention of outside sources of the opposite gender. If they are really capable of pro-creation within the confines of their couplings (absolutely NO outside help from another gender) then there will be cause to celebrate the first male giving birth to an average newborn weighing 6.5# via his yahoo or the first woman to fertilize her partner’s ova with her own ova–that’s got to be a really tricky maneuver! And as to whether or not other animals are really ‘humping’ one of their own species for the sensual pleasures they homo/lezzie/bi’s/trannnies are claiming–did ony one of them ever ask the animal what were they doing? If the animal was actually enthralled with the humping act, it wouldn’t break away so quickly when yelled at–ever try to separate a pair when they were actually engaged in the real thing (male/female coupling of course), it ain’t happening ’til they are done. What a bunch of idiots.

  78. Very well written with a well thought out argument. What makes man different from animals? Aside from our use of tools its our conscience! Our internal, God given (yes GOD given) ability to know the difference between good and evil. We’ve lost any sense of morality in America! Good has become evil and evil has become good. Contrary to the ideas some “scientist”…WE ARE NOT ANIMALS! As mentioned in this article, many animals have no self control, which allows them to commit some pretty perverted behaviors, like cannibalism or “humping” almost anything when they get the urge to do so. Homosexuality is a behavioral choice…CHOICE! THAT involves self control…or lack of, like an animal? Think about it…

  79. Ok they finally admitted it. Homosexuals and animal sexuality is basically the same. Like animals they are variously engage in incest, genocide, cannibalism, pedophilia, and other socially unacceptable behavior. A homosexual is the same mind set as a chicken or any other animal. Maybe this is why God called homosexual an abomination.

  80. they don’t serve ‘gay’ chicken… but they do serve gays. if you don’t like it, go cry in your Ben & Jerry’s, which is a store I won’t visit.

  81. All one has to do is consider who started the petition. Stupid is as stupid does. Personally I think that they would like “gay” chicken. More down their alley.

  82. The more liberals stretch that tiny little mass of cells between their ears, the more credibility they lose….and the closer they get to giving science all the proof it needs that homosexuality is a brain disorder.

  83. are majority of the criminals in prison “gay”? or are they just horny… you tell me. basically there’s no such thing as a gay chicken. my dog will hump inanimate objects, or even a male leg before we managed to get him fixed. it didn’t make him gay.

  84. Author Michael Minkoff’s article was very good with ONE exception….a homosexual person does NOT choose to be gay. That is the problem with many people who believe homosexuals CAN change. This goes back to the dark ages thinking, so Mr. Minkoff get with the program and what is currently known about homosexuality.

  85. I like gay chicken. Happy chicken is tasty chicken! Looks like these homosexuals just won’t quit. Wasn’t Aug 1st enough for them to realize that thousands of people are for heterosexual marriage and ultimately the 1st amendment?

  86. What about the African American pastors who are for male and female marriage which happen to agree with Mr.Caty ………………………..crickets

  87. quit serving “Gay Chicken”??? Who on this planet has ever heard of a chicken being gay?? This has to be one of the most retarded demands have ever heard of and, it only proves fruther that gays are experiencing a mental disorder!!! Now try to tell me that gays are NOT mentally disturbed.
    I have to laugh my head off on this demand, it is sadly pathetic and just downright insanity.

  88. I read some of the comments here and most of what I read echos my own thoughts. I’d be willing to bet beer and barbeque that the majority of homosexuals in this country are not doing this, it is a loud obnoxious group of hate baiters that want MORE than what is equality. It’s just a small group of attentions whores that are making a whole bigger group look bad and causing problems for our whole country. I’m straight. I don’t go straight pride parades or demand that homosexuals accept me the way I am ( like I said, most already do). I don’t care if you’re gay. I will afford you the same respect you afford me and mine. I will respect your privacy as long as you respect mine. I will let you have your say about your opinions if you let me have mine. No more,no less.

  89. I have been telling you perversion (sexual) is a mental illness. First of all they are not serving Roosters, that’s a male chicken. They are so stupid they don’t know Roosters are too tough to be served at an eatery. These people will have sex put into any situation because that is all they can think of, sex with animals to be included. This lie about animals coming from these perverts is not new, in the pass they have made the claim that whales are perverts. What a bunch of sick animals.

