Gun-Free Zone Restaurant Robbed … at Gunpoint

Leftists think we’re crazy because of our view on guns. They think a gun-free world is the only safe world. And they would be right if everyone were good. It just turns out they’re not. Good. Or right.

In recent news, Chipotle has said it won’t allow people to carry guns into their stores. This is probably in response to recent laws in Georgia allowing open carry pretty much anywhere. But, also in recent news, is the story of a North Carolina restaurant that had gone Chipotle on guns, and got robbed. At gunpoint. And what do you expect. Unless you have the good fortune of being robbed by someone who happily complies with your reminders of store policy, your stand for gun control is not going to end well for you.

I mean seriously. Can we just lay this to rest already? If you have a sign in your window that says, “NO GUNS,” you might as well have a sign that says, “WE’RE UNARMED. PLEASE ROB US.” In fact, that is in effect the sign you have in your window.

Conservatives think leftists are crazy because of their views on gun control. The cities in the United States with the worst statistics for gun violence all have the strictest gun control laws in the country. Saying something like, “Well, criminals get their guns out of state and bring them in…” is stupid. Who cares where a criminal gets guns? The point is that they will get them.

And when they get them, guess where they choose to use them? A gun-free zone, you daft leftists. Why are there so many school shootings? Because schools are gun-free zones. And, again, things are especially bad in states and cities that have strict gun control laws:

The principal of Curie High School [in Chicago] has put out a warning to students and parents to leave immediately after school and use a different route after six shootings in 48 hours in nearby neighborhoods.

Yeah. That’s just great. Those gun control laws are clearly working out. For criminals.

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  1. Dear libs; in regards to gun free zones…. WE TOLD YOU SO. Now have the courage of your convictions and put up a sign in your front yard that your home is a Gun Free Zone.

    • By that logic every country in the world would be safe if we all had atomic weapons – including Iran.

      • Actually there is some validity to what you say…think about it and look at history, i.e. the cold war.

          • It worked – no one touched them off because everybody has them. Its actually quite ironic that anyone in the US would be worried about other countries having Nukes when WE are the only country on the planet to use them on ANOTHER country

          • By doing so, we likely saved over a million lives, many of which would have been brave Americans that would have been killed in an attack on Japan’s homeland. I feel zero guilt for our decision to use that weapon. We would have been wise at that point to do all necessary to prevent other countries like the USSR and China from ever obtaining them, even if we had to be the big bully. The world would have been a much different place without a Cold War.

      • So what is your answer? And for your info, countries like Iran ARE developing nukes. North Korea has them just not the delivery method as yet. If Iran gets them, make NO mistake they will use them by all indications. Gun free zones DO NOT work!! Countries with the strictest Gun laws have the MOST Gun violence. Guess which one has the lowest.

        • That would be the one where the government supplies (requires) guns and teaches gun safety to ALL of its eligible adult population.
          I think it is Sweden……

          • Nope. The country is Norway where everyone takes their weapon home with them after military service. Sweden also has a low crime rate as well.

      • Iran hasn’t attacked a country in 200 years – why would we fear Iran having a Nuke? Besides, they have been allied with Russia for years – believing they don’t have Nukes is really quite naive – no they can’t make their own yet, but Russia had thousands of them up for grabs

        • Live free, I think you’d better take a look at history right after the fall of the Shah of Iran Iran was at war with Iraq and both countries lost over 1 million people in that war. It got to the point of both countries were sending young children with guns into the battle. There’s never been a time in history that these Muslim countries have not been at war. Just because they don’t have battleships and ICBMs does not mean they’re not a war. Wake up and smell the roses!

          The Iran Iraq war was one of the most bloody wars in recent history.

          • It was the smell of roses that put ‘livefree’ to sleep.

            It will be the smell of the inside of a political prison that will wake her/him up.

          • that war was actually a good thing,it cut down on the number of current terrorists & kept the price of pistachios down for a while.

          • Unfortunately Iran and Iraq are no longer enemies in the simplest terms. They’re not allies yet but there definitely no longer a war. When I ran finishes up and bills are weapons the first place they’re going to destroy is Israel but they’ll blame it on someone else because of the destroy Israel that means they have to destroy Jerusalem and even the Iranians know better.

            Their second target more than likely will be someplace in the US with the reappearance of that airliner they lost a while back. With extra fuel and nuclear weapon that plane could reach anywhere in the United States.

