Hillary Clinton and the Deranged Anti-Gun Narrative

Recently, Hillary Clinton painted a grim picture of a world where guns were entirely deregulated. Her description of a pro-gun world reveals the deep paranoia and delusion that hangs over the anti-gun lobby like a fog:

At the rate we’re going, we’re going to have so many people with guns everywhere, fully licensed, fully validated, in settings where [one] could be in a movie theater, and they don’t like someone chewing gum loudly or talking on their cell phone and decide they have the perfect right to defend themselves against the gum chewer or cell phone user by shooting. . . . That’s what happens in the countries I’ve visited where there’s no rule of law.

Well, she was Secretary of State, so I’m sure she’s visited lots of countries where there’s no rule of law. I wonder why she didn’t mention a single one by name. Hmmm. Well, it doesn’t really matter because you don’t even have to go out of the country. Just go to Chicago. Who knows what would happen in that city without its strict gun control laws, right? Yeah, that’s sarcasm. Might be lost on Hillary Clinton though.

Am I taking crazy pills, or is Hillary Clinton taking crazy pills? Because her little narrative is about the most absurd thing I’ve ever heard in my life. A world where guns are deregulated doesn’t all of the sudden become the Wild West and Mos Eisley without the fun. And though there are cases where gun toters brandish weapons in trivial circumstances, those cases are very few and far between (and almost all of them involve off-duty cops … just sayin’ …)

Having more guns doesn’t make people more aggressive per se. The fact is that if everyone in a theater had a gun, everyone would probably all be a little more considerate to one another. People would be less likely to be smacking their gum, for instance. And possible shooters would try to resolve differences without resorting to gunfire—because you never know who else might have a gun.

This is simple logic. It’s the logic of mutually assured destruction. The concept of self-preservation. And if there is a member of society so out of his mind that self-preservation doesn’t play any factor in his decisions, the widespread availability of retributive force will make sure he is dispatched very quickly before his insanity can do its maximum damage. In fact, I remember a recent incident at a movie theater in Aurora where more guns would have considerably helped the situation.

This too is very logical. Why do leftists sell these nightmare stories? Never mind. I know why. But still. Between Gun World, Climate Change World, and Republican World, Hillary Clinton has painted a pretty grim picture of the future. Which means we might have something in common. Because if she’s the next President, I’m pretty sure that will signal the end of the world.

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  1. Just wonder if Ms Clinton has any idea how many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution owned a gun of some kind.

    • I don’t think Ms. Clinton has any idea of just what the Constitution is, much less the rights it guarantees for us. What a useless, power-hungry thing she is.

      • The Constitution says that a representative is supposed to represent ALL of us. Do you deny that? 90% of Americans want gun reform. That includes Republicans who responded to more than 1 survey.

        Which law school did you graduate from? Did you take courses on The Constitution in law school? Mrs. Clinton has a law degree. President Obama has a law degree and he was editor of The Harvard Law Review. Have any of your articles been peer reviewed in law journals across the country?

        I took 2 courses on The Constitution in grade school and nowhere in that document does it guarantee guns for anyone who wants one. I wouldn’t attack Mrs. Clinton’s expertise on The Constitution unless I could cite the section of the document that she was violating.

          • Numerous surveys. Even i was surprised by how many Republicans and members of the NRA support strict background checks. Maybe they want to live.

          • Not everyone. People who were surveyed don’t want to give criminals or illegal aliens access to guns either. Illegal aliens aren’t necessarily Mexicans. It’s from anywhere in the world – especially The Middle East.

          • Well one damn thing you be can sure of that lying sissified boy barack hussein obama was never vetted by the DEMONCRATS and here’s what obama said. The only people that don’t want to disclose the truth, are the people with something to hide. And this low life scum of this country hides everything from us citizens who care about America, that’s damn sure something you DEMONCRATS do his hide your real socialist goal.

