Feds Consider Installing V2V Communication Devices on All New Cars

Under the auspices of “preventing accidents,” federal officials are contemplating a requirement to install vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communication devices on all new cars. This would apparently allow cars to avoid colliding with one another. So it’s “for your protection” or “for the children” or whatever. I honestly don’t care what their reasoning is.

The move toward V2V devices poses signigicant and serious challenges for your freedoms. For one, as the feds have acknowledged, such a system could be hacked. Can you imagine the chaos a hacker could cause by taking over cars and crashing them into banks or other vehicles or holiday parades? And what about computer malfunctions? There are so many ways a system like this could break, and it would only work effectively if most people had the technology installed. Who do you think will be required to pay for it? The taxpayer.

But that is not the worst problem with V2V devices. The fact is that the civil government would not use them merely for accident prevention. Local and federal officials would also monitor your location constantly. They could remotely take control of your vehicle if they considered you a threat. They could automatically send you tickets for infractions your car reported. This would just be one more method the already gargantuan civil government employed to stick its big ugly nose into your personal life.

The fact that people think this is a good idea indicates that citizens still trust the civil government too much. Especially in the past few years, the civil government has done nothing but lie to us, sell us out, imprison us, spy on us, steal from us, harass us, and generally treat us like enemies. But we can’t get enough of it apparently. We’re ready for them to step it up a few notches. I really don’t know what it would take. I’m sure plenty of Americans are looking forward to V2V devices: “Now, I can sleep on road trips.” Yeah, you can sleep on road trips. For that matter, you can just sleep through your whole life. Don’t worry. Big Brother will take care of you. Big Brother cares.

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  1. Sounds like disabling v2v systems could be a business opportunity. And I bet govt vehicles would be exempt from this.

    • Are you really sure of that. As long as odumma & his ilk are in power. Then there’s always paranoia will destroy ya. And they are paranoid.

    • If you guys remember, we tried that with the seat belt alarms. Dealers said they faced jail if they disconnected it. They did show me where it could be done but said they would deny doing so.

    • The Dealer will have nothing to do with the System, installed at the Factory according to obama’s (It’s) law & mandates

      • Does not matter. If I writer check for a new XJR, the dealer will disconnect the device. Period. No Jaguar store is going to risk pissing off their Customers.

  2. When they do this, I will never buy another new car. We, the people, only have to boycott new cars for one year to make the industry listen to us instead of the idiots in government.

    • Gobmint has our $$$ They have patience. Couse I like the idea. Except they’ll bail em out again. Last time Fiat bought out Chrysler. Maybe we’ll have to start anew..

    • 2013 is last free car with no big brother involvement in your purchase. LAST YEAR FOR A NEW CAR. Tell that to your delear when you shop remove the devices or no deal.

      • try 2007… or 2006,, I think it was 2008 when ALL GM model vehicles came with OnStar equipped.. They can do whatever they want with onstar… kill the engine, lock you in your own car.. etc.. I won’t buy anything newer than a 2006, which is what I drive now, but I won’t ever buy a Government Motor vehicle ever again… Ford maybe,,,

    • Yeah
      unfortunately I am afraid that if we continue to let them get away with ordering us to buy a certain kind of insurance I am sue they will rule that that gives them the authority to order us what kind of car to buy.

      • When the PoliticalScumBag’s force/install these systems in OUR cars, they will be installed in such a way you cannot disconnect the system. It’ll be part of the electronics necessary to operate the vehicle.
        The ONLY reason this will happen is because We the SHEEPle will allow it!!! Look around you. We the SHEEPle are obviously quite happy with the way things are AND the way things are headed. If we weren’t so very happy, things would change before tomorrow morning!
        Next Election We the SHEEPle MUST THROW 100% of our PoliticalScumBags OUT of Office! 100% Good & Bad – NO EXCEPTIONS… We must UNITE (Don’t worry, we won’t do anything about anything!), 100%. Better yet – Hang them all!
        “We hang the petty thieves and appoint the great ones to public office.” Aesop
        Pray for what’s left of OUR ‘Once-Blessed’ America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right…

          • Thanks for your response Bob. You are appreciated.
            The quote from Aesop is indeed true; and they did hang thieves way back in his days. The same should be true today, especially among those We the SHEEPle, as a whole, put our trust in, such as today’s PoliticalScumBags…
            Yahweh / God Bless you & yours jw & dottie

        • how nice,, you still think voting will fix this and you are the one calling people SHEEPLE.. voting is fixed and we the people are not the winners..There is only one option left with two ways to play it.. armed and unarmed insurrection.. If we can gather enough people and march on Washington, maybe something will happen, but I do believe we are past that point..

