EPA Finally Decides Industrial Waste Byproduct is Bad For Us

What’s not to love about the Environmental “Protection” Agency? In the late 40s they started dosing our municipal water supplies with fluoride, an industrial waste product and known toxin, because some people in white lab coats said that would be good for our teeth. I’m sure it had nothing to do with the fact that aluminum industries had piles of the stuff accumulating.

The EPA claims that new studies indicate that fluoride, rather than promoting dental health, actually causes streaking, pitting, and stripping of teeth enamel as well as a higher risk of cancer and bone loss. But these studies are not new. This is common sense, people. Fluoride is a main ingredient in rat and cockroach poison and sarin nerve gas. It’s toxic. The fact that the EPA has been conducting this municipal water experiment for more than sixty years with the full knowledge of these facts is more than disturbing. What’s worse, the CDC has gloated that the successful fluoridation of American water supplies is “one of 10 great public health achievements of the 20th century.” Oops.

I’m sure the CDC, the EPA, and the FDA for that matter, had perfectly good reasons for coming into existence. It’s important that the civil government protect innocent people from powerful and irresponsible organizations that would threaten the public health. But what happens when the government organizations themselves begin to threaten the public health? Where do you turn then? From genetically modified food to the obesity-promoting food pyramid to experimental medication to heavy metal stabilizers in vaccines… The fluoride reversal is just the first of many probable reversals to come. And this is not a case of honest people making honest mistakes… of people doing the best they can with the information they’re given. The problem is that these agencies haven’t taken into account all the available evidence (which has been mounting for more than sixty years) and they have the power to mandate that their medical opinions, no matter how tenuous, be the prevailing force in deciding public and private health policy.

And what are they supposed to say when they find out that what they have been all but forcing the average person to ingest daily is actually killing them… Sorry? And who is most likely to have suffered from the EPA’s delinquency? Surely not those people who can afford shower filters and bottled spring water. The people who have suffered most are the poor. And once ObamaCare forces “alternative” medicine even more into the periphery, we might all be completely reliant on the civil government’s obviously flawed medical perspective. But take heart. They’re not going to be filing us into gas chambers or anything. They’ll just give us a glass of city water.

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  1. Dr. Mercola has been talking about this for years. I buy the Nestlé Pure Life for drinking and cooking because it is purified through reverse osmisis (removing almost all Fluoride). I’m actually looking into buying a whole house RO system for this reason (to remove Fluoride and other chemicals). Fluoride also lowers IQ in children.

    • RO water also removes needed magnesium and potassium from water, and requires vast amounts of salt to create. This salt is fouling many ecosystems around the world, and the people are developing magnesium and potassium deficiencies that can be deadly. Check out Pelican and other manufacturers water filtering systems. RO water has specific industrial applications, but it’s terrible for drinking and bathing.

    • “Fluoride also lowers IQ in children.”

      Wow! If this is true…

      Wait a second. Just because you posted it, I’m supposed to accept it? We’re already commenting on a blog post that contains factual misrepresentations.

      I tell you what. If you can provide REPUTABLE EVIDENCE to back up the claim that “fluoride also lowers IQ in children” then I’ll believe you.

      Embrace the truth. It WILL set you free.

  2. EPA and the FDA.
    Your population control agents! Killing people by the thousands yearly. I’m from the government and I’m here to help. Flouride ,Thalidomide and Obama Kool-Aid.

  3. Just one more example of why people should not be buying into the
    “Government knows best” routine being pushed by the Progressive Left of
    the Democratic party. The only thing the government knows or cares
    anything about is gathering more power to itself and stripping the
    people of their freedom and money.

    • Also another very good reason for local control of the water supply. Let each community decide for themselves if they flouridation.

  4. Did I read the linked article right that they are going to continue using it, but at a lower concentration? I spent the vast majority of my life growing up on well water, and wasn’t exposed to Fluoride to any great degree until I was into my early 30s, but then again was it used in making commercial beverages such as soda, and bottled drinks.

