After Four Months, Black Supremacist Ayo Kimathi Still Employed by DHS

About four months ago, the DHS found out that Ayo Kimathi, one of their employees, was an avowed black supremacist. Kimathi runs the website “War on the Horizon,” where he posts a bunch of hilariously inflammatory “pro-black” news and recommends the assassination of black-skinned traitors (Uncle Toms) and white people. For some reason, I can’t help but hear Mr. T’s voice narrating in my head as I read his articles.

Kimathi calls homosexuality “white sex” (thanks a lot, dude), and thinks white people will have to be exterminated to protect strong black men (he doesn’t seem to care as much about black women… this is probably due to the latent influence of white homosexuality) and preserve the future of the black planet.

Anyway, he’s a whacko. No more a whacko and no less entertaining than other whackos, but a whacko nonetheless. And I think  it’s pretty clear that maybe such a man as Kimathi should not have a job where his main duty is protecting the livelihood of a majority white nation. I don’t think it takes four months to investigate this. Let’s say a terrorist comes into town. Kimathi confronts him (again sounding like Mr. T for some reason):

Kimathi: We found explosives in your underwear. Don’t ask me how I found them. I wasn’t looking in your underwear for sexual reasons. It’s just part of my job. White people make me do it.

Terrorist: Yes, well I don’t know how that bomb got in my loin girdle.

Kimathi: Look, I don’t care how it got there. And I honestly don’t care if you bring it into the country. But you need to listen to some ground rules. White people and Uncle Toms need to die, but no suicide bombings on strong black men, okay? So… You see that Ikea? You can blow it up. That Center for Ballet? Blow it sky high. Harvard? Yale? Sky high! Kapeesh?

I can’t help but think that Craig Cobb wouldn’t even have been hired to DHS, in spite of the fact that the now-famous (kind of) white supremacist apparently has fourteen percent sub-Saharan African ancestry. (Does that qualify him for affirmative action?) And even if he had been hired, it beggars belief to think that DHS would keep him on for four months of administrative leave after his racist affiliations had been discovered.

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    • And there is nothing we can do to stop the wraking of the country and the killing of innocent people. we can’t stop illegals we can’t stop the blacks from killing whites we cant’ do any thing about whats going on maybe we should just give the country to the hispanic and the blacks and let tem run it without us and see how well they fair.??!!

      • Don’t say we can’t stop blacks from killing whites. We can stop them, we just have to start carrying our sidearms with us wherever we go. That will stop the craven cowards when we blow a couple of stinking heads off.

          • Except, of course, all of the black on white murders which aren’t being reported by lame stream media. Oh, and there’s that great game of Knock Out. Can you guess the colors involved there?

      • Cannot generalize. I’m Hispanic -now a US Citizen- and, as a 20-year Navy veteran I would fight again with all my might to return to the glorious country we had when President Reagan welcomed me to the USA. There are certainly millions of Hispanics who just don’t agree with the Republican party, my party, because of their lack of identification with them. The truth is, we Hispanics hold the Republican values in our hearts, but the Demoncrats are doing a better job making our community believe their lies. Repubs MUST talk with the Mainstream Media and make deals. The other party has done it and have success with Hispanics at almost everything anti-Republican. Again, Hispanics are Republicans by heart, but are easily influenced by those who claim to be like them, which is a lie.

        • Well said Navy Vet and I’m proud to have you as a fellow citizen. I also thank you for your twenty years of service to YOUR country. I’m a Navy vet also.

          • Thank you also for your service, Rick. It’s so depressing to see the level of comfort or consolation the Repub party has fell into. Sometimes I wonder if they also want our country destroyed. Many Repubs in Congress are moving towards the left as well. It’s time to ID’em, challenge’em, reconvert’em, or replace’em. Hope you can find some movie time for this: . I bet you have never seen something like this, regardless of your age. Don’t spread your wealth around, but do spread this video around. God speed!

          • I thank both of your for your service, and I wished all non Citizens were like you Navyvet, I sure wouldn’t mind you staying here.

        • Good point! I do hope Hispanics like yourself educate other misguided Hispanics in regard to the two-faced politicians who merely want their votes.