          • all the muslim countries in that area have expressed the desire to take out Israel & eliminate the population,& as usual they(the islamic terrorists) would blame someone else(like Israel itself)& you are right about the plane,if they could detonate a nuke here it could screw up the US electric grid big time among other things.I don’t think our current”prez” is too worried about it,he welcomes & hires them.

          • I keep telling people that ONE DAY soon, that the missing Malaysian airplane will show up, armed to blow up another building and that it is no where near the bottom of the Indian Ocean!! They are wasting millions of dollars looking for it. Sort of left the media, have you noticed?

          • We were helping Iraq because Iran at all of the weapons that we given the Shaw when he was running things. Fortunately F-16s and other advanced weapons didn’t have repair parts available in their people were trained well enough to maintain them anyway.

            When we were arming Iraq and giving them computer systems and advanced weapons they all included a chip that when activated sent out a homing signal as well as destroying critical portions of the control boards. That homing signal was picked up by the the weapons we used.

          • I never said they hadn’t been at war – I said they hadn’t attacked – they hadn’t started it. You would fault a country for defending itself?

          • They call that – you watching too much TV. The last time Iran went on the OFFENSE and outright started a war, their country was called Persia.

          • You’re still wrong. Iran attacked Iraq plain and simple they were trying to seize oil reserves. And they had over 1 million casualties during the war that went on for several years. And I assure you that Iran would be rather upset if you tied them in with Persia in any way shape or form. What was referred to as Persia was a goodly chunk of the Middle East that would encompass at least three or four different countries. If you going to persist in making a fool of yourself at least try doing it in relatively modern times say starting in 1939 up to present times.

          • You are just revealing your ignorance – All of Iran was Persia. Iraq started the Iran/Iraq war

          • .You obviously need to look up a little history on Persia. Persia encompassed the present countries or parts thereof Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, part of India, part of Libya, Turkestan, and part of Egypt.

            As to who fired the first shot in the war would be rather irrelevant considering these two nations of the war since they came into existence. They like every other diaper headed country that believes they have to kill their neighbor just because their particular religious leader tells them to.

            Muslim has been killing Muslim for centuries and will continue to do so until they all have self-destructed. I could really care less if they blew themselves to hell and back if they didn’t have the need to kill innocent people at the same time. The only good Muslim is the one is no longer breathing

        • the very first thing they did after the shah was deposed was to take over our embassy & hold our people hostage,if that wasn’t an act of war I don’t know what is.iran is currently run by a bunch of islamic imams no matter who is acting president there.

          • You also have to remember who was the President at the time, too? The State of Georgia did not re-elect him as their Governor and low & behold he wound up as the POTUS, but thank GOD, he was not reelected into that position, either!!

          • I think billy had more sense than carter did,at least he knew what he was doing which was drinking beer all the time!

          • And top of that, he had a Beer named after him!! And his Momma did not want to live with him, either!!
            I was just wondering if Jimmy ever had a school named after him in Georgia??

          • maybe the school for mentally challenged democrats,an overwhelming disaster as there are no graduates.they’re all brainless.

          • We have then here in Florida, too. All any Democrat ever thinks about is what will the Government will give them and how much less do I have to work for that!! Now, if they make all illegal aliens citizens, they will just bankrupt the US government sooner than it is going down.And the Republican Party can just not put up the money to win any election, because they will escort them around and have them vote in several precincts without proper identification and the media does not say anything about until 2-3 years later and then we are up for other elections! Plain disgusted with our elections!

          • Again, they reacted to something WE did to them. They didn’t attack any country – certainly not us – we drove the Shaw out of power with our CIA – we are the biggest terrorist group on the planet – certainly not Iran

          • dream on,every time the muslims attack us it’s something we’ve done,never just because they hate us & Israel.according to them they are the most oppressed bunch of loonys on the planet.basically islam is the biggest bs cult around.

          • Just think about the WHOLE Mid East and the centuries of camel jockeys running around and then they got guns! WOW!! That was like giving the Mexicans a firearm and celebrating Cinco de Mayo, everyday!!

      • Apples and oranges. Iran will get atomic weapons, and nothing will stop that. Are we supposed to disarm to demonstrate a higher moral ground? What would that prove except stupidity. Your comment borders on unreality.

        • Stupidity, yes; if the PEOPLE voted to do the process. But, this is planned as bambam and his evil P’s O S behind him believe that when America, that is the bane on the World is diminished, all will be Utopia!

