Gallup Poll: Fewer Republicans, More Independents

A new Gallup poll indicates that American voters are gravitating toward the “independent” label. But they are not moving out of the Democratic rank and file at quite the same rate as they are exiting the Republican herd.

This means a number of things. First, it means that Americans in general are becoming more and more fed up with the current two-party system. More and more voters do not consider themselves well-represented by either party. Fourty-two percent of voters, in fact, now consider themselves Independent. That is the highest number in Gallup’s twenty-five year existence.

Second, the numbers have not changed much for Democrats. About 31% of Americans still claim to be Democrats. That’s the same percentage Democrats had in 2008 when the number dropped from 36%. So, if you were ever curious about how stupid Democrats are, there you go. In the last six years, the Democratic party and the Obama administration have done everything they possibly can to prove their incompetence. But they haven’t done enough to drive away their loyal sheep. Which means there’s pretty much nothing they could ever do to lose their base.

Third, Republicans have really dropped the ball. Clearly, they are the biggest losers in this poll. Now only 25% of Americans surveyed claim to be Republican, and that number has been steadily declining. So congratulations, former Republicans. You actually hold your elected officials accountable somewhat. Unfortunately, the Republican party isn’t listening. Somehow they think most Republicans want more “middle-of-the-road,” RINO candidates like McCain, Romney, and Christie. We don’t. We are leaving the Republican party. Because we don’t want more of the same watered-down compromise.

If anything, this Gallup poll should be a wake-up call to conservatives. Democrats will vote Democrat no matter what. Republicans will leave their party before they vote against their most fundamentally-held principles. If conservatives are going to have any political success, so-called conservative politicians need to prove they have spines.

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  1. The republican party will go the way of teh whig party and fold up like a CHEAP SUIT!! Most independents swing left so GOP get ready to be buried for good!!

    • Learn some history. The Republican party was created out f the whig party… President Lincoln was a whig party member before a republican. The conservative people are not leaving the republican party. The republican party is moving to far left and the people are standing firm with their beliefs… The same beliefs that all our founding forefathers had, not the beliefs of the liberal loyalist.

        • No Bob, it just shows how clueless you really are. Like I said, and I know it is difficult for you… read some history, learn some facts. I understand you avoid eduction because Christian have the biggest impact on developing the school system…. like creating and developing the scientific method, founding ALL the Ivy league schools, but one day you to might become educated enough to learn how to find your own facts (to expose what is real verse what is fake), use them to come up with your own thoughts, and actually start to think for yourself. It’s amazing the freedom you will/can have, and you will be embarrassed by how foolish your current thinking sounds.
          It’s an easy step to take… just start by saying, “I’m responsible for my own actions. I can learn what I want and not rely on others to tell me: how to think, what to say, and how to act.”

  2. People are leaving the GOP in droves ever since it morphed into a cult of ultra rightwing religious kooks. Given this information the conclusion you idiots draw from it is the GOP needs to become even MORE kookier & make a hard turn to the right??? Honestly, just how stupid are you morons???

      • Just look what happened to Mittens. He was a moderate republican by ANY definition & in spite of running against a bunch of KOOKS he had to flip flop on EVERY position he EVER took to get the nomination. One (of the many) problems with the gop is that ANY candidate that can get the nomination has to take such extreme positions that they are unelectable in a general election & considering the demographic death spiral the GOP is in that will ONLY get worse

  3. The misconception is that the Republican party is interested in the support of the people. They are just running interference for the left. By holding the line against real conservatives, they prevent any opposition from gaining traction and they further the socialist goals of the Democrats. How much longer they can play this game is now questionable. We, the people, are fed up with the lie and we are moving on to organize and support liberty by other means.

      • Bob, if the Republicans are a bunch of religious KOOKS, that is certainly better than the EVIL progressive Liberals that are trying to take over America. But I can tell by your blogs you don’t have enough intelligence to figure this out. So keep up the good work I know Obama loves you

        • Better is subjective I suppose but one thing is certain being a cult of religious kooks will NEVER get you 270 EC votes to win a general election. You’ll just continue getting buried in one landslide after another until you fade away.

  4. Yes, many of those leaving the GOP are registering as Independents because they don’t know about the Constitution Party.
    Being an Independent just about guarantees you still have only the lesser of two evils to choose from.
    The Constitution Party is growing and will soon be a factor on the national scene.