          • Thanks Laurence. All my Hispanic friends and family have been made well aware of this by me. I’ve even written to the GOP HQ on this, inviting them to capitalize on this very fundamental truth. But it seems like they lack the guts to fight the status quo; they’re too comfortable where they are. Gov. Susana Martinez (NM) made it clear at the GOP Convention last year, but no one seems to care about it. Is it a silent GOP plot to join the left in letting our country collapse? See this movie:

      • Look at LA. 65 % of my svc work comes from latinos that been there before me totally screwin the pooch. Mainly illegals but some eastern euro trash mixed in. Elites don’t shop in the penneysaver though.

      • If that happens the USA will end up like Zimbabwe and other Black-ruled nations in Africa. Check out the website for some eye-opening data.

      • No, we can replace a dysfunctional Congress. Did you know that Harry Reid and the democrats in the Senate support Obama in all he does to destroy this Country. They even do more than that, they also urge him on. No do not even think about giving our Country away, we will take it back and begin the very long process of making it right.

      • the more I see and hear of barry the more disgusted I become . Before he came I really didnt care about becoming a racist now he has forced me and millions of others to rethink our views , if he and his minions say to kill white people what do es he expect us to do , go willingly into the camps ? there is a strong wind blowing .

  1. I invited this rascist POS to come “exterminate” me some time ago. He never showed up!! Guess that shows you what kind of little girl hides behind his website.

  2. Having spent some time working with the Theater Dept. at a large and prestigious All Black university, I can truly say, “You ain’t seen a truly flaming gay guy until you’ve seen a Black one!”

    • Hilarious – I remember long ago in my youth I believed the canard that black men could not be gay. Now I know better of course. Gay men are poor sad creatures when you get to the realities. I went to design school in NYC and they y were thick in the student population. As a female there was little there to interest me.

    • I believe research indicates that approximately 5 to 6 percent of all groups are exclusively homosexual, regardless of their supposed “race”.

  3. I wish that dumb black SOB would come and try to exterminate me. I love shooting worthless predators like coyotes and skunks.

  4. I wonder if he knows his boss has some allegations of homo sex? According to some of his classmates, in between puffs of crack!

  5. If he’s nothing but a wacko why does he have the job with DHS you mean there’s nothing we the American people but sit and let all these things take place and not do anything?are we just to sit and wait until Obama decides when it’s time that we shall have all our right’s taken away and we just do as we are told is this the new world order at hand???

    • you apparently have never attempted to remove a government employee from his/her position. The Federal Government Employees union (Civil Service) has the most ironclad job protection regulations of any in the country. I once witnessed a full Colonel try to remove a civilian (GS-9) the equivalent of a major I believe from a job which set priorities for obtaining base housing for military enlisted and officers, your place in line if you will. The woman was drunk on the job, was found taking bribes, discriminating on just about every imaginable criteria and it took 3 years and finally cost the Colonel his job. Great system
      If there ever was and is a system where a union needs to be broken it is the one for federal employees. 90 % of them are over paid and underworked.

      • Having worked for the government (San Francisco) for 22 years I could not agree more! It is virtually impossible to fire an incompetent employee once they get on the government payroll – especially if they are female and/or Black. The government has two or three times as many employees as are necessary, but there is no way they can fire any of them. (Unless you are a White male, that is.)

  6. Dozens of highly qualified upper echelon officers in the military but outspoken against the Usurper’s policies, along with an official in HHS after he says something truthful but negative about Obamacare and they all get fired. Yet, this rascist POS threatens millions of whites, goes against DHS policy and is still allowed to remain in his post. Guess that says everything doesn’t it???

  7. Obama loves terrorist this guy is one of his favorites. Of course he’s still there. Hmmm if you talk about bombs in schools or airports they lock you up. But if you work for Obama you can threaten to bomb white people all you want. This administrationn encourages black on white racism. While they spew the lies of white racism.

  8. So, he’s one of Obama’s people, so, it fits in with Obama’s racism. Haven’t you figured out that Obama hates his white half and white people ? Are all you liberals stupid ?

    • He hates the negro 1/8th as well.

      He does seem to favor the arab 3/8ths because he bows to the arab king, and does a curtsy on the way back up from the floor where he was licking the bottom of the soles.

    • Obama is so anxious to take our guns because he knows they will push us over the line one day and his little black friends will be in a world of trouble real quick.