            Why are the DEMONCRATS so afraid of voted IDs? your party would lose it’s voter base. Lets see, the illegals, felons, dead people and those that vote over and over in the same election.

            I trust law abiding citizens with guns, it’s the corruption in this obama’s administration I fear.

          • Really that is an all out Lie, You can’t get people to agree 90% on anything. Why are gun sales up ypu arrogant liar. Study the constitution? What’s to study? It is written in simple language so everyone can understand it. So piss off “scholar”

        • 90% Wants gun reform is a number you pulled out of your dead from the neck up head. Your as big a liar as your hero obama who only knows lies and nothing else.

          With guns, we are citizens. Without them, we are subjects.

          What good is going to law school if you break our laws as that lying sissified boy barack hussein obama does daily. And that lying bitch killery clinton lost her right to pratice as she a corrupt DEMONCRATS from hell like her perverted husband
          slick willie.

          I suggest you read the 2nd Amendment.

          A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the rights of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

          obama and killery clinton has the blood of those men killed in Benghazi and have lied to us concerned citizens and the parents of these men. There is not one smidgeon of truth out of obama, eric holder or killery as they all have blood on their corrupt evil vile hands.

        • Talking points. Show us obama’s proof that he has a law degree, not a copy of a degree that you can get at any Kinkos . Just because you say it doesn’t make it so.

  2. I’d much rather imagine a world in which there were no more Clintons or anyone like them. That’s something worth working for.

    • Think of a world without Republicans. More Americans would not have died in Iraq or without health insurance. The Democrats are the true party of life. They wouldn’t dream of starving little kids who depend on food stamps. They wouldn’t grind down the middle class into joblessness and poverty.

      • Party of life? Tell that to the party that supports abortion in its entirety. And yes I’m aware Republicans get abortions too. But the majority of Republicans are against it, while the majority of Democrats support it. So calling the Democratic party the party of life which supports the unborn holocaust, is so absurd.

        • You fight for fetuses and nothing else. You don’t support women who are pregnant. You demonize single women and their children. 45% of food stamp recipients are children and the GOP cut that program recently. Women in the south have high infant deaths because they had no health insurance.

          Republicans can’t even fully support a fetus. Conservatives want to keep pregnant women from getting health insurance. Before Obamacare, being pregnant was a preexisting condition. Health insurance companies would dump those women from coverage. When did Republicans rescue those fetuses?

          Republican governors have prevented the expansion of Medicaid for poor working families and their children. Thousands across the country will die needlessly without Medicaid and that includes babies who are sick.

          • 45% of children are recipients due to parents that don’t care, not the children’s fault. So where do we get all this money to keep giving away rather than people bettering themselves? And also, there are less people working now since the 70’s. So Democrats hardly have jobs on their side.

            You can’t claim to be the party of life when you disregard what life is.

          • You’re making stuff up about Americans you don’t know. The GOP lie machine wants you to blame the poor while they pick your pocket to support corporate welfare.

            Republicans redistribute your tax dollars to the richest corporations on the planet. They’ve given hundreds of millions in subsidies and tax breaks to oil companies.

          • Boy have you got your information all whacked out! No corporations get subsidies – they get regulated and taxed! Stop making an absolute fool of yourself!! You are not even in the ballpark – its sad a person like you votes.

          • You are extremely ill informed and sadly people like you vote
            Maybe you should watch some real news and you might just find out who supports corporate welfare, look at Solyndra, just one of the corporate donors to obama, they took government money tax dollars that hard working Americans pay then turned around and gave it to obama, then solyndra declared bankruptcy, yep obama cronies.
            You need to wake up!!

          • How do you “better” people? If you know how then help your neighbors find all of those great-paying jobs out there. Ask John Boehner. He promised jobs in 2010 and all he’s come up with are goose eggs. There are former white male Republicans who are out of work. They resent their own party blaming them for losing their jobs. Maybe that’s why they’re (GOP) trying to keep Americans from voting.