    • People are leaving the GOP because it’s become the anti science, anti intellectual party of religious ultra rightwing KOOKS!

      • Spoken as a true brainwashed Democrat/Progressive…..You really love the anti-American party don’t you?! You know, the hard left loonies who are totally out of touch with reality.

          • Our founding Fathers were christians . So you are condemning this country to the socialists when you call Christians evil

          • I see you flunked history. The men responsible for building the foundation of the United States were men of The Enlightenment, not men of Christianity. They were Deists who did not believe the bible was true. They were Freethinkers who relied on their reason, not their faith.

          • deism – the form of theological rationalism that believes in God on the basis of reason without reference to revelation.

          • Bob, it is not too late for you to be saved. Luke 15:11-31

            John 3:16 . Christ loves us all. He cares about you.

          • It’s to late for me. I have committed blasphemy against the Holy Ghost (Matthew 12:31-32) & (Luke 12:10) but I’m not worried about it. If I am wrong & god is about to pass judgment on me I would say to him: “Do unto others as you would that others should do unto you.” Why not? I am told that I must render good for evil. I am told that if smitten on one cheek I must turn the other. I am told that I must overcome evil with good. I am told that I must love my enemies; and will it do for this God who tells me to love my enemies to damn his? No, it will not do. It will not do.” AFTER I tell god to beg me to forgive him for ALL his crimes against humanity!

          • It is never too late to become a christian and renounce the athiest faith. Edit: you still have time while you are alive to repent.

          • You will regret everything you say when you face judgement day. Blob, does life have a point if you don’t believe in Jesus?

          • I doubt that! Since the majority of the people on earth are NOT Christians obviously life has a point if you don’t believe in Jesus. As an atheist I live life to the fullest & enjoy every moment of it knowing it all there is! I would ask you if life does have a point if you do believe in Jesus (other then trying to find a way into heaven)?

          • I did not say The united states was founded on a religion. I said that the founding fathers were christians. If it was founded on a religion that would make it a Theocracy. This country is Not a theocracy. Some of the parts of the constitution were inspired by the bible. This country is a Democracy , not a Theocracy.

          • Wow Bob, you can even read Evan comment and get it right. Your quote does not relate to what he stated. He talked about the people who founded the country religious beliefs, your quote has to do with beliefs of the government they founded. So, you have not disproved anything. Your quote would have to say, “no one that helped founded this country believes in God.” Then you would have a starting point. However, that will not happen, as the founding fathers were very religious men and assumed mankind would remain religious.

          • At the time of the founding of the constitution most americans were actually part of various Christian denominations.

          • That time wasn’t that far removed from the time that Christians were burning non Christians at the stake

          • It was the opposite. The Christians who preached the Bible and exposed Catholicism were counted as Heritics by the cultist Catholics. Catholics are not Christians.

          • You should read the dirty little book by the great protestant reformer & vicious anti-Semite Martin Luther “on the Jews & their lies”

          • Wow, you are very wrong there…

            When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people
            to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another,
            and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal
            station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them,

            The start of the declaration of Independence. If they did not believe in God, God would not be written into the Declaration. Back then it was viewed, you were either a heathen (American Indian) or believe in the God of the Bible. The question might be which denomination you followed. This was a big issue in Europe and the cause of many issue and difficulties in life for Europeans. So to make things better here in the US, they created freedom of religion. Which to them meant it did not matter which denomination you followed you would not be persecuted for it. It is very possible they were not aware of some religions like Muslim, Hindu, and others. Yes, they knew other religion where out there, but they probably did not have knowledge on the details of other religions. what would be an interesting question to ask a founding father (if we could travel through time), was when they added freedom of religion. Did they really mean all religions? That is did they openly talked about religions outside of Christianity and Hebrew? Or was it just meant to regards to what was openly accepted religions at that time in the US? I bet there would be a bit of a surprise to the answer to these questions to everyone.

          • Can you imagine the “shit fit” the religious right would have if a sitting American President took the bible & a pair of scissors, cut out nearly all of it & proclaimed “this is what I believe in”??? Well, THAT is precisely what Thomas Jefferson did!!!

          • If he did it on his own (not in public setting) there would be no fit. See, Christian are taught not everyone will get it. Matter of fact, most will not. Not everyone will be saved. By the way Jefferson did not cut out nearly all of it. He cut out all the miracles. He could not understand/believe how miracles worked so he removed them so he could just read the teaching of the Bible and learn from it without miracles being talked about…. The principles of God’s words were still left in the Jefferson Bible. So, he still believed in God’s word.