        • More than likely if they ask real nice Obama would probably give them two or three. That way they could do his dirty work for him and by destroying the United States and Israel

      • I think you missed the day they taught logical fallacies in… ah nevermind. Won’t make a dent on you anyway.

      • By your logic, the Crips and Bloods should just manufacture their own guns. Come to think of it, maybe they will, if gun control passes! Once the genie is out of the bottle (the invention is made), it is impossible to put it back in!

        • So, with your logic the cave men were wrong for developing better weapons to protect themselves from “other” predators and T-rex’s. They should have created no club and spear zones and then they wouldn’t have had to worry about the “animals” that wanted to eat them. Or maybe better they should have offered to “sharpen” the teeth of the dinosaurs.

          Question: Have you truly ever been in a kill or be killed?

          • So you agree with Woonsocket, eh? Dingbat, reading comprehension is not your strong suit. How did you reason from what I said, that invention was a bad thing?

        • Sorry re-read your post. It was late and I was already PO’d I think I saw what I wanted to see. But I’m not a Dingbat that was Edith.

      • That has nothing to do with logic. That is just stupid. We don’t advocate arming criminals, but they will be armed anyway. Therefore it only makes sense to try to get as many good people armed as possible, to deter the criminal. They are a lot less agressive if they think there’s a good chance to end up bleeding out.

      • That is a high school, weak-ass retort; child-like in total. The USA could have taken over this entire planet MILITARILY if that is who and what we are as a Nation. We are not. The USA because of the National set of traditions and morals derived from JUDEO-CHRITIAN beliefs.
        To answer your question NO, not all countries. There is Good and Evil. Even though we make mistakes occasionally , we ARE THE GOOD GUYS! No matter what, unless the progressive traitors in government fed and state complete there endgame of USA destruction, we will with GOD’S Strength, be the PROTECTOR and VAQUISHER of Evil!!!

        • Based on our record in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq I would council taking on less than the whole world.

        • HUMMMMMMM Seems like the Viet COng and the NVA slowed down the USA for sure! Got the politicians begging for a way out and then blamed it on the military!

          • The only reason for that is the stupid “rules of engagement” that were established (Geneva if I remember right) that only WE seem to follow. If we had fought to win things would have been much different!

          • Like I said the politicians of both parties botched it up, hamstrung the military, and then walked away leaving the military to blame for losing. I was there in 62, and again in 68-69. The media and the politicians killed as many boys over there as the Viet Cong and NVA did!

          • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your service. I can’t argue against that, they did do a great deal of damage.

          • You are seeing the results of it now. The Armed Forces wse have today, are nothing more than Obamas police force. Hand picked officers, civilian social values, liberal living in the ranks, lack of Christian moral values, they have demeaned and emasculated the military to a Executive Branch Gestapo, brown shirt, thug force. Had the draft continued and mandatory military service remained after Vietnam, the people would still be in charge of their military, it was a Citizens army, not a paid mercinary force, left to the whims of the POresident. Iraq and Afghanistan would have never happened. We have lost our citizens army as the founders visualized it’s role!

          • Sort of. The only insert would be the dimorat party was infiltrated with anti-American residents of this country. LBJ just got off on killing people and screwing Jackie. The pig lbj was the “boss hog” of America,

          • Reaslly can’t argue with you ther, but it was JFK who touched the thrid rail first, he got the ball rolling and LBJ just didn’t do anything to stop it……Guns and butter and the Great Society!

      • Woonsocket
        It’s amazing how far out of reality you take things. It’s very simple you can place your gun free zone signs up in front of your house and those of us who wish can protect our homes and families with guns. Simple we each made a choice that we believe in . I want tell you how you what to do, and you can do the same . It’s called Freedom so by your logic take care of yourself and I will do the same.

        • I cant believe you did not get a reply from woon; especially after your reply was so straight forward and to the point.

          • Some would rather make things complicated by trying to get everyone else to do things their way. My family has a very simple code to live by.
            We take care of each other and help those in need of help if we can. Other’s may live their lives as they wish by their beliefs , just don’t try and push your beliefs or way of life on us. We will get along just fine!

      • No, and by your logic, every country in the world would be safe if we all had enough “Gun Free Zone” signs. You forget, o’ brilliant one, much of the world can’t read because they are illiterate, and frankly the rest of the criminals do not care what your opinion is, about anything, including gun control and gun free signs.. You have a good night now.