  90. We are in america so I understand free speech… But when it comes to Gays, specially when it comes to the bible, no one can tell us what to believe. But I have to say gay or straight, its a sexual choice and should be kept in the bedroom. This whole topic is them pushing their sexual perversion on the general public and we just don’t want to see it. Also its not a racial thing either as they are portraying when they say christians are racist. If it was the KKK going after blacks or the Black panther’s going after whites or america in general going after native american indians then thats a race issue. But sexual deviants pushing sex as a race issue is despicable. Your not a race… Also sex is not a public showcase and should be kept in the privacy of your home. Please keep it out of the schools and stop pushing your sickness on our children. If you respect us in this matter then we will respect you. But touch our kids and you have a war on your hands.

  91. How about a “straight” movement”? I would like MY rights defended as well. What utter nonsense the whole “anti-gay” thing is…no one is bothering them so just shut up already…no one cares what you do with another consenting adult…just don’t try to force me to agree.

  92. Who was the famous bank robber who said that he robbed banks “because that’s where the money is”? I’m afraid the name temporarily escapes me (as though it’s important enough to remember). At any rate, I suppose he could have claimed that his rights were being discriminated against because robbing banks was what he did. LOL !

  93. The homosexuals have no right to demand anything. Do you think they learned this tactic from the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? There’s never a shortage of idiots, is there?

  94. #@”‘!!!! GAYS, there are more of us by a long shot than them. Who cares what they want as long as we don’t do it and vote out those that do. Together we stand divided we lose ground to those deviants.

  95. If I was Mr. Cathy I’d be all over this with a guarantee that we have never nor will we ever serve any of the chickens produced by these homosexual unions. As for the roosters themselves, their sexual identities are hard to determine since it seems they also mount hens. That would make them bisexual and, in effect, traitors to both sides. Given this fact, it would be well that we kill and serve them to better delineate which roosters are totally committed to a gay lifestyle.

  96. You’re such a pervert! Seriously, what is with people being so interested in the sex lives of LGBT people? You know nothing about most of us, and unless you know someone personally, you know nothing about what we may or may not do sexually. Being gay is as much about sex as being straight is, which is to say that is only a small portion of who a person is. I don’t obsess about what heterosexuals do in bed, why do you obsess about what I do?

    • BS JARE…You’re obsessing right here, Right now. You say you don’t care, but your ilk rubs there s e x u a l i t y in our faces every chance they get like this kiss in
      c r a p. And then tells us it’s normal state and condition and gets their p a n t i e s in a wad when we do not accept it as normal.

      Just like the definition of marriage. We know the meaning being: “a civil or spiritual union between a MAN and a WOMAN for the propagation of the species”. We will tolerate homosexuality as your right, but it is no way normal in the eyes mankind or of nature. Or otherwise you would be capable of breeding. So live and let live and quite trying to rub your agenda down my throat to get my acceptance. My tolerance is all you will ever have and your wearing that real thin.

  97. The beauty of all those gay idiots is that it is keeping ChickFilA in the “limelight” and the “unaided awareness” that it holds for the chicken chain is worth millions of dollars. So go ahead, gays, and keep pumping out your crap and ChickFilA will continue to count more money in their pockets!
    What these whiney creeps don’t realize is that for ages, gays have had a vehicle to legitimately live together as “recognized” couples in the eyes of the law. They just need to go to a real lawyer and spend a little money. But of course, in the “land of the free” it is incumbent upon everyone else to move over and give time, attention and money to “special interests” like this.
    ONE SAVING GRACE! Because we don’t have business men running the gov, we have idiots, they failed to recognize a cornerstone principle, you go after a large enough segment of the population that they can make the difference. I doubt very seriously the Obama admin can win by promoting all these “minority” interests like the deviant sex minority.

  98. WOW, with so many major problems, such as child pornography, missing youngsters, and abuse in this world we zero in on homosexual vs. gay chickens, but then that is HuffPost started by a very intelligent (?) woman, Ariana Huffington from wherever (?)!

  99. THANK YOU for this story, along with your insight, Mr. Minkoff. The behavior demonstrated by some of these meaningless groups would lead me to believe that all homosexuals are morons. The CEO of Chick Fil-A states his personal beliefs in an interview and homos start crying hate. Geez, talk about hyaving a major complex. I have tons of personal; beliefs and opinions that guide my life. I strongly suggest no one get in my face or start anonymously posting that I’m a hater, simply because we have different lifestyles. It is amazingly uneducated behavior to me, that any fool believes that they have “Freedom of Speech”, but those who differ from them, do NOT. It may be time to begin worrying about their Civil Rights. Because not only does someone that differs from you have the right to speak their opinion; if you oppose it so rudely and constantly make threats, they may very well bust you in your dumbass mouth. Freedom of Speech is NOT just for the gays. I suggest you remember that.

