Hillary Clinton Really Angry that Huma is so Much Like Her

The New York Post reports that sources close to Bill and Hillary Clinton say they are angry about favorable comparisons being drawn between Hillary and Huma Abedin:

“The Clintons are upset with the comparisons that the Weiners seem to be encouraging—that Huma is ‘standing by her man’ the way Hillary did with Bill, which is not what she in fact did,” said a top state Democrat.

Okay. Well, then what was it in fact that Hillary did? No answer on that count. Just denial apparently. As if it would be a necessarily bad thing for Hillary to stick with her unfaithful husband. The Post continues:

Weiner and his campaign aides have explicitly referred to the Clintons as they privately seek to convince skeptical Democrats that voters can back Weiner despite his online sexual antics—just as they supported then-President Bill Clinton in the face of repeated allegations of marital betrayals.

“The Clintons are pissed off that Weiner’s campaign is saying that Huma is just like Hillary,’’ said the source. “How dare they compare Huma with Hillary? Hillary was the first lady. Hillary was a senator. She was secretary of state.”

And, let’s not forget that Hillary has blonde hair, and Huma’s hair is black. I’m surprised they missed that one.

The Clintons have been friends with Huma and Weiner for quite some time. Huma has been an aide and friend of Hillary’s. In fact, it was Bill himself who officiated the Weiner wedding. But Hillary, apparently, will not stand for any positive comparisons. Aside from baldly stating contradictions, none of these pro-Hillary sources cared to elaborate on how Huma and Hillary’s situation differed. This is not an argument. It’s just contradiction. Argument is an intellectual process. Contradiction is just the automatic gainsaying of any statement the other person makes. [short pause] No it isn’t.

So let’s actually compare the situations, in spite of Hillary’s adamant  avowals that the situations are nothing alike.

  1. During his presidency, Bill Clinton was unfaithful to Hillary. Like, a bunch.
  2.  A scandal developed when details of Bill’s unfaithfulness surfaced.
  3. Hillary stuck with Bill.
  4. Low-information voters with really short attention spans and low personal moral standards continued to support Bill Clinton because condemning him made them feel like hypocrites.

Now just go back and replace Bill with Anthony and Hillary with Huma. Yeah. That’s pretty much exactly the same situation. But no. According to Hillary, the situation is so totally different. Not even close to being the same. From different worlds. Apples and oranges. Okay. So. How is it different? It’s not. But she wishes so much that it were, and she wants Weiner and company to stop reminding New Yorkers how actually similar it is.

Just because a comparison is unflattering does not make it untrue. Weiner is making the comparison in order to help preserve his political career. Hillary wants to kill the comparison in order to preserve her political career. And Huma may be following Hillary’s lead because she too wants a successful political career post-scandal.

Right at the beginning of Hillary’s bid for the presidency is not the time she wants to be compared to a spineless, grasping, and contemptible tagalong without the modicum of self-respect necessary to abandon a politically expedient marriage when she is publicly humiliated by the dalliances of her morally bankrupt husband. But the comparison is accurate nonetheless.

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  1. Every time from now to 2016-that you see the name Hillary,Bill or Chelsea in the news-it will be an attempt to lay the ground work of peace and love 
    and good things and wonderful actions and world wide accomplishments and all sorts of reasons why America needs to finally put a woman into the presidency (small “p” on purpose)!
    Just keep your eyes and ears open to the flow of the media manipulations instilling Hillary and all of her amazing attributes and awesome qualities for becoming Obama’s replacement. If you really look closely at the fine print and bottom line of each article
    and effort-the TRUTH will jump out at you!

    Just remember : Vince Foster,Connie Hamzy,Paula Jones,Gennifer Flowers,The Rose Law firm,James Mc Dougal,Ron Brown,Monica Lewinsky,Kathleen Willey,Linda Tripp,and now Benghazi and Huma!

    • I agree with the attributes, but the comparisons are noteworthy in that they are meant to lead us down the country lane. Huma is the dutiful wife because of her close affiliation with the Muslim community in NY and must remain in her position for their benefit. This has nothing to do with Hillary. And thank you for the short list. How soon people forget the Clinton penchant for magic-now you see them, now you don’t.

  2. this article said, hillary was the first lady, hillary was a senator and hillary was the secretary of state. what the clintons failed to mention, of course, was hillary was also a crook.

    • jamgus24 Weiner, his wife Huma, Bill and Hillary are EXACTLY alike, whether they want to admit it or not…..No wonder they are all close friends – that is until now when they have pissed off the Clintons. Obama will end up pissing Hillary off too when in 2016 he decides to back Joe Biden for President…… Can’t wait.


