Gender Selection Abortion and Leftist Irrationality

There is apparently a “scandal” going on in Britain surrounding the Crown Prosecution Service’s recent decision not to prosecute two abortionists very clearly caught offering illegal gender selection abortions—an abortion performed for no other reason than that the parents don’t like the gender of their unborn baby.

According to the Abortion Act of 1967, abortion is legal only if “the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, to the physical or mental health of the woman or any existing children of her family.”

It’s that mental health bit that provides so much leeway to pro-abortionists. The fact is that anyone who has the desire can make a case that pregnancy is a greater risk to mental health than abortion. I think they would be wrong, but it would be nearly impossible to prosecute them because of how vague “mental health” is.

Pro-abortionists are saying that the Abortion Act does not specifically outlaw gender selection abortion, so it’s okay. Some women only want one child—a boy. So having a girl would be an extraordinary emotional burden. Yeah. Does anyone else think this reasoning is gross?

The fact that the Crown Prosecution Service has basically enshrined non-prosecution into their policy indicates just how useless the Abortion Act really is. Just go ahead and tell it like it is, Great Britain. Your people are free to kill their babies for whatever reason, just as long as those babies aren’t born yet. (Oh, and don’t forget to send the remains to hospitals for use as furnace fuel…)

CPS said they had enough evidence to prosecute the gender selection abortions. But they chose not to because they said it wouldn’t be in the “public interest.” What does that mean? You can’t prosecute any abortion-related crimes because then people might actually see how barbaric, brutal, savage, and selfish abortion actually is?

Recently, Hollywood has displayed a great deal of reluctance to portray the Kermit Gosnell story in film. One commentator said the reason Hollywood won’t touch the Gosnell story, though it will talk about a whole range of other disturbing topics—from the Holocaust to segregation to the AIDS epidemic—is because the Gosnell story hits “too close to home” to the liberal pro-choice mindset Hollywood has generally endorsed. But the fact is that abortion and infanticide are one and the same. Just listen to this “scholar” trying to describe why Gosnell is a murderer and a partial-birth abortionist is not:

When a procedure that usually involves the collapsing of the skull is done, it’s usually done when the fetus is still in the uterus, not when the fetus has been delivered. So this technique that [Gosnell] does is nowhere in the lexicon of practice in abortion care. So, in terms of thinking about the difference between the way abortion providers who do later abortions in the United States practice, and this particular practice, they are completely worlds apart.

Ummm. No, They are not worlds apart. Saying it over and over again doesn’t make it so. You just said the only difference was the fact that in one case, the baby is in the uterus. And in the other case, the baby is partially out of the uterus. I fail to see the grand “worlds apart” distinction you think is so clear there.

No. Abortion and infanticide, like I said, are one and the same. Hollywood knows this. Liberals know this. They just don’t want the masses to catch on. So they have to be careful what they condemn.

This whole so-called scandal concerning gender selection abortion puts leftist irrationality in high relief. Of all the people in the world, you’d think feminists would be outraged over gender selection abortion being effectively legalized in the UK. People are killing girls because they prefer boys. That really sucks, right? Where is NOW to condemn CPS for its cowardice and misogyny?

But no. Feminists can’t criticize gender selection abortion. Because that’s how absolutely inviolable the “right” of abortion must be. After all, we can’t do anything at all to curtail, delimit, or even define a woman’s free exercise of her reproductive rights.

Think about it. Who in his right mind would ever support partial-birth abortions under any circumstances for any reason whatsoever? That baby is actually coming out of the womb alive, people. That is so clearly murder, right? Who would defend that? Pro-Choice advocates, that’s who. Pretty much all of them. Why? Because you can’t let Pro-Lifers get a foot in the door.

These people defend the racism and eugenicism of Margaret Sanger. They protect pimps, johns, and child molesters. They harbor ideologies of the most sordid and debased kind in the world. And they aren’t willing to budge even a little. That’s how precariously the theory of abortion sits in their minds. Even the slightest movement exposes abortion for what it really is: the cold-blooded, selfish murder of the most innocent citizens in the nation.

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    • Jessica, losing your faith is a lot like losing your virginity; you don’t realize how irritating it was ‘til it’s gone. Think about THAT while you’re still “hot” & can enjoy yourself!

      • When you decide that there can be no great evil possible LABoobie opens his mouth, his blurbs come straight out of hell, from the master of evil himself. He must be proud of himself for his accomplishments in evil speech, I wonder if his evil acts match hisevil mouth.

        • at this very moment thousands of woman & children are being murdered, raped & starving yet you think what I say on this stupid blog is the greatest of evil & then wonder why people feel that Christians have no moral compass?

      • Are you ‘hot’ LA-LA Bob-bee – I bet you are, but that ain’t nothing compared to how hot it will be, in that place you spend eternity.

