Harry Reid Calls Bundy Supporters Domestic Terrorists

You may hate Harry Reid. But at least the guy states his opinion. So, if you were wondering what big-government robots really think of Cliven Bundy and those that supported him, look no further than Harry Reid. He says they’re domestic terrorists.

Take a look at his actual comments:

Those people who hold themselves out to be patriots are not. They’re nothing more than domestic terrorists . . . I repeat: what went on up there was domestic terrorism. There were hundreds—hundreds of people from around the country—that came there. They had sniper rifles on the freeway. They had assault weapons. They had automatic weapons. . . . [They said they had] children and women lined up because if anyone got hurt we wanted to make sure they got hurt first, because we want the federal government hurting women and children. . . . What if others tried the same thing? . . . Clive Bundy does not recognize the United States. He says that the United States is a foreign government. He doesn’t pay his taxes. He doesn’t pay his fees. And he doesn’t follow the law. He continues to thumb his nose at authority.

So, let it be known. If you try to protest the civil government’s ridiculous over-reach and federal adjudication of local issues from above … If you resist the federal government’s unilateral regulation, taxation, and control of local land and local business … If you don’t bend over backwards to give up your guns, your business, your money, your life to the great overlord in DC … you are a domestic terrorist.

And the thing is, Reid is just making it clear on which side of the authority divide he falls. The fact is that the BLM showed up at Clive Bundy’s ranch with “sniper rifles on the freeway,” “assault weapons,” “automatic weapons.” They were pointing guns at citizens and sequestering the first amendment into a fenced-off zone. Federal government stooges (not unlike Reid) were the first to criticize Bundy supporters for having their women and children present in the armed standoff. (So who is using children as a leverage tool?) The fact is that, if the source of legitimate authority in the US comes from the people, the civil government of the United States, according to Harry Reid’s own pronouncement, is an institution comprising a whole host of domestic terrorists.

Government does not come from DC. The United States is not merely the outworking of its civil government. “We the people,” remember? It is the people of the states, the people of local communities from which comes the authority and greatness of this country. The real domestic terrorists are not those who fight for the cause of the people, whatever you may think of Cliven Bundy. The real domestic terrorists are those tyrants attempting to take away the rights and freedoms of average citizens. I imagine this is not the last time patriotic militiamen will have to prove the purpose of the second amendment.

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  1. Harry is corrupt to his very core. He is a disgrace to Congress, the nation, and the parents who nurtured him.

      • Try a mass of living defication found in the water waste treatment plant and it began breathing! Therefore being from shit and of shit all he talks is shit for he is shit!

          • You would know. It’s certainly true that Totalitarian/Socialists are
            the expert purveyors of hate.

          • Aren’t you benefiting from Medicare ?
            Are you trying to promote OBAMA CARE underhanded , OH, I know you are a Troll, for the Traitors in office… No, sorry, Medicare will not be going anywhere , just like YOUR welfare !

          • Where did that come from? Stop smoking dope, then maybe you can clear your mind and return to topic.

        • Spoken like a true Rode Island liberal idiot (Woonsocket) Another PI$$ ant tiny liberal State with less than a million people (or there about) with two freakin Liberal arse wipe Senators that kiss Harry’s tush!!!

          • The truth is neither conservative or liberal it is simply the truth which means that it is true and supporting the truth is honorable and you demonize him for telling the truth. Shame on you.

          • You seem to think you are the ONLY one telling the truth, which you are not, like the Democrat you are… and you say Reid was right in what he did according to the Constitution & the Founding Fathers…SHAME ON YOU for LYING…

          • NO the court has heard this and I take their word for it, Most people do not believe your BS except on these conservative site who are full of lies. Your in a small minor of all. The law is on Reid’s side and the courts have backed them up. The Constitution sets up the frame work for all laws and it supports laws that make theft illegal which is what Bundy has done by defying the court orders and his refusal to pay his fees and rents. You can stick your nose up and me, Reid and the courts who has the law on their side and all your lies cannot change that fact. It is you that should be ashamed but I suspect your so filled with hate you cannot see the real truth.

          • Hate ? Because I have my own opinion & what i have found to be the truth ? I am NOT ashamed of anything I have said, so you can stick it where the sun doesn’t shine… you are one stupid Socialist Democrat that spew your LIES which the left is famous for, so what you need to do is move on & stick by your Socialist people & you may end up in the same boat as they are, but ,it looks like it is already too late, you are about to SINK !

          • Not telling the truth is lying, this is not your opinion but you are giving false facts. The fact your not ashamed of your lying tells us your delusional and It appears that hate is its motivator. Your description of me is all false to which is false assumptions on your part. Your so full of hate you could not possibly see or respect the truth.

          • You libs always resort to calling anyone who disagrees with your distorted outlook…as haters, racist, homophobes, etc. You libs are the real haters and racists, but are so full of hate you can’t see or respect the truth.

          • I did not call him any names merely said it appears he hates and in my opinion he is filled with hate but that is very different than calling him names this is merely my opinion and my free speech which you are ridiculing. I never called him any of what you accuse me of and I never said i was a lib either that is merely your assumption and it appears anything you do not understand or agree with has to be liberal. Your lack of intelligence is showing. You also appear filled with hate especially towards liberals which you do not understand either and it is you who has no respect for the truth if you even are able to recognize the truth it appears that is a very real problem for you.

          • Hey smilee..are you one of those paid obama trolls who likes to engage conservatives and actually believes you can get us to convert to liberalism? Stop using the old Dem guidebook rhetoric where all conservatives are ‘haters’. You continue to make my case. Keep up the good liberal work.

          • Nope! just telling the truth as been shown absent the Conservative filters and lies. I am not trying to convert anybody and I suspect most fools on here are so closed minded that it would be a effort of futility anyhow. I never said all but there are far to many that are as their movement attracts the haters, racists and radicals but many conservatives do not support this BS either. It has nothing to do with liberal anything just merely the truth.

          • LIAR, I’ll call you that because you said ” your { should be YOU’RE } so full of hate you can’t see or respect the truth “, NOTHING ABOUT ” APPEARS HE HATES , he is filled with hate “… you Democrats just can not tell the truth, NO HOW ! Yoiu have been a sore thumb on these sites for a long time, as many, i am fed up with your BS !

          • Your all squeak and no substance, this is all about government hate and supports illegal activities. This is stupid and hateful.

          • Now you are trying to put words in my mouth ? Calling me a Liar, Delusional ,Hater,, you DO NOT know me, it is funny to read your comment spewing LIES, saying who & what I am, playing the guessing game… NO where near of who I am, what I stand for, NOT even a SMIDGEN… get lost, my Last response to you, I do NOT deal with Mental Midgets !

          • I said you lied and you did but I did not call you a liar, it is my opinion you are delusional as you are so out of touch with reality which is what that is and I believe it is because of the hate you consistently express which you also deny as you cannot recognize that and also suggests you are delusional. My responses are in response to what you have said and to that degree I do know you and that is only because that is what you yourself have exposed about yourself to me. You do have to deal with mental midgets because that is quite an accurate description of you.

          • What a stupid statement. Medicare is paid by payroll deductions by both Dems and Republicans. It is not a handout.

          • LOL, it is hilarious how these Socialist Democrats come out with their BS { LIES } & try to convince the SANE, TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE they are right & we are freeloading… NEVER TOOK A DIME from the Government, NEVER ! WOONIE needs to get his facts straight ! His one liners does nothing but show his STUPIDITY ! SAYS NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE ! Have a great day !

          • He did not say it was a handout he was referring to the fact republicans view Medicare as a socialist program and still use it.

          • On it’s face, Medicare could easily be viewed as a socialist program, except for the fact that the individual pays his own way through payroll deduction. Obamacare on the other hand IS a socialist program since a large portion of the population will have their healthcare partially or fully covered by those that actually pay their taxes. It seems to me that it’s the democrats that are confused on the subject.

          • About a third on Medicare also get medicaid supplement (taxpayer paid)and direct subsidized part D in both premiums and co-pays. because their incomes are low no different than what is being done in Obamcare. So in that sense there is no difference and it has been done this way for years with Medicare. The vast majority of health care is still employer furnished and that is not subsidized so as a part of the total population it is not all that large, those that bought from the exchanges a large part is subsidized but the majority of the population do not get it from the exchanges. Most subsidized were previously uninsured. It seem you are the one confused.

          • Since I was only referring to Medicare, and not Medicaid, the employer and employee share equally in the cost of MEDICARE. Medicaid is paid by taxpayer funds, so that part could be viewed as socialized medicine. As for any of the healthcare costs being employer furnished, it is a fringe benefit provided to employees that when added to the wages amounts to the total cost of an employee.

