Gay Professor Sues Black University for Discrimination

This is rich. A homosexual, white professor is suing Alabama State University (a traditionally black institution) for racial and sexual discrimination. Is it wrong for me to laugh at this? This is a classic example of reaping what you sow. See, the winds of victimhood are historically fickle. You can be the victim getting reparation today and the victimizer being punished tomorrow. All it takes is one flick of a limp wrist, and the tables have turned:

According to the lawsuit filed in federal court on June 11, Dr. John Garland is suing the ASU and eight current and former employees for racially discriminating against applicants for university positions and subsequently targeting him when he retaliated against those practices. . . .


“A small, powerful group at the University believes that Drs. Garland and Chesbro [Garland’s “husband”] have no place at the University simply because of their non-African-American or non-Black identity,” the lawsuit reads. “This group, including combinations of the individually named Defendants, have conspired to destroy the careers and employment of these two dedicated teachers.”

I have no pony in this race. I really don’t care whether Garland wins or loses. But it should be clear that this is what happens when you abandon the rule of law and show partiality to one group over another. The law needs to be blind. It shouldn’t matter one bit whether the law is “nice.” Black professors shouldn’t be given unequal opportunity. It should be permissible for a private institution to discriminate for any reason it wishes. But that’s just it—ASU isn’t a private university.

In fact, ASU was the first state-funded black university in the nation. And now, the chickens are coming home to roost. When you tie your cart to the horse of civil government, you lose your freedoms. It seemed like a good idea to seek the favor of the civil government, to hide behind the civil government’s protections and finances. So that black people could finally have a college of their own. That seems too tempting to resist.

But now, black people are no longer the victims du jour. The NAACP has fallen out of vogue. Racial discrimination is a civil rights issue of the past. It isn’t cutting edge anymore. Now homosexuals and gender benders are on the top of the civil government’s protection list and black people, whether or not racism still exists against them, are playing second fiddle. The solution is clear: don’t rely on civil government largesse to finance your success. Don’t rely on the civil government to make reparations for supposed wrongs. Because, in the end, wealth gained by fraud dwindles, and the victimization card always has many faces.

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  1. How ironic, that a gay is now suing blacks for discriminatory practices. I suppose the rainbow crowd will now want affirmative action for all their gay counterparts. A gay here, a gay there, just as the blacks demanded. Maybe we could lower the testing standards as we’ve done with other groups to make sure there’s enough of them registered to satisfy these people. Yes, the chickens are coming home to roost, and it’s a class example of poetic justice.

    • I doubt that gays need points added to tests that require intelligence. If they keep their lives as private as many other people do, then nobody will know their problem.

      • You never know. They’re out of the closet now, and they have better things to do then read all day as they did when they were behind those closet doors.

        • so what is it that the perverts have to do? sit and watch all those stupid tv shows and shout hooray for bathhouse barry when he plays bend over billy when his “wife” is wasting the tax payers money going someplace?

          • They’ve got plenty to do now. They can group together, travel all over the country promoting their perversion, challenge anyone that doesn’t, and make sure every kid in school from grammar school up, learn about their lifestyle. That’s just for starters, there is plenty of other accomplishments these people have achieved since coming out of the closet. Sickening, but true.

    • I’m with you. It would be nice to see this crap stop but America is too far gone I’m afraid. Unless….tar, feathers and torches cross the minds of patriots.

          • America is not America anymore. Our demographics have been changed, so has our traditions and culture just to name a few. This is not a country where Americans have a voice anymore – we’ve been pushed aside for illegal immigrants. Drinking the Kool-Aid isn’t the major problem.

    • A very astute observation – “affirmative action, for homosexuals.” That is disturbing on multiple levels, but I suspect that this will probably be the way things will go, and it won’t take long, either.

      • Thank you, and I think you’re right. The way this world is going it won’t take long for this to happen, among many other things that set our teeth on edge. It’s maddening to have to sit back and watch it all happen and know that we are incapable of doing anything about it all. Prayer is our only consolation, and even then at times, I often wish God would hurry up.

    • According to mainstream leftist thinking, no, they can’t discriminate or perpetrate “hate crimes” since they’re part of a “victim class” and don’t occupy positions of privlege. Reality, on the other hand, tells us otherwise.

      Will Mercedes be back to their winning ways Sunday?

      • ANYONE can discriminate. reliability is the only thing that can stop another 1-2 for Mercedes in the Austrian GP Sunday. They are just too quick. The only question is will Nico or Hamilton win.

    • Boobe, according to you leftists, blacks cannot discriminate or be racist.

      Only old white men can do that.

      Are you now disagreeing with the liberals basic rules?

      • Who told you that “blacks cannot discriminate or be racist?”
        I don’t recall ever saying that.

        Black can discriminate and be just as racist as you are.

      • So now we know woom socket, or “pu$$y” is labodomy in another life. Notice it used the wrong computer to answer your question!!

    • If u knew anything of what young blacks have been taught by many of there community leaders you wouldn’t be asking the question. They cannot discriminate or be racists.