            Making children suffer is cowardly and immoral. Is that what they teach conservatives in church? If so, the church’s should be sued for malpractice.

          • Who had complete control when the UN vetted liar barack hussein obama took office, the DEMONCRATS and they failed to create jobs and voted in the worst law obamacare to kill even more jobs with not one republican vote, again the DEMONCRATS

            Talk about making children suffer when you have no compassion at all when it come to ripping out the brains of an innocent baby, you’re pathetic and a liar.

          • obama has the pen and the phone and does what he wants, the GOP could have a brilliant idea but obama and harry reid are obstructionists and stop everything that the GOP proposes to do to improve the job situation, in particular the keystone pipeline which obama is kissing up to his environmental lobbyists, (including warren buffet who is against the pipeline so that his railroad will be used to transport oil from Canada to refineries in the US i.e. Texas) and stopping that from moving forward.

          • DEMONCRATS fight for all the wrong reasons.
            To take away your rights as a citizen
            To keep on killing innocent babies
            Welfare increases
            Open borders for even terrorist to invade America
            Gun control
            Gay rights
            Shutting out Christians who want to pray
            Protecting the rights of murdering muslims

            Just to name a very few.

          • You have studied the Democratic talking points well…….just because you say it doesn’t make it so.
            some of us actually have minds and wills of our own to be able to see the truth.

      • What stupidity. Obama has done more to put the middle class into poverty than any government in the history of our country. He is truly an enemy of the people.

      • Guess you forgot all about Vietnam and the 58, 196 soldiers that died there. Do you know who LBJ is? and what evil vile party he represents? DEMONCRATS. You also forget that George W Bush went through congress and both parties said there were weapons of mass destruction. john kerry voted for the war twice like DEMONCRATS do, once for and once against.

        I lost my insurance under that lying sissified boy barack hussein obama and my doctor as well. You build up these lying DEMONCRAT scum of this country like their saints, NOT.

        DEMONCRATS are anti God and threw him under a bus during the DNC in 2012. They are also anti America and care more about the rights of terrorist and illegals than the American citizen. They are anti our Constitution and break our laws of this country daily. They are anti Military and have ripped it to pieces since this lying sissified boy barack hussein obama was placed in office by fraudulent means twice.

        DEMONCRATS still hold blacks as slaves just for their vote and keep them down in our society. Instead of creating jobs, they create welfare which only keeps them down. Abebram Lincoln freed the slaves which the DEMONCRATS took advantage of keeping them slaves still today.

        Go peddle your lies some where else you obama ass kissing fool.

      • You seem to forget the 58, 196 men who died in Vietnam and were sent by a DEMONCRAT lyndon b johnson. DEMONCRATS love killing innocent babies. I had insurance and lost it because of that lying sissified boy barack hussien obama and my doctor too. franklin d roosevelt started the welfare program in America and this lying boy obama has put millions more on it as he creates welfare, not jobs.

        The middle class has all but vanished because of this arrogant community who’s as useless as teats on a boar hog.

      • Really?????????
        You mean the party that destroyed healthcare and made it unaffordable for many, and increased the deductibles more than 2 and 3 times , or do you mean the party that condones abortion and pushes it in the name of pro choice or women’s healthcare? instead of being honest and calling it pro abortion they deceive themselves and others by calling it pro choice, what about the choice of the baby that is in vitro?
        About food stamps, there are more people living off the government now than ever under the democrat regime, is that living? why not create jobs and help families regain dignity and self respect and stop mooching off the government? under the democraps gas prices have more than doubled, food prices have increased and obama’s cronies are making tons of money in the stock market, while many Americans live paycheck to paycheck and face decreased work hours, higher insurance costs and gas prices are going through the roof. Employers are cutting hours and work force so that they can show profits to share holders and avoid providing healthcare to employees.
        I would love to see a world without democrats especially obama, the clintons particularly hilary who has the blood of 4 men killed in Benghazi on her hands, harry reid, nancy pelosi, eric holder, they should all be in jail for high treason for the crimes committed against the citizens of the USA and have trampled the constitution.
        Republicans are not perfect, but democrats are pure evil.
        The poor would be much better off if they spent their time learning skills instead of complaining about what they don’t have and look at the opportunities they could have.
        It is a shame really that ignorant and uninformed people who can’t read or understand what is going on are allowed to vote. Every voter should read the constitution and the bill of rights before they can vote.