          • Medicare D subsidy is a direct premium payment to the insurance company by the gov and provider in some cases. I guess you then would have liked Medicare for all rather than Obamacare but in either case the cost would be similar to the taxpayer but Medicare provides better coverage to the individual. My point with the employer was that none is taxpayer paid, sure it is a benefit and part of the pay package. Socialized Medicine is what they have in England and that is the gov owns and operates all the health care facilities. Here it is all privately owned and operated except VA facilities and only helps pay an individuals medical costs who has insufficient funds to pay his own and that is supported by the Constitution, this is not socialism, England’s is socialism and unless you believe the Constitution is a socialist document this is not socialism. Conservative have taken to labeling much as socialism if they are opposed to it even when it is not that in reality.

          • NOT at ALL, Idiot… We Seniors paid into Medicare from day one & continuing , as in SS also… that goes to show what a Socialist Democrat knows about your own LAW, STUPIDITY comes to mind… get your facts straight before commenting because it only proves how Stupid you truly are !

          • since everyone has had to fund Medicare for most of our working lives, we have been forced to rely in it.I would have loved to have retained my own insurance, but was kicked off when I became eligible for Medicare.

          • Your employer kicked you off, right? Many seniors still have insurance through their employer and wave Medicare unless they do not then you are on Medicare A without premiums as you do not have to take B, Cor D unless you want to.

          • Actually, you are correct, Bundy is wrong for not paying the grazing fees. No rents are included. However, the problem is a government that cannot take care of business. Bundy paid his fees for years, and gladly did so, because BLM did as they advertised they would do, they worked side by side with the ranchers to improve the area. Then, as is always the case with government, they broke their end of the bargain and stopped improving the area. Bundy attempted to pay the fees to entities that would continue improving the area like Clark County or the state of Nevada. Obviously both refused. So, the picture is one of yet another example of our fine government letting its mouth overload its posterior. By the way, this isn’t the only problem area out there either. A summit was just held out west, represented by several states, and their main drive is reacquiring most federal land from the US government simply because they are not managing the land properly. The Bundy situation is the poster child for that effort.

          • Do us a favor & use the right word in the sentence you are writing… YOUR, YOU’RE, simple ,not hard, unless too stupid to figure it out !

          • Attack the messenger and ignore the message especially when the message has caught you in a lie, Says a lot about your character or more accurately the lack thereof.

          • According to Paul Ryan’s definition of “takers,” Bundy is one of them. Bundy wants free goodies from the govt.

          • Harry Reid is a sniveling, lying, hate-filled fool. He thinks he is powerful enough that he can take whatever he wants, but he isn’t man enough to do it, even with help. Reid hid in Washington but sent thunder-rippers in there who, in Harry Reid’s name and at his behest, shot Bundy’s cows, tore up his corrals. shot holes in his watering tanks, buried his cows in shallow graves, and tore up his barns and outbuildings. They even destroyed one of the nesting places for one of the endangered turtles Harry is so concerned about. Then they pointed their high powered rifles at his Bundy’s family, his wife, his children, and grandchildren. They even tried to set aside only a tiny bit of space where free Americans could exercise their first (or is it second?) Amendment rights of free speech. Everywhere else, they were supposed ot just keep their mouths closed and take It, I suppose. That was the most arrogant behavior of all, acting like they had the right to dictate to a free American when and where he/she can exercise free speech.
            Meantime, our hero, mangy, sniveling, clinch-butted old Harry Reid hid out in Washington. And there he sits this very day trying to claim that people who fought for their rights disobeyed authorities, meaning his own fine wrinkled self, I believe. Look at him now. How brave he is!!

          • AGREE… What i like to know, where are the PETA WACKOS… when i saw those Cows laying on the ground dead, shot, brought tears… shouldn’t Reid & his Regime pay some kind of price for all the damage they caused along with his Idiot SON… they are CHICKENS, they have their henchmen do the dirty work… we will get rid these ENEMIES with-in , SOON !

          • Not true. The public land is owned by Nevada. Bundy recognizes his obligation to the state. This land is not owned by the US government, and is not taxable by Washington. That is Bundy’s argument. It is the Feds who are trespassing, not Bundy. He paid his state grazing fees.

          • I agree with your premise here, but it’s my understanding that the authorities in Nevada refused to accept his grazing fee payment. Also, the $1 million amount includes some interest and penalties the government is suggesting he owes as well. I have one question about this whole situation that hasn’t come up that I’m aware of. If his family has been using this land for over 100 years, why can’t he make a claim under the “homesteading” laws, or a similar law with the same effect?

          • His family started using this land in 1954, he is lying about that too. None of this land was put up for homesteading so it cannot be homesteaded and there is no law that would allow him to that. He gets a permit from the feds to graze on it and pays annual fees for the privilege which he has not paid and no longer has a permit for.

          • Sorry old lady but the feds actually own the land. Bundy is a liar and a fool and has paid no fees and owes the state nothing in fees. Get you facts straight!!

          • When you actually have a semblance of knowledge on the subject, feel free to impart your wisdom. Otherwise, all you’re doing is proving that a single digit IQ makes life challenging.

          • except what he spoke wasn’t truth. Not verifiable even on the photos supposedly truthful.

      • Funny one. Fairy tales are usually told to youngsters, not by children. Go home little one, I hear your mommy calling.

      • That bastard does not know the truth and would never speak it if he did! Just like all ass kissing asswipe liberals they would not know the truth if it hit them in the ass at 90 miles per hour! All liberals are lying scum no exceptions!

      • He was strangely silent regarding the domestic terrorism committed by the Occupy Wall Street loons. They too committed illegal acts. Hypocrites. All hypocrites. As are you spoonlocket.

          • Armed or not, they occupied land they had no right to occupy, they committed crimes while occupying it, and they threatened violence and property damage. Which weapons they would employ is irrelevent, Reid actually praised their cause. I stand by my statement. Hypocrite. Bundy was wrong but the government response was over the top. They could have simply filed a lien on his estate. There awas no need for an armed response by the Feds. Reid is simply throwing gasoline on a bonfire with his rhetoric.

          • They had every legal right to be there they were enforcing an eviction court order. Sorry silly but that is not a crime. This was on fed grazing land so Bundy had no property on that of his own unless you consider the cattle still his. If Bundy had followed the order and removed them himself then this would not have been necessary so Bundy invited this. A lien does not remove someone in an eviction so that is no cure, They can do that for back fees and related costs and could also freeze his bank accounts but that still does not evict him. What was not needed was a bunch of armed trespassing thugs threatening violence if they proceeded to enforce it these acts of terror on the part of these armed thugs was the real problem. Your advocating criminal behavior or at least condoning it.

          • You misunderstand. It was the OWS crowd I was speaking about in the first four sentences.

          • If you really want to break it down to the absolute basics. The Constitution does not allow for the Federal Government to own any of the land it currently owns. Constitutionally it should all be returned to the former owners or to the States in whose borders it is contained. Constitutionally they have no legal right to be there at all.

          • What constitution did you find that in as it is not in the US Constitution and we have 225 years of history of federal land ownership supported by the US Constitution.

          • This article is from 2010:

            Recently the Governor of Utah, Gary Herbert, signed legislation calling for the state to take control of land claimed by the Federal Government, through the process known as ’eminent domain’. The reasons for him wanting to do this are many and varied but also, in my view, unnecessary. The Constitution of the United States does not allow the Federal Government to own land, or other real estate properties, outside of those described in article one, section eight, of the United States Constitution, known as the ‘Enumerated Powers’ clause.

            This clause is short, clear and quite unambiguous. In its entirety it reads: (The Congress shall have power) To exercise exclusive legislation in all cases whatsoever, over such a district (not exceeding ten miles square) as may, by cession of particular states, and the acceptance of Congress, become the seat of government of all the United States, and to exercise like authority over all places purchased by the consent of Congress and the Legislature of the State in which the same shall be, for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards and other needful buildings.

            The acquisition and ownership of land by the Federal Government is not addressed anywhere else in the Constitution.

            Thomas Jefferson was faced with this problem when he brokered the Louisiana Purchase. It is clear from his writings, and from the fact that he felt it necessary to draft a constitutional amendment to allow the government to acquire land, that he felt such actions were outside the bounds of Federal authority.

            The amendment was never presented to the states for ratification because Jefferson feared the process would be too time consuming and would give other interested parties a chance to interfere with the deal that he had arranged with Napoleon. The outcome was that the Louisiana Purchase was carried out without Constitutional authority and the United States gained the de facto ability to acquire more land in this fashion.

            At present the Federal Government claims ownership of more than six hundred million acres in the United States. That constitutes over thirty percent of the entire land mass of the country.

            The Government’s right to acquire, hold and administer land has been tested in court and has been judged to be legal under article four, section three, of the Constitution. The pertinent clause reads as follows: The Congress shall have the power to dispose of and make all needful rules and regulations respecting the territory or other property belonging to the United States and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to prejudice any claims of the United States, or any particular state.