            Now, do the same to the Koran and you will see Muslim going nuts killing randomly because they are taught to hate anything that remotely disagrees with them…..

        • Evan, poor old Bob is such an Ass he don’t know which end to wipe. I think he is mad because the state he lives in won’t let him marry his boy friend.

      • Just when I think you are simple minded and dumb you prove you are ignorant and useless. Bob when your life revolves around your hatred for God and Christianity you are empty and lost. That is really sad.

        • RevG, I don’t hate god anymore then you hate the tooth fairy. As for Christianity, it’s just a toxic fairytale that’s dying.

          • I have not only read the bible (cover to cover) I have a great deal of knowledge of how the Christian faith came to be & it had nothing to do with Jesus.

          • The new testament is all about jesus and the old testement has many prophesies about the coming of jesus. Would it not make sense to just admit that we are created equaly. I am finsing that a lot of the biblical prophiseses are coming very true. The first prophisee of the coming of jesus was right after adam and eve sinned. Heres one example of a fufilled prophisee of jesus . Jesus predected that the temple of the jews would be destroyed till not one stone is left. In 70 A.D. a Roman General named Titus came in and destroyed Jeruslelem and the temple. And i still say that what Darwin saw in the Finches was microevolution not macroevolution. Btw, think of this also. Christianity is the only religion based on love. It is also the only one that is not based on works. All thrugh history there was Christians. Now I Know you aree gonna say now that Christianity is hatefull cuz we believe that it is not good for babies to be murdered ( abortion ) and for the stand aginst irregualar behavior ( gay rights ) . If you hink that is hate. Go see what the muslimic devils do to gays. You are not born gay. The fact that you can change makes it impossible for you to be born gay. I know of some folks who used to be a big part of the LieGbT mobs but gave up the gay lifestyle. 98% of americans are aginst the gay lifestyle. It should not be showed on TV.

          • Just because Islam is bad, that doesn’t make Christianity good. biblical prophesies are a JOKE! If I had a copy of the OT I could invent a fictional character in a NT that would fulfill the prophesies of the OT! For instance I could invent a census in the middle of winter in which EVERYONE in the Roman Empire had to return to the birth of their ancestors of 1,000 years ago! What difference would it make that the historic record doesn’t mention a word about that or ANYTHING ELSE jesus was to have said or done or even a person names jesus to people that believe EVERY word as an act of faith??? It’s like shooting an arrow into the side of a barn & then drawing a bull’s-eye around it. Here’s something to consider….


          • Bob, if you know the Bible, then you know that God said that he was going to raise up a “one-world” government, and Bush the First stated in 1990 while preparing to invade Iraq that there is a “new world order”, so if you want to speed up the Second Coming and are tired of waiting for the Rapture, then continue to vote a “straight” Democratic/Republican ticket, as the “New World Order” controls both of the major political parties !!! God thanks you for your support in helping Him to bring about His Plan !!!

          • Dying??? In the 1500s the Catholics thought Christianity was dying when they were murdering Christians by the hour. They did not end christianity. Btw , Catholicism is a cult.

          • If Chrsitanity is a cult?? Why is it the christians who are non violent and against a certain kind of murder called abortion

      • I’m not so sure the “moderates” have left in any numbers, but I can tell you the names of a lot of conservatives, starting with Sean Hannity.

          • I think we should all adopt the very simple strategy of VOTE OUT and flush all electeds out after one term. Bring them home to a parade or a rope depending on performance. That will solve a lot of problems.

          • What conservatives don’t seem to understand is that they WON!!!! Today Dem’s are more rightwing then the GOP was 20 years ago. The GOP has just moved soooooo far to the right they are completely out of touch with the vast majority of Americans which is why they aren’t even a viable option on the national level.

          • Sorry, I totally disagree. The problem in the Republican Party is that the RINOs have gone to the left and will do anything to get re-elected. That is the Democrat trick they have long perfected. They don’t give a rat’s rump for you, me or anyone.

          • Take a look at the dimwits Mittens ran against. What state could ANY of them carried that Mittens didn’t? They would have certainly lost NC & most likely AZ & GA as well along with EVERY blue state Obama carried & the landslide would have been 374 to 164 EC votes!