    A startling New
    York Post headline proclaims some of the
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    New York City food stamp recipients are
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    According to
    a http://www.grassrootsaction.com/r.asp?U=296286&RID=39194836, many Empire State residents
    participating in SNAP are using taxpayer dollars to fund “trans-Atlantic
    takeout.” Reporters found:

    “Welfare recipients are buying groceries with
    their Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards and packing them in giant
    barrels for the trip overseas. … The practice is so common that hundreds of
    45- to 55-gallon cardboard and plastic barrels line the walls of supermarkets
    in almost every Caribbean corner of the city.”

    The Post also
    added that workers at a Brooklyn supermarket confirmed the practice, adding:

    “Customers pay cash for the barrels, usually
    about $40, and typically ship them filled with $500 to $2,000 worth of rice,
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  4. in a nano flash, hellary (ghengis khan’s sister in law) would throw her mama under the bus, benghazi style, same as”pal” vince.

  5. Just like the Wicked Witch, mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the skankiest tyrant of them all?
    Cut to shot of mirror with image of the corrupt muslim looking over the shoulder of the corrupt Marxist.

    It’s a tie – they’re both democrats (you can’t get worse than that)

  6. Ah, if this story only came out in about two years from now.  Given the public’s short memory span, they won’t remember a thing about it.  How many of them can even tell you about Fast and Furious?  And, in a recent interview, most all the people interviewed didn’t even know what Ben Ghazi is (they thought it was a person and said they weren’t familiar with “him”).  So, keep these articles in your storehouse and bring them back out in a couple of years, please.

    • killer63 The GOP has been running away from Ben Ghazi & every other scandal they invented ever since they blew up in their faces!

      • BobE I’d like to see you, Obama, Hilary, or anyone else look the in the eyes of the families of the dead Americans in the Benghazi scandal, and say its phony.

        • stixuits21 BobE  
          That’s not difficult for subversive Marxists.  Hillary has already repeatedly done this.
          When the commies Obummer and Hillary met the parents when the caskets came into the U.S. she lied to them and passed the blame to the film maker.
          Then she’s stonewalled them, never even contacting them as she promised.
          Like she said “what difference does it make.”
          These people aren’t American patriots, and they don’t think like normal Americans.

      • BobE killer63  
        The lying socialist troll has risen to defend The Tyrant.  Completely expected to speak against America in favor of Marxist tyranny.

    • It’s because the complicit liberal media will never report, let alone “remember” the crimes and failures of the left…..

  7. So when do you think that the fact that Hillary is a monkey-bumper will come to light????  She is a first class LESBO!!!!!

    • SilasDoGood  See boobee is still calling people names when he cannot defend his remarks.  It’s really hard to ignore someone who constantly makes a fool of himself.

    • Hey Silas, the American people don’t care about those things anymore. Lesbo, pervert, despot makes no difference anymore. We have only ourselves to blame.

  8. Do you morons actually believe that ANYONE would or would not vote for Hillary because of Weiner? What will be interesting to find out is who you people will hate more Obama because he’s black or when Hillary becomes president her because she’s a woman & a Clinton?

    • BobE  I don’t hold barry/barack’s little bit of black against him, it is his total attempt to destroy the way of life that has made the united states the county that every one wants to come to, after all mr Soetoro is only a bit over 6% black the rest is Arab and Caucasian, which i guess are technically the same thing.

      • scdavis BobE  I wish one of you people could explain to me just how Obama is attempting to destroy America. By doubling the stock market? By saving an economy that was tanking into oblivion and shedding almost a million jobs a month? by given this country a gigantic budget surplus in June? By saving the auto industry? By making corporate profits at all time highs? By getting us out of Iraq? By killing Ben Laden? By making the real estate market go up 15%? Is his aggressive agenda of ruining America’s economy through jobs growth and gargantuan budget surpluses?

        • BobE Bernenke dumping billions of dollars into the reserve and stock market isn’t doubling the economy. It’s doubling the rate of the collapse of the dollar.

        • BobE scdavis  
          BoobE – I’ll explain it to you.  As a lying Marxist, everything you’ve written is a lie or at best a distortion of the truth.
          You’re nothing but an un-patriotic propagandist.

        • howzeyez BobE scdavis  
          BoobE gets his information from his indoctrination from the N.Y. campus of Marxist U. 
          Beyond that he pulls it out of his butt.

        • stixuits21 BobE  The dollar on Wednesday rebounded from a one-month low against the yen as upbeat U.S. economic growth and private-sector jobs data served to cement forecasts that the Federal Reserve will start to scale back its asset-buying this year.

