Evolutionists: Man Learned Language from Lower Animals

Oh my. It honestly boggles my mind just how stupid some theories are. Once you adopt the macro-evolutionary model, I guess you have no choice but to occasionally go full retard. Here’s a prime (or should I say “primate”?) example:

Humans learned to talk to one another by copying birds and other primates sometime in the last 100,000 years, experts have said. . . .


Previous research has found that humans derive the melodic part of language from birds. However, the authors [from MIT] also say we evolved our pragmatic content-carrying part of speech from other primates.


Linguist Shigeru Miyagawa said: “How did human language arise? It’s far enough in the past that we can’t just go back and figure it out directly. The best we can do is come up with a theory that is broadly compatible with what we know about human language and other similar systems in nature.”

There is no doubt that the purpose of communication—the transmission of information from one to another—will join all forms of communication together at some level. But that doesn’t mean that humans learned the rudiments of language from birds or primates. Why would they need to?

According to an evolutionary model, language would have evolved by necessity. Humans would have learned language as birds first (way back in the day), and then as primates later (a little more recently). We wouldn’t have needed to learn language from birds or primates later (as if humans would have been fully formed without any semblance of primate language … stupid) because our ancestors would have already known what those animals knew. Back when our ancestors were birds and primates, remember? Why would we need to ape the apes or parrot the birds? What if they learned the rudiments of language from us?

Why would an evolutionist even be asking, “From whom did humans learn language?” So dumb. Because if the answer is, “Humans learned their first rudiments of language from birds and primates,” then the obvious follow-up question is, “And where did birds and primates learn this language?” That answer would be, “This rudimentary language evolved naturally as these animals developed communities.”

Oh, I see. So birds and primates, being so advanced, could evolve language spontaneously, but stupid, stupid humans had to learn language from the super-advanced birds and primates we left in our evolutionary wake? Does anyone else see how blindingly stupid all of this is? We pay people good money to come up with this crap.

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  1. Christianity has fought, still fights, and will fight science to the desperate end over evolution, because evolution destroys utterly and finally the very reason Jesus’ earthly life was supposedly made necessary. Destroy Adam and Eve and the original sin, and in the rubble you will find the remains of the son of god

    • We don’t science, we fight ignorant, non religious scientists who put more faith in theory and fantasy over true science. Which actually has millions of God fearing Christians.

      • Lee, before you continue to make yourself look like an idiot you may want to look up what theory actually means in scientific terms.Religious people begin with the premise that they are right and that any evidence to the contrary must be faulty in some way. They do not seek truth, only confirmation of their own mythology

        • Well Bob, you had better go back in history and research how dance SCIENTISTS were religious, clerics, etc. You atheists keep trying too claim high ground but have yet to ever do anything more that hypothesize on ignorant theory, then when THAT fails to solve the puzzle you invent new things to explain why the original theory fails. Been studying/researching quantum physics for years and STILL find that God is still there. And many atheistic researchers STILL CANT PROVE THEIR THEORIES. God Bless.

          • Scientific answers are not final, but progressively improved by investigation. Religious answers are dogmatic and purportedly final, based on a mishmash of tradition, myth, prejudice and
            ignorance (among other things)

          • “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
            Faith is the proof it is a gift from God. You don’t have to prove the
            Bible true to believers because God’s spirit has confirmed His Word by
            this gift of faith. They don’t believe it to be true. They know it is
            true. However, to one without faith, to the unbeliever, the main
            evidence of God and His love for us is the Bible. For the unbeliever,
            the proof that the Bible is God’s word to man is the accuracy of the
            Bible even in the science it presents. While it is true that the
            Bible is not a science book but all the scientific facts it gives are
            true. These truths where placed in the Bible before scientists
            discovered them to be true. I suspect God placed them in His word to
            provide evidence that God inspired this book, not man. Consider a few of
            the true science facts revealed in the Bible before they were known by

            Dinosaurs are described in the Bible.
            The book of Job describes in chapter 41 and 42 describes two different
            dinosaurs. They were not called dinosaurs since the word did not exist
            in the language of that day. . I think you will agree that one and a
            half chapters about dinosaurs is a lot – since most people do not even
            realize that they are mentioned in the Bible. But, if the Bible
            describes dinosaurs as living a walking on the Earth a few thousand
            years ago, then evolution is wrong. Some of you are now ready to stop
            reading. Open you mind and continue reading.

