Harvard Approves Mandatory “White Privilege” Brainwashing Orientation

New students at Harvard University will soon be treated to a mandatory special orientation program designed to teach them all about societal “privilege and power” structures. The group responsible for overseeing the program explains (kind of) what the “class” is:

A mandatory power and privilege training that examines components of race, gender, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, ability, religion, international status, and power differentials . . .

And why it’s important for Harvard students:

The exercise of public leadership … requires an honest assessment of structural power dynamics, of in-group and out-group dynamics, and of privilege.

Maybe you’re not up on the vagaries of Newspeak. So I’ll explain the class rather bluntly: it’s a class designed to make white, Christian, heterosexual males feel guilty about the fact that all the good things in their lives have been handed to them on a silver platter, and they don’t deserve any of them. And it’s also a class to empower feminists, homosexuals, atheists, and racial minorities in their quest to gain the privilege and power they currently covet, and do not possess (apparently).

I think that about sums it up. Just why such an orientation would be necessary is beyond me. Harvard will already do a fine job teaching these poor unsuspecting students to use catchalls like “heteronormativity,” “white privilege,” “structural sexism/racism,” and the like. Even without the special mandatory brainwashing session.

Harvard, interestingly enough, was started by white, Christian, heterosexual males as a seminary. So if there is a group at Harvard that has inherited an undeserved legacy from their forefathers, its liberal Harvard students. A tragic irony if ever there was one. Do they really think Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the rest would have come about in any other environment than Christian America? No. Atheists, homosexuals, feminists, and racists don’t build schools like Harvard. They just destroy them.

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  1. I don’t think about my ethnicity, until some do-gooder comes along with some mandatory orientation highlighting the fact that I’m different than the rest of you and therefore I require special treatment.

    What race was Christ?

        • To the best of my knowledge, Socrates didn’t perform magic tricks. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

          And why can’t we find an independent historical record of the Passover eclipse? Honestly that’s what would sell me. If you can prove that non-Christian historians documented an eclipse that’s not in the astronomy tables, you can start selling me on Biblical literalism.

          • It is not our responsibility to sell you on anything.

            the onus is on you to believe. why do you always get it wrong?

          • ALL historians of that era were non-Christian. Would anyone really expect there to be astronomy tables in existence over 3,000 years ago? I don’t think so, at least not anyone with an IQ over 50. However, since many of us experienced a Passover eclipse (blood moon) just last month, and since lunar eclipses are sporadic but historical, why would you not believe they happened 3300 years ago just as they do today?

          • They’re actually extremely predictable and follow a 28 year cycle.

            Since the passover darkness lasted for more than a few minutes like an eclipse, it could *not* have been an eclipse- it had to have been supernatural. It affected all of Jerusalem and one would think there would be some record of it. Heck, Herodotus kept a detailed history of Palestine. Why isn’t this mysterious three-hour-long eclipse in there?

          • Actually, the Saros cycle for eclipses is 18 years, 11 days and 8 hours. Although solar eclipses only last for a maximum of 7 mins 40 secs at the equator, lunar eclipses last for hours. A total lunar eclipse can last as long as 1 hr 40 min with a partial-total-partial lasting up to 3 hrs 40 min. Also, why would we expect Herodotus to detail something that happened more than 800 years before he was born?

      • It’s also a class to “empower feminists, homosexuals, atheists and racial minorities”… can we afford to pass up such a learning experience?

        • In other words, this is saying that it is about how the one class of people NOT mentioned in that statement kept all the rest of them “downtrodden”.

        • Not if you want to have fun. If I have to sit through one of these again when I go back to take a few classes I will be even nastier than before. Now I don’t have to be nice to anybody that I don’t want to. Being retired lets you be honest.

        • No one–I repeat–NO ONE can “empower” someone else. If you are going to have power, you must develop it WITHIN YOURSELF. Most particularly–you CANNOT make yourself truly powerful by cutting others “down to size”. You become powerful by developing your own abilities & talents & making something of yourself. No lecture or series of lectures can do this–either positively or negatively by trying to build you up or knocking someone else down.

          • I was orphaned by the age of 19 & my parents never owned a home. My mom divorced my abusive dad when I was 12 & supported us as a secretary. When she lost her job, we lived with our grandma for awhile. I KNEW I had to get an education & be able to support myself. I went onto med school & traded time with my husband (later put him through grad school). I’m now retired after a career in surgery. I was the one who had to look myself in the eye & say, “You CAN do this!” I told my future husband that I was going to go to med school & he believed in me, too.
            So, yes, I’m definitely going to skip the class. I learned from my mother’s example, but I don’t think you could say that she or anyone else “empowered” me.

      • Since Christ was a Jew, why would you think He was a Roman myth? Considering the history of the times, as most believe it to be, the Romans would have been the very last people on this earth to record the existence.

        • The Romans were Italians and Jesus was Jewish so He couldn’t have been much of a Roman myth now could he? Also Romans spoke Latin and Jesus spoke Aramaic.

          • I don’t think there is anything interesting in Atwill’s concept. One of the biggest problems with Atwill’s theory is the existence of Christianity before 73 AD, when Atwill says that the idea was concocted by the Romans. Quite simply, if Christianity can be demonstrated to exist before that time, his theory is toast.

            The famous historian Tacitus says that Nero was persecuting Christians in Rome in 64 AD. He also mentions that “immense multitudes” of Christians were living in Rome at the time. Try to figure out why “immense multitudes” of Christians are in Rome ten years before Christianity was supposed to have been invented if you believe Atwill. Suetonius also mentions Nero punishing Christians. Paul, who was killed by Nero in 66 AD, wrote thirteen of the letters in the New Testament, all of them very Christian.

            It surely makes tons of sense to think for one split second that the Romans would manufacture a god for whatever their reasons might have been who would say things such as:

            “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to Me?” Matthew 28:18 – right about the time that the romans had totally supressed the Jews into submission and mandated that they worship the emperors and Roman gods at the incense altar. It was considered a matter of national security by the Romans so why would they invent a god that demands you have no false gods before Him?

            Also, Mat 28:19: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit

            Why in the world would you make this Christian God that you invent tell his utterly devoted followers to go convert Romans? If a Roman converted, it would turn a good emperor-worshipping citizen into a non-emperor-worshipping enemy of the state. What a stupid plan.

            No, sorry to say but I believe that Atwill’s ideas were debunked shortly after they were released.

          • Thanks, Great Response!

            Its kind of interesting how in the end, the pacifists with the Moral high ground always come out on top. We certainly have enough examples throughout history, but we never learn. Greed and Power are insidious serpents.

            All Nero did was increase the faith.

  2. This is probably in response to Tal Fortgang’s article.

    This is what happens when privileged people (I’m sorry, but if you’re going to Princeton, you’re privileged) whine about getting accused of privilege.

    Next time, please leave this article to someone from a midwestern state school. (I say that as an elite private university alumn who would not be qualified to write such an article).

  3. Perhaps they should consider their demographic and shut it. Daddy might not be willing to pay the tuition if they are going to teach crap like that.

    • I have said this many times … Parents should KNOW what their kids are taking up in school (besides space)! Mommy and Daddy should flatly refuse to pay for this kind of crap. If Junior insists on being sucked down by this drivel, he can find a way to pay for it himself. Most large colleges are nothing more than “indoctrination tanks”.

      • People that go to Harvard tend to see themselves as better that other people. I do not see where bringing them down to earth a little would hurt.

        I loved the series “The Paper Chase” but it was, of course taken off the air. Kingsley (John Housman) was awesome.

    • Parents who would pay their kids’ Hahrvarhd tuition are in the same class as the Hahrvahrd professors: liberal A-holes.

      • Well, after they graduate, at least maybe they will be able to spell HARVARD. Pass me a cold one, KWV. LOLOL

        • Do ya really think so, Leijona?? They’ll never how to speak well…I know that. I’ve been married to the same lady for 48 years; I left Noo Yoark City in 1951 when I entered the military and never returned as a resident: my wife says that I STILL speak with a NOO YOARK accent: 63 years, and counting, later! Can you believe such nonsense? LOL Have a great evening.

        • Let’s hope so. That $125,000+ tuition ought to produce something! I remember my wife wanting to take some isolated courses at a local college by us, and she was astounded that they gave pre-entrance math and reading exams. We asked why that was and we were told that many incoming students couldn’t read and do math above a 4th grade level! If they failed the exams, they would have to sign up for remedial math and/or reading courses! You have to ask yourself, “what were they being taught in high school?” and “whay are they even being allowed into college?” And this is the generation that’s going to be taking over the country! (P.S. This was back in the early 80’s when we said this. They are part of mainstream society now!)