          • Bob you run your mouth, but you can’t show where the GOP has gone sooooo far to the right. I guess since Obama and the Dems have fallen off the left edge of the world you think that the GOP has moved too far right.
            The old die hard Republicans have slid too far to the left, and act like Dems, they sure ain’t heading in the right direction.

          • Sure I can. Take a look at Reagan (the so called darling of the GOP) who you would now consider a RINO!!!!
            1) Reagan was a serial tax raiser, He raised taxes in seven of his eight years in office,” including four times in just two years.
            2) Reagan tripled the federal budget deficit
            3) Unemployment soared after Reagan’s 1981 tax cuts
            4) Reagan grew the size of the federal government tremendously
            5) Reagan gave amnesty to 3 million undocumented immigrants
            6) Reagan illegally funneled weapons to Iran
            7) Reagan vetoed a comprehensive anti-Apartheid act
            8) Reagan was a “bellicose peacenik & wanted a world free of nukes
            9) Reagan did NOTHING to fight a woman’s right to choose. As governor of California in 1967, Reagan signed a bill to liberalize the state’s abortion laws that “resulted in more than a million abortions.”
            10) Reagan helped create the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden. Reagan fought a proxy war with the Soviet Union by training, arming, equipping, and funding Islamist mujahidin fighters in Afghanistan

          • Bob who is Regan? I thought we were talking about what is going on since Obama took over. Under Bush we had
            5% UNEMPLOYMENT, $1.80 gas, and a housing mkt. that was great until the Dems took over both houses in 2006. Also what is the difference between 3 million and 11 million illegals? Obama is giving America to the Muslims, and Nukes to Iran. I would be one happy freedom loving American if Regan or Bush were back in the WH.

          • You mean since and include Hoover, Obama and Jimmy Carter, and questionable Bill Clinton (if it was not for DOT COM companies and the average person buying a PC Clinton economy would have had nothing good to look at)….. but you would not understand this as we know you do not understand economics and how to see what is good verse what is bad.

          • The worst recession since the great depression happened on Dubya’s watch. Try as you may to ignore that fact history is what it is & can’t be rewritten

          • Well you are trying to re-write it now. Obama is much worst times. Unemployment has always been higher under Obama then Bush always, Bush was never over 7%, Obama never under. Obama has just about tripled the national debt. The few jobs Obama has helped create are $10. per hour to replace $40 hour jobs lost. Very, very, very bad. The false gains in the stock market… those are false gains, because they are gains from companies cutting jobs, not gains from increase in sales and profits. This means the companies are getting by with less people, doing less business, with less money, and if they do not have increase in sales they will have to cut more people in the future. Which will let the clown with big ears claim his creating more jobs… by giving more $40 per hour workers $10 per hour jobs. Under Bush, companies were growing, just at an extremely slow rate, but positive grow. No recession ever happened under Bush, it did happen under Obama. Again you need to take some Economic course so you can learn about these things. I’ll help you out here. definition of a recession is when GDP growth is negative for two consecutive quarters or more. Never, happened under Bush. He had three negative quarters. First quarter after Clinton left office, the Second negative quarter is when 9/11 happened then the third negative quarter was when the results where in that Obama was going to be our next president. Obama has been pepper with negative quarters. But keep your blinders on and keep drinking that kool aid. I would say “and you too will soon be a zombie follower of the system”…. but I think you already are one.

          • And the Marxist decided that wasn’t enough to bring chaos and destruction to the country so he embarked on a program to increase the debt, to increase unemployment and then to destroy our health care system.

          • …of course it can be rewritten,the left has been doing it for decades…….after all you just did a good job with Reagan.

          • You have never written a truth in your life.

            Newsflash: truth is not what your Marxist political officer tells you to write.

          • ……jeez…..don’t bring up Bush……now we’re going to hear all the liberal talking points about how everything is Bush’s fault…….that dog won’t hunt anymore.