      • You don’t seem to realize that the fact that both the US and Russia had the bomb prevented a war. (“MAD”).

        • Henry, don’t try to reason with Woonsocket. All the posts that I have ever read of his originated from someone who is at least a half bubble off plumb. He is probably too young to remember “MAD” that we grew up with, besides judging by his picture, I have nothing in common with “him”, if you get my drift.

          • Thanks for the tip. I know it is just a waste of time to try to reason with morons, but it is fun. But you are right; I should find better things to waste my time on.

          • Hey, never pass up a chance to have a little fun with a liberal moron. It is so easy to do that I get tired of it, rather quickly. Enjoy. ;<)

          • I made the mistake once of trying to logically discuss an issue with sprocket (gears in the head instead of brains) and I can assure you, I never will again. No matter how off point the little twerp is, it is not worth getting the urge to kill over. If I see his/her/it’s name as a poster, I just walk on by.

      • Woon baby you are so far out in LEFT field you don’t even know what century it is! Keep turning the cheek till you don’t have any more to give!

      • Stepping outside the box of woonsocket´s left-wing fantasy, YES. Considering the subterfuge of the NAZI CIA since 1950, and the CIA-MOSSAD-operative involvement in Crimea, Ukraine, and the Russian province of Georgia, and the nuke incident off Charleston in November 2013, and the many-yrs-old israeli plan to overthrow Syria and Iran, it´s mere logic. Logic.

      • That is a reductio ad absurdum argument and a common propaganda technique. In this instance it’s also a fallacious argument as you’re comparing apples to oranges. Handguns, rifles, LAW rockets, machine guns, grenade launchers, etc. are individual weapons. Atomic bombs are national weapons, as are aircraft carriers, assault helicopters, tanks, fighter planes, bombers, etc. C’mon woonsocket, I know you’re smarter than that.

      • wrong logic. ron is not saying that criminals should have guns. he is saying if you have a gun free zone, the only ones who will not follow the rule and thus will bring guns into these zones are the criminals…and that is a scary thought.

    • Ron, that is a great idea! Let’s use your statement everywhere possible. People in favor of gun free zones need to put “gun free zone” signs on their homes. If the dummies don’t get it from this, then there is no hope for them!

      • Some one already tried this. They went to the legislators who were pushing the new gun bills in Connecticut after Sandy Hook. Not one of them wanted the sign in their yard.

        • It was forgotten by most people. It would be better to keep this going as a mantra because it is a statement from the anti-gun group themselves to those that are on the fence that gun free zones invite violence and only an idiot would push gun free zones, but not want one for themselves. The NRA should be pushing this like propaganda.

        • Can’t imagine why not! That and have their names AND addresses listed in the newspaper… I like it… gun free homes at: (fill in the blanks). I just hope they keep their doors unlocked so the bad guys don’t have to break any windows! Wouldn’t want the bad guys hurting themselves, now would they?

          • Absolutely, they did it to the registered gun owners. In fact every newspaper owner and reporter who prints this garbage about guns being so bad should have their address on the list. Yeah be sure to leave the doors open, wouldn’t want them being sued by some poor criminal who got injured breaking into their homes to rob them.

          • No because then they would sue the person they were robbing and probably WIN…..
            It like someone suing McDonalds because they spilled HOT coffee in their own laps….. Gee, isn’t coffee traditionally HOT as a rule?

          • Well, that seems logical to me. Get robbed, then get sued by the perp. Get ‘burned’ twice for your stupid stand on guns.

      • lets pass laws that say if you are in favor of gun free zones that sign must be in your front yard!!!! This would also get even with those annal journalists that published the names of gun owners back east!

        • But you have to remember, that many of the ‘ante-gun’ supporters, actually have armed guards at their house and around them. Make them get rid of all that too.

      • Better yet find out who opposes gun ownership and put a map on the internet, just like they did with the gun owner maps.

        • Great idea. Maybe that list would get passed around the prisons for reading material. It would probably be a best seller there.

    • Let them show their true convictions……”Welcome, Unarmed and ripe for the picking!” living in this residence! Hey Chipolte……You listening??????

  2. No such thing as a gun free zone….PERIOD….The ONLY place I don’t carry is the US Post office…That is 7 years in a federal prison no plea bargens PERIOD…your gone….

    • Am I mistaken or is the postal service no longer a government agency? I would think if they aren’t then state laws would apply??

      • I believe federal laws still apply to the post office and I for sure won’t challange it so better to error on the safe side….