    • Since Fluoride was first discovered, it was found naturally occurring in many water sources. There has never been a valid study linking normal fluoride use to cancer to this day, however, scientists have found that it is stored in the bones. It has been proven to reduce dental caries by 65% when used with dental sealants. Large amounts of Fluoride cause Fluorosis-the pitting, whitening, streaking coloring discussed in this article and overdoses of fluoride are toxic and can cause death. (Like anything, even water). Recently Fluoride has been added to many water sources including bottled water and public water sources adding to the amounts people are receiving, which has caused a need (recognized by the EPA) to decrease (not eliminate) the amount used. I think this is a poorly written article with few facts included. As for myself, I will continue to use fluoride in prescribed amounts so that I can keep my teeth for a lifetime. There are not many fun things in life when you get old and I do not want to give up my choice of eating solid foods. I have seen the alternative and the condition of people’s teeth who refuse fluoride. No thanks!

      • Then why is it you have to call Poison Control if you swallow toothpaste? Why on the bags of fluoride does it have a skull and crossbones with the warning it causes cancer? Specific cancers at that like bone cancer? It is a byproduct of mining industries? Fluoride was added to the Nazi concentration camp waters? I’m sorry, I don’t want it in my water. We are forced to consume it. That is not freedom my friends. It is poison plain and simple. There are many cities abolishing the fluoridation of their water. At least some people are waking up. How about instead of fluoride we teach everyone about good nutrition? There are cultures who do not have fluoride or pasteurized milk or sugar for that matter and they don’t have cavities. Do some research people and question everything!

        • Do you have a bottle of aspirin? Unless you’re allergic to even a small dose, if you take one, or even three of them, the effect is beneficial. But swallow too many, and what’s your best option? Call Poison Control.

          Same with fluoridated toothpaste. In the small amount that’s directed for use, it’s beneficial. If you swallow a large gob of it…it’s bad for you.

          There is no reputable evidence that the Nazi’s fluoridated concentration camp water. It’s a MYTH.

          There IS reputable evidence that fluoride in drinking water helps prevent tooth decay. It is FACT.

          By the way, there is also reputable evidence that pasteurizing milk makes it safer to drink.

          There’s also reputable evidence that reducing processed sugar in one’s diet will reduce tooth decay. So that one, you got right.

          Take your own advice and do some research. The truth WILL set you free.

          • I never take aspirin. Try not to take anything for that matter that Big Pharmacy makes. Sorry, but I will never trust fluoride again. Period. To each his own. As far as the milk goes, my family will never drink pasteurized milk again. Causes nothing but problems. We get our raw milk from a farm where the cows are strictly grassfed, no hormones, no antibiotics, no pesticides. No chemicals period. The farmer pays attention to the finest details to deliver a safe and healthy product. We have been drinking it for 2 years now and have never been sick from it. People are so brainwashed and scared into thinking raw milk will kill them or make them sick. Not true if it comes from a clean, well-kept healthy farm. Do you know how many people pasteurized milk has killed and sickened in the past 50 years? A lot! Raw milk deaths? Virtually none. Maybe a few sicknesses, but overall it is very safe. Will you stop eating meat, eggs, lettuce, tomatoes, cantaloupes, etc. just because they made people sick and/or killed them? No. Will the government try to ban all these things? No. But they will try to ban raw milk to protect Big Dairy. Absurd.

          • Please take a Microbiology class. Tuberculosis, Mad Cow disease and Brucellosis can be passed through raw milk. Unless these cows are tested monthly and kept quarantined there is still a chance to acquire these illnesses. Wisconsin has proclaimed itself Tuberculosis free at the moment, but I still pasturize the milk from my goat, because I know it can reappear at any time. I do agree that it is your choice whether or not to drink raw milk and that the EPA should take a hike. You don’t use toothpaste and your teeth are fine….. hmmm. That’s not in keeping with what I’ve seen over the last 13 years looking in thousands of mouths. Not a single carious legion to be found? Sounds like my mouth, not a cavity in almost 40 years. I use topical fluoride, though.