      • Woonsocket, you really need to wake up and see that both parties are equally evil. Repubs are oil/energy shills; demorats are pharma/medical industry shills. Either way the working people get screwed. And we still don’t have GMO labels even though all polls show that like 90% of the people want it. We need to think of a world without professional, lifetime politicians.

      • Stupidsocket again with his loony leftist rants. No common sense. Party of life? Give me a break! Obama is, in fact, grinding down the middleclass with his redistribution plan. Got anything?

  3. Hillary Hitler Clinton is just as derranged as Adolph was at the end of WWII, and that is who the commieonazicrat party wants to run for president.

    • You DO know that the GOP wants your type to shut up about Hitler. It will surely lose you votes in your own party and independent voters. Republicans know that they can’t win if conservatives stay home in November.

      • Do
        you seriously think that conservatives are going to vote for Hitler Hillary? I
        could call her Hillary Pot Pol, or Hillary Amine. One would be just as accurate
        as the other. Those people that died in Benghazi died because of her gross and
        deliberate negligence, and then she and Ovomit and Susan Rice and Jay Carne all
        deliberately and with malice and forethought and full knowledge of the truth
        lied to we the people of the United States of America. So you want me to call
        her honorable? Hold your breath.

      • Conservatives will be out in force to vote out these DEMONCRATS and RINO’s who are just closet DEMONCRATS. Those who were stupid enough to sign up for that obamacare crap were all eleven eggs short of a dozen. Sounds exactly like you dip stick.

  4. The NAZI Hillary seeks the weapons of American Citizens loyal to the United States Constitution defenceless. For the exact same reason Adolph Hitler did in Germany!

    • Republican leaders and big donors have told conservatives to shut up about the Nazi and Hitler analogies. Didn’t you receive the memo? That talk of yours will lose votes for the party.

      • Unlike you NAZIS I do not march in lockstep to the Official Party line, I think for myself.

        Since when is the TRUTH hurtful? Oh, wait, if you are being deceitful the TRUTH is something to FEAR!

        It is what it is. Low information useful idiots will believe what ever they are told to believe by Mainstream Media or the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party USA. I know who my ENEMY IS. Apparently you do not.

        • If GOP politicians would talk like you do, liberals would sweep Congress. That’s why Republican leadership and the rich donors have told people like you to put a sock in it. You can’t do much harm on this site. It’s the msm they’re trying to keep you from reaching. Your freedom of speech is dictated by your party.

          • Perhaps VILE LIBERAL SCUM would not be in office at all. I swore an oath to support and defend the United States Constitution against enemies like YOU!

          • Liberals gave you Social Security and Medicare. Tell your socialist friends in the GOP to stop acting like hypocrites. They love govt. subsidies & corporate welfare.

            The biggest contributors to the GOP are the Koch brothers. They donated $400 million to the GOP in 2012. They also spent over $100 million trying to get rid of the ACA.

            Those brothers believe in global warming.

          • WRONG! Social Security is a ponzi scheme. Just another communist fund raiser with a social face painted upon it. The Scam was designed to bilk folks out of money for a communist slush fund to buy votes with. At the time it was designed people did not live much past 65 and so only a few years was needed to pay off. Woman lived longer then but not by much.

            Today that is different as people live much longer now. Congress communists simply wrote useless IOU to the SS administration robbing funds for many years now. Not once has CONGRESS sow fit to pay funds back.

            SS and MEDICARE are being drained by the Communist MUSLIM in Chief under another ponzi scheme called Obamacare. Another way to kill off the aged and handicapped using FASCISM whims of the moment.