    • Calling it racism is a little too extreme. It’s merely the grievance industry run amok.

      White privilege exists, but it’s very minimal in 2014. *Rich Privilege* is very big. It may actually be bigger today than it was 20 years ago.

      If you go to a school like Harvard or Princeton, you are exceptionally privileged. Informing people of this is not a problem. Berating people for it ala MCTC probably is.

      I would be pissed off about a discussion on privilege at a state school with middle class white students trying to land $60K/year jobs upon graduation. At a school like Harvard or Princeton, suggesting that privilege exists to some extent and *all* students there *probably* have it is neither racist nor unreasonable.

      • Racism a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural orindividual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right torule others.
        a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
        hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.


        • The class isn’t on racism. It’s on privilege in general. Look, I’m a gay guy and I troll social conservatives hard on these forums, but I don’t think “straight privilege” exists, at least not in big cities or the Northeast.

          The main privilege today is “Rich Privilege”.

          Recognizing, “Hey. We all go to Harvard. We’re privileged” isn’t racist.

          • Well I actually went to Princeton. Jealous? I don’t think I am but from someone else’s perspective you could certainly try to argue it.

            I feel just as comfortable making the statement about Princeton. Is Harvard more prestigious? There’s a good case for it (Princeton does have a better engineering program however). Is my statement just as applicable for Harvard or ANY Ivy League School (Or MIT or UChicago or Stanford or Northwestern)? Yes.

            I am incredibly lucky to have gone to school there. I am incredibly lucky to have money. I am OK with my school asking me to recognize this as long as they don’t indoctrinate me.

          • And what would you call it to require everyone to take a class other than “indoctrination?” What progressives are doing is using you and every other distrinctly different class of people that they single out as “under-privileged” to divide the country and create anger and discontent among those various groups. “Rich envy” being the “class” that takes in everyone that is not rich but does not fall into another “abused” class of people. Their entire game plan is based on destroying public unity and creating as much chaos and anger in order to make the claim (when they are strong enough and ready to do it) that they have the answer and that is to enforce their form of “social justice” in which those few “elites” make the decision about how everyone’s wealth is redistributed and who become the winners and losers in economic and social life in America. They, in fact, are likely the richest of the rich who criticize the rich to throw the suspicion elsewhere and make themselves sound altruistic. Until people wake up and realize that while they think they are a “class” deserving of protection from the government, when the changes come and government dominates their life to a point that becomes unbearable, the government will turn on them, too, the first time they complain, this idiocy will continue to destroy a country that was built on the premise that all people come into this world with an equal OPPORTUNITY for success if they apply themselves and work hard. Yes, I know, that America until the 1860s was imperfect in their participation in slavery, but they corrected that in a bloody war. That is where official sanctions ended. The rest of the lingering racism is and was on the heads of the individuals who harbored it. There is no place for “EQUAL RESULTS” in the American equation. Everywhere it has been tried it has failed for one reason…human greed and hunger for power. It is man’s nature to sin and without GOD (another thing that progressives are trying to deny) there is no morality and that is essential for freedom to flourish. Harvard is a disgrace to the world, not just its founders.

          • >And what would you call it to require everyone to take a class other than “indoctrination?”

            I’d call it a core requirement. Teaching math and english in school is not indoctrination. Having a brief discussion on the fact that people who attend Harvard are lucky as hell probably isn’t either. It’s not indoctrination if most reasonable people from most cultural perspectives would agree on it. (I would consider lectures on structured racism indoctrination because white people do not agree on it.)

            >They, in fact, are likely the richest of the rich who criticize the rich to throw the suspicion elsewhere and make themselves sound altruistic.

            The richest people in America are Warren Buffett and Bill Gates. Buffett talks about paying higher taxes on capital gains; Bill Gates stays quiet. How are they trying to redistribute wealth?

            >without GOD (another thing that progressives are trying to deny) there is no morality and that is essential for freedom to flourish. Harvard is a disgrace to the world, not just its founders.

            Morality can exist without God- it cannot exist without truth. Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and the other elite colleges, at least in STEM, still try to put truth at the top of the agenda.

            BTW how is the rally going? It was supposed to attract 10-30 million conservatives who are angry at how the country is being run, so I figured you were probably here:


          • Well then you are not as smart as you think. You have to tell people that you are a homosexual because you feel that gets you ahead or better then someone. I don’t go up and say hello I am a heterosexual. First of all just because you went to Princeton doesn’t mean anything. So you can jump off your pedestal. I feel sorry for you. You are a NON THINKER! You believe that your a racist, name me something that you did to someone. If they read this e-mail I am typing to you , they would call me a racist. You do not believe in our constitution and that is very sad.

          • >You have to tell people that you are a homosexual because you feel that gets you ahead or better then someone.

            I do it here because this is probably where I’ll hear the rudest comments about being gay. And frankly you guys aren’t that tough.

            >First of all just because you went to Princeton doesn’t mean anything.

            Of course not. I did my undergrad at a state school, and worked for several years as a state schooler in an industry dominated by people from elite private schools. An ivy league degree doesn’t mean a whole lot, other than putting a reasonable lower bound on one’s intelligence. Money and career success- that means more. Thankfully there are a lot of ways to measure my success.

            >You do not believe in our constitution and that is very sad.

            How do I not believe in our constitution? A private university has freedom of association and is free to set its graduation requirements. Those requirements are even allowed to include “liberal indoctrination”.

            I would find political indoctrination offensive if it were being done at a state-controlled state school like UW Madison or the Naval Academy. I don’t think that saying “Hey you’re really lucky to go to school here” is political indoctrination, and even if it is, Harvard has the first amendment right to do it.

          • If being a homosexual is all your about, then it is very sad. Why don’t you show who you really are. For instance your character, your love for your country, the love for God. You are what you weep.

            About being tough, it is the white Christian male that is being attacked.

            And last thing I remember, free speech is not limited to a specific spot but the entire United States

            Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Be a man! Be who you really are and not be afraid. Just don’t expect me to accept it. You have your beliefs and I have mine. God will be your judge; only He knows what is truly in your heart.

          • >If being a homosexual is all your about, then it is very sad.

            I am about many things. I am about skydiving. I am about racing motorcycles. I am about a nice job in a great industry. I am a classical Deist. I am also gay.

            >About being tough, it is the white Christian male that is being attacked.

            He is being attacked because he attacks people like me. Many white Christians either say “I disagree with what you’re doing” and let it go or don’t attack me, but many others (especially those on this forum) go so far as to claim that I am a child molester. I consider that an ad-hominem and I will push back. On this forum I am also curious to see if you’ll throw that at. Fortunately, if you went to a good school and you earn good money, and you have interesting hobbies, the line in peoples’ minds between crazy and eccentric gets pretty darned hazy. Even for people who believe homosexuals are evil, it’s harder for them to make a case against someone like me. And when I engage them in debate, they’re not off elsewhere making claims that were disproved 20 years ago.

            >You have your beliefs and I have mine. God will be your judge; only He knows what is truly in your heart.

            Thank you. It seems that on this issue we may be able to have a civil conversation. For many others on the forum, they are incapable of having civil conversations and I’d prefer they engaged me rather than nieces and nephews or their own children. Or people who don’t want to announce their sexuality.

          • Believe it or not, I was harassed by the girls on my softball team because I was heterosexual. As time went on they tolerated me. I live in Santa Cruz Ca. Not exactly a good place for a Constitutionalist Conservative.. I know how it is to be made fun of. I never stopped being who I am. You see, when I was in grade school, I would stick up for the kids that were picked on. In return I was picked on. I didn’t let it bother me. I had sports that I fell back on. I was better then those kids that picked on me. It was my way of slamming them down.

          • I completely disagree with your politics, but I am finding myself liking you as an individual. I can understand how a staunch conservative could feel bullied in California. I am not going to change my political views, but I would feel bad if you felt bullied by the way I communicated them.

          • You know ,I’ve been thinking that, our gov’t doesn’t care about We the People.
            I do not like the Democrats or the Republicans. And don’t worry about your political views.
            We all can’t agree on everything; that’s what makes the world go around.

          • Harvard is trying to instill guilt in people who should not be guilty on the account of their race or financial status. White straight people are a target in this society. Just the other day a white family was attacked by a black mob in Savannah Georgia. There have been a lot of such attacks lately. Is it a privilege to have a bullseye on your back?

          • Sure. If that’s what they’re trying to do, I agree it’s a problem.