        • Fluoride is not the only ingredient in toothpaste! Please read the label of anything you might ingest! There are many chemicals in toothpaste. I suggest you find the one with the least amount of them. As I stated before—Fluoride in overdose amounts is toxic! No one is forcing you to ingest fluoride. I have seen vegan individuals who are nutritional nuts with amazing immune systems who have rampant caries in their mouth because they avoid fluoride. Yes, many cultures do not have fluoride, toothbrushes, toothpaste or clean water. Watch National Geographic and look at their teeth. Why do you think Americans are known the world over for our great teeth?

      • You might want to consider that when you drink water with flouride, it doesn’t stay in your mouth (to supposedly help your teeth), but goes down your throat. I refuse flouride and drink only distilled water and I am 63 yrs old and my teeth are in excellent condition. Brushing and flossing and regular dental cleanings is pretty much all I have to do.

        If you want to swish flouride in your mouth…go for it… but I would not suggest drinking it in your water.

        • Drinking Fluoride is not recommended for adults as all their teeth are fully formed. Topical fluoride is. I have seen many cases of root caries and recurrent caries in adult patients and testify of the need for topical fluoride in adults, not in the water. I do not personally drink fluoridated water.

    • “Did I read the linked article right that they are going to continue using it, but at a lower concentration?”

      The direct answer to your question is “Yes.”

      Recommended fluoridation levels, currently a range of 0.7-1.2 milligrams per liter, are being adjusted to the low end, a solid 0.7 milligrams per liter.

  5. I agree with most of what he says but as a scientist must say that people who badmouth genetic modification of food are simply ignorant of the science and its incredible benefit to mankind. Especially considering the fact that very soon we will need to be feeding 8 billion people. They are ignorant of how genetically modified crops can prevent the spraying of tons of insecticide that decimates our natural world. So much for being green.

    • The ” fact that very soon we will be needing to feed 8 billion people” is a very good reason to cheer for global warming: with more of the northern and southern extremes of the planet warm enough to support grain and other food crop cultivation, we’re really going to benefit from the milder climate predicted by all the doomsday scenarios.

      Grapes in Greenland sounds like a good idea to me. If grapes will grow there (as they did in the XVI), so will corn and wheat, milo and sorghum. Russian grain harvest ought to be far larger, and we will be able to grow pineapples in San Diego. Hurray!!

    • There is good science and bad science. How about scientists get paid to figure out how to do things naturally and effectively ? ….. and also take stands when they see government itself polluting our skies with poisons and disease with chemtrails.

    • Ummm, from what I have been reading, GMOs are actually hurting us. Livestock being fed GM corn and soy are having high rates of miscarriages and stillbirths. When taken off the GMO diets, the problems cease. This has been reported by many farmers in Europe and the U.S. Not to mention the fact lab animal testing has shown GMOs to cause tumors and organ damage. AND farmers are spraying more Roundup than ever before because now there are SUPERWEEDS resistant to the ROUNDUP. Now you tell me how this is beneficial to us? More chemicals being thrown into our environment! No wonder so many people are getting cancer. Insects also become resistant to GM crops. Rootworms are now decimating corn crops. We should NOT mess with nature. She will come back and bite us in the arse. We are the guinea pigs people. Wake up!!!!!

      • One more thing, those GM crops do nothing to feed the world. Most of the corn is used for poisonous high fructose corn syrup. How is that feeding the world? How about we help organic farmers and give them some subsidies? More people are buying organic than ever before. It can be done without polluting our world with toxic chemicals.

        • “poisonous high fructose corn syrup” you are so correct madame! And that awful “artificial ingredient” is found in so many products & that is why it is absolutely required to look at food label’s when shopping! Have a blessed Summer madame…

          • I am such a fan of the truth that I have to pipe in here…

            HFCS might not actually be toxic, but it IS insidiously BAD for you, AND it is found in what seems like 90% of the processed foods available at the supermarket. Catsup, soft drinks, canned foods, spaghetti sauce…the list goes on and on.

            The toxicity reports on aspartame (NutraSweet) make it hard to believe it was approved as a low-calorie sweetener. Saccharin and cyclamates were banned from the US market (although the ban on saccharin was reversed), and neither are as bad.