      • You are right that there is nothing ‘government’ about the Post Office – and I have never seen a sign saying I couldn’t carry concealed when (NY State bans open carry) in a Post Office

      • I also try to avoid doing same as much as I can….I don’t now nor have I ever relied on government for ANYTHING…PERIOD…

    • Except the criminals.

      Crooked politicians.

      Drug smugglers.

      And of course Muslim terrorists.

      I had a conversation with a friend not long ago who lives in the Philippines. Over there no one could have a gun with the exception of the Muslims. They have plenty of guns and the government leaves them alone.

        • I really don’t think they like you very much there. Over there to make it in government you have to be related.

      • I was in the PI’s a few times and remember the fact about a young Lt. Col. before WW1, name of Jack Pershing, as CO of a base in the Army PI. The Muslims had killed 5 of his men on patrol and so he had some soldiers go gather 50 of these Muslims and lined them up in a circle and shot 49 of them to death and then rubbed pork intestines all over their bodies and had the 1 remaining Muslim take their bodies back in a cart to their village in Northern Philippines and told them the next time, it would be 100 men for every one of his men ever killed or injured.The most important thing of this was that the Muslims were never a problem in the PI for over 85 years after this (until they were no longer threatened), and they could not bury the bodies of these 49 Muslims because of the pork intestines rubbed on their bodies! He later became the Famous General Black Jack Pershing of WW1!

  3. If the cashier had simply pointed out the Gun Free Zone sign to the robber, that would have stopped the robbery….wouldn’t it? Ask a gun grabber about that.

  4. Laws only work for law abiding people. but most criminals don’t obey laws, that’s why they’re called criminals. Taking weapons from law abiding citizens will simply increase the death rate & let criminals run the show. Gun free zones are super for the bad guys, nobody can stop them. everything is theirs for the taking.

  5. I believe these places of business that ban guns should buy “GUN-FREE ZONE” welcome mats. That way, a psychopath with a gun can wipe the dirt off his shoes before entering the building and then wipe the blood off his shoes when he exits.

  6. This serves them right, I bet they had the sign up in the front also that said, we don’t allow guns, please come a rob us, we are a bunch of pansies and queers. This should make the gun banners real happy, another one of their plans back fired right in their face again. When are these assholes ever going to learn, stay away from the enemy, the Dictator .

  7. Simply do not ever go into any place that I cannot carry my legal concealed weapon. Plenty of good businesses that actually encourage CCW customers. But places that put signs out telling me I have to leave my Constitutional Rights at the door just don’t get my business! At least all the public places in my state have to allow lawfully carried weapons thanks to our great state legislature!

  8. Let me get this right. Let me be clear as the reprobate in chief would say. NO guns allowed at this restaurant. No guns allowed at the theater in Colorado, no guns allowed at Columbine, no guns allowed at Sandy Hook. Sounds like a crystal clear examples if you want more gun violence have more gun free zones. Way to go you left wing, liberal, scumbag reprobates.

    • Be careful and tread lightly, because these liberals can’t take large doses of needed medicine. They will regurgitate every time with the smelliest liberal crap you can imagine.

      • Gee! You are so right. They can shoot their mouths off at every opportunity but when the facts show them to be wrong as usual they cry like a bunch of stuck pigs.

        • Yep, and they still insist that we, the conservatives, are wrong. I don’t like to cast anyone in a bad light, so I just let the liberals cast themselves in a bad light. That is kinda like the prize fighter who lets his opponent beat himself up. It is a lot less strenuous to let him knock himself out. Either way, whether I do it or he does it, I win. I like those odds.

  9. We never lost a major battle in Viet Nam, NEVER. Korea ended the way it did because of a progressive dimorat; we should have destroyed the enemy with NO QUARTER!!! The only real problem with Afghanistan is that if you are not more brutal than your enemy YOU LOSE! We should have went in, napalmed the poppy fields from one end of that POS area to the other; NO QUARTER! Then communicate with them briefly and pointedly; keep your 7th century BS in your country. WE don’t care what happens to any of you and we will never bother you BUT, come after us or our Friends; WE will come back and kill every thing that lives in your POS land! Iraq: another War between our “ally” Saddam and the Persians would have technically been to the advantage of the world. The first war between them ridded the earth of approximately 7 million.