            The Bible tells the number of stars in the heavens. Genesis 22:17 Blessing
            I will bless you, and multiplying I will multiply your descendants as
            the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore; and
            your descendants shall possess the gate of their enemies. Scientists
            admit that they do not know how many stars there are. They have seen
            estimates of 10 to the 21 power stars – which is a lot of stars. While
            the number of grains of sand on the earth’s seashores is estimated to be
            10 to the 25 powers grains of sand. Notice how close these two numbers
            are. I suspect when science gets a more accurate approximation they will
            be the same, as the Bible says.

            The Bible first said that the air has weight. Job 28:25 To establish a weight for the wind, And apportion the waters by measure. (The fact that air has weight was proven scientifically only about 300 years ago.)

            The Bible describes the circulation of the atmosphere. Ecclesiastes 1:6 The
            wind goes toward the south, And turns around to the north; The wind
            whirls about continually, And comes again on its circuit. This is exactly the way our atmosphere moves.

            The Bible also describes and explains cave men. We have cave paintings and other evidence that people inhabited caves. They are explained in Job 30:5,6 They
            were driven out from among men, They shouted at them as at a thief.
            They had to live in the clefts of the valleys, In caves of the earth and
            the rocks. (These were not ape-men, but descendants of those who scattered from Babel.)

            The Bible describes the recirculation of water. Ecclesiastes 1:7 All the rivers run into the sea, Yet the sea is not full; To the place from which the rivers come, There they return again. This is an accurate description of the water cycle taught in science classes today.

            The Bible described the shape of the earth centuries before people thought that the earth was spherical. Isaiah 40:22 It is He who sits above the circle of the earth,
            And its inhabitants are like grasshoppers, Who stretches out the
            heavens like a curtain, And spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.

            The Bible stated that the Sea floor has valleys and mountains
            (Psalm 18:15) 3000 years before man discovered that it did have them.
            It was believed so until the 1900s when oceanographers found the sea had
            many deep valleys or canyons. The deepest canyons were called trenches.
            The Marianas Trench in the Pacific is so deep that if Mt. Everest
            (29,000 feet high) was dropped into it, the peak would still be a mile
            below the water’s surface. There are also underwater mountains. The
            Atlantic Ocean contains an undersea range of mountains 10,000 miles

            The pathways in the seas (currents) discovered because of a verse in the Bible.
            In the 1800s, Matthew Maury, an officer in the United States Navy was
            reading in Psalm Chapter 8 written by King David under the unction of
            the Holy Spirit over 3,000 years before. He was amazed that verse 8
            spoke of the fish and all creatures that swim in the “paths of the sea.”
            What could it mean? Believing the Bible to be true, he was determined
            to find them. Maury discovered that the oceans have many paths or
            currents, which were like rivers flowing through the sea. Maury wrote
            the first book on oceanography and became known as “the pathfinder of
            the seas”- “The father of modern navigation.”

            Lightning triggers the rain.
            Since 68 BC, science thought that somehow thunder triggered the
            rainfall. Now scientists are beginning to realize that as stated in Job
            28:26, it is lightning that triggers the rain to fall. Job knew this
            3,000 years ago.

            Bible says we are all one race (descendants of Adam & Eve).
            The Genome Project (mapping human DNA gene) has conclusively proven
            that all human being are from the same race. That is, we all are
            ultimately descendants of the same couple. The Bible declares that all
            descended from Adam and Eve. Science had declared that we are several
            races (Asian, Negroid, Caucasian, Middle Eastern), but finally
            scientific knowledge has caught up to the Biblical truth.