            1.) “Check your privilege” is an offensive statement.
            2.) “You have privilege and you should be aware of that- most people aren’t as lucky as you” is not an offensive statement.
            3.) I read the linked article and this session is only being run for students at Harvard Kennedy School. These are political leaders and this is a political program. At the very least, recognizing that not everybody goes to Harvard and you can’t call people who didn’t get in stupid or inferior is probably going to help people win political campaigns- even among conservatives.

  4. I would tell them, I am a white heterosexual male, I am proud of it, and I will not apologize for being one.

    My parents were poor share croppers.

    i have nothing to apologize for.

    Growing up, I had no power, prestige, or wealth because of my white male status.

    As to the rest of their brainwashing, they can stick it where the sun does not shine.

    • My family never owned any slaves and I sure as heck didn’t – I don’t owe anyone anything, nor do I need to appologize for the actions of people I didn’t know

      • All of the ex-slaves in America are over 150 years old. All current slaves in America got there on their own.

        • There are a couple hundred slaved in America at this time; most are female, between the ages of 11 and 17 and are victims of sexual trafficking. Real slaves- people who are treated as object, bought and sold, DO still exist in the world, in fact there are more in the USA today then there were in 1860. We just like to pretend that they got there on there own.stopmodernslavery.org

  5. Pure liberal bull crap from the bottom up. You see Blacks wearing T-shirts saying

    “Black Power”, “Black is Beautiful”, “Black Pride”, So what the Hell is wrong with

    me being WHITE and proud of who I am or the color of my skin? The only

    discrimination I see is from all who are not White. I will say it loud and proud
    I am a White person, I, like everyone else have some things I do not agree with
    and some people I do not like nor associate with, that does not make me a

    racist, it merely mean I have an opinion and mine is as important as anyone
    else. If I choose not to associate with a certain group of people or they not

    to associate with me that is our choice as long as it is not based upon a racial
    context. There are people I have known all my life who are of various

    colors and sexual orientations. Some I know and enjoy their company and
    all who know me know my personal beliefs on various thoughts. We can

    talk, discuss and even get mad at one another from time to time but we

    respect each others beliefs and are still friends. I doubt the idiots on the Board
    or Regents have the common sense to comprehend such comprehension among
    others though, they like to pretend how redolent they are of other who are not
    White, but in reality they are bigots of the worse kind.

      • Then let’s get shirts made that say “Mighty Whitey” or with a big red “S” and says Supercracker underneath the “S”.

    • This is simply what we call in America (or called anyway)…Freedom of Association and Assembly. The Constitution provides us with that right. It is the part of the constitution (Amendment 1) that the progressives must destroy (along with the Second) in order to be successful in “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” This is their goal, and chaos is their tool.

  6. .
    Harvard University loses ALL credibility as an institution of higher learning.

    • Didn’t have much in my book already. Most 4 year colleges have been liberal brain washing institutions for about twenty years.

      • This trend started WAY back in the late 1960’s when “sensitivity training” sessions started becoming popular as part of new university student orientation programs. I remember sitting in a large circle of incoming freshmen , with a sprinkling of older students & a “facilitator” & being encouraged to tell the group what sort of things “offended” me or what sort of behaviors in others made me feel “put down” (& feeling left out for not being able to come up with any complaints!). We are seeing the natural progression from that beginning, so that now, anyone who doesn’t claim some form or other of “victimhood” isn’t trying hard enough.
        Universities, sadly, have in the meantime, progressed to become–instead–“uniformities”, in which differing political & social views are discouraged & my “free speech” is only free insofar as it doesn’t “offend” the liberal majority of students & the super-majority of faculty.

    • Did you know that Harvard was Originally as College for Preachers? the same for all colleges in the U.S.A. Yale, brown, etc Originally they were great colleges but, now a bastian of HELL!

  7. It really didn’t require a full explanation to understand what that crapola at Harvard is all about…could have saved your breath!

  8. I said it before, I’ll say it again Parents don’t send your kids to these schools. They are not what they once were. Most are run by elites that think we are too stupid to know what is best for us. They are filled by communist and other American hating teachers. And don’t forget the former homegrown terrorist.

  9. Stupid enough to waste time on Harvard you deserve the screwing.
    Was a good school, now a libtard cesspool.

    You get exactly what you tolerate, so stop tolerating this crap.

  10. Haven’t been impressed with Harvard for quite some time. Looks like they’re already been brain washed. Why do they need more brain washing?

  11. Teaching Common Core is like teaching Control and Conforming to our children, as well as teach this class on So-Called White Privilege….What ever happened to Reading, Writing and Arithmetic????

    • Politicians have sucked up to the unions, the lobbyists, the Chamber of Comm. and everything and everyone that can influence their agenda. They are whores, no a stand corrected they are Prostitutes. The three Rs no longer exist! We need to demand more from these clowns!!

  12. I always love it when they bring up slavery. MY family helped slaves that escaped hide from those who were chasing them. To the extent that when my daughter was in school in the south watching a movie on Harriett Tubman and her escape, our family was said to have helped her and my daughters teacher was shocked about it.

  13. If Harvard wanted to end the evil social caste system of this world, it would revoke the tenure of its professors, who enjoy the status of unquestionable privilege and complete freedom from accountablity.

  14. Another obvious Liberal attempt to marginalize the white male. They know that once white males are securely shackled from every angle, all h*ll can break loose. It’s funny how white males are good enough to comprise the military, and defend these usueless parasites freedom of speech, but they are vilified at every turn for everything else.
    It is pretty obvious I am a white male and I am proud of it. I’m not better than anyone else, nor am I lesser than anyone else. Someone starts laying a “guilt trip” on me than I am not worthy to exist, get ready to get an earful!

  15. This stupid vile propaganda is just that…….. perpetuated by a bunch of racist African Americans (and their stupid idiot friends)….that need to be reigned in. They are destroying our country and they have reached a level of corruption that is unmatched even by whites from the time of segregation. God will eventually punish them…..I personally cannot wait. A bunch of African Americans came to me hostilely trying to cram their “your privileged” bullshit down my throat but I grew up poor….and worked my ass off for everything…then they got angry because I would not cooperate….so then when that did not work…..they started with the “I am a spoiled Jewish princess”….they went straight to the Anti-Semitism……….they rotate back and forth…one day I am a stupid white bitch….the next day I am spoiled and the devil because I am a Jew……this is how racist they are….and also they cannot even make up their mind why they really hate me………basically it’s because you are not kissing their ass and giving them everything they want. Who’s spoiled?????????????

    • Well Jews created the Anti White tactics. Lev Bronstein aka “Trotsky” created the slander “racist” itself, when your Tribe of Bolsheviks invaded and destroyed Russia, He also exhorted his Fellow Travellers to recruit Negroes into Communism, in order to use them as blunt weapons against White Christians. and Noel Ignatiev created the “white Privilege meme, to demonize Whites for BEING White. He wants the White Race DESTROYED.


      Jews have been treated beautifully in the USA, As well as other formerly White Nations. Why do Jews hate Whites so MUCH?

      FYI – your Darklings will turn on you in a second. It’s already happening. You’ve obviously experiences this. BEFORE you start flipping out on me – please explain why Big Time Zionist Jews are so dedicated to exterminating Whites?

      • You are out of your mind!!!!!! I have been a Jew my entire life in America….people have treated me cruelly just from me having a Jewish last name from literally before I was even in Kindergarten …my life in America….has been basically an Anti-Semitic hell…..there is not enough room here to list out all of the Anti-Semitic bullshit that I have had to endure….and not all of it was from whites….but African Americans…..Hispanics….Arabs…and the list goes on….mainly those who call everyone else racist…….so you do not know what the F*** you are talking about. And I have never been a communist or a socialist in my entire life…and I do not support either of those ideologies……so once again you do not know what the F*** you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Balls. PURE BS. I knew your were going to flip out, You STILL haven’t provided any thought on WHY Zionist Machers are so dedicated to DESTROYING Whites. Please comment on this fact.

          FYI – go to Israel, if life is so very hard here. Israel is the world’s only ethno State.

          • You are not even a conservative…..you are one of those Democrat trolls……..trolling conservative sites to instigate and get conservatives fighting……oh and I know plenty of people that live in Israel…have lived in Israel…or have children that live in Israel….once again you do not know what the F*** you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And there are plenty of conservatives that are Zionist…..so again you do not know what the F*** you are talking about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. This is what communism and Muslim radicals want so to make unrest and then take over. Look at all the countries that have unrest also look at how communism takes over. If communism get a stronghold then the Muslim radicals will squash the communists and take power. It has and is happening all over the world. Unrest is the drive for weakness and it works very well. I would like to know, When are Americans going to stop this crap?