            By hanging its argument on this clause, the Government is saying that its de facto possession of the territory it claims supersedes any need for Constitutional authority to lay claim to the land in the first place. Any conclusion that flows from a flawed premise is inherently flawed and that is equally true in this case.

            The Federal government is simply not permitted, under the Constitution of the United States, to own any properties other than those described in the enumerated powers clause. Unless we have six hundred, fifty million acres of forts, magazines, arsenals, dock-yards and other needful buildings, the Federal Government has clearly overstepped the limits placed on it by the Founding Fathers.

            Rather than attempt to use the power of eminent domain and thereby attach a degree of legitimacy to the Federal Government’s occupation of the disputed territory, the Governor of Utah should just serve them with an eviction notice and let the Feds demonstrate their constitutional right to own the land.

          • Your dead wrong, full of $hitt and misinterpret the Constitution and 225 years of history of actual practice proves it. Another stupid move by a stupid GOP Governor that failed and you ignore this part of the Constitution which gives the federal government the authority to own property real and otherwise, After a state becomes a state then further acquisition of land or property from the state must have their approval except by eminent domain as they are allowed by the fifth amendment’ Any land not given the state when they become :a state remains the property of the feds and nothing can be taken from them without their approval see below from Art IV section 3 cl 2 below.

            The Congress shall have Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States; and nothing in this Constitution shall be so construed as to Prejudice any Claims of the United States, or of any particular State.

      • Few people here care about the truth, they will make up and repeat any lie it is part of their expression of hate which the seem filled with.

  2. Republi-nuts and demo-rats; different sides of the same coin – both are controlled by the secret societies that rule the world – learn about ‘Bohemian Grove’ and the lesson that our democracy is an illusion is quite clear.

          • Hi smilee. The govt. has other ways of punishing Bundy without carrying a weapon. They can confiscate his bank account and the money he gets for the cattle. The militia won’t visit the bank.

          • I agree but I do not expect anything of any consequence before the next election so as not to deal with all the false press surrounding this issue and making it a political issue in the campaigns. After the election the administration will no longer have to be concerned about anything but enforcing the law without retribution of any kind. Look for criminal charges against Bundy and others to be filed as it is clear they have now broken laws and need to be brought to justice if the rule of law still has meaning in this country.

      • A man that has stolen Taxpayer Money and taken Bribes under the table and ear marks that benefit him and his Family ,, Like the 23 million Dollar Bridge over th Colorado to make the 160 acers worth more and we paid for it ,, He is well paid without stealing land from hard working Ranchers !!! A traitor along with several others in Washington ,, The reason Thomas Jefferson said We will need The Second Amendment to Protect Us From Crooked politicians,, he said we might have to clean Hose every 25 Years we Are long Over due,,

        • You have got to be kidding, a bridge so that Reid would hit the jackpot? Not surprising that something like this doesn’t hit the press but good lord this is out and out theft of taxpayer money.

          • It was in Judical Watch about a year ago they told several of the things that what they called the 10 most corrupt had done ,, They said in Ear marks Harry had added on to other bills put over 46 Million into his or his Family’s pockets ,

          • This certainly explains why they will or would sell their own children to get re-elected, or elected. Right now we have the most corrupt government money could buy, Harry Reid and Diane Feinstein being the current leaders of corruption. There is not reason why they should not be in jail today.

  3. Personally I think he should be sued. I know you can’t sue him for defamation while on the senate floor. As he was in Nevada I say sue him for everything he is worth.

    • On what charge? If the people out there were Muslims instead of a crazy militia, you’d call them terrorists.

        • Malibu Bob! Have you telephoned the homeless shelters in Hollywood, down the road from you and offered your services to them? Several are in need now, I am sure they would welcome you. You might find those Christian TEA (taxed enough already) members there you will be working side by side with.

      • Defamination!!!!!!!! If you can read instead of going nuts on someone that thinks Reid should be sued for Defamintaion for calling the American peopleTerrorists then you are sick.

        • He is at the age where Dementia has sat in ,, He lie on the Senate floor ,, In last Election he Claimed Romney had not Paid his Taxes, when he proved He had ,, Now last week he made the same Claim about the Bundy” When You lie on the Senate floor would that not be perjury?,, is it not a Conflict of interest to have your Sons On the Nevada board of Elections ,,Who fixed their voting machines and that is Happening all across America ,, And who is going to pay for those killed cattle? China or the Taxpayer ??

      • He should be removed for Not Defending Personal Property Rights or even the Bill of Rights! So should every Politician and citizen who does not feel the Constitution and the bill of rights are not worth protecting! It is called reverse immigration! Love it or Leave it! (Bundy has a long history of paying his fees to the State, now the BLM is extorting private citizens in the name of a “Convenient endangered species list” that the manufactured so the Feds could take ownership of Public State Lands.) Does everyone know that the BLM is exporting desert tortoise from that region because they are over populating and over grazing their food source there? The endangered species list is just another device for corruption in the hands of corrupt Federalists of which Reid is One!

        • Your facts are skewed and false he never paid rent fees to the state but to the feds until he quit paying rent and now owes the feds 1 million dollars in back rent and has been legally evicted and refuses to leave or pay. No different than if he was your tenant and you had him evicted for non payment of rent. This site is full of wild untrue stories and so are you.

          • Truth is where you find it Smilee! You do not know me or what I know…The facts are self evident,our federal Government no longer respect personal property rights or even the Bill of rights! It is not my Job to convince you!

          • Your in denial, this is not about personal property or your rights and also has nothing to do with the bill of rights. It has to do with unpaid rent and eviction which the court has established in fact and ordered him evicted. You certainly do not believe in the rule of law

          • Our federal Government just printed six trillion dollars backed by nothing more than the full faith of the American People. They Do Not Need our rents or our Taxes. You want to talk about the rule of Law? The Indian nations made similar “Legal Treaties’ with our Federal Government that Bundy Senior did To No Avail! Ask the Survivors at the Koreche compound if you can find one man, woman, or child that survived that federal intervention inspired by a group Hillary Clinton was associated with about the “rule of Law”..Harry Reid wants to Deal Public Lands to the Chinese!?. Bundy is inconvenient to that end! This story is about Harry Reid’s Position after all. When the “Law Makers are corrupt” and Have selective law enforcement the rule of law must be reconsidered! Do You Believe this is sedition?

          • Just what does any of your nonsense have to do with Bundy?? Fact is nothing, nor does any of it justify what Bundy did!! What is your problem??

          • Bundy has been defending his family legacy in a State being run by Federalists. I still, am afforded my own opinion under our constitution and I believe that our MSM will not give Americans the whole truth as we know it here and any efforts to explain our defense of freedom and liberty at all costs against all Enemies Foreign and domestic are wasted on the Likes of You! That is my Problem and a Real Problem for people like me who still hope for the American Dream in this Democratic Republic of States, Smilee!

          • Your entitled to your own opinion but you are not allowed to create your own false facts. Here is a clip from a news article. The Constitution is the rule of law which you show no respect for. You are the domestic enemy who is destroying the American dream for all. You do not have the freedom to steal as Bundy clearly has.

            Some of Bundy’s neighbors aren’t impressed by his actions. “I feel that the rule of law supersedes armed militias coming in from all over the country to stand with a law-breaking rancher, which is what he is,” one person told a local TV station.

          • As you have exhibited your genuine lack of substance and a continued knack of denigration I must assume you are a hired liberal gun! I can not wish you any Luck in your quest to promote a New World Order! Obviously you encourage a double standard for Law Enforcement! You Must be a Federalist Yourself or Just an Entitlement recipient with no “Skin in the Game” Enough Time wasted here, Good Night

          • Nope not employed by anyone, I’m fully retired. Not promoting a new world order either, nor a double standard either I support the Constitution and all laws it supports and I support their enforcement. You are confused and out of touch with reality, assuming all kinds of things without any facts to support them so you are coming off looking like your delusional. which I suspect your are.

          • This was cut and pasted from a Washington Post article. The article says some which is plural meaning more than one, one was on the local TV. Probably not safe to let these terrorists know who you are either that could be fatal. There have been a number of bombs over the last years as well by these people, Check out the timelines over the last 20 years, these are dangerous people. You hear none of that on this site or other sites supporting these crooks.

          • How does the “Fed” come to “own” the property? Did they pay the native Americans for it? (fat chance). Buy it from Nevada? Or just lay claim to it like they steal,cheat, and lie about everything?

          • Be honest, they stole,cheated, and lied about everything to get all parts of the USA. Nevada was acquired by a treaty with Mexico in I believe 1848, before Nevada was even a state.So if your unhappy with how we became a country then I guess you would have to go elsewhere to live, They gave some land to the states, much to private individuals and kept some for themselves gained some land with agreements with the states but have never taken any from the states without the states agreement as that would not be supported by our Constitution which constitutes our supreme law and by agreement of the states the Constitution created the federal government and gave it its powers and in the process the states gave up much of theirs that they had prior to that. It is all a part of our history study it some time.