            Stars system exist as God describes to Job in his talk with Job. In these three questions (Job 38:31, 32) God
            is in reality saying: Job, you think I am not concerned about your
            suffering. Well, let Me ask you these questions. Can you loose the bands
            of Orion? No, you cannot. But My Divine power will. Some day Orion will
            no longer exist. Job, can you bind the 250 stars of the Pleiades
            together in their symmetry of beauty and not have a single one drift
            off? Only I have this power and wisdom. Can you prevent the runaways –
            Arcturus and his sons – from colliding as they go dashing out of the
            Milky Way? No, only My Divine power and wisdom can. Job, if I am caring
            for the details of the universe, do you doubt that I not only care for
            the details of your life, but I have the ability to solve your problems?
            Trust that there is a good reason I am permitting these tragedies.
            Remember, Job, I work from the perspective of your eternal welfare. How can one ignore these
            scientific facts recorded in the book of Job concerning the Pleiades,
            Orion and Arcturus which anticipated scientific discovery by nearly
            3,000 years.

          • Depending on which order in Genesis you think is true but in Genesis 2 it claims Adam was made before animals. Now, we know for a FACT this isn’t true.

          • News flash! You cannot prove ANY religious beliefs are wrong of which there are thousands!

          • So, as you stated above, you ‘are are not seeking proof, only confirmation of your own mythology.’ Seems to me that ‘seeking confirmation’ IS seeking truth even if it doesn’t fit your concept of what should be.

          • You’re a moron. Science cannot prove a negative. In your upside down world are we to believe everything is true unless we can prove it false?

          • IMO you are the moron. There are no positive or negatives in these instances, only belief or non-belief. If a person’s religious belief cannot be proven true, then it cannot be proven false. Likewise with secular beliefs. In our country a criminal is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Why not believe everything is true until it is proven false? That, sir, is optimism.

          • WOW!!! So you must also believe in Allah, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the easter bunny, Thor, Poseidon, leprechauns, big foot, the jolly green giant & a billion other myths too!

          • They answer different questions, Bob. Science asks “How,” whereas religion asks “Why.” There is no need to pit science against religion as they are compatible. Science can never answer the questions about good or evil, morality and so on because science is cold. We humans have the divine spark in us which is why we have morals, ethics, love, selflessness, obsessions, beliefs, faith and other traits not answerable by science which simply measures how the universe is made up and uncovers the rules of it.

    • It would seem you need to redefine “science” before you can refer to the theory of evolution by that term. There is nothing remotely scientific about it and it does not bear the most cursory scientific scrutiny. Like “global warming” it is a contrived speculation where assumptions are made on nothing but desire and wishful thinking. It is fabricated without any scientific foundation whatsoever. Christians never need fear any of these ridiculous leftist fantasies, but your acolytes will surely abandon your worldview built on lies, if ever they encounter the scientific truth. Therefore, you shriek ever louder to drown out the sound of the impending reality.

      • Your ignorance of science is astounding!! To suggest evolution is a “leftist fantasy” is some indication of just how far detached from reality you really are.

        • Watch your words, Bob… you are walking on sacred ground and many on this site see the world differently than you do.

          • It is inherent in religion that it freezes the scientific understanding of its time into superstitious dogma. When it starts to unpick its dogma, as it was forced,eventually, about the sun revolving round the earth, the whole edifice starts to crumble.

          • Jessica, please tell me you’re not one of these morons in the flat earth society that believe the planet is 6,000 years old.

          • Oh, pleeeeeze…
            Take that little piece of paper, fold it back up, and put it back into the box where you save all of your “interesting, important facts”.

            Either go back to school for another masters degree or buy a comic book… you need new talking points!!

          • LOL!!! There is ZERO proof for evolution. These morons dug up a pig’s tooth, then dug up part of an ape’s jaw (several hundred feet from the tooth) and fancifully “re-created” an entire supposed human like creature that was supposed to be our evolutionary ancestor. What a crock of crap!! This crap hasn’t been retracted and is still in books today. The whole thing is a flippin fairy story!

            It takes more blind faith to believe in the steaming pile of nonsense that is evolution, than to look around this wonderful world and see the Creator’s brilliant handiwork.

          • You lack the most elementary understanding of science and rational thinking & cannot discern the difference between such basic terms as “truth”, “belief”,”fact” and “opinion”. You treat your own interpretation of old Semitic myths from the Middle East as truth and fact & treat established scientific facts as
            unsubstianted lies!