          • Obviously you are not familiar with Antonio Gramsci or the Fabian Society who for the past 60 years have been moving us to the left. If you are familiar with the 1929 Socialist National Platform you would be well aware that the last plank is now in place with Obama-care (sorry ACA). The slide into a Socialist hell hole has been going on for that long. Milestone by milestone (if you care to acknowledge the Truth) can be traced back to the Great Society and has been moving at full steam ever since, even during the Reagan era. So, Truth be told, your erroneous posting about the slide going to the right is patently incorrect. If you understand how to read a continuum line, even a total illiterate could understand the representation. The Fabians have been highly successful in moving us this way all based upon the writings of Antonio Gramsci. In addition, the American Socialist party did not feel the need to field a presidential candidate at one point because their leadership said that the Democrat Party had adopted their entire platform (circa 1946). So, your homework is to read Gramsci and Allinsky (Rules for Radicals) and then map everything that has taken place in this country since 1946. (Hint: 1962 or so, the Hegelian model was adopted by the Kennedy administration for “overhauling” the American public educational system thus embracing the Hegelian Dialectic also embraced by Nazis Germany and Stalinist Russia). Now you have something to think about……

          • Yeah, CommieCare is very rightwing. Trying to disarm America is rightwing.

            You’ve in space and you’ve lost your comm link to earth.

            On second thought, maybe I rushed to judgment. I overlooked the possibility that you could have been trying to tell a joke. NAH!

          • Anti black??? Heck no!!! Anti latino???? Heck no!! ( btw i find latino girls pretty ) Anti environment??? Heck no!!! ( even if there was such a thing as global warming , using less gas would not stop it from happening ) anti health care for all??? Of course!!!! Most of America already had healthcare. Obamacare reduced the amount of people with healthcare. Anti gay??? Of Course!!! Along with most of america’s population. Anti women’s rights??? Yes and no. I think women and men should both be able to join the army. BUT , i also think that women and men who don’t pass the strength tests should be prohibited to enter the army. The reason that Christians are against abortion is basically because a unborn baby is a living thing. Killing the unborn baby is in general killing a human being. And murder is against the bible and murder is against the law. Anti gay??? Christians are aginst gay rights because it is wrong and a sin. It is also not normal. People have not ever been born gay. Ask a ex gay or ex lesbian if they were born gay. Anti youth??? Why would i be aginst youth??? I myself am not even 20 so saying me aginst youth is crazy. I don’t know what you mean by anti youth. I have never ever seen or heard anything about the tea party being anti youth.

          • Bob, the GOP doesn’t have to do anything…….forget political parties……..the current administration has already done to themselves what their opponents couldn’t or wouldn’t do………it’s called The Affordable Care Act. The fallout is affecting everyone in the Political spectrum………..and they don’t like it.

          • ….just cause youhave a nifty little poster to tack under your name doesn’t make it true, which,of course, it isn’t………..but nice progressive talking points. The Reps are dying because they are cowards and won’t fight dirty like the left, they won’t stand by their core principles. Make no mistake….just because the Reps are eating their own, they should not be confused with true conservatives.

          • I saw the ‘handwriting on the wall’ when McCain joined with Ted Kennedy (yrs ago) to pass the education bill to expand fed control of our schools. I ONLY voted for him because he chose Sars Palin as VP….! Became an independent soon after they lost…..

          • Bob lets just hope they go whup some Liberal asses, and send the America hating Dems to a country where their ideas will fit in.

          • In spite of getting BURRIED in TWO landslides you think the Dem’s are the ones that hate this country?? Take a look at the electoral college map. The GOP simply cannot get 270 votes under ANY circumstances so it really doesn’t matter who they nominate


          • Low information voters don’t realize we elect a president by the EC. As for in person voter fraud that’s another teabagger myth

          • That a boy….use the libtard tag for the Tea Party….shows real creative thinking and intelligence. Obviously a Democrat troll and not too bright at that…Perhaps you can get better intellectual stimulation from hanging out at a OWS Crap-in.

          • The language is all Bob can handle. He thinks and acts like a middle school geek on the playground.

            Little known fact, he giggles when he types “teabagger.”

          • Since you use the Mickey Mouse ears as your avatar I assume that you are a more a less recent public education grad! Again, critical thinking is trumped by indoctrination thanks to our educational system of which you seem to be a fine example. Antonio Gramsci and Saul Allinsky would be proud of you…..

          • Yep, they’re Marxists. Have been for the past 100+ years and are now.

            Progressives ditched the Declaration and the Constitution – that proves they have turned on America.

          • Many conservatives, like myself, who don’t want to get caught in a republican “death spiral”, have become independents. I am embarassed and ashamed of a party who gives up their so called “core principles” for personal gain or the “spirit of cooperation” (another woprd for appeasement and surrender). If you are not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem. Dem and Rep party affiliations have little or no meaning or value any longer….neither have the will to do the right thing for our nation. I withhold my support (financial or otherwise) and my vote until I’m sure the person/s I support are willing to side with the people. I’m not alone,
            independent numbers have been growing at a good pace,this not good for either party, but it is good for the people.
            it’s not about R’s and D’s any longer, it’s about right and wrong, legal and illegal, moral and immoral, ethical and unethical and, most important, sane and insane.