  100. One has to love this outpouring of stupidity on behalf of the “gay movement” against Chick -Fil -A. These gay activistss need to learn one thing…it is far better to be silent and allow people to think you are a moron than to open the mouth and remove all doubt. Just who are these people to demand anything from anyone? 1500 signatures is a pittance among a populous of 300 million(.000005%) Americans. Gee, sounds like a good reason to alter the fabric of the entire USA doesn’t it? Honestly folks it sounds like 1500 dopes with nothing better to do to me. We could always tell the to demand in their right hand and s**t in the left then call in a few days to let us know which hand has something in it. That would be too easy…they’d probably try it.

  101. Homosexuality IS NOT A CHOICE. Anymore than being black or a woman is a choice. Y need to quit listening to the few and not credible sources that say it is. Even poor Michelle Bachman’s husband can’t cure homosexuality. Now, of course, just like heterosexuals you can decide not to have any sex. Fortunately, those evil homos decide thats not what they will do. Just like you heterosexual decide y really crave a nice woman or man. So get over the fact that evil gayness is a choice. You are born gay. The gay coach, scout master, uncle did. It make you gay. And the pedophiles are heterosexuals with wives a d children. They are just born with an unhealthy desire for you g kids. That’s been proven as well. Even by some real Christian people who study this. So repeat after me I hate homos but it is not a choice.

  102. I never hated any homosexual…I just let them live thier lives the way they wanted
    as long as they didn’t bother me….well…I have had enough. I’m sick and tired of
    the fags demanding this and that…and that as Christians, there is something
    wrong with us. OK, I rather be wrong on God’s side of the fence rather than
    being political-correct on their side of their perverted life-style. They have no rights
    other than what they have earned…and from my guess….that ain’t much…if any..
    more like a “zero”

  103. If you are that adamant, why not simply vote with your feet and wallet and avoid Chick whatever.

    I don’t think I have ever been there, but I don’t do junk food.

    • Apparently, You Have Never Lived On A Farm, All Fowl is Fair Game When The Time Comes, These Chickens We Raise Commercially for Profit, Are Raised Under Conditions To Increase Quantity, Weight And Taste, among Other Reasons, By The Way How Do We Know The Difference Between A Gay And A Strait Chicken? Cheers Semper Fi,

  104. This is one of the more ridiculous reaches I have read yet from these adlepates.
    Most gays are leftist liberals — and most leftist liberals are in your face about anything they want to say is their cause — and seldom does any of it make an ounce of sense. When you see liberals on a panel you see constant interrruptions, constant yelling, constant lies and twist of truths and constant intolerance….. There is a reason they are identified with left — they just aren’t right.

  105. Finally the truth comes out! The homosexuals (not all) compare themselves to chickens. The homosexuals are not “gay” they are P.O.ed at the world.

  106. Never in my lifetime have I been bombarded with the sniveling, whining, childlike tantrums like those from the “Tinkerbelle Troop”. Homos, I may learn to tolerate your existence if you stay in your own bedroom, keep a safe distance from me and my family, keep your abnormal, pathological behavior out of the media, and earn the respect to be tolerated, like any other mature, adult human being. You have created notoriety with the term; “homo”-sapiens and believe you are well on your way to evolving into a separate species of humans. I can’t honestly wish you good luck on your trek.

  107. A large majority of gays do not protest or do outrageous things any more than some Christians and d right wing people dress up in silly costumes and protest Obama. I would think the number of people who signed the sarcastic petition would prove this. Yes there are gay rights parades, etc. Most gays are very successful businessmen and women in a very wide range of industries who make important contributions to society. They want to get married. You think this is perverted and that’s your right. You have the right to say silly things about Obama and go on as many marches, parades as y like. It’s America, not the America for Christian heterosexuals only.

  108. So because animals act in disgusting ways as animals, are these people suggesting that we condone and celebrate animal behavior in humans? I thought they were trying to PROMOTE their cause, not lower it to the animal level.

