Federal Hypocrisy on Illegal Immigrant Labor

Apparently, there’s a good reason why federal and state agencies don’t want you using illegal labor. And it’s not to free up jobs for taxpaying citizens—it’s apparently because they want more workers to fill the ranks of their detention centers. That’s right, immigrant detainees are a huge base of inexpensive labor for illegal immigrant detention centers all over the country:

As the federal government cracks down on immigrants in the country illegally and forbids businesses to hire them, it is relying on tens of thousands of those immigrants each year to provide essential labor—usually for $1 a day or less—at the detention centers where they are held when caught by the authorities.

I don’t know what you all think about immigration, legal or otherwise. But whatever you think, this is ridiculous. Why are these immigrants even being detained at all? Why aren’t they being deported? And if they are criminals, why aren’t they being punished (as in fined, flogged, etc. and then deported?)

These detention centers are really expensive. And you and I are paying for them. So you have the choice of paying for the healthcare and living expenses of  an illegal immigrant through socialized medicine, welfare, or whatever. Or you can pay for his healthcare and living expenses directly by housing him in taxpayer-funded detention centers.

But don’t worry, the detention centers are cutting down on costs by using the same cheap labor it’s illegal for you to use. And that savings is being passed on to you, the taxpayer, right? Wrong. That savings equals a profit for the detention facilities. A profit? Yes. Most of them are privately run centers re-imbursed by the federal government. Which means that whatever they can save is just cream on top for them. Are you disgusted yet? If you’re not, you’re not paying attention.

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  1. Another institutional perversion is the privatized prison system. The more people you keep there the more profit you make from slave labor. It’s a detestable & cynical operation.

    The fact that there are detention centers speaks volumes about the failure of amnesty. No President has been able to solve our immigration problems but they’ve all been afraid to admit it. The question remains – what will work????

      • Amnesty is a failure. Otherwise we wouldn’t still be having this problem. There were 10 million in the 80’s and almost 11 million today.

        Back in the 50’s the numbers were lower, there were human rights violations. They weren’t allowed to take their property back to Mexico which was petty to say the least. Dropping people in the middle of a desert was wrong. Today, there’s more oversight.

    • Attrition through enforcement is the way to go by expanding the E-Verify program and to stop giving so much free stuff to the illegals and their anchor babies. We should not give birthright citizenship to the children of illegal aliens as then they can get access to our generous social welfare system. Also, we should stop providing free education to illegal aliens and Mexicans who cross the border to go to American schools. Stop the insanity.

  2. Eisenhower was the last President to take action and round up over 1 million
    Criminal Illegal Alien Invaders and send them home. Since that time we have
    had coward paid off by political cronies to vote for those with money to bribe
    them to continue the problem and increase it for their personal and monetary
    gain at the expense of the American TAX payers.

  3. Are we going to do something about it or are we just going to keep paying and griping about It? The more we pay the government for something else we should not put up with , the more it will increase.

    • Republicans don’t want to talk about it and Democrats won’t stop. The problem is that they’re not talking to one another.

      • You can’t talk to a demoncrap. They won’t stop their lying rants long enough to listen and even if they did they wouldn’t understand.

  4. Our political rulers have used Illegal immigrants to push down the price of Labor in the US for decades. When I was younger I worked in construction framing houses. You would see the odd immigrant crew, but not many. After several years in this southern state white people could not accept work framing houses as all of the jobs went to the much lower priced and unskilled immigrants.

    The same has happened system wide culminating with the last study that showed that the Fed allows more foreign born STEM workers to be brought into the US each year legally than there are STEM jobs.

    The average Americans income has not risen in over 30 years, and this corresponds directly to their displacement with foreign born workers, legal and illegal. The only amnesty we should be talking about is not killing them if they leave of their own volition
    and at their own cost.

    • Yes, the problem is not just the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in the USA, it is allowing 1 million mostly poor legal immigrants into our country. We don’t need that many new workers every year.

  5. People who live in poverty have no access to birth control protection. Free birth control would go a long way in avoiding desperate circumstances in Mexican families. If the Mexican govt. can’t cover the full cost then why don’t they split it with the USA or is the idea just too practical?

  6. The reason our government doesn’t secure our borders or enforce our laws is
    to provide a steady stream of cheap labor to please their campaign donors plus a
    promise of a high paying job once out of office.

    What politicians are willing to do to our country just to enhance their own
    personal wealth is shameful.

    Amnesties and mass immigration drives down wages and changes the make up of
    voters, neither will build a better stronger America. Once a very proud nation
    where all prospered and a middle class was created and flourished we are being
    turned into a third world country by seven amnesties and an over generous
    immigration system that allows over a million immigrants per year. Today we have
    over 20 million unemployed, 50 million on food stamps, countless millions
    more seeing their hours and wages shrinking and over 92 million out of the work
    force, and all politicians want to talk about is another amnesty and doubling
    the legal limit of immigrants even when the CBO warns that those dismal numbers
    will get much worse.

  7. As a sidebar to this article, has anyone done a study on the real cost impact of paying minimum wage to farm workers, poultry workers and restaurant workers compared to the cost in social services they consume?

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