          • Science?? You actually call the bullsqueeze that is evolution, SCIENCE???
            Evolution is far from an “established fact.” It is, in FACT, a “theory.”
            It has never, ever, been proven. All those idiots that find small pieces of bone and manage to reconstruct an entire skeleton, give it a name and come up with daily activities for it, is patently ridiculous.
            THEN, when the FACTS are known that the tooth is pig’s tooth and the fragment of skull is found over 200 yards away—which is laughable science as it pertains to evidence found in a dig concerning remains—it’s still believed by the ignorant Godless masses who seem to be incapable of reasoning.

            Don’t bleat about science and rational thinking to me, when this nonsense runs rampant and unchecked.

            And you still haven’t commented on the pig’s tooth, skull fragment debacle. And I assure you it isn’t the only example.

          • LOL! I’m still waiting on your answer re: the fake hominid created out if thin air, and with nothing more than a pig’s tooth and a skull fragment.

          • BoobE cannot discern the difference between truth and B.S. – he went to a commie school and received his indoctrination in “liberalism 101, a.k.a. I can’t think for myself, only parrot the party line”

          • There is no “proof” of evolution. No one has ever observed it, and there is no “missing link” (yeah, I’ll use the unsophisticated terms to give you an opportunity to rant, but it’s still valid).

        • hate to break your bubble but no science can be proven. put your faith in science? thats a bad kinda faith. what happens if atheists drop the theroy of evolution and decide it’s stupid? will you still put your faith in it. I know i likely will be waisting your time on science. what if your theroy is wrong? I will try to respect your beliefs enough to say that i know a bit about evolution. I i do think evolution exists, but only in the form of microevolution where very small thiings in a animal change to things like envorment . macroevolution does not exist in my opinion you can’t prove that evolution happened and i can’t prove that creationism exists. science is not provable. We look at the evidence and come to our conclusions i conclude that the earth screams creationism and it does not make since why we evolved i think the Bible’s account is accurate and makes sense.. You think darwin’s ideas are correct. I don’t put my faith in science. As much as a scientist you are you must know that a scientific law , theroy, hypothisis , etc can be overturned due to insignifagant data.

          • There isn’t ANY amount of evidence or logic that could prove to morons (like you) that we should value evidence & logic so do you really think anyone cares about what your opinion is?

          • Logic? Who’s logic? Logic from a FINITE carnal mind that’s at war with God and heaven(Romans 8:7)?LOLOL

          • Friend, don’t waste your time and good sense or cast your pearls of knowledge before swine. You cannot teach a fool wisdom as he does not have the heart to understand. Hopeless case. Let it rant in the vacuum of it’s own ignorance.

          • You got that right.lol The LORD by wisdom hath founded the earth; by understanding hath He established the heavens(Proverbs 3:19).
            The Lord needed wisdom in creation. Christ, in Whom is hid all knowledge and wisdom(Colossians 2:3).

          • You believe in a book that has talking animals, wizards, witches, demons, sticks turning into snakes, food falling
            from the sky, people walking on water, zombies and all sorts of magical, absurd and primitive stories, and think I’m the fool???

          • Why. Are. You. Here. This isn’t HuffPo or the gay voices page. You were never wanted here. You just don’t get the hint. You serve no purpose, except to be a pain in the butt.

          • Yeah, moron – like the scientific “evidence” of the 70’s who warned us of the coming ice age.

            Ha, ha, and the “new science” of global warming that is built on no science at all – nothing but “models” that “predict” what those scamming the world want us to believe to get a few more grants. GIGO

          • This coming from someone whose opinions all but 2 people commenting here consider BS.
            Note: Even if every word you posted were accurate, the above would be true.

          • NOTHING is more moronic then a person that doesn’t even understand the meaning of the word theory in scientific terms to prove a point

          • A theory in science is a concept that has not been proven and is based on observation and study. Evolution and Creationism are both beliefs and, therefore, fall under religion. They are not mutually exclusive either. One can believe in Creationism yet still believe in Evolution, though I have found the reverse to be rare. Who can say what God looks like? We were made in his image according to the Judeo-Christian Bible. We have two arms, two legs, a torso connected by a neck to a head with two eyes, two nostrils, two ears, and a single mouth. Can anyone show me an ape or monkey or lemur that does not fit these criteria? So Eve looked more like Cheetah than Cindy Crawford? As Hillary so notoriously said, “What difference does it make?”