  109. Chick-fil-A does not discriminate in
    sexual orientation of chickens when it comes to serving and consuming socialist
    chickens who choose to dwell in the socialist chicken coops of the Orwellian
    Animal farm dependency and entitlement, where American Eagles who live in
    independence get morphed into Liberal political Vultures who feed off the
    carrion of their fellow citizens or congregate in cooped socialist government
    fenced in collective flocks of chickens who are hand fed by the Socialist
    farmers to fatten them up in dependence and then be thrown into the frying pan
    for consumption by their party leaders.

  110. Jesus. I’d be embarrassed to be even remotely identified with anyone stupid enough to propose such a thing. I was born and raised on a farm so MY understanding comes from first-hand knowledge. Cows (female ones) “mount” each other too. What sort of sexual contact would you idiots suggest THEY make? Fools. Prattling fools. If the truth be known (not that these people are very often found in the vicinity of the truth), I think it would reveal that there is rarely, if ever, any actual sex in these instances. Is this anything less than another pathetic misrepresentation calculated to lend some creedence to the homosexual agenda’s evil self-sanctification? I don’t think so. Hey, fools….When you pull your underwear on, or your jeans, and snug them up, you’re having sex with them. When you wash between your legs your having sex with the soap. For….SOMETHING’S (I’d normally say God’s) sake, try to find a little integrity somewhere….and some intelligence.

  111. LMBO,
    Is this insane or what, or should that be inane? Now here is why this life style is considered a perversion folks, it corrupts everything it touches & distorts the truth in all things it infects!

  112. To judge male chickens mounting others as “gay” is anthropomorphism at its worst. Male and female dogs will mount as a sign of dominance. I would venture that male chickens might as well. Actually, any behaviors by factory chickens are suspect. They live their short lives in very crowded conditions so maybe the folks who signed the petition should demand Chick-fil-a stop serving crazy chicken.

    • And that’s the reason some dogs mount legs. Telling the owner “you only THINK you are the boss I’m showing you dude”!

  113. i agree with most of your article, except, ‘choice’. i don’t believe it is a choice if you are a child, or adolescent and realise you are only attracted to the same sex, in the same manner a straight man, boy is attracted to the opposite. there really is no choice in that.

  114. Remember when the word “gay” was having a good time at the party? It was a fun word. Now the Homo’s have taken the word as their own. And we won’t have nothing to do with the word gay anymore – and rightly so if your strait which over 95% of us are. The Homo’s can have the word “gay”. Whether the expression is – Homo, ferry, queer, dike, corn packer, poop shooter, butt banger, crotch licker, or “gay” – they need to get back in the closet and leave us alone.

  115. we’ve always known that the gay community is very creative, that takes the cake , chickens have what kind of a brain, they actually have no choice for their actions,

  116. A very well written article by Michael Minkoff, which expresses my feelings exactly, and is exactly what I have argued with gays and gay supporters for the past 20 years or so. I just haven’t been too creative with my explanations as Mr. Minkoff. I am, however very upset that so many people have come out in support of homosexuality and demanding that normal society accept them in all their perversion. I think it is time to start locking them up and throwing away the key. If they want to continue getting in our face then we can declare war and start eliminating them from our society as a diseased animal.

  117. … what do homosexuals have against homochickens … what haters and bigots … Stop homo on homo crime … yeahhhh. Obama’s so dreamy, I want him to be my daddy and mommy so he can spank me and breast feed me. Please pass the lotion.

  118. Are all these gay rights activists running to College Station, PA to intervene on behalf of Jerry Sandusky. These people have been out of control since day one. If the media really wanted to help this country they would quit giving these people any coverage of any kind and put them back in the closet.

  119. The gays are comparing people to chickens??

    Are these people off their meds??? They sound like FOUR YEAR OLDS!!! They couldn’t bully them into apologizing or stop the BARRAGE of Chick-fil-a supporters lining up around BLOCKS so they stoop to playground nonsense!!

    And they wonder why people call them ‘Sad’!!!

  120. They keep talking about the hard economic times, but if people have nothing better to do than occupy their minds with this nonsense, evidently things are much better than I thought.
    They really need to get a life.