      • Actually that is not true but the communists want anyone that disregard them to be killed. The Muslim radicals want anyone that won’t except Islam to be killed and if your a homosexual then it is a death sentence automatically.

  17. This program is designed to further the demise of the white male! The only privilege in America has been extended to the people from 1964 Civil Rights Act to and include quota, refusal to hire whites simply because they did not fit what the Government wanted.

  18. Yes, all white people are slave masters and all blacks and Hispanics are slaves in the bizarro world that liberal fascists see.

  19. “Duty,
    honor, country and the regimental accolade “character above all”, doesn’t come
    from progressive liberal commies!”

  20. Kelly Johnson, the mastermind who created and ran the Lockheed Skunk Works, hand selected his successor, Ben Rich (think of the SR-71 Blackbird). Before handing over the reins, he sent Ben To Harvard Business School, to Ben’s surprise. On Ben Rich’s return, Kelly told him: “jJust remember what two thirds of Harvard Business School, hBS, stands for.

  21. People need to be proud that they are people. kin color should have nothing to do with it. God said in the Ten Commandments( not the ten suggestions) to love thy neighbor. What about that do people not understand? Haevard is just another brain washing camp to dumb down our youth. Un fund them.

  22. If we ignore them they might just go away. Let the harvard libs be the first to give their money away to the poor underprivileged black kids then we’ll see what happens…As for me… WHITE STRAIGHT AND PROUD!!!

  23. Several of my relatives were white Christian males who attended Harvard. One was on the board of the business school there. I would NEVER send my children to this university because of their anti Christian, anti white views. Don’t send your kids to ivy leagues. After their enrollment a plummet, perhaps they will reconsider their liberal views.

  24. Countries, states or cities that have a culture of English common law have been successful. They are not perfect but they have given the world what benefits they enjoy. A few other cultures have been marginally successful but not to the extent of English common law. Some cultures fail miserably. Communism and socialism have proven themselves to fail every time they have been tried. As Churchill said, “Democracy is a bad form of government but all the others are so much worse.”

  25. I can’t believe parents pay $50 or $75 thousand per year for this trash. I started working when I was 14 just to have some money in my pocket. I loved to bowl so I set pins(no automatic pin setters in those days) so I could get a few free games. From what I have read both the Obama’s had it very easy growing up so why should I apologize for anything.

  26. There’s no such thing as white privilege. There is, however, an IQ gap very obvious with the minorities.

    • Yes, read Professor Rushton or Jensen on the internet for an analysis. Also read THE BELL CURVE.

  27. My Sons and daughters, and grandchildren don’t attend Yankee schools !
    They can Kiss Butt but that won’t change history or the fact that we have moved a great distance since 1865 .

  28. I’m White….Never Had “Power Or Privilege” in my 68 years! Raised Poor …growing up worked along with Blacks on the farm, served in Vietnam, along with Blacks, Being a Contractor for some years, worked along with Blacks, at more than Min.-Wage for Them! I’m Not prejudice …But I’m Proud To Be White, Be Proud of Whatever Color God Made You! For You Liberals …. you Can Go To He!!……

  29. Once the left was able to convince enough people that “equal opportunity” meant “equal outcome”, white men were painted privileged and society has suffered as a result. Lowered standards in education, ethics, and accepted behavior have led us down to mediocrity.

  30. You know what? I am so tired of all this divisiveness the liberals, the Administration, and the Mainstream Media are doing to destroy our country. They are using the Cloward and Piven organizing strategy to implode our economy from within and have hastened the process in the last six years. Tell you what; why don’t we divide our country already, and have the Conservative States on one side and the Liberals completely on the other side. The number of states to be determined by the number of conservatives compared to the number of liberals. We will have our own schools and colleges and then see how each economy fares.

  31. It this information is confirmed, is HU now pushing racism, envy, bigotry, redistribution of moral values and wealth, as well as, ignorance and affirmative actions, in reverse??? HU must be desperate!
    This is the end result when our learning institutions have been contaminated by Liberal/Communist and Stale Socialist ideas, for so long.
    What ever happened to their much advertised “Satanic Mass”….?

    • I don’t think this class is about that. I think this class is about “Going to college makes you privileged. Going to Harvard makes you ____ing privileged.” Everyone in that room pretty much agrees that going to Harvard trumps any other racial or gender privilege that Harvard students have.

      • Dear perplexed…
        Thank you for your comments… They are appreciated.
        I believe, with all due respect, that you ought to read the News Report, a couple of more times…
        Do believe that, what HU is trying to do, is very dangerous and goes against the Moral Grain of our Nation Values, originally established in 1776!
        Everyone knows that going to HU is a F… Big Deal, and much like wining the PowerBall… It does not have to be reinforced! Our Nation is not stupid!
        They clearly has another more wicket Leftist Agenda.
        Don’t let them use it to push their leftist/racial propaganda on our unsuspected students.
        Thank you again for your comments!


  32. They pulled this $hit at Pitt back when I was an undergraduate. We clowned the living crap out of the instructors. I had a lot of fun. It was not only very easy to piss them off, it was fun and healthy too. The one really UUgly bitch told me that I wanted her. I told her that I didn’t service ugly chicks that looked like her. But for double the price I could find her an AC/DC nympho-tramp that might do her right. Damn! They are short sighted. Stupid also.

    • If I were forced to take this class, and I had been out as gay in undergrad, I would have totally trolled the prof too and denied the existence of straight privilege.

      Don’t try to convert us to Christianity. Don’t make marriage equality personal (you can disagree with it and vote against it), keep your moral judgments private, and we’re good. There is no straight privilege when we earn more than you.

  33. THIS is why Harvard has become an intellecutual joke, when compared to Yale, Brown, Princeton, Stanford, etc.

    • Pretty sure Harvard, while #2 in US News, still outranks Stanford. And on Wall Street, HBS is the Ace to SGSB’s King. (I feel your pain- graduating undergrad from a flagship state school is like getting dealt a 10)

      Also be careful about elevating hippie weed-smoking Brown over Harvard.

      • I really do not care what some magazine said. The bottom line is that more CEO’s per capita come out of Stanford with classes of ~300 than Harvard with their bloated classes of ~1,200.

        • Well of course- HBS sends a lot of people to the investment banks as well as the hedge funds and PE firms that actually own those companies. On Wall Street, where the money is, HBS has a much better brand. The West Coast is clearly seeing a lot of growth, but let me know when San Francisco becomes the money center that the East Coast is.

          Stanford’s brand (as well as UC Berkeley’s) weakens significantly once you get east of the Rockies.

  34. Wow, and I thought Berkley was a liberal bastion… the founders of Harvard must be rolling in their graves!
    The white college-bound students should seek universities that are a little more (okay, a lot more conservative) if there is such a thing and just let the people of color, gays and or people with no moral compass, atheists, feminists, etc. have the place. Then, the people that made their stupid decision concerning “white privilege” will soon be sitting around looking at the aftermath of that decision and will be asking, “what happened?”

  35. Then how are they going to explain filthy rich black people? Underprivileged? When do you all give up this crap and make a right turn? It really is disgusting. e.g. Oprah disrupts the lives of her neighbors w/a new house she’s building for ‘guests’ in CO, by blocking certain trails. She just HAD to have this one parcel of land – if that isn’t pulling rank and being privileged, I don’t know what is….Harvard is an empty suit school for minds seeking only the esoteric – because that is all the left spouts.

    • Harvard is a great school with an amazing Mathematics program as well as an excellent school for the hard sciences.

      I studied STEM at a state engineering school and thought I had learned all there was to know. Then I came out to an Ivy League school for a graduate degree and discovered there’s a lot of stuff I DIDN’T know.

      Harvard does not have a monopoly on the smart people and the top 10% at a school like UMich or Berkeley is smarter than the top 20% at Harvard, but dissing the school because it made a foolish move on course choices smells like sour grapes.

      • Now that is why you went to grad school…there is always something else you can learn. The problem with these very expensive institutions is the indoctrination…..who the H are they to tell anyone how to think? That is the job of parents. I would be furious if any school tried to indoctrinate my children on anything…that was my job and I did a great job of it and sometimes fighting against the school administrators in a backwater town

        • Marilyn, Nice try… but you can’t tell lefties ANYTHING, especially PW… he claims to be rich, Ivy League educated and intelligent… none of which are highlighted by the words he posts. Good effort, tho…

          • Actually I sort of agree with Marilyn here. Interesting how it’s easier for us to listen to people and have a civil conversation when you aren’t throwing ad-hominems at people for being gay. Thank you as well for keeping the discussion civil (or at least not attacking me personally this time.)