          • what about the property that barry got in chicago from convicted felon Resco, barry wrote it off as a boneheaded mistake and that was it

          • They were supposed to use his “rent” money to improve the roads and bridges, but they simply stopped doing it, and he used that money to do it. He tried to give it to both the county and the state, and neither would take it, probably didn’t want ot feel obligated to keep it up. So Bundy did it himself. And it probably cost him more than he was supposed to pay the feds.

          • Another BS story, he owes the taxpayers rent and that is not in question the courts have determined that and issued eviction orders that is the only issue here.

    • You think Al Sharpton and Charlie Rangel are patriots. What’s up with that? Harry Reid took funds out of his campaign and gave it to his granddaughter, Twice.

        • Why doesn’t it make sense? They are tax cheats along with Timothy Geitner. You think they are patriots, Chuckie. Stop being a hypocritical little sissy. It doesn’t make sense to you because you know I’m right.

          • This is my last response to you as you are mentally ill.
            1) You bring in pols that have NOTHING to do with the Bundy situation
            2) You attempt to tell me what I’m thinking by making up what I think about those pols
            3) And then you comment ON WHAT YOU JUST MADE UP,
            I plead guilty of not being trained to deal with the mentally ill.
            There’s something seriously wrong with you.

          • But Chuckie, Geitner, Rangel and Al Sharpton are tax cheats. What’s your point? Yet you cite Bundy of being one. You know I am right but you don’t want to admit it. Typical dem/communist/tranny.

          • You’re a democrat/communist and you call me mentally ill? That’s a laugh. With the “lifestyle” that you lead, Chuckie, you have a lot of nerve accusing me of not playing with a full deck.

          • You a self loathing conservative Christian leading the anti-gay parade that’s a closet homosexual so you’re hardly playing with a full deck.

          • So, you must be Chuckies significant other. You’re always sticking up for your queer bathhouse buddies, Bobbie. You claim to live in Malibu, Kalifornia but according to the time that you sent your message to me, it was 1 hour (7:51 pm) ahead of me (Central Time 6:51 pm), which means you live in the East. I feel pretty safe calling you a liar, Bobbie (which we all know by now by the lies you post on this site). Nice gesture sticking up for your boyfriend, though.

          • You’re a self loathing liberal communist atheist who often is the Grand Marshall of gay parades in NYC and who still isn’t out of the closet but who is clearly a full blown faggot. And a person who lies about where he really lives.

          • And you continue to prove my point.
            You left out transvestite living with a parasitic twin on my back.

          • You hurt his feelings.
            He’s still dealing with the no more smoking in the house thing.

        • Thats what we have been trying to get you to do for months now. Get a job other than getting paid to blow obama in the net pages. Anyone who spends all his time on the net is has no life or is mentally defective and has not self respect. I truly pity you for being stuck on the pages of the net because no one wants or needs you at all. Have a nice day obamaboy

          • The notion that ANYONE, Soros no less, is paying people to post on blogs, for reasons never explained,
            is a perfect demonstration of the mentality of loons on the right and their paranoia & fantasies.

          • Again you are playing the hurt little boy and calling people names. the obama group does pay people to post to internet and alot of his worshipers do so on their own to try to defend the defenseless foolishness of obama. It is easy to sport and easier to track, like you. Everyone knows what you are and what you are trying to do, never a nice or polite thing to say about anything or anyone, just like the queer nation people, rude and inconsiderate and over bearing, trying to justify the inexcusable by screaming and yelling so loud no one can ever say a thing, but still hated and despised, even by their own.

        • Al Sharpton was in Moscow with several other people attending a Communist party convention ,, Our old Korean Veteran forgot to pay his income tax , but he is going to try!! And Al uses the term REV. ??/

    • Not about Harry Reid? I thought you were talking about tax cheats? How about Government crooks? Aka Harry, Pelosie, Charlie, Barbara etc.

    • Mr. Bundy has paid his taxes. It is a lie put out there by little harry reid. Rember when little harry went to the floor of the senate and said ” I HAVE IT ON GOOD AUTHORITY THAT MITT ROMNEY HAS NOT PAID HIS TAXES IN 10 YEARS,”. little harry reid does not know how to tell the truth. This is all about stealing the land from a family that has lived on it since 1870. before Nevada was a state before there was a blm . little harry and his crooked son rorey stand to make 100 million dollars . Why should he pay to use land for his cattle that his family has used for over a 100 years, if anyone thinks he should pay to use his own land then your as sick as little harry reid. Maybe one day when some one in the government decides that they want your land you will look at things differently

      • Everything is a lie.
        Bundy loses in court over and over and over again
        but it’s all LIES on Reid’s part.
        You morons are just ignorant and uninformed and choose to ignore facts
        if they don’t support your hatred of of Democrats/liberals.
        You REALLY ARE JERKS with the though t processes of 5 year olds.
        Don’t forget to send Tim McVeigh an Easter basket.
        I’m sure you loons see HIM as a hero, too.

        • YOU ARE THE IGNORANT UNIFORMED SOB, THE DAMN COURT HAS A JUDGES HAND PICKED BY LITTLE harry reid, your just one stupid liberal ass demoncrat that supports the SCUM SUCKING LOW LIFE LIAR THIEF MURDERING BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI muslime POS OHITLERbamy, That scum that soils our white house sets the rules he uses based on THE SAME WAY HITLER DID IN GERMANY, YOU DUMB ASS SHOULD READ SOME HISTORY, SO THEY HAVE THEIR OWN BROWN SHIRTS YOU SEEM TO LIKE SO MUCH. Little dirty s c u m bag harry reid and his pos son have made a deal with the damn Chinese to build a power plant. and once again MR BUNDY HAS PAID HIS TAXES BOTH STATE AND FED, little harry just out and out lied about that. I have my little plot of land its only 125 acres
          if some sob from the gov tried to take it , they just need to bring body bags and I hope you are at the front of the ass holes coming to take my land, you will find out about real proper trigger control, so bring it on, Oh as a rule I don’t call commenters names but if you can I can as well, so take you liberal demoncrat ass and shove it, your as guilty of treason as OHITLERbamy , reid, pisslosi,durban and when the peoples courts start you will get the justice with your leaders, if you don’t like what I say bring your ass to va we will settle this at 20 paces if you have the balls that is

        • Well my original comment to you cant by the pc police at face book, You are liberal demoncrat ass hole. you will get what you deserve someday soon, if you support that SCUM SUCKING LOW LIFE LIAR THIEF MURDERING BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI muslime POS OHITLERbamy your as guilty of treason as he and pisslosi, reid, druban and the rest of the demoncrat scum that’s in dc, that’s going to be changed this year and to borrow that bitch valieri jarretts words she used after the 2012 election we will get our revenge, that’s a quote from her. if your against us your our enemy and we will get you, that’s a quote too, so GFY

    • Picking Americans Pockets Over The Years….Qualifies Reid As A Domestic Terrorist!! Who’s The Tax Cheat….No Tax Forms To View?

    • You are not getting the full story! Until you do, don’t call the guy a tax cheat! The FEDs are afraid to go into court with Bundy because they will lose! His grazing rights go back to the 1880’s, and he has “RIGHT OF WAY” on his side, among other things! Get your self educated before you go off half cocked! All of these so called laws that Reid is talking about are “EX POST FACTO!!!”

        • Oh! And you were able to come to that conclusion in 3 minutes??? Try doing some research before running you mouth! If it were so cut and dry, you think the Feds would have backed off??

          • Only a lunatic could post
            “The Feds are afraid to go to court.”.
            They have been in court for over a decade. MANY COURTS.
            And BUNDY ALWAYS LOSES.

  4. They are over-using the term “Domestic Terrorist”. Seems like someone from the government is calling another group {including children) terrorists a daily basis now.

    • That’s their new mantra….
      they always think of some catch phrase and then wear it out like “war on terror”

      • So true! They think everyone who isn’t Gay, Muslim, Black, or Hispanic is a terrorist. Nice the way this administration has been so divisive!

        • Thats the weapon of Progressives. Take a perfectly good word or phrase, and run it into the ground, Making the uniformed believe the lies, and rest of us ignore it.

    • Just like being called a racist. It’s so overly used, no one cares anymore. I never did. I’m Hispanic so I have ‘active immunity’. I just say “yawn”. See, I have to say yawn because when I actually do yawn, they don’t get it.

  5. That the second in about a week that has called patriots terrorist . WHAT will they do if we have REAL ones catch them

  6. …..he has very little room to talk. Harry is up to his eyeballs in this whole corrupt scheme and has no right to be finger pointing or calling names.

    • But nevertheless he will continue to get away with it as long as the amount of tax revenue he can STEAL from us continues to be adequate, after HIS CUT, to provide sufficient HUSH MONEY to the media to keep US IN THE DARK ABOUT IT!