            The real enemy of We the People are COMMUNIST AGENTS pretending to be loyal American citizens like the Kenyan Obama. Communist Party USA infests all segments of our society to include the Republican leadership.

            Those of us loyal to the United States Constitution must identify and remove all communists and their useful idiots from all positions of any authority and start all over again.

          • franklin d roosevelt 8/14/1935 gave us social security and it was robbed by the demoncrats for more socialist programs. being forced to pay into without any insurance your going to get whats your is not a guaranteed. That’s socialism to me.

          • Liberals also gave us the KKK, Jim Crow laws, forced segregation, attempted genocide of the Black race (Planned Parenthood), income tax, the federal reserve, entrance into WWI, destruction of Britain’s navy prior to WWII, the worst depression prior to the Great Depression, elongation of the Great Depression by many years, concentration camps for American citizens of Japanese descent, “welfare” (really a plan to keep as many Americans as possible dependent on the government for their survival), obamacare, common core, and rewriting of our history to indoctrinate our children in how “wonderful” liberalism is. By the way, the Kochs are the 59th greatest political contributors. What does that mean? It means that there is a sh!tbucket of liberal contributors who gave considerably more than the Kochs did. The lying king bragged of having a billion dollars to spend on his campaign alone. So what does that mean? That the Koch brothers are bit players in comparison to the liberal machine. Can you say Soros and the Steyer brothers? And the Koch brothers do NOT believe in the man-made climate change garbage.. They have far more sense than that. Only a fool and a liberal believe in climate change, which is a get-rich scheme by NWO POSs who would destroy their country for their 30 pieces of silver. Climate change was first called global cooling, but when we didn’t all freeze by the 1990s, they changed it to global warming, but when we had 17 years of no increase in the overall temperature, it was changed to climate change. We really do have climate change- it’s called seasons, you idiot! The sun has cyclic changes, and the earth has wobbles on it’s axis, and these affect the temperature. Pictures taken on the New Jersey beach in the 1890s show exactly the same water level as it is now, minus erosion. I can see why you are a liberal troll, though. There aren’t any other jobs out there, with a realistic unemployment rate in the 20s.That will be the lying king’s legacy- that as part of his efforts to destroy this country, he made the Great Depression look puny. In a just world, he and his witch would have the same fate as did Mussolini and his family. They were hung upside down in the street and beaten to death by every-day Italians that he had ravaged in his thirst for power. Now that’s an HBO special I would pay to watch!

      • Only DEMONCRATS and RINO’S who are just closet DEMONCRAT
        Are harming America with a holes like yourself.

    • Your 100% right.

      All one has to do is go back in history and see the countries who use gun control to disarm them and it led to their execution.

      The former USSR done this and over 20 million lost their lives because they had no way to defend themselves being left defenseless.
      Nazi Germany

      And millions left defenseless died being unable to defend themselves.

      • Spot ON. Exactly the reason VILE LIBERAL SCUM must disarm We the People loyal to the United States Constitution.

  5. I gives me pause to think that Hillary and her ilk would just start blazing away if you were cracking your gum if they had guns. If they think everyone is prone to violence, then I have to conclude that she and they are prone to violence.

    So, if you register as a Libtard, you should be required to turn in your guns as you are demonstrating that you are inherently violent, untrustworthy (with guns), and incompetent as an adult.

  6. How many contributors on this site will be using “The Constitution” as the defense for anyone who wants a gun? They refuse to discuss the criminals & the mentally ill who have guns. They refuse to use a rational arguments and address members in the GOP who want gun reform.

    90% of Americans want gun reform.

    • Prove it!

      Oh, I forgot, every time I challenge you to supply facts or proof you change the subject or
      run away.