            Even cane sugar (loaded with calories) is bad in excessive amounts.

          • Aspartame is a chlorinated hydrocarbon. If it exists, the news has not reached me that chlorinated hydrocarbons are anything but toxic.

            I would rather eat rat poison than aspartame. At least my death would be quick.

  6. Minkoff sed:
    > I’m sure the CDC, the EPA, and the FDA for that matter, had perfectly good
    > reasons for coming into existence.”

    No, they did not. Unless you count “restricting freedom” among the class of “perfectly good reasons” — I do not.

    There were a host of methods the existed in the 1960s and 70s (when Dick Nixon “gave” us the EPA) that could have amended the situation at Love Canal, etc. But none of them gave more power to politicians and bureaucrats, ergo, . none of them was tried.

    BTW, the proper name is “O’bamaDontCare”.

    • Let’s not forget the Cayuhoga River fire in Cleveland in 1969. When an oil spill that caught fire ignited a mass of all kinds of trash in the river it created an inferno. That was a prime reason for the EPA. We have gone from one extreme to another – laissez faire neglect and Progressive socialist overkill. I wish we could find a balance in our nation, but I guess we never will.

      • The EPA was never about clean air or water. It was about control.

        Had individuals been allowed to sue the people and companies that polluted the Cuyahoga, there would have been no problem: the cost of pollution would have outweighed the benefits of doing so. but, since no one had “standing”, they couldn’t sue.: the court didn’t allow it.

        The tragedy of the commons is the key to understanding the failure of most things the government sticks its large and ugly nose into.

        • You complain too much about things of which you enjoy the benefit, but know little if anything about.

          Your disdain for the government, and your asinine belief that the EPA is about “control” and not about a clean environment makes me wonder:


          Why don’t you move to some place where there is no “conspiracy to control” your air, water or food, and see what happens.

          Individuals were already trying to bring suit against the corporations that polluted Love Canal. The PROBLEM was that there was no real force, or group, with enough clout and money, to fight the corporate lawyers. There was no system punitive enough to PREVENT corporations from polluting with impugnity. Even NOW, the EPA is being defunded, and PREVENTABLE accidents like the Exxon Valdez and Deep Water Horizon disasters STILL HAPPEN…because corporate “bean counters” figure the cost TO THEM of the clean up and any legal actions will be less than the cost of preventative safety measures.

          No matter what your opinion of “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” it’s “proper” name is neither ObamaCare, or the stupid thing you called it. Maybe you need to look up the word “proper.”

          The tragedy is when ignorant people make blanket, patently false statements about things of which they know absolutely nothing.

          • I believe my 21+ years in the Army entitle me to “live in this country”.

            There is no place, thanks in part to the UN and partly to other busybodies like you, where people would leave me alone.

            The EPA is about control, just as O’bamaDontCare is. If you believe politicians like O’bama or Richard Nixon actually care(d) about you, you’re sadly ignorant and repulsively naïve. Politics is about power, nothing else. Government is the monopoly on the use of lethal force.

            It might do you good to study the “tragedy of the commons”.

          • If you really believe that “Government is the monopoly on the use of lethal force” then why were you in the Army for 21+ years BEING A PARTY TO IT? You express no love for this country currently, so what was the purpose of your “service” to it?

            Citizenship is an every-day responsibility, not one for which you can say “I ‘paid’ for it, now I can take advantage without any further responsibility to it”!

            Robber barons were also about “control.” which they exercised in favor of their own self-interest. The EPA exerts control in support of public interest, and its purpose is to, among other things, attempt to PREVENT the “tragedy of the commons” (yes, I did some reading) from occurring.

            Democracy is about the power of the people. Representative government is about the delegation of authority, with the delegate held responsible to the constituency. Politics is about cooperative administration of that authority. Except if you ask a radical, right-wing Tea Party obstructionist.

          • How many screen names do you have?

            Government is supposed to be the monopoly on the use of lethal force. if it didn’t have that monopoly, it couldn’t govern. If any Tom, Dick, or Mary could use lethal force with impunity, it would be an awful thing. The issue is not should government have such a monopoly, it’s “How and when should government exercise it?”