        • BobE stixuits21  
          So?  Tell me what a dollar is worth, and then we’ll be talking about the reality.  You’re comparing two currencies – that’s not how it’s done if you want to deal in reality.
          Your comparison is how you deal in propaganda.
          You want a fact BoobE – tell me what the GDP is, after the commie dems cooked the books to make it look good, but even with distorting the numbers it still shows that we’re barely above being stagnant.
          You’re nothing but a Marxist troll – and a failure as a propagandist.

        • Always a Marine BobE stixuits21 A strong Dollar is a double edged sword but you wouldn’t understand that. As far as “cooked books” that’s just more rightwingnut propaganda

        • BobE Always a Marine scdavis Your rant is totally useless with your insolence. Not only do you make yourself out to be a one sided jerk you have lost any right to civility on this forum and should you be standing in front of one of us who truly care about this country with your adolescent insolence you would more than likely crawl home battered and bruised. If you cannot simply agree to dis agree then take your hatred out of this forum.

        • Thrasher BobE Always a Marine scdavis Christian Fascists that make up the American Taliban do not care about our country, have no understanding of the principles  in which our country was built upon & represent a grave threat to all freedom loving people that love this country

        • BobE scdavis Obama isn’t attempting to destroy The United States of America – HE IS…..He is killing the economy by taxing small business’ to death. He is killing the coal industry and putting thousands of people out of work. He will not approve the pipeline which would give 40,000 people jobs. The unemployment rate is higher than ever. He wants to open the borders and give amnesty to everyone, which will take more jobs away from the citizens of The United States and  he wants to give all illegal aliens medical care that we have to pay for. He forced Obamacare on us, which is going to give us the crappiest medical care we have ever had. He is trying to divide the nation with blacks against whites. He wants to take away money from the working class and re-distribute it to the people that don’t have any money. He wants us ALL dependent on the government to survive. Is that enough for you? PLEASE – Wake up and smell the coffee.

        • PattiFarrowPoulson BobE scdavis When Obama took office this country was loosing close to A MILLION JOBS A MONTH!!! The unemployment rate is now 7 1/2% & going DOWN! Obama didn’t “force” anything on us. He WON TWO elections!!! by LANDSLIDES!

        • Thrasher BobE Always a Marine scdavis  
          I’ve told the coward BoobE that a number of times.  He’s a coward who ducked service (of course he wouldn’t have got past boot camp), so he feels brave miles away behind his keyboard.  However, I’ve known lots of people like him – not a man, a cowardly punk.
          I’ve invited him to come to Atlanta a number of times to get an “adjustment”, but he has ignored the invitation. As a coward, I expected no less.
          Have you noticed how he runs his mouth with the women on the site?  Here’s where he really reveals his cowardly nature. I’m betting most of them could kick his pansy ass.

        • BobE Thrasher Always a Marine scdavis  
          I heard the “pop” and came running.  BoobE put your head back up your rectum to keep your brains from running down your legs.

        • Always a Marine Thrasher BobE scdavis I never “ducked” the service. As I’ve told you I was to young for the draft. As far a me coming to Atlanta for an “adjustment” I’ve also told you I’m straight & if I wanted someone to teabag me I’d find a woman to do it here in Los Angeles.

        • BobE Always a Marine Thrasher scdavis 
          Sure you ducked the service BoobE, just like you’re trying to hide your cowardice with the lame excuse that the you were too young for the draft.
          I assume you did turn 18 at some point (now I’m talking about chronology not maturity), so were you waiting on some DI to come find your sorry butt and drag you into serving your country?
          Now, if you’re looking for a “woman” to tea bag you, we know what you really are looking for.  You’ve just confirmed your affection for packing fudge.

        • Always a Marine BobE scdavis Forest Gump said it best! Stupid is as stupid does!  Another for you to ponder …It is better to be silent and thought a fool, then to speak and remove all doubt!

        • BobE scdavis  i guess if you still hooked on the crap that comes from the white house there is no way that your going to take a good look at all those silly statements you make, the economy is in the tank over 17% total and what you call saving the auto industry is just pure crap, it was the taxpayers who bailed out the autos, as far a ben laden is concerned, barry didn’t have a clue that was going to happen, he was on the golf course when Hillary and Ponetta ordered that hit, if you can find a video of the war room as the raid was going down you can see that everything that was happening was a total surprise. after all he and Valery jarrat had been covering up for B.L. for over a year. but this was pay back time for Hillary and you wait till the next election she will try to use it as a leg up to the oval office.

