Former CFO Who Ranted at Chick-Fil-A Employee Now on Food Stamps

Sometimes, very occasionally, a person treats people badly and gets his just desserts. Sometimes, very occasionally, you actually get to see the chickens come home to roost. Such a story is the meteoric fall of Adam Smith, a former CFO whose viral rant against a patient Chick-fil-A employee was the precipitating event in his reversal of fortune:

Adam Smith, 37, thought he was doing the right thing by standing up for his beliefs and protecting the rights of gay people when in 2012, he decided to speak his mind at a Chick-fil-A drive-thru.

But his taped rant directed at a Chick-fil-A employee first cost him his job, then his home and now his career, according to an ABC report.

The former CFO, who once earned $200,000 annually and had over $1 million in stock options, is now on food stamps, unable to secure work because of his online reputation.

Ouch, that’s harsh. I have slightly mixed emotions about this. Mostly because this guy has four children. So I feel bad for his children for so many reasons. I wonder how many rants they have had to endure. Perhaps Adam has learned his lesson?

I don’t think so. He started his downfall by getting a “free” cup of water from Chick-fil-A, to “try to take some money” from the “hate-filled organization.” And now he’s getting “free” food from the civil government.

Why is it so hard for liberals to see their hypocrisy? It’s easy for them to call out conservatives and Christians for theirs. But somehow they don’t see their own. The rant this guy delivered to an employee at Chick-fil-A was filled with such hypocrisy. She never raised her voice. She was never rude. She was trying to do her job and be nice. It was kind of hilarious to hear this guy being a jerk to a low-level employee while saying that Chick-fil-A was filled with hate. What?

Well, no matter. The employee forgave Adam Smith. (Which was really hateful of her, don’t you think?) But actions have consequences. Another thing liberals don’t seem to understand.

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