  9. I just went to this website and this guy seems to hate everybody including BO and MLK If his following is large then a lot of us have something to fear black and white

  10. Irrespective of color any supremacist has more baggage than TSA can handle. If this creature were white, black, Hispanic, Chinese, or any other -ese or -can race I want it removed. Like a cancer. Chemotherapy with lead ought to do it. Bows and arrows or the Rack. Shark food. But there’s some things a shark won’t eat. C’mon Obama — step up to the plate for once and do the right thing.

  11. The more people like this who snuggle up With Dirty Diaper Head Obama’s Administration the better. At least with these idiots come out from underneath the slimy rock they can be identified and more easily neutralized at the proper moment.

    Obama was given an opportunity to disprove every stereotype heaped on people of color. Stereotypes that were taught in college at one time; lazy, dirty, illiterate, inherently violent, and even questioning whether they are human. This was mainstream colleges and universities.

    Instead of disproving these stereotypes Obama has done just the opposite he seems to personally want to prove that every one of these stereotypes is justified. In this idiot helps them do it.

    • No, he would have been jailed for just thinking such a thing about blacks. I remember when jamie fox was promoting his new movie and said the best part was “I get to kill white people!!” And all the people around him, WHITE PEOPLE, cheered and clapped. I’m sorry but …. how stupid are young white people? (Granted, it was Californication).

      • Very stupid. Read the good book BRAINWASHED to see how modern college students are being programmed by the Socialists.

  12. And we are supposed to take the majority of the black race seriously? This is the main reason there is division and strife…I pity da fool!

  13. DHS is waiting for the furor to die down so that they can put the black racist back to work. He is like the cop who pulls people based on their race. He needs to be put on the street with the rest of his racist brothas.

  14. why have the Republicans not blasted it on TV like they should. where is “the factor”- and the rest of Fox news. They seem like cowards to talk of things like this. Why?

  15. If it had been a White Supremicist recommending the assassination of white-skinned traitors and black people, he would be long gone.

  16. This is exactly what has been prophesied, and yet many, many people have no idea what is happening! Scripture says that in the end times there will be an outpouring of satanic activity such as the world has never seen. It’s here! Yet so many “pooh pooh” what is happening as something man can fix if only we “change this” or “think that”! Man isn’t smart enough to fix it, or he would have done so long ago! We hone in one one or two “big issues” and are blind to the big picture. If men are so hateful, we can expect only more of the same. But notice, Christianity, a faith that calls for peace, non-violence, love, forgiveness and family unity is under attack, while Islam which calls for murdering all who do not “agree” with the tenets of the “faith” is expanding and hatred fills the world! You reap what you sow!

  17. I have a hard time trying to figure how a person like that is allowed to be in that position. Pressure was put on Van Jones to be removed from the cabinet, the stuff this fanatic is coming down with is is so outrageously, obviously racist, he should have been gone long ago.

  18. Let a white Republican say krap like this and count the seconds before he’s drummed out of the government. This is because Obama is tolerant and unbiased…..IN HIS DREAMS.

  19. A lot of money has been spent on programming this nutcase for when the dung hits the fan. DHS dolts like this scumbag will be the enemy kicking in our doors and hauling people off to the camps if they don’t shoot them first.

  20. Any place the Dems are in control, the budget is outrageously overspent; there are millions on the government teat and more unemployment than anywhere else. Talk about slavery – the Dems support it 100%. If they didn’t, they would want the people to be self-reliant and have self-respect.

  21. This is amazing. Egypt can get rid of their president because the people tell the military that Morsi is a Jihadist, but we cannot get rid of a Racist Hate Monger in a low level position? Whats up Minkoff, what are you doing about it, and what do we need to do to get rid of this Black Racist? Or are we going to wait till he just starts executing people because of their color?

  22. This is just another example of non-vetting or background checks by the government but im sure this obama appointee was done on purpose

  23. unfortunately Obama’s administration is heavily seeded with these type of racists.he is typical of hateful raging black’s easy to be brave behind a computer but as usual people like him talk scream and curse but never show up for one on one confrontations.if this guy gets into a position of limited authority or power,he wil almost certainly direct his anger and efforts at any white or Asian person who he feels gives him a crooked look. historically individuals like him almost always are eventually terminated or quit their jobs.his type of person who is so racially biased could easily overlook a real threat or dangerous situation.his deep seated bias will make him focus on white people and individuals who clearly not any kind of threat.(young children and grandmothers)

  24. Tell Rue Paul Kamathi, go crawl into the hole he came from. However, having said that if any white employee ever exhibited this type of behavior be would have been fired months ago. But, he hasn’t because Obama, and Holder are just as big a racist as he is.