        • Not a leftist fantasy at all BoobE – Just as it is with you – theories trying to attack the truth of God and his creation are generally motivated by personal reasons: hatred of God and disobedience.

          It has to be fantasy – because if goes against the reveal truth of nature and Nature’s God. Nothing more than the wishful thinking of people who desperately don’t want to acknowledge the reality that God is real and they will have to give an account some day.

        • The Theory of Evolution has been misused to justify evil acts. It is a theory that tries to explain change over time within a species. There is no observable change of one species into another. A fly may over time and environmental pressures to adapt change its coloring or wing length but it has never to our knowledge evolved from a fly to a bird.

    • There’s a lot of science in the Bible because God created it. Christians are opposed to JUNK science that opposes God’s word, truth and reality.

          • The suggestion that the Bible is lacking a scientific foundation is nothing less than a colossal understatement. The Bible has failed fair, impartial, and universally applicable tests in multiple fields of science. If God truly is the inspiration behind this purportedly divine declaration to the world, he shows absolutely no interest in its understandability or accuracy in astronomy, cosmology, zoology, botany, anthropology, geology, ecology, geography, physiology, and several other disciplines as well. There’s is NOTHING in the bible that some bronze age goat herders wouldn’t have known.

    • See, this is your propaganda speaking. Science is possible only because we have a creation by an intelligent Creator. It’s organized, it’s detailed, it’s inter-connected. It’s knowable.

      Lefties like you are willing to throw logic out of the window and claim that order came from chaos, that design came from randomness.

    • Actually, Christianity CREATED the scientific method. ALL of the men that established the principles on which science depends were Christians.

  2. Science has its place in Christianity; unfortunately, most scientists have no place for Christianity in their science.

    • don’t know if it helped but i kepp flagging LABobfromNYC when he goes over the line and posts things that are not just lies but crude/innapropriate.

        • BooBE is on stage again as an agent of the Marxist democrats’ propaganda office.

          Shhh, pretend not to know that 41 democrat senators just put their names to an effort to rewrite the 1st amendment – it would be a shame to confront this useful idiot with the truth (he gets headaches).

          Progressives, like BoobE threw out the Constitution 100 years ago, so to attack just one amendment isn’t that big of a deal to them.

        • I see you tweaked you screen name again. You don’t have to be consistent. We recognize you by the CONTENT of your BS.

      • Me too, and only when he gets disgusting. I wonder if HuffPo knows one of their liberal sheep has escaped? Why he insists on posting here, instead of there is beyond me.

        • If you scroll your mouse over a comment, you should see a flag icon in the upper right portion. Click on the flag to flag that comment. I don’t think there is a way to flag the commenter as such.

    • The big difference between science and religion is that science is a tool focused on assessing the validity of its propositions. Religion has absolutely no way to test any of its ideas & its proponents seem to like it that way. It gives them free rein to promote imagination over evidence and revelation over experiment

      • The Lord God Jesus Christ created everything visible and invisible including science(Colossians 1;16).
        Christianity is the OPPOSITE of religion. Christianity is simply and eternal personal

        relationship with the living God, Jesus Christ by calling upon His name(Acts 2:21, 16:31;

        Romans 10:9,10,13), asking and receiving Him into your heart by faith(John 1:12).

        John 8:3. Religion will always INTERRUPT God. It will interrupt what He is doing, and it

        will interrupt His plans and the spreading of the gospel in the world’s harvest fields

        because it is fostered by Satan and has NO PART with the Lord.

        The Pharisees which started out right(under Ezra), had degenerated into an elitist clique

        which, to all outward appearance, was very reverant and holy but inwardly was corrupt,

        venal, and unspiritual. Religion, like the law, is the OPPOSITE of faith. Religion is filled

        with fervency, an outward piousness or set of externals which Jesus compared to an above

        ground tomb, saying it is “full of dead men’s bones, and full of uncleanness”(Matt. 23:27).

        And religion cares little for people. It’s interest is wrapped up in buildings, property, titles,

        money, position, and tradition forbidden by God(Matt. 15:3; Mark 7:9,13), legalism, and

        denominational expansion. People are but a necessary evil in religion’s execution of its own

        designs and purposes.