  121. Explain how 1% of the population can come off as representative of of a much larger majority? It boils down to bigger mouths, outrageous behavior and money funneled by hypcocrites who demand first ammendment rights but only if what is being said is acceptable to them. Sounds like Marxism and intolerance; which is the unstated standard of the big mouth nuts. Practice what you preach; or shut up and go home. You idiots are really starting to bore me. You already have all the rights I do, and that is fine with me. I cannot register my car as a semi, because each has a specific definition. You cannot regsiter your union as marriage because it already has a specific definition. No one want to deny your right to do what you please, just be smart enough to call a truck a truck, a car a car, a marriage a marriage, and decide on what word will satisfy your wishes without trying to bastardize and change the standard definition that has existed for thousands of years. Put some intelligence into this, instead of emotional reaction/actions that serve only to make you look like a bunch of kooks. Any person with any intelligence would figure out how to achieve their goal without hurting or vilifying those with whom they disagree. Come on Man!! or Woman or whatever you feel God made you to be. I’ll support rational thought, not hysterical jibberish.

  122. Just proves that ANIMALS are queer and don’t care which sex they mount. At least Chick-Fil-A is doing the right thing and killing some of the queer ANIMALS.

  123. Obama has broken the country into many different groups and is trying to tear the USA into oblivion from the inside. We have had more trouble from groups such as gays, atheists, lifelong welfarers, illegal aliens, etc than ever before. He has blacks hating whites and vice versa more than ever before. The Christians are despised by many of the same groups yet half the country want the socialist muslim back in the WH. Why? What has he accomplished that was good and don’t say he killed bin laden since the Navy Seals accomplished that. He has now given the open door to all illegal aliens who now have more rights than you do plus they work for less and they get the jobs and they send most of their pay back to Mexico. He continues to let businesses leave the country and go to China without an incentitive to remain here. Now he wants to raise taxes on these job producers which will sure drive them out even faster. Great job obama on accomplishing your dream of destroying the USA.

  124. A smart judge would throw this out of court, but he should also fine the signers of this stupid petition a few thousands dollars each, all 1.500+ of them. Hell whoever signed this has got to be stupid, and hell the taxpayers should get some money back, after all these people did go to a school paid for by the taxpayer.

  125. THE GAY or QUEER MOVEMENT. Needs to move some where else say KENYA or INDONESIA. as they are not wanted,or needed in this Country. I would like for the IGNORANT MENTALLY SCREWED UP QUEERS TO TELL ME just How in the HE** I am supposed to tell if a chicken was QUEER after it has had it’s head chopped off been plucked and packaged.!! THESE QUEERS ALL NEED A LESSON IN CIVILITY. LEAVE OTHERS THE HE** ALONE AND STOP TRYING TO SHOVE THIS LESBIAN,GAY.BISEXUAL,TRANSGENDER,QUEER CRAP DOWN PEOPLES THROATS.!!!

  126. this group of grubs are nothing but a stain on America, they are so outlandish, sickening, arrogant, and repugnant, they demand this, they demand that, they demand what ever the hell they want, well guess what you grubs, get the hell lost, go back to your hidey holes, till you start acting like humans, instead of playing grab ass on the streets, shoving your tongues down each throats in public in front of young, children, you will be nothing but bottomfeeders.

  127. this article makes WAAAAAAAY to much sense, and all this talk about chicken has made me hungry , think I’ll go to CHIC-FIL-A for lunch…..hope I dont get one of them homo chickes in my sandwhich …yeeeeaaaah !!

  128. Well why does it seem like the gays and the mooslims have so much in common?
    demanding what who are they to demand.

  129. It’s not a choice–who would want to choose to be told hateful vile names or choose to be bullied or even commit suicide. Hey check out godhatesshrimp.com– another abomination in the bible.

    • Who or why? For the same reason kleptomaniacs steal and agoraphobics can’t leave the house…mental illness.

        • 1973 is not that long and the move was purely political with absolutely no scientific evidence to support it. You try again, and try reading a book on the subject while you’re at it. Homosexuality and American Psychology by Ronald Bayer is a good start. He is a pro-homosexual psychiatrist that chronicles the events leading up to the removal. It might be a little too deep for you though.

          • Why do people feel they need to resort to insults, suddenly I’m not able to read? Why don’t you check this out — godhateshrimp.com. Turns out the bible also says that eating shrimp is an abomination as well, but I guess that’s okay.