      • I would like to think we could do that however, some systems are integrated into the computer on the car and cannot be disconnected.

        • You’re right. I talked to my son who is a computer engineer and he said that is pretty much the case. Probably the only thing that be done is to have some sort of selective jamming equipment. It is a shame really because the idea itself could save a lot of lives. I got to talk to someone who drove a car with this technology and they said it really worked well perhaps even too well, because it could cause a person to over react to various scenarios.

  3. I guess they figure this is easier to choke down than the mandate to put a chip in everyone with government health insurance including seniors and those being forced to use Medicaid because the government says they can’t afford other insurance.

    • Don’t worry about health insurance Obama has screwed us already and you will have no insurance in one year and noi Coctor and No hospitals. Thanks to the Dumocraps and their blind ambition it will all go down the drain this year.
      2014 NOMORE

  4. Gee I am so pleased, my butt tickles at the thought my gobmint really cares about me n everyone else. If you believe that….. fill in the blanks!

  5. When ever government lawmakers decide to decide on something technical they will SCREW IT UP. Just look at the new lightbulbs they are forcing the public to buy for triple the price. But they ignored the more critical aspects such as it takes more Energy to make the new bulbs than it does to make and use the old ones. They ignored the fact that if the bulb breaks you have a environmental and personal health hazard to deal with. Congressmen have no business implementing technical changes. They are NOT qualified!

    • They ignore the ~fire hazard~ when the power supply in the base of the bulb overheats and blows up. I had it happen, about 2 minutes before I banned all CFL from our residence.

  6. You know what. I want to place a RFID chip in the ass of every single politician. I want to track them in the congress, their homes, their bed rms, How long they shower. If you want to track your congressman. There should be an app of the capital lay out. Look at the phone and you can listen in on his/her shit. No pun intended since the chip is in their ass. Hell, they would brake it, since they sit on it all day.

    This should be the game, now long did your congressman sit in the bath rm. Track them. Who works for who. You want a new law, ass hole, lets try it on you first for a period of two yrs. Then if you like it after full examination of contents and statements. We might think it is a good thing to keep in you.

    Butt after leaving office, we will remove it from your ass. No pun intended, well maybe just a little

    Alabama Dave

    • We need to have the ability not only to track them but also to monitor their state of sobriety.
      How many of these “legislators” have been either drunk or high on drugs or mentally impaired by prescription medication when debating the legislation that will become the laws that the rest of us have to live under?
      In a rational society we would hold these individuals to the same standards as private citizens.
      What should be required is that before every vote every legislator be required to submit a breathalyzer sample. If they blow a 0.04 or higher [the same federal standard applied to commercial truck/bus drivers] their vote gets registered as “present – intoxicated” no yes or no as they are in a state of impaired judgement, as defined by Federal Law.
      We might start seeing some better quality results if this were implemented. Of course, terminal alcoholics like Nancy Pelosi would never register a vote again – the price for a free and rational society.

      • We are not their employees, they are ours. They are the ones that are to be accountable to us, not the other way around. Boy, is everything upside down or what?

        • Very Funny… Please don’t try & mess up our minds with FACTS. We the SHEEPle aren’t interested in Truth or Fact. We obviously don’t care…

    • Not a bad idea, since schools use RFID chips and this was upheld by a court, since technically we are the bosses of these so called elected official, we should have an RFID on them as well. They take lavish vacations at government expense, we should be able to access their expense records as well. They want an accounting of my expenses I want an accounting of theirs. The bathroom thing is TMI not relevant for review, however, if they conduct meetings concerning the taxpayers in there ,while doing their personal business in there, that is another story.

  7. Another intrusion on poeples privacy, you know later they’ll use this technology to snoop on you, just like traking you with your phone by the NSA. And when confronted by this the Lying King as usuall said he did’nt know this was taking place.
    This irresponsible idiot administration is wrecking the country and has got to go. We need some responsible Patriotic Conservatives in office.