          • You are finaly posting on this article, the blob is goong to devour us all with his message of our country being founded by religion hating athiests. Maybe you can talk some sense into his blob of a brain

          • Since you are against a theocracy, does that include the “Gaia” Environmental movement as well or do you just reserve your hatred of Christians only?

          • Your once again confused Bob. Liberal Democrat of for socialism/Communism (which is against freedom). Conservative Republicans, like are founding forefathers are for Freedom.

          • Now, you show your dependency on the left vs. your lame attempt to present yourself as a moderate repub. What a joke!

          • Another word to add to “cooperation” besides appeasement and surrender is compromise. If we have the moral values (core principles) that are the Tea Party plank, if we stand for these, we DO NOT appease, surrender or compromise our values. If we do, we are no longer a republic government. We are something else – in other words “no longer a republican”. No longer constitutional. Let’s stand firm and not bow to anything other than are deep beliefs.

          • Perhaps to a that actually practices “Critical Thinking” and speaking power to the Truth instead of just slavishly following the edicts of a less than stellar “leadership” too timid to resist the onslaught of tyranny. The Truth shall set you free….

      • A moderate is just someone with no principles whatsoever. They blow in the wind and agree with anything to avoid confrontation. They just want to be liked. Boob a Republican? That’s funny.

          • So the bible suports volence?? Funny.. I have never heard of chrstians being violent. Discrimination?? Oh … That is not the christians who are discriminating … Its the LieBGT that is a hate group. Hate??? I’m sorry but christians hate the sin not the sinner. You give the defenition of Islam.

          • You never heard of Christians being violent? Did you ever hear about the inquisition? What about the witch trials or crusades? Nazi Germany was a Christian country. Rwanda is among the most Christian countries on earth & the genocide there was done by Christians. Christian Serbs committed genocide against Bosnians and so on… How is fighting for equal rights a “hate group”?

          • actualy, Hitler was a jew. zthe Crusaides and inqusition was done by Catholics. there is a differance between Catholicism and Chrisstianity. The inquistion was done by the bible hating catholics like the blob. Ever herd of Corrie ten boon ? she was a christian who saved the jews from the evil jaws of hitler. GLAAD is a hate group becausse their version of freedom is by using force/terrorism by those who are agianst their evil conspiricies. comunissm can be blamed on jews, not christians.i will give proof that the serb terrorists are not christians when i learn about the serbs. i realy od not even know who the serbs are. are the serb terrorists actualy a gay rights group .

          • There’s a great deal that you don’t know. (1) Hitler was a self proclaimed Christian raised in the Christian church, Germany was the most Christian country in Europe before, during & after WW2, The German people that adored Hitler believed him to be Christian as did leaders in both the catholic & protestant church that supported Hitler. (2) Catholics are indeed Christians & in fact invented it! (3) Rwanda is OVER 90% Christian & in LESS then 100 days more than 800,000 Rwandans were killed by fellow Rwandans using machetes, sticks, and clubs with nails! (4) Christians have committed genocide in EVERY continent they conquered.

          • Catholics chrsitians??? Heck no!!! Many label anyone who believes christ existed as chrsitans. Catholics killed chrsitans. Catholics are volent. Athiests are anti american.

          • I am suprized at you. You have not mentioned the fact that the biggest liar in history , Charles Darwin he claimed to be christian.

          • You are the one who called yourself a moderate Boob. I don’t believe you were ever moderate or a Republican.

  5. Seems the Rino’s do not give a chit what the conservatives want. They are well on their way to losing all conservative support. Maybe it’s political suicide for the Rino’s. They keep it up & they can call themselves Dimocrats…Think there’s a new party brewing. The Rino’s are committing political suicide.

  6. All I can say is that the RINOs created this problem, and continue to exacerbate it.

    During the 8 years of W they acted like democrat lite. For the past 5 years they’ve acted like fellow travelers bending over for Dear Leader. In spite of what they say, they’ve funded CommieCare at every opportunity.

    The repub party (except for a doz. or so patriots) have completely abandoned their oath to defend the Constitution and our rights – gutless sellouts!