          • Oh, I see. So because I responded in kind to your snarky comment of “try again”, suddenly I am the one resorting to insults. And I NEVER said you couldn’t read, I implied that you had a shallow understanding of the subject. Since you take everything in a twisted form, I must assume your comprehension is off. I get so very sick of hearing that horse crap from people like you about “judging”, you are too narrow minded and brainwashed to even understand that YOU are judging ME!!! You don’t know ANYTHING about me, and it’s pretty clear you know nothing about true Christianity either. FYI, I worked for many years managing salons, so I do have a little experience dealing with gays, Mr. Assumption! If you have the fortitude to address me again, please refrain from your disingenuous blessings aimed at provoking guilt in me with emotional blackmail. Epic fail. If you read nothing else, read the following quote and then go look inside YOUR own life and see that YOU are truly Christian at all or just a caricature of what the carnal world accepts.

            “Christian love bears evil, but it does not tolerate it.
            It does penance for the sins of others, but it is not
            broadminded about sin.

            Real love involves real hatred:
            whoever has lost the power of
            moral indignation and the urge
            to drive the sellers from
            the temples has also lost a living,
            fervent love of Truth.”

            ― Fulton J. Sheen

          • See there you go again saying i have no comprehension and you are angry with me with your tirade???? I wasn’t judging you, I was making a general statement. Sorry if you took it the wrong way. Matthew 7:1.
            Judge not, that ye be not judged.Lord, make me an instrument of your peace.Where there is hatred, let me sow love.Where there is injury, pardon.Where there is doubt, faith.Where there is despair, hope.Where there is darkness, light.Where there is sadness, joy.
            O Divine Master,grant that I may not so much seek to be consoled, as to console;to be understood, as to understand;to be loved, as to love.For it is in giving that we receive.It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,and it is in dying that we are born to Eternal Life.

          • Blah, blah , blah. Here read this, maybe it will help you figure out what that verse really means. The words of Jesus, “Judge not, that ye be not judged” (Matthew 7:1) have often been quoted, but many times they are misunderstood and misapplied.
            The phrase “judge not” has frequently been used to declare that individuals within the church have no right to draw conclusions about wrong conduct and wickedness in the lives of others. If anyone raises a voice against certain kinds of social behavior, or says that a particular kind of conduct violates biblical standards–the rebuttal is, “You are judging, and the Bible says, ‘Judge not.’”
            The implication is that good Christians will become easy and tolerant, and will just overlook evil conduct. The advocates of the “judge not” theory imply that we are to condone the choice of abortion instead of giving birth to a child. We are to accept the decision to divorce one’s married partner and to plan remarriage to another. We are to overlook the choice of two men to live together in a homosexual relationship. We are to wink at the decision to wear sleazy transparent garments and other immodest attire. An increasing number of people in our churches are saying that what we need today is unity and love and tolerance. They seem to think that the admonition to “judge not” means that we are to see nothing, to hear nothing, and to say nothing. Everybody should just be nice, pat others on the back, and let immoral conduct go on as if nothing ever happened. After all, we may not judge!
            A first reading of Matthew 7:1, “Do not judge, so that you may not be judged” (NRSV), gives the impression that our Lord is speaking against all criticism, yet we are told elsewhere in Scripture to Try the spirits,” to “prove all things,” and to “beware of false prophets.” Surely this means that we are to use our critical powers of judgment to evaluate the performance of others. We can’t tell who the false prophets are if we don’t use our critical powers of judgment to decide what is true and what is false.
            There is a significant difference between spiritual discernment and spiteful judging. We are to use discernment; we are to distinguish between the false and the true; but we are not to condemn others with a harsh and fault-finding spirit. We are not to be quick to blame others for trifling offenses. We must not destroy people by putting the worst construction on their motives, and by being supercritical of their trifling mistakes.
            In Matthew 7:3-5 Jesus tells a little parable to help us face up to our own sins, lest we blind ourselves so that we cannot see clearly to help others. A person with a two-by-four stuck in his own eye, cannot see clearly to try and remove a speck of dust from another person’s eye. The person with a major fault (a big piece of lumber in the eye), is in no position to try and correct an offender with some trivial defect (a tiny splinter in the eye). When we judge ourselves first, we become so aware of our own failings–that when we must judge others, we do it with moderation and compassion, not with self-righteous smugness and harsh severity.
            Jesus (in Matthew 7) is not forbidding us to cast out the mote from a brother’s eye; Jesus is not forbidding the correction of those who sin; but Jesus does condemn the correction of others when we have not first corrected ourselves. We are told to “first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your neighbor’s eye” (Matthew 7:5). We may rebuke sin, but not when we indulge in it ourselves; we may protest against evil, but not if we ourselves willfully practice it; we may denounce immoral conduct as sin, but not if moral filth is characteristic of our own lives.
            The message of Scripture is that we are to “judge righteous judgment” (John 7:24). We are to cultivate the act of spiritual discernment (1 Corinthians 2:15). Jesus commended a Pharisee named Simon by saying, “You have judged rightly” (Luke 7:43). Spiritual maturity demands that we test values and weigh propositions and exercise sensible discretion–in order to discover true character and to determine correct doctrine–but we must never do it with a spitefully critical spirit. It is our duty to speak out against marital unfaithfulness, against homosexual sin, against doctrinal departures from the faith, and against the immorality of many of the videos, television programming, social dancing, careless speech, and other forms of sinful conduct. Don’t lose sleep over the fact that you have been discerning (judging) between the true and false, but always guard against a harsh, fault-finding, and bitter spirit.
            The admonition, “Do not judge,” is not a requirement to be blind to sin and wickedness, but it is a plea to avoid dealing harshly with those who have gone astray.
            Now I am done with you. I can not waste any more time explaining to you the need to judge righteously and not tolerate every sinful thing just because YOU say it is not bothering you. If you were a real Christian you would know that YOU don’t make the rules and the judgments have already been made and we are to agree with them not ignore them.