  25. Let’s put this in the proper perspective. Ayo Kimathi is one of over 200,000 people working for the DHS! He’s obviously a nut & should be fired but it’s NOT like he was appointed by Obama or is a sitting senator running for president like Rand Paul.

    • I didn’t think you would be on here tonight, Bobbie. I know you had your annual Christmas party down at the bathhouse tonight. I hope you had a jolly good time.

        • Bobbie, I’m sorry. It’s just that everytime I see you on here I automatically think about your queer life style. I’d rather not think about it, and I wouldn’t, if you would just go away.

          • The fact that the first thing that comes to mind when you see this man’s icon is gay sex, that’s a powerful statement. Heck, you even wrote about him having a party at the bathouse- if you wanted to not think about it, how about you not write about it. Also you are extremely ignorant for having this way of thinking.
            An openly gay active duty Army serviceman.

  26. This was the 1st time I read his crud…but this begs the question: what’s the state’s attorney doing? This is not be free speech but a criminal act. He might be charismatic but he has a strong personality disorder that is playing itself out. Kimathi offers no remedy, no peace, no wisdom, and no grasp of human behavior except wanton violence. By the way, those who choose to do his bidding end up in prison and alone will have to deal with their guilt and shame. We have Sharpton and Jackson and other knuckleheads stirring up hatred…we don’t need this idiot doing the same. What is more – DHS has got to fire this lame brain now!

  27. The Nutbag will Crack for Alla Babba one day ? Many innocents wil Die Just my Civilized Humans Opinion. Is your Right to express in U.S.A. still Allowed in America and is this still AMERICA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  28. I say supremists, latent racists, Black, White, Japaneese, Mexican, should be shipped back to their country of origin and let their own countries deal with them, ofcourse banish them from re entering the USA. Be a tough task, we can do it!

  29. If he’s such a strong black man, then why does he need anyone to be exterminated?. Talk like his comes from fear. Always remember, hate comes from fear. While someone like him talks big and mean, when it comes down to it, he’s a coward, just like Hitler was a coward. The danger that comes from someone like Kimathi, is that there are people out there who may become enamored by him and what he says and actually take up arms for him.

    • STFU. This is all about White genocide, Obama is the puppet of the Zionist Marxist Jews – who are the authors of White genocide, EFF you.

  30. When the Real True American Patriots stand up and be counted once again, the black man is going to se how much he is out numbered in this country. We will not stand for the bullshit that Osama and his hater cronies are throwing out there. The day of an up rising in this country is on the horizon soon and the black man will be falling by the thousands and Osama will stand and laugh because he set them all up for the fall to push his lying political agenda. In other words, They are being used by Osama the murdering muslim pig communist bastard.

  31. The whole reason for the DHS is so people like this can help Obama change the country. He doesn’t like white people either. Wake up America the beast is upon you.

  32. This IS about White Genocide. The White Race is SYSTEMATICALLY being exterminated. If COURSE this creature keeps his job. Lev Bronstein aka Trotsky exhorted his Fellow Travellers – Marxist Jews – to recruit Negroes into Communism, to be used against White Christians.

  33. Yesterday, I was watching FOX news and they covered Oprah and her accusation that, “many people dislike Obama, and are disrespecting the office of the president because he is an African American.”
    What they did not air was the remark by Oprah, about people that she deems to be, old racist, she said this, “they have to die.” It must be nice to be so high and mighty that she should determine who is racist, and who should die. Talk about puffed up pride.
    By her own standards, she being an old racist herself, would make that list.

  34. Hey, what the hell same as everything else … Extremist (Obama’s) take care of Extremist (Kamathi’s), no difference, duh!