        Jesus said, “I say unto you, That the publicans and the harlots go into the kingdom of God

        before you”(Matt. 21:31). What a statement! And yet organized religion basically finds itself

        in this exact same position today. As a whole, organized religion sits in the same place as

        Simon the Pharisee. Religious SIN is the worse sin of all(behind the sin of unbelief, John

        3:18, 36), simply because it cannot see its sin AS sin; therefore, it cannot be forgiven.

        Religion has PRIDE in its foundation. PRIDE is always robed in self-deception and as a

        result, religious adherents have no consciousness of their sin. This is why it is so hard

        to reach the pious, self-righteous individuals. They cannot recognize their need for the

        Redeemer and ONLY Him. In fact, they tend to lift up their own self-righteousness, and

        by doing so, they insult the Lord of Glory. The Bible is harsh on self-righteousness as can

        be seen in Isaiah 64:6. Many people are following religions that will lead to DISAPPOINT-

        MENT. Because man made filthy religions are not totally based on the finished work and

        shed royal blood of Christ, they are FALSE and will NOT lead to heaven. Only Jesus, the

        eternal Son of God, can take us to the waters of life.

        The world has its religions, its programs, its plans, its values, but Christ witnessed that

        it is all EVIL(John 7:7).

        We must not be fooled by those who teach another way to God(Galatians 1:8). We must

        help others to see that trusting the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior is mans’ ONLY hope. Religion

        may INFORM and REFORM but only Christ can TRANSFORM(2Cor. 5:17).

      • LABob – science is reproducible fact; religion is about faith, not fact – reproducibility is not even an issue. And many people find religion after some type of event that science cannot explain. This has nothing to do with ‘liking’ it that way, though I can understand why you say that. I learned a lot about this from a cat – yeah, a cat. Story is too long to talk about here, but let me just say, that is how religion works – ya gotta accept what happened because there is no logical explanation.

        • I am sorry but making up a magic story with an
          invisible magic man to explain things you do not understand is intellectually

          • See, misinformation, distortion, and lies – man talk about intellectual laziness (and dishonesty to boot).

            No magic, but the power of God. Not invisible: Jesus walked this earth and will again one day. Boobe – look up the word “incarnate.”

      • After 22 years in the military where I had to evaluate hundreds of men and women. I watched how their belief system affected their attitude, decisions making, how they handled stress and their problem solving skills. Hands down the person with a strong belief in God and the Ten Commandments who tried to live their beliefs was the more trustworthy, problem solving and better adjusted soldier than the non religious. . Could I run an Analysis of Variance or T test on my observations? No but my records show them as the most successful group of soldiers in any Company.

          • It’s very clear that you’re a very bitter angry person whose been hurt – perhaps by those who call themselves Christians. Your behavior is without realizing it, a call for help. I won’t shove God down your throat and really don’t think others here are really doing that. Although your heart is hardened and you are blinded for now, I hope and pray you come at some point in your life to the saving grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. I really think you’ll like Him – He’s on your side – and He will take your anger and hatred and fuel it for good purposes. You’d be powerful for the Church and the Kingdom coming. God Bless –

          • Joy, I am not a bitter person at all. In fact just the opposite. Look, you seem sincere but I have read the bible & simply don’t buy it. A belief which leaves no place for doubt is not a belief; it is a superstition

          • that shows you don’t know the Bible or Christianity – but pontificate on, ignorance has never held you back in the past.

          • Thanks for your kind response –

            If I may, the Bible has to be digested with an open heart, not read. It is the living word (spiritual food for the soul) and it never returns void – it can’t. The scriptures take on a life all its own because it was penned by the Holy Spirit through man word for word. Although there are different versions through time, the Word of God never changes. God can’t lie to Himself.

            A good place to start is at The Gospel of John 3:16 and once Genesis and Revelation is understood, the rest will come. Many go against the Bible, but when asked where and what in the scriptures is disagreeable they can’t say because they haven’t really applied themselves and it’s easier to go along with the crowd. I’ve known people that didn’t want to read it because of conviction, but the truth is what keeps us grounded and not deceived. It’s the love letter from God the Father to us.