          • for someone who is so offended about being judged, you certainly have a lot to say — oh you’re done with me? did I touch a nerve? Not my intention. You create the responses that come back to you. You are the one who is so angry and hateful in your heart (a sin by the way). I guess I should call you God, but i’m not supposed to worship other God’s except the one and only. But I’m glad you’re done with me, thanks in advance. Peace.

          • Whatever. Sorry that giving you a Christian sermon to read is interpreted as me being hateful. You have problems.

          • You are completely hilarious and insane — you were the one who was thinking that my God Blessings were meant as a way to make you feel guilty????? Are you serious!

          • Where in my response did I call you a name? Did you not just accuse me that I was using God to make you feel guilty and then you turn around and say that your that I’ve got problems because of your “Christian Sermon”. Lighten up

          • Also, Did you tell the gay employees that you worked with that they suffer from mental illness? I’m simply responding to your antagonistic responses and sincerely, I was not trying to provoke any guilt, since when is saying God Bless a negative thing? My gosh, I’ve honestly never heard of that.

          • Again, you started it with “try again”. Don’t pretend to be Christian when you can’t even own up to your own instigation.

          • Your idea that it comes from mental illness is so archaic. But believe what you want to believe and it is what it is. Try again, is certainly not as offensive as “it’s a little too deep for me” or “my comprehension is off.”

          • No. It’s not. But you will never look into the issue because you don’t want to know the truth. As I stated before, the diagnoses was removed because of social and political pressure, not because of scientific evidence.

          • Even if there was scientific evidence, you would not believe it either, so lets get it straight who is close minded and who is open minded with your blah blah blah. For me personally and to be clear I’m not talking about you, I choose to live my life as a catholic christian in a positive light, doing good for others, going to church and praising God for the gifts he has given me and not on condemning others. Have a good and peaceful life and I’m not being sarcastic.

          • Well that’s where you are wrong. I would believe it. It still doesn’t make it right. Just as I would have believed it if they had found a “gay gene”, I would have then assumed it was a genetic disorder. I only deal in facts and I research subjects instead of making decisions on feel good assumptions.

          • oh blah blah blah, as you like to say. Even if I was to show you it, you wouldn’t believe it, so please don’t fool yourself that you do. Believe what you want to believe — but again ask the gay people that you interact with and ask them about it, they are probably more adept at dealing with views such as yours.

          • A person should not be said to have a mental illness unless the person’s actions substantially impair their ability to function in their work or personal life. Homosexuality does not impair one’s ability to function; it does not impair a person’s ability to fulfill their responsibilities at work, and does not prevent them from creating and maintaining meaningful and healthy personal relationships. Additionally, homosexuals are as psychologically healthy as heterosexuals. (Strickland, B.R. (1995). Research on sexual orientation and human development: A commentary. Developmental Psychology, 31, 137-140). Problems with homosexuality stem from the attitudes and actions of others toward homosexuals rather than from a homosexual’s sexual preference.
            On the other hand, one could certainly make a strong argument that homophobia is a mental illness. Homophobia, as an intense, irrational hostility toward or fear of homosexuals, has a high potential for impairing an individual’s ability to perform in their employment. The majority of careers will require interacting with homosexuals at some point. If a person has