    • You pulled that number out of your butt loonsprocket. No basis in reality. We have gun laws upon gun laws upon gun laws and criminals still have guns. More laws will not change that. Criminals by definition do not follow laws, gun laws or otherwise. Gun control is all about disarming the citizenry making them easier to control. Put your gun laws up your butt where you pull your statistics out of.

    • We don’t need the “Constitution” to defend owning guns. The Constitution does not grant us the right to bear arms. The Constitution simply recognizes that we have an inalienable right to do so and that there is no government authority that can infringe upon such right.

      The only gun reform we need is for Americans to wake-up and realize that all laws pertaining to gun control are unconstitutional and thus null and void.

    • WTF is “gun reform” ?

      Apparently you are one of those crazy people who thinks we should take guns away from the law abiding citizens who are exercising their constitutionally guaranteed right to defend themselves (and you) from the crazy people and violent criminals that your LIBERAL courts keep putting back on the streets.

      We don’t need your “gun reform” we need Liberal Goverment reform !

      BTW, just a quick FYI, cops do Not carry weapons to Protect You ! They are armed to Protect themselves from exactly the same violent criminals that the rest of us are protecting our loved ones andourselves from.

    • Still spouting demorap Talking points.
      When was the last tme you know of that a criminal filed for a gun license.

  7. LOOK OUT!!!!!!…..She’s pointing TWO LOADED FINGER PISTOLS……..DUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looks like he is yelling “Ahhhhhgh, he’s got a POP TART GUN….RUNNN!!!!”

  8. She’s not deranged. She IS A POWER MAD MANICAL GODLESS PIECE OF FECAL MATTER. Just keep pounding her involvement in Benghazi, What NOTHING she did as Secretary of State. Her support of sexual predators like her husband. Barry NoCare a/k/a the ACA, reach back and don’t forget whitewater and the “suspicious deaths.”

  9. Yeah right Hillary (named after Sir Edmund Hillery) tell it to Ron Brown and Vince Foster. And remind us of the story of you and Chelsea drinking coffee at ground zero on 9/11/2001 — As i remember it Cheslea told the reporters that neither one of you were anywhere NEAR ground zero – Yes Hillary do you consider yourself presidential material because you closely resemble Obscumbo who is an abnormally habitual liar stinking up the nation and white house. A person who lies to the point of it being considered a disease or condition – which describes you – is not the criteria for President and no one to comment on the Second Amendment.

  10. I’m sorry but I have to state this – what an idiot.
    Equating the US to (wherever she was visualizing) is absurd and shows a clearly twisted and warped view of the American people. And the scary part is that there a people out there who want this woman to be president? THAT is the truly disturbing thing…

  11. Clinton & The President WILL talk jobs but Republicans refuse to do anything about it. Republicans prefer to distract Americans by using issues like gays, guns and bibles. It’s all a distraction because conservatives don’t want to address anything else. They have zero, ziltch, nada, rien, 0000, goose eggs.

  12. Republicans are in a panic. They have no one who can win The White House. Republicans who run on hate and complaints turn off the majority of Americans. Why vote for anyone hates most Americans but loves the 1%? Voting for someone who hates you makes no sense.

    • Wow you drank Saul’s Flavor Aide didn’t you… no independent thought, ,just repeating unrelated mantras in the face of an argument you’ve lost.

  13. Or in a movie theatre where they could have stopped a madman or their possible presence prevented it all together. Every study and statistic supports the 2nd amendment… Regardless of funding source

    • Can you imagine a criminal pulling a gun out at gum chewer only to see everyone turn around with 50 barrels of Glock pointed at him.

      He will shut his mouth faster than the gum chewer.

  14. In fact, in a recent poll, 73% of Americans polled believe that there are already too many gun control laws, federal, state and local. So Clinton is on the losing side of this argument.

  15. Fox wants its flock to talk about nonsense. They don’t want you to know why they’re suddenly coming out with Hillary propaganda. It has to do with Chris Christie. He was supposed to be your savior but now he’s in deep legal trouble. If any of you have friends who use The George Washington Bridge, ask them why. If you have friends in Hoboken, ask them why they didn’t get enough federal dollars to clean up after Sandy.

