Gay Pastry Chef Hired by Laura Bush Quits on Michelle Obama

Interesting story: Bill Yosses, the former executive pastry chef at the White House who was hired by Laura Bush in 2007, has decided to resign because, apparently, he can’t take Michelle Obama anymore … or at least, he can’t stand her hare-brained health food schemes anymore.

How hilarious is that? This extremely, openly gay dude had no problem working for Laura Bush. She didn’t give Yosses any trouble at all. But then open-minded liberal Michelle Obama comes in and starts changing everything:

“No butter—you have to use fruit puree instead. No sugar—you have to use honey and agave instead. And you have to help me get my White House garden started, so we can teach all the “confused and bewildered” mothers and “knucklehead” youths about sustainable agriculture and local food.”

And he just couldn’t take it anymore. He said, “I don’t want to demonize cream, butter, sugar, and eggs.” Did he mean that making pastries for the Obamas was demonizing cream, butter, sugar, and eggs? Or did he just mean that not using those things made it seem like they were bad? I’m not sure.

But I think most people with any sense agree with Yosses. Michelle really thinks fruit puree is an adequate and healthier substitute for butter? And how about the glycemic load of agave? It’s about as bad as high fructose corn syrup. I actually don’t care much what she decides to feed the poor guinea pigs who live under her management. But why not let the pastry chef make actual pastries? Just don’t eat them all the time, maybe?

Just let the poor man do his job, and stop micro-managing everything, Michelle. And for that matter, how about leaving the rest of the country alone? Stop trying to control our food, our labels, our children’s exercise schedules, etc. You may not know any better, did you ever think of that?

The Bushes may not seem as smart as the Obamas, but they at least had the sense to let their executive chef cook what he wanted. And they certainly didn’t just assume that everyone else in the country was an idiot.

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  1. “The whole point of this country is if you want to eat garbage, balloon up to 600 pounds and die of a heart attack at 43, you can! You are free to do so. To me, that’s beautiful.” – Ron Swanson

    • Fat kills. Please don’t encourage others to stay fat. They are struggling with their poor health. Do you know how hard it s to lose weight and live longer? Have you seen a documentary titled, “Weight of the Nation.” Doctors showed the organs of deceased obesity subjects. The heart was grotesquely enlarged. It was covered with dirty yellow thick fat. Other organs look the same. Obese people ill die prematurely.

        • Tell me about it. How can people stand to force themselves to vomit? That can ruin you teeth and throat. A person might as well drink acid.

      • Get a sense of humor and a sense of freedom. People can eat live and die how ever they want without some stuck up know it all telling them what they think is better for themselves.

        • I have no problem with what others eat. I can’t control it, so why bother. I feel really bad for people who struggle with their weight and want to lose it. Have you noticed how much weight Chris Christie has lost since his operation? When you get one of those operations you can gain back some of the weight. Christie will still have to monitor his weight fir the rest of his life.

  2. Saw an article yesterday indicating that Michelle’s recent claim (bogus) that the US had “turned the corner” on childhood obesity was based on a very selective interpretation of an equally selective study. Not surprising, given that she’s married to a president who keeps insisting the economy is improving, even as real unemployment is worsening, and the workforce participation level keeps dropping.

    Lying seems to run in the family, and Americans are finally figuring that out.

    • Watching too much Fox, are we? After you get on the scales why don’t you help others lose weight? Don’t let anyone discourage you from helping your family and friends from living longer. Look at the bright side, they’ll live to vote Republican in more elections.

      • Mrs. Carter loved peanuts… and she just loved to eat Jimmy’s nuts, I think that just may make her an “arrogant bitch coon”

      • woonsocket,
        For being such a politically correct, egalitarian Leftist, I can’t believe you use the ultimate racist term “boss” which derives from “baas” which is a South African word often used by Black or Coloured people addressing a White manager or overseer. Free men don’t have bosses, they have employers. Whenever I’ve been other than self-employed, I always referred to the person signing my checks as my employer, never boss.

          • I was responding to your comment about me being a racist, not the article. II admit that I have racist views. I wasn’t always this way but have been made this way by the liberals in this country and the blacks who have voted based on skin color. I am sick of the black on white violence. I am sick of my tax dollars being used to support lazy ass people. Tired of all the bblack crime period. Woonsocket I know you’re a troll so why don’t you crawl back into the hole you came out of.

          • Not Woonsocket. Your response that liberals and blacks made you a racist are the same as those of the bully woman beater who claims it’s her fault and it’s pure bullshit.

  3. The transvestite will have the Gay man offed if he tells “her” secret and you know darn well he would know one when he saw one.

  4. What a silly article. The Obama’s won. Get over it. If they don’t want a cook dictating what they eat, then fire the creep. There are plenty of chefs who would love to cook in The White House. The White House is the home of a sitting President – not the chef.

  5. This author is lying to you.

    According to MSNBC, Michelle inspired this chef to teach healthy cooking when he opens his own cooking school.

    ‘Michelle Obama’s pastry chef is quitting to become an advocate for healthy food”

    “First Lady Michelle Obama’s crusade against sugar and fatty foods has inspired the White House pastry chef to pursue healthy cooking outside the first family’s kitchen.”

    • I can not just run to any link and play it on my work PC. So, I will say this, if MSNBC just says it true on a written article I would not put much faith in it being fully truthful. Believe it or not, Fox does still score the highest for most accurate reporting. Not a republican thing or democratic thing, just a fact. However, if they have a video of the Chief being interviewed and the words come out his mouth… Well not much to debate.

    • Has anyone herein read the articles or seen the video that show Michelle is actually a man? Sound crazy to me… Just curious.

  6. Why must we label everyone? “Gay” chef? What does that have to do with anything? “Black” driver? “Hispanic” housekeeper? “Asian” secretary? None of this would be relevant. Or am I missing something?

    • I posted the same thing.
      The Right Wing talks down to their ‘perceived’ audience and the rubes ijust eat t it up,
      THEY would never think to ask such a question.

    • I agree with you, but… This man is very ‘openly’ gay and it is he who promotes his sexuality…. Which should be private… I don’t care and the ONLY opinion that matters, probably, belongs to Yahweh / God

  7. Still trying to figure out what the chef’s sexual orientation
    has to do with the story. If there even is a story.

  8. They have an executive pastry chef! And meanwhile millions of Americans are trying to figure out how to pay the $4000 annual Obamacare bill. Great shades of Marie Antoinette.

  9. We didn’t have all this control crap when I was growing up in the 40’s and 50’s. There seems to be more fat heads around today than back then. Laura Bush has more class and character in one fart than moochelle has in her entire family.

  10. I assume the purpose of the pastry chef as well as all other members of the White House kitchen staff is prepare meals and snacks for the First Family (The Obamas) and any guests that they host. As an employee all staff should prepare those meals as directed. If any employee can not follow the directions given, that employee should resign or be terminated for insubordination.

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