          • Actually I think Marilyn has a point here and I agree that any discussion on privilege is going to be very subjective and facts are going to be harder to agree on. We do a better job of listening to you when you are not calling us “homosexual perverts”.

            Have a nice day!

        • You have a very good point here. There are a lot of other things these students could be doing besides sitting in a classroom being told that white privilege, male privilege, and straight privilege exists. And Harvard should not be telling students how to think, although I do think discussions about the existence of various privileges may be fair game on a college campus among 18 year old adults.

  36. This makes me sick…I can feel the bile rising in my throat. Just when you think you have heard it all, the moronic liberals come up with something soooooo damned preposterous you can’t believe what you are reading.

    My 46 year old son is one of those white hetero males who had to work his butt off to get through school and get a good job. In his IT profession, he has co-workers and bosses who are black, East Indian, Hispanic, etc. They are right up there with him and he would never apologize to anyone. Nothing was handed to him. We tried to give him a good upbringing, but we worked damned hard for every penny we ever got.

    I am so sick of the whining…maybe I should have pushed our Cherokee heritage more so we could whine and complain about how our ancestors were treated and the miserable living conditions for many Native Americans still.

    Why do they continue to push this? The more they push, the more they keep the downtrodden down in their ghettos. This makes no sense.

  37. Being the youngest son of a Southeastern Kentucky family where my Father worked very hard in the underground coal mines, i can assure you we didn’t grow up privileged. What we had in our family was love and respect . We learned the values of hard work, and taking all the hard knocks along the way. For anybody that has succeeded in life because of honesty and hard work, and i don’t care what color your skin is, i applaud you.
    I think these liberal north easterner college professors have a misconception of what life and liberty are all about.

    • I wish you had written the article about white privilege rather than Tal Fortgang, a rich Princeton undergrad. Harvard is *probably* responding to Tal’s article.

  38. What they decline to share with you is that extreme Liberism is in fact a mental illness and should be treated as such instead of catered to.

  39. An excellent explanation why most of so-called Higher Education in America today is a mockery and unless you are a sexual deviate or muslim or at least half black you are treated like an enemy of the state. Color me “Not Politically Correct”.

  40. What is happening towards white is racism as well! Bunch of hypocrites and gangster homos! I remember the days when people were fearful of actuality getting into physical altercations! Meaning I would love to go back to the days when men were men and ass kicking was the manly thing to do. Today we have feelings, gayness and pansiitus! Wimps! Name calling and instilling guilt! I have no guilt about anything! Many of these liberal, socialist, communists and pansies need as good ass kicking to set them straight! Hey if you do not like what I stated, get over it and so freaking what! Man up and grow a set of testicles for once!

  41. Simple solution. Stop going to Harvard. Parents need to see how their tuition money is being spent and make other college choices that don’t indoctrinate.

    • For the record, I think the University of Chicago is a vastly underrated school that has a neutral or even slightly positive culture for Christians. Still, it ranks in the top 5 in US News and World Reports and consistently ranks near the top for Math, Physics, and Economics.

      I’m not a social conservative. I’m no longer a Christian, but I do think that open-minded, intellectually curious Christians make the world a better place than open-minded atheists. And UChicago is a relatively healthier environment for them than the Ivy League that gives them pretty much the same options as Harvard, Yale and Princeton.

      There are a lot of Christians on campus there, but it would still look like a bastion of atheist liberalism to the average poster on this site. Still, it’s the friendliest top 25 school to conservative Evangelicals, and it just so happens to be something like tied for #4 in the college rankings.

  42. As a professed Institute of Higher Learning they certainly should have a plausible explaination why 72% of all black children are born out of wedlock and most to one parent families, that a very high percentage of penal Intututions inmates are MINORITIES or why the learning average of lower classes have to be modified before the majority of the black students cannot pass the simplest of exams. If you are going to indoctrinate then at least be equal and accurrate.

  43. Just a bunch of social deviants who believe their own lies. We live in a very sick society with the sick teaching the young to be even more so.

    • Hi. Homosexual “deviant” here.

      I grew up in the Evangelical Church. At the age of 14, I gave my life to Jesus and had a personal relationship with him.

      I had two loving Christian parents who raised me well.

      I realized that I was not attracted to girls at the age of 14.

      I tried desperately hard to pray away the gay. I even had a few girlfriends and I tried desperately hard to enjoy kissing them and being in a relationship with them.

      In college, I joined the Methodist Church and led a campaign to bring the focus back to the cross. Like every Methodist Church, we had a big kitchen and sponsored dinners where student members were invited to bring friends. We brought the message back to having a personal relationship with Christ. We doubled in size. Many people gave their lives to Christ.

      Eventually, I told Christian friends and family about my situation. They prayed for me. Eventually they realized that homosexuality probably wasn’t a choice for me. They now support me.

      Today I am in a committed relationship with another man. And I’ve never been happier.

      On this liberal issue, I don’t think I’ve lied. I could cite the brain studies and neurochemistry publications that have come out over the past ten years showing that homosexuality is a chemical and biological phenomenon rather than a psychological disorder, but I’d rather just give my testimony on the matter.

      God bless!

  44. so there’s a low achieving black man that is the president of the most powerful country in the world and we still have to hear this crap…….give it a rest

  45. I just finished watching the end of season of two shows where in one, a black man was the director (NCIS) and for several years the hero of the show was subordinate and one where the leader of a spy organization (Agents of Shield) was a black man and the so called one in charge was over him and the latter acted very subordinate to him. (Oh in this show, the black bad guys were redeemed while the two white bad guys – one got blown up and the other is in prison. — got the thought that blacks are good, and whites are bad.) Maybe there should be a talk about black privilege.

  46. I suggest ALL ‘White” Alumni let the head moron in charge know that ALL future donations to the university will be donated to a different charity.

    And ALL “White” Parents refuse to pay a nickel to their kids education if they choose to attend harvurd

  47. This is garbage. I would ABSOLUTELY NOT attend. And dare them to kick me out for not attending a “mandatory” brainwashing session such as this. Students should not put up with this.

  48. Gays, atheists, feminists and rich people do donate money to universities. Most of what this author describes can be found in a sociology class. The extreme elements sound like this author is making things up.

    Mr. Minkoff, please give us the name of the people & programs at Harvard that you’re attributing the ridiculous components in your article. I can’t find anything on this topic on the internet. Please supply web sites and admin. names of people who are advocating the extreme ideas that you are describing.

    • Woonsocket yet again offers a voice of reason in the conversation.

      I, personally, am OK with a brief hour spent on the fact that Harvard students are privileged so long as that hour does not devolve into white students being berated for Structured Racism ala MCTC.

      I do think that it’s reasonable for a white moderate who lives in the Northeast to think that the cultural and economic effect of being a minority, after correcting for parents’ wealth, is an order of magnitude smaller today than it was 20 years ago. Take off another order of magnitude if you are a professor or student at Harvard.

      I do hope the conversation focuses on rich privilege and Ivy League privilege rather than racial, cultural, or gender privilege.

    • Do you believe this article on its face value? Do you know which Harvard employees are telling rich students that they don’t deserve their money?

  49. When are they going to hold the blacks responsible for their criminal actions in the l50 years. When they do that I will feel responsible for the actions of my race for the last 150 years. Until then they can kiss my white azz.

  50. Let’s put an end to this racism crap once and for all: ok. First God is the one who did what he did to the three races of mankind and He alone instituted the differances in race, he is the so-called racist as you say! For proof I ask you to read what GOD did and said, in Genesis 9:20-27 KJV He made differances in the three races for His reasons so, read the verse and read what it says and KNOW this: there is a differance between races! IF you don’t know this then you are as blind as a bat backing into a blizzard! As for why He did this: READ the verses and then KNOW! maybe there is something here you never have seen before! By the way, history will prove what I read and have said! NOW READ the verse!

  51. I CHALLENGE “EVERYONE” to get on the computer and LOOK UP the State Constitution of every state in the union, to include hawaii and Alaska! See how each state started! I challege alllllllllllll of you! Go ahead and see what you don’t know!

  52. That has to stop right now. All white privileged, take your money and walk out. See how long they last without the money.

  53. I am a white hetrosexaul man and never had anything giving to me my parents were poor white people thire parents had nothing the first of My family name game in the middle 1700, and I Am proud of who I am and I am as good as anybody else

    • Good for you. And I think it’s unfair that arguments of white privilege are directed at you. Your story sounds like my Dad’s, I’m exceptionally proud of him, and I aspire to be like him.

      He came from rural poverty on a 40 acre farm in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When he was 10 years old, he and his father went to a junkyard, bought an old toilet and sink, and installed running water in their house. He was a devout Christian, he studied accounting while paying his way through school by working, and became a CPA. He was an excellent father and made it to nearly every baseball game, swim meet, and water polo match. He raised us in the evangelical church. When I finished high school, he was able to put me through college at a state school at his own expense.