    • Unfortunately for us this Idiot, Irresponsible Regime is doing exactly what it has planned to do from day 1–destroy the United States of America. Every thing this liar-in-chief has done has been a devastating blow to this country. There isn’t 1 thing anyone could name he’s done that has been good for America or We the American People. His goal is to turn our beloved country into a stinking, he11 hole communist country & usher in the one world government his globalist cohorts envision. America is & has been the only thing standing in the Globalists way of achieving that dream. A dream where they have all the power & plan to rule roughshod over what’s left of the population. The way things are going we are well on the way to this despicable 1 world government, Armageddon, & the Mark of the Beast.

      Don’t believe me Google Agenda 21 & Common Core which teaches kids to be good global citizens no patriotic ties to America, no boundaries just one big global community. Google also Smart Meters–another spy device that sends information on every move you make in your home. They have chips now in the new thermostats that regulate the tempature in your home so that if someday in the future they deem you’re using too much heat or air conditioning or lights or appliances they can shut them off completely or turn the power down like a brown out–neither of which would be good for the life of your appliances no matter if they tell you it won’t hurt them. Not to mention the cancer risk of the constant rfid radio waves from the smart meters along with a host of other ills they cause, & in TX they’ve been responsible for causing house fires.

      Here are some links for the dangers of smart meters to get you started.

      Health hazards linked to utility meters

      Smart meters turn incendiary

      Watching out for government’s ‘other purposes’

      PART 1 of 2

      PART 2 of 2

      • Alisa, you are 100% right. This Gay Obozo intended to wreck our country from day one. And he keeps on oppointing more Anti-American Muslims into high office with the help of Harry Ried and his Nuclear option where Obama literally oppoints more Czars and Bozos into high office without a say from republicans, as it should be. They are out-right criminals. Already they’ve caused Ambassador Stevens to get killed along with others in Benghazi and they still keep lying about it. They’re not stopping for no-body.

        • I know, dirtflyer. Never in a million years would I have thought to see what’s happening today happen in our country. It’s like some bizarre alternate universe out of an episode of The Twilight Zone. 🙁 And yes, the more enemy moo-slimes obammie puts in high office or appoints as another commie czar the more compromised our national security becomes. These moo-slimes are members of the moo-slime Brotherhood & have gotten our military & our national security dept now known as Big Sis DHS to remove all references to moo-slime jihadists or anything that points the finger at moo-slimes as terrorists out of the training manuals. We all know they are the terrorists, like duh, but they have instead labeled conservatives, Christians, preppers, Military Veterens, etc…as terror suspects. It’s totally insane.

          And don’t forget what Hitlery said when questioned about Benghazi, “What does it matter now?” I think it matters very much to the families of the 4 people who were murdered by the enemy moo-slimes. Oh btw, don’t forget Hitlery had a moo-slime member of the moo-slime Brotherhood, Huma Abedin Weiner, working as her top aide all the years she was Sec. of State.

        • Read / Study Deut. 17:15 and Deut. 28:43.
          Given as an example… Don’t put/allow a Stranger over us. When We the SHEEPle silently allow a “Stranger” to be installed, (via obama’s Puppet Masters & ‘rigged’ election counting), we now have a “Stranger” high over us. ‘It’ is a Muslim, who won’t honor OUR Flag, National Anthem, Military, Constitution, Well-Established Laws, Etc., etc.
          …28:43 We did it anyway, & ‘It’ has to bring OUR America “Down Very Low.”
          Why? ‘Its’ Puppet-Masters have a ‘One World Agenda’ in their hearts. To ‘seamlessly’ usher OUR America into their EVIL Plans, America MUST be brought down to a level equal to that of the other countries involved. We will enter this evil agenda seamlessly & without concern to ‘It’ & them!
          Google the ‘election’ (installation) and the votes made by Dead people; Many votes placed by the same person; and on & on & on.
          My comment has nothing to do with ‘Its’ skin color! It is a Mamzer. 1/2 White & 1/2 Black — Regardless, We the SHEEPle ‘Blew it !!!)

  8. The biggest fear I have with computers controlling anything in my car, whether it be the braking system or automatic parallel parking; there is a fallibility factor and who knows when or what time the thing will malfunction, and that is also considered an accident waiting to happen.

