Europe Leading America… in National Failure

Europe is so wonderfully hip and progressive. They have streamlined public transit systems with high-speed trains …the latest in “free” socialized healthcare …and let’s not forget—no stinkin’ money. With reports rolling in of France ramping up austerity measures, Greece predicted to be bankrupt by August 20, the UK in its worst recession in 50 years, and Italian cities going Sarah Synthia Sylvia Stout ’cause they can’t afford to have their trash thrown out, it looks like the European socialist model just isn’t working.

But this is nothing new. Just a few years after the heady optimistic days at the dawn of the European Union, things were already starting to look bleak, economically and socially. Muslims were over-running European communities and imposing Shariah law, and the European economy was looking bearish. “Soviet dancing bear” bearish.

So why do American liberals continue to point to Europe as the bulwark of social greatness? Obama has been touting that, under his presidency, “people have a new attitude toward America.”  I can only imagine these “people” are European progressives. This must be because, under his expert tutelage, we have overcome our “failure to appreciate Europe’s leading role in the world.

When will we finally get it? The European model, though it may look grand, cannot be sustained. You know why? It’s built on other people’s money. And other people get tired of working long and hard to pay for everybody else. Remember The Little Red Hen? How about The Ant and the Grasshopper? I bet they’re not teaching those fables to kindergarteners anymore. But the fact remains. And it’s been staring us in the mug since the Soviet Union collapsed and Deng Xiao Ping convinced the Chinese people that capitalism was just another facet of Communist ideology.

You can’t build something from nothing. And the people whose work, brains, sweat, and wealth make the leisurely life possible for all the grasshoppers of the world— these business owners, entrepeneurs, innovators, and inventors upon whom the entire entitlement system depends—they quit when they realize that extra effort does not produce extra benefit. We’ve seen it over and over. And, in spite of all the rhetoric, liberals haven’t yet been able to change this basic function of human nature. Not here. Not anywhere.

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  1. Obama seems to be proving the truth of the statement: “The bigger the lie the more likely to be believed.” Each day as BHO spreads more lies those of us with at least 2 functioning brain cells readily see that he thinks European Socialism is what USA should emulate. USA is repeating the rise and fall of Roman Empire as EU resurrects Roman Empire in form of WEU.

  2. I wonder how much the Germans love Obama NOW? They adored him when he went “campaigning” over there for 08, remember that? WHAT A MORON.

  3. I’ve been watching the Euro value against the US $ for months, it’s been creeping up to above 0.8 for weeks, and now it’s stuck at over 0.8. The Europeans keeps trying hard to bring it below 0.8 , but are losing the battle. I am expecting it to rocket to above 1.0 any day, and then watch the total collapse of that so called “civilised” Europe.

  4. Briton has been on a austerity program for the last 2 years since the Conservatives have taken over. They laid off so many Gov. and education employees that it is affecting the rest of the british economy. We know that for every 2 employees who get laid off, one additlional worker gets laid off somewhere els. US Gov. stats, indicate that some 840,000 fed, local and state employees have been laid off or not replaced, that translates in to anothe 300,000 other workers in the privat sector who lost their jobs. When people are not working, they are not spending and paying taxes and more people get laid off.The only way to stop this vicious circle is for the Gov. to invest in infrastacture programs like roads, fix the 30K bridges that are deemed unsafe to travel on , replace the 125 year old sewers before they become a major health hazard. This alone will create one million construction jobs and another 500,000 jobs in the privat sector. Along with going back to the Clinton tax policies, this alone will spark a economic recovery that we need now. Giving the rich another tax cut and hoping it will trickle down to the middle class does not work, it did not work before, all it did is double the national debt every six years.

    • Taxing the rich will not trickle down either, and it is just a drop in the bucket of what our National debt is. If you want to stimulate our economy, start with opening the 7+ million jobs illegals have, which Obama has had the ability to do from day 1 of taking office. He knows we need jobs but refuses to open them to unemployed LEGAL immigrants and citizens! He also admitted that “illegals go to the ER and we pay for it”, yet knowing they have 7+ million of our jobs and force us to pay their health care, he still refuses to tell them to vacate. If they knew they would be charged and deported anyway, most would leave on their own to avoid the 3-10 year ban that comes with overstaying their visa or illegal re-entry!

  5. The Magic Green Hat:

    The other day I needed to go to the emergency room after a home mishap.

    Not wanting to sit there for 4 hours, I put on my MAGIC GREEN HAT. When I went into the ER, I noticed that 3/4 of the people got up and left.
    I guess they decided that they weren’t that sick after all. Cut at least 3 hours off my waiting time.

    Printed on my hat: U.S. Border Patrol.

    It also works at DMV. It saved me 5 hours.

    At the Laundromat, three minutes after entering, I had my choice of any machine, most still running.

    But . . . don’t try it at McDonald’s. The whole crew got up and left and I never got my order!

  6. We are not far behind with massive debt and this administration’s spending spree even worse than Bush’s! We have taken on for a long time, helping people all over the world even when it is done with borrowed money. And letting too many people stay here, even when there are not enough jobs for the legal immigrants and citizens struggling to survive and borrowing $50-100B just for the last 2 years to continue to try to support that, plus it costs an average of $2B/per state per year on top of that, is not sustainable! As much as we want to help others, we have to limit jobs and resources to those here legally or it will end up crashing our economy a lot sooner than people realize. I heard within the last few days another stimulus is in the works, instead they need to open the 7+ million jobs illegal workers have and and get unemployed legal immigrants and citizens back to work! For the few that won’t do them, take away their extension of unemployment benefits or Welfare, they don’t deserve it since they are unwilling to work for a living! Wages may be lower to start but that will change the more we push illegal and other foreign workers out. This includes getting them out of our ER’s which Obama admitted we pay for! So as the illegals leave they can take their family with them and apply like everybody else! They do not deserve the jobs and resources legal immigrants and citizens are entitled to! We cannot keep trying to employ, educate or provide health care for the world, we do not have the money or resources to keep doing it! We have to make sure the jobs and resources goes to those here legally so they can get back on track as well as states and the federal government.

  7. The real reason for all this is seldom (never) talked about in these columns. In this country, we have a thing called the FED, the largest counterfeiting ring in the world, and directly responsible for our 16 T debt, all caused by charging us compound interest on fake money for a hundred years. But Europe is even worse off, because the banksters began to take them to the cleaners decades earlier, in the early 1800s..The same will happen to us, it is inevitable unless the FED is abolished. NOTHING ELSE will save us.

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