            I have constantly expressed love for the country. It’s the government that causes me serious concern. If you fail to recognize the difference between “country” and “government”, you have no way to understand the points here.

            Citizenship is, truly, an everyday responsibility. I raise my military service to show that I DO love USmerica, enough that I put my life on the line for her.

            I usually win this bet — I have more skin in the game than you: Not only did I spend 21+ years serving the country (even though under a few commanders-in-chief I would not have walked across the street to save from stepping on a smoldering cigaret butt), but we have seven children (fourteen when we count their spouses — and we always do). they have thirty children among them, so far (more are on the way; I’m hoping for forty or more when the dealin’s done). We should have more’n a hundred great grandchildren in twenty-five years (none so far, but then, our children and grandchildren will wait to be married before producing offspring — it’s a thing in the Sellers tribe).

            We take care of our own (with whatever’s left after the state takes its “fair share”). How I wish I had the antiSocial inSecurity taxes I have paid over the past fifty + years (starting before I was fifteen). How I wish I had the MediDontCare taxes forcibly taken from me since the 60s.

            Robber barons had no coercive power (until they convinced the state to give it to them — no monopoly can exist without state connivance). And, while they did make more money than they would have under a free market, they made everyone else better off. The railroads got people where they wanted to go faster and with fewer deaths, and far more cheaply than by ox cart or wagon. Good got to market while the stuff was still fresh, and got there with lower prices than before. Steel prices fell dramatically under the “robber” barons. The list of good things to come out of the late XIX and early XX seldom gets notice as soon as “robber baron” appears in the discussion. With price falling as fast as they did, one is left to wonder who these supposed robbers stole from.

            Democracy is a destructive method of government: it means the mob rules. Whoever convinces more people than the rest to put him in power has power, and the minority be damned. That’s why the Founders rejected democracy in favor of a republic.

            We “TEA Party obstructionists are only obstructing those things that are destroying the unique USmerican spirit, her successes (economic and cultural). Politics may be the art of compromise, but for the past century, the compromise has all one one way: away from freedom and toward more intrusive government.

            “When people want security and are willing to give up their freedom for it, they will have no freedom and no security — and deserve neither.” (Variously attributed to John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson) It was George Washington, however, who said, “Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; IT IS FORCE. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.”

            I prefer to keep dangerous servants under close scrutiny and would rather NOT be the servant of a fearful master, thank you all he same.

          • I call it “O’bamaDon’tCare* because it fits the reality. “Proper” means, according to the dictionary:
            * I wish I had been the first to use the term. That honor goes to Herman Cain.

            1. adapted or appropriate to the purpose or circumstances; fit; suitable
            2. conforming to established standards of behavior or manners; correct or decorous
            3. fitting; right
            4. strictly belonging or applicable
            5. belonging or pertaining exclusively or distinctly to a person, thing, or group
            6. strict; accurate.
            7. in the strict sense of the word

            “O’bamaDon’tCare” is “proper” because it describes the fact that O’bama doesn’t give the first flyin’ flip about health care, but he does want to control people. Government control of health care is one serious plank of the Communist Manifesto, and he cares a great deal about that.

            Mr. Magoo O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  7. This is a stupid, misleading article. Flourine is an element, and in its flouride form is a usable form of that element. All elements, including life sustaining oxygen is toxic to humanity in excess amounts. As to streaking and yellowing of teeth, that too is a result of excess flouride in domestic water supplies. Like any other beneficial element, monitoring and careful metering of the soluble flouride will prevent any harm caused by excess amounts being ingested.

    Flouride works by coating our teeth and providing temporary ions that harden our teeth for up to about eight hours after brushing. Drinking it also helps sustain the ion penetration of our outer enamel. Dentists for years have been saying that if we will use hydrogen peroxide to kill germs, baking soda to neutralize acids, and stannous flouride to harden our teeth to help resist both germs and acids REGULARLY every day, we can eleminate tooth decay.