  10. The divisions between right and left, conservative, capitalist and communists is growing wider with each passing day. The day grows closer when the red states and the blue states will end up in a civil war…..members of diametrically and fundamentally oposite groups will eventually be at armed conflict with their fellow countrymen. A total shame that our country was divided by politicians and further rendt apart by a Communist with a race and class war!

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  12. What!!! You mean criminals aren’t obeying the law and going by the rules. Good Heavens! I can’t believe it. No honor at all. Oh, thats right criminals have no honor . People that put up no firearms signs and gun free zones have no brains, either.

  13. It’s called poetic justice. When you invite criminals in with the Gun Free Zone sigh, it’s what you can expect. Like did you hear about the shooting at the police station? You didn’t? It’s because it didn’t happen. Shooters & robbers are crazy, not stupid. Stupid describes gun control freaks. OR they are fascist who are trying to gain dictatorial control which they can’t do until the repeal the 2nd Amendment, e.g. Bloomberg, Feinstein, etc. who have visions of being leaders in the new world order.

  14. Gee, I hope the patrons of that restaurant did not feel “uncomfortable”. After all, the gun-free zone was for their benefit, so getting rob every so often must be worth it to the proprietors. I’m sure this episode will increase patronage to this law (ha ha) abiding establishment. You do obama proud.

    • All such establishments can expect repeat business by the “friends” of “gun-free-zones.” Such restaurants should keep loads of cash on-hand at all times, prepared for repeat business.

  15. Perhaps what is needed is that all liberals be REQUIRED by law to move into their “gun free zones”. Surely the liberals would feel safer living in their idea of paradise AND everybody else would feel safer knowing that the “criminal element” would soon be busy thinning the liberal herd! A win-win situation, if ever there was one!

  16. The libs are crazy like in my neighborhood in Santa Cruz they have a official street sine “You enter the nuclear free zone” How crazy is that but they believe in such idiotic thing.

    • And HAS your neighborhood been destroyed by a nuclear weapon?
      Maybe it’s working..
      But seriously, the “nuclear free” zone concept became popular in Western Europe towards the end of the cold war. The intent was apparently to make local areas in Britain and Germany less likely to be targetted by the Russian SS-22s because they refused to allow Tomahawk cruise missiles or Pershing-II IRBMs to be based there.
      The fact that this stance would make absolutely no difference to the Soviets was completely lost on the libtards, who still thought that the Soviets were our friends.

  17. Aggree with Ron!! Albert Einstein is quoted as saying, “The definition of Insanity is making the same mistake over and over, but expecting a different result.” I’d have thought that the anti-gun crowd would have figured this out by now? Evidently, NOT!

    • I tend to think they knew it at the get-go, which is why they are supporting the “Gun-Free-Zones” for honest people.

      At gun-free-zones, CIA-MOSSAD operatives and other criminals are much less likely to receive their just reward.

    • So naming the restaurant would change the entire point? You MISSED the entire point of the article. It’s not which restaurant was robbed, it’s the fact that as soon as it became known as a “gun free” zone that it was robbed AT GUN POINT!
      Of course the lame stream media will try to spin this into “see, we told you guns were bad”.

      • No of course it wouldn’t change the point, I didn’t miss anything except the details – so how do you verify its a true story with no details? Maybe some sneaky lefty made the story up to appease us, the pro gun crowd. Do you believe EVERYTHING you read? I don’t.

        • No, I don’t. And you do bring up a good point, I apologize for knocking that. Must have had 1 too many arguments yesterday.l

  18. This story makes no sense. How could the place have been robbed at gunpoint? Its a gun free zone for crying out loud. That means there is no way anyone with a gun could have possibly gone inside.

  19. It seems to me to be very fitting, if all supporters of the Kenyan Obama, “Gun-Free Zones”, the New World Order, and constituents of the Obama Coalition of the U.S. Congress, would declare their homes as “Gun-Free Zones.” They should place large signs in their front yards and on the entrance doors to their dwellings.

  20. Oh my GOD! Things have gotten SO much worse in America than I ever could have imagined 40 years ago. Thanks to the liberal “education system” our nation is now home to the most illiterate criminals on the planet! Not only can they not read the signage saying it was a “gun free zone” but they could not even comprehend the pictures showing the international symbol for “no guns.” Obviously the left now needs to establish a special education program for criminals to make sure that they can read and understand the meaning of those, ever more common, international symbols.