            Christians are not better than – they’re just better off. We’re all sinners some saved and some not.

            Thanks for allowing me your time –

            Please read LUKE chapter 16 – verses19-31 about Lazarus and the rich man.

            Please paste this in your browser and view in its entirety:

          • Why aren’t you shocked that your Dear Leader – a devout Marxist, never tells the truth?

      • BoobE doesn’t know the difference between science and religion because he knows neither.

        All he knows is what his political minders taught him when he attended Moscow U’s extension school in N.Y.

        If he says anything else, other than the liberal script, he’s going to have to make confessions, and if they’re not judged to be sincere by his political officers, the commissar is going to send his butt back to re-education camp.

    • Wouldn’t say so Jessica. I used to work at Stanford University and the center of the campus has this beautiful chapel; I used to go in there at all hours and there were always people in there. Maybe you can do some research and find some stats on whether ‘most’ scientist are like you say – I certainly know many that are very religious and Christians at that.

      • Thank you for the insight.
        I’ll look it up. 🙂
        I was thinking more of the push for evolution vs. creationism,
        but I’ll be happy if I discover there are faithfilled scientists…

        • And if you have lots of free time, Google ‘physics proves God’ – interesting debate between scientists on this topic – quite complicated – glad I learned about this stuff from a cat.

  3. Here is the Answer to Evolution Darwin,YouTube : ( Nephilim:True Story of Satan,Fallen Angles,Aliens,Hybrids,Elongated Skulls,&Nephilim. )

      • People have informed me that there’s no way I can properly understand the bible, because I’m unsaved and don’t have the discernment of the Holy Spirit. So apparently, with eternity in the balance, God has placed his instructions for living into a book that cannot be properly understood by anyone who actually needs the information to avoid Hell. NICE!!!

        • No BoobE – you’re purposefully distorting what you’ve been told to be true.

          By doing this, you want to provide yourself with a rationale or justification for your rebellion and disobedience against God.

          God invited you to come and reason together with him and your sins, though scarlet would be washed like wool. You threw that invitation back in His face. You have no excuse now, and you won’t when you stand before Him.

  4. Both spoken and written, language was a ‘gift’ from extraterrestrials.
    The picture of Obama adds nothing to the argument.

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! The more these evolutionists try to explain how things came about, the more inbred and brain damaged they sound. *snicker*.

  6. Humans did learn speech from their pets. It took awhile, but pets learned to pick up their food bowls and growl until you filled it up. Kind of like reverse pavlovian theory.

  7. G-d’s true nature can partially be discerned by the use of scientific method of observation and analysis.
    To avoid using these observations that scientist study is to limit your vision of G-d’s profundity.

    Those that believe that the world was created in 6 day, 6,000 years ago must also believe in a God that
    is trying to fool His children. That all we observe is a lie and only a many time translated document,
    the Bible, is perfect even though translations are always suspect. Woman were called “helpmates”
    in Aramaic and the translation became “subservient”. Words are not absolute. They have their limits…

  8. OH, BROTHER! How did human language evolve? Simple retard: God created man perfect and fully enabled to speak as he was intelligently designed to.

  9. Logic dictates that when you foolishly believe that something comes from nothing, then one naturally concludes that your end journey leads to nonsense.

      • Logically, it would be impossible for you to be such an idiot apart from some kind of genetic mutation or trauma.

        I know these don’t apply in your case – so there goes logic out the window.

  10. The News media love crackpots, they stir controversy, controversy sells news papers, ergo we hear far more about the crackpots then the real scientists. Now that this guy has gotten his name out there I smell a book in his future.

  11. If you listen to babies cooing, it is clear that some Oriental languages sound a lot like baby talk. Sure we can imitate, but it does not mean that we adopted language from other animals. It is conceivable that we mimicked alarm calls by some birds to warn other humans but not much more than that. Women can be credited with developing language and grammar as they talked (made noises) to scare away animals while gathering. The men were out quietly hunting, which is why males are not anywhere as talkative as women.

  12. There’s plenty of evidence for this: look at the film of the last nat’l convention of the Marxist democrats’ party.

  13. I can understand why the evolutionists think that they came from primordal slime. Of course, Darwin had no knowledge of DNA back when he was making up his story line.

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