  7. Reid is one sick individual. It’s isn’t very comforting living in Nevada and knowing one of your Senators is mentally unbalanced.

  8. Bundy has his animals grazing on land he doesn’t own & when the owner tells him to get his animals off their land the owner is the “bad guy”???? Go figure…

      • If all Americans were this willing to work and the family has for 140 years ,, Almost as long as Nevada has been a State,, but we have some Socialists that are destroying what was the greatest nation ,, We have many brave men have Fought and Died to Give us our Freedom , but Freedom is not Free!!

  9. BTW! Did you know about Dirty Harry uncle? “Remus Reid, horse thief, sent to Montana Territorial Prison 1885, escaped 1887, robbed the Montana Flyer six times. Caught by Pinkerton detectives, convicted and hanged in 1889.”

  10. Dirty Harry has been stealing money from his Campaign Fund and giving it to his Granddaughter. Where is the Congressional Investigation? Last account was about $34K?

  11. It seems that dirty harry and jr. aren’t the only dirty ones. Some politician’s in DC are also in on this secret scam!

  12. A politician calling U.S. citizens with differing points of view “terrorists” ought to send chills up everyone’s spines. Reid, Schmucky, and the rest of these libs have been doing this for a number of years now. Politicians speaking out against the citizens is what dictatorships do.

    They did a test run here. While, for the moment, the dogs have been called off, they will be back. Next time the Feds may kill innocent Americans and proclaim that they were “terrorists.” And of course these politicians will be trumpeting that as well…it’s all for our own good, they’ll say.

    We’re really in deep doo-doo here. Out of control politicians, mostly demoRats, but a number of RINOs as well. A House that refuses to stand up to a tyrannical President who has a “rubber stamp” Senate. They obviously have forgotten that THEY WORK FOR US.

    This should serve as a wake-up call for those of you who sat out the last election ’cause we didn’t have a perfect candidate. Keep sitting out more elections and what recently happened will seem like child’s play compared to what the libs have in store.

  13. Bundy is a freeloader. The land isn’t his. He never paid his fees. Others paid their fees and he never did. Bundy gathered hi merry men and their weapons and NOTHING happened. The govt. backed off geographically only. Any money he has will be seized in order to get the money he owes. Then the govt. has the right to issue a severe lat-payment fine if he has any money left.

    Bundy is finished.

    • yep he’s finished al righty, his neighbors are finished and they paid the BLM. Appears to me Cliven is still standing.

      • The neighbors were bought off. they no longer use BM land. Bundy is the last hold out to keep the Chinese Commies from getting Rare Earth minerals, and lining ole Harry’s pockets.

    • First of all, before you comment, know the full story! Secondly ask yourself why if it was only about unpaid fees did the govt. Spend way more to collect than what was owed? hmmmmm?Follow the money and the story…….

    • And who are you to call a family a free loader , when your comments tell us you are about as stupid as you can get !

  14. The militia movement increased as a result of a black man being in The White House. The extreme right encourages racism in order to garner support and make $$$$$$.

  15. When you have a group of people breaking the law & pointing guns at law enforcement just WTF do you call them if not Domestic Terrorists?

    • you mean free loading muzzys, instead of United States Citizens who pay taxes to be assaulted by harrys gestapo (BLM) who’s rank and file were being manipulated by who….the solar god harry!

    • Are you for real? There is absolutely NO comparison between people defending their rights and property (cattle) to a group that has vowed death to all infidels which includes YOU unless you are a Muslim.

        • I’m sick? So, if a black, Mexican or Muslim family had been freeloading off our government for over 20 years by not paying for the government land they were using & AFTER 20 years the government sends in law enforcement to get them off the property & are met with armed black, Mexican or Muslim “militia” the black, Mexican or Muslim family is the patriots???

  16. if the people on Bundys ranch are domestic terrorist then the patriots who fought the Revolutionary war against England (Tyrannical government) were domestic terrorists also. Funny how convenient it is to twist the application to fit your needs..Hey harry you white “state sponsored terrorist” rat you!

    • And thats just what the English called them at that time, just like this gov, today will call anyone that sticks up for freedom, they too will be called terrorists, history is just repeating it self,

    • Those who fought the revolutionary war did not have representation in the English gov a noble cause to fight for these do have representation and refuse to work within the legal system available to them , the first are patriots the ones here are terrorists as they are fighting against a representative government when other avenues of relief exist which they refuse to participate in. The 18th century patriots did not have that option so their rebellion was justifiable they are not so these are criminals.

      • no……your slightly mistaken….the criminals are in Washington where they have been for the last 40 years representing themselves and their lobbyists needs. So yes we the people do not have a Representative gov. We the people have tyrannical government and this last go around in Nevada proves it. When the gov calls it people Terrorists, destroys private property and threatens its people= TYRANTS….. look who’s doing it, rat face reid!!

  17. and what can we expect from this hypocritical demon! They are after the land in the Dakotas, Montana, etc. they know that green technologies will not work and they want to be in control of the $$$$$$$$ when the people finds the truth, like they did in Europe.

  18. What left wing kook took that picture of Dirty Harry trying to put a sunburst / halo over his head. He needs to have horns photo-shopped onto his head.

  19. If Hairless Reid is authority, he needs more than a thumbed nose, he’s a beedy eyed little creep. I find it hard to believe that there are 20 politicians that have a patriotic reason to be in DC, the majority are there for money and nothing else. They carry a copy of the Constitution and wear a lapel pin for only one reason, REELECTION.

  20. Reid, Obama, and liberal fools call not only this man but our military veterans, “Domestic Terrorist”. Never have they use this same term to describe the muslim terrorist who flew the planes on 9/11 or planted bombs in Boston. Yet more proof they are all traitors and should be arrested as such!!

    • And now you can revisit the evidence of 911…. Oklahoma …… ’93 bombings of WTC ….. And see it has nothing to do with anything other, than criminalizing the American middle class, and provoking a revolution …… Agenda 21 would be easier to implement when more than half of the population is out of the way….. Just as the Patriot act, NDAA, NSA, TSA, etc…. Was easier to impose on us in the name of fear. A tactic called terrorism.CIA 101, first, get your enemy to fight one another….. Depleting their resource and able body, they will make for an easy kill……. So I say know your enemy

  21. Reid is a over the hill boxer who is now fighting for the Communist Party and will be answered by the Patriots he calls terrorist. When in fact he is the Terrorist and should be stopped. He is waking the people up and they will bite him and his kind.

  22. To the left, we are all ‘Terrorists’ as long as we don’t agree with him and his messiah! But, the incident where that Muslim Murdered all those guys on the Military Base is called ‘Work Related’???

  23. Harry Reid is a political terrorist and a traitor to our country. I am calling for his arrest for treason, extortion, hypocrisy, dereliction of duty, and theft! Everything he has done for the past several years has done grave harm to America, it’s people and National Security! He must be arrested and tried for his destructive behavior of his position towards America. Nancy Pelosi is also a threat to National Security and treasonous behavior within her duties in Congress. Both of these individuals are a threat to us all and National Security of America!

    • Valerie Jarrett, Holder are a threat to us all & National Security of America ! Thay all must be tried for Treasonous actions !

  24. Reid is a corrupt governmental terrorist. He and his family are seeking to make money off Mr. Bundy’s land. The people of Nevada should be ashamed for putting Reid in the senate.

  25. THey ,we are called terrorists, because a monkey wrench has been thrown into to Plans of Ole Harry and the Chinese Communist Government. Those plans were to have harry sell the rights to the minerals Rare Earth, and to launder harry’s cut by calling it a sell off for a Solar Manufacturer. Harry wants to die a multi-Bilionaire. and to be remembered for selling out his country for ” 40″ pieces of silver.

  26. Harry Reid is in League with the Devil! No man with diminished capacity should be allowed to make laws or enforce them. but What can you really expect from the representative from any state that would use Gambling and Prostitution to generate revenue for the State?

  27. Harry Reids Domestic Terriorist Tactics Of “Picking Americans Pockets” Over The Years…..Makes The Bundy’s Look Like Choir Boys!!

  28. Reid is the terrorist. The man is so corrupt that he makes every other politician’s corruptness pale in comparison to his. If we had an honest Attorney General with one ounce of integrity, Harry Reid would be sitting in prison at this very moment. Eff him and the horse he is too old to ride in on. He should be swinging from a gallows after the things he has done to this country.

  29. Reid is a coward, a liar, and much more that to describe it I would violate the standards of this blog.

    Bundy supporters with children who were there, should get t-shirts made for their children especially which says something like, “Harry Reid called me a “domestic terrorist!”

    • He called the armed self described private militia performing an illegal act domestic terrorists not the children so your the liar here.