    Of course there might be another reason they went right past the gun free zone signs……….. kinda like a pack of hungry wolves will completely ignore a “Please don’t eat the sheep!” sign on a ranch fence……. Or as Ben Franklin phrased it….. “Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.” Permit me to name a few places where criminals never attempt to prey on folks……. Police stations… Sheriffs offices……. dedicated gun stores…….. gun shows….. Beginning to see a pattern? Anywhere that potential victims are armed and trained…… criminals avoid. Anywhere that people MIGHT be armed and trained…… criminals will tend to avoid. SO a sign on the restaurant saying “Conceal and Carry license holders and their guns are welcome here!” would have a MUCH better effect at lowing the armed robbery risk than what they have now. (which obviously didn’t work at all)

    What everyone overlooks is the other side of the criminal mind…….. they, just like everyone else, want to go “home” after a hard day of depriving honest working people of their money and property. Thus they will tend to avoid places where they will likely encounter resistance of any kind…… but especially the kind that might get them killed.

    • I have often thought about that apparent paradox when I was attending a gun show.
      Based on liberal logic, Gun Shows should be scenes of almost continuous carnage. There are LOTS of guns, and LOTS of rednecks with plenty of posters, T-shirts and literature saying things like “Molon Labe” and “don’t tread on me” – obvious signs of dangerous domestic terrorist elements.
      And yet nothing ever happens…

      • If you really want some entertainment……. ask a liberal to explain their view of gun control….. and then hit them with the gun show paradox. Kinda like going to one of the old Gallagher shows……. being a plastic sheet or rain jacket to protect yourself then their head explodes.

  21. Only government offices and state & federal capitals should be “gun free zones”. Those crooks should always be afraid that if they misbehave…”bang”!…the People will deal with them.

  22. I do not shop or frequent “GUN FREE” stores or restaurants. They are not safe. These places don’t have to like guns but need to realize that when guns are present, criminals go somewhere else.

  23. Are you sure it´s limited to Mexico ?
    What about the “hit” on the veteran last week in Henderson, NC ?

  24. The leftists will put up with a small percent of criminals and crazies. A few dead people are of no concern to power-crazed leftist idealogues. What they ARE concerned with are millions of well armed citizens killing THEM!! End of discussion. Lock, load and be prepared.

  25. Yes Make it mandatory that each and every politician that votes YES for Gun Control Puts a GUN FREE SAFE ZONE sign in their front yard and a NO GUNS ALLOWED SIGN ON THEIR FRONT DOOR if they want to remain OFFICE

  26. The restaurant management should re-consider their war against Americans and the 2nd amendment that is part of being an American. Good for these idiot lefty s. What a wonderful lesson!!!

  27. They are just a bunch of mommies whom I call “coercive utopianists”–make enough rules (with apparently no way to enforce them)–and the world will be a perfect place–run it just like a kindergarten–know what? if you want to see bedlam in action visit your local kindergarten–but if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail–their thinking is all they’ve got–and it has no basis in the real world.

  28. Leftists are to naive to live. They really think that outlaws will obey Gun Free Zones.

    …..”When Guns are outlawed only outlaws will have Guns”


    Over 30 years ago in a blue collar bar that was always open at 7:00 am in Battle Creek, Michigan for the off duty cops, railroad and 3rd shift factory workers.

    Two men came in and held up the Bartender and pointed their guns at him.

    The robbers then heard, …behind them “Click, click, click” and something like this….

    “Lay your guns, wallets and drop your pants on the floor and get the hell out! …Damnit! We are playing cards and I am to buzzed and tired to explain why we have guns to my parole officer, so consider this a freebie, and G T F O ….NOW! and don’t comeback to MY BAR unless to what to become part of a concrete foundation.”

    They complied and quietly left.

  29. I’m curious about the aftermath. Will it happen again? How long will they keep the sign at their front door? The answer? It will most likely happen again. They will continue to keep the sign up. Then again, you ever notice there’s no rule against knives, daggers or swords. It’s always about the guns.

  30. What’s the old saying ” You can’t fix stupid ”
    I think we could update that saying by simply saying.. you can’t cure a democommie liberal .
    Just my 2 cents worth.