    • …any simple Hacker can screw-up the computer in any newer vehicle and make it in-operable or ???! With today’s ‘morally bankrupt’ hackers/people, why not screw-up several vehicles, at the same time, in the middle of heavy, rush-hour traffic?, just for fun !!!
      There is no logical, SERIOUS Sentence / Punishment for these CrimeScumBags, and We the SHEEPle don’t care. It’s going to happen. What a great project for enemies of our America. Cost is low; chances of ‘getting caught’ is nil; Probation is nothing. What a great idea – WOW!!!
      How about starting so-called Wild Fires? One little match; Never get caught; and the Cost in man-power, equipment, property loss, Etc., etc., etc. is great!
      These are but examples of many, many. Our enemies within don’t need to ‘blow-up’ the place; just execute a few little things to cause great trouble & expense to what’s left of OUR America… Do we even care?
      Pray for what’s left of OUR America. If you don’t believe in prayer, pray that you are right. Thanks & Yahweh/God Bless you & yours

  9. will it allow the police to shut down the engine in a high speed chase?
    Or allow information to be gathered any time it passes in traffic?

  10. Although on the surface it seems a good idea. I know plenty of drivers who desperately need any help to drive. However, allowing a machine that the government will most certainly have access to is never a good idea. How bad an idea is it when a computer glitch could cause multiple fatalities? You don’t need to look farther than the aircraft industry. People would cringe if they knew how many near catastrophic incidents were barely avoided due to “equipment malfunctions” caught by older trained pilots. This has been on the drawing board for some time now, routes your car will follow without any human input. Then you have the situations where an input from a machine causes a panic maneuver by a human driver causing a catastrophe. I’ll stick with the accident avoidance system in my car, ME! Thirty years with zero accidents works for me!

    • Simple, pull the fuse, I did on my on star, and disconnected the plug also. I have a big brother, and Mom did not name him Government

    • How many people do you know who can do this “re-program”. The engineers that will design & implement these complex systems are not stupid…

  11. Well, they CERTAINLY MUST do something so all those distracted because of texting and talking on their cellphone drivers can continue on their oblivious way! [TOTAL SARCASM]
    And we’ve seen how efficient and effective the government is with the rollout of a new computer system! Obamacare anyone?

    • If everyone would refuse the so-called ‘obamacare’ it’d die today!!! ‘It’ can’t prosecute everybody.
      Why is this Act called “obamacare? Surly all herein agree: ‘It’ did NOT write this. It’s 976 pages of Legalize, & no-one-person could do this. I asked our, (Michigan), CongressionalScumBag if he read/studied it enough to Vote on it’s passage. He did not; his staff did !!! (I really did ask him.)
      How can he possibly vote in favor or against if he doesn’t FULLY Understand what it says and it’s effect on We the SHEEPle, who don’t care, which is why they fear our effective process of ‘Holding them accountable!’
      A Joke… Golly Geee Whizzz Pray – We are in planned & predictable trouble!

  12. V2V was developed for the care, protection and safety of Aircraft traffic control and identity requirements! Transponders transmit automatically generated messages to a controlling agency! Recently in cars, these transponders report milage, time between maintenance, when maintenance is due, any computer generated malfunctioning devises, anti skid, engine lights, warning lights, etc. and are coded for trouble shooting. Now they want to step it up a notch, like add, who owns the car, where it went, how fast it got there, conversations while inside, where it parks and is kept, micro cameras, etc. transponders can transmit what they are programmed to send, they do it without fail. Let’s just suppose they coded each transponder to a name, suppose this person was in the car, suppose the micro camera verified that, suppose a drone were in the air above or near, well you get the picture! This can be used as cell phones are being used now! All by micro processors, micro transmitters, and micro cameras to do great harm to people! Notice I said can, or could, depends on who they are reporting to doesn’t it? All is recorded in what they call a black box on aircraft, now “they” want black boxes in cars! That’s to keep us safe! Just sayin.

  13. More government intrusion. When is this ssshhheeeeetttttt going to stop. It won’t affect me directly because I will not be buying another new car but the car coming at me could be told to crash into me.

  14. This administration in government have for the most part is infested with CoachRoches . All have been Screwed by this administration one way or the other. Your rights and freedoms have been infringed upon to the point where we are literally a Slave to government. And more taxation is yet to come., and for the benefit of poeple that should’nt be in the country in the 1st place. And now they want to install a devise , a black box ,like in Aircraft that’ll record all info to big brother as you drive along . If they can force you to buy ObamaCare, they’ll definitely force you to buy anything ,….if the poeple lets them get away with it. Get ready for the up-coming elections. Stop the madness to wreck our country of our morals,economy, military defense and religions with your vote.

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