Hillary Clinton … the Gambler’s Choice for Next President

Love her or hate her, Hillary Clinton is far and away the gambler’s choice for next president. According to the odds, Hillary Clinton is a clear favorite, not just beating out her nearest competitor, but nearly beating out the entire field of her competitors combined. Ouch:

If you had to bet $100 on any single person to win the 2016 general election—to win $100 if you guess correctly—every rational gambler would chose Clinton. According to online betting markets, she remains the overwhelming favorite to win the nomination of the Democratic Party, which is the party that is favored to win the general election. There is no clear favorite in the very crowded field for the Republican nomination. As such, bettors see Clinton as more than four times as likely to be the next president as her closest rival, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.).

That’s not great. It’s actually really bad. Obviously, odds are merely probabilities, and some unexpected things could happen in the next few months, but this is troubling nonetheless. With Obama rising in approval ratings and Hillary doing well in debates, it’s going to take some kind of a miracle to turn things around. What would need to happen in order for Clinton to lose in 2016?

For one, Republicans need to decide on a candidate. I have never seen a more divided GOP. And every single one of these GOP candidates has some major weaknesses.

It’s also the case that people will have to finally see through Hillary Clinton. Just why they still believe her at all after everything that has happened, I don’t know. But it’s not good news. You start wondering just what she would need to do in order to lose people’s trust. It almost seems like she could have literal blood on her hands, and people would give her a pass.

Reporter: “Secretary Clinton, it looks like you have the literal blood of a person you murdered on your hands. Do you want to comment on that?”

Hillary Clinton: “No.”

Bernie Sanders: “I think we’re all sick and tired of hearing about the damn blood on her hands.”

Voters: “Yep. Checks out.”

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