    Since tooth decay is implicated in many internal diseases, flouride is an essential preventative element for our health. No I am not a dentist, nor do I have a dentist in my family. I wonder if the author wears aluminum foil helmets to protect his head from alien’s mental rays? What an ignorant and foolish article.

    • Don’t be a idiot Brigadier…..floride IS A TOXIN when ingested. When applied topically to your teeth you spit out the paste….you don’t swallow it. It states on the toothpaste tube…”If more than used for brushing is accidentally swallowed, get medical help or call a posion control center right away”!! Wake up and stop being a nitwit….

      • Prove to me its toxic beyond declatory statements. There have been naysayers around for forty years. Every study claiming increased cancer and mental effects have been later refuted by better studies. The positive effects have been sustained for the same period. You called me a nitwit. Since I have a 150 IQ, I won’t respond in kind to that kind of ad hominem attack. I always remember I am dealing with the somewhat challenged.

    • Flouride is a toxic halide. It takes up the positions on cell receptors that are meant for thyroid hormones, thus preventing normal endocrine function. Ask anyone with thyroid disease how their quality of life has been affected. And this is only one medical issue associated with flouride. Do your research and don’t just read the stuff produced by those who profit from the sale of flouride. It’s poison.

      • If you know the source of this study please share. I will look at anything substantive. If it is a poison and the study is relevant than I will change my position. I presume thyroid receptors are not affected by stannous flouride in toothpaste we spit out as kiko the insulter said.

      • You must be confused – thyroid hormones and fluoride are not even close to the same chemical configuration and hormone receptors would typically bind things that are configured alike. There are fluoridated chemicals like PMSF that can complex with proteins but that’s not the kind of thing you’re dealing with in fluoride-treated water. I’m with the Brigadier – show me the data.
        And FYI, it’s not the PROCESS that could make a “GMO” dangerous. All living things are genetically modified – it’s how mother nature works. People merely “borrow” the technology they learned from studying how it works. The “danger” only comes from the thing that’s coded for in the new gene combination and that has to be pretty precise: the active ingredient in snake venom, for example, is coded by a gene and that was genetically engineered by mother nature.

        • Do you work for Monsanto? LOL Let’s leave any “genetic engineering” to God and Mother Nature, not mankind. Mankind creates “artificial” engineering. Not the same thing at all. Read the data and studies on the effects of GMOs on lab animals and how food allergies in children have surged after the introduction to GMOs.

      • Yes, fluoride displaces iodine contributing to thyroid disease. Chlorine and bromine also do the same. We are bombarded by all three of these halides in our water, food and maybe air (bromine) if you believe in chemtrails. I have a thyroid condition and was told by my excellent doctor that these halides do displace iodine in your body which is a necessary element for proper thyroid function. I have read it in numerous sources also. We have so much chlorine in our water you smell like you just got out of the pool after showering. You can’t tell me that is healthy. Top that off with the fluoride in the water and you’re asking for trouble.

  8. I have been using fluoride-free toothpaste and filtered water that removes fluoride for the last twenty years! The local ‘water’ people will not listen.

  9. Insert Humor

    General Jack D. Ripper:
    Mandrake, do you realize that in addition to fluoridating water, why,
    there are studies underway to fluoridate salt, flour, fruit juices,
    soup, sugar, milk… ice cream. Ice cream, Mandrake, children’s ice

    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake:
    [very nervous] Lord, Jack.

    General Jack D. Ripper:
    You know when fluoridation first began?

    Group Capt. Lionel Mandrake:
    I… no, no. I don’t, Jack.

    General Jack D. Ripper:
    Nineteen hundred and forty-six. 1946, Mandrake. How does that coincide
    with your post-war Commie conspiracy, huh? It’s incredibly obvious,
    isn’t it? A foreign substance is introduced into our precious bodily
    fluids without the knowledge of the individual. Certainly without any
    choice. That’s the way your hard-core Commie works.

    Maintain your Purity of Essence by drinking rainwater and grain alcohol.

    Or Schlitz.

    Humor off.