        • Assuming for a moment that the Christian hell does exist (which I don’t) there will be soooooo many scientists down their by now that I’m sure it’s air conditioned. What we really need to worry about is the hell of the one true god (the flying spaghetti monster) according to Pastafarianism hell will appear to be like heaven with it’s beer volcanos & stripper factory BUT the beer will be stale & the strippers will be old, fat & have STD’s!!! Now that’s a place you wouldn’t want to spend eternity

          • you really need a life.does it make you feel like you got a pair down there when you insult people’s faith?? just wondering. if it does, i feel sorry for you. i really do.. you must not have experienced real genuine love in your life. is that the case? if it is i hope you find love in your life soon. if you want, ill pray for you

          • That’s not the case at all. I have lived a life that truly is beyond your comprehension & is filled with genuine love. Why does faith get a “free pass”??? Isn’t it pushing the envelope to ask people to vote for a supposedly sane person (like Romney) that believes God is living on the planet Kolob? If someone believed Elvis was alive people would laugh at him & never think of allowing a “nut” to be president but is someone truly believes that a cracker & wine literally turn into the flesh & blood of a Jew that died 2,000 years ago no problem he can have his finger on the button! It’s time we hold politicians accountable for their beliefs & if someone believes the planet is 10,000 years old that person should see a shrink & NEVER be allowed to become president

          • you would be singing a different tune if the tables were turned. please think about it. ok? thanks man. btw, the cracker & wine were symbols.of His body & blood. not literal i have no problem asking people what they believe & why. my problem is you mock them. that’s all.

      • You couldn’t possibly be a bigger pig MrMalibuBarbieLABobE. Women are nothing more than a sex toy ehBoob? Who’s waging the real war on women you slob.

        • Your comment reveals that you have low self-esteem. You want to call names and bring down others because you’re a pitiful human being.

          • Skeptical_Boomer has “low self-esteem” because he/she has morals?

            So tell me… who’s really a pitiful human being?

          • You people confuse agreeing with each other as having morals and/or intelligence & nothing could be farther from the truth.

          • Actually, my family would vociferously disagree with you about my self esteem. If you read LABobE for any length of time you will find my description of him is appropriate. He is a slob. A self absorbed slob.

    • If prayer did work then what doesn’t this catholic school girls prayer work???? Oh
      Blessed Virgin, who didst conceive without sinning, teach me to sin without

  1. So it is OK to kill boy babies but not girl babies.
    The best way to stop selective abortions is to stop all abortions.

    • In India & China it’s the opposite. They favor boys over girls. In China it’s created an unexpected problem. There are more men than women. Women have a wider choice of husbands and plenty of men aren’t too happy about it.

  2. I actually had some guy claim that it was ‘merciful’ to kill babies that are unwanted. After overcoming my near-overwhelming impulse to vomit, I started to pray for this country as never before.
    We are on the edge of a chasm, folks. You had better start getting vocal (while you still can), because to allow evil to flourish unchecked is just as heinous as performing the evil yourself.
    Think about it.

    • Think about ALL the lives of REAL people that could be improved with stem sell research but because of some religious KOOKS that believe a 3 day old 15 cell embryo is a person we aren’t funding the research at the level we should.

      • I’m glad that you have figured out one of the mysteries of life (at least it’s a mystery for some people).
        So then, please educate me as to when, exactly, a ’embryo’ becomes a ‘fetus,’ and then please tell me, exactly, when a ‘fetus’ becomes a baby.

          • Immoral sex has consequences – LOTS of them. One of those consequences is conception of a child. The fact that someone would choose to kill another person simply for the sake of convenience is despicable. You ought to know that.

            Murdering innocent people Is hideous and I MAKE it my business to verbalized the truth. If hearing the truth upsets you then that’s too bad. It may comfort you a little to know that I would say something for you, if a similar situation required it.

          • Did god get this wrong? According to Hebrew law a fetus becomes a baby at birth!!! Where did the Hebrews get their law??? From Moses & who gave Moses the law?? GOD!!!!

          • Murdering innocent people Is hideous but embryo’s are NOT people!!! Now, please answer my question. Did god get this wrong because according to Hebrew law (given to Moses by god) life begins at birth.

          • Since you are bent on ‘scientific’ aspects we will, for now, limit the discussion to those things.

            When, exactly, does an ’embryo’ become a ‘fetus?’

            When, exactly, does a ‘fetus’ become a baby?

          • You’re bent on “religious” aspects that even your god does not agree with! So, is this issue just another example of Christians picking & choosing what god got right & what god got wrong? Much like gay marriage is an abomination but divorce, adultery, fornication, masturbation, non virgin brides, etc. not so bad.

          • The more you share the further from reality you stray, Bob. And – as usual – you go on a rant because you can’t answer even the most basic of questions. That is why it’s pointless to try and carry on a thoughtful dialog with you. You devolve into a hate-spewing entity.
            Sad…so, so sad.

  3. Maybe they should ask the nearly 1/3 of marriageable aged men in China for whom there simply ARE no wives to be had, due to that practice!

  4. Those who kill their children, born or unborn, are no better than animals. And that includes those who do the procedure.

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