      • Moron, please communicate with the Oath Keepers, all ex-law enforcement, and military that they are “domestic terrorists” or your hero dingy Harry to say it to their face. Coward morons!

        • Oath keepers were there interfering with the lawful enforcement of a court order. Whatever they were ex is irrelevant to their current behavior which is using armed interference with a legitimate law enforcement action and that is domestic terrorism. Your thinking is akin to a man say 50 who has never broke a law and was ex military etc and murders someone then that should then be overlooked because of his good past behavior . So moron chew on this truth.

          • Wait until the investigation conducted by Congress and Attorney Bob Massi concludes and you will see who the terrorists really are. No court order allowed the BLM to have snipers on the butte with sites zeroed in on the Bundy’s and others there, no court order allowed the tazing 3 times of a son and throwing down of a sister, with M-16s focused on the women and children and others there, with a reporter with his pockets emptied and out and with his hands over his head, asking them what were they planning to do, shoot those peaceably standing, and a BLM agent said, “our orders are to shoot.” You were not there. Obviously by your left wing stupidity of supporting Harry and his son who are posed to gain hugely in the development of Gold Butte. Personal friends and colleagues were there. You believe the drivel you made up or were informed by the complicit leftist news readers who weren’t there either, and I will believe those I served with and those I know who were there, moron coward. Vomit on that.

          • What is your problem and as you were not there either you cannot know if any of these stories are true. Law enforcement was there doing their jobs, Most of the others came to interfere with this legitimate action so should not have been there. I am not supporting anyone just the rule of law which you have no interest in but as you hate our government any lie to persist in that belief will do for you.

          • Are you blind? Deaf, dumb, and blind? My fellow soldiers whom I served with, whom I trust with my life went, not some stranger I did not know, like whose stories you believe. I know these men and families, idiot. You do not personally know anyone there but you give your stupid comments being a parrot of people who have an agenda and were not there. Vomit on your lies, fool.

          • Being military or ex military does not exempt any from prosecution if you break the law and you do know all of them and I doubt few military people would support these people as most believe in the rule of law which many of them have fought for and few went to NV to participate in this domestic terrorism as most of them are not into terror. So stuff your BS which surely has made you deaf, dumb, and blind,

          • Did you see the pictures of all the Dead Cows that were shot ? Who do you think killed them ? I suppose you will say the Malitas ? It was Reid’s army that went in there to terrorize the Bundys & killed some of the cows to show what they were capable of doing … SHAMEFUL, NOT ACCEPTABLE IN THIS COUNTRY… it broke my heart to see those dead cows for NO REASON what so ever ! How any true AMERICAN CAN condone this is not a patriot of this Country !

          • Yea, we have clashed many times before with your Socialist Democrat views, haven’t we ? For your STUPID head, I am telling the truth , the story, pictures of the dead cows were shown several times on sites like this, so you need to stop YOUR BS & believe the reality of this whole Reid Attack on true Americans … MOVE ON !

          • I do not have any socialist democrat views that is another of your false fabricated BS. Your truth is a out and out lie. This a dispute is between the BLM and not Reid so again your blame is misplaced as is everything you say and believe is, it is just not based on fact. Here is what a neighbor close to this said:

            Some of Bundy’s neighbors aren’t impressed by his actions. “I feel that the rule of law supersedes armed militias coming in from all over the country to stand with a law-breaking rancher, which is what he is,” one person told a local TV station.

  30. That’s ok Reid. WE have been calling you a clueless dimwit dumb FU** A S S HOLE for years! My 80 yearl old grandma wants despertly to kick your a SS.

    • Have her put some hot sauce on her shoes when she does it, the shoe will fit because he is a HUGE A&& Hole, that should fly him to the moon !

  31. Harry Reid makes organized crime look like pick pockets. Using the government to steal;;;Capone and Luciano could have learned a lot from this government “Don”.

  32. King George III considered the American Revolutionaries to be domestic terrorists. The guerrilla warfare they used was “uncivilized.”

    One man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot.

  33. Harry Reid should be removed for Not Defending Personal Property Rights or even
    the Bill of Rights! So should every Politician and citizen who does not
    feel the Constitution and the bill of rights are worth protecting!
    It is called reverse immigration! Love it or Leave it! (Bundy has a long
    history of paying his fees to the State, now the BLM is extorting
    private citizens in the name of a “Convenient endangered species list”
    that was manufactured so the Feds could take ownership of Public State
    Lands.) Does everyone know that the BLM is exporting desert tortoise
    from that region because the Tortoise are over populating and over grazing their
    food source there? The endangered species list is just another device
    for corruption in the hands of corrupt Federalists of which Reid is One! and another thing, Woonsocket is a George Soros employee! He has no real opinion of his own, he simply retreads his NWO mantra…Happy Easter Everybody!

  34. Sometimes Reid doesn’t sound just right to me. I think he is starting with dementia. He used to try and hide dirty deals but not any more. There has to be something in this for him to go out on a limb like this. Is he really trying to sell this land to the Chinese and this way he could skim the top? Got to keep digging, something is up.

  35. Has he looked in the mirror?? He should be called a terrorist not the men, women and children that just want to save their property!! And he calls himself an American??? That alone makes me sick! How is it possible for a person to be born so evil?

  36. Had I been there with those domestic terrorists as he calls them, I would have considered that a compliment and would have worn the title with honor which is something he knows nothing about !

  37. Dirty Harry Reid is a lying, no-good SOB. He should get his stories straight. The day he takes his last breath, the Land will rejoice.

  38. Communist Occupational Provincial Government is what we are ruled by. They operate as any occupying force has through the ages. Heavy taxes, intrusive laws, KGB tactics, late night raids, random police stops, constant surveillance. This isn’t big brother, this is what the Communist jew immigrants planned when they first immigrated here after the Soviet revolution. That one too was slated as a freedom movement.

    Norman Mattoon Thomas, a six time candidate for the U.S. Presidency under the “Communist Workers Party of America” said that he no longer had to seek high office because the Democrat Party had adopted their platform, & that the American people would never knowingly or willingly accept Communism they would do so under the guise of “Freedom & Democracy”. He said that in 1943.

    “Redistribute the wealth” a favorite of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of the Nancy boys, coined by Vladimir Lenin. “From each their own abilities, to each their own needs blah, blah, blah” Hillary Clinton & Karl Marx a.k.a. Moses Mordachai Levi. “I’m tired of hearing about that G’Damned piece of paper” George W. Bush on three separate occasion in reference to the United States Constitution which they are all by oath of office sworn to uphold and protect against all enemies both foreign and domestic.

    Because Communism is a jewish institution. Marx, Lenin, Stalin, were all jews. Communism is slavery.

    The Roth Family Bankers (jews) own & operate the Federal Reserve. They also owned & operated the Dutch West Indies Corp that rounded up the blacks in Africa & sold them as slaves around the world. The Demonrat Party was the party of the old South & slavery.

    The Bush’s are jews, Hillary “Rodham” Clinton was born & raised a jew, obongo’s mother’s real name is “Newman” yes another jew.

    The elder Bush signed into effect the “Noahide Laws” wherein it is illegal for anyone but a rabi to have a bible or preach scripture.

    They are doing to us what the Weimar Republic did to Germany after WWI, & the NAZI’s new what to do with them. There is no little fix, or reasoning with them. They want our death & the death of our once great nation is upon us first. They must be dealt with for what they are.

    The jewish Talmud 200AD to 500AD is said to be the 1st & most racist document ever produced. It labels non jews as “cattle” & that it is o.k. to rob from, rape, enslave, murder a non jew. When baby Bush was in office the FBI compiled crime statistics that showed 90% of all crime was black on White & was racially motivated. That 99.9% of all rapes were black on White. The jewish liberal defense system allows for this. Bush told them to stop compiling crime statistics. Then we got a black muslim jew for president.

    “We may, with a kind of pious & grateful exultation, trace the fingers of Providence through those dark & mysterious events which first induced the states to appoint a general convention, & then led them one after another…into an adoption of the system recommended by that general convention, thereby, in all human probability, laying a lasting foundation for tranquility & happiness, when we had but too much reason to fear that confusion & misery were coming rapidly upon us. That the same good Providence may still continue to protect us, & prevent us from dashing the cup of national felicity just as it has been lifted to our lips, is my honest prayer.” George Washington 1788

    The Republic needs to be reinstituted. It has not been protected for a long time. Even without the Communists we will still be left with corporate greed, this is another matter. One which the Communists use to their own benefit.

    They are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father they will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44

    He that is of God heareth God’s words: ye therefore hear them not, because ye are not of God. John 8:47

    But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me. Luke 19:27

    Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee. Revelation 3:9

  39. Harry Reid if you thought the last standoff at Bundy’s ranch was domestic terrorism ? If you THUGS AND MAJOR LAWMAKERS who are responsible for thousands of deaths. Did not like the standoff ? You will not like the next one either. We The People are through jumping through hoops and laying down. THIS LAND IS OUR LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Also consider one of the favorite tactics from thelibeeal democratic play book. “Call Them What You Are”! So there you have it.