        • BobE stixuits21  you seem to forget that almost 65% of those jobs you like to brag about are just part time jobs most will last only thru the summer, and they only pay the minimum wage,  then of course there is the expansion of the government jobs and those jobs are paid by the taxpayer, you see the phoney recover you speak of is just an illusion put out by the currant group of crooks in Washington.

    • BobE “O” was only elected because he IS BLACK! It is his policies that are tearing down America-all planned and carried out with the “Rules for Radicals” by Alinsky and “O’s” ingrained attitudes about capitalism from his father!

    • BobE Why do lib’s always resort to name calling when their morals, or lack of them, get them in trouble. The morons will be the folks who vote for Weiner and the weeners wife! What a shame that you dem’s cant find a decent person to run for office. And we people don’t hate Obama because hes black, it’s because he’s stupid, stupid! And the man and his cronies have no idea how to fix an economy!

    • BobE FOUR Americans were killed on her watch because she did nothing! That’s what will bring her down! And a nice set of leg’s is what will bring slick willy down!

    • BobE  
      The people who won’t vote for Hillary are patriotic Americans.  I know you can’t identify BoobE.

    • BobE How about you stop with the name calling. It does not help your point one bit even though your point is pure nonsense.

  9. Stupid is as stupid does! 30,000,000 folks out of work, the dollar at it’s all time low in the world, Obama care which rewords sluggards who don’t want to work, 43,000,000 on welfare and food stamps. The stock market and the wealthy will always make money it’s the common “Middle Class” that Obama and the Dem’s a screwing!

    • JohnJ46 The problem with you nipshits is you believe in things that simply are NOT true. ” the dollar at it’s all time low in the world” is PURE BS!  Unemployment is at 7’5% & going DOWN

      • BobE JohnJ46 OK Bob you Lib’s have to resort to cussin when you cant defend your  absurd positions. I was in Orlando Florida twice in the last 6 weeks for long weekends and found the entire area flooded with foreign speaking folks all around, easily 7 out of 10. Why do you think that is? Secondly there are 30,000,000 people out of work. Obama has hired 10’s of thousands of IRS and government workers to do what? Bring down the unemployment rate artificially and that rate doesn’t count the folks who are over unemployment. Do you homework before you make foolish statements.

  10. I fail to see any reason that Hillary and Bill should be angry about any of this – they made their own bed and they have to lay in or lie about it.  But since Huma worked for Hillary she probably counseled Huma on how to handle the whole ‘husband indiscretions’ issue – she has so much practice and knowledge on the subject.

    • Joy J  
      They don’t like it because it’s another reminder of how morally bankrupt and repugnant they are in the eyes of those who can think for themselves.

      • Always a Marine Joy J The people that cannot think for themselves are the Christian fascists (that believe in fairytales that defy ALL logic, reason & scientific evidence) like you that make up the American Taliban

        • BobE Always a Marine Joy J  
          BoobE – You haven’t posted one thing different than any other libtard – whether the subject be the Bible, the reality of God, etc.  Nothing new, nothing different, nothing but the same predictable, routine, approved, can’t say anything else propaganda.
          And you’re so stupid you demonstrate it by resorting to cut and paste from your leftist mentors, or giving youtube links to other pathetic commies.
          And you are stupid enough to think your words have any credibility when you say Christians can’t think!  What a tool you are.

        • Always a Marine BobE Joy J Boobee is just a broken record.
          He was raised an atheist and doesn’t have any moral values.

  11. What Hillary is deathly afraid of is being associated with Huma to closely and that her friendship with Hillarty earned her probably $500,000 in income, that we can tell so far. Huma also has some skeletons in the closet, nothing like that Hillary however. All this will do is to tear open gaping wounds in the Clintons already battle scarred bodies. I am really concerned that the consevatives and the republicans are so terribly weak at this time that it would take a miracle to wiin the 2016 election. The American people are so secure in their feelings that what’s happening with our society and culture is OK with them. My life is m uch closer to the end than it is to the beginning, my wife and I will be ok whatever this despot does to our country; but I do fear for my children and grandchildren as all that they will inherit is misery and a dictatorship.

    • Yutts  
      I share those fears.  And, they’re not based on groundless paranoia – we’re already seeing the had of tyranny closing over America.

  12. I love how the “Clinton source” says that part of the differences are that Hillary was a Senator and Secretary of State.  Beyond those being completely irrelevant, they are also titles she held AFTER the scandal and not before. But yet differences like that are supposed to give Hillary a free pass. After all, if she plans to run for President, she wants to squelch any thoughts of her poor judgment sooner rather than later.

    • LetsFindOut  
      That’s how the leftists “reason.”  It makes no sense whatsoever, but the useful idiots act like bobble head dolls and say “yes, master.”

