Exclusive Hollywood “A is For” Gala to Fund Texas Abortions

Wow. I hardly know what to say about this one. An advocacy group called “A is For” has collected a band of Hollywood comedians and musicians for an event they are calling “A Night of a Thousand Vaginas.” Money raised by the event will go to fund abortions in Texas, since stricter Texas laws have regulated some abortion clinics out of existence.

Comedians Sarah Silverman and Zach Galifinakis are scheduled to appear, as well as musician Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. A is For intends to give any funds raised to a collective of “reproductive rights” groups, according to a description paragraph on “Guest of a Guest”:

A is For is organizing this emergency benefit to raise money for Texas abortion funds (Lilith Fund, TEA Fund, Whole Women’s Health Action Fund, and Fund Texas Women) who are working to help women affected by this law by providing financial support to help cover procedures, travel, lodging and child care.

Touting the event as a night of “comedy and music,” A is For shows just how tactless and clueless abortion-rights activists really are. Apparently they don’t realize that they are literally selling laughs to pay for the death of babies. I just can’t even comprehend how distorted your worldview must be to support this, much less organize this event.

And who is going to this sold out event? I am sure all of these supporters think they are saving some poor Texas woman from a botched back alley abortion. That they are being compassionate. But the compassion of the wicked is cruel. Wouldn’t it be better to raise money to support adoption services in Texas? Why are these people so deadset on killing unborn babies? Really. Would someone please tell me why abortion is so important to these people? I can’t come up with anything but this: they want absolute liberty without any consequences. Which is another way of saying they love death.

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  1. We live in a free country & people can raise money for whatever issue they want. Just because some kooks consider a few cells to be a human being our supreme court doesn’t agree & these people are fighting a Nobel cause allowing woman freedom over their own bodies

    • You’ve never watch a late term abortion. They attack the baby (yes, baby, its formed. It is not a few cell, few cell actually only is for a few moments in time. you have a heart beat in the third week), with a wire. This wire has sharp edges and can be pulled together to cut things…. The things they cut: well they start with the legs, cut them off, then cut off the arms, then the head, you can see the pain in the babies face. The baby then falls out as it is now dead verse the alive stay it was before the procedure. If you can actually watch this event and call it humane, good and the right thing to do if you messed up and had sex without taking enough pro-cations then you are one very sick individual. millions of people are willing to adopt an unwanted baby. So, if you do not feel it’s your time to raise a child, or have the money, there are better choices then killing the baby. I love how you like saying its the women’s choice but then ignore the baby’s choice to want to live. This can be a religious thing yes, but its is also a humanitarian issue too. The religious and humanitarian correct thing to do is let the baby live.

      Just because something is legal does not make it moral correct.

      • The only abortion that I would ever approve of, is to abort the aborters, getting Boole first, but can’t seem to be able to figure out how to do that. any ideas, out there

      • Late term abortions ARE severely restricted by law & less the 1% of abortions in this country occur after 21 weeks. There are different definitions of what constitutes a “late term abortion,” but most definitions refer to abortions at or after 24 weeks or in the third trimester.

        • OOOOoohhh… so that makes it ok. When are you going to get it into your very tiny little brain. It’s still MURDER no matter how you want to define it.

          • Ignore Bob’s reasoning. The Supreme Court’s ruling is absolute, and anything they rule on must be followed without question. Like a good lackey. And he says he doesn’t worship anything….

          • Once again Bob, legal does not make it moral and killing a human life is still murder. If we follow your logic, Hitler did nothing wrong as he made it legal to round up the Jews and kill them. So, he is your role model I guess. Which is not surprising as he was just another worthless liberal with no morals.

    • Hey Boob. I iike the way you trumpet science when it suits you and ignore it when it doesn’t. Scientists agree that life begins at conception but you ignore that and base your argument on a faulty SC decision. How unscientific of you Boob. Only a sick mind sees the slaughter of unborn children as a noble cause. You reduce women to nothing more than sex toys. How noble of you Boob.

  2. If anyone thinks that the sick, debased, perverted, decadent, immoral, filthy and degenerated reprobates can’t get any worse, think again.


  4. As long as the state – in this case Texas – wants to turn women’s bodies into procreation factories, I applaud the groups that are committed to women’s freedom and control over their own bodies.

    • Are you saying that women have no control over their own procreation? Texas is forcing them to get pregnant against their will? If that were true, I would be right there marching with you, but it isn’t. A better question is: How can anyone distort the facts so intentionally, then get so angry?

  5. Gee, how “appropriate” that one of the organizations receiving fund from this sick fundraiser is called the Lilith Fund. For those of you that are ignorant of ancient history, Lilith in Jewish/Israelite folklore was supposedly the first wife of Adam. But when she wouldn’t “submit” to her husband, she was banished and was thereafter known as the she-demon Lilith in ancient Sumeria/Babylon. She was the demon that would come and take your newborn child and eat it. Hmmm, yeah, sounds like a GREAT name for an organization for a proud Texan – which I am – to belong to! Of course, Austin does have the Frost Bank “Owl Building” downtown, not far from the UT campus where the largest collection of Aleister Crowley’s papers are stored. Did I mention that owls are always shown on both sides of Lilith’s feet? But I’m sure that is coincidental as well. But I suppose I am “reaching” to connect the dots and call it out as what the Bible used to refer to it as: Human child sacrifice!!!

    • Just to correct your lack of historic knowledge the Sumerians came before the Jews & the myths of the OT are basically ALL Sumerian myths that the Jews copied & changed a bit.

  6. When your goal is the killing of infants without defense then you really have strong beliefs. I’ve always wondered about what if their own mothers had aborted them?

  7. Provide funding for child care??? wait what?????? baby sit while the mother goes and kills potential brother or sister. liberals are sickos!

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