  10. I remember hearing about floride being poisonous several years ago. I also have noticed that China has supplied the floride (they have an abundance of it and wanted to get rid of it and it was sold to us thru someone’s great idea). Check Crest Toothpaste – it’s made in China! Also to be noted is that just this morning I heard AGAIN about the hazards of CFL light bulbs that the government is forcing on us and GE is making in China. The light emitted is bad for our eyes and if you sit near a lamp for reading, the light bulb can cause CANCER. I read a few years ago that mercury is another poison that China has in abundance and is trying to get rid of, so what do they do but make deals with GE and our government to make “green energy” light bulbs which our government is telling us we HAVE to buy. — And if one of these suckers breaks (a lamp gets knocked over, for example) you have to call in the HAZMAT team, plus you are not suppose to put a worn out CLF bulb in the rubbish because of the mercury! And how many people are really going to think that their one light bulb is going to make a difference in the rubbish, and then before you know it, the landfills are reeking with mercury! Oh, and the batteries for “electric cars” are also a HAZMAT nightmare. It makes a person wonder if our government is just trying to kill us off! I want to SCREAM!

  11. whoa,,, GMO’s/obesity/weird vaccines all in one sentence,,,, looks like somebody’s waking up!!!!
    now start screaming this!!!!! to everyone!!!!

  12. The EPA is incapable of dealing with the “dose” issue which is quantitative as this generation of Affirmative Action scientists are not properly trained. God help us.

    Read The Two Minute Conservative at http://tiny.cc/ahrlhw When you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  13. More and more evidence is coming to light that organized crime is running, plundering and destroying America. I hope that all Americans will wake up in time and vote for Ron Paul. He is the GOOD GUY. I hope that Americans will have a HUGE WRITE-IN VOTE for Ron Paul to overthrow the banksters-gangsters’ shadow government. Are Americans smart enough to vote for the GOOD GUY and not for either of the 2 evils? We may not have another chance to free America from the evils. Many Democrats love Ron Paul; many Republicans love Ron Paul; many Independents love Ron Paul. Don’t be conned by the dark forces saying that “he can’t win, don’t waste your vote”. Your vote is wasted on either of the 2 evils.

    • What does this have to do with the topic being discussed?

      Since the answer is “NOTHING” why do any readers upclick this irrelevant opinion?

  14. It takes three generations to effect a change such as this. The generation that started promoting this scam aren’t about to admit they were wrong, or let those whom they supervise admit it. It’s only when this second generation, become the supervisors, and are badgered with questions from their employees, that the change is allowed to take place. This third generation gets to clean up the mess.

    It’s the same in medicine. The discoverer of a great paradigm changer is ridiculed by his/her peers (and the moneyed interests who are threatened by the discovery), then he/she is attacked even into the second generation, then the third generation, often after the discoverer is dead and gone, rediscovers the discovery, is able to get patents, and gets rich off it.

  15. I wonder how long it will take for them to actually get the stuff out of our water? There are municipalities that are still signing on to the poisoning of their citizens all across the country. Go to http://www.fluoridealert.org for all you ever wanted to know on this subject. It is run by a professor who has spent his career fighting to get fluoride out of our water and our foods and drinks – God bless him.

  16. The FDA has also approved psychiatric drugs that actually cause the symptoms they are supposed to treat. Before taking anti-depressants, have your Adrenals and Thyroid checked. It WILL save lives. If more doctors knew that, many of the recent shootings would never have occurred. Almost all of them have been committed by people that are taking these meds or have tried to get off them without PROPER supervision. A person can get off them safely if their caregiver knows how to do it.

    • The people who would REALLY like the dismantling of the EPA, are factory owners who’d love to be able to poison a water table with impugnity, loggers who’d love to de-forest, and mining company executives who’d love to DRILL DRILL DRILL, baby!

      The EPA “needs” people like YOU to be shown how its existence is a last line of defense against those who would destroy the environment.

      I remember when it was too dangerous to swim in Lake Erie, but it was possible to WALK on it.