      There’s just one problem with this Norman Rockwell sketch. I turned out to be gay. My Dad still doesn’t know. He still tells gay jokes. He still accepts church doctrine that homosexuality is a choice. I love him, but I can never tell him the truth.

      You’re probably older and wiser than me, (although I am going to vociferously disagree with you if you claim that same sex attraction is a choice- I’m pretty sure I would know better on that one) but I wonder if the moral here is that, while we can’t run attacking people for privilege, we should try to be tolerant of each other.

      • Would you accept the argument that, while some homosexuals are born gay, some turn themselves gay? Or do you hold steadfast that everyone who claims to be gay was born gay? Just curious…

        • I would not immediately reject a claim that a small (single digit) percentage of homosexuals turn gay due to environmental factors well after birth. My prior views and personal experience would make it difficult to buy for a majority.

          I’d want to see published, peer-reviewed research in a major journal. This is something that I have found to be lacking among social conservatives, outside of citing uncontrolled studies by NARTH that have a lot of flaws.

          Short of that, why speculate?

          • Tell you why… Homosexuality is the “in thing”… gets lots of attention, pisses parents off, makes a teen look independent… when it is considered a sin by many people.
            Sexual orientation for a teen boy is a big deal… sex is all they think about. It’s not a time for a young man to deal with such a sensitive issue. I’m on board for not ridiculing a gay person, but advocating their “choice” at that time in their life is wrong.

            My guess is we’re going to have 2 sides to this issue for a long time. I know liberals think they’re “winning” but it just isn’t that simple. And the fact that liberals can’t accept a compromise (civil unions) is the reason there will never be a truce.When conservatives give an inch, liberals take a mile.

          • >Tell you why… Homosexuality is the “in thing”… gets lots of attention, pisses parents off, makes a teen look independent… when it is considered a sin by many people.

            When was homosexuality ever the “in thing”? People run around on this forum equivocating homosexuals to child molesters. That kind of thinking has been going on for hundreds of years.

            In the 1970s, gay people in New York City decided that they had had enough of the criminal labeling. NYC literally had a law against being gay. In spite of anti-gay pressure from the rest of society, gays built their own community in Chelsea. Today it is one of the most expensive residential zip codes on the planet and openly gay people earn more than their heterosexual counterparts.

            You could say the same thing, culturally, about the American Jews of the 1950s and 1960s. We went from being ostracized by society, sometimes being accused of eating children, to suddenly being rich… and cool. Why? Being marginalized for homosexuality means we have to outstudy and outwork everyone else to stay out of the margins of society.

            >And the fact that liberals can’t accept a compromise (civil unions) is the reason there will never be a truce.

            If we get rid of legal marriage and legally refer to it as a civil union for both gay and straight people, I’d be OK with that. People could get married in a church (including gay people who could find a liberal church to take them) and sign civil union papers and the government would not be in charge of affirming or disavowing marriages. That was a proposal liberals were pushing ten years ago. Conservatives said no- wait, conservatives said “Hell NO!”, so the conversation has advanced to marriage, instead.

            Unfortunately, a move by a state to do this today is going to look like a conservative attempt to avoid getting hit by a supreme court ruling rather than a compromise that could have held for a long time after some ruling on the 14th amendment, if it had been done early enough.

            We live in a rights-based society and I think the moral of the story here is that conservatives should try to be in a hurry to give people rights that they don’t have strong moral objections to.

  54. Is there a chapter within this guilt-fest that explains Barack Hussein Obama and his privilege? Do they explain the privilege of a half white man, son of a white elitist and grandson of a white bank president? Do they explain how he was born into a privileged, white, upper middle class Hawaiian neighborhood, traveled extensively, dress sartorially, but never worked a full time job? Do they explain how his grades were admittedly poor, but he managed to gain entrance into 2 Ivy League schools? Do they explain that Affirmative Action is a privilege reserved ONLY for blacks? Do they explain how this lazy piece of trash used “white privilege” to rise to the presidency as a black man, without ever accomplishing anything of merit in his entire profane life?

    If not, every white male that’s forced to sit through this racist emasculation, under the guise of education, should spit on his professor’s imported Italian loafers, and walk the h3ll out the d*mned door.

  55. .It would seem to me that the powers to be are doing everything possible to cause as much racial tension and bigotry as possible. The American people are extremely tolerant and we put up with a lot of Shit but if they continue pushing is going to reach a tipping point.

    At that point you going to see a firestorm the likes of which this country is not seen in centuries the majority of the country happens to be heterosexual, Christian, and not black. The few radicals that are behind this abomination of racial bigotry are going to have the blood of thousands on their hands.

    The social progressive movement is successfully infiltrated and taken control of most of our universities and colleges and are turning out little robots and clones of the 1960s radical drug movement. The hippies are now running the school and is still worthless maggots.

    The schools are turning out educated idiots. They have a piece of paper that says I’m smart so therefore I cannot make a mistake and if you don’t like it here racist or whatever else. With these individuals running the country were not going to be around for long. You’d better start brushing up on your Chinese, Russian, and Spanish because you’re not going to need English in a longer

  56. Is this a course in brainwashing without the water board? Harvard is going of the deep end of political correctness. The young minds of wet nursed teens exposed to leftist ideology, without recourse to argument. I would suggest that this is a course forced on young minds by bullying, and the bully is Harvard. SHAME! SHAME!

  57. I feel cheated because I’m not short, I have a long way to fall. I live in constant fear.

  58. This is just garbage! Every since Obama was elected we have gone straight backwards by 250 years. If he hadn’t been elected we would be light years ahead of were we were. They are building this orientation on 250 year old history, but progress that has been made was moving forward, until Obama was elected and started the Sal Alinsky crap, and the gullible swallowed the hook! Our problem now is a President and University that HATE the US!

    • No dear. This started in the US when Wilson sold us to the Banksterskys, and the Frankfurt School members were permitted to enter America.

  59. What exactly is “white privilege” ? I pay lots and lots of taxes, mortgage, car, cc bills, utility bills, I bought my phone and pay the monthly charges, I pay for my insurance, buy my groceries, etc and all of any entertainment I am lucky enough to afford.
    Sounds to me like the word “privilege” should be extended to any and all (color aside) those who get and have all that is listed above for doing absolutely nothing but consuming oxygen and producing a lot of hot air and CO2 !!!
    I’ll apologize for being born white the same day the sun comes up in the west !! Until then the politicians and academic morons can kiss my white a$$!

  60. My Granddaughter was going to Harvard in the fall, not now, our family doesn’t have to apologize to anyone for being white….. I worked hard for the money to be able to send her there, she earned the grades. We never, ever owned slaves, nor discriminated against anyone.. We will not be made to feel quilty because of our color, or race. Any of you people, that have bought this PC crap because of what happened in the 1800’s are fools.

    • Congratulations on her acceptance!

      Before making such a drastic decision, please take a look at the outline for the course.

      Also, did your daughter apply to UChicago, and did she get in? UChicago is one of the the last elite institutions in the US to not surrender to post-modernism. It’s an excellent school and although it will not protect her from atheist viewpoints, it won’t force them on her, either.

      • Why would I waste my time and money sending my Grandchild to a place that would even consider such a course… Tell me do you feel that your should apologize for your race, are you going to put up with some PC pseudo intellectual trying to make you feel guilty for things that you have never participated in…. Your liberal leanings are showing.

    • A large number of students (not all) go to Harvard for free. In fact, by my math, the school probably has the financial ability to give all students free tuition. In reality, Harvard uses grants to cover financial need and even works with students who want to attend but whose parents balk at the tuition.

      So the parents matter some in this, but they probably matter less in this than you think.

      I am with you on the fact that colleges should not be indoctrinating students about white privilege or structured racism. I also believe that most conservative white students will take this course, pass whatever test they have to pass, and then completely forget about it once it’s over.

      • It’s unfortunate that most people who attend university (any university these days) don’t have a counter to the liberal garbage they hear coming from the podium. That being said I hope you are right about some of them being able to develop critical thinking skills.

        • What you find at these schools is a plethora of different kinds of thinking.

          Most college students are pretty liberal.

          Most college students who aren’t studying STEM or business are even more liberal. (Harvard does not have an undergraduate business program and is much stronger in the liberal arts than engineering and tech. Yale, even moreso)

          Most of these students are exceptionally sophisticated for the age of 18. (I’m not saying they’re wise… just sophisticated.) They are capable of recognizing and rejecting indoctrination that does not line up with what they’ve seen growing up. I’ve TA’d kids like these as a grad student- some of them were as sophisticated as me in my mid-20s with a few years of work experience and they were certainly more confident, outspoken, precocious, and less naive than the average student at a flagship state school where I did my undergrad.