    The governor was supposed to save your party and now he will never be President.

  16. I wonder why she fears a country with so many citizens legally armed and with a constitution that gives them that right to overthrow a corrupt government who no longer represents them?

  17. 40% of guns sold in the US do not undergo criminal background checks…this is the mantra repeated ad nauseum by the left. That study was reported almost 20 years ago, in 1994.
    The research reported on the nature of gun acquisitions made in 1993 and 1994, asking people who had obtained guns then where the guns had come from and whether they thought the source was a federally licensed dealer. Transactions through licensed dealers were considered covered by the background check system, which was just then coming into effect.
    Although the survey interviewed more than 2,500 Americans, just 251 had acquired guns during that time frame, a small sampling from which to make a general conclusion.
    In all, 64 percent of those respondents reported acquiring a gun from a source they thought to be a licensed dealer, suggesting that 36 percent of gun acquisitions were in the secondary and unregulated market.
    But the study’s researchers found considerable ambiguity and some apparent contradictions in the responses. With a clear picture eluding them, they estimated 30 percent to 40 percent of the acquisitions were off the books and would not have been subjected to a background check.
    To make matters worse, 3/4 of all the gun purchases in this study occurred BEFORE the NICS(National Instant Criminal Background Check System) began collecting data. For your information, the law was passed in 1993 and the FBI began to enforce it on Nov 30, 1998.
    The Washington Post, a liberal newspaper, has already given the “40%” figure a 3 Pinocchio rating!!

  18. No rule of law, yeah, just like Monsanto shoving GMO on the world with the help of the corrupt U.S. government.

  19. Good-old-scorned Hillary Clinton should concern herself more, with who gets into Bill’s pants behind her back, instead of lying so much to the nation, about the cold blooded murder of 4 American Patriots and her famous “video” invention…
    Did Bill ever thought of Hillary as a Sex Object?


  20. What the idiot hag is describing is EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENS when there are no guns! Been repeated over and over ad nauseam of what happens when you take away guns from citizens you only have government thugs and criminals with the guns RULING over you with an IRON barrel!

    These are the last two bit of punks you want OWNING GUNS.

    The only people that don’t like you chewing gum loud or talking on your cellphone is a DAMN CRIMINAL!!! Who SHOOTS FIRST then ask questions later.

    Do not listen to this HAG. She is a LIBERAL. Do not listen to a liberal they will GET YOU KILLED! But not before INFLICTING their two favorite spells on humans, MISERY and SUFFERING!!!

  21. Only a Criminal, Tyrant, or a Tyrannical Federal, State, County, or Local Government fears and is afraid of an armed American Citizen…Keep Life, Liberty, and Freedom Alive; Resist Tyranny… Anyone who wants Life, Liberty, and Freedom must have a Gun to Protect it, Defend it, Preserve it, Achieve it, or Restore it…

  22. When Clinton was asked what she thought about gun control, she responded:
    “We really have got to get our arms around it because at the rate we are going, we are going to have so many people with guns everywhere “fully licensed, fully validated” The Key To Her Bull!……It would be a bad idea to let people go to bars with guns, let them go to schools with guns, let them go to church with guns.” Fully Licensed,,Fully Validated, and Having The Right To Carry…..These Rights Will Again Be Clintons Fight for More Gun Control!!

  23. The only ones we need to fear are Progressive Liberals like Hillary that always seem to find a cause to excite the public about that isn’t worthy of concern. The examples she uses are stupid, Liberal talking points that are intended to inflame the low information voters that vote with their emotions, not their brains. Been working for years for the Clintons and for Obama too.

  24. Our democracy is a fake and a farce – it is a show to placate the fools that think their vote counts. Hillary, Jeb, and the whole bunch are connected thru secret societies like the Bohemian Grove Satanists. Google some relevant terms and start learning the truth.

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