  7. I am one of those who have fled the Republican party, and I think this article misinterprets who a lot of us are. Many of us are staunch supporters of economic freedom and limited government bound by the constitution, but cannot stomach the archaic and often theocratic views of too many in the Republican party with respect to the important personal-liberty issues of our time. If Republicans would stop fighting losing battles in the culture wars, they would find many more people receptive to their economic message.

    • Believe it or not, there was once room in the GOP for people that were fiscally conservative & socially liberal. NOT anymore! The GOP/Tea Party hypocrisy is outrageous! If you want the government to enact more laws restricting birth control, sex education, abortion, same-sex marriage, and drug use, among other things, it makes you pro-big government, it doesn’t make you a “don’t tread on me” small government libertarian!

      • Bob, you are one funny uninformed Democrat. I guess you watch MSNBC, and CNN and then get on your computer and blog. You don’t know crap about the TP and your blogs prove this.

          • That’s funny coming from a the democrats… The democratic party has the most expensive dinner parties, the biggest individuals that donate cash. They also have the most legal issues because of campaign donation issues. You do understand that most of the richest people in the USA are extreme leftist democrats. You should look straight up Bob and she which one of them is pulling on your strings.

  8. It is truly a shame, the Republican leadership has such disdain for the rank and file that it is erroneously careening towards an electoral catastrophe led by John Boehner, Karl Rove, Graham, McCain and McConnell, et al. How? by slavishly embracing “Radical” moderation. Why vote for a Republican candidate if they are just Democrat/Progressive lite? This is not the boldness of which Reagan spoke. This is rapidly becoming a Republican embarrassment.

    • For, that is the reason we must send these old die hard Republicans out to pasture, and let the true conservatives take control.

      • The good news is that there is an emerging movement afoot that is quietly gaining steam aimed at reforming the Republican party from the grassroots level. There is hope…..

      • Bob, it is high time i use the report spam button on you!!! Btw, heres the miriam webster says about diests: deist – a person who believes that God created the universe and then abandoned it. Corection. And heres the defenition of thiests :theist – one who believes in the existence of a god or gods. You are partly right. The constitution was writien by deists and Christians. Guess what Blob??? Most of the world does belive in a God. Or Gods. I find the study of religion very interesting.

        • I find the study of religion very interesting too. If you have studied religion you’d know Christianity is a monstrous fraud and delusion, that has desolated the earth and filled the spirit world with demons…. there is not a
          tenet, dogma, doctrine, ceremony, form or prayer, fast or feast, title of deity, form of church government, official rank or religious observance of any kind, that is not identical with some prototype to be found in one or more of
          the more ancient religious systems…. no such person, man, or God, as Jesus Christ, had anything to do with establishing the religion that has been taught in his name…. To get rid of the damning fact that there is no historical basis for their theological fictions, the Christian priesthood have been guilty of the heinous crime of destroying nearly all traces of the concurrent history of the first two centuries of the Christian era. What little of it they have permitted to come down to us, they have so altered and changed, as to destroy its historical value.

      • Guess what Bob they won’t even let Obama buy any brains, so now that Palin has bought hers she is a lot smarter than poor old Obama. Obama brought his hate America ideas to this country, and is trying his damest to wipe out the Americans with love their country brains so he can take over the USA.

  9. What it means is that we former Republican leaning individuals are now Independent and will vote for Conservatives and TEA candidates over the old guard republican RINO’s. We are not going to vote for the “progressive sleaze bags” that I can assure you.

  10. I find the conclusion that the Republican Party is losing conservatives to be idiotic. I have been a moderate since the day I could vote, and I have voted straight Republican in every election except 2012. Why? Because with the inclusion of the Tea Party, the GOP has fallen from a party of enlightened individual willing to do what is good for everyone to a party whose only focus is on narrow-minded inequalities and unimportant factors, that is being by lead radical conspiracy theorists that have no concern for the American People or the American Way of Life. If you aren’t a corporation the GOP really doesn’t care about you, or your opinions,, unless you are an unborn child.

  11. I have been a proud registered independent since 1970, I see no difference in the two parties they are politicians who care only about their own personal wealth. If you think republicans are losing support wait until they cave on the LIAR Rubio’s amnesty open border plan for the American people. In truth I have not found a reason since 1970 to reelect anyone nor a reason to vote for a democrat since Jimmy Peanut.
    We must stop electing politicians who want to control our lives and start electing only those that love our country and the hard working Americans who built it and allow us to make our own choices.

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