  17. People should do their own research. I have never used tooth paste with flouride and neither did my children when they were at home. It doesn’t matter if the EPA says it is good or not–it is poison!! Get rid of the IRS, EPA, Forest Service, GOA, and all the rest that hire leaches to drain our pockets while they sit and twiddle their thumbs and figure out a way to make them look productive–starting with Obama!

  18. It might be wise to check out the facts on this one. I’m not saying the wrong but I do know of several individuals who grew up in a city with fluoride water that have never ever had a problem with their teeth. One gentleman is now in his 60s and has had one cavity in his entire life. There’s two sides to the story, obviously, and this may need a little bit more scrutinizing.
    In the Middle Ages they used ashes and piss.

  19. This “story” and its headline are propaganda at best, outright lies at worst

    Read the actual news release from the Department of Health and Human Services: http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2011pres/01/20110107a.html/ The EPA neither a) referred to fluoride as “industrial waste” nor “decide[d] it was bad for us”

    As far as whether fluoride is actually an “industrial waste by-product,” MANY by-products of industrial process, including WATER, hydrogen gas, sodium chloride, and even some vitamins, are beneficial and necessary for the human body, and are gathered and distributed as such.

    With a link attached to the text, “The EPA claims that new studies” the OP does NOT direct the reader to an EPA document (which one would expect from “The *EPA* claims”) but to a FoxNews post by Dierdre Imus masquerading as a news story with the headline: “EPA Reverses Itself on Fluoride.” The FoxNews headline is a lie, as well. There is no EPA reversal.

    The truth is simple. The truth is EASY to find.

    The EPA, responding to a requested study by the NAS (National Academies of Science) recommending they update its health and exposure assessments to take
    into account bone and dental effects and to consider all sources of
    fluoride, adjusted the recommended levels of municipal water fluoridation from 0.7-1.2 milligrams per liter of water, to the low end of that range, 0.7 milligrams. The REASON for this adjustment was not due to any realization that fluoride is “Bad For Us,” but because there are now more sources of fluoride. Too much fluoride, just like too much of almost anything, has adverse effect on humans, so less is needed in the water supply.

      • Oh, yes. I’m not talking about radioactive plutonium or dioxin. I will repeat, so that what I said is clear: “MANY [but certainly not all] by-products of industrial process are beneficial and necessary
        for the human body”

        With a little bit of reading and research, you, too, can become an…

        Informed American

  20. The following people posting are clearly trolls or just pissant idiots: Informed American, Walter Bliss, Robert, Firsty, & The Brigadier …..The fluoride has clearly softened their brain’s to the point of soup. Here’s something for all to look up: Where was the first recorded use of the forced mass medication of a populace through water fluoridation? Hitlers Nazi Germany! I seriously doubt that Hitler cared about the Jewish people’s teeth seeing as he ordered millions of them to be murdered-I guess the trolls think Hitler cared about the Jewish people’s teeth-some how the word morons just doesn’t quite cover just how dumb they actually are!

    • I see. According to YOU, it takes “people [who] are clearly trolls or just pissant idiots” to refute lies and propaganda and reveal the truth! Your chosen ID is just too ironic.


      Trying to discredit people by invoking a popular myth with nothing but “he-said, she-said” anecdotal “evidence” to back it up does nothing to make your point. Your ad hominem attack makes YOU out to be the troll.

      But to get back to the point.

      What’s the difference between these two possible headlines:

      “EPA Reverses Itself on Fluoridation”
      “EPA Revises Recommended Fluoride Levels”

      I’ll give you a clue: One is the truth, and the other is a lie.

      Embrace the Truth. It WILL set you free.

  21. It’s called “soft kill” people. They had full knowledge of this fact, plus the fact of BPA in storage containers and plastic bottles and thimerasol in our vaccines. They also release drugs before they are properly tested to the market and all in the name of $$$$$$’s. My father used baking soda his whole life, and guess what? He never had the tooth problems the rest of the family experienced.

  22. What good is the EPA for anyway? It takes them THIS LONG to tell us something we ALREADY KNOW?! WE NEED TO DISBAND THE EPA AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Great, the NEXT trhing they will tell us is…. On second thought never mind… Let us just get rid of them before they drive us even more batty….

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