    • True, you can’t fix stupid, but it is obvious with the placement of the sign, they upgraded to Stupid 2.0

  31. That is way too much common sense for a liberal to digest. It’s an education problem you see. The poor guy did not see the “No Gun” sign because of it’s placement in the window. Or maybe he was dyslexic and got the warning all backwards. Better yet he couldn’t read and that is the fault of the school he went to. But it’s possible he skipped a lot of school or didn’t go at all. In that case his parents are to blame. Or maybe like the boy in Texas he had a bad case of “alluenze” and because he was so wealthy and spoiled he just didn’t know any better. With all these possibilities and a multitude of others I can concoct, you can’t possibly blame the poor guy. Some liberal judge certainly wouldn’t under these circumstances. However it may a good idea be to warn him not to do this in a lot restaurants in Texas where probably any number of people there will be armed, sign or no sign.

  32. I hope they rob all the Chipotles. I stopped eating there when they posted the no guns sign in the window.

  33. Chipotle is a private company – if they want that to be their store policy then that is up to them. The public has the option of not eating there.
    However this policy may not make sense to the company lawyers and accountants – why?
    I’m sure most people have heard about the McDonalds that had to pay $300,000 in damages because the coffee that they sold was too hot. Restaurants get sued all the time for trivial reason – somebody slips in the bathroom because there’s water on the floor, somebody chokes on a chicken bone.
    What happens if a CCW decides to leave their firearm in the car because they are visiting a Chipotle and they respect the companies policy? Supposing the store is robbed and the CCW holder is shot and killed?
    His estate could sue Chipotle on the basis that the company policy deprived the CCW-holder of his God-given right to defend himself, but failed to provide adequate protection.
    The argument would be based on: “Reckless endangerment”. The restaurant knowingly allowed their customers to be put in harms way – because it has been proven that the presence of CCWs decreases the rate of violent crime.
    If I was on the jury I would vote against Chipotle – and I would have found FOR McDonalds.

  34. There’s a “Drug Free Zone” sign outside the High School down the street from where I work. It’s very conveniently placed – the kids like to lean on it while they’re smoking pot.

  35. Everything said in this article is EXACTLY correct.
    You say “no guns allowed” guess what, criminals can’t (or won’t read), PLUS, they know that no one in there has a gun or is not supposed to have a gun….. So for them, its a free for all…..

  36. Wish all the idiots who want guns out of their lives would listen to Ron,would not be long before they aquired one or two,or go broke.

  37. Gun free zone means occupational hazard free zone for all kind of criminals. How about a sign reads ” Dear Robber! Please do not bring a gun in our establishment. We will hand you all the money at your polite request !”

  38. they got precisely what they deserved to get, only an IDIOT would put up a Sign saying “Gun FREE Zone” and somehow think that makes them safe. Pathetic, truly pathetic, but deserved!!!

  39. The only guns the liberals want banned are yours and mine, they want to keep theirs for personal protection! After-all, they are smarter and more trustworthy than all the rest of us, right??? Shabbat shalom!

  40. Zero tolerance on guns in public schools is being done is to create a generation of future voters who consider guns evil and would be more inclined to amend and remove the 2nd. Amendment. The 2nd. Amendment doesn`t have a chance, it`s just a matter of time now.

  41. I legally carry as a retired LEO. My local theater has posted “NO Firearms” decals all over the place. Now, I don’t go there.
    Why? Because law abiding people such as myself obey the law. If I were to go there, I would NOT be armed. If I were there and something happened, am I to stand up and tell someone with a weapon, he has to leave because it is a gun free zone? Then I will tell him I am a retired federal officer. Then he will listen especially when I tell him I am going to place this person under arrest.
    That sounds about right. Right? No, not exactly. I would be at the mercy of this SOB and have to crawl under the seat with my wife.
    However, if I were armed he would be dead before he hit the floor and before he heard the sound of the shot. Sorry, no warning would be given.
    By keeping me out, the criminals knows the theater is unprotected and unarmed, (except maybe by other criminals)
    I have been told that the shooter in Aurora Colorado, James Holmes selected the only theater in the area that had the “No firearms” decal on the doors. He was apparently certain that there was not going to be anyone there who had the power to stop him. He was right and people died. If I were going to that theater that night, I would have had to walk away.
    If the theater elects to have such a policy, they have to make sure everyone else there has no weapons, including myself.
    If they cannot do that, then I refuse to rely upon any honor system as it applies to criminals.
    Where weapons are illegal, only the criminal have weapons.

  42. What a bunch of clowns. In Chicago the answer to all the gun violence is to scream for more gun control. Of course, only the criminals should be armed, make it easy for them.

  43. What did you liberals expect… a pillow fight?
    “Now you can hit me, then I can hit you… and we can stop when any of us want to.”

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