          If Harvard is teaching these kids students things that aren’t true, aren’t fair, or are controversial to a large number of students, it will backfire.

          However, it is my hope that the discussion will *mostly* focus on “rich privilege” and “Ivy League privilege” which I think most reasonable people would agree exists to some degree. Before going to grad school, I was a state school graduate surrounded by Ivy Leaguers and I certainly felt that there was some level of elite school privilege where I worked. I didn’t complain about it, but now that I’m on the other side, I don’t think it’s unreasonable for Harvard to admit it exists.

      • You are correct–the complaints need to come from the people who donate huge sums of money to Harvard. Will that happen? Obviously it hasn’t occurred to this point.

        • The thing is that the Harvard endowment has grown so big that they really don’t ever need to raise more money. A 4%/year sustainable, inflation-adjusted indefinite draw on $16 Billion = Most of Harvard’s operating expenses, and that’s before they collect tuition. Future alumns will also probably keep giving to the endowment anyways.

          I don’t know on this. If you’re a fiscal conservative, there’s nothing you could do on this. If you’re a fiscal moderate, you could start taxing the endowments of large schools that have more than $1 million in endowment money per student, or limit the tax deductibility of gifts to such schools, or give more moderate state research institutions like UVA, UC Berkeley, UMich, UT Austin, and UW Madison bigger endowments and help them to compete with Harvard on the prestige front.

    • Harvard is the one remaining college in this country where you are essentially guaranteed a job when you graduate. Not many parents want to risk their child’s status.

  61. Control freaks at work breaking down the lame brains with indoctrination and propaganda.

    I too am white, came from very humble beginnings and never had a slave nor wanted one nor supported such? I am also quite sure I had no advantage in RVN or any other events of my life ? This is all really irritating me for being labeled by proxy from embeciles in academia and government.

  62. What exactly is “white privilege” ? I pay lots and lots of taxes,
    mortgage, car, cc bills, utility bills, I bought my phone and pay the
    monthly charges, I pay for my insurance, buy my groceries, etc and all
    of any entertainment I am lucky enough to afford.
    Sounds to me like
    the word “privilege” should be extended to any and all (color aside)
    those who get and have all that is listed above for doing absolutely
    nothing but consuming oxygen and producing a lot of hot air and CO2 !!!
    apologize for being born white the same day the sun comes up in the
    west !! Until then the politicians and academic morons can kiss my
    white a$$!

      • I’m afraid you would be more accurate to say culture wars. They’re making a big stink now about hump day, the notion that featuring a camel in the commercial is somehow racist as well. I don’t know why a camel celebrating hump day would be offensive to anyone in the middle east, but it would not be accurate to say they are a different race than caucasian, unless they have some negroid filtered in. This is also true for hispanics.

    • I have never known white privilege either. When I was a kid, I had a necklace stolen out of a locker at a public pool. The only people in the locker room who saw me at the locker were two or three girls. They were still there when I returned just a few minutes later and discovered the missing necklace. I raised the alarm, and pointed to them, at least to ask about it, but they loudly protested that I called them black and therefore I was a racist–the upshot? No one even troubled them about my necklace. White privilege? No. Loud mouth possible thief gets away with the crime by being rude? Most likely. Who gets the privilege.

  63. Emini S&P Trading Secret and learn how to trade and then move to South East Asia and live a life that you never dreamed you could live. That’s what I am doing now and very happy instead of being in fear all the time and stressed.

  64. They are conditioning us here at the University of Missouri to so the same. I volunteered to take a diversity course to see what they where up to. By the second class they where trying to get me to apoligize for being a white male. I got up and walked out and told them I didn’t need their certificate.

  65. More proof harvard is no longer a university. Acridetations of facilities and faculty should be removed forever.

  66. Intercourse Harvard and their RACIST MANDATORY BRAINWASHING! To think what Harvard was, and what it’s turning into.
    Hey…wait…didn’t Pres. Obama go there? HA!

  67. This is the pathetic, insipidly execremental end, the ultimate logical conclusion of self-hating liberalism. I recall the time when I was an undergraduate, how the upper middle class white students tended to abhor everything American and perferred all things socialist-European. Today their children and grandchildren are genetic inbreeds, kiddies without a country, souls without any roots whatever, cast adrift by their most recent ancestors to wander around apologizing for their very existence. Ubama is their figurehead: the annointed and cherished leader of the hate America first, last and always crowd. When he is gone, we must all shake the dust from our sandals and leave his pathetic memory as far behind as we can. The rest, unfortunately, we will have to deal with. I’m ready.

  68. What the author describes as a “tragic irony” is also a graphic picture of what the future of the nation is under the influence of progressives.

    Harvard is full of anti-American, un-American Marxists who have the agenda of subverting the foundation of our rights, our laws, our morality our liberty and our country. Their agenda is that of the democrat progressives.

    • Every problem the USA has right now can be corrected if the right approach is taken with the right people put in place. And it is no secret there are many problems. However, they will not be corrected unless the right mind set is installed in government (and that is not a progressive mind set) and that part is up to us, you and me. We must wake up and put those people in place and watch them very closely to assure they do the job we hired them for. In the past what has happened is we elect folks and then pay no attention to them until they need our vote again and they get it without checking any records. That must not continue. All the problems facing this once great nation are not left and right they’re American problems. Only when we become Americans again will we solve them!

      • I can’t agree with you Don. Many (not all) of our problems center around the left/right divide.

        Progressivism is the rejection of our founding documents, and the repudiation of our founding with it’s world and life view based on Judeo/Christian principles.

        Progressivism is antithetical to America’s values of individual values and the rule of law.

        Just as with other totalitarian ideologies (Islam, Communism, Nazism & Fascism) progressivism must be defeated and removed from influence and power.

        • I’m sorry you disagree although I do not see “where” we disagree. My opinion is progressivism is communism in disguise. Which I can explain. If we can eliminate progressive influence and elect enough conservatives I really do think we can solve every problem we now have.
          As I see it there are three options we have. November’s election to take control of the Senate is the first one. I am not foolish enough to think that is a total solution. If that fails a constitutional convention, which we should be cautious about and then a violent push back (war). That’s about it if you know of any other I would like to know about it. However, I think we both agree we must get rid of the progressive influence and fast.

          Whatever we do we must at least “attempt” to avoid a war. Most of us have no desire to become involved in another one especially here in our own country. And yes I am a veteran. However, we should not avoid one if it becomes absolutely necessary. But it must not be a politically correct one like Vietnam we must fight to win no matter what! We all took an oath, mine is still active even at my age.

          • Perhaps I misunderstood your statement that all our problems aren’t left/right. I was laying out a case for the most significant problems being in the left’s assault on our laws and liberty.

            Progressivism is a modern day manifestation of Marxism.

            I agree with what you’ve said here – and thanks for your service.

          • How Marxist is Europe? All of the progressives are running around saying we should be like Europe. Are European capitalists getting killed or shipped off to gulags as they were in Soviet Russia? Or is it possible that a third political system- social democracy- exists?

            My personal view is that there are big problems with the government making it easy for people who cannot support themselves to have more than two kids, and that working age people who aren’t disabled should be working, but Marx advocates a violent revolution in Das Kapital- which is what makes Marxism such a scary word. That has never happened in Western Europe.

          • If you think the sum total of Marxism is genocide is the only manifestation of Marxism you’ve missed a lesson or two. Likewise, if you think that the only model is violent revolution, you need to do a little more research. Look at the methods Stalin employed to force communism on nations.

            Similarly – social democracy is but one manifestation of Marxism – it’s just a stop along the way toward communism.

            Any form of socialism is antithetical to American ideals and values – like CommieCare, it tramples our God-given right to private property, taking our earnings by force to give to others to purchase health care for a phony right (Marxist/statist).

          • Stalin imposed Marxism through force in every country that went Communist. The Red Army literally was used to impose Communism.

            2% of the population in the US- the left wing loons- advocate the use of force in imposing communism. Meanwhile, 5%-7% of the country is advocating the use of force to remove a democratically elected president (I argue these are the right-wing loons).

            For the record, while I had some doubts about what happened in Florida in 2000, I never advocated Bush’s removal and argued against the people to the left of me who wanted to do so. Especially the people who claimed the 2004 election was not legitimate.

            Back in 1980 we would not have had the problem of these people screaming at the top of their lungs about politics. These people (both right and left) would all be receiving treatment for paranoid schizophrenia and delusional psychosis.