  41. Outside of the weapons brought by the Federal agents, were there actually any select fire weapons at the Bundy ranch?

  42. Harry really believes that what ever comes out of his mouth is believable, maybe to a six year old child, but anyone with a brain knows this guy is dirty and needs to be prosecuted period.

  43. Harry has a lot of room to talk about not following the law.

    Let’s examine federal law 8 USC briefly’ and see if our Government is following the law.

    1. 8 USC, Sec. 1324a… Hiring-Harboring-Transporting any illegal alien knowingly is a felony, punishable by 10 yrs in jail + $2,000 fine per illegal + forfeiture of vehicle or property used to commit the crime.

    2. 8 USC, Sec.1324c….All officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws shall have authority to make arrests for violation of any provision of this section.

    3. 8 USC, Sec. 1325…Any alien who enters U.S. other than port of entry by false representation shall be subject to civil and criminal penalties and can be fined and imprisoned.

    4. Section 1644…No local ordinance, rule or measure shall stop law enforcement officers from enforcement of this section.(Don’t
    believe Obama has read this one.)

    5. Title 19, USC, 1459, Section (f) …any individual who violates any provision of subsection (e), is liable for a civil penalty of $5,000 for first violation and $10,000 for each subsequent violation.

    6. (g) In addition to being liable, upon conviction is liable for a fine of $5,000 or imprisonment for not more than 1 year each, or both.

    There is much more in these laws, but as anyone can see, the hiring of thousands of illegals would mean hundreds of thousands in fines and many years in prison…if the laws were upheld. What happened to the rule of law.

  44. I would much rather be one of these people he describes and armed than a traitor to the US Constitution like Harry Reid.

  45. For a while I tried thinking who was worse….Pelosi or Reid! I’ve come to the conclusion they are tied for being the worse representatives in Congress even though I know there are more lurking around!

  46. Harry Reid is a traitor to the Republic of the U.S.A. and the constitution it is founded upon, he is an enemy wannabe dictator striving against our constitutional form of “government of the people, by the people, and for the people.” And needs to be charged and prosecuted for violating his oath of office, and crimes against we the people and the State.

  47. this sick -o better watch out who he calls terrrorists.. .or else he may see the other end of a barrel…HEY REID….YOU AND THE DEMS ARE THE TERRORISTS..not anyone else!!!! time to hit the nursing home dude….hang it up….your mouth is bigger than your brain !!!!

  48. Harry Reid is himself a domestic terrorist. How can one man be so corrupt and continue to get elected? This last corrupt escapade with his son finally caught the attention of the press, but maybe not the mainstream press to the degree of corruptness.


  50. Harry reid and the entire obama dictatorship are the domestic terrorist. Like most liberals they always get it backwards.

  51. But we must remember that state mite put him are his son in office. After all look how many time they put the old reid in office to screw TRUE Americans

  52. Yes, I’m a domestic terrorist. I went to the Bundy Ranch armed with my pocket Constitution and an American Flag. So shoot me. (they sure wanted to) It was only the fear of death that kept the BLM (Craft International) jackbooted thugs from killing women children and little old me.

  53. Where are the other legislators? To me silence is just as bad as what Reid is doing….. unfortunately they all need to go. None are doing their jobs….. that is quite obvious with this administration…. time to kick them all out….. starting at the top…..

  54. It is amazing that our government is just as Chief Sitting Bull once said:”White man speak with forked tongue”!! In this, I am referring to OUR Constitution”! IF the government can use it to their benefit and, in effect, against “We the Sheeple”, they will be quick to do so. On the other hand, IF the Constitution is applying to something that benefits the ‘side of’ “We the Sheeple”, they are totally bound to bypass it! THIS happens when any government starts to remove freedoms from the people that were first given to them. It matters not if it is documented in writing and has been active for a century or more … they do what they want and “we the Sheeple” be damned!

  55. My suggestion to the Oath Keepers and all American Patriots who attended (and some are still there) defend of liberty and the Bundy family against M-16 wielding thugs pointing their loaded guns at unarmed men, women, and children:

    Make t-shirts and market them via your website which says some like “Sen. Reid calls me a domestic terrorist!” I think it will be a best seller and produce great income for the militia movement.

  56. To what is Harry comparing the men who are standing with Bundy — the federal terrorists that operate at Obama’s direction? What Congress and this administration need to comprehend is that the citizens of this country — at least the informed citizens — live in fear of what this dictatorship in the WH will do. People are waking up and standing up before we are completly run over by the federal government.

  57. This ” flipping of the facts” is from Saul Alinsky’s playbook. Reid is accusing the Republicans of exactly what he, himself, happens to be.
    The Dems are using lots of tactics to try to denigrate and slander the Republicans. Frankly, I think it’s time the Republicans go on the talk shows and buy TV advertisement and say, “No, Reid and the Dems are wrong. They are not telling the truth and we are absolutely not terrorists or arsonists or any of the other names. We are the patriots who love our country. We are fighting for our freedoms against a government that wants control of the citizens and to remove the rights of Americans.”

  58. This is not a state or local issue it is a federal issue as they own the land not anyone in NV so that is not true as the law is on the side of the federal government and state and local law enforcement is not interfering just these hoodlums passing themselves off as patriots. Real patriots respect and support the rule of law.not break it . The federal government owns and rents the use of this land and their ownership of it is no different than if you or I owned it and rented it out and if it is yours and your tenants do not pay the rent then you can evict them.The law allows for this. That is all the Federal government has done here and when persons interfere with this legal action with armed interference to prevent the enforcement of this rule of law, then that is a terrorist act and calling them domestic terrorists is exactly correct because they have used illegal means to prevent the enforcement of a legitimate action by the use of terror by the use of deadly weapons.

    • Smilee,

      Below is a quote of Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the U.S. Constitution listing one of the limited powers granted to the Congress by “We The People” via the Constitution. This is the only “Constitutional” method that allows the federal government to “Own” or “Lease” land within any of the 50 soverign States. Unless you can provide evidence that the “Feds” followed the steps outlined below; they own NOTHING! Ever since Teddy Roosevelt’s administration’s land grab from various States; the “Feds” have made it a practice of “Delcaring” a certian amount acres in many of the States for a myriad of reasons to belong to the federal governemt. They can’t simply declare an area of a State federal property … it’s unconstitutional if not done via Article I, Section 8, Clause 17. You’re stating the “Feds” own that land; then show us the proof of that purchase of this land in Nevada by Congress (NOT the Senate or the President) made by the “Feds” via the “Consent” from the Nevada State Legislature. We’re waiting …

      “To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.”

      • Art. I, sec 8, cl 17 is for the seat of government ((DC) and is for acquiring new lands from a statebafter a state becomes a state and has nothing to do with what the federal government owned prior to the state becoming a state and their becoming a state does not require the federal government give up its ownership up when a state is admitted. This land was gotten by treaty with Mexico in 1848 and not gotten from the state of NV. The US owns all the land of a state prior to it becoming a state and lands belonging to the state are defined at the time of admittance.. The state cannot declare federal lands state property if it first belongs to the federal government. The lands obtained by T Roosevelt mostly for national parks was with agreement with the states when necessary and you forget the 5th amendment which allows for eminent domain of obtaining land which was written after clause 17 to which you refer and gives another means to obtaining land and you ignore the 5th amendment . You misread and misinterpret clause 17 and you are also cherry picking it to fit your own wishes and ignore it’s reality.

  59. Reid is the poster child for why ALL Democrats must now be removed from public office, our Courts, and our schools. Period.

  60. Once again I’m here to say that the best way to make namecalling FIZZLE is to EMBRACE the NAME you’re being called! Go ahead and call me a “racist”, a “conspiracy theorist”, an “isolationist”, or a “domestic terrorist”! I don’t give a RIP! To you who are GOVERNMENT PIGS, just remember: I VOTE. I’m TAKING NOTES. Go ahead and call me MORE names (slowly, please; I’m WRITING THEM DOWN) The more you piss me off, the more effort I plan to invest in your NON-REELECTION CAMPAIGN. Hear that, harrY reiD? I’m talking to YOU!

  61. The only domestic Terrorists are DEMOC-RATS. Other then Obama, Harry the liar Reid is the most corrupt amongst them. Harry, the United States of America has this annoying document that we, the people follow>>>>>>>>We call it the United States Constitution. You sent federal thugs to harass and intimidate INNOCENT AMERICAN CITIZENS. This because you want lands for Solar crap.

  62. Reid should know he was the first domestic terrorist in the U.S. now he calls anyone he does not agree with domestic terrorist. You can definitely cal hm A DOMESTIC Terrorist and be okay.