  13. The “WEINERS” will be shunned by The Clintons after all these things have surfaced about Anthony Weiner and his sexting escapades. The only thing they probably want to do with them anymore is have a “WEINER ROAST”. They can’t have anything or anyone tarnish their name or remind them of their tarnished past.  Hillary is fooling herself if she thinks she is any different than Huma and Anthony is any different than Bill. Short memories when it comes to the truth HILLARY……..

  14. You are right. The Clintons will “LIE” to get out of everything. I think Bill Clinton must have counseled Anthony Weiner about how to lie your way out of things because that what Weiner has been trying to do all along. The only difference is that Weiner doesn’t have the political clout  or money the Clintons  do to worm his way out of the mess he is in. They are all pieces of trash.

  15. the question is not whether hellary and humdum are similar or not.
    both are clearly political whorinas who easily stood up to stand by, and
    salute, their dawgs, for political expediency.  
    the real question
    is whether slick and weenie are similar or not, but not nuptially,
    politically. nuptially, both are dawgs. politically, slick had a rabbi;
    weenie did not.
    slick dawg had rabbi alan greenspan who simply
    repeatedly dropped interest rates for 2 months after the lewinsky
    scandal hit, sending the amorally purblind markets soaring; all was well
    in mudville, and slick dawg slid away, snake that he was, tail between
    his rabbit legs. end of story.

    now, weenie dawg has no such
    almighty interloper as greenspan, so his political future is done. both
    clintons know this, so defanged weenie dawg and jihad bride go under the
    clinton bus. it’s called cutting their losses.
    and off go our pair, barney and clod, riding into the sunset: 2016.

  16. As far as I am concerned Hillary and Obama are nothing more than money and power hungry people who will do ANYTHING to have and retain power. Disgusting human beings.

  17. I could care less what angers the Hilda-beast.  Both of the UGLY HAGS mentioned act like they are the feminazi of the century.  Fact is they allowed their misogynistic skirt chasing spouses to walk all over them in hopes of gaining political power.   They are living the LIE, EYES WIDE OPENED

  18. The stock market is at an artificial high and will be correcting very soon. The fed has helped falsely bolster that. 30,000,000 are still out of work and Obama is talking about how “Those folks in Washington have failed” You have be be an idiot to believe he is not the major cause of that turmoil and the recession we are in. In FIVE years even a twit like carter could have turned the economy around. Liberal ideas means more government, more spending and less folks working and paying taxes. We need to impeach Obama, cut Obama care and get a conservative in office who knows how to run the government and get folks back to work. Obama and the Lib’s in office now are incompetent, stupid in some cases, crooked and need to be replaced. I’m for term limits and for politicians to have held a real job before the run for office. Not a community organizer/used car salesmen!

    • JohnJ46 The stock market is artificially high, the unemployment rate is artificially low, the real estate market isn’t really up 15%, our deficit really isn’t going down, Ben Laden really isn’t dead. What we really need is Dubya back to get us out of this mess! You morons are brain dead!

      • Other than bin laden really being dead and the slight rise of the housing market, you are actually totally right for once bob

      • BobE JohnJ46 – Only a liberal who doesn’t have a payroll to keep would say that the present 7.6% unemployment is “low”… This whole presidency has ONLY had VERY high unemployment. Since a month after he took office the business owners have held back on hiring. We could debate why. But there is no debate that one thing this president will be remembered for is keeping an incredibly high number of people unemployed.  The last time this few number of people had jobs in the US was at the end of 2003. If you look only at civilian employees, the last time was in the mid 1980s.  The president is trying to make the government payroll heavy in order to make the incredibly high unemployment rate look better. No one needs to be an economist in order to know that is a strategy with only long term failures.

        • LetsFindOut BobE JohnJ46  
          Long term failure is the actual agenda of Dear Leader.  You have to wreck a society in order to conduct a socialist revolution.

        • Always a Marine LetsFindOut BobE JohnJ46 – Absolutely. What is most heart breaking is that the ones that will be the hardest hurt are the middle class that will be eliminated and relegated to poor.  They will hand over all their money to the state, live in poverty, and then ask how it happened to them. If only they would take history more seriously and understand it only happens if they trade laziness today for collapse tomorrow. The government’s job was never intended to be social/medical/education in nature. Those are just ways to destroy a nation and always have been.

        • LetsFindOut Always a Marine BobE JohnJ46  
          So right.  Those who support the socialism, have no understanding of the founding of our country and the Constitution.

  19. Hillary Clinton needs to answer for Benghazi. Do not let her get away with it. Plus, no way she should be President.

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