  35. That is of no surprise, at least to me, as this Muslim-Marxist jihadiast was selected because of the colr of his skin and soul as well! Wake up caucasions, you are fair game as this devil incarnate and his communist minions are trying their damnedest to promote a race war as well as class war! Most sheeple forgot, like in 2008 when he said: we need a civilian army – he has it, armed to the teeth – as well as in 2012 to: “vote for me and get revenge”. We are now experiencing the black thug “hit squads” go unreported in the state-run, fifth column media, as well as the racist Oprah running her mouth, as well as ESPN becomming a propaganda machine used to strum up faux racism (imagine, these 300lb sissies being bullied, unbelievable). White America had better wake up and smell the roses and start fighting back at this orchestrated attemt by this Godless communist regime to enslave the white race through lies and intimidation! The new Hitler was very quick to interject in the white police and black professor incident and the Zimmerman case but is silent about the black thug “hit squads” – do you really need anymore proof? In a somewhat related case, have you noticed how silent the state-run, fifth column media is about the Virginia governor’s story because he has a (D) behind his name? They hold a (news?) conference and have nothing to say and since then I have heard nothing more but they report on the innoculous domestic dispute between Zimmerman and his girl friend to no end! Wake up sheeple, your being played like a fine fiddle and this must be stopped if you want to retain what little freedom you have left! WAKE UP, WISE UP, RISE UP!

  36. I really do not give a damn what race he is or what race he is against. This POS is an extremist and has no business involved in the Government of the USA, much less in the DHS! Not only should he be fired but whoever hired him needs to be fired! He also probably needs to be incarcerated himself! Just another BB, (Bigoted Bastard), in the Obama Administration and a further distraction.

  37. If they fire him he can always get a job on Oprah’s network. Or be an aide to Dianne Feinstein or Pelosi. Or run for Mayor of San Francisco.

  38. Obama has thugs and killers working in all our government agencies. HLS, is full of them, just waiting for the word from Obama to start raising hell and going after those who oppose him. Obama plans to call Marshall law, and keep himself in the white house as long as he can. Sound crazy, wait and see what happens.

  39. Obama is a communist, he is a liar, and I truly believe he isn’t worried about actually killing American citizens that defy his rule. We have three more years of this monster, I doubt we survive as a country of freedom, unless we fight, I mean really fight, words don’t seem to matter. Obama owns the media, most are radical communists anyway, this was planned from the begining by Alinsky and Soros.

  40. The Obama administration is full of racists, muslims, criminals, communists, Marxists, despots and leeches. It is a requirement, anyone anti-social, anti-Christian, and with a criminal past.

  41. Of course this low life, who is on the public payroll(dole) will not be fired. Obama and Holder have seen to it that an overwhelming number of criminal blacks get jobs with the gov’ment.

  42. Just one thing Mr.DHS…with us white folk gone who will save your you know what when you get in so deep? You all know we have to bail you out eventually..look at what has happened already….duhhhhhhh sorry Jack you lose…own up to it…

  43. I have firsthand knowledge and have experienced the reverse discrimination that white people have to endure for their beliefs. I worked for a company for 18.5 years in upper management and was even recently considered for appointment to a Director position within the company. My racial views are not politically correct and they do not translate to hate speech, but they are mine and I never brought them or integrated them into the workplace, In fact I had recently even hired a black employee because he was the most qualified applicant for the job.

    I was fired because my picture was taken and publicized while I was associating with other Klansmen at an event while exercising my first amendment rights as a citizen and when my employer saw it I was fired within two days without warning, discussion, or investigation. I had not violated any company policy or rules and the event was on my own time so I took my case to the EEOC who refused to investigate it as discrimination for an association with a race based group. White people are not considered to be a protected group which means you do not receive equal treatment under the law.

    This black radical Ayo Kimathi on the other hand promotes his radical ist views openly and is still employed by the Federal Government, the same Federal Government that refused to investigate my claims and told me I had no case. Oh did I mention that the case worker I had at the EEOC was black, as well as his supervisor, and as well as the State Director, imagine that.

  44. It’s okay to have black pride, gay pride, etc. but dare to show any pride in your White/European heritage and you’re a racist and not fit to work for the government, but this baboon who is outwardly racist has a government job? He won’t be fired, it’s the usual double standard. Besides they’ve got their guy in the white house so they’re bold, brave and cocky right now. Enjoy it while you can, fools! Just look at who their heroes have been, MLK, a communist, womanizing adulterer, Al Sharptongue, Jesse Ebonics, what he hell did he say Jackson and now the incompetent obama. Pathetic!

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