  63. The number 1 domestic terrorist is; Harry Reid! Number 2 is; Nancy Pelosi! Both are corrupt and sell America out! The land deal Harry Reid’s son made with the Chinese is the reason for the Bundy ranch raid/ occupation/government take over!

  64. Harry,didn’t your mama teach you to “use your words”? A “terrorist” is one who TERRORIZES & threatens people,to get what they want….They were DEFENDING their RIGHTS.

  65. Reid is an idiot. What is wrong with Nevada? Or should I say what is wrong with his son’s voting machines?

  66. For the life of GOD, I can not understand why this old fart has not been sent to mental institution!
    Does anyone happen to know why?
    Semper Fidelis

  67. It has been pretty well documented that Harry Reid, and his offspring, have deep ties to foreign interests, interests controlled by and for all practical purposes a business arm of what is essentially a totalitarian government. The fact that that government has adopted capitalist front organizations to advance it’s objectives doesn’t change the facts that it is essentially a totalitarian regime.
    Since we can demonstrate that “Dingy Harry” has allied his financial [and other] interests with those of people who are essentially servants and tools of a dictatorship it shouldn’t come as a surprise to any thoughtful person that he would denounce someone who stands in the way of the plans of his foreign masters as “domestic terrorists”.
    The ~fact~ is, Harry Reid is the domestic terrorist and in my opinion every day that he is allowed to remain in office is another day for him to have vast power to work his will against the general welfare and the interests of the people of the United States. That power needs to be ripped from his hands, either through recall or an impeachment. personally, I would prefer the impeachment as that might lead to the people actually recovering some of the ill gotten gains of Reid and his accomplices.

  68. He has got to be the lowest skunk of a horse thief I have ever seen in my life – It’s beyond me how he can even look in a mirror or live with himself . .or understand why the voters keep electing him . . .

  69. Reid IS the criminal that he is accusing Bundy of. Good ‘ol Harry has lost any credibility that he had left. He’s a has been and he is way too greedy.

  70. I’m sure little Harry Reid thinks the founders of this country were domestic terrorist but then again Reid is just a SMALL moron and unfortunately that’s not against the law.

  71. Harry, you told similar lies regarding Mitt Romney that were outlandish and untrue. Many of us recognize you as merely a puppet
    waiting for phone calls from the White House. However, had you been the man you’d like us to believe, you would by now have owned up to to the fact that you’re merely a pawn in the incremental destruction of this nation and do the right thing and resign. But no,

    you’re too selfish to ever put the country first. Come November when you’ll be relegated to a back bench, you’re going to be as

    worthless as teats on a bore hog. If you measure up you might even become a terrorist.

  72. This was in FBI reports in 2002-2005

    That’s the inescapable conclusion from the FBI’s report, “Terrorism 2002-2005.” The document didn’t merely define “domestic terrorism” as “the unlawful use, or threatened use, of force or violence by a group or individual based and operating entirely within the United States or Puerto Rico without foreign direction committed against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof in furtherance of political or social objectives.”

    So I guess Reid did not make this up as he is telling the truth

    • Now I get it! You support Harry Reid! and you Call Me Delusional! I would say you are suffering from diminished capacity..

      • No you do not get it, I merely said in this he is telling the truth it has nothing to do with supporting him. I support the truth regardless of who says the truth. Your idiotic assumptions still suggest you are delusional.

  73. Wow! Harry is way way off on this one! I did not see one unlawful use of a firearm in this standoff. I did not see one act of violence in this standoff. Slandering an entire group of hundreds of people in this manner should be grounds for dismissal from his position as a lawmaker! It should be grounds for his being investigated and checked by a psychiatric expert to determine competence to remain in his position as a decision-maker and lawmaker.

    I’m sorry Harry. Just because the 1% would love nothing more than to take away everyone’s guns to make it easier to trample everyone else’s rights and subjugating them to wage slavery for the next 500 years so you and your corporate handlers can live like Roman emperors, doesn’t mean everyone else expects to roll over for it and let you enjoy your smug little joke on the other 99% of the citizens.

    Sorry to be a bother.

  74. One of Bundy’s on-site supporters bragged that they were going to use women as human shields. Home of the brave? Land of the free?

  75. If there is anyone that is a terrorist, it is Reid the liberal thieving pig. Bundy is protesting the theft of government land that reid is trying to take away from the American people for his own financial gains along with the Chinese and Osama the muslim pig dictator in this country. When are the people going to wake up and see this pig for what he really is, an ordinary thief and a commie jackass like his boss.

  76. And I’ve heard that most of Bundy’s supporters, TRUE AMERICANS, call dirty harry a lying, cheating , as—le, and I would have to agree with them 100%, plus several other nasty adjectives that I could add. And they called Big Al Capone a gangster???

  77. The domestic Constitutional terrorist is you Harry Reid. You have misused your office, to obstruct and negate the Constitution and facilitate the ongoing contempt of congress, contempt of oath and contempt of conscience by President Obama, and you both richly deserve impeachment. So far beyond the limits and constraints of the balance of powers and due process, has he become, that he has targeted and killed with drones American citizen’s and others routinely on foreign soil, even bragging that he knows how to kill people. We could add, that these abuses of power, which you and the morally lawless, now sociopathic, bankrupting democrat party, are guilty of, have encouraged by bad example, bureaucratic overreach by the BLM, the IRS, the NSA, the FDA, the FED, the CIA and others and have undermined the rule of moral laws, civil laws, accounting principles, economic principles, common sense, mental and spiritual health principles and respect for the same by children and adults. The lies and deceptions emanating from this White House, stinks to high heaven and We the People, implore Almighty God for deliverance from it. As George Washington prayed in 1789 : “We ought to be no less persuaded that the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained; and since the preservation of sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered as deeply, perhaps finally, staked of the experiment…

    I shall take my present leave; but not without resorting once more to the Benign Parent of the Human Race, in humble supplication that, since He has been pleased to favor the American people with opportunities for deliberating in perfect tranquility, and dispositions for deciding with unparalleled unanimity on a form of government for the security of their union and the advancement of their happiness, so His divine blessings may be equally conspicuous in the enlarged views, the temperate consultations and the wise measures on which the success of this Government must depend.”

  78. If the Morons in charge would do things legally then there would not have been an armed confrontation. Harry is a waste of space and needs to be retired

  79. The blue states have subsidized the red states for so long that you people think a freeloader like bundy (who hasn’t paid for land he uses in OVER 20 years) is ENTITLED to have someone else pay his way & are actually patriots (as long as they are white Christians) if the fight an evil government that actually wants them to pay for land they use.

  80. Pot – kettle. He is accusing we the people of being what he actually is. Look at what all he is doing and has done, everything that he can to take this country away from the people. Side stepping the constitution all the way, making up new laws so the people will be breaking them, etc.

  81. Coming from a child molesting, corrupt, friend of the Chinese Communists, and a traitor………… Being called a Domestic Terrorist does sound all that bad if they are against Harry.

  82. When HR opens his mouth, you can expect a lie. He doesn’t know how not to lie, and works for the biggest liar on the planet. OB even makes Putin look intelligent and truthful. What an achievement.

  83. My interpretation from the following: Appears that the US Gov cannot follow proper court procedures; therefore decided to resort to strong-arm mob action.
    Fee-status: Paid

    PRO SE APPELLANT. SEND MQ: No. The schedule is set as follows: Appellant Cliven D. Bundy opening brief due 11/18/2013. Appellee United States of America
    answering brief due 12/17/2013. Appellant’s optional reply brief is due 14 days
    after service of the answering brief. [8739912] (RT)

    Filed order (Deputy Clerk: EU) Dismissing case for failure to prosecute (Cir. Rule 42-1) Pursuant to Circuit Rule 42-1, this appeal is dismissed for failure to file opening brief. This order served on the district court shall constitute the mandate of this court. [8959437] (EU)

  84. The TOP THREE TRAITORS in America are……..No. !….Barack Hussein Obama……No.2…Harry Reid………….No.3…Eric Holder.

    All three (plus more) are actively engaged in the internal overthrow of the U.S. Constitution from within the Executive Branch, the U.S. Senate, and the Justice Department.

    They should be arrested, put on trial, and with the MASSIVE record of anti-constitutional contrivances to up end the Constitutional process, they WILL BE CONVICTED, and the penalty for TREASON is death.

    But just put them in jail for 60 days with no food (only plain water) and a copy of the Quran and a Bible to read for entertainment; that will save the country from wasting a single dime more than necessary on these worthless denizens.

  85. No money is being taken out of Medicare to fund Obamacare, no senior has lost anything what so ever in fact they have gained coverage VA works fine when congress funds it but no facility can do a decent job without sufficient funds. Conservatives have been blocking funds and then turn around and tell us the VA can do nothing good when the fault is the conservatives blocking the funds. You cannot have it both ways.

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