    • According to the main street media and the NAACP, the only people that can and do discriminate are White Christian Males, (white privilege) don’t you read and listen to the news. ABC, NBC, CNN, NSNBC, Public Broadcasting,

      • Labodomy would agree with you if you were a libtretard, and has inferred this many times in posts. Typical of lib Trolls to twist and switch for their agenda. I never reply to these idiots any more!!

  2. A gay professor – I wonder what he teaches – is it ‘Basic Fisting 1A’ or ‘Care and Treatment of Anal Fissures 1B’.

  3. Told you way back a couple of years ago.. Gays love to sue,, they go around looking for people and businesses to sue, worse then lawyers, lawyers are just ambulance chasers…

  4. Just wait til Muslims start suing gays for being offensive by virtue of their very existence. What a mess of this country the liberals hath made.

  5. Homosexual behavior is NOT a Natural Right from God and OUR US JUSTICE system is based on Christian Ethics (Common Law/Blackstone/Lockean philosophy).

    Sodomy is a vile, degrading act and all homosexual cultures use little boys for sexual recreation, because homosexuality REMOVES morality from sex and it is a learned behavior, like ALL behaviors (twin studies prove it).

    Our Justice (virtue) System is based on Right Reason according to Natural Law. There is NO JUST LAW which can promote Vice or Evil behavior. (Justice John Marshall stated than any Law which ceases to be Just, ceases to be Law and is “Null and Void”.)

    Not only THAT —is is a vile, degrading unnatural use of the body, it is learned behavior–by child abuse. Promoting irrational muslim and Satanic ethics, where they have harems of boys, is Evil. It removes Reason from Law (which is unconstitutional). It removes Virtue from Law (it is unconstitutional).

    Promoting sodomy and the irrational term “homosexual” marriage—is removing Right Reason according to Natural Law—which is the basis of our JUSTICE SYSTEM. Justice is a Virtue and Just Law ALWAYS HAS TO PROMOTE VIRTUE (Nuremberg Trials).

    • I certainly hope that you have equal scorn for heterosexual men who molest little boys as well.
      Speaking of natural law, there are animals who are homosexual. Your bedtime reading must keep you awake at night.

      • Anyone who abuses children (sexually or otherwise) are some of the most vile among us. I would not see any reason why the courts should not impose an immediate death penalty in those cases.

      • I certainly hope that you have equal scorn for heterosexual men who molest little boys as well.

        That doesn’t even make sense! A man who molests little boys would, by definition, be a homosexual!

      • I have scorn for evil, degrading ACTS, and whomever takes Pride in doing them. Anything which mocks God’s Design of the human body and Reason, and uses human beings as objects for Lust or whatever, are doing evil.

        There are no “heterosexual” men that molest little boys….that is the homosexual/Marxist canard–ain’t it?

        In Germany, the sodomites tried to “make homosexuality normal” by redefining the word and acting like “homosexuality” is a “fixed” lifestyle. No, sexuality is fluid; even the evil pervert Kinsey knew that. The object of Lust is learned, behaviors/worldview are habituated in childhood.

        Saying heterosexuals molest boys is like saying the homosexual males in the muslim cultures will never have sex with women….LOLOLOLOL .

        The homosexual Muslim culture would have been extinct hundreds of years ago. if they operated under the APA definition of homosexuality (which is a Lie). Muslims would never reproduce if the German sodomite “definition” for homosexuality was correct. The filthy little homosexual secret is that homosexuality is learned behavior from child abuse, where innocence and Virtue is destroyed in childhood. You do know NAMBLAs aphorism: If not by eight, then it is too late.

    • What is with you obsession with sodomy? Did your husband reject you for your son or your dad just not want to get you pregnant?

      • You have such a vile, ugly sodomite, unnatural mind, don’t you? Very much like Sugar Keynes of Harvard, who bragged to his homosexual buddies about all the boys he castrated, and where they could find 3rd world boys for their orgies, which reiterated Nero’s homosexual activities with the guys and boys.

        Really a great, “Natural” worldview you have. LOL

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  7. There is no such thing as ‘gay’ people, they are whiners and sore-arse losers when they got their feelings hurt from rejection.

    • Only the EQUAL RIGHTS BLACK RACISTS are allowed their own Uni’s, Congressional Caucus and promotions without earning them. Now the homo’s are trying to ride the same gravy train!!

  8. I’d hate to be a white, straight man in Obama’s America. Everyone else gets some sort of affirmative action or protection under his laws but anyone white is screwed. I guess I have it made being female, but then again, I’m a domestic terrorist (per our gov’t), racist, red-neck gun owner, so I too am screwed.

  9. If there is any way that I can help to further create a rift between The NAACP and the Gay’s let me know I’m ready to help. Maybe we can get the feds to arm both sides and encourage them to war with each other the way it does with foreign contries.

  10. This should be fun to watch, but I have a feeling the Propaganda msm will avoid it like the plague!!

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