            I’m a fiscal conservative (social liberal) but I am willing to spend money on outpatient treatment for the mentally ill if it raises the level of political discourse in this country.

          • Well, you’ve changed your criteria. At first you stated that communism came via violent revolution and I said that was not true, and then you switched it to imposing it through force.

            Leaving your bait and switch aside, I still say you are wrong. Communism didn’t always come via violent revolution or through force. The Poles came under the hammer and sickle through the disreputable, sell out of the Polish people by FDR to Stalin. And, like Dear Leader who wanted to keep his malfeasance re. Benghazi quiet in order to win his election, FDR entered into a pact with Stalin so he too could win his election.

            You can go through all of the countries throughout E. Europe and you’ll find different circumstances surrounded many of their coming into the Soviet orbit. Then you have to look at S. America and S.E. Asia and you’ll see differences there too.

            Then too – Stalin’s goal to subvert America didn’t call for the instigation of violent revolution or outside force – just rotting us from the inside (as we’re seeing now, courtesy of the progressive democrats who cooperate extensively with communists).

            Whether a president is “democratically elected” has nothing to do with whether or not a government should be rejected. Faithfulness to the Constitution is the criteria – and Dear Leader and the Marxist democrats are working overtime to subvert it.

          • The Poles came under the hammer and sickle twice. First in 1939 and again in 1945 (albeit the second time mercifully replaced Fascism). Both times the Red Army was *heavily* involved.

            The US is nowhere near as statist as we were in the early 1930s. The government hasn’t confiscated your gold, and if the country came anywhere close to having something like the National Industrial Recovery Act, there *might* actually be a revolution today:


            Seriously, FDR makes Clinton look like Reagan and Obama look like Gerald Ford.

          • Geez, you missed the big revolution today. 10 million people were supposed to come to Washington to overthrow the government.


            For the record I have no problem with fiscal conservativism, but I do have a problem with tea party militancy. We live in a civil society, and until political arrests are being made on a regular basis or a reasonable person would conclude an election has been stolen, there is no justification for a riot.

            But seriously, the Westboro Baptist Church has staged bigger protests.

  69. I’m a white, Christian, heterosexual male but I guess I missed the “freebies” given to me because of my status. I recall having to work a full-time job during college to pay for my tuition, food, gas, car, etc. Anybody know where I can get back pay on that? Ha. I sure hope the Harvard students pick up some critical thinking skills to recognize that propaganda.

    • But don’t worry. Tal Fortgang beat you to the punch on writing that article in the Princeton Tory . So instead of speaking for yourself, a rich Princeton student spoke for your whiteness. You supported his article, and now Harvard and the other Ivies think they have a “our students don’t get privilege” problem .

      1.) Besides being white, you have little in common with Tal.
      2.) You should have written the article about white privilege talking about your struggle. You would have made a better case against white privilege. (Just not “Ivy league privilege” or “rich privilege”)

  70. Harvard used to be a great school. The same is true for all of these indoctrination centers at this point.

    Sure, all of us whites grew up “privileged”. Right. No, we just had parents that taught us that we were responsible for our actions and that our actions dictate our outcome. Something called personal responsibility. Something that should be taught by every parent of every race.

  71. I think this whole problem started with (affirmative action) to help the undesirables and under educated gain entrance to college!

  72. There is no doubt that minorities have received the short straw in our society for many years. However I don’t consider my family privileged:
    My paternal grandparents arrived from Hungary in 1926 without any money–they had three children, two died before their first birthday in the US because they couldn’t afford proper medical. My dad, the surviving child, was a World War II vet who had vivid memories of the Depression until they day he died but never held a grudge about it.

    On my mother’s side two of my uncles never came home from France where they died fighting the Germans. They had the “privilege” of sacrificing their lives for freedom.
    I understand that had my dad been black he likely would not have had the opportunities to climb the economic ladder and provide our family the life we had..however he worked for everything he received. That is a part of our history we can’t erase and must be told.
    However, it is not the fault of the vast majority of whites who also lived in poverty and things have certainly changed today. Sure, there is prejudice and one needs to look no farther than Donald Sterling to see that it exists. However, the opportunity to succeed is present for all Americans and to blame one group for the problems of another (as “white privilege” does) or deny a group the right to comment on anything regarding minority issues (“check your privilege”) is pure nonsense. If we are ever going to come together as black, white, brown, and red everything has to be on the table. Classes such as this one at Harvard only serve to make the chip on someone’s shoulder bigger and when one carries a chip on that shoulder it is difficult to take the steps to move ahead on one’s own.

    Believe me, I feel the same way when I hear a fellow white person complain about losing a job or a spot to a minority because of a real or perceived affirmative action “decision”. What’s done is done–if the person continues to blame and make excuses they will never move ahead.

  73. White people fight back, don`t let your children go to Harvard, they can`t survive on the minority.

    For the record, it was jews who were the owners of the slave trading ships who treated the African slaves terribly.

    • I thought they were too busy eating children, controlling the world’s supply of money, and cheering the death of Jesus. How would they have time to mistreat slaves?

      • I know nothing about them eating children, hiding 2 trillion in gold or conspiring with aliens. first I have heard of it but if you say so. I know they are Gods chosen people and the master race, that will be the day, they wouldn`t hurt a fly would they. Are you one of those hiding Jews that the Israeli government pays to troll the internet to spread distraction and disinformation.

        • Yet another conspiracy!!! No, I am from the US. I grew up Christian, I am now a classical Deist for personal reasons.

          • The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 and it`s members are a conspiracy and everything about jews is a conspiracy, right. Radical islamist, sharia law, koran all conspiracy, and everything about muslims is a conspiracy, right.

          • I actually know one of the former NY Federal Reserve Chairs. #1 he’s not Jewish #2 the fed isn’t a conspiracy.

          • Well at first you sure replied like everything that jews are involved in is a conspiracy. In all three of these organizations not all are jews but 75% or more are and the minority does not rule they go along. These organizations whose purpose right from there conception was to destroy the freedom and independence of the United States, and to lead the country into a one-world government. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), Trilateral Commission and the Federal Reserve.

            Talmudic-Jewish globalist masters from the CFR and the other two organizations really calls the shots. obama and most of congress are puppets they are all on stage with their pre written scripts in hand from the globalist masters ready for the viewing audience we the people. You already know this don`t you.

  74. And the PC crowd gets another way to lay guilt on White Americans. Reparations aren’t happening and probably will never happen. These ultra-expensive Universities aren’t worth the money they charge for an education. There’s way to much Liberal brainwashing going on in the University system in this country. The text books they use don’t tell the truth about history of this country or the world, for that matter.

    After all, Obama got a big expensive Ivy League degree and look what that got us!

  75. OMG! Never trusted dang Lawyer’s in the Past…and now I know I can’t trust dang Lawyer’s…especially if they went to Harvard! Look who’s running our Country! He went to Harvard! All you young Wanna’ be lawyers heading for Harvard….make a quick 180 and get the hell outa’ Dodge!

  76. According to a BBC article an introductory course is now, “not” being made compulsory in this area of check your privilege. These lefties have gone from being do-gooders to left wing fascists and should be treated as such. C.S Lewis talked about these do-gooders being worse than tyrants. Isn’t it quite ironic that these repressive “hate speech laws” that are proposed in Massachusetts is from a state which once burnt witches. It is also the home of idiotic Kerry who just the other day stated that sorting out Libya was similar to sorting out the state of Massachusetts.


    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S Lewis.

    There must be an ideological shift away from this constant activism of these left wing fascists who are given too much latitude and respect. Most of these young twits have never worked a day in their life.

  77. I would tell them that they are insane. And do NBA players enjoy “black privilege”? And do the many successful Asian students enjoy “yellow privilege”?
    Divisive hogwash. And an insult to intelligence and decency.

  78. Are these privileges too? Most “knock out” assaults are white. Most victims of interracial crimes are white. In the case of rape it is about 100 %. (FBI statistics)
    These divisive programs are terrible. The lies told by the media in the Trayvon Martin death in my view has lead to many of these racial assaults. And the Trayvon Martin case was a Hispanic justly defending himself from assault. The shooter only became white to suit the media false narrative. There have been numerous deaths as a result of those racial assaults and mob beatings.

  79. I see HOPE in this. When the retards(liberals)have ruined these once good schools then MAYBE the problem of liberalism will be realized and reversed.

  80. Karl Marx would be proud, along with all the other communist jews who vowed to destroy the White/European world.

  81. All I can say that if you are white male and proud to be who you are and what you have accomplished you are instantly labeled as racist.

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